Japanese Man Poses as Korean, Threatens Japanese Princess

From Yonhap News:

Japanese Man in his 40s Arrested for Comment Threatening Japanese Princess Kako: “I’ll Make Her Unable to Refuse Korean Men”


The Kyodo News reported on May 21 that Japanese police had arrested a man in his 40s who wrote threatening messages to Japanese king Akihito’s 20-year-old daughter Kako on the internet.

The Japanese police arrested 43-year-old Ikehara Toshiyuki, resident of Shinjuku district, Tokyo for posting messages threatening the Japanese princess on internet site ‘2ch.’

They discovered that on May 16, the suspect wrote the following message on 2ch implying harm to the princess: “With Korean hands, I will make it so she can’t disobey Korean men.” After the message was posted, the palace increased security levels, almost tripling the number of guards around the princess.

On May 20, the suspect Ikehara voluntarily went to the police station, and acknowledged the conviction, saying, “I did it to heat up the atmosphere.”

It was found that the situation occurred in the context of the nonsensical ‘cyber flaming war’ between Korean and Japanese netizens.

On May 16, a Korean internet site ‘Daily Journal’ posted an article that said, “If the opportunity arises, we would also have no choice but to make Japanese Princess Kako into a comfort woman,” meanwhile on the same day, he overran the Japanese site ‘2ch’ with posts as if he was a Korean who was threatening the princess.

As can be seen from this case, there are many instances where Korean and Japanese netizens use the Korean-Japanese translation service on the portal sites to search both countries’ media coverage in real time and spread distorted news, or post senseless and abusive comments.

Prince Akishino’s second daughter Princess Kako enjoys widespread popularity in Japan on par with ‘idol stars’ for her classical looks. She also gained attention for leaving Gakushuin University, where members of the Imperial family have traditionally studied for the Protestant affiliated private institution International Christian University (ICU) last month.

Comments from Naver:

Koreans don’t even know who that Japanese princess is and they are making a fuss amongst themselves. It just sounds like a chorus of insecure losers. You Japanese bastards cannot help but acknowledge that, right? Do not make excuses.

sete**** [Responding to above]

The netouyo usually worship their royalty. This guy didn’t hesitate to threaten the princess just to make Koreans look bad. The lowest of them all.


I didn’t even know there is such a princess in Japan………

chki**** [Responding to above]

This is my first time hearing about her and seeing her. She is pretty.

acej**** [Responding to tear****]

Ke ke ke ke, that is because Korean media doesn’t cover Japan-related news much. Recently, I can think of an article that reported a low Yen is making it hard for Korean exports. It has to be about some crude Japanese remark about comfort women or tsunami disasters to be in our main news section. We get a few Japan-related articles every few months in the main section, but in Japan, Korea-related news is there almost every other day. At least once a week, something about Korea becomes top news, ke ke. For example, news about some irrelevant crime no Koreans have heard about. Things like that become the top news in Japan, ke ke. They are really Korea-stalkers.

adeo**** [Responding to tear****]

Take a look at Yahoo Japan. They nonchalantly put crazy articles like “Korean netizens said this” from some unverifiable source on their main page. It is a crazy country. ^^


This problem is very serious… They pretend to be Korean and make crude comments on various foreign websites.

gks4**** [Responding to above]

About 90% of the netouyo active on YouTube disguise themselves as Koreans to make Koreans look bad. They have been doing this for a while. It is on another level compared to Korean netizens’ random trolling. However, there are no Koreans who bother tracking them down and most Koreans are not even aware of this while the image of Koreans is becoming tainted. I’m not exaggerating at all. Far-right netouyo’s impersonation trolling is quite famous in the circle.


Their country is weird. Their people are weird. Insecure losers. There must be some conscious and level-headed people in Japan. What are they doing?


This shows the level of anti-Korean Japanese bugs, tsk tsk. An unemployed man in his 40s.


I learned for the first time that Japanese people treat their princess like an idol star through this far right-wing anti-Korean Jap’s internet comment manipulation.


