Young Man Assaults Old Man On Bus For Using Informal Speech

A young Korean man hits an old man on a city bus.

From Nate:

“Depraved Bus Man” Assaults Elderly Man For Using Informal Speech

A photo of a young man in his teens or 20s who was spoken to in banmal [informal speech] who then assaulted the elderly man [who spoke to him] on a city bus was uploaded to the Internet. Netizens have dubbed him the “depraved bus man.”

A tweet and post titled “Depraved Bus Man” was posted on an online community on the 11th and spread quickly. It was initially posted to a portal site, under the title “Grandfather Struck On Bus” on September 6th.

According to the post, the incident happened on September 5th on a Kyungnam city bus.

The poster wrote, “I was going to my hagwon by bus when I heard a voice shouting profanity and a beating sound in front of the bus door. I couldn’t imagine that the sound came from the beating of a person; as soon as I turned my head to see what was going on, I thought my legs were going to give way.”

“A male student who appeared to be in his 20s wearing a school uniform was hitting an old man with gray hair on the head like a dog. He was hitting the old man on the head with an umbrella and also hitting the side of the old man’s face with his hat.”

The young man’s apparent reason for assaulting the elderly man was because the old man used banmal towards him. When the bus driver warned the student, the student (who was sitting behind the elderly man) said, “He can’t use banmal with me. Since when has he known me?” and got visibly angry.

The poster wrote, “I would not tell an old person that they were wrong even if I felt they were wrong. I was so angry my hands started to tremble and I felt like crying.”

Netizens have commented on the “depraved bus man” by saying things such as “The end of the world is coming”, “To beat up an elderly person for using informal speech is insane”, “There was no one who tried to stop him from doing that. Did no one report him to the police?” and “Find him and put him in jail!”

Comments from Nate:


And people just stared at them and did nothing…what a sad report on the current state of our country…kind of bittersweet~


I hate those who just watched and did nothing to the man who beat the elderly man. I hate ssibals like him. There are psychos everywhere nowadays…why didn’t the other people on the bus do anything?


What the hell are those other saekki doing? They should’ve made him stop doing that or reported him to the police. I would report him to the police instead of taking pictures of it while it happened. Tsk tsk


We’ll catch you, you saekki, thanks to the bus’ CCTV.


I hope that when the police look at this article they catch not only that brute but they draw a red line. That nom just shows our society and country is degrading worse and worse. When I look at these kind of articles I can only think of how traumatized an elderly man would be if this happened to him. Who will compensate him for that? To any police reading this article, please verify his identity and charge him with assault. Hitting another person in the head with an umbrella and kicking and hitting them – couldn’t that almost be attempted murder? I wish the grandfather a speedy recovery.


I wouldn’t even bother saying “please help him” because the world nowadays is in such chaos. Why didn’t anyone report this to the police? They had the courage to take pictures but didn’t have the courage to report it? What the hell is this?? Was it that difficult to report it? Next time, find the nearest police station and report it right away. What a frustrating world…I’m not the only one who’s noticed that this [kind of indifference] is spreading in our society little by little like a cancer.


He’s really a weak guy pretending to be strong in front of other weak people. Tsk tsk.


The noms who were solidly [physically] built were just watching it…hey bus driver! Aren’t you supposed to go straight to the police station when something like this happens?


I don’t think it’s a big deal if an old man or even a middle aged man whom I meet for the first time addresses me in informal speech…


He’s even lower than trash!


Typical immoral Gyeongsang-do resident


Assault is punishable as a criminal act. He’s going to become an ex-convict at such a young age…tsk tsk tsk


To the nom who got angry at the elderly man for using informal speech towards him – you are of that age [where you would be talked to that way], so can’t you just bear with it?


Tsk tsk…psycho


It makes me feel bad that a lot of young noms are turning out like this. Crazy fools, tsk tsk.


Netizens are on a witch hunt again…


They should’ve made him stop beating the elderly man. What the hell were they doing? –- Surely Korea isn’t turning into that kind of nation…?


It’s because of (T-ara‘s) Kim Kwang-soo!

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