Uzbek Wife Married to South Korean Man a Hit on Korean TV

If recent BBC coverage is anything to go by, marriage in South Korea is like a business. It’s also becoming a bit of an explosive topic as social mobility slows down and the traditional image of the male breadwinner becomes eroded by the increasing participation of females in the labour market. Some of the most widely publicised scandals and controversies on the Korean internet seem to have been, in some way or another, due to this intensifying gender friction.

While we diligently report on the online war of sexes, this year’s Chuseok [Korean harvest festival] drew some fresh blood with what is quickly becoming a staple on Korean airwaves – multicultural housewives.

The growing presence of foreigners in South Korea generates many a conflicting opinion on the Korean internet, and some of the themes broadcast by the Korean media during Chusoek last week were a timely reminder of this diversification in marriage partner selection. Perhaps nothing is more appealing to a Korean TV audience than a stock of resilient wives and affable daughter-in-laws – themes which often draw a very warn reception from viewers.

Chusoek, probably the most politicised of holidays in the South Korean calendar, has become the family occasion in which the traditional gender division of labour now clashes with the changing status of women thanks to the intense preparation necessary for jerye [ancestor worship]. Compounded with the several hours of travel-induced fatigue, the inevitable family grievances, and the stress of awkward questions from well-meaning relatives, the otherwise festive season can become quite the stressful tinderbox.

Connected to this minor TV phenomena is the wider gender politics that often recalls widespread plastic surgery, sexual violence, courting for marriage, an obsession with luxury goods, online pornography, the business of dowry, changing sexual mores, relationships with foreign men, and clubbing culture, to name but a few.

To this ever-expanding front-line of the cultural war within South Korea, multicultural marriages and foreign housewives looks set to be an increasingly important topic.

The below article is a series of screen shots published on Korean internet portal Daum about an SBS special that was aired on Korean television over the Chuseok holiday. The documentary followed the life of an Uzbek woman, married to a Korean man.

From Daum:


Comments from Daum:


Uzbekistan and South Korea no visa policy now!


So we can conclude from this… that everything is forgiven if she is pretty… Treat her well and don’t get tired of her until the end!


Why do ugly Korean men think that foreign women will somehow appreciate them when they’re rejected by their own women? ke ke ke ke


Ah fuck, I am not even kidding. I have to go there. I was born in ’82 but I am so sick of beanpaste girls. That angelic face and heart… That is the promised land, the land of our brothers… I will go… Uzbekistan, here I come…


I am an old unmarried bachelor.. Should I go to Uzbekistan? ke ke ke, ah… ㅠㅠ


The Uzbeks are mostly Russian with some Mongoloid blood mixed in. Her dark color suggests that she is one of those. Ishinbayeba is a Mongoloid and Maria Sharapova is pure Slav. Western Russia is pure Slav, Ukraine for instance. There you see fashion models selling sandwiches on the street, but Kim Tae-hee is out working in the fields….


Oh please go and find foreign women and stop troubling us poor Korean women… please ke ke ke


All the fools thinking Uzbek women are easy-picking are thick as hell. You are competing over same set of women as American and European men. Korean men think they can just go and shop around for a fresh new virgin bargain – you must be truly delusional. Women there are as picky as Korean women. And you think you can buy a house like the one on TV? Korean losers with this kind of mind-set will never meet a proper woman.


Uzbekistan numero uno~

대기업 회장:

Don’t let the Joseonjok in. Let those Uzbek virgins in instead.


If you must marry, marry an Uzbek woman.


Uzbeks are far superior to us. Because they are white. The Joseonjok are so fucking ugly. In other words, they and we look too alike.


If Uzbek women look like that, Uzbek men must be hella cute as well.. So why do those women abandon them pretty faces and big dicks to come to Korea then~? Think you brainless dicks~! They’re Uzbek beanpaste girls.


That is not considered pretty in Uzbekistan? So… that… Uzbek women, I must rescue all of you!! ㅠㅠ


So Korean men are so enlightened and have hearts of gold? That’s why we’re the number one rapists in the world?

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  • Testing, testing *cough* mic… mic… 1, 2, “TOAST”… “TOAST”….

  • gumiho

    I watched this on DirectTV the other day-both my wife and I commented on how attractive this lady was. My wife gets especially irritated by the usual couples she sees on these shows-a 20 something Vietnamese or Pinay, and a late 40’s man.

    • Hinata Shoyo

      PLEASE give me the link. i wanna watch it too.

  • chucky3176

    Anyone know the name of this SBS documentary?

  • chucky3176

    The most famous Uzbek in Korea is this woman, Guzal Tursunova. Coincidentally it was in the news yesterday that she has taken up the South Korean citizenship. She’s a very popular heart throb for lot of Korean men. But I think she said she already has a boyfriend.

    Click on the below image to see the enlarged picture of her.

    • Nice one Chucky! Keep the interesting tidbits of information coming.

    • Kate

      I think Korean men would be delighted if Slavic Europeans started moving to Korea, all of those women are just naturally drop dead gorgeous.

      • torontonian

        Uzbek are asian and are not Slavic at all!!!!!!

      • AhmadSaidov

        You sound like an American, lol. Blissfully ignorant of the rest of world. Uzbeks are Central Asian Turkics, not Slavs at all.

    • anonymoushumanoid

      She looks so Ukrainian in the right photo, it’s insane. She looks a lot like my cousin from Moldova.

      • AhmadSaidov

        What?? No, that is bullshit. Not Ukranian at all!

    • Big Boss


  • Snazzy_Brett

    Korea needs more of this. Lets see some more European looking women with Korean men. Level the playing field a bit.

    • Kate

      Agreed, I’m doing my part.

    • Snazzy_Brett?

