Young Man Assaults Old Man On Bus For Using Informal Speech

A young Korean man hits an old man on a city bus.

From Nate:

“Depraved Bus Man” Assaults Elderly Man For Using Informal Speech

A photo of a young man in his teens or 20s who was spoken to in banmal [informal speech] who then assaulted the elderly man [who spoke to him] on a city bus was uploaded to the Internet. Netizens have dubbed him the “depraved bus man.”

A tweet and post titled “Depraved Bus Man” was posted on an online community on the 11th and spread quickly. It was initially posted to a portal site, under the title “Grandfather Struck On Bus” on September 6th.

According to the post, the incident happened on September 5th on a Kyungnam city bus.

The poster wrote, “I was going to my hagwon by bus when I heard a voice shouting profanity and a beating sound in front of the bus door. I couldn’t imagine that the sound came from the beating of a person; as soon as I turned my head to see what was going on, I thought my legs were going to give way.”

“A male student who appeared to be in his 20s wearing a school uniform was hitting an old man with gray hair on the head like a dog. He was hitting the old man on the head with an umbrella and also hitting the side of the old man’s face with his hat.”

The young man’s apparent reason for assaulting the elderly man was because the old man used banmal towards him. When the bus driver warned the student, the student (who was sitting behind the elderly man) said, “He can’t use banmal with me. Since when has he known me?” and got visibly angry.

The poster wrote, “I would not tell an old person that they were wrong even if I felt they were wrong. I was so angry my hands started to tremble and I felt like crying.”

Netizens have commented on the “depraved bus man” by saying things such as “The end of the world is coming”, “To beat up an elderly person for using informal speech is insane”, “There was no one who tried to stop him from doing that. Did no one report him to the police?” and “Find him and put him in jail!”

Comments from Nate:


And people just stared at them and did nothing…what a sad report on the current state of our country…kind of bittersweet~


I hate those who just watched and did nothing to the man who beat the elderly man. I hate ssibals like him. There are psychos everywhere nowadays…why didn’t the other people on the bus do anything?


What the hell are those other saekki doing? They should’ve made him stop doing that or reported him to the police. I would report him to the police instead of taking pictures of it while it happened. Tsk tsk


We’ll catch you, you saekki, thanks to the bus’ CCTV.


I hope that when the police look at this article they catch not only that brute but they draw a red line. That nom just shows our society and country is degrading worse and worse. When I look at these kind of articles I can only think of how traumatized an elderly man would be if this happened to him. Who will compensate him for that? To any police reading this article, please verify his identity and charge him with assault. Hitting another person in the head with an umbrella and kicking and hitting them – couldn’t that almost be attempted murder? I wish the grandfather a speedy recovery.


I wouldn’t even bother saying “please help him” because the world nowadays is in such chaos. Why didn’t anyone report this to the police? They had the courage to take pictures but didn’t have the courage to report it? What the hell is this?? Was it that difficult to report it? Next time, find the nearest police station and report it right away. What a frustrating world…I’m not the only one who’s noticed that this [kind of indifference] is spreading in our society little by little like a cancer.


He’s really a weak guy pretending to be strong in front of other weak people. Tsk tsk.


The noms who were solidly [physically] built were just watching it…hey bus driver! Aren’t you supposed to go straight to the police station when something like this happens?


I don’t think it’s a big deal if an old man or even a middle aged man whom I meet for the first time addresses me in informal speech…


He’s even lower than trash!


Typical immoral Gyeongsang-do resident


Assault is punishable as a criminal act. He’s going to become an ex-convict at such a young age…tsk tsk tsk


To the nom who got angry at the elderly man for using informal speech towards him – you are of that age [where you would be talked to that way], so can’t you just bear with it?


Tsk tsk…psycho


It makes me feel bad that a lot of young noms are turning out like this. Crazy fools, tsk tsk.


Netizens are on a witch hunt again…


They should’ve made him stop beating the elderly man. What the hell were they doing? –- Surely Korea isn’t turning into that kind of nation…?


It’s because of (T-ara‘s) Kim Kwang-soo!

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  • I would of layed him flat. Stand up people, these punks do these things because they know u will do NOTHING!!!!!!There really cowards who pick on ederly because they cannot fight back.

    • silencer47

      Agreed, sadly these kind of people can be found all over the world….