Now anti-Korean netizens in Japan are at the level where they create anti-Korean content by themselves. They have evolved into pretending to be Korean to boost anti-Korean sentiment. This incident showed that they can go as far as threatening to rape their own princess in order to undermine Koreans. Their schizophrenia has gotten worse and they are harming each other now. Their obsession with Korea has led to their mental illness.


Ordinary Koreans wouldn’t know how old the current Japanese king is and how many sons and daughters he has. Even if you say the Japanese king is actually a woman, Koreans wouldn’t even be surprised because they have no interest.


Japanese netizens before his arrest: “I’m so excited that a Korean wrote a threatening message to her!”
Japanese netizens after his arrest: “Oh well, he is Japanese. This is no fun.”


Japanese fabrications are prevalent on Yahoo Japan… Some Japanese pretend to be Korean and bash Japan. Then other monkeys go apeshit and have an excuse to bash Korea… Anyway, I don’t think there are more lowly people than them.


Why do Japs live like that?


This is a trick they have been using for a long time. They pretend they don’t care in front of you but behind closed doors, they spread propaganda and rumors to agitate other Japanese. These petty ones created false rumors during the Great Kanto Earthquake and murder of Empress Myeongseong and deceived other Japanese and Koreans. Don’t be fooled.


There may also be many Japs here on Naver who pretend to be lefty commies to disparage Korea.


What happened to the Japanese civility that used to be praised so much, ke ke? Didn’t they say Japan’s civility is on par with Germany and Northern Europe? The level of the Nipponjin pretending to be Korean, ke ke.


So they caught a Japanese suspect who disguised himself as Korean and posted the threatening message. If you look closely at those who spread pro-Japanese propaganda in Korean on the internet, they look like cunning Japanese. We gotta be careful not to be deceived by their attempt to pit people against each other.

From Ilbe:

Anti-Korean Japanese netizens’ Korean impersonation is their chronic sickness.


I wrote the above while I was playing around on a forum called KJ Club several years ago. These days, I try to ignore them as much as possible for my mental health. If you go to YouTube or other foreign websites, there are so many Japs who spam weird machine-translated Korean. They try to spread anti-Korean sentiments meticulously and globally in a large scale.

Do you remember when some anti-Korean idiot was caught trolling in weird Korean on Ilbe a while ago? This time, the 43-year-old unemployed right-winger got caught after posting a message threatening the Jap princess to have her raped by Korean men and stuff. He disguised himself as Korean. These bastards really do all kinds of pathetic things.

I lived with Japanese people in the same house in a foreign country for a long time. As I have always said, kind guys are hopelessly kind while obnoxious ones are unimaginably obnoxious. And I don’t know if Japanese fellas are just naïve or dumb, but they buy into rumors so quickly. They get fooled much more easily than our lefty zombies or Women’s Generation users. They don’t bother to check facts. Even on Ilbe, if someone bashes Japan, within a minute, someone else makes a post to refute it. In Japan, everyone unanimously unites and bashes Korea together. Nobody refutes anything. If you just make up anything about Korea and post it, they just believe all of it. They are so dumb and emotional.

They are not rational at all contrary to what weeaboos claim. When you talk to them, they ask for proof. If I show it to them, they will make whatever excuse to dismiss it. They talk with preconceived conclusions they won’t change. It is rather the Korean internet forums where netizens are busy showing data and stats. On the Japanese internet, comments are all emotional and nobody refutes anything negative about Korea.

Moreover, why are they so enthusiastic about photoshopping pictures of Koreans so that they have extremely slanted eyes and spreading them? If you observe them, you will understand what “Jap-like” means. When I was younger, I was a big weeaboo who used to like GLAY and Larc~en~ciel. But it seems I’ve turned into completely loathing Japan. I don’t even often talk to my old Japanese friends. Honestly, I wonder if they have also badmouthed me behind my back.

1. There are many Japanese trolls who pretend to be Korean in order to promote anti-Korean sentiments on the internet.
2. Japanese people do not check facts. They believe all rumors like idiots.
3. Japanese guys are very kind in person but they do lots of creepy things in private.