      • Snazzy_Brett

        Just the reaction I was looking for. ;)

    • Kate

      Hey aren’t you an appa yet????

      • Kate

        My little girl just turned 6 months recently :)

        • Snazzy_Brett

          Wowowow she’s adorable! Yup, something about moms making their kids wear hats with animal ears… too damned cute.

        • dk2020

          cute baby ..

      • Snazzy_Brett

        Due date is tomorrow, but who knows. No contractions yet so maybe over the weekend… I was a week late, wife was on time. Trust me Ill keep you updated.

        • Kate

          Thanks I made the hat myself :) I’ve taken up sewing and have been making her animal winter hats :) I’m going to make her a winter cape and hat set next ;) I bet your wifey is SOOOOO ready for that little bun to come out! It’s good she made it full term though! The baby will be that much healthier for it! :)

          • Snazzy_Brett

            Haha, my wife took up sewing as well. She made animal winter hats too!!! Too funny.
            Full term… Yea, she’s just counting the minutes now. I just want to meet her! Gonna have to change my moniker to “Brett is a dad!!”

    • We all know interracial couples are losers in their society. “Leveling the playing field” makes no sense if Korean male are not looking to marry outside their race.

      • Snazzy_Brett

        Haha, whatever helps you sleep at night, bro!

  • Kate

    She’s beautiful really (I personally think Slavic/Eastern European women are by far the most beautiful women in the world, they are heads over more gorgeous then Korean women, American Women, etc,.the comment about super models selling sandwhichs is true, Slavic women are just born gorgeous with amazing facial features and structure and bodies… plastic surgery, they are just that pretty). I saw some other captions of this show with her and her husband, and honestly, her husband needs to thank his lucky stars, cause he isn’t in the slightest bit attractive and she’s gorgeous (I love Korean guys, but I didn’t think he was cute at all, much more attractive Korean men). I found the comments Korean netizen comment hilarious :)

    “Why do ugly Korean men think that foreign women will somehow appreciate them when they’re rejected by their own women? ke ke ke ke”<——–Replace "korean men" with "white men" and "foreign women" with "Korean women" and that's EXACTLY what foreign women say about white guys dating korean women.I loled at the similarity. (And sorry Brett, I know it isn't always true, but when in Korea I heard this sentiment a lot).

    "So Korean men are so enlightened and have hearts of gold? That’s why we’re the number one rapists in the world?"<—–I didn't get this? Is there a high rape rate in Korea? I always thought Korea was relatively safe and far less rapes occur then in say, the USA.

    Anyway, I always like post about foreign wives/Korean men, because I am a foreign wife of a Korean man (well, was when I was there, now he's a foreign husband of an American woman). I always felt like Koreans treated me pretty well, really never had any major racism or unpleasantness thrown at me while in Korea and most people were just really, really curious about me and my husband, especially men. I guess biggest complaint was that I was always called Russian and sometimes Korean guys would call me Russian in a derogatory way, hoping I was a prostitute. Do they ever do shows of foreign men with Korean wives on SBS?

    • Hey Kate! You’ve started breaking up your posts into new paragraphs! Nice.

      Thanks for your comments – was looking forward to seeing what you were going to say on this article but we had to sadly shut the comments down for a few days while we rolled out this new system.

      • Kate

        I know, believe it or not, I actually do know what punctuation and paragraph breaks are (I is college edumacated) but often I am typing replies on my smart phone while nursing my baby and well, it looks worse then when I actually get up and use a real computer. Sorry, I hate text walls too and I know, I’m a lengthy typer , I blame my vagina and argumentative nature. And I enjoyed the article, you know I’m always for asian men/ x female relationships, because well, I am bias and love Korean guys and I love reading the netizen comments.
        I actually asked my husband to translate a few more comments on Daum for me, but he told me that they were mostly pretty disparaging to Korean women and I really just hate that kind of “woman hating”, because I see white men do the exact same thing to white women all the time. Men always thinking the grass is greener in another country after all. But bushes are bushes are bushes.
        By the way, love the commenting changes! :) Great Job :)!!!!!!

        • I’m still trying to make the vagina-to-grammar connection, that’s definitely new. Glad you like the new system though, we much prefer it.

          Women do seem to be given the raw end of the deal on the Korean internet, yes. Then again, the internet’s a bit like alcohol – it seems to bring out the best in some people, but the worst in others.

    • chucky3176

      Let me guess, you’re a Slavic yourself? Seriously, Uzbeks aren’t Slavs. They are a mixture of Mongol, Russian, Turkic. They look half and half to me. Half Asian, half European. Some look more like Asians (they could be mistaken for Koreans with their high Mongolian cheekbones), while some look more like White. and some look like 50-50. Not everything is hunky dori like in this TV show where all the women who’s staying home are watching. There’s also a huge Uzbek mail order brides trade in Korea, with lots of Visa frauds going on right now, where brides run away and disappear as soon as they touch down in Korea.

      • Kate

        No I’m not Slavic, but I wish I were, I’d be a much more beautiful woman Chucky! I’m just plain ole’ English, Scott, and Native American (My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother was Pocahontas). I agree, they do look half asian/half white……actually I think they look like what the Korean women who get all the plastic surgery try to look like, except they naturally look euroasian. And yeah, I think everyone knows that eastern european women are infamously known for scamming foreign men with marriage. They come from a poor country, they use men to get out of their situation, same as Vietnamese, Thais, etc,. But doesn’t mean they all do that. Any man that marries a woman from a poorer country then his own, should be wary of that scam.