  • Cleo

    Shenanigans, no Korean trained to discern between levels of politeness in speech would not have first absorbed the lesson that you don’t do what he did to someone who is senior to him.

    What’s wrong with just ignoring him or walking away? It’s not like this is Akihito himself.

    • Whitey Double Talk

      Haha. ‘No true Scotsman.’ Look it up.

      • KrZ

        Doesn’t work when he’s joking.

        • Whitey Double Talk

          Have you had much contact with Cleo before? She’s pretty much our version of Poe’s law.

  • Brett Sanbon

    So… The netizens call to execute the kids who sat in the street, but express disapproval at the boy who beats an old man…

    • urnidiot

      So, Koreans commenting on stories have to be aware of what other Koreans have said in previous stories as to be consistent and be approved by the white man?

      I guess we should tell all “netizens” that they should think alike as well “all look alike.” You don’t even have the self-awareness how racist you are.

      • Brett Sanbon


        • urnidiot

          Why don’t you read? It’s in English.

          • Brett Sanbon

            My question lies in how you equate my noticing an inconsistancy within the netizens’ commenting as racism.

          • Brett Sanbon

            I didn’t even give an opinion, I just pointed something out. Aren’t you just nitpicking everyone’s comments today?

          • Whitey Double Talk

            Hey urnidiot, I was thinking that we had a triumvirate of anti-white posters with Cleo, vetomon and WhiteIsPoison. But if you strive for excellence and keep the posts coming, I’m sure you can make it a tetrarchy.

      • k

        WTF? Brett was just pointing out a difference in netizen reactions between the two stories, no body said anything about “approval from white men’? Koreans should look alike? When did Korean appearances ever get brought up? And I’ve read plenty of Brett’s comments, he isn’t racist against Koreans at all. Most of the people commenting on this site have a lot of ties and history with Korea, some of us are married to Koreans, some of us love the country, some of us are Japanese/Chinese commentators, the commentators here are pretty diverse as well. Urinidiot for making this personal attacks on people whom you don’t have the slightest idea about. Look you’ve obviously got some deep seated hatreds towards white/non-korean people, which sucks cause it’s such a waste of energy for you.

        • Brett Sanbon

          Thx K. Maybe I should change my picture to my brother-in-law’s. Maybe then I wouldn’t catch so much flack.

        • Brett Sanbon

          Also, changing my name to “Dokdo is our land” would get me some serious street credit.

      • Nyancat

        @urnidiot urnidiot

      • Sojubang

        You don’t seem to have the self-awareness of how much inferiority complex you are displaying in this random tangent of a reply especially by pulling the racism card.

        White guy makes comment = I must defend my national pride against this invasion of opinions?

      • mr. wiener

        Issues with white guys? Nothing new there, just wish he’d pick his fights in a more intelligent way.
        Incidently , how common is this informal Korean, and is it only spoken among friends and family members, never with strangers? Honest question here, not trying to be racist or anything :)

        • Brett Sanbon

          If you hadn’t mentioned that you aren’t trying to racist I would’ve lit you up with my response. :)

          Informal speech is difficult to put a finger on. It is most commonly used between friends and family members. However seldom, there are outlying situations when strangers (usually elderly towards youth) can be seen using it. Also, the boss can use it when addressing employees.

          I just know that if I dont use the polite form to strangers and those older than myself, my wife would have my scrotum… on a stick… with kimchi. Was that racist?

          • k

            I always found Koreans pretty forgiving to waygookins when they use Korean, even if they use the wrong formality……generally they are just surprised you even know any Korean at all. I never hold non-native speaking English people to the same standard as English speakers…..I’ve had plenty of Koreans use informal/overly friendly English with me, but just because they are limited speakers and that’s the first thing that comes to their mind. Hell I even tolerated it when they started yelling random English at me as I walked by…..I once walked past an older, manager/boss type man who was surrounded by like 4 Korean women and 2 Korean men and the guy goes “Hey, Good Morning dude!” and I swear ALL the Korean women started giggling at one time and going “heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh he used English ehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe”….while I’m still half asleep, drinking coffee at 8 am going wtf?

          • Markus

            It’s funny you should say that K. That boss story is what i deal with every day in China.

            All the Koreans i know in China can speak English at an understandable level some of them are fluent.

