Tokyo Governor Calls China ‘Crazy,’ Koreans Side With China

With the recent rise in tension over a set of islets between Japan and Korea, a similar territorial dispute [see chinaSMACK here and here] between China and Japan has reached new heights, with violent anti-Japan protesters targeting Japanese companies based in China over the weekend. While this does not relate to Korea, Korean netizens were in their thousands on portal websites discussing the issue at hand, sympathizing with the Chinese.

From Yonhap News:

Tokyo Governor Criticizes China as ‘Crazy’

Provocateur governor Ishihara Shintaro poured controversial remarks on China after the Chinese naval patrol ships entered the Senkaku islands/Diaoyu islands waters, calling the Chinese action ‘crazy.’

Governor Ishihara held a press conference on the 14th, saying ‘Ours is ours and yours is ours, that is their approach and it would cause chaos in the world. I think (China) has gone crazy,’ adding ‘if someone walks into a house with shoes on, they need to be kicked out.’

Ishihara Shintaro and China

In regard to the Japanese assaulted in China ‘Holding innocent citizens as hostage is vile. They should be ashamed.’ ‘The social inequality (in China) is such that the antagonism of the underclass is at a breaking point. No one knows how or when it will explode, but social instability is unavoidable,’ he claims.

When asked if the recent purchase of Senkaku Island by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) contributed to the deterioration of the Sino-Japan relationship, Ishihara countered ‘things like economy and other interests are acceptable to lose, but losing the national culture or tradition, and being subordinated to that kind of country (China) is far far worse,’ adding that he does this ‘to rescue Japan.’

Governor Ishihara sent an open letter to the five candidates in primary for the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) president position. In it he asked ‘it is time to bid goodbye to the lazy status quo and assert our national will to the world.’ He will publicize the responses he receives from each candidate.

Once the LDP is back in power Ishiraha wished that the new government ‘would at least construct an anchorage’ and ‘the money raised by the TMG is to be used to reinforce the control over the islands rather than putting into the state coffer.’

Comments from Daum:


It’s Japan that is crazy… Korea, China and Russia will agree on this.. Well, I suppose the crazy ones don’t know they are crazy


The one who is crazy here is Japan who never learned from their past and still engages in territorial disputes


Japan will eventually be isolated. They choke themselves and just look over sheepishly at America. If China supercedes America and sides with us, they will be completely isolated


Yeah! Good job. Go strong! And have a war with China


And yet Japan claims territorial right over Dokdo? Ours is ours and yours is ours as well, is that a self-description…? So sneaky, so cheap…


You fucktard, in my opinion Japan is more crazy


This is exactly what I want to say to Japan.. When the Japanese patrol ship appears near Dokdo, relay this message to them


Jjok-bari, reflect on what you did before you say these things


Wow, real crazies really have no idea what they have done

우울한 오후:

And you?


Those words shouldn’t be spewing out from your mouth… They are our words to you


Still, not as bad as you.


In my opinon, the Japanese cabinet is crazy… Their cabinet can only do kindergarten-level diplomacy… They really need to re-do their elementary school.

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  • Ruaraidh

    “In it he asked ‘it is time to bid goodbye to the lazy status quo and assert our national will to the world.’ He will publicize the responses he receives from each candidate.”

    This seems interesting.

    • lavista4u

      When will humanity wake up..Its all done by the global elite Freemasons and Illuminati cabal who rule the earth from shadows. No Japanese, No Chinese, No Korean wants a war for a stupid crap size island. Its the media who manipulates your thinking into believing the other sides are crazy.

      Chinese have mined more land in China itself than the size of this Island, So does Korea and Japan…who have mined their own land at some point in time.

      Do not be a food and fall into propaganda. The one who will be killed is YOU and not these Politicians.

      • Tippy Long Stocking

        smartest thing anybody’s said on koreabang.

        • Brett Sanbon

          I hope you’re joking… Unfortunately, I think you actually do agree with this fruit loop.

