Japanese Netizens Protest Against Comfort Women, Koreans React

Screenshot of the Twitter demo hosted by Japanese Netizens

Screenshot of the Twitter demo hosted by Japanese Netizens

The issue surrounding comfort women during Japan’s occupation of Korea has always been a thorn between the Korea-Japan relationship. We’ve already covered the Japanese politician who vandalized the comfort women statue outside the Japanese Embassy, and just recently the man who crashed his van into embassy gates to protest against the Japanese politician as well as Japan’s continued insistence that comfort women were merely prostitutes.

Last week, the United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton upped her stance by outright saying the words ‘comfort women’ should be replaced by ‘enforced sex slaves.’ In the below article, Japanese netizens are described organizing a mass online protest against the U.S. comfort women resolution that asks for Japan to be held accountable for the sexual enslavement of women during its colonial era.

At the time of writing, the online protest has reached nearly 20,000 signatories, only 5,000 short of an official response from the Obama administration.

From Segye Ilbo:

10,000 Japanese Netizens sign ‘Oppose U.S. Comfort Women Resolution’ petition

On the 13th, Japanese netizens intended to build a mass ‘Twitter Demonstration’ demanding the abolishment of the ‘Comfort Women Resolution’ adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives. The conflicts between Korea and Japan surrounding the issue of ‘comfort women’ is likely to spread from offline to online.

It has been confirmed that Japanese netizens are preparing a mass Twitter demonstration from 7pm on the 13th July in order to petition the abolishment of the ‘comfort women resolution’ (resolution #121) passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in July 2007.

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Resolution 121 content demands for the Japanese government to officially and clearly admit, apologize and assume historical responsibility for the forced mobilization of comfort women by the Japanese army during World War II.

For the past few days, some Japanese Tweeters have been using their own Twitter accounts to spread awareness of the ‘Twitter demo’ through a considerable number of retweets.

On the Twitter demo, they conveyed their plea [for people to] petition, urging them to sign the ‘abolish the House of Representatives’ Resolution #121′ on the White House’s complaints website ‘We the People‘. One tweet read ‘close to 10,000 people have signed the petition’, another saying ‘Please consider [sign] our petition.’

Comments from Nate:


Looks like they’ve gone crazy after soaking up all that radiation..


Are you saying that only a few of Japan’s rightists are the problem? [The whole of] Japan is a trash country.


Those scumbags don’t know how to apologize about their past. I just want the archipelago to completely sink.


People can change the future if they try hard. But no matter how hard you work, people cannot change the past. Japanese people who don’t seem to know this fact are not civilized.


Japanese are simply following their ancestors’ footsteps tsk tsk. That is why they are being punished by earthquakes, tsunamis etc. Seriously, you people should snap back to reality


That is the difference between the Japanese and Germans. It’s a difference of national character. In other words, it’s the difference between human and monkeys. They are just a herd of monkeys who do not know their past behaviour.


Like…. I really can’t ever make any positive comments about you people.. It makes me so angry


Why don’t they just admit it and apologize? Since Japan is a rich country, their mess can be easily cleaned up by compensating those comfort women. But since you people are so proud of your own country, you think that apologizing to those comfort women will hurt the nation’s pride. That is so wrong and that is the reason why the current generation who did not experience the war tweet shit like that and think that it is actually the right thing to do. And regarding Japanese national character, who’se to say they won’t start World War III. They’ve invaded other countries for thousands of years. When they think they’ve gotten stronger than America, Korea will become their first target. I wish they could just sink before that happens.


Hey people, do you guys still think it is only a few bullshit rightist monkeys who make noise? Huh? You Japcollaborator bastards? I will drink you guys up and drink you bitches up who are trying to sell our country.


I pity those Japanese bastards who’ve become more and more patriotic by learning seriously distorted history. I wonder what will happen when they find out how bad their ancestor monkeys were tsk tsk tsk Although I think we should try not to blame them unconditionally, those people who make monkey sounds should definitely be beaten with the stick.


Did those fucking bastard Japs go crazy after being nuked? When another tsunami strikes, think we should send them photos of our national flag with hashed pig feet in order to wake those bastards up from their own dream world.


We need to gather 100,000 people who support America’s comfort women resolution.


