Japanese Government Launches ‘Dokdo is Japanese’ Ad Campaign


From Naver :

Japanese Government Publishes First Advertisements Claiming “Dokdo is Japanese Territory” in Newspapers.

The Japanese Government has begun to assert its claims that Dokdo is Japanese territory through the placement of advertisements in newspapers.

According to the Japanese media, on the 11th of this month roughly 70 newspapers, both local and national, printed these adverts arguing that the islets are Japanese territory.

These newspaper advertisements are scheduled to run for a week and are the first comments released by the Japanese government to address the sovereignty of Dokdo.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry advert entitled ‘Now we need to know. The basic knowledge on the Takeshima question,’ argues that historically, and according to international law, the territory is inherently Japanese.

A one-sided version of history is also laid out stating ‘Korean sovereignty was established no later than the mid-17th century and in 1905 the possession of the islands was confirmed.’

The advertisement further argues: ‘Korea has recently been arguing it gets more valid sympathy than Japan, but the literature has been vague, and there has been no verifiable or clear increase of the amount they receive.’

The announcement was conveyed through the Prime Minister’s office. In various press conferences and in the National Assembly, Prime Minister Noda has revealed that he will attempt to strengthen Japan’s public relations campaign in the face of Korea’s sovereign claims over of Dokdo.

Comments from Naver:


I find it ridiculous that they had to go as far as to make a special broadcast to raise money.


This will soon be like a legend the next generation hears about their greedy ancestors who meet a nasty end and the Japanese Islands will probably have disappeared from the map.


I think our government is being pretty tough as well.


Newspapers have also confidently announced non-factual reports about the recruitment of comfort women.


They’re bullshitting and flinging this crap around.


In yesterday’s news they shook hands and then immediately struck the back of one another’s heads… typical Japan …. laughing whilst catching people off guard.


There are plenty of Japanese people who know that Dokdo is Korean land, and don’t eat the Rightists’ sweets.


Japan themselves are so dishonorable.


This time, Dokdo was the bastard whose finger they sucked on.

The contested islands lie in the East Sea, and are named Dokdo by Koreans, and Takeshima by Japan.

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