Earthquake Hits Japan, Korean Netizens Say “Not Strong Enough”

Earthquake hits Hokkaido, Japan

Following South Korean leader Lee Myung-bak’s unprecedented visit to the disputed islets of Dokdo (known as ‘Takeshima’) two weeks ago, diplomatic tensions between Japan and Korea have been running high.

Tokyo temporarily recalled the Japanese ambassador to Korea in response to the visit and Seoul has refused to accept Japanese requests to take the Dokdo/Takeshima dispute to an international court.

Below high-level politics, a Korean footballer ruffled feathers by holding up a banner saying “Dokdo is our land” at an Olympic game and a South Korean actor, famous in Japan, has been banned from visiting Japanese fans for his part in a protest swim from the Korean mainland to Dokdo, an action that was followed swiftly by a Japanese right-wing activist sticking posts with “Takeshima is Japanese” on the Northeast Asia History Foundation building (Korea is also not the only place undergoing a competition for claiming rocks with the cunning use of flags) and the attempted suicide of a Korean man who consumed a bottle of weed killer in protest, “urging the need to ‘stand up against’ Japan’s claims.”

Meanwhile, the Korean government has announced an increase in funding for advertising Korea’s claim to Dokdo internationally. Naval defense drills in the seas around the islets have also been announced and a group of school children recently visited Dokdo to play Basketball in order to send a message that “Dokdo is [Korean] territory in a sincere and peaceful way.”

As nationalists on both sides continue to provoke, online anti-Japanese sentiment among netizens (these comments do not represent the attitude of all Koreans) therefore appears to be on the rise. While small, less-serious, earthquakes in Japan occur relatively frequently, they rarely get much attention in Korea. However, the below article about an earthquake hitting the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido was yesterday’s most-discussed article on Korean portal site Nate, attracting a substantial amount of negative comments (these were the most up-voted at the time of writing).

From NEWSis:

Hokkaido Hit by Earthquake Magnitude 6.0

The Hong Kong Meteorological Agency has announced that Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture has been by an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 on the Richter scale, at 11:16 PM on the 25th August.

However, the USGS’s Digital Line Graph recorded an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 in Hokkaido.

The earthquake was recorded at 42.35 degrees North, 143.01 degrees in longitude, at a depth of 44.60 km.

Comments from Nate:


That was weak.


Last time, when some people said that we shouldn’t raise funds or offer donations, I remember there were some empty-headed bastards who said we needed to help the Japanese as fellow Asians and humans. Go and drown in the sea so you stop thinking about helping the Japanese.


In such a suffocating world, it’d be good to see more great articles likes this one more often.


With all these natural disasters, can’t there be one where only Japanese ultranationalist sons of bitches die?


How good would it be if instead of Hokkaido, other places such as Tokyo and Kyoto were hit – along with all those ultranationalists…


What a beautiful and heartwarming article…


From now on if you dare bring up the whole ‘donations please’ thing, we’ll slit your throats. Fuck’s sake! [Korea was the first country to help Japan after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake]


Don’t those idiots know by now that whenever they talk bullshit, an earthquake happens?


I wanna turn that number ‘6’ upside down…


Amongst all the articles with the 日 Japanese character, this one is the most heartwarming LOL [in Korean headlines, articles about Japan are preceded by the Chinese character 日, short for 日本, ie Japan].




Strike Tokyo with a 12.0 earthquake!


More more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more


This kind of article is so heartwarming.


A 6.0 earthquake doesn’t mean much to Japan so ,instead, Mt. Fuji should just erupt. And instead of harming our country, just fuck off under the sea you bastards.


The earthquake is a celebration of Shinji Kagawa’s goal [Kagawa scored his first goal for Manchester United on the 25th August].


Saying things like “isn’t this a little over the top?” and “no matter how much friction there is between Korea and Japan about comfort women and Dokdo, we shouldn’t be like this when a natural disaster leads to human loss” etc is total bullshit. This happened to the island monkeys. Nice.


Music to my ears~~~^^


The best-case scenario would be if both a tsunami and an earthquake overlap each other so that the Japanese nation loses control and the Japanese monkeys triumphantly come to Korea as slaves.


You’re doing well [but] try a little harder next time!


Hey Earthquake: don’t just hit in dribs and drabs, strike Tokyo in one massive bolt. And my friends Typhoon and Tsunami, you come out and play together too.