The more they make monkey sounds like that, the more they are advertising themselves as an embarrassing people who don’t seem to realize that they are no different from their ugly past. That is why they are called as Pig feet [jjogbal-i, or ‘Japs’]. They are so embarrassing [play on words with jjogpallida, or ‘embarrassing’, and jjogbal-i i.e. pig feet/Japs]


I tried imagining if the Germans say their Nazi past was all a fabrication and the Holocaust never happened. If that happens, the whole world will become speechless. But Japan is exactly doing that.


The king of all historical distortions truly is Japan. To what extent have they distorted the truth?.. I bet they’ve distorted history way too much. Otherwise they would not be going crazy like that. I doubt they can still act like that after learning proper history. The truth is spread around the world and even people from other countries know the truth. But what makes them still go that crazy? Are you guys trying to bury your ostrich-like heads in the sand? What are you people who live in the country that is Japan?


ke ke ke..But still Korea will say “most of the Japanese are so nice and kind~”. What? Only a few politicians say this? ke ke ke Then who voted for them? ke ke ke


Who are you people who click “dislike”? Are you guys Japanese?


Look how those nuked monkeys think…


Tsunami Park, Aftershock Choi, Mr. Earthquake…. Would you please..? [Names written based on Korean celebrities Park Hae-il (same pronunciation/spelling as ‘Tsumani Park’), Choi Yeo-jin (same pronunciation/spelling as ‘aftershock Choi’) and Ji Jin-hee (sounds like Jijin-ssi, meaning ‘Mr Earthquake)]


Hillary once said, the term conform women is wrong. She said “Sex slaves who are mobilized against their will” is the proper term. [She has long been an advocate for women rights]


You people should admit to your past and start afresh. You do know that by doing what you’re doing, your past wrongdoings won’t simply disappear overnight?


2 years ago, I did a short school trip to Japan, and Japanese people, who didn’t know we were South Korean called us ‘Chosen-jins’ [Japanese pronunciation for 朝鮮人, which is North Korea’s way of denoting ‘Koreans’] and starred at us. Maybe they meant “what the fuck are those Chosen people [i.e. North Koreans] doing in our country?” Regarding the history of our Korean peninsula, I think their attitude is so rude.


Our government takes a hard line against North Korea, but is silent when it comes to Japan. It is because the president is a real jjogbal-i [Jap][Lee Myung-bak was born in Japan]. What the fuck?


Both Japanese and German showed the world how brutal humans can become. But there is one key difference between them. German people apologized for what their ancestors did but the Japanese….? The current generation is simply following their ancestors’ footsteps…


Japanese people have simply proved how shameless they are… Americans will be surprised of that… You should learn a lesson from Germany. Germans bring their children to historical places from the Nazi era and teach them to apologize for what their ancestors did. The Japanese on the other hand whip out their Rising Sun Flag at any given occasion? Where’s the pride in that?…


You guys have gone to so much trouble for covering the sky with your hands. Do you think you can manipulate and distort world history as you have done on your own island? I even feel that cursing you guys is just a waste of time. People curse when their attention has been grabbed


Such a rubbish country. They make me log in to this website to write comments. Don’t you people feel shame for your own history? Japan is trying to bury the things their ancestors have done. Bastard monkeys…


There is no future for a country that has forgotten its history. Wake up Japan.


And it’s with this kind of country that we participate in military cooperation?……….Sigh……



You sons of bitches.. you better all just sweep away when a natural disaster strikesㅡㅡ

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  • Shawna

    I don’t know much about Japan, besides the pop culture. Are these “right-wingers”? Are they young people?
    Very strange to me to see people go this far, even after all the articles and history I’ve read up on/learned about.

  • Patrick

    Quite a few follow op comments comparing the Japanese with the Germans. While the German children may be brought to ww2 memorial sites to remember the past, I’m pretty sure they aren’t apologizing for their grandparents mistakes. They know it was wrong what they did but you can’t keep making your children apologize for the sins of their forefathers. If their history is distorted that’s another thing that should be addressed.

    • Che

      Yes, but some Japanese don’t try to remember the past – they deny it, which is really the most manifest distinction between the Germans and the Japanese.

      • Patrick

        “they deny it”. 20 000 Japanese is a pretty small number when we’re talking about a population of about 130 million, but you know all better than me that this survey reflects most Japanese sentiment.

