The Rise of Radical Korean Feminist Community, Megalia

Recently, a radical feminist online community ‘Megalia’ that exhibits extreme misandry has emerged as a prominent party in Korea’s cyber gender discourse war front. They have been trying to expand their influence through organized efforts online and also present themselves as a legitimate feminist group in real life, suppressing their online extremes. The following is an example of one of the most highly up-voted posts in Megalia. This post received 891 up votes and 5 down votes.

From Megalia:

Male-dominant sites’ responses to Megalia that I’ve seen.

“Megalians don’t seem to have any desire to co-exist with Korean men.”

“Megalians do not care about their own country even one bit.”

“Megalians are all crazy bitches.”

“This is the first time I felt deep grudges from a website.”

“Those bitches’ feelings towards men show murderous intent beyond animosity.”

“Megalians only think about women’s happiness.”

“Megalians blame men when innocent women receive misogyny. They also blame men when innocent men receive misandry for not fighting back for women.”

“Megalia is not even a humor site. It is an essence of grudges.”

“Megalians do not want to compromise with men. They just want to kill men.”

“Megalians have no desire to marry or date men around them.”

“Megalians consider men as their wallets or slaves.”

“Megalians’ ultimage goal is to turn men into livestock.”

“Megalians even call their own dads fucking kimchi men.”

They are all right about us. So what? There is just no need to refute them.

So why did you not crawl in front of women before these crazy bitches appear, you inferior dicks? ^오^

Hahaha, I feel so happy if I imagine I made at least one fucking kimchi man get one step closer to Jae-gi’s path today. ^^ [Seong Jae-gi was a men’s rights activist who died from a fund-raising stunt.]

From Naver KnowledgeiN:

Question: Why does this country not ban a website like Megalia?

Hell Joseon [Korea] is the only country that bans internet porn among the OECD member countries, which has brought ridicule from other developed countries. International group Reporters Without Borders even classified Korea as an enemy of the internet.

“The nation of South Korea is a world leader in Internet and broadband penetration, but its citizens do not have access to free and unfiltered Internet.”

The Ministry of Women and KCSC [Korean Communication Standards Commission] ban all kinds of adult content. But why do they not ban a nuclear waste site like Megalia? If you read their website, it is more disgusting than any porn site and harmful for the mental health of teens. These are some typical posts on Megalia.

From Megalia: [345 up votes, 0 down vote]

Do you know why Korean man bugs are upset about the comfort women issue?

It is not because of human rights or ethical reasons. They just hate that foreigners used Korean women who should’ve been raped only by Korean men. When police chief Kim Gang-ja rescued 14-year-old girls from a brothel in Miari, Korean man bugs complained that a cheap brothel disappeared.

From Megalia: [133 up votes, 0 down vote]

Let’s get an abortion if we become pregnant with a son ^^

Daughters have been treated poorly so far, right? Isn’t it mostly fucking kimchi men who commit sexual crimes or sexually discriminate? We should make them go extinct.


Pictures of severed male genitals are shared on Megalia.

Doesn’t this tell you that the true intention of the Ministry of Women’s ban on internet porn is not to protect teenagers but to oppress Korean men’s sexual freedom?

Best Answer:

I am a child of a female activist who devoted her entire life to gender equality. I also belong to social activist circles. I write this post regarding the current situation where some group’s extreme propaganda is brutally destroying Korea’s feminism that has advanced thanks to the sacrifices of many people.

Please listen, Megalians. You are inflicting indiscriminate violence under the slogan “Until the day misogyny disappears” that may sound legitimate. However, for most citizens who were not even familiar with the word ‘misogyny’, you are doing your best to strengthen misogyny as you claim you speak for ‘Korean women’ while displaying appalling behavior.

Ladies, let’s think a little bit. Your claim that misogyny is prevalent in society definitely has some truth. It is true that unreasonable statements have become prevalent on male dominant websites such as Ilbe.

But what about female dominant or female exclusive communities? Look at Women’s Generation with 600,000 members that caused controversy lately. Their problems that used to be completely concealed under the surface have been revealed. Misandry, misogyny, sexual harassment, pornography, copyright infringement, smuggling, selling drugs, etc. [The community demands proof of being female for membership and their posts are not open to the public.]

You complain about the sexualization of female idols, but even elementary school students would know which gender’s idol market is bigger. Attention to female idols’ chests is sexist but male idols’ shirt-ripping is just an acceptable sexy act?

You point out the gender wage gap in Korea is 13th among the OECD member states. But did you know that the Korean male suicide rate is the highest among the OECD (2.6 times higher than the Korean female suicide rate) and the suicide rate for Korean men in their 40’s and 50’s, who you call “dad bugs”, is overwhelmingly the highest in the world? Why does this phenomenon occur? Have you ever thought about the unfair burden Korean men have to take on as much as you thought about discrimination against Korean women? Forced gender roles inflict pain for all parties involved. I am not saying we should talk about who is more disadvantaged.

Most of you guys grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. There is lingering sexism. But in terms of dating, social life, entertainment, culture, or daily life overall, Korea today is a place where you cannot clearly say only one gender is discriminated against. In 2015, 75% of female students and 68% of male students advanced to university education. The highest leadership position in the country is taken by a female. Is Korea truly such a country where women are severely discriminated against as you depict?

You guys keep claiming that nobody paid attention to misogyny for the past 10 years and advances in women’s rights have been stagnant. Do you think people can have a normal social life if they reveal they are users of Ilbe or Soranet [a website for both men and women who indulge in sexual perversion]? Check the entry for Ilbe on Namu Wiki which you call a dick-sucking site. Check the incident part. So many incidents caused by them have been archived. Ilbe is already treated like a trash can. Soranet has survived only because they kept changing their URL and have servers outside Korea.

But you may think otherwise. “No, in Korea, women are discriminated against much more!” Sure, you are free to have your own thoughts. However, you seem to think your own ideology gives you an absolute right to stand above the constitution that protects anyone from violence and coercion.

Let’s say there is a person who has a huge scar on her face. It hurt so much and she hates when people look down on her. She hates the society that doesn’t acknowledge her pain. So she made a group with people who have similar scars and cut random people’s faces. And then she says, looking at the dripping blood. “It hurts, doesn’t it? You should feel the pain just like I did. Now you know how much I had to suffer.” Then the victim shouts, “It hurts! Why are you doing this to me?!” She says, “I know but what were you doing when we got hurt? You share the blame, too. In order to achieve our goal, I want you to endure it.”

Serial killer Yoo Young-cheol who killed women with an excuse that he wanted to give a warning to misbehaving women after satisfying his sexual greed. This is the true face of Megalia. They laugh at pictures of severed male genitals and say male babies should be ground to death as soon as they are born. They even call their own dads “sperm provider bug” or “dad bug”. Where is the noble value of social activism in this?

Indiscriminate violence that targets most innocent people who did not cause the problems in a strong belief that they are only doing the right thing. Ironically, you Megalians commit the worst discrimination against women. If a woman disagrees with you guys, you call them honorary dicks or dick-sucking bitches, which is even hard to say with a straight face. Your site already experienced divisions, which led to creation of the website “Just Between Us Pussies”. You label most women as “corset girls” or “chastity belt girls” who should be enlightened by you.

The most despicable thing is that in order to help spread your ideas and propaganda, you use sexual assault cases as your weapon, which inflicts indirect violence on real victims of sexual crimes. (Misandry using the comfort women issue. Women’s Generation’s sexual assault fabrication incident, K university’s female student committee’s fabrication about rape by a professor, S university’s sex crime committee incident, etc.) When you are faced with male victims, you justify your actions with the excuse that it is okay because you are socially vulnerable women.

“We should be honest, courteous, loyal and compassionate towards our own people. But we do not need to be this way towards other people.” – Heinrich Luitpold Himmler, Nazi SS chief and culprit for the genocide of the Jewish people

You lay down a smokescreen with a legitimate slogan that you just hate misogyny, while you set up the banner of female superiority calling men inferior animals. Then you purged internal dissenters first.

“The easiest way to rule over rationality is using fear and might.” – Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader

You completely shut down internal criticism using violence.

“Anger and hatred are the strongest power that fuels the crowd’s enthusiasm.” – Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nazi chief propagandist.

Sensational factoids your leaders created. Propaganda that keeps anger and hatred afloat. Indiscriminate violence you guys wield as a group. This is exactly in line with Nazi ideology. Nazism that was fanned by a victim complex after the World War 1. Radical feminism in Korea that used to keep a low profile. Femi + nazi. This is exactly the kind of feminism Megalians promote. […]


Females wearing Megalia bracelets.

Below are from Namu Wiki and Libre Wiki’s pages about Megalia. Many internet links and citations in the original article are not shown here. More controversies and surrounding arguments will be covered later.

From Namu Wiki – Megalia:

1. Overview

Korean internet’s ISIL that suddenly emerged in 2015. The one and only website in the world that is completely dedicated to hating the opposite gender where the administrator herself promotes misandry and public opinion manipulation.

Megalia was created on August 6th in 2015 claiming independence from DC Inside’s MERS gallery. They argue that they promote misandry as a countermeasure against misogyny. However, posts on the website cannot justify such a cause. […]

The name “Megalia” originates from DC Inside’s MERS gallery and the fiction “Egalia’s Daughters” where men and women’s traditional gender roles are reversed. This name was widely used through a Facebook page they were running before they created their own website. Initially, they also used the name “Megalia’s Daughters” but due to the opinion that it is sexist, they chose Megalian. They use both Megalia and Megalian to refer to their website. Contrary to the fiction writer and human rights activist Gerd Mjoen Brantenberg’s belief, Megalians hate male homosexuals, too. […]

1.1. Logo

A unique hand sign is drawn inside a green laurel wreath.


Megalia officially claims the hand sign means equality (=) for gender. However, in practice, it is used to belittle Korean men’s genitals. […] megalia-logo3

[“6.9” is one of the core meme words for Megalians. The sign “6.9 warning” is put on any reported post on their website, meaning it must have been written by a man. They often imply 6.9 cm is Korean men’s average erect length, although it was a flaccid length in Professor Son Hwan-chul’s journal. Also, this is the journal that was incorrectly cited for the average erect length for many years. Once a blogger collected penile lengths around the world and published a table. He put measurements from different countries in a simple comparative table. However, it was found that the penile dimensions he put in the table were measured in significantly different methods by different groups in different countries. Some numbers were even from self-measurement due to the difficulty of getting the fully erect state in lab settings. For an unknown reason, he chose Prof. Son’s measurements of flaccid stretched length instead of erect length for Korea. Despite the lack of statistical integrity, the table went viral internationally for its simplicity and eye-catchiness, got reproduced as various infographics and repeatedly cited by internet media or even some publications. Initially, it was not actively debunked by Korean netizens due to the nature of the topic. The subject slowly came into Korean netizens’ consciousness mainly through their interaction with Japanese nationalist netizens (netouyo). Lately, Megalia users have been trying to popularize the “6.9” meme on female-dominant sites. This blog explains the context with multiple academic sources.]


A Megalian post that received a “6.9 warning”.

4. Tendencies

4.1. Misandry

Along with Ilbe, Megalia leads the wagon of domestic opposite gender hate. Megalia is even ahead of Ilbe, which is not dedicated to misogyny. They exhibit a female superiority complex beyond mere hate for Korean men these days. […]

In Megalia, there are numerous misandric comments and discussions for plotting crimes against men. This can be regarded only as misandry no matter what justifications they try to bring up. Similar examples can be found from the page for Shaminism [sham + feminism]. They absurdly claim it is “mirroring” of misogyny. Simply copying Ilbe’s language and creating a female version is not an objection to misogyny. If they truly want to oppose misogyny, they should hate Ilbe. However, Megalians hate all Korean men, make fun of their genitals because “fucking Kimchi men deserve sexual humiliation”, and say anyone who criticizes Megalia is a misogynist who should be “beaten for every breath”. They show indiscriminate hate for all Korean men, which exceeds Ilbe’s misogyny in its extremity. They employ the method of sexually ridiculing men even using unsavory pictures instead of logically arguing against misogyny. They enjoy seeing disgusting pictures of severed penises. Such posts do not get deleted but rather voted up. They enjoy such activities with an excuse that it is “mirroring” to abuse men sexually. It is analyzed that they project their anti-social and distorted sexual desires formed by their isolation from society onto their target of anger, men. […]

From Libre Wiki – Megalia:

2. Tendencies

Officially, they claim to support anti-misogyny. In practice, mainly misandric and shaminist comments are posted and voted up in their forums. Their nature is similar to DC Inside’s MERS gellery.