      • my 2 cents

        I’ve seen 100 kinds of dumb, but you sir take the award for dumbest. runner up is tippy long stocking!

        • my 2 cents

          unless that’s sarcasm I don’t get!

  • DC

    For someone who has a connection with Korea (my wife is Korean – love her more than most).
    Can someone explain the history. The mechanics. The reasoning behind this? Japanese and Chinese angles.
    I do not undetstand what is at stake and would like to know.
    Thank you!

  • Brett Sanbon

    I just hope that whatever’s going on over in China right now doesn’t make its way to Korea.The first thing you’ll see is my backside as I board a plane out.

  • Mohamad Taufiq

    Wait, people take Shontaro Ishihara’s words seriously?

    This guy hasn’t even banned To Love Ru as a publication yet!

    Why would anyoone get prissy over this old man?

  • Cleo

    Look how “Crazy” Seal is about Herero Namibians being targeted for extinction by the Germans, he married and repeatedly impregnated Heidi Klum – she’ll never fool anyone ever again thanks to him.

    • Tippy Long Stocking

      what do you mean she’ll never fool anyone again?

    • vetomon

      She wants more impregnation from other reject men but not from Asian men.

      She is a pig with lipstick on.

      • Brett Sanbon

        为什么中国人来韩国的网站一直欺负白人? 知识一个笨蛋的troll. 滚开

    • Jeffli

      Cleo , pls take your medicine, lie down and rest and read Maos red book again. (only book you’ve got?)

  • Cleo

    Watch CCTV news, there is a girl news reader whose face is AWESOME when she reports that the Japanese are demanding protection and guarantees of safety. LOOK at what they did to Chinese citizens – were they protected and safe from these trespassers?

    I’m familiar with one CCTV male news reader who looks gentle and sad when he has to report on this type of news. I get it. He’s a man and he sees Chinese females from the outside and we live from our inside so we have no idea that Chinese men better understand what Japanese are thinking when they see Chinese females and what they are thinking when they HURT Chinese females. So I know that Chinese men feel very sorry for Chinese females but we are JUST PISSED.

    They are so ridiculous.

    Japan, Leave China Alone. Go away and leave us in peace. STOP. Just STOP.

    • holdingrabbits

      Actually, I’m pretty sure the Japanese living in China didn’t do anything to the Chinese. But if you want to go with history, just think about what the Chinese did to the Chinese during the Maoist revolution. There are people like you who insist that tribal bullshit be sustained and that wars go on indefinitely for generations. Why? No real reason. Speaking of Japan leaving China alone, do you think China could leave Tibet alone? Or Hong Kong? Or Taiwan?

      • vetomon

        “do you think China could leave Tibet alone? Or Hong Kong? Or Taiwan?”

        You are so bias or racist ain’t we.

        What about Macao?

        You don’t care about non english lands?

        China found these places first, so they belong to China.

        • Ruaraidh

          ‘China found these places first, so they belong to China.’

          Not to the people who were there before China then? Seems like you yourself are the biased one.

          • vetomon

            And who were there first?

            The Brits or Amerikans?

            The west made the rules to take over the lands they found, like Amerika, India, Afrika, Cuba, Burma, Tibet and that’s the same rule China is using.

            Are you bias or are you trying to pull a whitey double talk?

          • Brett Sanbon

            LOL! Definitely a “whitey double talk”. I was just telling Ruaraidh yesterday, “You can’t go around spreading this ‘whitey double talk’ all the time!” Luckily, he doesn’t ever convey himself to be a bias.

          • Whitey Double Talk

            So vetomon, what’s the problem with Japan using that ‘rule’ then?

          • Brett Sanbon

            Haha Ruaraidh! Nice new moniker!!

