Japanese Anti-Korea Demonstration, Korean Netizen Reactions


From Segye Ilbo:

Protesters demand severing of Korea-Japan diplomatic ties

Ultra-nationalists in Japan have staged anti-Korean protests in five major cities. They defaced the the South Korean national flag and demanded that Koreans are expelled and national ties severed. ‘The Committee on the Severance of Korea-Japan Diplomatic Relations’, ‘Citizens Against Resident Korean Privileges’ and a group of around 200 nationalists attended the ‘Japan-Korea March’ in Mizutanibash Park, Tokyo.

The participants held pickets with slogans that read ‘Chosenjin (a derogatory term for Koreans in Japanese)’, ‘Severe Korea-Japan Diplomatic Ties’ and ‘Comfort Women = Prostitutes’ and marched to Hibiya Park, 2 kilometers away from Mizutanishbashi Park. Before the march, some of the protesters defaced a modified national flag of South Korea.

The event was briefly interrupted by a man protesting against the march who scuffled with the protesters. These organization members often gather on the websites such as ‘2chan‘ and are often labeled as ‘right-wing internet ‘ people.

Right-wing Mayor of Osaka Hashimoto Toru said the ‘effective control that South Korea exercises (over Dokdo-Takeshima) cannot be changed by force. We should therefore change our approach to that of dual-control-and-administration.’ He added that the issue of comfort women and co-control over Dokdo-Takeshima ought to be on the diplomatic table with South Korean government and that, together with the Northern Territory-Kuril Islands dispute, Dokdo-Takeshima ought be settled in the International Court of Justice via the acceptance of compulsory jurisdiction and, ultimately, its ruling. His opinion, however, is seen as a step back from the Japanese government’s territorial sovereignty claim.

Comments from Daum:


Why is Japan bitching at us when it’s the Chinese who are beating up Japanese…..;;


The Japanese issue ought to be handled later. Why is pro-Japanese 2MB causing all this fuss over Dokdo? If you do not want to fall for his tricks supporting Park Geun-hye, we should not pay any attention to this. If you really want to settle the Japanese issue, the problem lies not with Japan but within our own country. Do well on our election and we will be sorted.


What are they bitching at us for? Did we ever invade them? Did we ever colonise them? Did we ever sexually-enslave them? Did we ever make claims over Tsushima? If they have any sense of shame, they should be on their knees and be apologetic for the next hundred years, those shameless saekkis.


People with an inferiority complex do this kind of thing a lot.


Like those weaklings in school who get beaten up all the time, we’re getting abused by Japan in the school of East Asia…


Everywhere in the world has these social outcasts :) Only 200? ke ke ke I thought there’d be as many as in the Chinese protest.


The conclusion we draw from this is… the weak ones are going to get a good hiding no matter what. Let’s all wake up. Even if we unite we’ll be in a tough spot, let alone divided like this. We need to get our shit together like Israel, us South Koreans~~


Boycott Japanese goods.


Haven’t got the balls to join the anti-China protest? ke ke ke ke ke. You chickening out?


Last tsunami really should have swept them all into the ocean~~


Korea did too much, I understand where they come from.


Get roughed up by China and Russia and now they are taking it out on us, but we have no time for you. Long live Psy~

Korean flag defaced by Japanese protestor

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