Don’t put out an article unless it’s a 9.0 earthquake.


ㅡㅡ Hey Mt. Fuji, what are you doing? Just erupt.


That’s it, Mr Earthquake, you can do it!!!! And soon Mr Tsunami Park will arrive, go for it!!!! [Names written based on Korean celebrities names Ji Jin-hee (sounds like jijin-ssi, meaning ‘Mr Earthquake) Park Hae-il (same pronunciation/spelling as ‘Tsumani Park’)].


It would be good if a fast-spinning typhoon just carried Japan away ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


What a heartwarming article.


Heartwarming article.


Hey Mt. Fuji, what are you doing? Stop playing around.


Dear Planet Earth, please exert more force next time ^^


We’ll be hearing very good news soon.

Map showing epicentre of Hokkaido earthquake on the 25th August 2012

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  • pj

    Sad reactions. The rise of nationalism everywhere does not auger well. Let’s hope steady heads prevail and not rabid, incoherent statements of the South Korean, Chinese and Japanese nationalists. Jingoism is dangerous. Asia is a tinderbox. A weakening China, disputes about land, nationalism on the rise: we never learn. Sounds like all the world wars before. With a treaty between the US and Japan, there is no telling the ramifications of all this saber rattling from various Asian countries. It only takes one shot to start a crisis. I do not wish any natural disaster on anyone, especially not ordinary citizens and lest of all the most innocent, children. The ugly posts here are hopeful just the howls of the ignorant.

    • k

      I was so close to being first comment….dang PJ.

    • Barack Obama

      with what japan has done to their ancestors in the past how can you possibly blame them? Guess an idiot like you would never understand until it happens to you.

      • Abcutt

        Guess an idiot like you would never understand until an earthquake hits yourself.

  • k

    No love lost between Korea and Japan….0_0

  • kiranoir

    Wonder how “kimchis” would react when quake hits them.

  • Dr Dust Cell

    I’m hopping on a train to Sichuan tomorrow and this article has totally inspired me to check out the earthquake-stricken areas. Bring it on, Gaia you earthy bitch! I’ll shove my dick in any hole you open!

    • Brett Sanbon

      Good luck. They turned all of those areas into theme parks about 3 and a half years ago.

      • Dr Dust Cell

        That’s the whole point.. it would be so cool to take photos of disaster-area-turned-tourist-zones. Definitely something to brag about to friends! For real, who would ever want to travel hundreds of kilometers just to see a no-man’s wasteland?

        That was an unintended DMZ joke.

  • Mohamad Taufiq

    Oh for fuck’s sake.

    Isn’t there any sense of respect left between people anymore?

    I mean, no one in Japan fucking cares about the Liancourt Rocks. So why should you hate an entire fucking country because of one stupid rock?

    I speak Japanese but i’m learning Korean, and it pissses me off that shit like this still goes on for half a century. Even Pakistan and India didn’t have it this bad!

    • Chucky3176

      Are you sure nobody cares in Japan? Holy shit! Japan’s ready to go to war over this! They’re talking about economic sanctions against Korea, and some Japanese even want to kick out KARA and SNSD. lol…. Their papers are full of stories on how the Japanese government is going to get back at Korea, for Lee Myung Bak insulting their emperor.

      And just like this site which translates Korean comments, there are many Korean sites that translates Japanese comments too, and their feelings get worse.

      • Mohamad Taufiq

        Seriously, no one in japan cares.

        None of my Japanese friends even know what Takeshima Island is, and they like Fukuoka!

        And do you really think that Japan wants to go to war? They are not even allowed to start wars in Japan! It’s in their constitution!

        And no Japanese would even want to display a placard saying “Takeshima belongs to Japan” openly in London. Only a Korean would do that!

        • Brett Sanbon

          It may be possible that few citizens, especially the youth, care about the state of the island. But it may also be true that politicians and the older generation care very much about who Dokdo/Takeshima belongs to. Unless your friends are spread across a large sample of age, sex, and political spectrums, its fair to say that you are making an enveloping matter-of-fact statement from a very limited sample size.

          • Mohamad Taufiq

            But the way most Korean nationalists interpret it is as if everyone from young and old in Japan cares deeply about Takeshima.

            Whenever i read comments about Japan here in Koreabang, there’s this generalization people made that everyone in Japan is a right-winger who wants to take over Dokdo/Takeshima and re-invade the whole of Korea. And it’s generalizations like this that is reinforcing Japanese right-wing mentality. And it pisses me off.