Comments from Ilbe:

It is reasonable to see the anti-Korean trend in Japan as unofficially supported by the Japanese government. If they don’t help their people masturbate with anti-Koreanism, their frustrations will erupt in a form of terrorism resulting in social costs. In conclusion, when in trouble, they unite under the anti-Korean banner.

네셔널리스트 [Responding to above]

I don’t care if Japan fucking hates Korea as long as they only use facts. But they always fabricate things. Their national character seems really dirty.

보빨러OUT트 [Responding to above]

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Do you think their top 1% good-looking people with super specs would do such shit? They don’t care. They don’t waste time on something stupid when they are busy with their social life. The Japanese government wants those pathetic losers at the bottom who are supposed to be like terrorists to target Korea instead of their own government. That trick has been successful and Japanese losers are busy masturbating with their anti-Koreanism. If they can’t masturbate like that, they would harass their own government instead and every time something like an earthquake happens, they would behave like those in Korea who drag on with the Sewol accident and curse the President.


I was active on KJ Club forums for quite a while. Most KJ Japanese netizens are involved in some far right-wing groups or running a translation site. Some of those cunning anti-Koreanists look for materials to send to big Korean netizen comment translation sites like Kaikai. Anyway, if you go there and troll them for fun, they translate it in Japanese and promote generalizations like “this is what Koreans are truly like”. They have been doing that for a long time. But young Koreans these days are too busy watching anime…


Do Japanese netizens not make any refutations [in defense of Korea]??? Gosh.

댕겨올게 [Responding to above]

There is no such thing there. On 2ch, even if you just express a neutral opinion regarding Korea, they tell you to get off because it is a place for bashing Korea. They are brainless.


Japanese fellas seem a bit petty. They say they are taught from a young age not to cause trouble for others but why do they have a prevalent bullying culture? In the end, it’s just a pretense.


Busy people wouldn’t do such shit. Those are hikikomoris who have nothing better to do in Japan. Also, it’s hopeless for those who think fucking Japan is so advanced.


Japanese trolling is on another level. This guy was arrested this time but he must have been doing things like this all the time. What’s scary about them is that they don’t do it just for a few days. They do it for decades. They have been systematically doing their anti-Korean work for at least 10 years. It’s like they think if they lie 100 times, it will become the truth. They will try to change what everyone vividly witnessed today into something different in 10 years after a generational change.


I have a close Japanese female friend who has visited Korea more than 5 times. Since Korea-Japan relations worsened in recent years under the Abe administration, she thinks Koreans will throw rocks at Japanese people on the streets, ke ke ke. I thought she was joking at first but she really believes it, ke ke ke. So she doesn’t visit Korea these days. What bullshit. If you just catch any otaku-looking Korean on the street and ask for directions in Japanese, he would kindly answer in Japanese he picked up from watching anime.


Once I got a message from a Japanese idiot on Dokidoki Postbox that all crimes in Japan are committed by Koreans. I owned him by shoving stats from the Japanese police at him. That idiot’s last message was “The Japanese government is hiding crimes committed by Koreans and I learned the truth from the internet!” Idiots are everywhere for real.

ㄱㅇㄷㅊㅅㄱㅅㅅ [Responding to above]

It’s similar to what Ilbe bugs say about Korean politics, ke ke.

깨물어버린다 [Responding to above]

Ilbe is still one of the few sites where fierce fact-based arguments are going on. Take a look at lefty zombie sites. There are so many who yap their mouth even when they don’t know how to look up bills from the National Assembly. Those who led Ilbe’s expansion were the ones who were not deceived by the mad cow disease hoax.