        • holdingrabbits

          Honestly, I could give a fuck about what language someone speaks. The point is, I’m for peace and not indoctrinated hatred. You want to know who I think some random disputed island belongs to? Everyone. The world is 4.5 billion years old and China, Korea, Japan, America, etc., how long have they been around? Thousands of years are still a drop in an ocean. Take Dokdo. A rock that no one has cared about until the last century or so and now netizens are calling for the deaths of ALL Japanese people because of an uninhabitable rock. One million years ago, nothing belonged to China and in one million years nothing will again. People (if they still haven’t been wiped out via “we should kill everyone who disagrees with me”) won’t know who China was. Nations are imaginary. The world is for humans. You’re still in this grade school thought mode, but it’s time to graduate and grow the fuck up.

        • Stories of butts

          Welcome to the real world where the playground rules of Finders Keepers doesnt fly.

  • Cleo

    Fellow Chinese, please watch the season premiere of Doctor Who entitled, “Asylum of the Daleks” – you will really like the Celts for this.

    “a TSUNAMI of INSANE Daleks!”


    And of course, everyone MUST see “Great Happiness Space” – everyone on the planet should see that one! :))

    • Markus

      1st off I love Doctor who (神秘博士)

      Also what is the part about Chinese taking Japanese hostage where and when did that happen?

  • Cleo

    Come on, bring out your boy.

    EVERYBODY _ look at Nobuteru Ishihara – and then google images for “Devon Aoki baby”

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    JAPAN started the entire fight, knowing the territory was in dispute they should have tried to work something out iwth China. Instead, they bullied the land.

    However, the Chinese citizens are acting like a bunch of animals right now. Just like those ignorant muslims creating terror over that movie. You don’t want to be perceived that way, otherwise the world will not empathize with you, even when you are right.

    • vetomon

      Chinese communities in a number of cities around the world have held protests outside Japanese embassies, over the continued row over a group of disputed islands.

      Chinese ALL over the world and they are mad as hell.

      Deal with it.

      • White Monkey

        Seriously? Take your wu mao bullshit back to your mother cuntry.

        Don’t talk about stuff you know nothing about..

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    hehe american media is stereotyping south korean men as wearing makeup like girls. Wow. It’s on yahoo news today.

    Once you are labeled in america, the stereotypes will never, ever, ever go away. South Korean men will be known to americans as girly effeminate make up wearing males. Beware!

    • chris

      yes, im sure what americans (esp. the derps still using yahoo) think will affect their lives.

    • mr. wiener

      Blame it on K-pop.

    • holdingrabbits

      ummmm…Korean men DO wear makeup.

    • Brett Sanbon

      I don’t see any comments bashing him. Sounds like you’re the only one who took this report negatively.

    • k

      Damnit, after reading that article I now see my 6″0, 200 lb Korean husband as girly and effeminate…OH WHY DID I READ THAT!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I’ll have to go find a more macho baby daddy…

  • mr. wiener

    “Korea sides with China against Japan”…..Who would have guessed?

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    can chinese people look at someone and know they are japanese? Or does it depend on the look of the person?

    • Brett Sanbon

      No. I would constantly eat with my Japanese American friend who speaks absolutely negative Chinese. I would place the order and the waitress would then ask my friend what she’d like to drink. I would reply and then the waitress would ask my friend more questins…. TL:DR all Asians are Chinese just like all white people are American.

      • Pat

        Well, I’m Chinese and I can tell all East Asians apart perfectly fine. I’d say I’d get it right 98% of the time. I mean, I can even tell tell the Mainlanders/HK’ers apart, cause if I know they’re a fob I’d immediately greet them in either Cantonese or Mandarin. I don’t remember the last time I got it wrong, either.

      • vetomon

        All Amerikans look alike, black or white.

        If you see a black man with a white woman in Amerika, they look the same as the whitey man and a whitey woman, no difference.

        And you cannot tell a Chinese from a Chinese or a Chinese from an Asian.

        • Brett Sanbon

          I can’t understand you.