            Basically, i just want to walk the street here in Tokyo without passing through an Uyouko van blasting nonsense about Japanese superiority and hatred of Koreans and Chinese, and at the same time i just want to read on Korean pop culture and like the Hallyu wave without any nonsense about the Liancourt Rocks whatsoever. TL;DR can’t we all just get along and not give a shit about these rocks?

          • Anonton

            Yeah i’ve seen some facebooks ‘korea sucks’ etc. and its mainly been japanese youth hating on korea. These people probably don’t even live in Japan and Korea anyway.

        • Brett Sanbon

          Though, in comparison, my Korean friends never talk about Dokdo either. From what I can tell, it is mostly politicians and nationalists (and little kids on the internet) who rant about the issue. Yes, it frequently makes headlines, but the news is heavily influenced by the higher-ups. It would be fair to say that the youth, in both Korea and Japan, don’t care much about the island.

        • Chucky3176

          Here the Japanese poll results from Japanese media 週刊新潮, with anti Korean protests and all.

          You’re telling me Japanese don’t care?

          How long are people going to pretend nobody in Japan cares?

          • Mohamad Taufiq

            Well, i certainly don’t care.

            My Japanese friends don’t care.

            My Japanese girlfriend doesn’t care.

            I asked my Japanese neighbours about Takeshima, and they don’t care.

            I asked the local councillor in my area and they say “I’m not really an expert on that”

            So yeah, almost every Japanese person around me doesn’t care. And if anything, those polls are pretty much answered by 2ch pollsters rather than the average person on the street. And 2ch does not reflect Japanese society. Only anime studios and Uyoku Dantai idiots rely on 2ch for anything.

            Why not you visit Japan and ask the average Japanese about Dokdo/Takeshima? I guarantee you that 90% of those you asked will not know what the fuck you’re talking about

          • Chucky3176

            So you go around and ask everyone around you about Takeshima?
            People’s opinions on issues usually come out in polls and in internet forums. This is no different from Korea.

          • Mohamad Taufiq

            @ Chucky3176

            But the point still stands and i will say it again:

            Basically, i just want to walk the street here in Tokyo without passing through an Uyouko van blasting nonsense about Japanese superiority and hatred of Koreans and Chinese, and at the same time i just want to read on Korean pop culture and like the Hallyu wave without any nonsense about the Liancourt Rocks whatsoever. TL;DR can’t we all just get along and not give a shit about these rocks?

          • Mohamad Taufiq


            And 2ch and the net is not representative of Japan.

            Infact most opinions of Japanese people on the net are minority opinions from otakus who mostly use computers.

          • Chucky3176

            And so I’ve been told, with other sites like Yahoo Japan, or Livedoor, . It’s like saying Naver or Daum or Nate (the site Koreabang translated) is not a true representation of Korea. If these big portals in Japan and Korea aren’t a true representation of real opinions, then what is?

            Here’s an interesting article on Japan’s 2ch and Korea.


          • mr. wiener

            Empty vessels make the most noise in every country.

          • Yorgo

            No, he’s right. Average Japanese don’t care. Lunatic Yakuza and Right-wing groups are not Average Japanese.

            I have never once met a Japanese who knew what this was. Maybe things have changed over the past few years. But you can’t honestly say its like Korea where every school kid can recite the history of Dokdo.

    • lavista4u

      I totally agree with you. Its the freemasons and Illuminati secret societies that cos the stir all over the world and ordinary people like us die in the battlefield as a ritual sacrifice. Only word that can save Humanity is to expose the “ILLUMINATI”

      As if South Korea didn’t had its hands full with North Koreans and now they wanna fight the Japanese. Its Hilarious….99% of humanity does not care about a piece of island in the middle of nowhere…move over

      • Xio Gen

        Please tell me you’re joking.

  • Eddie

    LOL what do you expect? Nice comments for Japan? Everyone Asian country hopes the next earthquake takes the Japanese islands to the bottom of the ocean. That’s what happens when a country invades their neighbors, treats them worse than the Nazis treated the Jews, and then refuses to acknowledge their wrongs post-war.

    • Roy Jones Jnr

      “That’s what happens when a country invades their neighbors, treats them worse than the Nazis treated the Jews”

      Worse than the Nazis treated the Jews?

      • Brett Sanbon

        Its hard to believe that people try and compare the events to prove who had it harder, but Chinese and Koreans really do believe that the Japanese were worse than the German Nazis.