Do you guys know the movie “Japan Sinks”? It is based on a novel from the 70s. As Japan sinks into the sea, they request other countries to take their refugees but all other Asian countries refuse to help them. Then, a Japanese lawmaker says, “Did Japan even try to properly apologize and improve relations with them after the war? You reap what you sow.” You would be surprised if you are only familiar with today’s Japan. The novel was published in the 70s when Japan was experiencing enormous economic growth as Asia’s No. 1 country. They had room for self-reflection. Compared to that era, Japs have been doing all kinds of vulgar and nasty things in recent years. This is because they lost confidence as their economic status went downhill since the end of the last century, going through the last 20~30 years. They feel insecure that countries like Korea and China are catching up with them. In Korea, there are a few sites like Gasengi and Gaesomoon that cover Japanese netizen reactions. But in Hell Japan, there are 200~300 websites that peep at Korean netizen reactions, ke ke ke ke ke. We are the most familiar with Kaikai that collects Ilbe posts written by intoxicated weeaboos. Anyway while Hell Japan is going downhill, the Park Geun-hye administration is supposed to elevate Korea as much as they went on about their “creativity-driven economy”. I’m worried that Hell Korea isn’t doing well, too. ^^


You are making a fucking fuss about the shit a few anti-Korean Japanese do. Most Japanese don’t care about Korea at all. Do you guys care about poorer countries than Korea? Do you pay attention to Taiwan’s anti-Korean behavior?

김치로치 [Responding to above]

“Most Japanese don’t care about Korea at all” Then why is Yahoo Japan’s top international news section plastered with articles about Korea? Why do they post thousands of posts about Korean netizen reactions everyday? So what about ordinary Japanese? I have lived in Japan for several months with a friend. I noticed they have some underlying sentiments about Korea. They don’t normally express it but if you bring it up, they go on about all kinds of things including politics. I’m not talking about older men. I’m talking about young people in their 20s and 30s. Even those who look like they would have no interest in Korea have some basic interest. Can you explain why they care about Korea if it’s just poorer than Japan?

오노데라.여신 [Responding to above]

Do you think the popular internet opinion is the same as the real life public opinion? Ke ke ke ke. The Japanese internet has been very right-wing for a while. Yahoo Japan aggressively makes money from the netouyo crowd. Why do you think Saenuri wins in elections even if they are bashed so much on the internet in Korea? The Japanese have anti-Korean sentiments because Koreans have done something that deserves hate. During the Korea-Japan agreement in 1965, the Korean government received compensation money. They didn’t distribute it to the comfort women and used it all for economic development. Yet they still demand apologies and compensation until today. They provoke Japan by setting up comfort women statues around the world and bringing up outdated issues in international politics. Even good Japanese people will get upset.


In 1923, after the Great Kanto Earthquake, when things got chaotic, they spread the rumor that Koreans put poison in wells. 6,000 Koreans were massacred. They tried to channel internal trouble somewhere else. Didn’t the Imjin War happen like that, too? When they have domestic problems, they always divert hate to Korea. They have done it for hundreds of years. Cis-ab type trait. The Far-East islands’ weird monkeys.


I was also arguing with Japanese netizens a lot about 10 years ago. I have a Japanese friend, too. The netouyo are fucking meticulous but at the same time they are dumb because they are NEETs. If Koreans with English skills set up a fact-based website, they can be dealt with.


And you had so much time at hand that you bothered analyzing all those things like you’re making a documentary? Down-voted. You can just ignore them. Maybe Korean lefty zombies look at Ilbe bugs like that.


I agree with most of what the OP said, but Japanese netizens try to check facts, too. It’s called “cherry-picking” facts that are only helpful for their preconceived arguments. I can’t say we are different. We began citing sources in online arguments trying to battle Japanese netizens on Naver’s Enjoy Japan. I don’t think we cared to cite sources on the internet before then. This is just the norm on the internet forums of developed countries. Netizens on English forums are more meticulous about citing sources. [Naver Enjoy Japan/Korea offered forums for various topics where Korean and Japanese netizens could directly talk to each other through automated machine translation. This service ended in 2009.]

Architect [Responding to above]

That sounds right. Korean teens were owned by Japanese nationalists on Enjoy Japan. That’s when Korean netizens who could handle primary sources emerged to deal with the Japanese. I think that was the onset of the Korean internet’s fact-checking culture. That was 8 or 9 years ago.

