Tokyo Governor Calls China ‘Crazy,’ Koreans Side With China

With the recent rise in tension over a set of islets between Japan and Korea, a similar territorial dispute [see chinaSMACK here and here] between China and Japan has reached new heights, with violent anti-Japan protesters targeting Japanese companies based in China over the weekend. While this does not relate to Korea, Korean netizens were in their thousands on portal websites discussing the issue at hand, sympathizing with the Chinese.

From Yonhap News:

Tokyo Governor Criticizes China as ‘Crazy’

Provocateur governor Ishihara Shintaro poured controversial remarks on China after the Chinese naval patrol ships entered the Senkaku islands/Diaoyu islands waters, calling the Chinese action ‘crazy.’

Governor Ishihara held a press conference on the 14th, saying ‘Ours is ours and yours is ours, that is their approach and it would cause chaos in the world. I think (China) has gone crazy,’ adding ‘if someone walks into a house with shoes on, they need to be kicked out.’

Ishihara Shintaro and China

In regard to the Japanese assaulted in China ‘Holding innocent citizens as hostage is vile. They should be ashamed.’ ‘The social inequality (in China) is such that the antagonism of the underclass is at a breaking point. No one knows how or when it will explode, but social instability is unavoidable,’ he claims.

When asked if the recent purchase of Senkaku Island by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) contributed to the deterioration of the Sino-Japan relationship, Ishihara countered ‘things like economy and other interests are acceptable to lose, but losing the national culture or tradition, and being subordinated to that kind of country (China) is far far worse,’ adding that he does this ‘to rescue Japan.’

Governor Ishihara sent an open letter to the five candidates in primary for the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) president position. In it he asked ‘it is time to bid goodbye to the lazy status quo and assert our national will to the world.’ He will publicize the responses he receives from each candidate.

Once the LDP is back in power Ishiraha wished that the new government ‘would at least construct an anchorage’ and ‘the money raised by the TMG is to be used to reinforce the control over the islands rather than putting into the state coffer.’

Comments from Daum:


It’s Japan that is crazy… Korea, China and Russia will agree on this.. Well, I suppose the crazy ones don’t know they are crazy


The one who is crazy here is Japan who never learned from their past and still engages in territorial disputes


Japan will eventually be isolated. They choke themselves and just look over sheepishly at America. If China supercedes America and sides with us, they will be completely isolated


Yeah! Good job. Go strong! And have a war with China


And yet Japan claims territorial right over Dokdo? Ours is ours and yours is ours as well, is that a self-description…? So sneaky, so cheap…


You fucktard, in my opinion Japan is more crazy


This is exactly what I want to say to Japan.. When the Japanese patrol ship appears near Dokdo, relay this message to them


Jjok-bari, reflect on what you did before you say these things


Wow, real crazies really have no idea what they have done

우울한 오후:

And you?


Those words shouldn’t be spewing out from your mouth… They are our words to you


Still, not as bad as you.


In my opinon, the Japanese cabinet is crazy… Their cabinet can only do kindergarten-level diplomacy… They really need to re-do their elementary school.

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