        I find the attempts dispicable. Are you familiar with the Chinese being known as the “sick man of Asia?” There’s a long story behind it, but what I have found over years of casually reading up on East Asian history, is that the Chinese and Koreans have a very touchy inferiority complex when it comes to Japan. In my opinion, they make themselves out to be the “sick men of Asia” every time they preemptively attack Japan over their own insecurities.

        • 바나나


        • Eddie

          Go on Wikipedia and search “Japanese War Crimes.” Then tell me if it’s just an inferiority complex or if people genuinely have a reason to be pissed off.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Learn some real history, grow up, and then tell me its okay to compare these events to prove who had it worse.

        • mouse

          They may not have gassed them, but the committed more autrocities on a larger population than the Nazis.

          • Brett Sanbon


          • vetomon

            Them chosen people are the shitz of the world.

            Like their lives were worth more than the Asians.

            They get everything they want and their bankstas rape the world.

            Something like 15 times more Asians died by Japanese hands than Jews died by Nazis hands and the west and the US cares only about the Jew race suffering.

            Now the US used Japan like it was their bitch to screw China over the Diaoyu island.

        • Barack Obama

          OK EXCUUUSE ME brett sanbon. NOT QUITE AS BAD, but close. is that better for you?

          • Brett Sanbon

            Both tragedies were disgusting and horrific.

            Again, why would anyone want to compare the two events to say that “one group had it better than the other”?

        • Alice S

          Japps ARE worse than Nazi’s.

    • Mohamad Taufiq

      When 9/11 happened on American soil,

      did the Iranians say “Haha! This is what happens when you support Israel!”?

      No. Instead they show sympathy for the Americans, from the Ayatollah to even the average citizen

      • Brett Sanbon

        Actually, on that day and not far from my home town, muslims in Paterson, New Jersey (many in the community are Iranian) were celebrating on the streets. There was video coverage on the television networks that we had to watch as we also saw the footage of the towers falling over again and again.

        Obviously, it is not the case that most or even many Muslims celebrated the deaths of 3,000 people. Its clear that there were some isolated groups, which is actually quite similar to this situation over Dokdo/Takeshima.

        • Mohamad Taufiq

          >muslims in Paterson, New Jersey

          Seriously? New Jersey over Iran?

          What, the opinion of the state of Chris Christie and Snookie is more important than millions of Iranians? Seriously?

          • Brett Sanbon

            A population of about 20,000 Iranians. Did you stop reading once you saw “New Jersey”?

            I was hinting at the fact that just because some idiots from a specific demographic hold a certain viewpoint, it doesn’t mean that everyone in that demographic feels the same… Though, I fail to find the similarities between an Iranian community and Chris Christie/Snookie.

            Don’t feel so threatened that you have to pick my posts apart to the very word. Please read the entirity of what I am conveying before you come up with some obscure translation of my words.

          • mr. wiener

            I’m sure most Iranians living in those communities were horrified that some their members were acting that way.
            I asked my grandfather[born in German] once about the German Australians who were interned in Australia during the war. He said “Ach! it vas only some yung dumkopfs wearing the f*cking swastika and strutting around like bloody fools. I vould have sent them all to fight the Japanese and see how much they like war, Yar?”

          • Matt

            Seriously? You think Chris Christie and Snookie are Muslim?

    • Paul M

      So did the Japanese round up entire demographic sections of population and house them in Ghettos excluding them from normal everyday participation in society before herding them into extermination camps in order to completely eradicate every single one of them?

      I’m starting to get really pissed off about the way ‘nazi’ is cheaply used in order to show how much someone or something is disagreeable.

      • mr. wiener

        I agree.

      • Eddie

        Nope the Japanese didn’t do the extermination camps. But guess what they did do? Live human dissections on Chinese civilians. Chemical weapons tests on people. Burying prisoners alive. Every kind of torture imaginable. Hey if you ask me, a gas chamber sounds pretty nice to me compared to all that. And I’m sorry but Jews don’t own the monopoly on human suffering.

        • Paul M

          Would you like a spade to help dig yourself out of that hole?

          Believe you me, the despicable acts that you mentioned the Japanese doing also happened in the Third Reich. One of the darker sides of modern medicine and surgery is that quite a bit of knowledge about the human body came from experiments conducted on concentration camp inmates. It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to realise that the doctors working for the SS were not exactly gentle or in anyway concerned about the well-being of their patients.