            Although this opinion isn’t based on those that i know & even though I haven’t been to Korea I generally have the impression that Koreans and Japanese people have a higher percentage of their population that can speak English at an intermediate or higher level.

          • Markus

            It’s funny you should say that K. That boss story is what i deal with every day in China.

            All the Koreans i know in China can speak English at an understandable level some of them are fluent.

            Although this opinion isn’t based on those that i know & even though I haven’t been to Korea I generally have the impression that Koreans and Japanese people have a high percentage of their population that can speak English at an intermediate or higher level.

        • Cuddycream

          It’s a power/respect thing; by using banmal (informal Korean) with a stranger you’re explicitly saying “I’m better than you are”. But it’s not clear cut – for example, I went into the chemist and asked for something. A lady in her 80s said “oh, you speak Korean very well” in banmal to me. She was much, much older than me and being very kind so I just smiled and thanked her. Equally some middle-aged douche at the booking club I used to work in as a DJ came into to the DJs dressing room and started bossing me about in banmal. I told him (in banmal myself) that I wasn’t a kid, so why was he talking to me like one? It’s all about context and tone; sometimes kids I taught would try and get away with speaking to me in banmal. They would spend their breaktimes doing press-ups and apologising.

          • Anonton

            I always assumed that it was always okay for elderly people to speak so to youngsters.

          • mr. wiener

            Thanks for helping to clear that up guys. I guess it is about timing and context.

    • BC

      You’re assuming that the netizens who called for the execution of those who blocked traffic are the same netizens who are upset about this incident. Unless you’ve checked to see that they are the same people, it’s very likely that there is little to no overlap.

      • Brett Sanbon

        No, I am not and was not assuming that. I was just commenting on the different responses from netizens on each respective story. Its always nice to see different sides to the netizens so we can all be reassured that they aren’t as yourself and urnidiot accuse me of labeling them; copies of one another who should conform to the white man’s views.

        • urnidiot

          Brett: “No, I am not and was not assuming that…Its always nice to see different sides to the netizens so we can all be reassured that they aren’t as yourself and urnidiot accuse me of labeling them.”

          I think you were assuming, else this wouldn’t have been an issue to you to even notice. In fact you admitted as much when you said “so we can all be reassured.” Expecting a monolithic behavior from Koreans/Asians will only lead to YOUR confusion and bitterness.

          All Koreans do NOT think alike on various issues. I can’t believe I felt the need to even write that.

          Just because they can’t express themselves well in English when talking to you does not make them dumb and devoid of complex thoughts. Imagine if you had to discuss a controversial issue in the Korean language. You wouldn’t sound too intelligent to them. And please, don’t use “netizens” comments to get meaningful insight into the Korean mind (there is no single mind). Only a meaningful personal experience in real-life with Koreans of all ages, social status, and political leanings, will get you any understanding. Unfortunately, the language barrier makes that very difficult.

          I have an interesting observation. Some ignorant westerners see a large group of Asians doing whatever, and immediately conjure up an image of “robots,” essentially dehumanizing them. Conversely, some ignorant Asians seeing a group of westerners doing whatever and conjure up an image of “animals,” another form of dehumanization. Only people who are well-versed in both cultures can seem to be able fully see the “other” people as humans much like them.

          I noticed you are married to a Korean woman. I don’t know whether to pity you or congratulate you. Probably both. Congratulations and I wish your family happiness.

          • Whitey Double Talk

            Deep breaths pal, internet posters are well known for generally being reactionary. In fact Brett has stepped in before to defend the general Korean population, when others have acted like the Korean internet posts translated on this site are representative of the population at large.

            Also there are a lot of people here who can communicate perfectly well, despite the fact that English isn’t their native language. Should Korean posters get special treatment, or can we all just accept that English is the lingua franca of this site?

          • Brett Sanbon

            Regardless of what you think my thoughts were, your points are merely speculation and guesswork. ㅈㅅ!

            Why would you pity me for being married to a Korean woman? My wife is brilliant, hilarious, loving, supportive, and has my baby in her belly.

            Isn’t what you wrote racist? Assuming all Korean women are terrors… ㅊㅊㅊ shame on you.