    • Helmut

      First of all, there is a big difference in how the Japanese and the German governments react to the issues. Germany accepted its guilt right after the Second World War and did its best to build a cooperative and healthy relation with its neighboring states which were also heavily affected by the war. The majority of the German people stands behind this concept of regional integration.
      Another big difference is that our (school) books are very objective and critical about the Third Reich. Germany has rich literature on the second World War and the cruelties done by the Third Reich; our processing of the past (“Vergangenheitsbewältigung”) is at least better than Japan’s, which leaves its population and students in the dark or even gives them wrong information.
      We also do not have any populist media which claims German territorial losses or some small irrelevant islands to be part of the modern Germany or distorts any historical facts. Our border disputes are completely resolved. Germany even lost a much higher percentage of its territory than Japan (leading to massive forced resettlements of East Germans to other parts of Germany), which only lost southern Sakhalin and some even smaller islands. Of course, this refers to the national territory before any expansion in war. And yet, the public/government of Germany does not claim any territory.
      There are some who do that, of course, but being such a rightwinger means your social death in Germany. Germany has in contrast to Japan many laws which prohibit any glorification or other hirsotrical distorion of the Third Reich. Publicly shouting “Sieg Heil!”, incitement of popular hatred against a segment of the population (“Volksverhetzung”), discrimination or showing a symbol which could be mistaken (it even does not have to be) for a Nazi symbol is a crime, if your intent is malicious. The German right-wing, in contrast to the Japanese one, is not allowed to become significant.
      And many Germans do feel some kind for guilt for the atrocities of World War 2; this is part of our National identity. Japanese right-wingers who would like to continue Imperial Japan and do not acknowledge Japan’s acts are ironically denying their own nation.
      I think the comparison between Japan and Germany is very appropriate because what those countries did in the War is extremely similar.

  • Alexei

    Japan has a moral responsibility to compensate the ‘comfort women’, and addressing past atrocities is certainly important and necessary. But I wonder why, given the outrage about this issue- human rights violations committed 60 years ago- there is comparably little protest about human rights violations occurring today, on Korean soil.
    Anyone who protests what Japan did half a century ago, should also protest what North Korea is doing today, to its own people.

    • redwhitedude

      There are people who protest the north korean atrocities in Korea. Unfortunately you got factions within the opposition parties that are blatantly pro north Korea who try to muffle such protest, so there isn’t as big of a consensus on that as japanese atrocities.

    • Li Yan

      Didn’t Japanese government already attempt to compensate each comfort woman directly, but ROK government rejected Japanese proposal, but preferred to handle the compensations on its own. It winded up using compensations for its own economic development.

      • chucky3176

        No such thing happened, Li Yan. You are seriously misinformed.

        • Li Yan
          • Chucky3176

            That was the 1965 treaty and war reparations. That’s the Japanese stance, and Japanprobe is an anti-Korean Japanese nationalist site. The argument is that the sex slave women issue was never under the war reparations payment, because it was not known at that time, and it was not revealed until 1991. At any rate, the compensation to the comfort women aren’t the problem. It’s that attitude of Japanese people and their government towards these women, that are the problem. For instance, making threatening calls to the Comfort women museum in Korea, protesting comfort women memorials in United States, and writing petitions and protest letters to the US, just because Japanese don’t want the truth to be discussed, completely rewriting Japan’s history text books, and so on.

  • lavista4u

    The official Sh**t stirrer of the world Hillary Clinton will poke her nose, when it isn’t needed….America is there only for dividing the world and ruling it..

    Koreans and Japanese should wake up and see who their real enemy is….She won’t offer any solution just will ignite more problems

    • Matt

      I’ve seen a lot of stupid comments, but you’ve, sir, have earned a spot in the 2012 Olympics for that.

    • Chris

      Hillary Clinton: because she is just positively ruining the lives of Koreans and Japanese, right?

    • Random Person

      So you wanna just sweep the past under the rug? She’s trying to fight to get Japan to acknowledge that these women were sex slaves to their soldiers and you call it poking her nose in other people’s bidness?

      I wish you were trolling. Because the level of stupidity in your comment makes creating a homemade jet pack out of fireworks sound positively brilliant in comparison

  • Mee-Ryung

    Hey you guys by saying these terrible things you are sinking even lower…just saying.


  • 바나나

    nigga made that they cant get women irl

    • Josh

      I’m assuming you don’t speak English very well. If you are an English speaker, then I pity you. But if you’re a Korean, let’s make a deal: I’ll stay off Nate if you stay off of this.