        • Snazzy_Brett

          Actually, K, and I don’t know how much this holds up, but I think the stereotype is that Slavic women are the most beautiful in the world… until they hit ~30. A lot of Koreans say it, some Chinese friends in Harbin mentioned it to me as well, and I’m pretty sure Americans think so too. Be careful what you wish for

          • Kate

            I loled, my husband said the same thing, when he saw this post, he said “She’s pretty, but I’ve heard eastern european women look good until they get to 30”. ALL women lose a little bit of their prettyness after 30 and after children (so do men, most 40 yr old men are not the most attractive). I’ve seen plenty of Korean housewives not looking so hot after they have kids too. I’ve seen plenty of Americans look ragged as well. And I’ve seen the exact opposite, women of all race looking gorgeous as they get older. I had a professor in college, 60 yrs old and just the most gorgeous older woman I have ever seen in my entire life. Seriously, she was 60, looked 40, beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, slim figure, perfectly dressed always, and so lady like….she is one of the few women I have as role model as I age.

            And you know what? In the end, who really gives a shit what someone looks like? Who really cares what they look like? Women are more then appearances, and in the end, after 50, EVERY race looks old. Humans are humans and when I’m old as hell, I frankly won’t care “well x race looks better at x age…blah blah blah”, who cares.

            Beauty is the first gift given to women, and the first to be taken away. . Every woman, at some point, has to face the fact that they are old. So do men. Even all the plastic faced people in the world will eventually look like shit, even if their beautiful now, it won’t last. True story.

          • chucky3176

            Looking at her grandmother (the woman with the Muslim veil in the above picture), I think so too. This young bride is only 25 years old, but she already looks over 30 in Korean standards. I’d hate to see what this same woman will look like when she approaches 40. I bet you it won’t be pretty.

          • Kate

            Uh, Chucky, her grandmother is probably 80 +, of course she looks old as dirt. So do Koreans at that age. Ajummas aren’t hot ether. But I do agree with you actually, she DOES look older then 25……I’m 25 too, but look much younger then her. I noticed she does have lines appearing on her face already….I don’t think she looks over 30, maybe 28-30.

          • anonymoushumanoid

            Where are these lines on her face? Honest question. I just looked at every photo in the article and I couldn’t find a single line anywhere on her face.

          • AhmadSaidov

            That is not a veil. Have you ever been to a Muslim country even? That is Central Asian traditional dress.

          • anonymoushumanoid

            The babushka stereotype is so lame and outdated, hahaha. I know plenty of Russian and Ukrainian women in their late 50s who are mistaken for 35 year old women all the time. And the streets are filled with them over there.

        • Ruaraidh

          Isn’t ‘I’m descended from an Injun princess’ a historic euphemism for having a little bit of African ancestry, and comes from wanting to present a more socially acceptable alternative?

      • anonymoushumanoid

        I’ve been to Uzbekistan and most of them look Slav or Middle Eastern, or at least they did in the area I was in.

    • Sillian

      Gotta admit comment sections here would be boring without your comments.

      I suppose it’s common to observe some unhappy guys from developed countries bitching about domestic women while praising foreign women.
      For the hyperbole rape comment, I guess it’s because there has been a series of high-profile sex crime reports on news lately. Not so much about statistics.

  • vincent

    Well I don’t know about you guys but I would have to say that Lebanese women are also pretty damn attractive, even the older ones look like they don’t age at all.

    • Snazzy_Brett

      Agreed. The men have distinctive “universally attractive” features too.

    • They’re an incredible mix of everything in Beirut!

      • vincent

        haha tell me about it, my first love was Lebanese oh my she was sooo beautiful, hoping to make a trip to Lebanon in the future, anyone want to tag along? hahaha ;)

  • …I feel like a hideous darky that pretty much none of the world really likes just seeing these comments (Even without these comments I feel ugly.) Exceptions are just that, exceptions… not the majority.

    • Kate

      No, don’t feel ugly because you aren’t white or asian or whatever. Truthfully, there are beautiful women of every race, no race is prettier then the other, just some men have preferences of one look over another. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful for not looking a certain way. Don’t try to live up to someone else’s definition of beauty, you’ll just self hate and be miserable. I think the people who are so looks obsessed they need a plastic surgeon to cut their face up to look like everyone else are the worse. I always felt, even if I am uglier then them, it’s ok cause at least I look like me and I’m not hiding my natural face, I’m proud of flawed face. Really, I bet you’re beautiful, every person has at least 1-2 traits that are beautiful.

      • It’s how the world works. But when this world is, regardless, run by Western/European standards, it’s just how things are. I don’t live up to anyone standards and I’m quite having the pessimistic viewpoint of life and self-loathing. But I’m not ignorant to how the world works. Just as it’s still a man’s world, it’s still also a white’s world. I don’t hate men, nor white people… I just hate how they’re still dominated in so many aspects of life that people don’t even realize it yet wanna be treated equally. (the darker you are, the more you’re not going to be liked.. and it sucks when stereotypes are attached so just seeing my skin alone, or for anyone, people assume 1001 things of what they possibly do/don’t do)

        Honestly, everyone is beautiful and ugly because looks are subjective. And I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m beautiful just for kindness’ sakes. You’ve never seen me
        and it’s BS when people act as if beauty is the only thing that exist
        in people and it’s taboo to bluntly say someone’s ugly. If they are,
        they are. But I roll my eyes to all that “everyone is beautiful in their own way” crap because surely, everyone is also ugly in their own way too.

        • Kate

          I wasn’t telling you that you’re beautiful for “kindness’ sake”, I actually sincerely believe most people have 1-2 beautiful traits about them. Everyone does. Even a 500 lb woman, she might have beautiful hair or eyes. And no, I don’t believe “everyone is ugly in their own way” at all, unless a person has a very ugly personality or does ugly deeds in life, then I don’t think most people are ugly at all. There are different degrees of attractiveness, but I rarely, rarely see a truely physically ugly person. Most people look average. With you’re attitude, you could look like a super model and still think you’re ugly. It isn’t your face or body, it’s your outlook that makes you ugly.