2.1. Organized activities

Avaaz petitions, donations, opinion manipulation on various websites and online promotion of their website. Most of their activities are implemented in an organized way as a group. That is why they are exerting a larger external influence compared to the small size of their community. For petitions, they exploit the fact that Avaaz’s system that does not properly block multiple entries from a single person.


Post-It movement by Megalians. “Are we either a ‘sensible girl’ or a ‘kimchi girl’? We are just humans.” “You have absolutely no responsibility to respond to your boyfriend’s sexual needs. Even between married couples, forced sex is punishable the same as rape.”

3. Controversies and criticisms

3.1. Expansion of misandry

Although Megalia users claim that their misandric posts are a countermeasure against particular misogynists, most of the ridicule target all Korean men. It is hard to distinguish whether they are truly doing it as a countermeasure or they simply enjoy making such posts. They even repeatedly copy DC Inside Baseball and Stock galleries’ racist jokes and jokes about dead people. Also, Megalia users consistently make posts whose level of extreme exceeds that of the websites that show a misogynist nature such as Ilbe. Such posts are also highly voted up. This makes one question whether they are simply expressing misandry rather than a “countermeasure against misogyny”. This is akin to getting slapped in Jongro and then making a fuss in Hangang.[This is old Korean saying expressing someone’s misdirected anger or complaints.]

Since June in 2015, they have claimed they are “mirroring” misogyny. Some say the fact that they have to keep on insisting it means such an attempt at justification does not work well with the general public. Even if they are truly trying to mirror misogyny with a definite awareness and calculations, it can still be a problem. Most internet users come across such posts without context. It can only come off as the advent of a female version of Ilbe. Also, as new users join the website without sharing the website’s initial cause, Megalia can end up being a venue where they can let out any hate comments for simple entertainment like Ilbe.

3.2. Problems of mirroring as a countermeasure against hate

There is an argument that hate is hate no matter how it is sugar-coated. It is highly likely to bring about a backlash rather than better awareness about misogyny. There is a criticism that they are not any different from Ilbe as they are even copying Ilbe’s language. In addition, some users openly admitted they are misandrists.

3.3. Mirroring is just an excuse

They try to justify their behavior saying they are mirroring misogyny. However, it is only exposure of misandry that has existed under the surface on female-dominant sites such as DC Inside Male Celebrities gallery and Women’s Generation and then turned into full blown misandry on DC Inside MERS gallery. It is an argument that although misandry has existed for as long as misogyny on the internet, it was less exposed due to the closed nature of female-dominant websites and thus mirroring is a simple excuse.

In fact, it is even hard to say Megalia brought about simple exposure of old misandry because their extremity exceeds it. They are also different in that they believe they are righteous and implement organized movements supported by some women’s rights groups. They have only found a target where they can unload their hate and anger, which resides in everyone. They just found a chance to let out “macho-ness” under the pretense of mirroring.

3.4. Double standards

[…] If a man is victimized in an accident or a murder case, they share the news site’s URL and make ridiculing comments. They coined the expression “jae-gi” from the name of the former representative of Man of Korea who drowned in a river. There was a post where they even called King Sejong fucking kimchi man. Regarding the Itaewon murder case, they said the Korean man bug deserved death. Ilbe is criticized for jokes about dead people but Megalia is not any different.

They waged a campaign to ban Soranet while highly voting up a post that suggests making a Megalia version of Soranet. They criticized the magazine Maxim’s cover where a woman is locked in a trunk by a man for beautifying a sexual crime scene. However, they praised another magazine cover where a woman is burying a man.

3.5. Fundamentalism

In fundamentalism, the world is divided in a single frame. Religious fundamentalism is a well-known example. Megalia disparages various types of minorities and does not cease to exclude any group that is not female-only. They claim female minority groups are the most oppressed over any minority groups. Minorities of any kind are considered to be oppressors with vested rights as long as they are male. This is well shown by the fact that Megalia doesn’t show a particular political orientation. They only want to attack men.

For example, they show a high level of hate for gay men. They even make distinctions between female-to-male and male-to-female transgender individuals and treat them differently. They overlook the fact that women are not necessarily more disadvantaged when they compare women who graduated from prestigious universities and men who graduated from no-name colleges or middle class women and working class migrant men, for example. This is a typical trait of fundamentalists. There are many instances of fundamentalism such as getting trapped in anti-Americanism to criticize American imperialism or in anti-communism. For sexual assault cases, there are many occasions where the victims are humiliated. But at the same time, sexual assault is one of the few crimes that can be punished only by the victim’s statement without direct evidence. The world is not simple. They often say other minorities’s rights and men’s rights regarding military duty should be taken care of by the directly involved parties. Then, they lose the basis to criticize men who were not actively critical of misogyny.

For these reasons, the leftist camp is slowly re-assessing feminism in Korea. No self-acclaimed leftist would object to feminism’s ideals, gender equality, and the goal of creating a society without sexual exploitation or violence. However, they are realizing that Korea’s mainstream feminism has been too sanctified and politicized in order to protect their own turf. It is self-reflection that they should not make the same mistake as holding hands with NL [a pro-North Korean group] while ignoring their faults. The movement for sexual labor rights was a topic that could not even be mentioned 10 years ago. For those who have been active in the leftist party, it is a widely shared sentiment that the female quota system has been demanded by the women’s interest groups within the party to protect their vested rights. If you criticized it openly, you could be buried alive for showing machismo. Even in such social activist scenes, reverse oppression exists. Megalia ignores situations like that.

3.6. Manipulation of public opinion

They share news articles’ URLs and manipulate comment sections, which is called “firepower support”. The problem is that this is not done by a few users, but led by the administrative team. In general, using any methods at all costs to achieve a goal gives the opposition good ammunition. They even suggest a guideline. However, their firepower support is usually limited to Naver and they refrain if they have to take a risk.

3.7. Unaccepting of criticism

Namu Wiki’s entry about Megalia was written in the most critical tone among Korean wiki sites. Most blogs also criticize Megalia. Instead of acknowledging the criticisms, Megalia’s administrative team and users ask bloggers to take down their critiques and constantly vandalized Namu Wiki’s entry. They try to shut down any criticism about them.

In fact, many progressive men feel uncomfortable with feminism because the framing of oppressors and the oppressed that distorts the reality of the oppressed themselves. They fear that the men vs. women frame may upset their support for male workers who are exploited by capitalists or citizens who fight against an oppressive government. This also applies to Megalia. They try to find the moral high ground inside the frame of gender conflicts. They feel uncomfortable and do not want to acknowledge situations where men are exploited (military duty) and where women can be oppressors with vested rights (disability, education, age hierarchy, etc.) This is in line with the victim complex supporting xenophobia around the world.

3.8. Do they really offer satires?

In order for their mirroring to offer satire as they claim, they should ridicule those who spread misogyny, bystanders and society where misogyny is prevalent. Their intention should be to bring down misogyny and realize gender equality. However, they make fun of Korean men’s genitals and call dissenting women dick-suckers or honorary dicks. They even enjoy seeing pictures of severed penises.

They defend female criminals who commit sexual crimes against men and leave comments that men must have enjoyed it. A post that claims Korean men should go extinct because they have small penises received 175 up votes and 1 down vote. There was a post with more than 300 up votes that said Korean men are upset about the comfort women issue because foreign men raped Korean women who should’ve been abused only by Korean men. A post received several hundreds of up votes even though it only blamed a man when his ex-girlfriend made a revenge porn video because he dumped her. Such hate posts that do not contain any clear satirical value constantly receive high numbers of up votes. Above all, it is the most contradictory to employ not the terms but the logic of patriarchy which they criticize. […]

3.9. Hate for male sexual minorities and outing homosexuals

Since November, Megalia users have been outing male sexual minorities with whom they used to be allied, blaming misogyny. This caused division of the community and a new site “WOMAD” was launched. Currently, both sites are outing sexual minorities. The extremist site WOMAD does outing for all gays while Megalia targets gays who “caused trouble”. It is a serious criminal act to reveal such personal information. This shows how they disregard minorities’ rights.

4. Supportive arguments

4.1. Mirroring is satirical

Supporters of Megalia claim that their hate comments are in the form of mirroring that should not be taken literally. They argue that Megalia’s mirroring brought fresh attention and awareness to misogyny that is prevalent on DC Inside and Ilbe. They claim that MERS gallery has shown that women have been subject to irrational hate while men have been free from such stigma.

It is hard to simply claim Megalia exhibits hate for hate because the subject and the object of hate are not on equal footing. Thus, Megalia’s hateful rhetoric functions as a satire until misandry becomes as much of a problem as misogyny. There is an argument that it is hard to say Megalia shows natural expressions of hate because their rhetoric is strikingly similar to Ilbe’s misogynist posts and it means they are intentionally copying it.

4.2. Megalia brought public attention to misogyny in a short period of time

Supporters claim that the fact that Megalia’s mirroring for several months drew so much attention while misogyny on various websites such as Ilbe has been overlooked for several years reflects the state of the problem. They point out that Women’s Generation, MERS gallery and Megalia’s misandry has been archived very frequently in detail on Libre Wiki and Namu Wiki, compared to other online communities’ problems.

However, it is questionable whether such publicity functions positively due to their extremism. Wikis do not tolerate vandalism on their entries. Enha-type Wiki editors get enraged at vandals who try to cover up their problems and thus archive even more criticism about them. As long as the critics have basis, any attempt to silence them backfires. This type of noise alone is not sufficient to draw public spotlight for legitimate social discourse. (Ilbe also received lots of public attention but…)

4.3. Anger to be respected

Philosopher Slavoj Zizek’s book “What Is Violence?” says Paris riots in 2005 were an attempt to gain attention. According to him, rioters felt they were marginalized from social and political scenes although they were French citizens. They wanted to send a strong message that they exist no matter how much you want to ignore them. The only way for marginalized people to take the lead requires aggressiveness sometimes. Respect comes from fear, not from sympathy.

Hence, it is analyzed that Megalians try to make women get respect out of fear in this society where they perceive misogyny is prevalent instead of becoming objects of sympathy. (Although you can use the same argument for terrorist groups.)

4.4. Feminist movement

● Donations

On August 11th in 2015, Megalia donated 5 million won to Korean Womenlink for anti-misogyny activities. Since August 15th, they have been collecting money from selling Megalian bracelets. On September 16th, they donated 5 million won to Aeranwon for single mothers.

● Publicizing voyeuristic video problems

Since August in 2015, they have been publicizing hidden camera problems. Coincidentally, culprits of the “waterpark hidden camera” incident got arrested on August 26th, which fueled the relevant discourse. On August 31st, the police decided to enact a law regulating hidden cameras.


megalia-ad2 Megalia’s anti-hidden camera campaign.

● Petition against Maxim

They publicized the controversial magazine cover for “beautifying a sexual crime”. They sent complaints to the company. The petition against the cover received more than 10,000 signatures and on September 3rd, Maxim promised to recall their September issues.

● Petition against Soranet

On September 9th, they began a petition with the goal of 100,000 signatures to ban Soranet and punish related offenders. Within 6 hours, more than 10,000 signatures were collected. On November 23rd, NPAD Lawmaker Jin Seon-mi cited this petition when she was asking the police chief Kang Shin-myeong to implement strict investigations into Soranet.

