Japanese Anti-Korea Demonstration, Korean Netizen Reactions


From Segye Ilbo:

Protesters demand severing of Korea-Japan diplomatic ties

Ultra-nationalists in Japan have staged anti-Korean protests in five major cities. They defaced the the South Korean national flag and demanded that Koreans are expelled and national ties severed. ‘The Committee on the Severance of Korea-Japan Diplomatic Relations’, ‘Citizens Against Resident Korean Privileges’ and a group of around 200 nationalists attended the ‘Japan-Korea March’ in Mizutanibash Park, Tokyo.

The participants held pickets with slogans that read ‘Chosenjin (a derogatory term for Koreans in Japanese)’, ‘Severe Korea-Japan Diplomatic Ties’ and ‘Comfort Women = Prostitutes’ and marched to Hibiya Park, 2 kilometers away from Mizutanishbashi Park. Before the march, some of the protesters defaced a modified national flag of South Korea.

The event was briefly interrupted by a man protesting against the march who scuffled with the protesters. These organization members often gather on the websites such as ‘2chan‘ and are often labeled as ‘right-wing internet ‘ people.

Right-wing Mayor of Osaka Hashimoto Toru said the ‘effective control that South Korea exercises (over Dokdo-Takeshima) cannot be changed by force. We should therefore change our approach to that of dual-control-and-administration.’ He added that the issue of comfort women and co-control over Dokdo-Takeshima ought to be on the diplomatic table with South Korean government and that, together with the Northern Territory-Kuril Islands dispute, Dokdo-Takeshima ought be settled in the International Court of Justice via the acceptance of compulsory jurisdiction and, ultimately, its ruling. His opinion, however, is seen as a step back from the Japanese government’s territorial sovereignty claim.

Comments from Daum:


Why is Japan bitching at us when it’s the Chinese who are beating up Japanese…..;;


The Japanese issue ought to be handled later. Why is pro-Japanese 2MB causing all this fuss over Dokdo? If you do not want to fall for his tricks supporting Park Geun-hye, we should not pay any attention to this. If you really want to settle the Japanese issue, the problem lies not with Japan but within our own country. Do well on our election and we will be sorted.


What are they bitching at us for? Did we ever invade them? Did we ever colonise them? Did we ever sexually-enslave them? Did we ever make claims over Tsushima? If they have any sense of shame, they should be on their knees and be apologetic for the next hundred years, those shameless saekkis.


People with an inferiority complex do this kind of thing a lot.


Like those weaklings in school who get beaten up all the time, we’re getting abused by Japan in the school of East Asia…


Everywhere in the world has these social outcasts :) Only 200? ke ke ke I thought there’d be as many as in the Chinese protest.


The conclusion we draw from this is… the weak ones are going to get a good hiding no matter what. Let’s all wake up. Even if we unite we’ll be in a tough spot, let alone divided like this. We need to get our shit together like Israel, us South Koreans~~


Boycott Japanese goods.


Haven’t got the balls to join the anti-China protest? ke ke ke ke ke. You chickening out?


Last tsunami really should have swept them all into the ocean~~


Korea did too much, I understand where they come from.


Get roughed up by China and Russia and now they are taking it out on us, but we have no time for you. Long live Psy~

Korean flag defaced by Japanese protestor

Read more about anti-China protests in Japan over at chinaSMACK: Japanese Anti-China Demonstration, Chinese Netizen Reactions

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  • Ruaraidh

    I remember last year when they voted Toru Hashimoto into the position of Mayor of Osaka. He seemed like a pretty cool guy at the time, and I like his stance on Takeshima/Dokdo.

    2chan is full of total mongoloids, they ought to be taken no more seriously than someone wearing a V for Vendetta mask. A few years ago I saw a recording of a 2chan protest against foreigners riding on the tube, one of the banners read; ‘GO TO HELL MOTHERFUCK-FOREIGNERS AND PROTESTANTS. YOU BETRAY GOD.’ The combination of irony and grammar still makes me laugh a little when I think of it today.

    • Justin_C

      Well, Toru may play the king-maker role in the coming election, judging by his likely alliance with Ozawa and his Kokumin-whatever party. He is an interesting character, but a demagogue nevertheless. His actual electoral platform is pretty ridiculous to say the least, and he has not shown any clear political vision, but that is fairly hard to come by in Japan these days. I may get crucified for saying this out loud but I prefer Ozawa to almost any other politicians.

      Not sure why 2chan folks are not to be taken seriously. Just because their messages are buffoonish does not make them irrelevant or marginal. Remember Evangelical Christians in the US? Or neo-Stalinists in Lazio or Serbo-separatists? 2Chan right-wingers are by far the most vocal/visible group in the Japanese online space, and if they could successfully link up with (extra-)parliamentary faction, they will be a force to be reckoned with. With two major parties approval rating hovering around 13% respectively, lowest ever in the postwar era, anyone/thing that could mobilize this kind of presence will be courted with due respect.