          • So people have attractive traits, but in no way have ugly traits? Again, people only looking at the so-called ‘positive’ of things and ignoring the other side. “Oh everyone has beautiful traits and not ugly unless they have an ugly personality.” That’s not a physical trait, that’s a learned behavior. People with that kinda thinking still dismisses the other side and only want to bask in optimism, seeming very one-sided and well.. quite narrow-minded.

            In the end, looks are subjective but objectively we’re all ugly and beautiful creatures according to whoever perspective.

          • chucky3176

            I like your avatar. It describes you perfectly.

          • *Kanye shrugs* Says the person who seem to have the reputation as the annoying commentor on here.

        • sudo kun

          being black is not beautiful

          • SuperHappyCow

            That’s weird, because I love incredibly black women. I think you’re confused. Maybe if you hate on blacks hard enough your white friends will let you hump their lowest common denominators.

            And if you’re ambitious enough, maybe one day you’ll be white, too, and a whole person, rather than half. That is, until your white friends decide to put your ass in an internment camp when convenient, and rape your women again.

            Edit: Oooh, hey! Maybe that’ll make you even MORE white, and bring honor to your family. Ahahahah. Asians that hate blacks. You guys are L-O-L.

  • vincent

    On a completely unrelated matter, has anyone had their comments disappear? Or not show up at all after posting?

    • When and where was that happening? Are you using a Disqus account or are you logging in using another method?

      • vincent

        I’m using a Disqus account, I made it a while back, it’s happening on ChinaSmack as well, I was reading a comment made by another poster and when the page was refreshed it was gone! It’s happened with a few of my comments already. Oh i forgot to add that I’m using Disqus in China so I’m not sure whether that could be a contributing factor, just FYI

        • OK, thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it.

        • Is your comment still missing? Did it disappear in the comments section itself or did it just not appear in the “recent comments” areas throughout the site?

          • vincent

            Nope my comment seems to have finally appeared again, perhaps it’s working fine now, maybe I posted comments too quickly and your system thought of them as spam or something? It’s just conjecture though, comments that I posted more than an hour apart have had no problem in appearing.

          • @disqus_vr53A7xqWx:disqus We just found a number of comments in the spam folder and unspammed them. I think one of them was yours so if you just now saw it, it is because of what we just did. We’re also entertaining commenting too fast as a possible reason. In the future, don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you run into a problem. It’s more efficient than hoping we see your comment.

          • vincent

            Sure If I run into anymore quirks I’ll send a mail directly to you, good job on resolving the situation.

          • Just found another comment of yours in the koreaBANG spam folder. It’s been recovered, as well as one by @nilerafter24:disqus.

          • vincent

            I wonder if the same thing happened to Indoboom and russiaSlam, now all my comments have been saved, as I mentioned in an earlier comment the comments by other posters that were missing after a refresh of the page have shown up again as well. What I can’t seem to understand is why it showed up in the first place and then disappeared after refreshing the page.

  • Paul M

    She was called pretty for the first time after coming to Korea? I call bullshit on that one!

    • sebhai

      I never understand why some american people said Lucy Liu is pretty..

  • Ötkür

    Whether in Korea or in the West, it’s obvious that most people have only the vaguest understanding of the population history and ethnic affinities of Inner Asia — apart from some anachronistic impression they’re a “mix” of Russians and Mongols, etc. That’s the most irking thing, actually — Slavs have a shallower history in much of the region than the Chinese in California …

    For the record: Uzbeks are in no way Slavs or eastern Europeans, though many are Russophones and over a million and a half Russians remain in the country. If they look “white” to you, rest assured that you’d be hard-pressed to find any who wouldn’t fail the Moscow metro test, as I call it.

    They’re a Turkic people quite similar to the Uyghurs in East Turkestan/Xinjiang and can coarsely be said to represent a fusion of the Iranic-speaking populations (who used to be the predominant inhabitants of Central Asia before the Mongol Empire) and incoming Turkic peoples, with some Mongolic and other elements.

    Genetically, they’re roughly half-and-half East and West Eurasian, with a tinge of South Asian, and are usually obviously intermediate-looking — though, as in many other substantially admixed populations, you’ll frequently come across Uzbeks who look pronouncedly mongoloid or caucasoid. There’s some regional variation, too — some Uzbek populations derive more of their ancestry from more relatively recently Turkified Persianate people, who still remain numerous and Tajik-speaking in old strongholds like Samarqand and Bukhara. There’s a minor lighter-pigmented caucasoid strain in them possibly having something to do with Tocharians and allied peoples, and they’ve also received Silk Road input from any number of other sources, but admixture with Slavs even during the Soviet period was rather uncommon.

    The “Korean-looking” faces you’ll see here as in other parts of Inner Asia have to do with North Eurasian contributions common to both regions (though most people think of people from Turkey as the canonical Turks, the Turkic speakers are first reliably attested to in the Orkhon Valley of Mongolia and were probably originally mostly “South Siberian” in appearance and genetics).

    Anyway, Uzbekistan and its diaspora are ethnically heterogeneous (including not just Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Russians, but also Karakalpaks and other Turkic peoples, Bukharian Jews (pretty much all in the U.S. or Israel by now), and lots of Soviet-era migrants or deportees like Koryo-saram).

    • Ruaraidh

      Yeah yeah, Tamerlane, Bactria, Samarkand… We’re not all Kate you know.

      I have to disagree with you over your point comparing Russians in Central Asia to Chinese in California though. Immigration and conquest have very different impacts on an area’s history.

      • Ötkür

        I meant they’re comparable in time depth. Obviously Russian rule had a vastly different tenor and suite of consequences in Uzbekistan than early Chinese movements into California, but I wasn’t claiming otherwise.