      • JSakamoto

        Pat I’d bet money you are lying whether you realize it or not. Either that or you have some special powers that no one else has. Even my chinese friends eventually admitted they have a hard time telling koreans, chinese and japanese apart just by looks. Brett I agree with you about all asians being Chinese abroad, esp. in non-asian countries. I’ve had many chinese come up to me in the US speaking in chinese thinking I am also chinese, an honest mistake.

        • Brett Sanbon

          I think its easier when you consider hair style, clothing, and accessories. There are tiny differences that sometimes stand out. I just know from experience that, when I lived in China, everyone got surprised when my Korean and Japanese friends couldn’t speak Chinese. They would always ask my friends the same exaggerated question… “You arent Chinese!!??” [cue brain explosion]

          By face/eyes/nose alone Id guess not many people could guess correctly more than 50% of the time.

          • vetomon

            What you say?

            You made it up, you are a whitey.

            I cannot understand your Chinese bashing.

          • Brett Sanbon

            只写中文吧, 看不懂你写的英语。。。

          • BigCAD


            ^Normal mainlander responce on realizing someone isn’t Chinese, normally the give away is the ability to queue or complete a simple task without screaming “IT ISN’T MY JOB!!” and then slamming around the office.

    • Chris

      one of my korean teachers had two methods for telling the girls apart. the japanese and chinese girls in the class agreed with him after laughing, for whats it worth.

      first is by how they talk to men. japanese women are polite to men, korean women are always vaguely irritated, and chinese women are yelling.

      second is how they walk. japanese women walk pigeon footed (toes inward), korean women walk like they always have heels on, and chinese women walk in very small steps.

      • k

        Uh Korean women walk like they always have heels on because most of the time, they always have heels on. Haven’t you ever seen the girls who wear nothing but heels and as result, their calve muscles are freakishly large in comparison to their stick thighs? Seriously, I was climbing a mountain once and saw korean women wearing heels and miniskirts, teetering up the mountain. I always was able to tell Japanese and Korean women apart by their makeup….Japanese girls wear ALOT of eye makeup, like caked on in layers eye makeup and Korean women don’t, they rarely wear eyeshadows and only thin eyeliner. Japanese girls also have more wacky and diverse fashion on, as opposed to Korean girls who wear exactly all the same outfits. Also, I think Korean women/men have ‘korean rabbit cheeks”, long fat cheeks (my daughter has them :) ). I also think a lot of Korean women have “bobble head syndrome”, their head is massively bigger then the rest of them.

        • Brett Sanbon

          Yea, some Japanese are angry about the Gag Concert skit where a boy wears really heavy (like woah) eye makeup and speaks kind of dumb. His role is a Japanese girl in Korean high school. I dont really think its in good taste because its kind of like “blackface” but maybe not as severe. I would probably be upset if I was Japanese though… especially with the way relations are right now.

        • Umm

          You don’t get massive calves from wearing heels all day. I do it and my calves are really slender. In comparison, I have a friend with big calves and she only very rarely wears heels. Some people easily build calf muscles. I easily gain weight on my stomach, said friend has a much flatter stomach than I do. People are just built differently.
          I’ve seen Chinese women wearing heels at mountains too, I don’t think it’s a distinctly Korean phenomenon. I’ve never been to Japan or noticed Japanese girls climbing mountains, so I can’t comment.
          It’s funny you should say that though, because none of my Japanese friends wear thick eye-make up. It’s only certain subcultures like Gyaru that are really into it. Just like a lot of Ulzzangs are. Though I can agree that generally the make up’s really different.
          Fashion’s the best way to tell people apart, imo.

    • BigCAD/Mao’s Corpse

      No they can’t, unless they show some sign of emotion besides indifference, or logically complete a simple task. Performing one or more of these actions results in an invasion of the body snatchers response.

    • JSakamoto

      Chinese usually cannot tell if someone is Japanese just by looks. I know from first hand experience. When I go to China no one ever knows I’m Japanese, much less from America by first look. Anyone who tells you differently is lying IMO. Also depends on the circumstances, if there is an even population of Japanes and Chinese in the area you can probably tell some of the time but usually not.