      • Ruaraidh

        The number of monthly unique users on 2ch.net is apparently only 46,420. In a country with a population over 120,000,000 I’m skeptical about their power. Mostly though, I really have trouble taking any kind of movement based online very seriously.

        The politics of Japan seem pretty conservative, It’s the same guys, and their sons and grandsons. There’s always been an ultra-right faction, and sadly there probably always will be, but I can’t imagine them sweeping into power and changing the constitution. Developing nuclear weapons wouldn’t surprise me too much, there’s been talk of that for a few years. In the end Korea and China are both very important trading partners with Japan, and it’s very much not in their interests to sever ties.

        • Chucky3176

          You’re so far off the mark about the Japanese online user habits, you really don’t have a clue. Go to any of the non-2ch Japanese forums in Yahoo, Youtube, Livedoor, Nikko, etc – they’re all pretty much very heavily anti-Korean in nature. I’ve yet to see a Japanese site that is balanced when discussing Korea related matters. If what you say is right, where are these Japanese sites that can discuss Korea without flinging dirt?

        • JapanChop?

          It’s not just 2CH. They are everywhere. YahooJapan is worse sometimes. I’m curious why there’s no JapanChop. ChinaSmack, KoreaBang, even IndoBoom but no Japanese equivalent?

          Is it impossible to get native Japanese speakers who are not afraid to make Japan look bad by exposing nasty comments that plague the Japanese cyberspace?

    • Chucky3176

      All the Japanese politicians are the same. Everyone of them are like Noda, Abe, Hashimoto, Ishihara. If you look at the anti Korean protests, it’s not the just the 2ch hikkimori’s who have gathered to hate. It’s Japanese from all walks of life.


      They maybe polite to your face, but ultimately they are very different when given a chance to act as a group.

    • Mongolian

      “2chan is full of total mongoloids,”

      Just like you. As that saying goes, “it takes one to know one.”

      • Ruaraidh

        That saying just happens to make no sense whatsoever.

        • Ruaraidh

          Also following your own logic, by calling me a mongo, you are either wrong or a mongo yourself.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    they’re just mad that south koreans have taken china’s side in the diayou islands dispute hehe

    • Alice S

      I am Chi & I take Russia’s side in their island disputes!

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Janpanese ultrarightists are ingenious in conjuring up an idea of gradually infringing on legitimate soverignty of a nation.

    When they lauched the first all-out assault on Korea in 1592, mastermined by Hideyoshi, they asked us to open the way for their amibitious inland attack upon China, then the Ming dynasty.

    When they mastermined to go to way with the Qing dynasty for domination over Korea in 1894, they sent troops onto the Korean peninsula in the name of helping widespread reforms in a faltering Korea.

    In addition, they also presented the preposterous argument that Japanese colonial rule of Korea proved to a blessing to Korea’s modernization.

    Now, they has engineered a creative idea of placing the islets of Dokdo under joint administration of Korea and Japan. I bet their suggestion will turn into an argument of complete claim over Dokdo when the state of affairs change in their favor–Japan’s unchanged trait of opportunism.

    Plus, those idiots should study international law because jusridictions of all the international courts, including the ICJ, unltimately rest on countries’ consent. Exerting pressure a nation to accept ICJ’s compulsory jurisdiction is a kind of violation of soveignty principle, which allows Korea to hold Japan responsible for such an outrageous demand.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Good write-up, thanks 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움. I haven’t ever studied much of what occured leading up to Japan’s occupation of Korea. Where’d you get all of your info, or is it just years and years of schooling?

      • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

        Conservative Japanese scholars presented and are still putting forward a most baffling argument: During the Japanes colorial rule (1910-1945), Japan built a grid of railroads, electrinic poles, and modern buildings, thus making a great contribution to Korea’s economic development. Of course Regarding the issue of comfort women, they claimed that those women voluntarily offered sex for Japanese soldiers because they liked it.

        To answer your question, Korean schools teach children in details how Japan committed crimes against their antecedents and how brazen they are in denying it without heartfelt apologies. Plus, my interest in history played a role in reading related books. Thanks for your praise. I am flattered !!

    • Tippy Long Stocking

      That’s some crazy ish! Seriously I don’t understand how something like this becomes ingrained in psyche of a nation.

      I’m curious about Japan’s historical obsession with Korea? Is it because Japan is so small compared to China?

      How close is South Korea and Japan? I know it’s close, but China is right next to Korea. Is there a strip of land that connects Korea and Japan together, that Japan can cross?

      Forgive myignorance… I’m American and most of us are completely stupid when it comes to geography.

      • me a

        Some of those of you americans who aren’t complete ignorants invented something called “goole maps”. Check it out!

      • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

        (1) on a connecting inland route between Japan and Korea

        There is absolutely no land connection between them. Before the 1592-1594 war between the two, Japan claimed that they wanted to send troops in warships for invading the Ming dynasty to Korea, then they marched across the border between Korea and China. This is absurd claim because they shipped to China to attack it, instead of landing the third country Korea and asking it to open the way for its attack upon China.

        (2) Why did, does, will Japan have obession with Korea and China ?

        Several answers are possible.
        First, as an island country with poor resources, Japan historically sought to penetrate into the continent for material prosperity

        Second, Japan too much worshiped martial arts, physical power, and hierarchical order. It experienced a long period of civil wars in its medieval times. Once a national unification was achieved with numerous wars, it needed to remove superfluous samurai warriors by making a war with its neighboring country. This is because it will cause a rebellion if it continued to keep soldiers more than it needed to maintain public order. Ironically, many westerners find themselves attractive when they see public order, strong discipline and immaculate social manners in Japanese society. For the Japanese, behaviors beyond socially defined lines is a real abomination. Some historians point that Japan values hierarchical harmony was invented becasue too many wars were close to putting the Japanese to extinction unless there is no brakes on armed conflicts.

        ( Interstingly enough, Taking up the job of the family line generation-after-generation can be construed as the ruling class’s strategy to keep the status quo in favor of them. For example, suppose there is a graduate of Tokyo university, the most presitigious one. His father has a noodle-serving store, inherited from his ancestors. However intelligent and capable he is in other areas, he would continue to take the job to keep the famility tradition in all likelihood in Japan. In a broad picture, this is a surprise becasue the familiy of prime ministers inherited its job to its descendants. In Japan, it is ususal for second son, say, a teacher to abandon its job for an inherited job, like a lawmaker, when his father and elder brother met an untimely death in, say, a traffic accident. The funny thing is that the second son is easily elected a lawmaker though he has absolutely no political experiences. The reason is simple that his familiy is one of producing lawmakers.)

        This results probably from the fact that the powerful have dominating staus and the weak shoud follow what they are told. This explains why the Japanese military acted like sheep when their divine emperor declared unconditional surrender after two atomic bombs hit Japan. Until that time, the United States feared immense casualities occurred if the Japanese soldiers continue to figth to the end, and this was well-founded prediction at that time considering Japanese soldiers’ ferocious fight, with their weapons and numbers inferior to their US counterparts.

        Third, Janpan believes that it is the most brilliant nation in its hierarchial world centered on its emperor. Thus, for the Japanese it is inconceivable for other nations to have an upper hand over it. This psyche lead to a unique conclusion that Japan should make inroads into the continent because the islands where Japanese live are too small to exercise its preeminance and are located unfortunately upon the faulty line of earthquake-prone earth crusts. This geographical and geopolitical perception is quite similar to that of Britain, whose vital interest was, is and will to prevent a single powerful country from emerging on the European power. To that end, it strived to build a strong naval power in the past time, and now it struggles to maintain the special relations with the United States in a desperate bid to keep its influences on the continent intact.

        • Jerry

          I have also studied East Asian politics and although many of your points are spot on, some of them can only be explained upon hindsight.
          Nonetheless, great explanation.

        • silencer47

          Is this kind of mindset still the case in Japan? I often hear stories of how the people of Japan (and other east-Asian nations) place extremely high value on academic achievement. Why would this be the case if they would just take over their parents proffesion? I know very little about these matters so I must defer to others but it just seems strange to me.

      • Ruaraidh

        Japan is arguably the oldest nation state, Korea is its closest neighbour and most feasible target for expansion. It’s inevitable that there is a history of war between them and that this has effected the national psyche. I wouldn’t say Japan is obsessed with Korea, it’s natural for states throughout history to expand and subsume, Korea being Japan’s only realistic target for that for much of its history.

        If you want to see how war can really effect the national psyche just take a look at the Balkans or the British Isles. Apart from comfort women there really isn’t anything too bad between Japan and Korea in history, both countries just act like a bunch of babies about it.

        Japan and Korea are separated by about 200km of sea, which probably saved Korea a few times since their navy was generally better than Japan’s. Also whilst I’m not certain it was the same in north east Asia, in northern Europe the sea was really important for transport throughout history and shouldn’t be seen as much of a barrier at all.

        • Justin_C

          Hi Ruaridh,
          Ah good comment :)
          It is a bit unfair for me to jump in to the foray but you raise really good points that I can elaborate on (writing opening editorial gets a bit tedious especially without anyone to talk to…)

          1. Yes they are only 200km away from each other and they are the oldest neighbours. And yet as far as I am aware there has not been any massive-scale land invasion of Japan by Korea in 2000 years, whereas there have been about 6 (1 in 1598, 1 in 1601, 1 in late 1400s, 1 in three-kingdom period if you go by their theory, 1 in late-Chosun and 1 colonization). It is worth mentioning that all those are taught in Korea, but I am very doubtful whether this is the case (I read one of their history textbooks and it mentioned only the last two). You might wonder why Korea did not bother invading Japan…. but having China and the nomadic tribes funneling through the northern corridor, Korea was always more preoccupied by that side of things.

