Drunk Man Kidnaps, Rapes and Leaves Girl with Internal Injuries

Rape suspect held

In recent weeks Korea has experienced a series of violent sexual crimes leading to a growing voice against the current law that many see are weak. Sexual molesters tend to get the light end of the stick since most crimes that are said to be the result of drunken behaviour are deemed to be not the accused’s, but rather, alcohol’s fault.

But a recent incident has left Korea in shock, as details of the rape of a 7-year-old schoolgirl have emerged since last Friday. A girl, only referred to as Girl A, was sleeping when a man abducted her, brutally raped her, then ditched her by a riverside – having severely damaged her genitals and intestines.

Shortly after the news broke out, the Korean Internet went delirious, the news sparking outrage on all portal sites, attracting tens of thousands of comments. President Lee Myung-bak was swift in making a public apology to the nation, with a surge in calls for more chemical castration.

The suspect, Ko, admitted to the crime and has since said he regrets it and wants to die. Police also added he was a fan of child pornography.

From Yonhap News:

Rape of the Naju Schoolgirl ‘I Was Drunk Out of my Mind’ Says Suspect

Close acquaintainces with victim’s mother that he met in PC Bang

It turns out the sexual assault suspect in Naju, South Jeolla was an acquaintance of the victim’s mother.

On the 31st at around 01:20 pm, Naju police station arrested the suspect, Mr. Ko (23) in an PC bang in Pungdeok-dong, Suncheon, transferring him to the police station.

It is reported that Mr. Ko admitted to the crime by saying “I was out of my mind after drinking. I did it under the influence of alcohol.”

The police investigated the record of the computer he used as well as investigating his family, taking note of the fact that he accidentally met Girl A’s mother and stayed with her in the early hours of 30th in a PC Bang in the Naju area.

In the end, the police caught the suspect by going to the PC bang and employment agency he usually went to.

It is known that Mr. Ko built a relationship with Girl A’s mother through computer games.

While still under the influence, he still went to the PC Bang and asked about her children saying “how are your kids?”.

Ko was a daily worker with no fixed abode, and recently stayed at his aunt’s house about 300 meters away from the victim’s house because he had no work due to the frequent rains.

He knew well about A’s home and family background. He was once fined for theft, but has no previous record for sex offences, according to the police.

Police will seek an arrest warrant for him after investigating him about the motive of the crime, etc.

Also, the police are asking Girl A’s mother about the reason why she variably state in the initial notify, such as the time she checked whether her daughter is at home.

Ko is suspected of abducting and raping Girl A who was sleeping in a house in the Naju province at dawn on the 30th.

Naju rape suspect says he wants to die

Comments from Daum:


Death penalty – if he is sentenced to 5 or 6 years just because he’s first time offender and was under the influence of alcohol, then he should be given the death penatly


There we go, another excuse because of alcohol ~ let’s see how his punishment will turn out.

뒤집어도 똑같네:

Give an additional penalty for crimes that are a result from drinking! Execute child sex abusers within 7 days after their conviction!

민심은 천심:

Let’s cut it! Come on, please!


I agree to the death penalty from the bottom of my heart!!


An additional penalty should be given. As drink-related driving accidents are treated more strictly, now drink-related sex abuse crimes too should be treated more severely.


Please just kill those people.


These shits keep coming because they get reduced sentences when they say they were drunk. Seriously castrate or kill them.


Please let every person of this nation strike him a blow…


Let’s kill him under the influence of alcohol. Just like tearing a squid

Comments from Nate [From the headline “I want to say sorry and die”]:


Let’s give those offenders who want to commit suicide a chance to do so.


Hey…he wants to die, so let’s just do what he says and kill him


If you wanna die, then please die


Die if you feel sorry you human trash




You said that thing was 23 years old?? Sure he’s not a fucking 43 year old? What’s up with his hair and skin?

Comments from Nate [From the headline “I wanted to have sex with kids”]:


I don’t wanna hear those crap stories such as ‘I was drunk and I watched porn.’ Everything is okay when it’s related to alcohol and everyone is a potential sex offender when they watch porn? That bitch is not a human – kill it – it’s just a beast.


You’re only 23 and living dirty and you’re ugly… Why were you born and mess up the world? You pitiful slut. Why do I have to watch and hear these kinds of stories…Feel such shame


There is no man who hasn’t watched porn but there is no one who has a sexual drive while watching children, and if there was, they wouldn’t be human….You are a beast so go to jungle and be the prey for beasts.

Possible scene of the crime

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