Besides all this, they prepare and implement events and activities for the improvement of women’s rights and gender equality.

The aforementioned activities can be regarded as feminist movements. However, under the administrators’ guidance, they make misandric comments and vote them up to top on various websites, especially on Naver News. The administrators even encourage their users to troll other sites. Since they do many activities that express extreme female superiority and misandry, they keep causing controversy.


Megalia’s administrator on SBS Special.

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  • 바질페스토에게 패배한 벼락이

    Well, before worrying about megalia which started after June 2015, they need to consider words like Kimchi girl, Doengang girl that was made and actively used by many only for disparaging women long ago. (Maybe since Internet began) If you want to know real Korea, you need to see 엄마의 전쟁 of SBS(especially last episode) and what is considered ‘normal woman’ in Korea. Korea still says women is more suitable for caring babies or housechores than for their job working and thare are many people saying like that in public cuz it is considered right. (You may not say like that in TV in America but Korea… possible.) It is also true that difference between women’s employment rate and men’s is more serious than other OECD countries. In the situation like this, I think that ‘disgust for men is so serious’, ‘Korea has perfect gender-equality’ is bullshit.

    • terriblemovie

      Oh boo hoo, some people are called Kimchi and Doenjjang girls. We should ban free speech and call for censorship of such mean words. As if women only subways, parking spots, no military draft, women shelters, scholarship programs, menstrual leave, ministry of women, etc arn’t enough. No, we should stomp all over men(who make up the majority of tax payers) and take more of their money.

      This is why no one takes feminists seriously. Most people are for gender equality but are vehemently against radical feminists who have hijacked the word. More men are employed then women because many women decide to become stay at home moms. Its not sexism. Men also do not major in useless gender studies degrees like you do.

      • 바질페스토에게 패배한 벼락이

        Free speech? Some say that Kimchi girl is fine cuz they
        can freely speech. But why not Kimchi man or Hannam? If you feel bad hearing Hannam, you should also be against using Kimchi girl. or for both. Oh, man. “More men are employed then women because many women decide to become stay at home moms” <- Do you have any statistic about this to support your word? This sentence is exactly Sexism and why feminism in Korea should become more active. You made me laugh by saying this, but you can not realize why your word is ridiculous till the end. Thank you for making me realize it is not worthwhile to have any more conversation with you. lol

        • terriblemovie

          What about Kimchi man? People fling insults at each other all the time. Most men couldn’t care less if they were called kimchi. I couldn’t care less if I was called a kimchi man and I certainly wouldn’t want such words banned just because it hurts “feelings”. Its only annoying feminists like you who want to ban words because its “triggering”.

          Feminists want to ban the word bossy

          Ban jokes because they lead to rape.

          And seriously, do you really need me to provide statistics that show more men are employed because many women decide to become stay at home moms? Whats next? Do you also want me to prove the Earth isn’t flat, people breath air, and water is wet?

        • J. 1

          What if I tell you “kimchi girl” is being referred to whom it’s supposed to be referred to and not all Korean women? And we all know who those “kimchi girls” are unless you feel akin to it. Did I expose you BTW?

          • 바질페스토에게 패배한 벼락이

            Wow only kimchi girl? what is exactly kimchi girl? It’s just a word for depriciating women. Many koreans guys had not realized why they should not use kimchi girl before they heard Hannam bug. You seem to get to know that. That’s what megalian intended. lol. I think only the men who hated the word kimchi girl before megalian have the right for deny Hannam. But the men seem extremely rare. Hannam will perish if using the word Kimchi girl is stopped. It is so funny to hear you guys say like, “There are so many Kimchi girls in Korea. Wooo!!! Stop saying Hannam bug, megalian!!!” You don’t want to acknowedge that you had used Kimchi girl or Doengang girl publicly long before birth of the word Hannam.

          • J. 1

            Degrade who? Kimchi girls, normal girls? If that’s your reasoning why would anyone call an innocent girl kimchi girl unless she’s approprietelly called that way. It’s like indiscriminately calling any passerby an idiot. My guess is you’re having a kneejerk reaction cuz you can relate to the things by which the males are criticizing them.

          • Damn it

            What is this person? Was the word kimchi girl referred to all Korean women? Are you living in the old days as 18 century ish when Korean women were expected to live a domestic life?

            I mean, even in those back old days, those radical feminists propose somewhat propagandaic statement saying women had been or have been being mistreated so far. OK the point is, if the one was treated as shit back in that day, saying that was because of gender inequality is total bullshit. The actual things about the mistreatment in korea in the those days we’re all about the class system. Not fkin gender inequality. How the fk are you going to explain the woman king even way before the creation of Joseon?

          • gush

            You are such a special snowflake.
            When people start calling you ebola, aids, monkey and ape you give me a call on how to handle people saying mean things at you.
            (ps: I’m a white as fuck brazilian, those insults were issued usually because I entered puberty earlier and had pubes and hairy arms earlier, reason why I wax/shave till this day, also because is hygienic)

          • Megalian Kimchi-Whore-lel

            lmfao, oh loooooooooooook who’s talking, a special snowflake typical ugly ssipchigirl a.k.a. gookfaced kimchi-whore ranting as usual, projecting your deep seated, insecurity complex from your own miserable life. :-) Please, go ahead and entertain us more with your wishful K-drama blaterhing, lol.

          • Damn it

            Yeah..she feels danger of being exposed. U FKIN EXPOSED HER.



        • Hatsune Miku

          ” feminism in Korea should become more active”

          Of course it should be active. But no-one would want to see radical feminists making their voices heard, because it severely discredits feminism itself in the eyes of a lot of folks, or at least view it skeptically.

          Certainly, there hasn’t been any significant move from feminists in general to separate themselves completely from their radical sub-groups and take action against them.

          It’s no different to how Sunni Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey etc. haven’t done much to disassociate themselves from radical nutcases like ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood and other Salafist/Wahhabist nutcases, despite bitching how everyone’s being racist against Islam whenever one of them commits or sympathizes with religious terrorism or medieval beliefs that have no absolutely place in the 21st century.

          • AdamC

            Your example of Sunni Arab nations not distancing itself from groups like ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, etc… is nonsense.

            Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and Qatar bomb ISIS. Saudi Arabia has been key to routing out the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt’s government as they were the ones financing Egyptian military during the Morsi coup.

            Comitting violence and a coup is an extreme dissociation.

            Further you’re doing the appeal to novelty. Something being new or modern isn’t better. Medieval beliefs (if there is such a thing) certainly belong in the 21st century and at any time of humanity. So do ancient classical beliefs (if there is such at hing).

        • 재도

          Women in South Korea still have a CHOICE to be domestic. You need look no further than the USA to see how the rise of Feminism has destroyed their culture, not only with male-female relations… but also the crime that results from children raised in the dysfunctional families that rise WITH Feminism. The only goal of Feminism is to divide and conquer the family, and thus the nation.

          I only hope that ANTI-FEMINISM makes it’s way there before Feminism is allowed to do too much damage. Otherwise SK can kiss those wonderfully low crime-rates goodbye. It took less than 50 years for Feminism to destroy the US. Maybe in our lifetime we will see the fall of the Korean family.

      • Kell

        “More men are employed then women because many women DECIDE to become stay at home moms.”

        Women in Korea are often pressured to quit their jobs or are even fired when they become pregnant. As a foreign woman in Korea who is married to a Korean man, I’ve had multiple job interviews where I was straight out asked “Do you have children? Oh, then when are you planning to have children–will it be in the near future?” They wouldn’t want to be stuck with a pregnant woman, or a woman who has plans to become pregnant in the near future, because they’re considered useless and burdensome to the company.

        There are married Korean women who actually have to lie about their marital status to be considered for job positions. Many do not CHOOSE to stay at home, they are forced to.

        • pat

          Think of it as conscription for women.

        • Andy C

          Keep pushing feminism. Convert more to feminists. Your ire at being ‘pushed’, but actually having the choice will pale to how you’re gonna love having no choice at all.

        • Roderick Jr Tackett

          Did you know that in the west many women want to choose to be stay at home moms… but they can’t because they are forced to join the work force because of an agenda and heavy propaganda or else they are stigmatized and demonized and harassed for doing so?

          You are an outcast for wanting to be a stay at home mom. Everyone in the in crowd who are trendy are feminists. If you really think about what i just wrote.. I just destroyed your argument with facts btw.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Did you know that in the west many women want to choose to be stay at home moms”

            How many?

    • chuckrobertpearson .

      Korea needs to worry about getting its birth rate up more than worrying about how Koreans feel about working women.


      South Korea is in the perfect balance. Other countries should aspire to get on their level on gender equality. The Western nations that have embraced Feminism are perfect examples of what NOT do to.

    • 8

      True, but this Megalia is worse then being sexist. These scums want a genocide on gender. I’m thinking SOOOO FUCKING HIGH Human rights of Korea is the problem, if korea had the same human rights as UK or US, these scums wouldn’t even exist by NOW.

  • bigmamat

    Haven’t those Ilbe people and that Man of Korea group been around a lot longer than this group? Nobody has been able to shut them down.

    • Sillian

      Man of Korea isn’t a “hate” group. Their language is pretty normal. Ilbe admins do not allow pornographic posts. Megalia can be banned pretty much only because of their pornographic content if they continue to not care.

    • jayjay

      They are practically shut down as their notorious acts have become really infamous and everyone’s literally avoiding them

    • Jackie Outlaaw

      People in general think they (Ilbe)’re trash and want to shut them down.
      No clue why it’s still running.
      But Megallia needs to be shut down as well. They even dared to insult liberation activists by calling them terrorists. If it were for those activists, Koreans would still be under Japanese rule and be banned from speaking our own language. I am a feminist, but Megallia is not. They’re misandrists.

  • J. 1

    The qualities of “kimchi/dwenjang girl” (not all Korean women): golddiggers, senseless, notionless, unpatriotically selfish, snobbish slanderers and gossipers, looking down on poor guys, utterly demanding to Korean men while they themselves aren’t smart or rich, all the while being “easy sluts” to foreign (specially white) males regardless of education background, finance etc.

    • Vasilios81

      All qualities that are essentially figments of insecure Korean males’ imaginations. The guys who fuck prostitutes monthly and complain about “easy girls”. The ones who have zero interest in any pursuits other than boozing and PC games and look down on anyone from different class/university/region/poor country etc.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        So assume you are right about them, does that make J. 1 wrong?

        Have it occured to you that both males and females can have serious flaws?

        • Gypsy-bot

          yes, it makes him wrong.

          Oh it occurred to me. We all know why females in this society might feel insecure. Now the big question is why do males feel so bad like women buying expensive coffee somehow cuts into male pride or something ?

          • TheLulzWarrior

            Oh, I know the kind. The answer is that these males are pathetic, weak little he-cunts, this whole masculinity thing is just a crutch to them,
            make them feel like they aren´t the weak pieces of s*** that they are.

            I may think Megalia is spiralling in craziness but I will not claim that there is smoke without fire either.

            I have been pretty insecure, seriously autistic and lacking social skills myself but never as bad as the examples I have seen over the internets among both males and females.

            Want a laugh? Check this one out.



  • Soo Soo

    This is a really, really good article. Fascinating issue; it’s definitely so intriguing to see this extreme “feminist” narrative outside of a western country.

    • Patrick Henry

      This is feminism’s natural conclusion. Since it is a political entity that relies on demonizing the opposite sex to exist, it must create new struggle indefinitely; there is no point where the sexes are equal because admitting equality would mean feminists lose all of their political power.

  • The Pohang Lover

    LOL. 6.9cm

  • bumfromkorea

    Look, megalia isn’t perfect. But considering how fucked sexism and gender equality is in South Korea, I absolutely understand where they’re coming from. At worst, Megalia is a necessary evil.

    • Damn it

      So you are saying the evil is necessary.