          You can perhaps see why the Korean psyche is a bit funny about the Japanese omission of history lessons on a purely practical term, because Korea wants Japan to recognize that this historic pattern must not repeat again. It is not just that they like seeing Japanese people’s heads down (which I am sure they do). It’s that they are always weary that what has happened in the past could happen again if they don’t get their politics together.

          Yes Koreans do drum it up a bit and I do not in any way defend it – me thinks they protesth too much and play the victim card too often – but it is not groundless or irrational as many outsiders see it. On the surface it looks just like crazy Koreans being angry about Japan, but there’s quite a lot of complicated politics underneath it.

          For a simple comparison ask any Poles how they feel about Germany changing their Peace Constitution or Russia. If you don’t know it, you’d think Poles are just crazy people with irrational fear and hatred towards Germany and Russia.

          As you say “Korea being Japan’s only realistic target for that for much of its history”. History lessons in educational arena was meant to mitigate this regrettable pattern with the postwar Japanese government. If that postwar ‘arrangement’ – implicitly underwritten by the US – thins out, Korea will beef up their military like crazy and will not shy away from embracing North to get their nuke.

          Yes it would be absolutely INSANE and disastrous for both countries to severe their diplomatic tie. It’s very important that neither country gets their national politics wagged by their fringe tails.

          Anyhow, as usual my thanks for your comments :) Glad I had the proper opportunity to explain a bit more about Korea with your help!

          • Ruaraidh

            I think I agree with you on pretty much all points. I was mostly trying to explain to Tippy Long Stocking that Japan’s history of invading Korea was more a symptom of expediency than any ‘historical obsession with Korea.’ I mean to say that the Japanese have never been out to get Koreans, its just that they were out to get somebody and Korea happened to be closest.

            Japan’s historical revisionism, or at least purposeful ignorance, would piss me off if I was Korean. On the other hand you can sort of understand why they were trying to suppress western historians who were investigating the origins of Japanese culture. Apparently the majority of Koreans support a territorial claim against Tsushima island, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them tried to claim the whole of Japan on the basis of the theory that its culture originated in Korea.

            The only thing I disagree about is the chance of Japan ever invading Korea again. Even without history lessons on the subject, I think the chances are vanishingly slim. The only way I can see Japanese-Korean conflict occurring, is if NK launches missiles at Japan and they respond with air and naval strikes.

          • Seanshine

            I agree with everything you said Justin. Lol

        • silencer47

          I wouldn’t know about the rest of your comment, but your comment about the sea in Europe seems right. (with exceptions of course like the brittish-dutch wars)

      • Paul M

        To give you a simple answer: for someone in S.Korea to get to either country takes a roughly 1 hour flight. S. Korea’s only land border is with N.Korea which of course is impossible to get to from the South.

    • runningduckyliciousrub

      hey your bias and one-sided ness is quite laughable most non-biased (nonnationalistic) scholars agree on the fact that koreas development state model came from japan

      not “conservative japanese scholars”
      but princetons
      atul kohli’s seminal article
      read it and weep

      • runningduckyliciousrub

        even SNU professors admit that japan modernized korea but its nationalists like you who are so biased and have such an inferiority complex that you distort the truth just to fit with your distorted view of reality. this is TRUE state brainwash. wake up. too bad majority of koreans think like this and do have a jaundiced view of themselves and history

        • anonymous

          your a fugin idiot… do you even know what economic model korea is even following. You may believe its the Japanese, but in actuality it is America! Modernization did not occur because of Japan, but because of intervention with western powers such as the US. Look at history and economics… Korea was still shit poor during the 1950’s, where they had little to no ties to US. after the Korean war + political ties to the US, they adopted not only US political model but also their economic model. To state that JAPAN modernized Korea is utter bs. Without America, JAPAN and KOREA would still be back in the stone age… true story

      • Justin_C

        Not arguing that it is a good essay, if contentious by Kohli, but…

        1) your reality is governed by Princeton?

        2) i don’t think social scientists are non-biased. non-biased is a term reserved only for pure mathematicians and other ‘pure’ disciplines, loosely speaking :)

        To be frank, I find his historical analysis quite weak (based mostly on Petite’s books, a fellow across the bridge), but his sociological analysis is pretty robust. Not a bad read.

      • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

        You TOTALLY get me WRONG. Your rudimentary understanding of history of Korea and Japan is undoubtedly questionable, making me dumbfound over your superficial knowledge and friviolous derogatory remarks.