  • lonetrey

    Hmph, there are many human rights issues from that past that comes to mind when thinking about this article. To name a few: Japanese invading China (Rape of Nanking), Invading forces’ treatment of Native Americans, Nazi implementation of Holocaust.

    What do these things have in common? The first is constantly denied by the Japanese government/people, US federal government have not fully made up for their past actions, and there are people today still denying the existence of the Holocaust.

    How does this relate to this article? I was merely observing that the Japanese reaction, in my personal and non-expert opinion, falls somewhere between the other two incidents I mentions. Better than Holocaust denial, and worse than American insufficient reparations made to Native Americans.

    How would the Japanese feel if knew what people thought of them denying the atrocities of WWII? Or do they not care?

    Then again, they had the atomic bomb dropped on them, and you don’t really see many Americans feeling bad over that either.

    The never-ending cycle of bloodshed and insult to each others’ culture I suppose.

    • lonetrey

      also, this:

      정종길: I tried imagining if the Germans say their Nazi past was all a fabrication and the Holocaust never happened. If that happens, the whole world will become speechless. But Japan is exactly doing that.

      I could not phrase it properly, but this guy is saying what I’m thinking.

      • Bruce Tutty

        The difference is that most people know about what the germans did, but a lot less know about what the Japanese did.

        Having said that, there are still Israelis fanatics that are still hunter nazis right now, and I won’t recommend that sort of action. Nutters.

    • John Holmes

      there are really few people who deny holocaust, and none of them is related to any government at any level, just few crazy people, not an institution, not a country.. besides is illigal to deny the holocaust in many europeans countries.
      So holocaust denial is not comparable in anyway to what japanese are doing now.

    • Random Person

      I notice that in history books taught in the US, Japanese war atrocities, or even Japan’s role in general is barely mentioned. Kids take trips to Holocaust museums, read memoirs, and are tested extensively on the Nazis. We are well informed about Germany’s role in WWII but it seems that the greatest extent an average American knows about Japan is the atomic bombs and Pearl Harbor. It makes me wonder if the US gov intended it to be so or if we Americans simply didn’t care about what happened to Asians.

  • 참을수없는가벼움

    Many westerners who are blissfully unaware of Japan’s wartime atrocities of unimaginable proportions often say, much to our deploration, ” Those henious crimes were committed more than half a century ago thus, why South Koreans are so outrageous at Japan’s actions while turning a blind eye on North Korea’s human rights abuses?”

    The answer to this question is self evidently simple. Firstly, based on its cherished traditional Samurai spirit, Japan’s ultrarightists still envision a regional order in which the island nation is at the apex of power although they never speak it in public. Not only that, Judging by practices of other colonial powers during the era of imperialism, Japan’s horrenous exploitation of other peoples went overboard. The classic example, unknown to many westerners, is the Japanese murder of emperess of the Chosun dynasty, present-day Korea’s predecessor. The body of murdered emperess was stripped of clothes and sexually harassed by a group of Japanese gang putting a burning stake into her sexual organ–so unbearable a humiliation that even then diplomats of western countries in Han Yang(today Seoul) considered the crime as vastly barbaric.

    With other ineffable war crimes( which woud have been indisputably refered to the ICJ in the present ) in their collective memory, South Koreans have no alternative choice but to feel infuirated at Japan’s senseless dealing with the issue of comfort women.

    Secondly, with a power game between Beijing and Washington over regional primacy unfolding and North Korea’s nuclear crisis remaining unresolved, the blind condemnation of North Korea for its humanitarian crisis is of absolutely no help to tackling the human rights problem. We, the South Koreans, have never failed to pay keen attention to their moaning bretheren in the communist North. Rather, as we know the quickest way to lift them out of dire human rights conditions is exercise strategic patience until the Stalinist nation move forward into the outside world. Hauling its communist brother into the outside is a heraculi

    • Bruce Tutty

      So you argue amongst yourselves, and are then upset because we are not up in arms about it?…it’s your fault, you fix it!