          • k

            You take things really personal don’t you? And for someone who is jumping everyone’s shit by accusing them of “generalizing koreans as such______” you just did it yourself by generalizing Korean women. Why the hell should he need your pity? You have no idea what his wife is like, and just because she is Korean doesn’t mean she is a certain way. I’m sure she is beautiful, intelligent, sweet, and loves him and their child very much. You make me miss Chucky -_-

          • Brett Sanbon


            “Just because they can’t express themselves well in English when talking to you does not make them dumb and devoid of complex thoughts. Imagine if you had to discuss a controversial issue in the Korean language. You wouldn’t sound too intelligent to them.”

            How do you know my Korean language ability? You merely arrived at this site yesterday, ready to raise hell.

            Also, what makes you think that Koreans communicate with me in English? I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation with a stranger in English. Probably because when someone randomly starts speaking English to me in public, I politely ask them to speak Korean. Then we have a jolly time conversing in their native tongue, or they get bored and fall silent or move away.

            Granted, my Korean might not be as high as their English ability, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to push aside the stereotype that all white people are English teachers and only speak English. Just yesterday I had a 40 minute conversation with a taxi driver about how Seoul has changed since he started driving 30 years ago and how he wants it to change for the better. One thing I really loved was that he never once said to me, “Wow you speak Korean!?” He just accepted that I try.

            The funny thing about me being a long-time poster on this site, as Whitey Double Talk has pointed out, is that these topics have all come up before and I have commented about them. Regulars can verify my consistency and character. Being the newcomer means that you still have a lot to prove if your blind accusations are to be held with more regard than dust in the wind.

            The stories are all on the main page. Read through the lot of them and tell me again your gripes of how I consider Koreans to be “robots”.

          • urnidiot

            Brett and k,
            That was a joke. It was not meant to be taken literally.
            Since Brett was married to a Korean woman I thought he would get the (inside) joke. I guess I was wrong.

            You two are dumber than a doorknob.

          • Brett Sanbon

            I don’t get the joke, seeing as my wife is lovely and there is no reason to pity my relationship.

            After berating me over this and that, you expect anyone to pick up that you were just joshing me?

            You pick apart my character like I’m some fucking “Where’s Waldo” book over the course of yesterday and this morning and then wish my family happiness? If it was genuine, then genuinely back at you – thanks! If not, well, I understand.

          • mr. wiener

            This is probably why we still have a standoff between N\S Korea.
            ” No I will not accept your peace offering of kimchee made by you granny after that offensive cartoon you put up of our dear leader engaged in coitus with farmyard animals, bastard!”
            ” But that was yesterday. Sheesh! Some people are sooo sensitive, dick!”

          • k

            @Uranidiot I’m far from stupid, but hey, I’m sure you know everything about my intelligence don’t you? I’m a licensed elementary teacher, working on my MA in education….but hey I’m stupid. I’d say something else, but I’m done…Brett said it perfectly anyway.

          • urnidiot

            To better understand my joke, watch this Psy interview from about the 2:00 minute mark. Psy and the older man joke about being married and how it makes them feel sad. Any married Korean (man or woman who’ve been married at least a few years) would understand this joke. Variations of this joke/sentiment is retold over and over among Koreans. I thought you would get the joke too since you fancied yourself as being at least moderately “Koreanized.” My mistake.


          • k

            @uranidiot. I asked my VERY Korean husband, who spent 28 out of his 30 years in Korea, whose parents are Korean, who served in the Korean military, who is very “koreanized” if he understood what the hell you were “joking” about and he didnt…..but I guess due to your logic he isnt Korean enough? Also excuse me if I started randomly pulling famous tid bits of american culture from years and years ago to test how “american” someone was…then Id look like uranidiot. You come on to this board being a jackass, generalizing all the commentators here, attacking Brett like you know him and his life and act like you know about my story and everyone else here and have generally been very hostile to us, without knowing anything about us

          • Brett Sanbon

            Its not about the joke, urnidiot. Never was. Why are you focusing on the joke?

  • Jennster

    LOL koreans

    • urnidiot

      LOL whites

      • holdingrabbits

        Perhaps you are confusing citizenship with race. It’s an easy mistake to make. However, not all whites are from the same country. What a racist thing to say.

        • holdingrabbits

          and yes, this is a troll.

          • urnidiot

            And yes, you’re a buffoon. Let me simplify it for you.

            She mocked the story as being “korean.” So, I mocked her inclination to generalize as being “white.”