        What I was trying to say is that some Japanese scholars argue its 36-year-old colonial exploitation is not an affliction but a blessing for South Korea.

        By contrast, the above article does not completely bear any relations with colonial squeeze of Korea by Japan. The paper states that Korea’s rapid economic development is based on state-led economic model, a top-down planned model that placed Japan onto the fast track to economic prosperity. The so-called developmental state is never associated with my point.

        • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

          Sorry, there is misunderstanding. The article’s point is that Japanese colonial influences on Korea is one of factors behind Korea’s economic success.

          But my point remains unchanged. There are numerous studies in the Korean lanuage refuting similar arguments. And instinctively speaking, European settlers, who fled from religious persecution to America, killed and drived out American natives, and built modern facilities. Was it really a boon for American natives ? Bullshit!

          Western-whitewashed self-styled pundits are a real pity.

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            “America, killed and drived out American natives, and built modern facilities. Was it really a boon for American natives ? Bullshit!”

            Excellent point. I cringe when someone asserts Korea was better off for having been colonized due to modernization by Japan. Native Americans and the small reservations of land they have left, even with government reparations, they are still the poorest people in America.
            Korea would have become modernized in its own time. In fact, if you look at countries that have been colonized at some point in history, they are quite far behind.

          • runningduckyliciousrub

            i mean JAPAN MODERNIZED KOREA.. end of story

          • Justin_C

            keep it clean runingduckyliciousrub. I appreciate your comments and links but no need for verbal sewage.

          • anonymonous

            your still a dumbass because it was America… not JAPAN.. end your stupidty !!!!

        • jon

          Yeah, it’s pretty silly for the Japanese to think that they had anything to do with Koreas modernization when in fact it was thanks to the western powers. Japan would still be a feudal society with primitive samurais fighting with swords if the west didn’t force Japan to open its borders. The only reason they even had the means to colonize Korea was because they the west sold them modern military equipment.

      • Paul M

        Never, ever, in human history has one nation colonised another for the benefit of the target nation.

        • runningduckyliciousrub

          i mean JAPAN MODERNIZED ( not colonized) KOREA.. end of story

          • anonymonerous

            your view of modernization is so far fetched.. its laughable… modernization didn’t occur during WW2 dumbass!.. on that same token exploitation does not equal modernization…

            BUT America did modernize Korea. Japan only exploited it

      • Seanshine

        Boom! Lol

  • Cleo

    Is Pepsi secretly owned by Korea??

    Meanwhile, Psy promises to dance topless if his song gets even more popular according to his FRIENDS at CNN who LOVE reporting on Psy.

    You can’t buy or intimidate that kind of affection, neh?

    • Markus

      The song is funny but i cant see it getting much higher in the USA/UK chart..

      however if it were Hyuna who said she would dance topless then the song would have no trouble getting more popular =]

    • Seanshine


  • Chucky3176

    More pictures of anti Korea protests here.


    To iterate what Koreans are wondering are why there are dozens of anti Korean protests in one week, but only about couple against China – when clearly the Chinese have been far more massively violent, and burning down Japanese businesses and destroying Japanese cars in China. But anti Korea protests dates back to last year, with the start of the anti-Kpop (anti Fuji TV station) demonstrations and has expanded gradually throughout the last couple of years.

    • k

      Why? Jealous bitches be Hatin’ Chucky, Jealous bitches be hatin’!

      • k

        There are haters around us in many forms. Sometimes we are able to identify them but sometimes we are not. But if we develop the mentality that haters are in fact our admirers, it would cause no harm. ‘Hating is the sincerest from of flattery “says a proverb. There are various reasons to hate a person and at times, haters do not have a reason at all to hate others. They do it just for the sake of hating others. But hating a certain name only gives them fame. Whether a person loves you or hates you, you are in their minds. But haters only hate the things that they can’t get and the people they can’t be. So, it is only an expression of adoration they have for you. In fact, when someone hates you, it gives a sense of motivation to achieve more in life and stand upright in front of them. Therefore, do not hate your haters.

    • Tippy Long Stocking

      Because Japan knows China will crush them. They know China wants blood.

      • Seanshine

        Buddyoyou need to chill. China isn’t crushing no one! We have Chinese in the Caribbean who don’t even like the mainland. And Japan in these few centuries past have made a better name for themselves than Chinese officials wives killing English businessmen. Remember that??? The Chinese are known to be ruthless and I haven’t met a person who has done business with them that actually thought good of that country. BOOM!

    • Chucky3176

      I’ve been posting the above daum link with pictures of Japanese carrying those hate signs here


      But their moderator keeps deleting them without giving me any reason. All I can guess is that Japanese media don’t want to show these true faces of Japan to the outside world which is embarrassing. It’s essential that they keep the facade going.