  • 참을수없는가벼움

    Herculean job because we know it is exceeding hard not if impossible unless there is support from Beijing, which is still the primary source on which Pyonyanh continue to rely for its survival.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    I have never said that there is denial of holocaust in continental Europe–a fact that I am already well acquainted with. In my comparision between Japan and Germany in handling post-war problems, I used the words like hypothetical and imaginary. I confidently argue that Germany’s candid acknowledgement of war astrocities and subsequent apologies for them is the key to today’s European integration though the EU is recently reeling from European debt crisis.

  • Josh

    Look, we all know what the Japanese did some 70+ years ago. None of us are denying it. Just look at the comments above though and tell me who resembles WWII Germany. The thing is that even if Japan apologized, Koreans would still be racist as fuck. An apology wouldn’t matter. Compensation wouldn’t matter. They would still call them monkeys. They would still say that they all needed to die, etc. If I was an outsider, I would say “Maybe Koreans just don’t receive any education after the age of 7 or so.”

    People want to compare the Japanese to the Germans. Okay. Can I ask, anyone Jewish here? If so, how many of you actively hate modern Germans and think they should die? I think most Koreans if given a big red button that said “this will kill all the Japs” would press it in a heartbeat.

    • Patrick

      I agree with what you say about the education on the aspect after age 7. The hate here is so deeply ingrained on a bunch of young people that have never been around to experience any of those the acts that they like to bring up as examples. Learning to forgive is also important, being the bigger man. I can understand how the older Koreans would still be fueled by anger, but for the younger ones to feel it so deeply really shows how much this propaganda is being force fed to them in schools and by their seniors. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that once the last comfort women finally passes away the Japanese government finally offers an apology, if only to say “there you wouldn’t have been happy if we had said it before. You would have said you took too long, so here you have it too late, and that’s the end of it, now piss off”

    • Bananahammock

      Are you kidding me? First of all, it was the young people of Japan (if we are to assume that everyone who posts on the internet are of the young generation) that began the petition to abolish a US resolution that merely calls comfort women what they actually are – forced sex slaves. If you want to compare this to Germany and the Jews, fine. Let’s do it. Do you think for a second that the entire world wouldn’t be in uproar if tens of thousands of young Germans signed a petition to hide the truth about what their country did? What if there were members of the German government who refused to acknowledge it ever happened or went around defacing memorials to the Jews who had died at their father’s hands? All the Koreans want is a little sincerity; there’s a difference between saying sorry and actually meaning it. As a non-Korean, it really troubles me that Japan continues to carry on pretending like the issue has been resolved while letting their population go on thinking they never did anything wrong. Until Japan is able to fully come to terms with what it did, the Koreans won’t forgive them. And they absolutely shouldn’t.

      • Che

        completely agree with bananahammock

      • Josh

        You are right. I don’t think that hatred of the Japanese is because of comfort women. I don’t think that’s even a tenth of it. I think it’s “your great grand-dad did this to my great grand-dad.” Of course Japan is moronic for denying this, but the racial aspects go beyond the normal “Korea is the master race” bullshit. People say shit about my country and our motives constantly, I don’t want them dead though, and I wouldn’t dare openly call them racial slurs, not even on the internet. With young Germans embracing nazis, I mean, that does happen. The world knows what happened and isn’t losing sleep over neo-nazis. Everyone just feels they’re pathetic and disgusting, but they go on their way. It’s viewed like whenever someone brings up a political party you don’t like, you just huff and say “oh yeah, them.” I think it would behoove Japan to apologize for comfort women; I think they should. I still don’t think it would matter to Koreans. It’s not an apology they want, they want subservience. They don’t want to just be respected, they want to be respected more than anyone else (think of a school’s principal or a hagwon owner as the entire country). It’s not just the Japanese, kids are taught to hate pretty much every race other than their own and I honestly don’t know if they ever overcome it. While I agree with you on Japan, I don’t think it justifies Korea’s piss poor racist attitudes.

        • C84

          So much speculation about what Koreans would or would not do. All hypotheticals. Oh dear.

        • chucky3176

          I have never heard about this “master race theory” by Koreans. Stop spewing this bull shit, Josh.

          • Josh

            I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. Anyway, just google “minjok” or “korean pure blood theory” some time and read whatever you find there. To be clear, I’m calling it the master race theory, they just view themselves as being from a racially superior pure bloodline that excludes all outsiders. Did you think Koreans were proud to be Korean because of their citizenship?