            So, me and her are even.

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            how do you know jennster is white? Maybe she’s black or chinese? I could have sworn jennster is chinese or some other race.

            so unfortunately i think you proved your own racism by assuming an ignorant person is white. andbefore you mock me for being white — im not.

          • Brett Sanbon

            You’re right tippy. Jennster has mentioned that she is Chinese.

          • k

            You’re not white Tippy? I always assumed you were a scrawny, red haired, freckled young girl with amazing upper body strength that had a horse and was homeless.

          • holdingrabbits

            I don’t think she mocked the story as “being Korean.” You need to calm down and take stock of your methods of persuasion. I have no idea where you learned how to argue a point and I’m sure you’ve never made a generalization in your life, but just calm the fuck down. Comparing Korea to our homelands is completely natural and permissible, however, noting differences or even mocking differences in culture isn’t racist. Like I said, I doubt you’ve ever made a generalization, because if you have then you’re a racist. If someone asks you “What are Koreans like” you can immediately unload your righteous anger upon them for assuming that all Koreans are the same, because what kind of dick refers to an entire people group? For instance, if you hear someone say “Koreans like kimchi.” You should make your way to wherever that person is standing and say “What a racist thing to say! Do you know every Korean?! Why would you say that?! Are you Japanese?! We should kill all the Japanese!!!”

      • mr. wiener

        Somebody does have a hair trigger today don’t they?

  • glenn

    Tsk3… I thought that it was supposed to be okay since the old man was obviously a senior. He also thinks that informal speech is not okay but beating an old man is.

  • Stories of butts

    Physically assaulting someone for using informal speech, such shining logic.

    • Stories of butts

      Also, if the op is so angry about what happen why stand there and not stop it? Im sure it would have been much better then uploading it to the internet.

  • Patrick

    I’m kind of curious as to what an old man on a bus would have to say to a random student on the bus anyway. This is just a guess, but he probably said something that insulted the young stressed out boy. There are a lot of old men in this country who like to stick their noses in places where they have no business in. Just like the time one of them stood up on the subway and addressed my friend in informal English, who was holding hands with his Korean girlfriend, and he did so with two fingers crossed together and said “No”. Sure, assaulting him was the wrong thing to do, but the old fool probably should have just kept his mouth shut.

  • chucky3176

    Reminds me of the case of the black American English teacher who assaulted an old Korean man on the bus last year. The Koreans were labeled racists because the netizens were siding with the old man who was getting beaten up. The logic was that Koreans were siding with the old man because the only reason was the man was Korean, and the one who was doing the beating was a black man. Just as in this case, the old man spoke to the black man with ban-mal. I never bought the theory that, that incident had anything to do with race. And here’s this incident which is exactly the same case, except replace the part where it says “young black man beating on an old man”, to “young Korean man beating on an old man”.

    • Patrick

      Seriously Chucky? After reading all the comments on that story, I don’t remember anyone saying that Koreans were racists because they sided with the old man in that case. Everyone was ashamed that the black man foreigner tarnished the image of other foreigners in that clip. You’re clearly talking out of your ass in this instance.

      • Whitey Double Talk

        chucky pretty much always either talks directly out of his arse, or vitiates the facts to suit his sanctimonious victim mentality.

        • Brett Sanbon

          For all of Chucky’s bitching about foreigners generalising Koreans, he sure is great at being hipocritical.

      • chucky3176

        Would you like me to start posting links to articles and blog entries that says otherwise? I don’t feel like digging these up since I feel lazy, but….

      • chucky3176
        • Patrick

          It looks like you didn’t even bother to read the comments on the links you just posted. Most of them, say the black man’s behavior was inappropriate. At most they say that he didn’t understand the culture and misunderstood the word ni-ga for nigger but barely a one, if any, said his actions were justified because he was being racially abused. Lame Chucky.

        • Anonton

          Omg i remember that video! Lol its like the funniest transportation fight video in korea!


    • k

      Chucky, I remember that incident, I was in Korea when it happened last year and I can tell you NOT ONE SINGLE EXPAT that I knew defended that black guy. Not one. In fact, we were all pretty humiliated by his actions and were dreading the backlash from Koreans as labeling all English teachers like that guy. Seriously, every expat I knew thought that the guy was a complete dick, who needed to be kicked out of country for bringing so much shame to Americans living there…..Americans typically do not defend someone just because they are American, we judge by actions and character of person, not by nationality. That guy was a complete asshole and a complete embarrassment to the USA and set black people in Korea back even further, which sucks cause there are a lot of smart, good black people in Korea.