    • glenn

      I am an Asian and in my country we do not wish any thing bad for Japan. Your assumption is invalid. But I can’t say the same thing for China.

      • Dr Dust Cell

        You wish for something bad to happen to China? Is that what you are saying?

      • vetomon

        Makes your people 2 faces mother rapers. And you a guy with bad karma.

        Stay away from nice people, they don’t deserve to die like you.

    • rainy days

      >Everyone Asian country
      false.Now is not the same as 65 years ago…
      Objectively,Now China is hated by all Asian countries.(Except for Pakistan)

    • Alice S

      I wish everyone would be negative about Japps.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    The Japanese people is subservient.
    When they confronted Chinese claim over Diaoyi island that Japan call Senkaku, they stepped back and took a wait-and-see attitude. In contrast, they take a strong stance to Korea’s absolutely legitimate ownership with the argument that they have a massive array of documentation for its absurd claim over Dokdo which Korea viewed as concocted.

    Plus, many western people might not understand why the two Asian countries are growling at each other over the islets that they see as worthless.

    The reason is they hardly emphasize with historically ingrained emotions involved with this territoril dispute as many Koreans scarcely understand why the US allow its some citizen to get access to cheaper medical service with some unemployed unable to get those services because of exorbitant medical bills.

    • Chucky3176

      And they even have magazines printing stories urging Japan go to war on Korea, saying since Takeshima is part of Japan, they don’t need to heed their constitution, because this is their “self-defense”.

      • Patrick

        I read the link Chucky, but these kinds of ‘what if’ articles appear in papers quite often and that doesn’t mean the countries being talked about are preparing to going to war. They’re just hypothetical situations that help to sell news papers or get people reading on their sites. You can read several of these kinds of stories every year in the Korean Times about the possibility of North Korean attacks and the allied response. They’re kind of fun to read. We fly in and blow up their nuke plants, and so on. Also from the comments above I have to wonder if you even live in Korea or even know anyone who does. I see from this message board that there are some people who live in Japan and they seem to think this whole thing isn’t as big of a deal to the average Japanese as the portal sites make it out to be. I would say the same thing from the Korean side as I live here and have several Korean friends. From your comments, you’d think the average Korean sits around, drinks sojo with his buds and talks Dokdo all night. And while the drinking soju part rings pretty true, the topic of Dokdo never comes up.
        In fact, if there weren’t any stories on the internet about it and in the news everyday, I’m sure very few would even care about the daily political squabbles on the issue. Again, you mention all of the portal sites and say that they probably reflect the average Korean. I’ll agree with others here who say that they probably reflect the opinions of people with too much time on their hands, those unemployed, living at home or spending the day in PC bangs. Basically the overall frustrated type. Most average people are busy working and don’t have the time or hate energy to put into the topic. They have better things to do.

  • Stories of butts

    Sad to see blood lusting comments.

  • Paul M

    *sighs* Netizens of Nate keeping it classy. Makes me shudder to think that I may have sat next to some of these people on the bus or subway.

    • Brett Sanbon

      More likely a PCbang.

      • Paul M

        I wondered why I never go to those places any more. That and the fact that the keyboards and mice (mouses?) rarely get cleaned and are covered with Ramyeon residue and goodness knows what else.

    • 바나나

      or in the same SC2 match

  • bea

    This is disgusting. Shame on all of those Korean and Japanese people who are “fighting” for this damn island. You disgust me. That island, should get another name, perhaps an English name? I refuse to call that island of what Korean people say. I don’t want that word in my mouth. You’re all fighting like chickens. Grow up.

    • Paul M

      You could always join the neutrals and call them Liancourt Rocks.

  • Seanshine

    I find wishing ill over a nation is tacky and immature thinking. South Korea needs to slow their role and understand that karma is a bitch. I havent heard of much countries in the past that hasnt been invaded by force at one time or another, and repeating history isnt wise with all the advancements the country has made thus far. Who was the worst can not be and shouldnt have even been brought up for comparison. HUMANS are the BIGGEST FUCKUPS if you asked me. We’re all guilty of being greedy and full of malice and spite. Hitler and all other leaders like him are just EXTREMEIST of the bunch.