      • Jennster

        japanese have hairy face and downward eyes. the ones with slant eyes have serious faces like they have grudges.

        korean have distinct eye shape and very homogenous looks

        • JSakamoto

          I agree with the hairer faces but downward eyes, LMAO!!! IMO and most other asians I know, Japanese and Koreans actually look the most similar in physical appearance, especially facial features. Some chinese have a distinctive look but they too look similar to japanese and koreans.

          • Chucky3176

            Disagree. I can’t tell most of the time, the difference between Japanese and Chinese. They look similar to me. Koreans have the homogenous look.

          • JSakamoto

            Okay, fair enough, basically Japanese, Koreans and Chinese all look pretty similar to me with very minor differences. If you want to say Koreans have the most homogenous looks I can understand that too.

          • Barack Obama

            just because you can’t tell doesn’t mean other people can’t tell. there are minute differences that you might be too obtuse to notice. I can tell them apart, i would say, 85-90% of the time. I can even tell apart people of English, German, French, Irish, or Scandinavian heritage. I can sometimes tell the difference between someone who is Swedish or Norwegian. There are certain patterns you notice if you are sensitive enough to them. You seem like a blabbering idiot when you say “durrr dey all look the same i kint tell no difference durrr.”

          • Brett Sanbon

            I’d like to see you prove your 85-90%.

          • JSakamoto

            BO, all I was saying was that without interacting with them or hearing them speak it is very difficult to tell individual (not groups of them) chinese, japanese and koreans apart. I am aware of certain patterns as I’ve been around them all my life but in my experience I’ve heard so many people say they can almost always tell them apart like yourself and then when I call them out on it they eventually admit it’s very difficult. You should go to the website from the poster below and take the test. I’d be curious to know your results.

    • gnuhcwerdna

      if they grew up in their respective country and took on the youth fashion trends, then it’s pretty easy to tell if you have been around enough young people from east asia. They all have very distinct pop culture styles, it pretty much gives it away.
      they also all have subtle mannerisms and gestures that reflect their culture that are easy to distinguish if, once again, you’ve been around enough people from east asia.
      In overall appearance, native koreans are the most distinct imo. the language has more of the “ooooo”, “oooh”, “aaah” sounds, and the mouth expression/lip shape look more naturally prepared to easy access and produce these sounds. also the way koreans (particularly men, regardless of generation) walk and carry themselves, is just…easy to spot, its hard to explain.

      If they are american born and are significantly culturally american, then its a totally different story. It evens the playing field since they were all subject to the same culture and environment. they can all pretty much pass for being ethnically from any east asian country.
      it is also difficult to tell if say a chinese person was born and raised in korea and was primarily culturally korean; they’re pretty much indistinguishable at that point. super old-ass east-asian men are hard to tell apart as well.

      without any context clues and going only on facial features and a neutral expression, its anyones guess. (although once in a while you will encounter someone who displays some combination of facial features [which are also hard to describe] that absolutely cannot be of any other ethnicity.)

  • vetomon

    Japan is Amerika’s bitch for a long time, if it weren’t for big brother, Amerika Japan would be China’s bitch now.

    May be the islands are nothing but China will not let Japan take anything away again without a bitch slap on Japan’s face, even with the US bully looking on.

    • glenn

      LOL! That’s just an assumption and a dream for CHINA. However, you were JAPAN’s bitch before. And who knows, it might happen again.

      Question: Are you Chinese? :-))

  • JSakamoto

    Ishihara is a loose cannon, chinese people should realize that he doesn’t represent all of japan. Although there are differences, this kind of reminds me of the anti-islam movie that is sparking backlash in much of the Muslim world. The actions of a few are interpreted as representing the whole country. Both Muslims and Chinese perceive themselves (rightfully so) as being oppressed by the people they are angry at. It’s human nature to be very sensitive to these situations if you’ve been oppressed in the past.