        However — I think it’s misguided to see the two as exclusive, since engineered demographic transformation is a common strategy to consolidate military conquests (e.g., the state-incentivized pumping of Han into Xinjiang).

        While early importation of Chinese coolies into California is clearly of a different nature than the 19th-century arrival of Tsarist garrison men and Russian settlers in Central Asia, it’s certainly not without parallels in the bringing of Russian and Ukrainian factory workers to the Uzbek SSR (which, plus other lines of Soviet-era movement, accounts for the bulk of the Slavic population in Uzbekistan today).

      • Kate

        Hey not fair……..I only know what I know and that’s all that I know for that point in time. But I learned something, thanks! (We aren’t all super informed of the history of Uzbek people, but if you ever need to know about Appalachian history or how to make meatloaf, I can tell you :) ) I come here to learn POV’s I didn’t have before.

        • Ruaraidh

          Hmm, admittedly I know little and less about Appalachia, but I can make a pretty good meatloaf.

          I was just mean and bitter because the Turks have some pretty cool history, but pretty much all my ancestors were great at was poetry and ultra-violence.

    • chucky3176

      Informative. I’m presuming you’re a Turk? So what I said, was essentially correct. They’re an admixture Eurasians – product of east and west. West being the Caucasoid Slavic people. East being Turkic + Mongolian and maybe even a tinge of Koryosaram (ethnic Koreans deported from former Soviet Union).

      • Ötkür

        Actually, that’s not what I’m saying. The West Eurasian element in Uzbeks is negligibly Slavic and predominantly comes from Iranic peoples.

        These linguistic designations, of course, are categories of convenience whose members are themselves are genetically heterogeneous, in some cases dramatically so. While Ossetians and Dushanbe Tajiks share some segments of common ancestry, they naturally differ in others (despite both being Iranic speakers), and the same’s even more obviously true of Chuvashes, Iraqi Turkmens, and Tuvans (all Turkic-speaking). Language shift and admixture make things still murkier when we consider what historic peoples, like Scythians or Hephthalites, who probably have some legacy in the modern Uzbek gene pool, looked like genetically. Ancient DNA work, however, is now beginning to help resolve these kinds of questions…

        The takeaway: this “western” portion of Uzbek ancestry was mostly “Persianish”.

        That said, it’s just as big of an oversimplification to think of Uzbeks as simple two-way hybrids (though it’s an okay approximation) — see this plot derived from autosomal SNP data for a more nuanced picture.

        I hesitate to link it because it’s so easily misinterpreted … the color-coded ancestral components are themselves composites (don’t assume each color means a “pure” group), and the labels aren’t to be taken literally — e.g., the minor “Koryak” component in Uzbeks, so named because it’s modal in that modern population, doesn’t necessarily mean historical gene flow from actual Koryaks. (In this case, it almost assuredly doesn’t, having probably come into Central Asia with Turkic and Mongolic nomads bearing this and other East Eurasian components … plus, even at this point, likely some West Eurasian admixture, too).

        Notice the “South Indian” and “Northern European” in Uzbeks as well — it’s very reasonable to think that both components were present in the region even before the Turkic epoch. They definitely don’t require us to invoke modern Russians or recent immigrants from Tamil Nadu or whatever.

        By the way — Koryo-saram in Central Asia mostly assimilate to ethnic Russian cultural norms and rarely intermarry with Turkic locals, though it does happen.

        As for me, I’m a Korean-American interested in Eurasian population history who’s been learning Uyghur.

        • AhmadSaidov

          This is correct. I am a Tatar from Uzbekistan originally. North Uzbeks are more Mongoloid, South Uzbeks are more Caucasoid (Alpine subrace).

  • dwejiya

    I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but as a female, it’s obvious to me from the shade of her hair that the black hair is definitely a dye job. I noticed the same with a lot of girls on MiSuDa. I wonder if i stems from pressure to look more like Korean women… She’s still gorgeous, I just have to raise that since no one else did – the foreign women who receive the most praise in Korea are those who most groom themselves to look like Korean women.

    • Kate

      I noticed too. It is a dye job. it’s too harsh of a black color to be a natural black. I’m bet she is probably insecure living in a society, where Korean women are the standard of beauty and she isn’t and whenever you turn on a TV there are unreal, beautiful plastic surgery faces everywhere. She probably does feel pressured to look like them. There was one segment of this show, in which her husband remarks that one of the Wonder Girls is hot and makes her feel like sh*t……

      • AhmadSaidov

        Uzbeks naturally have black hair. What on earth are you talking about?

  • Nilerafter24

    Switch the genders (foreign male, Korean woman) and the whole attitude of the comments darkens immediately.
    Korean men seem to be the most insecure, misogynistic, sexist (to Korean women), bitter lot in the world.
    The more I read about the hate leveled at Korean women, the more confused I get.
    How does this happen? What makes the men so bitter?

    • Kate

      OH PLEASE.Korean men seem to be the worse, really? Are you a white man? Cause if you are, I understand why you say that. Have you ever seen the level of hatred that white men have towards white women? It seems like all the white guys, who date asian women, have to meet the criteria of self hating their own women first. Go into any discussion about asian women/white men, and almost always “Well, we like asian women, because those white women are ugly, 600 lbsers, femnazis, horrible mothers, horrible wives, greedy, materialistic, masculine, aren’t really women, all huge sluts that slut around with black guys, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”………….I see a lot of hatred of white women from white men that is scary but also weird, because their own mothers and sisters are white. Korean men do the same thing to their own women. Black men do the same thing, they hold white women on some pedastool and degrade black women. Men always thinking “the other race” is better, superior…….those men are just to stupid and bitter to realize, women are essentially the same everywhere in the world. Women are women, before they are x race.