    • Seanshine

      Why are Koreans worried about that??? Why write the check and ask questions afterwards? They got the ball rolling and now three major Asian countries are at each others throats. Mission accomplished right?! Good job everyone…(now the world sits back and laughs)

    • Alice S

      Dear God
      Please let there not be more unkind protests about Korea in Jappland.
      In the name of the father, son & holy spirit,

  • Anonton

    These are the views of every person of Japan.

  • Jennster

    don’t worry. once their yankee daddy wanes, they will pushovers.

    yanks have calculated everything since they handed the diaoyu to japan and stirring asian issues against china. but little do they know the chinese are much much smarter.

    • The Pleasure Giver

      HAHAHAHAHA… OMG, LMAS, ROTF. “The Chinese are much much smarter” That’s a good line. You should write for television.

      • Jennster

        i know :D

        i mean which country can free ride to superpower status without a war waged on them. smart chinese are smart.

        • mr. wiener

          I think the war you are forgetting is the internal war that killed more Chinese than any foreigner ever did..

  • vetomon

    Japan is now invading Canada too with it’s garbage.

    “The B.C. government says it expects 1.5-million tonnes of debris will hit the province’s shores following the 2011 Japanese tsunami — about half the amount of garbage generated by Metro Vancouver in 2010.”

    Mother nature that bitch will take care of bully jr Japan one way or another.

    • Matt

      Not sure if retarded or trolling…

      • Nyancat

        retarded obviously

  • Paul M

    Those protesters remind me of a petulant infant who was caught doing something wrong and is now throwing a tantrum.

  • Cleo
  • Vault Dweller

    While I’m not a huge fan of saline bagels on the forehead, I’m happy that general weirdness/uniqueness is somewhat encouraged or at least accepted in Japan. Land of the rising fun ;)

  • Jennster

    don’t forget the pretending to be chinese/korean online.

    and the obsession with calling koreans inferior complexed. you know the saying, it takes one to know one, and my first line proved it :D

    • chucky3176

      Japanese 2ch site which was responsible for
      spreading the rumors about Koreans claiming Chinese culture and history.
      The posts are old, dating back to 2005 which is about the time anti-Korean feelings began to rise in China. The posts by Japanese urge Japanese netizens to
      go to Chinese websites like Baidu and start spreading rumors of Koreans claiming Chinese stuff are really Korean origins, by
      pretending to be Koreans.


      We could have just dismissed these kinds of acts as acts small number of silly trolls who don’t really represent Japan. But as we know, something small like this eventually spread like wild fire in China, and became a huge real
      problem for Koreans. Japanese tactics have worked for the most part, as many Chinese still think Koreans claim stuff like Confucius, Sun Yet Sen, Mao Ze Dung, Chinese writing, etc etc.. are all Korean origins.

      The Japanese rumor mongering started a chain reaction in which a rumor a Japanese poster turns into a chain of rumors that morphs into ludicrous results as Chinese down the line, inputting their own effort.

      The result is Chinese people bashing on the Koreans for something stupid like Confucius is Korean claim, while the Japanese laugh like crazy at both Chinese and Koreans.

  • Seanshine

    I Love Japan, and these people are slow to anger. I guess all the bitching by Korean netizens and public celebrity outbursts about Dokkdo being theirs; speaking ill and so casually about the destruction of their country has rubbed Japan the wrong way. I wish them all the best, because there is an unrest spirit that lingers and it wants restitution in the form of a war. If little girls and boys don’t know how to play nice, then they need to settle the score without pulling the rest of the world into it by asking for help. That goes double for South Korea.

    • Sillian

      You sound clueless. You talk about Korean netizens. Do you even know what Japanese netizens are like? We need JapanSmash for people like you. Do you have any clue about Japanese nationalist politics, groups, history, etc? They have always existed. If you don’t know much, you can just sit back.

      • Seanshine

        And you sound like you have a thing for me. Clearly, youre following me around and posting responses to my comments. Okay so lets go shall we? What I spoke of earlier is of everything I have read here or other sites of Korean netizens bashing non stop of the Japanese. If you can clearly read back the topics here you will see it for yourself. Also there are stories and headlines on other Asian news media that I have read and seen comments written that Japan needs to be bombed etc etc. Did I read about the Japanese doing the same. Yes, but not to the extent of Koreans. Do the Japanese deserve all the bashing they’re getting? I’am on the fence with it. As I stated before, I LOVE JAPAN and the people there are a slow to anger. How I know this, I’ve lived there for Six years. Been to Korea for just two weeks and experienced some of the calamity the author posts here.

        Do I know the deep history between korea and japan. No, no one knoews everything (except for koreans), I know enough to form my own opinion and experiences based on articles I’ve read here. I comment on issues as I see fit, not as you’d like me to. I formed my comments on the actions not where it derived from. When I need a deep and thorough history lesson, it won’t be from you. So fall back!