          • Chucky3176

            Josh, you know nothing on this subject, it’s BS. Google? Don’t make me laugh. No, it’s nothing to do with Nazi theory that Koreans are the most superior beings in the world. That’s just your Western ignorance. You completely misunderstand Korean nationalism. At any rate, South Korea has stopped teaching homogeneous blood theory. It’s been a while, you should look it up on Googles.

          • Josh

            Korea has officially stopped teaching it, that’s for sure…happened like 10 years ago, so most people I know were taught the pure blood theory. I’m still not sure where children learn that the Japanese are evil. It must just be a natural phenomenon. Of course, it’s not taught (in school) but the racial nationalism of Korea is still very much alive. Did you just get off the boat or something?

            Sorry, for suggesting that you do research on the internet. I’ll have to look up some stuff in a card catalog for you and you can go to your local library to find out real information. Once something is digitized, it’s barely trustworthy. This is the year 1995 after all. My western ignorance bows humbly before the progressive and incredibly modern Korean culture. Instead of merely saying “you don’t understand this,” why don’t you tell me how I don’t understand it.

          • Reggae is music!

            Have you ever taught a class full of Korean high school kids?

          • Reggae is music!

            My guess is Josh, they are still learning at home from their parents who were taught it.

          • C84

            I’m always intrigued by why Japanophiles/Wapanese like this “Josh” go to such lengths to defend their beloved Japan (that is, if you aren’t Japanese). Reminds me of Gerry B. – you know who I’m talking about, if you frequent K-blogs. No one takes you seriously because of the astounding amount of sarcasm and presumptions/assumptions/delusions that come out of your mouth.

      • Patrick

        The problem with people like you is you like to group everyone together. You take a survey that represents a really small number of the total Japanese population and you say what is true for them is true for all. I’ve met many Japanese and I have many Korean friends who love Japan and have many Japanese friends who don’t represent the people on this survey. My Japanese friends and my friend’s friends don’t owe me or them any apology and would be insulted that you asked them for one, just as you would be insulted if your grandfather stole something from my grandfather and I never stopped trying to get you to apologize for it. That’s the definition of lame and the behavior of a whiner baby. There will always be idiots in every country and they like to express themselves by means of simple surveys or message boards, but you there is no need to ask an entire country to apologize for the acts of a few. Get out there and talk to some real Japanese you might learn to like them.

        • chucky3176

          You say it’s just a small number of the total Japanese population.

          I completely disagree, it’s the majority, including their government, who believes they did nothing wrong. It’s the Japanese government that protested the Clinton remark, as well as the Comfort woman memorial in New Jersey. The Japanese government specifically stated their position, saying that they strongly believe the Korean comfort women were hired prostitutes.

          “Small portion”, my rotten ass. Why are so many Westerners apologizing for Japan for everything? Do they need your defense?

    • chucky3176

      You judge based on comments above, but have you ever read the comments from the Japanese about the Koreans, before passing judgement? I have, and it’s even worse.

    • Random Person

      Ok. Say this happened. Your great grandfather in your family was brutally murdered by a family next door and your great grandmother was kept as a sex slave. You, the youngest generation, goes and askes for an apology. That’s it. What do the members of that family do? Deny it ever happened. “We didn’t kill your great grandfather! Your great grandmother was just a prostitute! She made money off of our ancestors!”

      How would you react? I’m not saying a simple apology will solve everything but it will make a big difference. I’m Chinese and it sickens me to think that young Japanese kids are taught a twisted version of history in which they were the good guys who were mistreated in WWII. Koreans are racist, I’ll give you that. But you know what? So are Japanese people. They hate foreigners – you can visit but if you stay, GG

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Emotionally charged criticism from many South Koreans is provoked by Japan’s incomprehensible denials and disregards of its past wrongdoings. Only parochial persons would fail to understand why people here are so righteously angry at Japan’s provocation. Before wrongly defaming South Korea, pitiful attackers had better understand that South Korea is a peace-loving country and never make a rash response in an unprovoked situation. And given that the vast majority of foreigners here have superficially little knowledge of history on Northeast Asia, their piecemeal understanding is inevitable.

    • Bruce Tutty

      “Only parochial persons would fail to understand why people here are so righteously angry at Japan’s provocation.”

      No, its just that these feuds and the fact behind them are not part of western history teachings, so most people outside of Asian don’t even know it happened, as it has not been publicised outside of Asia. I presume this is because these things weren’t talked about, but i’m guessing.