      I love asian men, I’m a white girl, I love my Korean husband to bits and pieces but I don’t race hate on white guys. I don’t prefer white men, not really attracted to them, but I don’t run them into the ground. My brothers, father, grandfather, cousins, are all white and I love them. And I don’t think most Korean men run Korean women down like that, this is the interwebs, people bitch all the time about “their women”.

      • SuperHappyCow

        I’ve never degraded black women. Watch less Maury Pauvic, you fucking twat. They’re called “hired actors.”

    • Balotelli2012

      Yeah because they have been colonized by Japanese and then Americans now to this day for a long time. Their inferiority complex goes back centuries. It also goes in line with their religous christian seeking complex

      • Balotelli2012

        Which something like 30,000 korean women become the asian dolls for US marines stationed in and out of Korea during the korean war. many never saw their american GI “husband” again. The halfies in teir 50’s are proof of that everywhere in Korea

    • Ranzou

      You’re dumb. That’s cause you guys are rude more frequently and statistically most of the time to Asians. It isn’t a problem for us cause we aren’t putting down your stupid sense of manhood.

      • Canadian_Skies

        Glad you found the site interesting Ranzou. Your rampant every 3 minutes posting negative comments and accusations on a variety of posts and articles is clearly a hate filled troll with a biased ignorant closed minded agenda. Start supporting your accusations or they are meaningless.

        • sebhai

          Well just read all the comments dickhead..

  • chucky3176

    Here’s another famous Uzbek in Korea. Her name is Jamila.

    She’s only 28, and everyone’s wondering now, look how she’s aged since the last time she appeared prominently in public.

    This is her during her glory days.

    • Kate

      That one picture is a bad picture in general…..really harsh lighting and a bad angle, that would make anyone look really bad. And don’t really think she is pretty at all, very, very very average looking in my opinion. She looks like any normal woman I’d see at the store. I’m sure in Korea she stands out for being foreign looking, but in the USA she is a very average looking lady. But hey thanks for sharing anyway :)

  • MeiDaxia

    Misread and thought it meant “Uzbek wife was hit on TV” as in she got hit. Like punched or something. I was confused to find out when this hit was gonna happen til I reread the title…

  • Indeed, she is pretty and eerily similar to plastic-surgery enhanced hallyu stars.

  • Pingback: Korean Gender Reader | The Grand Narrative()

  • lonetrey

    Was anyone else annoyed by the subtitles? It’s like every other word was either “cute” or “pretty”, or “~”! (Joking about the “~”.) I’m surprised there wasn’t a screencap with just “Cute pretty pretty cute cute!~~” -_-

    I get that she’s pretty, and that she’s cute, but I hope there’s more to this show than her good looks! I’m sure a woman like that has interesting details in her life that doesn’t revolve around her physical features….

    • Sillian

      I get a feeling that you probably misunderstood something. The ‘subtitles’ in the article aren’t from the show. A cheeky netizen personally put it with screencaps.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Ooh, I see. My mistake then. -_-

        Though, nowhere in the article mentioned where the subtitles were from, only where they were posted.

  • vincent

    the comments are truly hilarious!

  • ggoma

    Honestly, this kind of stuff is fine, but I hate how disgustingly obvious they are. If she was ugly, none of this would be a hot topic. And anyway, most Korean men just want to have a white girl on their arm as a trophy to show off and brag about or they just want to use them for sex or English. Few (normal) Korean men actually love or are willing to sacrifice their position in Korean culture in order to marry a white woman, let alone a woman of another race.

    Non-Korean women should be really careful in dating Korean men. If you find one of the rare ones who actually are genuinely interested in you, go for it.

    • Kate

      And the same thing can be said about White guys who go to Korea and date a Korean girl. Most don’t have any intention of marrying, just want sex for the novelty of them, and then brag to their buddies. And I don’t think white women “down size” Korean guy’s position in their culture.

      The thing is, men hold the power in every society. They can and do date whoever they want and there is no social stigma with it, unlike a Korean girl, who dates a white guy, is seen as a slut or undesirable by Korean men. It doesn’t work the other way though, because men hold the power and thus can date whoever they want and are not seen negatively for it unlike women (Complete double standard, but it’s true in the USA too. White women who date black men are often seen as trash and slutty, but a white man who dates a black woman is not seen like that, although it is curious and not the norm, he still isn’t seen negatively). White women are beautiful, a beautiful woman is beautiful and makes any man look great, doesn’t hurt their “position” in the least, if anything it helps because they are seen as desirable to other women besides local women.

      My husband is Korean from Korea, and we lived in Korea and not once did he ever get “negative” attention from other Koreans. In fact, most men would openly give him a “thumbs up”, smile at him, ask him what his secret was, if he had money, sometimes if he had a big penis….(odd ones), assume his English was perfect, had money, or was very worldly or cultured and travels alot. He got questions a lot, but always positive. Now, I’m sure if the foreign woman is really fat, ugly, not attractive, then he probably would been see as “grudging” it, but that’s true for Korean men who date unattractive Korean women too.

      However, I do agree with you on the “wanting sex” thing with white girls. Sure, a lot of Korean guys are really curious about what sex is like with a white girl, the exact same as a white guy being curious about sex with a Korean girl. Men want to dip their pin in ink they have never had before. True of all races. It isn’t just a Korean guy thing. White men go to Korea for the exact same reason. And your warning can be seen as absolutely applicable to Korean women who want to date foreign men.

      And while I find the interracial couples interesting, I would never go on a show like this. I would never want the attention from it and I hate being seen as a “novelty” cause i’m a real person, I just don’t look Korean., I mean being a white girl in Korea makes you feel enough like an animal in a zoo, being stared at and talked about all the time. Especially when the little Korean kids, will point at you, go “Umma, WAYGOOKIN!!!!!!’ and then hide behind their mothers like I was about to eat them. Lovely. This lady is trying to be famous as a singer, probably why she agreed to be in this show.