    I also sympathize with CHina. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and this issue can be resolved. However since both China and Japan have different interpretations of the same events in history (San Francisco treaty, China’s historical claims, 1895 treaty annexing the islands to Japan) and nationalism often dictates foreign policy, I don’t see this issue going away soon. The best situation IMO would be an impartial, international mediator but where will you find one that both countries can agree upon.

    • Jeffli

      America? no
      Commonwealth Hmmm no though New Zealand would be pretty fair I think
      African …No ,,,they buy too much Chinese rifles for the children soldiers
      Greenland …hmmm whaling?

      Peru, Chile?

      • JSakamoto

        Yes, with the world as interconnected as it is today, even small Pacific island nations feel like they have to pick sides. I can’t think of any truly impartial party to mediate this dispute.

        Coin toss? Rock paper scissors? Seems fair to me :)

  • Paul M

    Japanese politician says “the sky is blue”. Koreans disagree.

  • Sean

    Wow, so its not just Chinese that are retards, its EVERYONE in Asia, huh? WOW.

    • vetomon

      NO no no, all the reject Amerikan whiteys pretending to be Asian or Chinese to get an Asian girl friend in Asia are the real A-hole F-bombing retards.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Why would they pretend to be Asian or Chinese? I thought the point that you are trying to make is that the whiteys aren’t Asian or Chinese and that is why they get the Asian girlfriend. No?

        • glenn

          All of Vetomons comments made no sense at all. Don’t mind him. Maybe he is an auto-comment software with an elementary-level of intelligence.

          • vetomon

            You can’t use banmal with me, I will beat you with my mouse.

            And they do make a lot of sense, you are just not knowing enough to know.

        • Jennster

          jeffli, liruike, jiayi etc. i would think these are chinese people posting but they are not.

        • Jennster

          btw, very minute number of chinese women would choose white first over an asian man.

          • Brett Sanbon

            1. I doubt you have any proof of that.
            2. I never said otherwise.
            3. I agree with you.

          • BigCAD

            However every time you see a mixed couple, you secretley curse or tut to yourself, as you don’t have the balls to make your feelings known.

          • Umm

            In China “a very minute number” is still greater than the population of most Australian cities.
            I don’t see the issue with enjoying diversity. Dating someone of another race doesn’t mean you think that race is superior.. Why do people get so butthurt over Asian women with foreign men of non-East Asian origin?

  • Paul

    What I love about Gag Concert is the no-spoilers approach to naming the show. Viewer reaction right there in title.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Dragon versus Samurai

    The latest intensifying tension between Beijing and Tokuo stems from Japan’s purchase of disputed island from Japanes owners as a sign of supposedly exercising its soverignty.

    This move provoked uproar among the Chinese, which led to beating and assault of Japanese residents in China. China also threatens to halt trade tramsanction, as it did by restricting export of rare earth, a critical ingredient in electronic devices, to Japan.

    This time Japan is reluctant to bow to Chinese pressure. The Japanese politician’s inflammatory remarks cause a stir because they reflect Japanese psyche for its imperialistic past–glorification of its barbarous wrongdoings.

    One might wonder why his words draw public anger. This answer is simple: if a prominent leader in a Middle Eastern country say the September 11 terrorist attack was what the US asked for, can the American public simply ignore that as absurd? The answer is in the negative. US politicians would be pressured to respond aggressively to this.

    Japan’s unrepentness prompted Seoul and Beijing , possibly Moscow for the matter of disputed territory to coalesce against Tokyo. At least three nations has the experience of suffering from Japan’s brutality during WWII.

    Without acknowledgement of its historical wrongs, Japan will be xontinously plagued by conflicts with neighboring countries

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      You do know they bought the islands to stop it falling into the hands of right-wing nut jobs. There wasn’t a choice they had.

      Besides, Japan has appologised to China and Korea but they have never been enough. Japan even paid some compensation which was then stolen by the Korean politicians to line their own pockets, yet no one in Korea goes after them.