        • Sillian

          I simply clicked your profile and saw your other comments. We have a very different opinion on this.

          “Did I read about the Japanese doing the same. Yes, but not to the extent of Koreans.”

          Are you good at reading Japanese? I have probably read literally thousands of Japanese netizen comments on various sites so far. They are often very nasty when it comes to anything that is remotely related to Korea. I do not mean they represent Japan but no level-headed Japanese would deny that their netizens aren’t any better. Let’s agree to disagree.

          • Seanshine

            I am fine that.

        • A S

          You are so utterly clueless it is funny. I’m glad you LOVE JAPAN and you’ve been there for six years. You would not believe the obsession of the Japanese netizens about SKorea. Their hatred and vitriol on Youtube, for example, is just beyond comprehension. Yes, some Korean netizens are over the top in their nationalism, but the Japanese are JUST AS nationalistic, if not even more. One would think that it was the Japanese netizens who had the inferiority complex. Look at the Yahoo Japan/2CH comments about SKorea. Look at all the anti-Korean videos the Japanese netizens put up on Youtube. I admit that I don’t like Japan, but I really don’t care enough about that country to spend time making videos and posting nasty comments. Life is too short. BTW, dear, you can’t really tell SKorea from two weeks there, that is laughable, and for you to even make that point is hilarious. You seem to have found your dream country, Japan, so that’s great for you. Congratulations.

          • Seanshine

            I read your post and your retort is laughable. I stated two weeks as being the length of time I was there as to witness a few of the issues described on this very blog. Not that it was the determing factor of how I see an entire nation. Please, when you read comments put aside your animosity and actual try to comprehend the comments fully. If there is something you don’t understand deary, then ask. Your statement above has no bearing and carries little weight because you don’t like Japan. I never claimed to dislike Korea.

          • A S

            Dear, actually, YOUR retort is laughable. You never claimed to dislike SK, but come on, dear, just admit it – you don’t like SK. It’s so obvious in your posts on this website, which you can read just by clicking on your username. Stop lying and pretending like you’re some neutral bystander. That’s why you say things like “I LOVE JAPAN” with a big emphasis. Why else would you make some ridiculous generalizations, which you don’t even go into the specifics on, after a two week trip in SKorea (what is true about the country after a 2 week observation)? It seems many times that people who really like Japan feel.like they must dislike SK, and vice versa, because of the really bad relationships between the two countries. Yes, I admitted that I don’t like Japan. So what? By your laughable logic, anyone who has even a slightly negative opinion about anything doesn’t have “bearing” and “has little weight”. What happens if someone doesn’t like something and pretends like she’s neutral? Does that person’s opinion have any bearing or weight? Unlike you, at least I am honest and I don’t lie about what I feel about things. I also did acknowledge that I don’t go around making nasty Youtube videos and posting nasty things on message boards about Japan. I just try to avoid things about that country all together, except in this case because you, typical of some Japanophiles, have to bash one country to elevate the other country. It’s like you feel you have to defend Japan’s honor online from the evil South Koreans and Chinese, etc. Very pathetic and sad. Your opinion, dear, has no bearing and carries little weight because you dislike SK. Same goes for you – when you read my comments, try to actually understand what I’m trying to say instead of writing some generic retort that doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t address my issues. If there is something you don’t understand, then ask as well.

  • chucky3176

    Japanese news reporters and economists discuss on how to destroy the
    Korean economy, and bring Korea to its knees by bringing on a currency
    crisis in Korea.



    These aren’t some right wing Japanese nuts who are discussing this. They are
    respected Japanese journalists from Senkei Shimbun and economists who are discussing this.

    Basically what they’re saying is that the Japan stopping the currency
    swap with Korea has failed to bring a financial crisis to Korea. So now
    they have to go one step further and prevent Japan made industrial parts
    from exporting to Korea. This would choke off the Korean industries
    who depend on those parts. So in other words, Japan’s goal should be to
    try to cause an economic chaos in their neighboring country because why?

    1) because Japan doesn’t really care about little insignificant Korea so they’re going through all this trouble to show how insignificant Korea is and that nobody in Japan cares what happens in Korea.

    2) because they have a goal or purpose for destroying Korea’s economy

    3) because Japan really don’t hate Korea.

    Anyone else?

    • Hongwu Emperor

      What about China? when the fenqing do some swift boycott on those diaoyu debates,etc Japan simply feels it like a knife on the heart…

      And the US seemingly doesn’t give a damn about it lol.

      • Alice S

        Amen. God help us.

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  • expatrick

    Koreans are so desperate for attention and recognition that they get offended by EVERYTHING. Koreans are so nationalistic and have a severe inferiority complex whereby they are always trying to prove themselves and put others down. I witnessed this firsthand as an ESL teacher in Seoul and the Koreans I know back home. They foam at the mouth everytime their glorious Korea is criticized.