      • Kate

        omg, wall of text. I don’t even realize I type this much…..sorry :(

      • ggoma

        I would view people praising your husband for getting a white girl as looking at you as a status symbol/object and not a person as negative.

        I know how it is to live in Korea, and I got used to that, but still. You cannot possibly say that it is easy or natural for Koreans to marry foreigners. Especially Korean men and white women.

        • Kate

          Yeah I can, I am a foreigner married to a Korean and its been pretty easy. The only thing I can see making it difficult are parent in laws if they are racist/xenophobic. But many arent. My korean parents love me.

          Not natural? Youre joking right? What isnt natural about a MAN being attracted to and loving a WOMAN? Oh, wait because they dont have the same phenotype? Oh it must be sooooo unnatural for someone wih monolids and brown skin to ever find someone with double eyelids and white skin attractive! So i guess you feel the same about white men and asian women too? Must be unnatural for white men to find pretty asian girls as marriage material! Or do you think Korean men are only capable/ suppose to like Korean women only?

          Honesy, you remind me of a korean woman I had the misfortune of knowing who told me ” I stole a Korean man from the Koreans and had no right to date him because he was Korean” She said this, all the while banging white guys at every party she went to.

          • ggoma

            Sounds like you think everyone should kiss your ass just because you are white.
            And no it is NOT natural for a Korean to marry outside of Korean nationals. Please do some research about Korean culture before spouting off this nonsense. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m saying it’s RADICAL in Korean society. Stop looking at it from your own outside perspective.

          • anonymoushumanoid

            Human evolution and biology would like to have a word with you, kid.

        • anonymoushumanoid

          These marriages are only difficult and unnatural for the racists. I’m an American of eastern European descent and my husband is Japanese. I know a lot of other couples like us in California and none of us are having any issues. We have lovely marriages and awesome kids and families.

          Maybe it’s seen that way by some insecure, racist Koreans, I don’t know (or care, honestly). But outside of the Korean bubble, it’s a non-issue.

          Sounds like you’ve been infected by a bit of that racism, yourself.

          • Andrew

            “in california!” Both speaking English fluently too?

      • Ranzou

        There’s nothing to be proud of, of dating a racist white girl who’s slept with every other race first before Asian men.

    • Kate

      Also just sayin your statement “few normal men would actually consider a white girl” is a pretty jealous/catty comment. Its right up there with those white.girls.who say “well only weird, anime loving asian fetishist white men like asian girls” Not true at all and something only a jealous female would say to try and justify why their men find other races attractive….

      • ggoma

        Honestly, you know little about Korean culture. Few “normal” (maybe I should have written average, instead) Korean men are willing to go through all it takes to marry a woman who is not Korean. I’m white myself, so I’m not jealous of myself. This is from experience darling, not worshiping of Korean men. Anyone can date anyone and there are success stories of everything, but there are many more horror stories. The situation in Korea for mixed race children is not good, that means more money is needed so those children can go to international schools. That means he or his girlfriend has to live a culture that is not natural to them, even if they can adapt, there will always be hard sacrifices. Not to mention not every Korean family is accepting of a foreign wife. Korea is based in a society where blood purity is promoted, even if that is not really possible, they like conformity. Also, unlike Korean women who culturally normally marry into another family, Korean men’s wives are expected to be there for his family as well. Not to mention problems in general with language barriers, cultural differences, etc. Even normal couples can have difficulties.

        Not saying it can’t be done, but most Korean men can get what they need from a Korean woman and that is much simpler for them. They already are aware of those expectations for each other. Most Korean men who dates foreigners are not dating for love, but experience. Of course love can grow, but that certainly is not usually the starting point. Usually they want to have sex with you. Or they think you are cute. Or they want to brag that they are dating a white girl. We are nothing more than objects to most of them. So you have to be careful about knowing whether a man is genuine or not.

        Also the language barrier if you don’t speak Korean at least at a conversational level means you cannot judge how they are as a person as easily.

        I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but living in Korea and having been with several Korean men, also talking to male friends and general experience, etc it’s harder to find the good ones as a foreigner than it would be if you were Korean. Your husband is the exception, not the rule.

        • anonymoushumanoid

          Sorry to hear that you had run-ins with a few of the weirdos, but it’s fine for most other people. At first, I thought you were a jealous Asian girl, so I apologize for that. I hope you run into better quality people in the future.

    • dk2020

      Well that’s why its on tv, who wants to see an ugly ratchet .. Korean women are totally innocent of showing off foreign boyfriends and using them for English either? I have heard a couple stories. What exactly are the stats of men and women foreigners in Korea .. I think it was 4-1, out of that most foreign women dated other foreign men. Most ESL teachers are gone within 2 years so yeah it wouldn’t be practical. Most interracial relationships in Korea has been from the military all the hapa kids I know are military brats.

    • Ranzou

      Why do you whites complain about this more than Black people using White women as a trophy? Dear god, deal with that first. They’re the ones that feel entitled to you as much as White men does with Asian women. Yet it’s always an issue with us? Not that it’s okay, especially with White men.

  • F1

    didn’t her husband suppose to convert into muslim as she was a muslim too?

    • Anymouse

      When korean man get muslim girl married form others country that’s why he just convert islam.back in korea he finally take his culture roles puss continue delete muslim religion. I saw a few muslim woman there are feom uzbeck muslim married to korean man.they took haram food.pork meat eat. Oh my god! Just they need money.