  • JC

    Japan – A country that makes pornographic videos of Japanese men shitting in a Japanese woman’s mouth, and then fucking her in the ass with shit all over his dick… who is crazy now?

    Japan, and their “shit-porn”.

    • Cleo

      no sympathy at all for the Chinese people and children who actually suffered this in real life at the “mercy” of the Japanese who LOVE China and Chinese culture soo much that this is how they show it.

    • Stories of butts

      I thought that was Germany with the shitting fetish.

      • JC

        Japan and Germany are SCAT KINGS of Porn..

  • chucky3176

    I wouldn’t say the Koreans side with China at all.

    I would say it’s more of feeling of temporary sympathy based on mutual interests – which is both countries having territorial issues with Japan at the moment. Don’t forget, Japan only weeks ago, had promised economic retaliations on Korea. Eventhough Japan’s retaliations failed, Koreans are pissed off. Also the news that Korean tourists and Korean residents in Japan are getting attacked doesn’t help that feeling. Although Koreans may show some glee at what Japan is going through which is Japan’s own doing, Koreans don’t look too favorably at the Chinese violent mob reactions either. Many Koreans are saying the Chinese can turn on anybody that they’re not pleased with, and that Koreans could be the next target. All this does is just reinforces the Korean stereotypes of Chinese as ignorant uncivilized immoral brutes, beyond hope of thinking rationally. Remember the 2008 Seoul riots when tens of thousands of Chinese went on a rampage in Seoul, during the pre-Olympic torch run? Many Korean citizens were attacked by the Chinese mobs, and then later on, the incidence was totally remade into fabricated news by the Chinese media, which said it was the Korean side that attacked innocent Chinese.

    • Cleo

      I’d give haven to Queen Min or a Korean Comfort Women if I had ever had the chance.

      • C84

        I feel a tremendous amount of sympathy for China. Yes, China and SK have their disagreements, but I feel the two countries have far more in common, historically speaking, than SK does with Japan (as the US is constantly trying to pressure SK into believing). Just about the only thing SK and Japan have in common is that they’re Northeast Asian countries who elect their politicians. Other than that, I struggle to really question the relevance of Japan to SK. I’ve heard people say that “the Japanese are responsible for much of the financial success and popularity of K-pop stars and entertainers.” You really have to be scraping the bottom of the barrel if that’s the best aspect of the “relationship” the two countries share. It just emphasizes how bad the “relationship” is. SK gives too much credibility to Japan by dwelling on its irrelevant opinions too much. SK needs to focus on China, really the only country that matters in Asia. Just as the US “pivots” to Asia, SK really needs to “pivot” to China and undo the tremendous damage that Lee Myung-Bak has done by focusing so much on the US relationship.

        • Brett Sanbon

          C84, I see you over at chinaSMACK getting on the Japanese as well… Where are you from?

        • Chucky3176

          Well then, you are speaking for yourself when you sympathize with China. All the internet responses I read, there’s lot of glowing by Koreans at what Japan is going through right now (Japan tried to do to Korea, what China is doing to Japan now), but in no way is there any sympathy for China. For Korean strategic purpose, neither Japan or China coming out on top of this incident is in Korea’s interest. For all I care, China and Japan can blow each other to kingdom come, see if I care. That’s just two less annoying enemies who’ve been a thorn on the sides of Korea for so long. Let them go at it with each other, make some breaks for Korea to take advantage of, then let it be a tie.

          • Mike

            Where do you think they’ll go at it? Korean peninsula first. Korea will be the trampled flowerbed again as always. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep the peace.

  • JSakamoto

    Koreans sympathize with the Chinese because they share the same gripes against Japan. This despite Korea and China having their own animosities towards each other. Enemy of my enemy must be my friend mentality. Simple human nature.