  • Michael

    Girlfriend tells me Nate is where adolescents post…seems about right

  • vincent

    I was really shocked by those reactions, especially as they seemed to be completely unanimous.
    Are those just the reactions of die-hard nationalists?
    Those comments are so cruel and evil, i am sorry but nothing can justify that: people who throw so easily such comments have obviously been keeping that kind of thoughts deep inside , waiting for an oportunity to throw them out. I can’t take that kind of people seriously.

    Do they beleive in karma?

    • Dr Dust Cell

      Regardless of how ultra-nationalist they or the Japanese are, karma does not exist.

    • mouse

      I’m pretty sure they are only taking the most outrageous ones.

  • Seanshine

    @Eddie.. Hate leads people to do horrible things no matter what nation they’re from. There have been Jews out there comitting the same transgressions just as everyone else. *This is used only to prove a point. Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution, which is said to be brought about JEWS themselves. And yes, some of them were said to be mixed Jews and Russian decent, but you know what? If a black man mixes with any other race the offspring is considered BLACK. This world is a huge melting pot and our true heriditary backgrounds go so far back you wouldnt believe who or where you actually came from if told. Human nature is all am saying.

  • bigwin80

    LOL Japan

    -Mt Fuji long overdo for a cataclysmic eruption
    -dying economy
    -dying tech companies
    -influence waning at an alarming pace
    -out of control debt
    -generation of incompetent monkeys who grew up on otaku culture
    -neighbors are growing stronger each year
    -territorial disputes with S Korea, N Korea, China, Russia, Taiwan(every single one of their neighbors)
    -population has already aged

    ROFLMAO. This is why I believe in karma. Things are only going to get worse from here on. Expect to see Shitpans neighbors taunting them even more in the coming years. Its not like they can do anything about it.

    • Barack Obama

      and they have to keep sucking American dicks for protection and bark when they’re told to bark hahaha

    • mr. wiener

      This is the same logic that says gay people get aids as the wrath of god [God: “Shit I missed, sorry about that blood transfusion person”]and America has war casualties because it hasn’t overturned Roe vs Wade.
      If you add up all the coal mine disasters, collapsed bridges, earthquakes knocking down substandard housing , poisonous baby food and bus accidents the Chinese must be the biggest arsehole, bad karma heads on the planet…using your logic that is.

    • Alice S

      I would NEVER want to be Japp in 10000 yrs. I find them boring. & of course I do not want to be stuck in a country that is running out of land.

  • Japanaese Ninja

    Hi guys!
    I am a Japanese guy living in Japan. Can we stop the hatred between Japan and Korea please. I think we as a civilization are mature enough now to not go to war or say stupid stuff about each other and jeapordize our friendship over nationalistic sentiment. It’s one thing to love your own country but its another thing to hate another country. No body benefits from hatred. We should not dwell so much about negative past. It was bloody 70yrs ago…. Nationalistic sentiment is stupid. It’s not an individualistic idea. It’s a funnel for hatred. Don’t be fooled by nationalism. Let’s be friends. Let Japan, Korea and China be friend. I think everyone is good inside so lets share friendship instead of hatred.

    • Cleo

      unrape the babies and return what you stole, then voluntarily put yourselves in prison since your fathers and grandfathers and mothers and grandmothers never paid for their crimes – then you will be closer to being qualified to speak to Koreans as equals

      I really hate the tone of international coverage where Japan is treated as an equal country – they’re criminals who got away with it, gloat about it, celebrate it and now want to do it again. They are not the equal to our very lowest and they certainly can forget about Queen Elizabeth not despising them. She hates you, Akihito. You’re just an ugly LITTLE turd.

      • rainy days

        The thing is that Korea is using the disputed islands to promote patriotism and make an excuse to insult Japan …

        There are other disputed islands taken over by Russia but as far as I know almost no Japanese people (except for far-right) are really mad at Russia. People recognize the dispute as just one of political issues lying around and nobody doesn’t take it so serious. Also I’ve never seen Russian people (not politicians) getting mad and protesting and insulting Japan for the territorial issue.To me it is really disgusting to see extreme patriotic people who taking offensive action just for such small islands. Such patriotic behavior (basketball in the islands, celebrities swimming to the islands. Korean kids protesting the ownership of the islands during school trip to Japan ) looks just stupid and sick, but Korean people doesn’t seem to realize how they look like. That is quite sad and feel so sick …..

    • Brett Sanbon

      Cleo, obviously, doesn’t speak for the sane when she responds.