      • jade

        It is true Uzbek Mongol other euroasian country that are poor bz Soviet Union failed.Many girls are looking only for money and marry to koreans.It is just sad

  • dk2020

    I agree with that ..

  • dim mak

    Good catch. Make sure your mixed kids love your country though.

  • expatrick

    Why are Koreans so obsessed with White girls and foreigners? This marriage is obviously fake because Asian guys are all lacking in certain “departments”. Probably just using him for his money.

    • expatrick: racist much?? Surprised no one else called him out on his hateful, racistly stereotypical comment

      • dumb&dumber

        Expatrick. Guys that talk about that are usually the ones lacking in that department and insecure about it. You keep believing that myth because you small. Dumb insecure white people.

  • Get ready to be banned. All of your anti-Asian, anti People of Color comments have been reported. You will be held accountable for your racist commentary

  • bek

    Hey Korean guys, listen to me, i am Uzbek and i am very proud of it.
    The first our dicks really very big than yours ! ( one of my Korean girlfriend said so ).
    The second we are not Mongoloid.( maybe you are stupid … you don’t know history ). But i hate that girls who married to non Muslims.

    • usa

      You are dumb muslim ape uzbek. Your country is poor because you uzbek are primitive stupid animals. Your uzbek sister not complaining about my dick when i put it in her ass. We Koreans are rich, you uzbek are poor, ugly and dumb. You’re country is 3rd world and dirty. You are right, you are nothing like Koreans because we are superior to you everywhere, you desert dogs. You desert dog uzbek have small dicks and small brains. Look are your shitty poor country. What a joke. Hahaha.

  • torontonian

    Korean girls prettiest in the world!!!!!!! Angelic faces and bodies turning on any men (titties, asses and noses are little flat do, but when you are touching smooth skin, you are melting down and falling in love). And fuck the racists!!! Korean girls rock!!!

  • 리나

    Wow I am so wonder this information.GUYS I WAS born in Russian -speaking city,but I am Korean, I was in Uzbekistan too,and saw so many girls it is just marketing ,Uzbek girls are brown,and not so beautiful every girl how in this picture,this girl moved to Korea ,where another climate and have surgery, so another culture…. never forget that girls look so different for Korea it is so difficult when u are all another, I still do not like Uzbek girls small, skin,culture,language ,behavior..and ask yourself why Uzbek girls married only in korean guys cause nobody need in this for ex from American married in Russian ….

    • dk2020

      One big run on sentence that doesn’t really make sense umm kay .. wakano…

  • 리나

    Korean men married from poor countries Vietnam , Philippins,Cambodia

    • dk2020

      Uzbek is not poor country? I don’t even think most Americans would know where that is like Kazakhstan ..

      • bang2tang

        Maybe they got to know it from Borat.

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    • That world exists. It’s called Pakistan…

    • milkman

      Yes, God is a fucking idiot. Let him die in a fire.

      • Better repent while is still mercy time

        • Ranzou

          Don’t lie. We know you’re baiting Christians.

  • rotaryseven

    Grass seems always greener on the other side. I married a woman from another country and region and race…I tell all my friends who have “Yellow Fever” or any other kind of predilection to go to the source countries for their mates or just to live for awhile. Because once people come to America, they are’nt the same anymore.

    Most of my acquaintances and friends do date and marry across the lines and this trend is accelerating…

  • AhmadSaidov

    I think Central Asian Muslim women should stay in Central Asia and married to Muslims. Although Korean influence is preferable to Western influence.

    • mr.wiener

      That kimchee ..yes, it is tasty.

  • Ranzou

    This is our so-called “liberal” faggot white men. More racist, even more so than right-wingers, just cause they’re so proud of their wars on a secular level.

  • Ranzou

    They haven’t practiced footbinding, or raped women in wars. Quit trying to pin Korean guys as the most sexist. It’s a stupid trend non-Asian dudes try to impose on Koreans just cause they like their women a lot.

    White guys don’t complain about White women cause they got another race of men to bully and release their frustrations on. Asian males get more bashing by everyone even if they did nothing wrong, while other races of men get away with abuse and violence.

    Black people have a mancrush on White men. They want to portray themselves as equal or more manlier than Caucasians, they should really stick to their pure traits.

  • amy

    Where can I watch this episode?

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  • Christina Sousa

    She’s pretty, a lot more than korean women. I often hear that korean women are beautiful, but honestly (in my opinion) they’re not, they’re just cute (some of them) whereas others are ugly, I don’t find them attractive, physically and psychologically speaking (at least to my western standard).

    So far, the most stunning and gorgeous women I’ve ever seen were from Northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark…) and they have a very good personality, outgoing, generous, nice. I know what I’m talking about because I know lots of them.

    I honestly (and I’m not being jealous) don’t understand why men prefer asian women instead of these beautiful northern women.

    • 금정산

      Speaking generally, I don’t think men prefer Asian women. I would guess you are looking at a stratum sample who say Korean women are beautiful; some people have particular fixations.

      With the exception of Philippines, “Asian countries” (i.e. people don’t refer to Indians as Asian ethnicity) have won few titles in the big four beauty pageants. Count the number times South Korea has won.

  • savior udo

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  • Alex

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  • jade

    Uzbek girls are cute for white guys /black more than koreans.Uzbek guys are hundsome though

    • mike

      Don’t be jealous loser. White guys are dumb and black guys are dumber. Uzbek guys are dirty subhumans.

  • Amanda Paul

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  • Big Boss

    Uzbek people live in Central Asia but it doesn’t mean that uzbek people shouldn’t marry to korean people.

    Else Uzbek people respect Korean people.

    Their some traditions are simple.

    If you come to Uzb. ask every people about korean people, you will hear only the best feelings and words.

    Uzbeks there are: 4 main language

  • Big Boss

    So please respect Uzbek people too

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