      In the name of God, save this kid plz

    • Paul Teevan

      Bumfromkora for the good of Feminism please leave Feminism

    • hhhhhhhhhhh

      nice job defending known homophobes

    • Jackie Outlaaw

      Um…Megallia is a website that is extremely anti-Gay and anti-disabled people. Is that a necessary evil?

    • Roderick Jr Tackett

      Did you know that the most evil people who committed the most evil acts throughout all of human history all shared one thing in common. They believed it to be a necessary evil.

  • homie

    Replace “Megalians” with “Koreans” and “men” with “Japanese”, and it still makes sense

  • ShootehAnon

    Watch this community move on from the “hope of justifying/equalising the hatred between genders, as well as compensating for the years South Korean women have been oppressed and treated like shit”, into something just as rotten and hated as Ilbe.

    • Michael Aronson

      Then would require them to start taking pictures of men and encouraging people to harass them (followed by members actually willing to harass them), and post photos and videos of passed-out men being raped.

      • gush

        Well, they already post pictures of them raping young boys and they do encourage them to take pictures of them and the harassment of men and actually do.
        With the added benefit of encouraging false accusations (which is technically harassment on a very serious lvl) attacking men with acid and worse.

        • Michael Aronson

          “they already post pictures of them raping young boys”

          Show me proof.

          • gush

            And be arrested for possessing or procuring child porn?
            No fucking way.
            But the administrator is being charged with admitting to committing rape on the site.

          • Michael Aronson

            So you have no evidence. That’s what I thought.

          • gush

            Again, I have evidence of megalians admitting to pedophilia.
            I showed the link, and since you are korean you should be able to read it.

          • Michael Aronson

            “I have evidence of megalians admitting to pedophilia.”

            So what?

            I killed a man named John yesterday.

            Now you have evidence of me admitting to killing a man named John. That doesn’t mean it’s true.

          • gush

            Doesn’t, now go to 4chan and say you want to kill a man, say you are going to buy a gun to do it and you want to kill him because he’s black, say how you are going to do it, say where, say his actual name even.
            Respond latter from jail.
            (also, megalia isn’t a troll forum and no where in ilbes there are men saying they are going to rape little girls who are their students)

          • Michael Aronson

            That was a pretty incoherent mess. You’re welcome to try again.

          • gush

            Not really, stop trying to be stupid and do it.
            Then you can call me from jail.

          • =

            I’m a korean and these “things” are not even humans. If they had any humanity left inside of them, they’d not even gotten this far. Of course there are men who hates females, but surely I bet they are men with a wife and children. Anyway those are small part of korea that went big in fame, and I swear they shall be eradicated… One day… In a bloody mess.

          • gush

            Don’t use violence.
            They are human, understand this so you won’t turn into something similar.
            They are also a special type of humans called assholes. We call them assholes because all that comes from their action is shit and they seem to receive pleasure from fucking themselves up.

          • Roderick Jr Tackett

            You argue land think ike a typical feminist does. If it smells like a feminist, if it talks like a feminist, it’s probably a feminist.

            Its like an ideologically brain washed member of the cult of feminism defending feminism… what a shock!

          • Michael Aronson

            I argue land think?

          • Roderick Jr Tackett

            Fascinating because you yourself have no evidence in your defense of a hate group. Hypocrite.

          • Michael Aronson

            I have no evidence for . . . what claim?

          • Gary

            Are you trying to defend those that made comments like raping children and throwing acid? Are you trying to say you are the same kind of subhuman as the ppl who made comments about raping children and throwing acid?

            And Korean women making fun of Korean men lmao…. I feel bad for the sane South Koreans.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Are you trying to defend”

            No, I am clarifying to you what mirroring is. You go back and forth between getting it and very much not getting it.

            “Are you trying to say you are the same kind of subhuman as the ppl who made comments about raping children and throwing acid?”

            I have no idea what conversation you think we’ve been having, but this clearly hasn’t been it.

          • Gary

            Instead of trying to figure out which conversation you think we’ve been having, you could also take the time to reflect on your sense of morality in the meanwhile.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Instead of trying to figure out which conversation you think we’ve been having”

            No no, this is something you need to figure out. I have clearly read and addressed what you’ve written. The same cannot be said for you.

      • Quicksilva

        totally a hate group.

        • Michael Aronson

          They actually mirror and satire men’s hatred of women. All you’ve posted is mean things written on the internet.

          • Roderick Jr Tackett

            Hahaha you are so totally wrong. It is called an excuse, its called PROJECTION and accuse your enemies of what you do. They are guilty of everything they accuse their victims of.. of which they are innocent!

            Its not real.. its psychopathy
            This is all scientifically studied and proven and fact.

          • Michael Aronson

            So does that mean you’re projecting right now?

          • Gary

            Mirroring, as an example, could be screencapping a netizen making misogynistic remarks and simply commenting on how horrible of a human being the individual is. An eye for an eye is basically reducing themselves to their level. So in that case, both sides would prove to be trash of society.

            The “satire” or “sarcasm” excuse is fucking bullshit and shockingly enough I hear it a lot from people on the internet but for other random issues. Mirroring would be pointing out where they lack class and respect without resorting to the same petty behaviour or even worse.

          • Michael Aronson

            “An eye for an eye is basically reducing themselves to their level.”

            But they’re not expressing the comment in sincerity. Mirroring is just a way to highlight how awful it is by letting someone see the same comment in a different context. It’s a thought experiment, not hatred.

            “Mirroring would be pointing out”

            No, that’s not mirroring.

          • Gary

            Then by your definition, mirroring would be the trash behaviour like I had described. I’m not actually concerned with the terminology itself. But I’m not surprised you weren’t sensible enough to think of this beforehand.

            Sincerity or no sincerity, they are resorting to using it to merely as use for satire or “mirroring” just to prove whatever their point they’re trying to make. That is a prime example of toxic behaviour which proves that they are low class like the losers from Ilbe whom they share so much in common with.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Then by your definition, mirroring would be the trash behaviour”

            No, mirroring is an attempt to expose the inappropriateness of behavior by presenting it in a different context. It is 100% about the intent behind the mirroring. The fact you keep insisting mirrored statements be taken at face value shows a lack of intellectual capability on your part, or perhaps just willful denial.

            “they are resorting to using it to merely as use for satire or “mirroring” just to prove whatever their point they’re trying to make.”

            Yes, now you’re getting it.

            “That is a prime example of toxic behaviour”

            No, trying to make a point with words is not toxic behavior. It is what both you and I are doing right now.

          • Gary

            If it isn’t obvious enough, that is my opinion. Does saying no to it makes you feel better or something? I understand you have your own opinion. That’s why I replied to you in the first place to tell you that your opinion is shit (or it’s just that you’re the same as those MegaSubhuman who has fantasies of stabbing men, raping little boys and throwing acid) and tried to explain why..

            Satire is a cheap way of non-confrontation. I’m susceptible to this, too, but usually when facing petty people far less serious than those who think resorting to the behaviours of the losers on Ilbe is okay, IN ADDITION to making comments about acid and raping children. I had a spittake when I saw the dick joke but these savages have gone too far. But there’s always someone like you that tries to defend crime against humanity.

          • Michael Aronson

            “If it isn’t obvious enough, that is my opinion”

            No, you don’t get to have an opinion about what a word means. I’ve already explained to you what mirroring is. If you don’t like it, I’m afraid that’s something you’ll have to deal with yourself.

            “those MegaSubhuman”

            That’s not a thing that exists.

            “Satire is a cheap way of non-confrontation.”

            I’m not sure how this is a bad thing. Who would want to engage in an expensive form of non-confrontation?

            “there’s always someone like you that tries to defend crime against humanity”

            Again, all I have done is clarify to you what a word means. You seem to have imagined a whole other conversation we, sadly, never actually had. Maybe take medication?

          • Gary

            But I just said I don’t care what your definition is. I was talking about my definition. I thought I had made that clear. If you know the word for it then you may kindly address it instead of being a petty asshat that you are now.

            It’s you who needs to take medication, not me, as I side with humanity. If you think rape and acid is okay then you’re not on the side of humanity, and we need not discuss this further. I’m going to make it as simple as this.

          • Michael Aronson

            “I don’t care what your definition is”

            It’s not MY definition. Do you think people just make up whatever they want words to mean? That’s not how words work.

            “I was talking about my definition.”

            You don’t get your own definitions. That’s not how words work. That’s not how you communicate with other human beings.

            “I side with humanity”

            What is the opposite of humanity, Thanos? Did he wipe out half your cognitive abilities?

          • Gary

            I don’t argue to ridicule the other side but to attempt to shut them off by being straight-forward and making relevant points (when I can) in defence because I’m also genuinely curious about the person I’m arguing with on my side. I can see that your intent is to use cheap methods to throw off the person you’re arguing with, which defeats my purpose of trying to continue arguing with you.

          • Michael Aronson

            “I don’t argue to ridicule the other side but to attempt to shut them off”

            Well, you haven’t succeeded in either goal so far.

            “your intent is to use cheap methods”

            I’m not sure what an expensive method would be, or why I’d prefer to use one.

          • Michael Aronson

            By the way, what is a “level of morality”? What are the different levels?

          • Gary

            You’re on your own now.

            Ok fine, I’ll tell you this. So seek some help. You will find out eventually….

          • Michael Aronson

            Apparently I’m not on my own. You keep replying (without saying anything substantial with regard to the topic of feminism in Korea).

          • Gary

            Even if I wanted to talk about it, I wouldn’t be talking about it with you. And I sincerely hope you don’t talk about anything with anyone until you have learned to finally gain sanity.

            And actually, I wasn’t concerned with the topic of feminism to begin with…

          • Michael Aronson

            “I sincerely hope you don’t talk about anything with anyone”

            Ah, someone who’s afraid of free speech. There are many like yourself out there.

            So what are these levels of morality? Do tell.

          • Gary

            I’m surprised ppl still go on this site (like myself lol..). Haven’t seen a new post in a while. Just trying to revive some nostalgia but this concerning individual here had to ruin it for me.

          • Michael Aronson

            “I’m surprised ppl still go on this site (like myself lol..)”

            Did I give you an aneurysm? Perhaps I was right when I said you really need some medication.

            What are the levels of morality? I’d love to know more.

          • Gary

            You have already shown that you are being extremely cheap with your arguments even on the line of being accused to acknowledge crime against humanity but refuses to get to the point. If you agree to this then I have nothing more to say as I have better things to do.

          • Gary

            I don’t normally look down on people but you have forced me to think that I’m more of a human being than you.

  • HaakonKL

    So Megalia is pretty much exactly like anglosphere feminists like Jessica Valenti (writer for The Guardian)?

    • kc

      Much worse. They call their own fathers rapist, their mothers rape victims, and themselves born from rape. They advocate attacking random passerby men with acids. Not only that they sometimes abuse male children and posts child pornography of abuse on their website. Of course, none of them are ever convicted because its nearly impossible to prosecute a female for a sexual crime in Korea.

      • Zahraa

        ewww the fuck

      • Andy C

        Not much different. Just more publicly outspoken about their views. But then they are all anonymous yea?

      • scanner

        its all japan’s fault

  • nineteen85

    All this nonsense over nothing. Men and women are different, physiologically and mentally. There’s no argument there, no debate possible and no counter-point. It’s been known for eons and will never change bar aggressive surgery/hormonal treatment.

    Equality? How about serving the military and being held to the same exacting standards men are held to. No more than the required, certainly no less. And no different positions for push-ups or what not either. Oh, how about participating in sporting events in the same bracket, no gender separation.

    I am all for equal pay in a corporate environment, if the individual(male/female) is able to perform at the required level. But equal treatment everywhere? Do women really want this? Do women want to go from being able to get an Olympic medal if they work hard enough for it to not being able to even qualify for the competitions? Would the majority of women even want to work in construction?

    Women complain about sexism all the time, and yet, they are guilty of it themselves. It is inherent in all humankind.