    We see the same thing with those sympathetic to Al-Quaida and Osama Bin Laden. The sympathizers may not share much in common except for the fact that they see AQ and Bin Laden going to war with the West, and America specifically. They feel oppressed by America so AQ and Bin Laden are see as saviors, someone who shares a common enemy.

  • Poem

    Why does japan war with China?
    Will old feelings never disperse?
    I was taught in school that they were closer
    Than brothers once.
    China was the mentor and japan the pupil.
    I was taught in school that they were Confucian,
    I was taught in school that they were bound by the mandate of heaven.
    Number one son, Number two son, Number three son, all deadbeats.
    So I look to you, Oh China, show me the way.
    Then came the divine wind,
    The rape of nanking,
    Do you see what I see?
    I don’t see much.
    Why does japan war with China?
    Will old feelings never disperse?

    • Chucky3176

      You were taught in school that Asia is a continent of ethnic hierarchy with China number one on top, and then Korea, Japan, and so on, falling into their proper lower rankings. That’s the problem with you Chinese education. You Chinese have difficulty accepting the fact that others don’t think like how most Chinese view Asia. We think all nations are on equal footing. To us, China is just another foreign country but what makes them stand out is that they are such a freaking populous big country, right next to us. Something to think about, if you’re Chinese.

      • Brett Sanbon

        “That’s the problem with you Chinese education.”

        “Something to think about, if you’re Chinese.”

        • Chucky3176

          Your point?

          Anyway, here’s an interesting news to ponder. China has contacted Korea and has let known that they want to work with Korea to counter Japan’s territorial claims. Korea and China can negotiate the territorial boundaries including access to marine resources, right up to Okinawa. Their attitude is screw Japan, we’re going divide up the lines as we fit.


          Japan royally screwed up by pissing off Korea who could have been on Japan’s side on their island issue with China. Japan has just as much chance at getting Dokto back as they have chance at giving up the Senkankou to China. Japan should have picked their fight wisely.

          • Brett Sanbon

            My point was is that you decided to lecture him/her without even knowing his/her background. You do this often and I wanted to point it out to you.

            I really don’t think that Korea is going to formally side with China against Japan, and I also doubt very much that China or Korea will try to take waters and resources by force. It would be a very foolish act on both countries’ parts. Finally, I don’t think China or Korea will win the fight to extend their respective continental shelves.

            My bet is that this doesn’t work out economically for Japan. They already lost a Panosonic plant and the Chinese don’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. Apperently, if you are protesting against the Japanese, everything is cool. When you protest your rights, well, we know what happens.

          • Jennster

            remember history. if China supercedes america korea will be in china’s influence and japan again will be the wa pirates they always ere. at least under china tributary, korea won’t be raped and comfort womened.

          • Brett Sanbon

            “Comfort womened”?

  • ddd

    If the Koreans actually side with China on the island dispute, than they are fucking idiots.

  • vetomon

    Early Tuesday, a great many fishing boats from Taiwan arrived in waters some 20 nautical miles away from the Diaoyu Islands. Nearly fifty boats came as close as two to three nautical miles from the Islands. The Japanese tried to intercept and sprayed water at the boats.

    A large number of fishing boats from Taiwan sailed to the islands on Monday afternoon from a port in the island’s northeastern county of Yilan. They were later joined on the sea by more and more fishing boats from other parts of Taiwan.

    Japan’s big brother, Amerika is not pleased.

    The US will beat up on Taiwan the smaller bitch for not pissing off China.

  • kimjongwho

    add Taiwan to that list

    • PeninsulaBrawl

      Taiwan is Japan Brown Noser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KoreaPride

    Tokyo is crazy.

  • KP167

    Human feces was worship as sacred deity in Japan.

  • PeninsulaBrawl

    So Tokyo Governor isn’t crazy???????????????

  • Korea

    Japanese fascist groups are crazy.

  • KoreanPeninsulaKP

    But Japanese use more Chinese characters than Koreans. Who is more crazy??? Japanese or Koreans?!

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