Japanese Buskers Sing ‘We Love Korea’ In Busy Seoul District

From Ilbe:

Japanese buskers sing in Seoul

Japanese buskers sing in Seoul

Japanese buskers sing in Seoul

Japanese buskers sing in Seoul

Japanese buskers sing in Seoul

Yesterday in Hongdae, three Japanese guys were preparing something and people gathered around. People there wondered aloud ‘Ah.. I don’t like Japanese people, I don’t want to hear Japanese, they might say something crazy again…’ before their performance started. People did not quite understand the Japanese but then they started to sing in English about how they like Korea and want the both countries to get along. ‘Let’s love each other’ was what they said and they sang and sang with such glee that even the people who were sceptical were eventually won over and they received a round of applause.

Some people said ‘Apologize first, do you know anything about the comfort women? You have no right to say this..’ and so on but I really liked it. How about you guys, my fellow Ilbe-men?

Comments from Ilbe:


I saw them. I got to Hongdae at 8pm and left at 11pm, and they were still there ke ke ke ke ke ke People really liked them


Isn’t that pretty full of gae-nyeom?


No need to ask them to apologize, right?


Yeah I like this


Why get mad at them…. Hate the Korean-hating shithead rightwings, don’t generalize and bitch, that’s worse


Gae-nyeom monkeys, we welcome thee


Aaaah Japanese.. No like


Civil society exchange is always good


You fucktards, they want to get along with us, why get mad you dipshit Ilbe scums ke ke ke ke ke ke Demand apologies? It’s not the citizens’ job but their government’s. No need to go ape-shit on them. And we should be angry at their right-wing turds not the people who like us


This is probably the main difference between the anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea and anti-Korean feeling in Japan. In Korea, at least you won’t get beat up by right-wing nationalists, but if you do that in Japan, ultra right-wings will jump on you. The level of emotional maturity is definitely far worse for the Japanese right-wingers


Those Japanese are about 95% in real life. The ones who try to terrorize the Shin-Okubo area are the idiot ultra-rightwing scums, aka 5% social surplus humans


Looks good, he he he he he When I went backpacking I met a few Japanese people… They were very nice and very modest but quite playful as well, I really like them


I hate their ideologies but I really like their culture and people

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  • Chris

    i love gopchang

  • Brett Sanbon

    A new side shown by the netizens. I never thought I’d see the day. I think the Japanese performers have the right idea. Leave politics to the old cranky bastards and lets get along with each other.

    • Wang that!

      Being Japanese myself and having a lot of Korean and Chinese friends, there is no issue when it comes to people and culture… But when you being in politics… it gets ugly. So I for one agree with you on leaving it tot he old cranky bastards.

      • Wang that!

        bring not being…

      • chucky3176

        It wasn’t that long ago when you claimed you were Korean American…

        • Brett Sanbon

          Link to the post where Wang that! said it or it never happened.

        • Wang that!

          Really? I’m a Korean American? LOL

          I know I wake to seeing slanted eyes in the mirror but I always thought they were Japanese… That is what my parents have been telling me my entire life… LOL

    • Paul M

      I have to say that this is one of the rare times I find myself agreeing with a lot of what the netizens have said here as well..

    • Curt

      Actually, I think leaving politics to the old cranky bastards is the root of the problem.

  • Mohamad Taufiq

    As a Japanese netizen,

    this is pretty heartwarming. Let’s hope these guys keep up and create more love between the two countries!

  • Anonton

    What sweet buskers.

  • k

    That is one tiny, Japanese man…how cute. Good for them for showing some love :) Now we just need some foreigners doing that in Hongdae :)

    • BC

      “Now we just need some foreigners doing that in Hongdae.”
      Did you mean “more foreigners”? Because if not, I should point out that Japanese people are also foreigners (in Korea).

      • Brett Sanbon

        Yes, she meant “more foreigners”. Specifically, the kind that look like foreigners. Its pretty common over here (Asia) for locals to call other Asians by their country (i.e. calling someone from Japan, “Japanese”) while calling non-Asians “foreigners”.

        • k

          You know never really thought about it but that is true….Koreans always refer to the Japanese or Chinese by their country but call alll us non asians waygookins.

          • Justin_C

            prolly cuz non-Chinese/Japanese foreigners all look alike to Koreans :D

  • Cassidi

    This is sweet!

  • Brett Sanbon

    Justin~ are there no videos floating around? Id like to watch these guys. They seem fun.

  • Paul

    I don’t know whether this is more attributable to the original poster, or the translator (or both), but I rather like the application of the term “social surplus of humans” to describe undesirable or degenerate fringe groups. Very fitting.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    aww this is really sweet. They look so happy.

    The saddest part of this story is how the koreans were unwilling to suspend their anger. There is a lot of national hurt that has lasted a long time.

  • Dr Dust Cell

    What was the “This is panic” about?

  • Cleo

    watch the video of Koizumi meeting the leading lady of Winter Sonata.

    “Who needs love like that?” as the song goes.

  • Passerby

    Well, if you think about who is most buying K-Pop cds and watching K-dramas, you will know that they are desperately in one-sided love with Korea.

  • 바나나


  • Stories of butts

    Spread some brotherly love, nice to see a warm responses back.

  • lonetrey

    nice job guys

  • Cleo

    Seriously, Korea, see if you can maneuver this into a visit to his basement – we need to get that film footage – all those rape parties with China and Corea’s “comfort women” – and I would want the ones with the panda massacres.

    Check it: (He’s still going to try to kill President Lee but we all know an “apology” is so cheap to him and he actually thinks that he solved the problem when it was just the bait – CLOSER, STUPID.)

    Japanese Emperor Says He Wishes to Visit Korea, Can Apologize If Needed
    The Japanese Emperor has reportedly expressed his wish to visit Korea and said he could apologize to the Korean people for his country’s atrocities during its colonial rule of Korea, if necessary.
    A Japanese magazine reported this week that Emperor Akihito said he hopes Korea and Japan maintain good relations adding that he and and Empress Michiko would like to visit Korea some day.
    This is the first time that the Japanese Emperor has expressed his wish to visit Korea after President Lee Myung-bak called on him last month to apologize for Japan’s wartime atrocities first if he wishes to ever visit Korea.
    Citing a Japanese lawmaker, the magazine said the Emperor would be willing to offer an apology DURING his visit.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    They appreared to have a wrong understanding.
    The recent flared row between South Korea and Japan occured because of Japan’s outrageous territorial claim, combined of the Lee admistration’s lack of diplomatic philosophy.

    They’d better go back to their country to cast a vote in a looming election there to thwart Japan’s ultrarightist politicians’ election–the quickest way to achieve what they were claimed, real rapprochement between the two countries.

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