      I think what you mean is “only a parochial person would think that the whole world knows about what happened in one country or another”

    • Patrick

      “Before wrongly defaming South Korea, pitiful attackers had better understand that South Korea is a peace-loving country and never make a rash response in an unprovoked situation.”

      Different dynasties were falling and rising all throughout the peninsula’s long history some. Invasions came from the outside and also within the peninsula. Some took the form of coups and other full scale rebellions. Don’t make it life was some peaceful place on the peninsula before the Japanese came.

      • C84

        Either way, nobody asked the Japanese to come to the peninsula and colonize the Koreans. Don’t make it like the previous conditions on the peninsula before the Japanese colonization in some way justifies the Japanese coming.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Making a strong case before knowing facts can be problematic. If one know little about a subject, it is quitely questionable whether their argument can be vindicated.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    I wholeheartedly agree with Che’s opinions. Plus, one of causes behind the difference is: under a god-dam cold war structure which was looming large when the comminist force gaind the victory in the Chinese civil war, the United States god-damly decided to use Japan as a bastion against any possible communist thrust into its influence area and support Japan. Such a decision brought the loss of opportunities for Japan to reflect on itself. A gang of Japanese ultrarightist responsible for WW II did no have to settle colonial wrongdoings with colonized countries retaining its emperor system because a god dam cold war gave them a virtual acquittal. Darn it!!

  • KuzanBRI

    I’ll tell you what Korean people say to foreigners when they seek some type of compensation or retribution, “Just forget about, OK”.

    • Random Person

      Problem is, Korea has always been the one getting its butt kicked and getting colonized left and right so can’t really ask Korea to pay compensation for war

  • The feud between Japan and Korea is not the “child of 20th century”, it’s been going on for centuries. Japan fabricated Empress Jingu legend that conquered Silla in 4th century (anyone with sane mind would as: how a country that was in a tribal state, without horses, could ever conquer another kingdom, but national pride doesn’t ask for logic) so that they’d have any background for claiming “their land”. 16th century and Imjin War under Hideyoshi – what Joseon was called then? “A Rebellious Daughter” of Japan that needs to be punished.
    Then occupation and uprooting of Korean traditions and nationality. Then again – the division, also because of the presence of Japanese troops on the peninsula.
    This discontent has enough of fuel to be going on for some time in the future too.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    The 1965 compensation treaty between Seoul and Tokyo is is the outcome of Japan’s scheme to hurriedly settle its colonial residue with small money and then Korean dictatorship’s imperative to gain legitimacy from developing economy, in the coerciosn of the United States, which began to br embroilded into the swamp of the Vietnam war and shift economic aid for then poverty-stricken Korea to Japan.

    Additionally, the faulty treaty does not state compensation for comport women, only saying that by this compensation, all colonial liabilities come to be settled.

    Japan thought it easy to pay compensation when the dictator seized power in Korea.

  • C84

    “And it’s with this kind of country that we participate in military cooperation?”
    Amen to this. The idea of military cooperation with Japan is utterly laughable, considering how many issues there are. There’s too much deep suspicion, distrust, and dislike. Don’t do everything Daddy America tells you to, South Korea. Time to start developing a back bone.

    • C84

      The honest truth is that Japan really doesn’t give a shit about SK or NK or Koreans in general. SK should take this into account and not regard Japan as important either. Japan is a shadow of its former self and has an inflated sense of importance due to its military alliance with the US, which is why it has three nasty territorial disputes with three neighbors. SK needs to look forward, and the future is obviously with China. SK does need to accept that it’ll never get any respect or apologies from Japan, and move on. At the governmental level, SK really needs to avoid Japan except when absolutely necessary – meaning no military or political alliances. What’s the point?

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    What a baffling contextual misinterpretation!!

  • Raphael

    Talking about governments apologizing… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18874040

  • Munch

    I think the Japs are so stupid and not willing to admit and allow all these issues to affect future generations.
    They are worst than the Germans. Or rather more stupid than them.
    I cheer what US is doing. Keep up the pressure on this issue and further put further shame on the Japs themselves.
    In SEAsia, the Japs also did the same thing but on a smaller scale. If they were to apologise, they should also do to SEAsia countries also. And China also. This issue will smear the Japs until they fully compensate and apologise officially.
    One of the main reason japan can never rise to be a power like it’s economic status is because of their past and not willing to face it and resolved it. Keep up the sad status and pay the price to the next one hundred generations.