연구원장 [Responding to 링메이]

That “fact-checking” is just selecting what’s the most favorable to their arguments. Deliberate weaving of partial facts without an overall lack of bias can easily lead to false propaganda. One of the biggest Korean forum sites Ilbe has some weeaboos so it can be balanced about Japan. On the other hand, there is no such presence of pro-Korean netizens on the Japanese internet. Even if some of the Japanese netizens recognize lies from the anti-Korean netouyo, they have no reason to bother arguing with the netouyo wasting time in defense of Korea. That’s why their internet is homogeneously filled with extreme anti-Korean rhetoric. Moreover, there are professional anti-Korean organizations in Japan while there is no such professional equivalent in Korea.

링메이 [Responding to above]

You are right. Fact-checking should be fair and it is the best in an argument if you bring up what your opponent chose not to mention or did not know. Both Japanese and Koreans still do not regard what’s unfavorable to them as facts. We just have a little less of a herd mentality and witch hunt tendency than Japanese netizens. At least on Ilbe.


I cannot help but think disguising themselves as Koreans and doing petty things is very Japanese-like. Their petty bullying culture. They are much more sensitive than Koreans about their image in foreign eyes. This translates into their joy of spreading rumors about Korea to foreigners and making Korea look bad. They always parrot that Koreans are hated by the world. You can see how much they care about their image and their anti-Korean rhetoric is based on it. It is the same as the Japanese bullying method using malicious rumors about the target. The biggest achievement is the so-called “Korean origin theories” that went viral and even undermined Korea-China relations. It was spearheaded by the 2ch netouyo. They tried to dig up some irrelevant Korean nationalists or crazies’ fantasy notes. Then they exaggerated its significance or fabricated Korean organizations or professors that don’t even exist. They spread these to the Chinese internet on a large scale. Even Chinese officials ended up addressing the issue. There are still some Chinese people who believe all of that. What’s interesting is that even the Korean wiki doesn’t have all those claims but it is the Japanese and Chinese wiki that have very meticulously organized entries for them. What’s funny is that the Japanese are laughing their asses off as they see what they initiated is inversely flowing back into the Japanese media. Retarded people for real.


1. How many years have you spent in close relationships with Japanese people?
2. Can you confidently say you know Japanese people well?
3. Is it true that they buy into rumors and propaganda easily? If it’s true, I think many of them should have religions. Is it a different thing? Do you mean they are gullible like Korean leftists?

아융 [Responding to above]

They don’t like to tell you what they really think inside. So you could be backstabbed later. They may think they have been patient enough but shouldn’t they just tell you when they have a problem? If you experience this once, you can’t open your heart because you think they might be thinking something else inside. And what the OP said is right as far as the Japanese right-wingers are concerned. Ordinary people don’t care though.


Isn’t their website just like Ilbe or lefty zombie websites where lots of unemployed losers reside? In Japan, they can at least make a living only doing part-time jobs. If he is still unemployed there, what kind of low life would he be? Just like Ilbe bugs or hardcore lefty zombies go crazy against each other in Korea, anti-Koreanism is those bastards’ purpose in life. Pathetic losers being pathetic. If you look around the Japanese internet though, not all of their websites are fucked up. Their real fucked up websites are full of illogical retards who buy into all kinds of lies just like lefty Daum, Today Humor and MLB Park. They add lies to lies to make even bigger lies. They post baseless rumors and fabricated stats and giggle amongst themselves. They never accept data from the Korean side. It’s like those Koreans who refuse to look at anything from Ilbe just because it is from Ilbe. And there are some decent Japanese websites, too. Then, they reek of that unique sense of Japanese snobbery and superiority. It’s a bit hard to explain in words. You can think of the tone as “if you are in Japan, you should follow everything Japanese.” While relatively normal Japs bash those weird bastards for doing creepy shit like that happened this time, they are still getting fooled by the anti-Koreanists’ propaganda because that is the trending wave now. Also, unlike in the past, because the losers get more attention from other people who support them, they go apeshit in full force.

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