      • k

        And here I was just saying how I much prefer you Chucky over Uranidiot……damn chucky.

      • k

        and trust me, one of my expat friends was dating a black soldier that was stationed there……….super nice and polite man, intelligent, hard working, not a violent, mean bone in his body and he treated my friend like a princess and had 2 children that he loved and took very good care of and the way that Koreans treated him was so incredibly shameful on Koreans……I witnessed myself, he was just walking down the street in Seoul and Koreans would literally cower in fear, walk as far away from him as they possibly could get, make snide comments in Korean, glare at him like he was a terrorist, hide their children like he was about to rape and eat them……seriously it was an every day thing for him……..poor guy and after that black teacher did that, it got even worse for him…..

        • urnidiot

          K: “glare at him like he was a terrorist, hide their children like he was about to rape and eat them”

          Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a little here. Just a tiny bit.

          I stand by my earlier statement, you are seriously, unequivocally, dumber than the dumbest doorknob.

        • C84

          I have to agree with urnidiot. K is either trolling or a shallow dimwit. Seriously – comments like “terrorist” and “rape and eat children?” Have some damn respect. You’re the jackass you’re accusing other people of being.

    • Wang that!

      chucky3176 – I just saw your handle post on a local news paper. you local to that city? (for your privacy, I will not name the actual City/news outlet)

      I’m a local as well.

  • lonetrey

    I don’t really care about background, or respect, or culture, or pity. I’d have stepped in just because I’d feel it’s the right thing to do.

  • Paul M

    First, I love it how the netizens are condemning the people who sat there and did nothing when they most likely would have done the same. As they say ‘It is easy to be brave behind a castle wall’ or in this case a computer keyboard.

    Second, I had a feeling I would find myself on the internet after yesterday. I got on the bus behind an old lady and as we were making our way to the back of the bus she dropped a load of coins. So instinctively I bent down to pick them up for her. I could see she was struggling and getting flustered so I gestured to a seat and told her to sit – ‘anjaseyo’. I picked up the rest of her coins and gave them to her and she was very thankful. But the stares I got from the other passengers as I sat down made me feel like that I had just slapped her in the face with my happy tackle. Maybe it was because I didn’t use the uber polite form with her? Also I think I was holding on to the rail so I only used one hand to give her the coins back. Oh the complexities of Korean etiquette! Anyway, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll find a picture of me taken on someone’s cell phone on Naver under the headline “Impolite foreigner insults old lady on bus”

    • Anonton

      Oh foreigners these days, all they do is come to our countries and ignore all our values and beliefs.

      • Paul M

        *sobs* I’m so sorry! *kneels down and bows before you*.

        • Anonton

          Ok your forgiven this time, unless your black out south east asian.

  • Anonton

    No video :(!

    • buzzbee

      People in every country often just stand around and watch when something bad happens. It’s common across the world.
      I don’t know this person.
      Not my problem.
      I don’t want to get involved.
      I don’t know what to do!
      I get it! interfering in another persons problem, uninvited is not polite but it drives me nuts (in any country) to see something bad happen and nobody helping!

      For example on Tuesday I was walking by a crowded bus stop when I noticed a bunch of middle school kids shouting and jostling a visibly anxious young lady, that obviously had a mental disability. As far as I could tell they wanted her to give them money. One young student was shouting for money and when she said she did not have any, he got his umbrella and smashed it on the trash can beside her, obviously to scare her. Everyone else at the bus stop just stared at them. I stepped in and told the boy to stop and he backed off. The school kids kept shouting and abusing her when my back was turned or if she wandered away from me. All the while I was thinking, why is nobody helping? I can barely manage this situation! I wanted to cry in frustration.

      Thankfully a middle aged Korean man walked by and told the boys not to behave like that but as soon as he left, they reverted to abusing this young woman, even when she got on the bus, nobody on the bus did anything! I made sure that she got off at her stop safely. At one point I got my phone out and took some photos but they were not very good.