    A final example. You hear what sounds like a slap behind you, you turn and see a woman red with anger and a young boy either crying or on the verge of doing so. You immediately think, little brat must’ve angered mommy. What if it was a man and young girl? Regardless of what she could have said/done, you’d probably think daddy’s going too far. And women are more than likely to jump to that little girl’s defense, sexism is inherent. Get over yourselves ladies.

    • Michael Aronson

      “Equality? How about serving the military”

      So when are men going to give birth? Oh right, because it’s not about literal equality, it’s about equal treatment.

      Men don’t hate that women don’t serve in the military, men hate that the military conditions are shitty. Improve the military experience and men will stop bitching about women not serving.

      • nineteen85

        Have you ever served in the military against your own will? Conscripted? I think not. I have, and so has every male in Korea. Barring the physically handicapped and mentally unsound.

        Childbirth? Is that the only point you can muster? Ok. What about, the requirement for Korean men to be stalwart, and unshakable? Men can’t let their “feelings” get out of hand, they’re not supposed to have any anyway. Women on the other hand can get hysterical and pass it off as that “time of the month”.

        Please. The conditions for serving in the military are a far cry from what they used to be. It is by no means luxurious. But any conscript knows the drill. It is the time wasted. Two years you will never get back while your peers and juniors go on with their head start in life.

        You’re right. Men don’t hate women who don’t serve in the military. Men hate women who constantly bitch and moan about inequality and cite “childbirth” as their get-out-of-jail-free card. Childbirth is free.

        • Michael Aronson

          “What about, the requirement for Korean men to be stalwart, and unshakable? Men can’t let their “feelings” get out of hand, they’re not supposed to have any anyway.”

          This kind of hyper macho masculinity is exactly what feminism is against – all gender roles, in fact. Men don’t have to act one way. Women don’t either. It sounds like you’re a feminist.

          • hhhhhhhhhhh

            Ah except they don’t give a fuck. Stop forcing a label on people. Its like going “u believe in morals? SOUNDS CHRISTIAN TO ME”

          • hhhhhhhhhhh

            Yeah they care about men’s feelings while telling them to kill themselves. Wow, much justice, very progressive

          • Michael Aronson

            Except nobody’s doing that, but keep being upset about women on the internet.

          • gush

            Really weird you talking of giving birth as being equal to being forced into military life.
            There’s no law on korea forcing women to give birth and abortions/birth control are legal.
            Actually there never were laws forcing women to get pregnant in korea.
            It’s something women do on their own volition against the potential father’s volition and then some love to claim their are oppressed by it and then they decide they want more and that being mothers makes them queens, the only fit rulers of our world.
            Quite a joke.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Really weird you talking of giving birth as being equal to being forced into military life.”

            I didn’t say it was equal. I suggested it was unequal that men don’t give birth. Don’t you care about equality?

          • SaltHarvest

            All the more reason to invent artificial wombs.

          • gush

            Equality? It’s unequal that people have different nose sizes, it doesn’t excuse anyone from law.
            Are you scared of legislative equality, korean kimichi girl?
            (since you are from megalia I can call you kimichi and it isn’t an insult, it’s an accurate qualifier)

          • Michael Aronson

            “It’s unequal that people have different nose sizes”

            Having different nose sizes doesn’t give certain people nose advantages over others. You’re not very good at this.

          • gush

            Neither is birthing a child.
            The fact that women live longer than men since ever shows it.
            Actually all around nature the number of species where males live less for reproducing is just as big as the number of species where females live less of reproducing.
            And, in humans, males live less.
            Also, are you claiming you are oppressed by nature?
            just don’t have kids, do the world a favor and don’t reproduce, go tie your tubes for humanity sake.
            Very simple, no one is forcing you to get pregnant and carry on the pregnancy, honestly I think people should force you to never do either.
            One good way to do it would be prohibiting you from getting close to pubescent boys, this way you can’t rape them.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Neither is birthing a child.”

            Those who must undergo labor for 9 months, and experience monthly periods for most of their lives so that they can perform this function, are very much at a physical disadvantage to those who don’t.

            But keep whining about men. It’s cute.

          • gush

            Not really.
            If it were women would have smaller life spans then men.
            They don’t.
            It’s like saying that sleeping puts one in disadvantage because one is vulnerable while sleeping.
            Yet people who sleep less die much earlier.

          • Michael Aronson

            “If it were women would have smaller life spans then men.”

            What does physical disadvantage have to do with “smaller life spans”? Are you drunk or just not able to read?

          • gush

            Oh, you meant a momentary physical disadvantage?
            So what?
            Of course being pregnant is a momentary physical disadvantage, while being a man is a health risk.
            You see, all a woman has to do not to have a momentary physical disadvantage during pregnancy is not get pregnant, easy as fuck, just give away intercourse, or use contraceptives, or get an abortion.
            But it isn’t weird? Most women choose to get pregnant, gosh, quite a good number of them trap men who don’t want to be parents into parenthood purposefully.
            And they do it all over again, they have, for some reason, to pop a couple more babies, and what’s weirder is that men are usually the ones who urge women to not have kids and not the other way around.
            How surprising, almost as if having kids were beneficial to women.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Oh, you meant a momentary physical disadvantage?”

            No, I didn’t use the word “momentary.” Why is reading so difficult for you?

          • gush

            It’s momentary.
            And a personal choice.
            A personal choice they make.
            And it doesn’t make them live less than men, be less healthy than men, put them in more danger than men.

          • Michael Aronson

            You don’t seem to know what the word “momentary” means.

          • gush

            I’m using as it’s usually used, to mean not permanent.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Momentary” is a bit more specific than “not permanent,” I’m afraid. It refers to lasting a moment.

            “Not permanent” can range from a moment to a lifetime, Way to narrow it down.

            But it seems English isn’t your primary language.

          • gush

            No shit sherlock, it means fleeting.
            Now, fleeting depends on the circumstance.
            On the scale of human life 9 months are fleeting.
            Gosh, elephants have a two years gestation, and they migrate while doing it.
            The only thing pregnancy hinders is hard physical work, something women already don’t tend to do.

          • Michael Aronson

            “On the scale of human life 9 months are fleeting.”

            I can’t say most people would agree to that. Though I suppose when you spend your existence whining on the internet about women, the time must pass quickly.

          • gush

            I can.
            I really can.
            That’s how I use it sometimes.
            And no, time pass excruciatingly slowly.

          • Michael Aronson

            “I really can.
            That’s how I use it sometimes.”

            I love how you jumped from making a claim on behalf of a majority of humanity, immediately to “I use it sometimes.” Sometimes.

            I am literally laughing out loud.

          • gush

            No, I said i really can say it.
            And than I said I use it sometimes this way.
            It’s not only this way, but it’s one of the ways.
            Depends on the context.

          • Michael Aronson

            I can’t argue with someone who doesn’t understand the English language. Thanks for all the laughs, though.

          • gush

            I just posted dictionary definitions that supported my claim.
            From thessaurus none the less.

          • Light11520

            Don’t worry about this guy he has been an ass bag this entire time here, just check out my convo with him.

          • gush

            I don’t worry.
            I was just having my fun.
            Yes, verbal arguments with idiots is fun when the idiots can’t punch me in the face.

          • Light11520

            I never thought someone could be that stupid in an argument.

          • kuatro

            no worries he’s all over megalia articles after the tshirtgate thing trended on facebook just recently, lol noob

          • Light11520

            He has no idea what type of site he is defending.

          • kuatro

            i honestly don’t think their intentions are always that bad. it’s just…how many other outlets exist? it’s korea, you can’t as easily disassociate from the mainstream life.

          • Light11520

            I know their intention are at the very least honest and they have done some good thing ( (shutting down sora net, fighting ilbe, combating the Maxim cover), but just because you have good intentions gives someone no right to perform heinous acts and revel in hate speech against other minorities. MLK, Malala, Nelson Mendela, and all people of their ilk understand this, that doesn’t mean a person can’t get mad when BS happens, you should, but there is a line a group should hit cross and their group crosses it one too many times

          • Megalian Kimchi-Whore-lel

            (slow slaps) congrats on claiming a victory over a pointless argument that you started. You have been trolled by others and proved how your “engrish” fails to make sense. :-)

          • Michael Aronson

            “You have been . . . proved how . . .”

            Speaking of Engrish.

            But thanks for replying to a comment from a month ago with such stunning eloquence.

          • Roderick Jr Tackett

            Arguing over semantics… classy.
            Oh and nice use of ad hominen attacks. Since you know.. you don’t have a legit reasoned logical argument. Just nonsense.

          • Michael Aronson

            “quite a good number of them trap men who don’t want to be parents into parenthood purposefully.”

            How many?

          • gush

            This much:
            “Since 1970, out-of-wedlock birth rates have soared. In 1965, 24 percent of black infants and 3.1 percent of white infants were born to single mothers. By 1990 the rates had risen to 64 percent for black infants, 18 percent for whites. Every year about one million more children are born into fatherless families. If we have learned any policy lesson well over the past 25 years, it is that for children living in single-parent homes, the odds of living in poverty are great. The policy implications of the increase in out-of-wedlock births are staggering.”

            look at some women talking about it:

          • Michael Aronson

            No, I asked you for the number of women who “trap” men, not the number of out-of-wedlock births.

          • gush

            It’s pretty obvious that the numbers are pretty similar.
            There’s no research on the topic.

          • Michael Aronson

            “There’s no research on the topic.”

            So you admit to pulling “quite a good number” out of your ass. Thanks for confirming.

          • gush

            Not on the specific case of the father.
            But on unwanted children.
            This article shows that under the mother’s impression 25% of fathers didn’t wanted the baby.
            Observe that when asked why they didn’t use prophylactics only 8% said the father didn’t wanted to use.
            Here more than one in 10 single fathers didn’t not know about the pregnancy until the baby was born.
            Single men aware of the pregnancy reported 3 out of 4 pregnancies were unintended by them.
            And all of that is ignoring up to 30% of the father aren’t biological fathers and aren’t aware of it.

          • Michael Aronson

            Why are you quoting US statistics?

          • gush

            Does it make a difference?
            have any reason to think it’s different?
            I know, you have the same reason racist have to say black people are inferior.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Does it make a difference?”

            Yes, because we’re not talking about the US. You seem incredibly confused with each new reply.

          • gush

            No, we are talking about korea.
            No reason to think it’s different, another developed industrial country with a woman’s ministry and no men’s ministry.
            Honestly I don’t think we have a reason to believe it’s any different anywhere in the world but places without birth control.

          • Michael Aronson

            “No, we are talking about korea.
            No reason to think it’s different,”

            It’s like you’re arguing with yourself. Amazing.

          • gush

            No, I’m arguing with a kimichi and a pedophile.
            remember, every second you waste with me is a second you don’t rape a child!

          • gush
          • gush
          • Roderick Jr Tackett

            Dude you are a little bitch. Whining about gods greatest gift to mankind. The ability to give life. It is a blessing not a curse. Most women would kill to have a baby and start a family. It is a beautiful thing.

            You have been brain washed to hate femininity and masculinity and to hate reproduction. You are inherently negatively biased against all things normal. Why? because it is all Agenda driven by the Globalists to destroy traditional culture so they can remake it in the NWO image and as part of population reduction.

          • Roderick Jr Tackett

            You are insane.

          • ZOMG GMOZ

            Exactly, this guy “Michael Aronson” equates childbirth to military service and equates gender roles to the colors blue and pink… It’s like arguing with a pre-teen female… Raised on MTV.

