chinaSMACK now has a hyperactive little sister. With the fastest broadband speeds, the most excitable netizens, and the least Twitter-savvy politicians, South Korea is the ideal home for a companion site to its Chinese “big brother”.

koreaBANG will be your first port of call for English translations of all the latest trending topics, political rows, viral videos, social network storms, and dare we say, the occasional wardrobe malfunction. We will also be translating comments from netizens, giving you a view of how ordinary internet users think in this fast-changing, increasingly important country.

We don’t write the articles, we scour the Korean internet for the most popular or interesting stories and translate them into English.


“BANG” is more than just a near-synonym for “SMACK”. In Korean, “bang” (방 – 房) means “room”; hence “norae-bang” (노래방) and “PC-bang” (PC방) , the singing rooms and internet cafes in which young Koreans spend so much time. Your dedicated, multinational team of translators will endeavour to make koreaBANG into a kind of Korean internet culture study room – one that you will want to visit often.

Some might not want Korea’s dirty linen aired to the rest of the world, but with all sincerity, we do it to further mutual understanding, and show that ultimately, we are all human – capable of the good, the bad, and the foolish. All the koreaBANG team are lovers of Korean language and culture. Whatever we do, we do not just with laughter, but also respect and curiosity.

If Koreans are talking about it, so are we!

If you’re interested in joining the team, send us an email introducing yourself and how you’d like to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you.


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