      I have shown the photos to my Korean co-workers and they have shown genuine concern and shock. They agree that these students were behaving in a vulgar manner. They have asked for copies of the photos and have contacted their contacts at the school, to let them know what was going on.

      • mr. wiener

        Good. That kind of behaviour is not acceptable in any country.

      • k

        yeah, it’s even worse when the crimes are worse….I remember being at a local park once in Seoul and these Korean kids kept torturing/harassing a dieing duck and the poor thing was in so much misery and the parents of these kids just ignored/talked to each other, paying no attention and not caring what their kids were doing. I got so mad, I asked my husband how to say a few phrases in Korean so they’d get my point and then started yelling at them in English…..they got the point and left the duck alone….but then a princess diva walked by, with one of those tiny, scrawny designer dogs and let it off it’s leash so it could go harass the dieing duck and she sat and laughed about the whole thing….so then I called her a few choice words in English, but she failed to get the point….poor duck just wanted to die.

        • urnidiot

          You’re an airhead. Harassing a duck may be cruel but as far as I know it’s not a crime in Korea. Why did you have to make it a point to say the kids were “Korean” kids. What type of kids did you expect to find in Seoul? What point were you trying to make by saying they were “Korean” kids?

          Then you had the audacity to yell at other people’s kids like a pompous ass. To top if off, you felt it was OK to insult the young woman with the dog in English and say that she “failed” to get your point. Earth to Ms. Bimbo, it’s you who failed in thinking it’s OK to curse/yell at perfect strangers in English in Korea.

          I’m sure you believe that what you did was not racist. Well, try this test. Instead of Koreans in Seoul, imagine you were in a mostly black U.S. city neighborhood with black women with black kids. Do you really believe you would have pulled that stunt with them?

          Yeah, I would love to see you pull that shit with black women in the US. You would have had your teeth knocked out. You only do that in Korea because you know you can get away with it. Black people in the US don’t take crap from white racist anymore and summarily administer beatdowns as necessary. Koreans have to learn from blacks in America. Koreans have to stop being so polite, passive and non-confrontational with these low-life trailer types from the US that somehow make their way to Korea. They don’t deserve your respect.

          Thankfully, I believe majority of white Americans are intelligent, respectable, and non-racist and it keeps getting better.

          • buzzbee

            I would love to see you pull that shit with black women in the US. You would have had your teeth knocked out……and summarily administer beatdowns as necessary

            ……You just called all black women violent, generalized them and demeaned them. You also resorted to childish name calling i.e. low life trailer trash.
            Nobody wins respect in an argument by resorting to such tactics.

            I smell a troll.

          • urnidiot

            I never used the word trash. Learn to read.

            I never called ALL black women violent. I said black women in certain neighborhoods would justifiably adminster a hefty physical punishment for white racist behaviour. Again, learn to read.

          • buzzbee

            Yes indeed, thank you for the correction. You did not use the word “trash” and that was my mistake. I apologize.
            I should have said, you used childish name calling when you used the term “low-life trailer types from the US” and again resorting to that base tactic is not how one wins respect or admiration from others.

            You still made the implication that black women are violent. You generalized and demeaned them, if they are from a generic area that you never specified, they must be violent and would knock peoples teeth out and administer beatdowns as necessary. You are saying that people from certain areas are dangerous people, simply because of their postal code. What I was trying to delicately imply is that your comments were hugely insulting and racist.

          • Brett Sanbon

            So, dick, anyone who exaggerates to get their point across deserves to be treated as poorly as you are treating K?

  • vincent

    That’s what happens when you raise your child as an allmighty king.
    I see so many parents scared to scold their children or scared to even upset their child. like this woman who refused to buy candies to her little boy, who then began crying beating the floor with his fists, as a reaction the mom bought the candies and even told her child:”please dont cry, you still love mommy right?”

  • 바나나

    Remember the black dude from a few years ago who also beat up an ajusshi?
    “You see these rocks?”
    Good times.

  • 외국인년

    i’ve seen my share of ajussis and i know that using panmal might not be the only reason that that kid got angry about. panmal is fine but the words of choice and the way they say it is what ticks anybody off unless u don’t have a spine! sure he shouldn’t have hit him totally against that! but people should stand up more to these old bastards! same goes for the ajjumas!

  • Go YoYo

    Respect should at first be given; then earned and lost. It is not the right of elders to belittle juniors, or vice versa.

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