          • ZOMG GMOZ

            Gender roles are perfectly natural. They are a necessary part of human evolution. They need to be nurtured, not DEMONIZED. This is part of the Communist agenda… This is why anti-Feminism is rising in the USA and other Western nations. Wives and mothers are sick of being called worthless for fulfilling their roles in nature. I know that the governments of the world LOVE TAX DOLLARS so much that they want all able-bodied women marching in line to go to work… This is bad for male and female relations, it leaves ZERO INCENTIVE FOR MARRIAGE. The divorce rate has climbed to around 50% because of Feminism. Now more children than ever are not being raised by stay at home mothers. They are out there being molested and abused and being made into little victims which then their victim complex is being nurtured. Millennials are the generation that were raised by Feminist women. This is why they are idiots.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Gender roles are perfectly natural.”

            This doesn’t make any sense. Blue and pink do not naturally occur on humans – except for blue eyes and pink skin, which both are capable of.

            Or if you mean the preference for blue or pink is natural, then so is the preference to do away with gender roles once humans become as sophisticated as they are now.

          • ZOMG GMOZ

            So you, like a typical millennial you equate* the natural gender roles to the colors blue and pink… This says all that needs to be said about you: BETA-MALE BUZZFEED FEMINAZI.

          • Michael Aronson

            “So you, like a typical millennial equal the natural gender roles to the colors blue and pink”

            What? These are traditional color assignments for boys and girls, that have nothing to do with millennials and everything to do with the past 100 years of traditional gender labeling.

            Try making a little more sense with your replies.

          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • Michael Aronson

            You accidentally left the caps lock on. You can edit that too.

          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • Michael Aronson


          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • Michael Aronson

            Again, you’ve left caps lock on, an honest mistake many six-year-olds make.

          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • Michael Aronson

            I’m afraid caps lock isn’t a sign of yelling, it’s a sign that a six-year-old with down syndrome doesn’t know how to type.

          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • Michael Aronson

            Anyway, kiddo, it’s been a pleasure educating you, but I’ll be placing you on block until your parents educate you about basic literacy skills.

          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • ZOMG GMOZ


            [From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen]

            1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.
            2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.
            3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.
            4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.
            5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.
            6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.
            7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.
            8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.
            9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.
            10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.
            11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)
            12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.
            13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
            14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.
            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
            16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
            18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
            19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
            21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
            22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
            23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
            24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
            ********25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.********
            ********26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”*******
            27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
            28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
            29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
            30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
            31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
            ***********32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.***********
            33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.
            34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
            35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.
            36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
            37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.
            38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].
            39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.
            *******40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.*******
            41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.
            ************42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.*************
            43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.
            44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.
            45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court.

          • nineteen85

            Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I wouldn’t perceive something like that as an insult to be disavowed. I think it’s more a misnomer at this point.

            What you just described is a facet of humanism. Just because feminism misappropriated the idea and considered it their own in blind ignorance, doesn’t mean anyone that thinks the same way is a feminist. I’d much rather prefer the term. Humanist. If that also makes me a feminist, because it’s what’s “in trend” at the moment. Then so be it.

      • Roderick Jr Tackett

        My god.. the level of retardation in everything you said is disturbing. I just lost a dozen brain cells.

  • 재도

    From seeing how Feminism has destroyed the USA family, I have woe for Korean men, women and children at the rise of this beast in their midst.

    • ew youre so delusional

      • ZOMG GMOZ


        • poor men, so oppressed :'(

          • ZOMG GMOZ


          • funny because i really am a mexican woman. and it would actually be ” i’m a *white male so you have to listen to me my feelings are the only thing that matters and my right to say stupid shit is more important than everyone else’s problems waaaaaahhhh!!!!”

  • Peninsula

    Korean woman already have extreme personality. Do we need another extreme Korean woman groups in Korea?????????????

    • Megalian Kimchi-Whore-lel

      Korean girls are known for being “국제창녀” = meaning global whore. Cheap Korean whore girls with gook ugly face (even with their pathetic plastic surgery) can be seen in the ghetto streets of Japan, US, all parts of the europe, not to mention even in 3rd world countries. Sad life of kimchigirl, so much for gold-digging. :^)

  • wishfor

    All I can say is, watch out what you wish for.

    I have lived in the epicentre of feminazism – Toronto, Canada.

    People have grown to be so deprived of human contact, friendship and family values that I fail to find words to describe what kinds of boring, empty persons I have been on a date with (I am a male).

    Also, I have noticed a very strange phenomena that could not find elsewhere (I have spent some time living in Europe and Asia), A lot of girls in the West would follow whatever they see on the media as a cult and try to override their own judgement. Never ever have I seen girls fuck men out of revenge to their otherwise shitty lifestyles, and sometimes resort to blocking their contacts, feeling bad about it or straight up suing them. I have slept with a good amount of women fucking ‘for the sport’ and I have witnessed a fair number of emotional breakdowns. One chick was a commitmentphobe and was saying how she was afraid of someone potentially taking away half her apartment should she get married and then divorced. Another girl burst into tears thinking of how her older sister already had a lovely baby and a family. Like someone else in the comments mentioned before me, crime and the rest of fucked up shit is a result of fucked up kids coming from fucked up families.

    I remember I was with my girlfriend in an outdoor seating area having some coffee under the mesmerizing summer sun when I overheard one girl tell the intricacies of apartment ownership in Toronto as a single career woman. I dismissed the things as boring and proceeded to take a photo of my girlfriend. Funnily enough, when I looked at the picture later on I noticed that I had captured the two girls talking in the corner of the photo. Man, can you imagine how bored out of her mind the listening girls looked. My point is, again, after having lived in Toronto for 10 years, that a lot of girls get ‘possessed’ by certain ideologies and just play along because it’s a ‘thing’ that others are doing. But once drunk, emotional, or post-sex, their true self comes out and they break down and say how they would rather live another lifestyle.

    I have not spent enough time in Korea to see sexism at work, so please excuse my lack of competence on this topic. However, I can give you some lyrics that are spinning on the radio here 24/7 to give you an idea of what is being poured into young women’s brains over here:

    You don’t have to try so hard
    You don’t have to, give it all away
    – – –
    I’m bringing booty back
    Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches
    – – –

    and other kinds of ‘feel-good’, ‘fuck natural selection’ narrative.

    I agree that photoshopping the hell out of women in magazines is the other extreme, but also who wants to promote unhealthy and detrimental lifestyles? (see picture attached)

    Every now and then I would go out for a walk with some friends along the lakeshore and I would be shocked at the number of young women walking a puppy with one hand, swiping on Tinder with their other hand while listening to music in their earphones, completely oblivious to their surroundings. Is this happiness? I remember when I was growing up in Europe that happiness was to buzz your friend’s apartment and have him come down for a game of soccer, or riding your bikes to some new part of town.

    It is really hard to draw the line, as to ‘how much equality is enough’, I admit. However, I think the heart of any healthy society is a healthy family unit, and most currents trends aid everything BUT creating families. I have witnessed the whole ‘I am independent and moved out at 18’ thing here in Toronto, but let me tell you, it’s not like what you see in movies. So many kids break apart from their family and take whatever misery only to protect their ego from having to return home ‘defeated’. I see ‘young, independent’ local Torontonians riding bikes at -20C weather to justify their expensive rent while a lot of the ethnic kids marry, have children and share big houses with extended family out in the suburbs. I am not saying one lifestyle is superior to the other, but the downtown, bicycle-riding vegetarian crowd sometimes comes off so self-centered that they would take a selfie with a just-passed-away grandmother for no other reason than boosting their Like counts on Facebook and Instagram. Talk about priorities.

    My thoughts are a but all over the place right now but I shall be adding more stuff shortly.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      “I have slept with a good amount of women”

      Bullshit. Love that finger pic, tho.

      • wishfor

        haters gonna hate :)

  • Michael Aronson

    How convenient that this “article” is entirely statements by opponents of the group about the group.

    How come you didn’t list all the hate crimes, harassment, rapes, and murders incited and committed by members of this group?

    Oh right, because none exist.

    • Paul Teevan

      You might want to read the parts of the article that come directly from Megalia itself.

      If you still see nothing wrong, please quit feminism, it will be better off without you.

      Notably the part where they say men should be aborted on site is directly qouated from there own website. If you are in a type of feminism that supports that please get the fuck out of Feminism, we don’t need such people poisoning it

      • Michael Aronson

        Megalia “mirrors” things men say about women. It’s satire. It may not be very deep satire, but the fact you fail to comprehend this, and then get outraged when they mirror the very things men say about women is their entire point.

        • hhhhhhhhhhh

          yeah man because dudes every day say awful shit like this *eyeroll*

          • Michael Aronson

            You must be new to Ilbe. And the entire internet.

          • hhhhhhhhhhh

            Oh shit that totally excuses these shitty people’s homophobia, tell me more you cuck

          • Michael Aronson

            That’s a different group. Try to keep up.

          • hhhhhhhhhhh

            no actually both feminists and megalians are known to be incredibly homophobic. pay attention to the comments section first. but as if you actually give a fuck what a minority thinks if they don’t have an enormous victim complex

          • Michael Aronson

            Megalians are one feminist group. Feminism is an ideology. You seem extremely confused.

          • hhhhhhhhhhh

            how the fuck are you being this dense on purpose??? 3rd wave feminism is incredibly homophobic, especially with trying to turn homophobia into some subset of femmephobie. again, you claim to be so pro sj but you speak over minorities who have been hurt by aforementioned ‘progressive’ groups

          • Michael Aronson

            “3rd wave feminism is incredibly homophobic”

            An ideology can’t be homophobic. It’s not a person. It doesn’t have feelings. You seem incredibly confused.

          • hhhhhhhhhhh

            still acting like a smug fuck against an oppressed lgbt man taking issue with known homophobes. go fuck yourself you homophobic breeder piece of shit. “HURRRR AN IDEOLOGY CANT BE HOMOPHOBIC” when its members argue homophobic shit yeah they kind of are. get fucked you bigot

          • Michael Aronson

            It’s sad to hear you feel so oppressed by women, but only religious people are oppressing you for being gay.

          • hhhhhhhhhhh

            probably the most ignorant disgusting thing ive heard all week. check your privilege, hetero

          • Michael Aronson

            You seem incredibly upset by my innocuous comments and by imaginary women who are oppressing you. I hope you find a good safe space.

          • gush

            There’s nothing even on ilbe that encourages rapes of minors and the sharing of child porn produced during this crimes.
            Or on attacking people with acid.
            Or on genocide.
            And I’m not defending Ilbe, which means….
            It’s take real shit to be worst than Ilbe, and megalia gets there easy and almost sets a record.

          • Michael Aronson

            “And I’m not defending Ilbe”

            I beg to differ.

          • gush

            You can beg all you want, doesn’t change the facts, korean megalia girl.

          • Michael Aronson

            I am not Korean, a megalia member, or a girl. You’re not very good at this.

          • gush

            Yes you are. You aren’t michael, which you admitted too and you’ve been flooding the forums and pretending you are not reading the links and that some links are dead when they aren’t.

          • Michael Aronson

            “You aren’t michael, which you admitted too”

            Where did I admit this? You’re aware that there are different people making different comments, yes?

          • gush

            Same name, same profile pic.

          • Michael Aronson

            As . . . ?

          • gush

            As your fucking self. I’m not going to hunt for the comment, you prick.
            Just because you don’t remember every comment you make.

          • Michael Aronson

            “I’m not going to hunt for the comment”

            Because it doesn’t exist. Thank you for your concession.

          • gush

            You know it does, stop being disingenuous.

          • Michael Aronson

            I keep asking you because I have no idea what you’re hallucinating.

          • gush

            Stop being disingenuous.

          • Michael Aronson

            You’re going to have quite the uphill battle trying to convince me I’m not who I am.

          • gush

            I’m not trying to convince you, jackass, there’s no fucking need to tell you what you already know.
            i’m just making you know that I know.

          • Michael Aronson

            Again, you seem to have great trouble with the English language and distinguishing between knowledge and misplaced presumptions.

          • gush

            Stop bullshitting.

          • Michael Aronson

            Any time you stop feeling triggered, feel free to tell me “who I really am.” I’m very eager to find out.

          • gush

            Stop bullshitting.