  • Random Person

    Here’s the abridged history that led up to this.
    WW1 happened. Everyone’s pissed off at Germany and blames them and makes them pay war reparations.
    Germany’s economy and national pride tanks and that breeds resentment which leads to WW2. Axis Powers lose.
    US learns its lesson from WW1 Germany and immediately sets about rebuilding Japan and Japanese pride, also in part cause it economically benefits from good relations in Japan. The Japanese see their Emperor as so great, that even the loss of a war cannot shake him and become proud of themselves. Because US was so intent on not blaming Japan and creating WW3 as a backlash, Japan was never truly “scolded” for their actions and the blame was instead put on the individual higher ups in the military, leaving the average Japanese citizen guilt free. This leads to them making a big deal about Hiroshima and Nagasaki but seeing the stuff their country did as “part of war and the past”. Kinda like “why bring it up?” towards the comfort woman debacle while crying boohoo over their own injuries (which are justified but really really hypocritical).

    I’m not saying all Japanese like this – many feel shame over what their country did and fesses up to it. But so long as the Japanese government builds statues and monuments over the “war heroes” and has their president pay homage to them every year, this kind of self centeredness will remain in Japan. Which is why so many East Asian countries hate Japan. Then again, for China to remain united and for the Communist party to stay in power, heavy propaganda against the Japanese is a main too. Wonder what would happen when one day, Japan actually does express sorrow and beg for forgiveness for their war crimes.

    • hardyandtiny

      Japan’s and Germany’s military can not maneuver outside of their country’s boundaries without US approval. There are three times the number of US military stationed in Japan than in Korea.
      Many countries, including Korea, enslaved women for prostitution.

  • Cleo

    You got tricked. All those dusty storefronts openly claiming Korean massages along American highways and you THINK the Koreans have failed to protect their reputation so that third parties will believe that the Comfort Women were actually volunteer prostitutes. You just pulled yourself as a private Japanese citizen onto the naughty list.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    Don’t applaud America too much. They still don’t apologize for their atrocities to black people. They are hypocrites. Although, I agree with Clinton’s solution.

    • hardyandtiny

      Black people were enslaved by Europeans. The United States freed black people from slavery.

      • Yiyi

        I guess you’ve flunk your US History badly, huh? The history states that US continued to have slave trade even after UK ended the slave trade. We, I’m referring to we Americans, didn’t even try to “free” slaves because they were the sole purpose of our wealth (meaning the cotton). Remember the South? Remember how the North and South were arguing about the slave trade, and North wanted to free them because they don’t need it, and how the South treated Africans like shit just for the cotton. No, you don’t. Go and read, then you come back to talk about American history.

  • hardyandtiny

    “Those scumbags don’t know how to apologize about their past.”

    You recognize it is the past.

  • Dave

    Nice language on the internet guys. However, all of you should read history a bit more in depth instead of just what you see on t.v. and from the media. The truth is, this term “comfort women” had been agreed upon by both the Korean and Japanese governments long ago. Also, since the war, Japan has supported Korea financially, helping it to rebuild, but I am sure that is not written in Korean history books. Also another fact not written in Korean history books is…that after the Japanese troops surrendered and left Korea, the Korean government continued to use these so called “comfort women” to entertain UN troops who were stationed in Korea.

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  • Xio Gen

    Do they know that there are in fact lots of Germans and even Americans who deny the Holocaust? Fucking conspiracy theorists even deny 9/11 happened. And yes, we have conspiracy theorists in Congress, like Ron Paul. The problem is that unlike in America where hate groups are looked down upon, the Zaitokukai are very powerful. A lot of the so called problems Japan has with Zainichi could be solved if they had something similar to the 14th Amendment, where you get automatic citizenship when you’re born on Japanese soil. Once that happens, peace can be made. The problem is right now Japan and South Korea are like the Hatfields and the McCoys: they respond to hate with more hate. Calling Japanese monkeys isn’t helping.
    It took decades before the Tuskegee syphilis experiments were formally acknowledged and apologized for, we’ll just have to wait for a more leftist prime minister.

  • DisqusTruth

    Always reacting to what Japanese ( Government, Right Wing) groups does. Never have been South Korea Government doing before. Always South Korea ” late” reaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! South Korea Government Big problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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