    • Reject waeguk can’t get no attention either in Korea and back home HAHAHA!!!

  • kittyksin

    the japanese shoudnt be protesting for the severing of korea-japan relations…it SHOULD be korea… after all the shit that japan did to korea after annexing it…. its uncountable and unforgivable especially when the japanese government denies them…. and japan should be grateful to korea. korea served as a bridge to china since the ancient times and without korea being a bridge, japan wouldnt have advanced back then. korea also brings a lot of money to japan through musicians, clothing, dramas, and technology… the japanese should be saying sorry and thank you, not leave you ***********

    • bang2tang

      Can you explain to me Korean musicians, clothing, dramas, and technology that bring money to Japan?

      • kittyksin

        Japanese fans buy merchandise or tickets to their favorite Korean musicians. Korean dramas are popular these days and also in Japan. Broadcasting stations gain more money based on how many views so Japanese companies that are allied with the drama stations gain money. Korea created Samsung and LG and the craze now are the Samsung Galaxies. Japanese people buy these products which do give money to Korea because they’re Korean products, but they also give money to Japan.

        • bang2tang

          I hope you consider there are many Korean drama remake based on J-drama or comic although there are some J-drama remake from K-drama, but the number is fewer.
          Queen of Classroom, Kaseifu no mita, etc.

          In “Rich Man Poor Woman” it’s clearly showing they use samsung galaxy, I bet the money from samsung just get use to fund this drama.

          • kittyksin

            im not denying the fact that koreans remake japanese dramas. im completely aware of that fact. I read manga/watch anime so i know about playful kiss being a remake of itzura na kiss etc. but just because korea is remaking doesnt mean that theyre not paying japan back, they do have to get the rights to recreate them/license it.

        • bang2tang

          since Uniqlo open their shop in Korea, maybe you’re right Korean bring money to Japan.

          But Korean idol or musician that flooded japanese market, they get their share for money, not just their music distribution label. I doubt japanese who get their share larger since most of them really buy original CD, not by illegal download. Take account a lot of concert by K idol in Jpn.

          • kittyksin

            okay if we exclude the music industry, korea brings money to japan more than just uniqlo. koreans buy things from sanrio, sony, nintendo, square enix, toyota, etc. since back in the old day, korea and japan have had a relationship where they bring money to each other in some way shape or form

        • Big Bang

          This is just plain not true. Since the Japan Korea spat, Japan has strictly limited Korean pop culture. Now Korean pop groups stop going over to Japan because they can’t find any Japanese media companies to promote them. If there’s any Japanese company that tries to promote Korean group, or if there any Korean content on TV, they get a flood of complaints and threats from irate Japanese. There’s no way Japan was going to allow Korean pop to continue to be popular. Sooner or later it had to be stopped.

          • kittyksin

            i dont know how true that is to a certain degree but there a plenty of kpop groups that are thriving in the japanese market. korean artists also hold spots on the oricon chart frequently and they have concerts in japan all the time. big groups like 2ne1, snsd, big bang, mblaq, kara, tvxq, etc theyre all really famous in japan. i dont think japanese media companies are restricting kpop as severely as you think

          • klinkklink

            Is there a censorship of Korean media in Japan? How about the other way around?


  • Dave

    Im Canadian and I hate Koreans.

  • Dave

    Im Canadian and I lived in Korea for two years and I was shocked at how much they copy from Japan, and they always try to talk about their achievements, but they never create anything. They also copy American products.
    K-pop hahahahaha you mean J-pop you mindless idiots!
    Too stupid to create anything on your own you need to copy EVERYTHING from Japan and USA. Pathetic.

    • harvz

      I would say K-Pop is more similar to 90s brit/american pop, but that’s not to say that they ripped it off. With that said, you’re a bit of a douche.

    • ChuckRamone

      Japan used to have the reputation as copycat of American inventions, if you know your history. K-pop is not that similar to J-pop, which is more cutesy and anthemic. J-pop as a musical form is also largely derived from American musical traditions. Where do you think rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, techno, etc. came from? Try not to be such a biased nutjob.

      • Sillian

        He’s just a pretending troll. No real Canadian would say shit like ‘I’m Canadian and [insert hateful bs]’.

    • Canada is a 100% plastic copy of USA LOL!!!
      America is the biggest cultural thief, look at Hollywood, where do all the stories and movies come from , they ripped of and stole so many foreign movies and remake it into American.

  • Hongwu Emperor

    Oh my… The protestors cannot even do a proper Korean flag, the cardboard thingy is looking more like some Pepsi advertisement rather than the Taeguk gi…

  • bultak23

    koreans will not associate with any americans in korea (unless for money) but at least they don’t refuse to serve you, (as can happen in japan). koreans are also refused entry or service at some places in japan. sad.

  • Room4Improvement2Disqus

    Typical Made in Taiwan news article………..

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