      I think a lot of Koreans share the same views as you, but these views never really get spoken about in the media. All the media wants is conflict so they get more viewers and, in turn, more money from advertisers.

      Also, I think what you wrote is a nice sentiment, but until both Koreans and Japanese get taught their full histories from the 19th and 20th centuries, neither will ever be able to make a reasonable attempt at friendship. Make love, not war.

      • mr. wiener

        Cleo just ain’t a happy camper.

        • Barack Obama

          you white guys just don’t understand because it’s never happened to you.

          • mr. wiener

            What never happened to white guys? an equivilent of the rape of nanjing or the colonization and mistreatment of the Koreans burned into our racial psyche or to us personally?
            I’m not denying it happened , but there has been plenty of nastiness to “white” people meted out by other nationalities and countries and barring the odd barbed comment or acts of dickheadedness by drunken rowdies most people are content to let bygones be bygones. This is clearly not the case between Korea and Japan.
            Please don’t play the “you white guys just don’t understand” card, as it makes you sound….small minded at best.

  • Cleo

    Omigod, I am not even one droplet Korean and I feel exactly the same way!

    not even one DROPLET!

    Do it, God, just DO IT!

  • Cleo

    Can we get bumper stickers for cars that convey what is happening like

    “Mommy, what’s a Comfort House?”

  • Seanshine

    @Dr. Dust Cell…

    In South Korea, Bolaven left hundreds of thousands without power, canceled flights and temporarily halted joint war games by U.S. and South Korean military forces. The storm also churned up rough seas that smashed two fishing ships into rocks off southern Jeju island, killing five people and leaving 10 missing.Dangerous waves kept rescue vessels from approaching the wrecked Chinese fishing ships. The coast guard used a special gun to shoot rope to one ship so officers could pull themselves over and bring the fishermen back to shore, coast guard spokesman Ko Chang-keon said.The coast guard rescued 12 fishermen, and six others swam or were washed ashore.The storm killed at least five other people across South Korea. A large container box crushed an apartment janitor to death, a woman fell to her death from a rooftop and another person died after bricks hit a house, according to disaster and fire officials. An 80-year-old man died after a small makeshift building fell on him, officials said, and another man was killed by a falling tree.

    No matter what you call ‘karma’ it does exist, negativity put out there in the atmosphere always comes back to bite you in the ass! If Japan is to sink to the bottom of the ocean it may on its own time. It doesnt need well wishes from South Koreans who clearly have problems of their own to deal with. The Neitzens need to get a grip.

  • Seanshine


    You are a real JA (Junior Achiever)!!!! Asses like you should really be screened when comenting on real issues.

  • Seanshine

    @Rainy Days…

    I agree with you 110%. My final comment on this issue. Lol

  • Cleo

    Take every on of the Japanese/German and their hybrids into the Bardo and give them an inception into a “Comfort House” as a six year old girl.

    Have FUN!

    You like having FUN right?

  • Cleo

    Take every one of the Japanese/German and their hybrids into the Bardo and give them an inception into a “Comfort House” as a six year old girl.

    Have FUN!

    You like having FUN right?

  • Mee-Ryung

    What the actual fuck….sigh the things that hate can make one say……

  • Xinmei

    I’m Chinese from Indonesia and I must say this kind of heartless. I know that Koreans are still sour with the Japanese, due to the occupation in Korea. But doesn’t mean that Koreans should harbor their jingoism towards Japan like that. Japanese are humans, just like everyone they have their good side and bad side. The only wise thing to do is, pray for Japan so Japan can finally rebuild itself from the tsunami and earthquake. May God bless Japan and the Japanese, may God forgive all of their sins as human beings. I also know that Japanese were inhuman to my grandparents, but I don’t hate them instead I forgive them for their wrongdoings.

    • Sillian

      While it’s nice, you don’t have to bother preaching what 10 year olds know. I don’t think anything will change online. Unfortunately it’s how the internet works in Asia. It’s not really all about past wrongdoings. Because they are neighboring countries, there are always chances for conflicts. There are constant flame wars between the netizens in these countries. ‘You bitch about us? We bitch about you.’ Rinse and repeat.

  • kucing

    What a plastic people :D :P

  • KoreanDude

    Oh shut it already. It’s the fucking Internet. Go on Facebook and see comments of posts on religion or politics. Do you expect to see people gathering around campfires and singing songs?

    • BSDetector

      You are aware this story’s like 3 years old right? That’s like 300 years in internet time.

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