          • Michael Aronson

            So you can’t tell me? Still too triggered?

          • gush

            Stop bullshitting.

          • gush

            remember, every time you spend with me is a second you waste not lying to a gullible fool defending megalia. But it’s also a second you gain not advocating the rape of young boys in megalia and risking getting arrested or fired.

          • Light11520

            “You seem incredibly upset by my innocuous comments”
            Because what you have said, have been outright lies and disservice to what actual lgbtq go through.

            “imaginary women who are oppressing you. I hope you find a good safe space.” when in gods name did he say anything about women? No he said Meglains, who are known for being homophobes, and 3rd wave feminist even though I disagree.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Because what you have said, have been outright lies and disservice to what actual lgbtq go through.”

            I am not lying, what I am writing is written in good faith. These are my opinions. And women are not out to get lgbtq.

            “when in gods name did he say anything about women? No he said Meglains”

            They’re women.

            “who are known for being homophobes”

            That’s a different group.

          • Light11520

            “I am not lying, what I am writing is written in good faith. These are my opinions. And women are not out to get lgbtq.”

            Here is what you said “but only religious people are oppressing you for being gay.” That is a lie, you are stating a fact here not an opinion, and you also said
            “by imaginary women who are oppressing you.” Not when these woman got shutdown by Facebook for hate speech against lgbtq.

            “They’re women.” They are composed of woman, but he is clearly talking about them as group, not their gender

            “That’s a different group.”


            The proceeds from selling the shirt go to help the group prepare for a civil lawsuit against Facebook, which the group claimed has unfairly shut down its account on three occasions citing “company terms,” which ban individuals or groups advocating hate toward a particular minority group from using their service.

          • Michael Aronson

            “these woman got shutdown by Facebook for hate speech against lgbtq.”

            That’s not Megalia, that’s a different group.

          • Light11520

            “The proceeds from selling the shirt go to help the group prepare for a civil lawsuit against Facebook, which the group claimed has unfairly shut down its account on three occasions citing “company terms,” which ban individuals or groups advocating hate toward a particular minority group from using their service. ”


          • Michael Aronson

            Where’s the actual claim from Megalia?

          • Light11520

            “GIRLS Do Not Need A PRINCE,” made by MEGALIAN, an online community with some radical feminist members.

            The proceeds from selling the shirt go to help the group prepare for a civil lawsuit against Facebook, which the group claimed has unfairly shut down its account on three occasions citing “company terms,” which ban individuals or groups advocating hate toward a particular minority group from using their service.

          • Michael Aronson

            Is English not your native language? Where is the claim from Megalia? Where does a Megalia representative make this claim?

          • Light11520

            Holy Shit, my patience in running thin here, FACEBOOK ok FACEBOOK shut them down, you honestly think Megalian is going to just admit to what it did? NO. I much rather belive Facebook and its policies since it has been making a conservative effort to make it more inclusive.

          • Michael Aronson

            So you admit there is no actual statement about this from Megalia. Thank you.

          • Light11520

            Are you dumb? Is there something mentally wrong with you? It’s fine if that is the case. Facebook banned them for hate speech, it does not matter whether Megalian said anything since Facebook saw what they were doing

          • Michael Aronson

            “it does not matter whether Megalian said anything ”

            It actually does. This is what you wrote:

            “The proceeds from selling the shirt go to help the group prepare for a civil lawsuit against Facebook, which the group claimed has unfairly shut down its account on three occasions citing “company terms,” which ban individuals or groups advocating hate toward a particular minority group from using their service.”

            And I’m asking you where does Megalia claim this?

          • Light11520

            Ok, let’s step back, I am not talking about the law suit, I am talking about the fact they got shut down, by Facebook, for inciting hate speech, you dont need a representative for that. That’s written in fact, just because you sue does not me anything.

          • Michael Aronson

            That is not what I’ve been talking about and not what I’ve been disputing.

            But I will gladly address it. Show me which “hate speech” got them removed from Facebook.

          • Light11520

            “That is not what I’ve been talking about and not what I’ve been disputing.'”
            What have you been talking about? I am saying they use hate speech and clearly proven to them getting shut down by Facebook

            “But I will gladly address it. Show me which “hate speech” got them removed from Facebook.”
            No, do it yourself I have posted my evidence by going to a legit Korean-news that website that says they were shut down for hate speech, you find your evidence and show it to me, I am not doing all the work.

          • Michael Aronson

            “What have you been talking about?”

            It’s right there two of my comments above. Do you really need me to copy and paste it for a fifth time?

            “No, do it yourself”

            That which can be asserted (by you) without evidence can be just as easily dismissed (by me) without evidence.

          • Light11520

            “It’s right there two of my comments above. Do you really need me to copy and paste it”
            I don’t need a representative for Megalian or anyone to say that, it says they claim it in the article, from a credited website.

            “That which can be asserted (by you) without evidence can be just as easily dismissed (by me) without evidence.”
            I guess credible websites aren’t evidence stating this fact. Wow, I at least have evidence to back my shit, hello the link is there, what do you have? Nothing you have not posted a single link or anything yet, I have no evidence even thought I did.

          • Michael Aronson

            “I don’t need a representative for Megalian or anyone to say that”

            I didn’t say you do. I do. If you can’t find it, then that’s another assertion without evidence I can dismiss.

            “I guess credible websites aren’t evidence stating this fact.”

            It’s not a fact, it’s an assertion.

            “I at least have evidence to back my shit”

            Then show it to me, like I’ve repeatedly requested.

          • Light11520

            “I didn’t say you do. I do. If you can’t find it, then that’s another assertion without evidence I can dismiss.”
            Despite disregarding my link, a credible website that says other wise, geez I should just disregard everything.

            “It’s not a fact, it’s an assertion.”
            Uh, not when comes credible website that has done its research


            Also how about you just look at the article we are writing under.

          • Michael Aronson

            “Despite disregarding my link, a credible website that says other wise”

            I didn’t ask you to find a news site making this claim. I asked you to find Megalia making this claim.

            “not when comes credible website that has done its research”

            It doesn’t matter who makes the assertion – it’s still an assertion.

            Apparently English is not your mother tongue, so I have no more use for you. How pathetic that you couldn’t back up any of your claims with actual evidence.

          • Light11520

            “I didn’t ask you to find a news site making this claim. I asked you to find Megalia making this claim.”
            I don’t need their claim credible news sites and Facebook have already shown faceted of that.

            Actually an assertion does matter when the person who has done did thier reasearch especially on a credible site. Also just look up at the website we are writing on.

            Fine I have no more use for you either, people like you are the scum of the earth and a disgrace to the human race, completely dismissing no outright lieing to an lgbtq man and the shit he went through and don’t say you haven’t you have buddy. I fucking have lqbtq family buddy and you are a straight lier. I hope you don’t have that type of family around and if you do I feel fucking sad for them. You are one do the reasons people hate feminism and I was about to consider myself one until you showed up here and showed everything that is wrong with them. I have given you evidence, just scroll up on this article and look on the wikis. If I am pathetic you are a waste of space.

          • Light11520

            “Apparently English is not your mother tongue, so I have no more use for you. How pathetic that you couldn’t back up any of your claims with actual evidence”

            Also that is pretty xenophobic and you saying that proves you have Nothing, NOTHING to back up what yo say even thought I do.

            Have fun sifting through all of this

            11 각주
            이동 ↑ ISBN 9788982730009
            이동 ↑ 씹치 또는 씹치남이라 부룬다. 식초남, 상폐남 등의 바리에이션도 있다. 반의어는 탈치남.
            이동 ↑ 메갈리아 이용약관, 메갈리아, 2015.09.13. 확인
            이동 ↑ 남혐할수록 예뻐지는거 같다.
            이동 ↑
            이동 ↑
            이동 ↑ 남혐하지마!!!!!!!!
            이동 ↑ 이제 다시 순수한 남혐으로 돌아갈 때다
            이동 ↑
            이동 ↑
            이동 ↑ 2015년 11월 기준, 메갈리아의 사이트 규모는 씨코와 비슷하거나 조금 더 크다.[1]
            이동 ↑ 메갈리아의 딸들, 혐오로 혐오를 지우는 방식, 고함20, 2015.06.04.
            이동 ↑ 이 문단에서는 메르스 갤러리를 뜻하는데, 사실상 같은 사이트로 보아 같이 묶어 서술한다.
            ↑ 이동: 14.0 14.1 「’메갈리안 1세대’ 받은 그대로 돌려주다」, 시사iN, 제418호
            이동 ↑ [2] 안상수 외 4명, 남성의 삶에 관한 기초 연구(II), 한국여성정책연구원
            이동 ↑ 위근우 (2015.9.16). 메갈리안, 분노가 이긴다 발췌. 2015년 9월 17일에 확인.
            이동 ↑ ISBN 9788996172888
            이동 ↑ 안상수 외 4명, 남성의 삶에 관한 기초연구(Ⅱ): 청년층 남성의 성평등 가치 갈등 요인을 중심으로, 한국여성정책연구원
            이동 ↑ 엄진, 전략적 여성혐오와 그 모순 : 인터넷 커뮤니티 ‘일간베스트저장소’의 게시물 분석을 중심으로, 이회여자대학교 대학원
            이동 ↑ 엄진, 전략적 여성혐오와 그 모순 : 인터넷 커뮤니티 ‘일간베스트저장소’의 게시물 분석을 중심으로, 이화여자대학교 대학원
            이동 ↑ 여성혐오 반대하는 활동에 함께 해주세요!
            이동 ↑ 행동하는 메갈리안 기부팔찌 판매 링크 오픈!, 행동하는 메갈리안 기부팔찌 웹/SNS 홍보시안 공개(+기부처 관련 수정), 행동하는 메갈리안 기부팔찌 기부처 변경
            이동 ↑ 미혼으로 임신, 출산하여 도움이 필요한 여성들에게 숙식보호, 상담, 교육 등의 도움을 주는 미혼모 생활시설
            이동 ↑ 팔찌글)) 1차기부인증
            이동 ↑ 프로젝트에서 ‘몰카’ 키워드로 검색, 메갈리아, 2015.11.27. 확인.
            이동 ↑ 메갈리안 불법 몰카 근절 캠페인 진행, 타임트리, 2015.11.27. 확인.
            이동 ↑ [종합’커지는 몰카 불안감’…경찰, 몰카 금지 법안 신설 추진], 뉴시스, 2015.08.31.
            이동 ↑ 맥심코리아: 사과하십시오!,
            이동 ↑ 여성단체들 맥심 본사에 청원을 보내다
            이동 ↑ Maxim Korea Sexualizes Violence Against Women On Latest Cover 사과문
            이동 ↑ 맥심 9월호가 계속 팔리고있다 대책불판
            이동 ↑ 강신명 경찰청장: 불법 성인사이트 소라넷 폐쇄와 관련자 전원의 엄중한 처벌을 요구합니다., 근데 이거 취지는 좋은데 현실성이 있을지는 의문이다. 잡으려면 벌써 잡을 정도로 유명한 곳인지라…
            이동 ↑ [151123] 진선미 의원, 소라넷 폐쇄 주장. 경찰청장 폐쇄 약속, 유튜브 (진선미 의원실), 2015.11.24.
            이동 ↑ 그것이 알고 싶다 1013회, SBS, 2015.12.26.
            이동 ↑ 여시+메갤러들아, 흑표당이라고 들어봤냐? (무도갤)
            이동 ↑ 긍정론자들은 이를 ‘여혐혐’과 ‘미러링’이라 칭한다.
            이동 ↑ [3], 전체가 점점 싫어진다. 여혐혐이라는것도 짜증난다 남혐좀 하면 안되나?
            이동 ↑ 해당 보고서 내에서 이를 ‘여성혐오표현이 있는 글’로 정의하였다.
            이동 ↑
            이동 ↑
            이동 ↑ 문자 그대로 해석한, ‘여성을 혐오하는 것’
            이동 ↑ 노골적인 혐오 이외에도 기존의 성역할 강화, 여성의 성적 대상화(음란물 등) 등 여성에 대한 편견을 적용시키는 것까지 포함하는 경우(출처: Daley, Gemma (2012년 10월 17일). 《Macquarie Dictionary has last word on misogyny》)가 있는 등 대중들에게 받아들여지는 여성혐오의 의미보다 범위가 넓은 경우가 많다.
            이동 ↑ 안상수 외 4명, 남성의 삶에 관한 기초연구(Ⅱ): 청년층 남성의 성평등 가치 갈등 요인을 중심으로, 한국여성정책연구원
            이동 ↑ 안상수 외 4명, 남성의 삶에 관한 기초연구(Ⅱ): 청년층 남성의 성평등 가치 갈등 요인을 중심으로, 한국여성정책연구원 중 ‘정책 제언’ 문단
            이동 ↑ 송곳 (웹툰) 中 이수인이 노동조합을 탄압하는 프랑스인 점장 가스통의 주장에 대해 내뱉은 일갈. 가스통이 앞서 한 말은, “이건 현지화야. 난 이곳의 룰을 따르고 있는 거야”라며 “한국에서 노조 지도자를 어떻게 취급하지? 여기가 다른 회사였다면 넌 이미 해고됐거나 창고에 박혀 반성문이나 쓰고 있을 걸? 네가 지금 여기서 나와 얘기할 수 있는 것도 우리가 푸르미니까 가능한 거야”.
            이동 ↑ 근데 메갤에서 일베말투쓰는거
            이동 ↑ 페미니즘의 입문서로 너무도 유명한 ‘페미니즘의 도전’을 쓴 저명한 페미니스트. 주류 페미니즘의 경향에 가까운 분.
            이동 ↑ 똥꼬충 똥꼬패스 등의 게이비하 표현의 사용에 대해 내부에서 비판하면 ‘자정충 씹선비 도덕충 코르셋 등의 조리돌림을 가하는 것이 메갈리아의 분위기였다. 이에 반박하는 한 메갈리안이 한 발언이다. 물론 다수파 메갈리안들은 어떤 표현을 쓰던간에 여성을 대상으로 한 것이 아니면 상관없다는 태도를 보이는 경향이 크다. 사실 이갈리아의 딸들을 명칭의 모티브로 삼은 곳에서 동성애 혐오 표현 사용이 논란이 된다는 것 자체가 저자에 대한 모욕이다.
            이동 ↑ 실제로 여성 외의 모든 집단에 대해서는 타자화를 하며 비하하기까지도 한다. 여성이 모~든 사회적 약자, 소수자 중에서도 가장 약자인 집단이라고 판단하는 관점을 가지고 있다. 방법론적으로는 개인주의가 아닌 전체주의이다.
            이동 ↑ 흔히 쓰는 마초라는 표현도 인종차별이 어원이다.
            이동 ↑ 출처필요
            이동 ↑ 뉴스기사의 링크를 알려주기
            이동 ↑ 오늘의 유머는 메갈리아와 사이가 매우 안 좋은 사이트 중 하나인데, 거기서 메갈리아를 홍보하는 행위에 대해 문제삼지 않고 오히려 감사하다고 하고 있다.
            이동 ↑ 링크의 게시물에 적혀있는 한국 남자의 평균 음경 크기는 여러 논문에서 확인할 수 있듯 정확하지 않은 수치이다.
            이동 ↑ [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] 그 와중에 조작이라고 주장하고 있다.
            이동 ↑ 주장에 대한 반박글
            이동 ↑ 그러나 해당 유저가 남자인지에 대해서는 설명이 없다.
            이동 ↑ 메갈리아에서 많은 추천을 받은 게시글
            이동 ↑ ㅇㅇ (2015.9.14). 갓치들은 다들 존예다ㅠㅠ예쁜데도 남혐한다 이기야!
            ㅇㅇ (2015.9.14). 외모 코르셋 벗는 법. 로-지-컬 주의
            ㅇㅇ (2015.9.14). 끌올) 게임 속의 벗고 마르고 젊고 가슴 허벅지는 큰 여캐들에대해
            ㅇㄱ (2015.9.14). 너 갓치는 존재 자체로 사랑스럽고 예뻐♡ 급으로 보자마자 지렸던 말 적어본다
            이동 ↑ 저와 제 아내 그리고 제 작품 윌유메리미에 관한 허위비방에 따른 명예훼손에 관해 강력히 대응하고자 합니다., 마인드C 블로그, 2015.11.01.
            이동 ↑ 관련 트윗, 마인드C 트위터, 2015.11.01.
            이동 ↑ [세이브메갈] 바로 지금, 진정한 미러링이 시작됩니다., 무한도전 갤러리, 2015.12.25.
            이동 ↑ 아카이브 백업
            이동 ↑ 글의 내용을 순화하여 표현하자면, 놀이터에서 놀고 있는 남아들을 ‘좆’으로 지칭하며, 남자 아이들을 가지고 놀고 싶은데 그러지 못해 너무 아쉽다는 내용의 글이다.[9]
            이동 ↑ 소라넷 고발 프로젝트를 진행한 르포 (RPO)팀입니다., 소라넷 고발 프로젝트, 2015.12.31. 확인
            이동 ↑ 세이브메갈 페이스북의 글
            이동 ↑ 우보끼 운영자 인증?, 무한도전 갤러리 (구글웹캐시), 2015.09.24.
            이동 ↑ 시발 우보끼운영자 뭆시였냐, 메갈리아, 2015.09.24. 아카이브
            이동 ↑ 우보끼 관련 정리, 무한도전 갤러리 (여자마초), 2015.09.24. 아카이브
            이동 ↑ 2015년 7월 3일 하루만 열렸다가 사라진 위키위키와는 다른 사이트로 같은 해 9월 15일에 열린 위키위키 사이트이다.
            이동 ↑ 떡밥이 필요하십니까??, 무한도전 갤러리, 2015.09.25. 아카이브
            이동 ↑ 근데 난 정말 메갈얘들이 와서 위키좀 썼으면 좋겠어, 무한도전 갤러리, 2015.09.25. 아카이브
            이동 ↑

          • Michael Aronson

            If English is not your native language, then I understand the confusion, and you need reply no further.

          • Light11520

            Sorry about the things you’ve went through man because of groups like those. This guy clearly has no consideration for people like you and clearly has not heard of intersectional feminism. He was a dick.

    • hhhhhhhhhhh

      nice job defending a known homophobic group

  • fds

    I always wondered when the Judeo-Feminist nonesense would hit E. Asia. These people need to know that feminism is a fake movement stemming from the gentlemen culture of the West in the context of Jewish media domination poking fun at Whitey.
    They won’t, of course, because none of the memes above are understood in Asia. I don’t see this gaining traction in Korea, with its blockade of foreign media, but the very idea of this virus reaching those shores is unsettling. Western men went to Asia to avoid this destructive force to families, gender relations, and ultimately the survival of society.

    • Unknown Soul

      Unfortunately as a American college student I am seeing the destruction that Feminism has done not only to our culture and male to female relations, but our next generation of men our probably going to be avoiding women as much as possible.

      At our colleges we can be arrested as a “rapist” just by word alone and we are denied our right to due process along with getting expelled or worse. a growing moment called “Date off Campus” is spreading and at the college I was at there were very few people dating if at all; even then the guys were treated like living trophies or pets.

      Men at work, college, or even in their personal live are blasted for trying to speak their mind or opinion get accused as being “sexist” and are quickly shunned, isolated, or ridiculed by other women and their male “friends.” what is left of the sane men that want a future in there education, work, or relationships are staying under the radar in small groups of trusted friends or isolating themselves until they find a better alternative to where they are at now.

      I am even going to a religious college now and I am already seeing the roots of feminism creeping in to the religious environment as well; Men are running out of options for relationships, work, and education her in America.

      Personally I am trying to get an education so I can work overseas somewhere in Asia or Eastern Europe, and I have notice it is becoming a rising unspoken trend amongst college age men; I fear that Feminism is not only going to cost America marriage, jobs and education; but also a
      generation of our men will be either lost to Political Correctness or
      vote with their feet and go elsewhere.

      I am willing to respond to any questions when I can and I wish you and your country the best of luck.

    • kuatro

      lol that is firing from stormfront territory comrade

  • 이수행

    It’s korea style feminism…
    could you advocate this group…?
    link to :

  • Andy C

    Far too many women there seem to want to be at war with men, but only while the men are more polite to them than they are to the men.

    You’re gonna love when you finally push those men too far and they decide to turn up to do war right back at you.

  • menrppl2

    we have killallmen in the west.

    the supramist, hate use lie punish men bugs attitude of women seems quite common and universal

    in all fairness women are honoured respected and valued while being self centered, while men are demonised and treated with disdain and disregard while being serving and self sacrificing.

    its really only natural women feel superior and entitled.

    men valuing themselves, and respect being something earned rather than granted would seem a likely future outcome.its already started with MGTOW.

    if these feminist groups are seeking equality thru losing women’s special status as ones who need to be respected valued honoured protected and provided for…..they are definetly doing a good job of it….and good for them.

    as a MGTOW man bug, i’d say the end of women having special status is obviously long overdue.

    I don’t see the female supremacy thing working out ladies…..its going to be welcome to the bug life.

    • gush

      Hate is universal, all kinds of hate exist all over the world.

      • menrppl2

        and yet none so acceptable as by women or against men

        • gush

          Maybe so, but the point is that this isn’t unique to korea.

          • Roderick Jr Tackett

            No one claimed it is unique to Korea.. all of the modern world is battling with feminism….. you have no thesis or point.. my point is. why did you make that statement.. it had no purpose…. except seemingly o devalue and legitimize our opinions and the facts. The nonsense argument. Everyone else is doing it.. is a logical fallacy BTW.

            Even your wording shows your bias toward our view point “Maybe so” You are inherently biased.

  • SaltHarvest

    The gender wars are getting warm in Korea.

  • ProfessorPark

    Have you been to ” Songpa” area in Seoul??? Full of these crazy bitches.

  • zocli michael

    kim jong yong must hope they will weaken south korea, they will make thing easy for him.

  • pineapple

    this website is so intense and crazy. but now this website is closed. so if you have any interest then go they are so odd

  • pineapple

    i typed it wrong, the website is

  • Patrick Henry

    That’s because feminism was invented by jewish communists to destroy stable families in their host nations. A demoralized and atomized populace is easier for a shadow government and banking conglomerates to control.

    • TazKidNoah

      sure François Marie Charles Fourier
      sounds like a Jewish man even thou his works called for murder and enslavement of Jews?! that makes PERFECT SENSE!?!!?

      • Patrick Henry

        Then it was subverted to make it that way. The protocols only describe working to coopt movements and societies to destroy the white gentile family. The word Racist was also invented by a french man as a synonym for healthy nationalism. It was later redefined by Trotsky to destabilize and balkanize yugoslavia, in fact it is this series of events that lead to the situation that would later be called ‘balkanized’.
        (Protocols = Protocols of the learned elders of zion. Old book, very eerie in how much of what is going on coincides with it)

        • TazKidNoah

          I’m going let that comment show the public see what runs in your head. lol

          • Patrick Henry

            I think the people who question me for questioning the integrity of a group of people who attacked the USS Liberty to try and get the US to nuke Egypt are insane. So go ahead, gullible slave.

  • TazKidNoah

    Since Megalia website is shutdown… there an outlit for Male to talk to anyone from Megalia?

    Im from America and i just want to experience a conversation?!

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    Recently several womad (extreminist feminist group) members are under investigation for mixing antifreeze into coffee before serving to male customers. The posts on womad community included questions regarding the appropriate amount of antifreeze that can be added to coffee without the taste being noticeable, and at the same time able to cause death.

  • quickshooter

    Sounds like an outright terrorist group like BLM and Antifa
    i wonder (((who))) sponsers them…

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