Drunk Man Kidnaps, Rapes and Leaves Girl with Internal Injuries

Rape suspect held

In recent weeks Korea has experienced a series of violent sexual crimes leading to a growing voice against the current law that many see are weak. Sexual molesters tend to get the light end of the stick since most crimes that are said to be the result of drunken behaviour are deemed to be not the accused’s, but rather, alcohol’s fault.

But a recent incident has left Korea in shock, as details of the rape of a 7-year-old schoolgirl have emerged since last Friday. A girl, only referred to as Girl A, was sleeping when a man abducted her, brutally raped her, then ditched her by a riverside – having severely damaged her genitals and intestines.

Shortly after the news broke out, the Korean Internet went delirious, the news sparking outrage on all portal sites, attracting tens of thousands of comments. President Lee Myung-bak was swift in making a public apology to the nation, with a surge in calls for more chemical castration.

The suspect, Ko, admitted to the crime and has since said he regrets it and wants to die. Police also added he was a fan of child pornography.

From Yonhap News:

Rape of the Naju Schoolgirl ‘I Was Drunk Out of my Mind’ Says Suspect

Close acquaintainces with victim’s mother that he met in PC Bang

It turns out the sexual assault suspect in Naju, South Jeolla was an acquaintance of the victim’s mother.

On the 31st at around 01:20 pm, Naju police station arrested the suspect, Mr. Ko (23) in an PC bang in Pungdeok-dong, Suncheon, transferring him to the police station.

It is reported that Mr. Ko admitted to the crime by saying “I was out of my mind after drinking. I did it under the influence of alcohol.”

The police investigated the record of the computer he used as well as investigating his family, taking note of the fact that he accidentally met Girl A’s mother and stayed with her in the early hours of 30th in a PC Bang in the Naju area.

In the end, the police caught the suspect by going to the PC bang and employment agency he usually went to.

It is known that Mr. Ko built a relationship with Girl A’s mother through computer games.

While still under the influence, he still went to the PC Bang and asked about her children saying “how are your kids?”.

Ko was a daily worker with no fixed abode, and recently stayed at his aunt’s house about 300 meters away from the victim’s house because he had no work due to the frequent rains.

He knew well about A’s home and family background. He was once fined for theft, but has no previous record for sex offences, according to the police.

Police will seek an arrest warrant for him after investigating him about the motive of the crime, etc.

Also, the police are asking Girl A’s mother about the reason why she variably state in the initial notify, such as the time she checked whether her daughter is at home.

Ko is suspected of abducting and raping Girl A who was sleeping in a house in the Naju province at dawn on the 30th.

Naju rape suspect says he wants to die

Comments from Daum:


Death penalty – if he is sentenced to 5 or 6 years just because he’s first time offender and was under the influence of alcohol, then he should be given the death penatly


There we go, another excuse because of alcohol ~ let’s see how his punishment will turn out.

뒤집어도 똑같네:

Give an additional penalty for crimes that are a result from drinking! Execute child sex abusers within 7 days after their conviction!

민심은 천심:

Let’s cut it! Come on, please!


I agree to the death penalty from the bottom of my heart!!


An additional penalty should be given. As drink-related driving accidents are treated more strictly, now drink-related sex abuse crimes too should be treated more severely.


Please just kill those people.


These shits keep coming because they get reduced sentences when they say they were drunk. Seriously castrate or kill them.


Please let every person of this nation strike him a blow…


Let’s kill him under the influence of alcohol. Just like tearing a squid

Comments from Nate [From the headline “I want to say sorry and die”]:


Let’s give those offenders who want to commit suicide a chance to do so.


Hey…he wants to die, so let’s just do what he says and kill him


If you wanna die, then please die


Die if you feel sorry you human trash




You said that thing was 23 years old?? Sure he’s not a fucking 43 year old? What’s up with his hair and skin?

Comments from Nate [From the headline “I wanted to have sex with kids”]:


I don’t wanna hear those crap stories such as ‘I was drunk and I watched porn.’ Everything is okay when it’s related to alcohol and everyone is a potential sex offender when they watch porn? That bitch is not a human – kill it – it’s just a beast.


You’re only 23 and living dirty and you’re ugly… Why were you born and mess up the world? You pitiful slut. Why do I have to watch and hear these kinds of stories…Feel such shame


There is no man who hasn’t watched porn but there is no one who has a sexual drive while watching children, and if there was, they wouldn’t be human….You are a beast so go to jungle and be the prey for beasts.

Possible scene of the crime

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  • .

    In before the man gets sentenced to 7 years like that 1st-grader rape case back in 2008/9

  • Stories of butts

    Castrate him and leave him out to die in the woods.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Im all for the death penalty in cases like this. He should be put down. Castration does nothing to prevent a man from committing a sexual attack. The sex drive is still there, and you don’t necessarily need your “tool” to get the job done.

      TL:DR Just kill him~ no mercy.

      • mr. wiener


        • Brett Sanbon

          Maybe we can send him to the DMZ while drunk and let him work is out with the mine fields.

          • What a lot of hate and negativity. Personally I oppose the death penalty in all cases, but using it for anything other than murderers is quite inhumane.
            Are we going to start putting all rapists to death now?

          • BobTrent

            Feminists scream, “Rape is rape is rape.” Reasonable people know that there is a difference in a 16 year old boy having sex with his consenting, enthusiastic 15 year old date when just across the state line it wouldn’t be any crime at all, and a 35 year old kidnapper ripping up a 4 year old girl, biting her nose off, wrecking her internal organs and beating her near death.

          • Brett Sanbon

            So, you oppose the death penalty, but criticize that using it only for murderers is “humane”? Here we go again with the comparing of these two crimes. Eye for an eye, eh?

            Maybe if someone raped your children you would change your mind. I don’t wish for that to happen to you or your family, not even as a joke. But it wouldn’t hurt for you to empathize with people. I can’t control it, but when I see a child in pain, it hurts me too. When I see a man hit a woman, it makes me angry. When my wife is sad, I get sad.

            I also have a daughter on the way. I am empathizing with her parents.

            Lets look at it from the family’s POV: should we allow him to live in prison forever, using our tax money to pay for the-man-who-raped-our-daughter’s food, medical care, and entertainment? Should we allow him to enter back into society in 10 years, only to prove that his crime against our daughter “wasn’t so serious”? Could we ever live in peace knowing that he is out there and can come back to hurt our family at any time?

            I tell you what; if I was her father and knew the guy had raped her, he would never have made it to police custody. Although that wouldn’t take back our daughter’s pain, it would at least give peace of mind that he’ll never do it again… Kinda like that movie with 최민식, when he rapes and murders children and all the survived family members get the chance to make him suffer.

          • @Brett Sanbon,

            “should we allow him to live in prison forever, using our tax money to pay for the-man-who-raped-our-daughter’s food, medical care, and entertainment?”

            What entertainment? Prisons are brutal, loveless places, and spending your whole life in one is a terrible punishment. I hate people who talk as if prison were somesort of holiday camp.

            Personally I think 10-20 years in a prison would be appropriate for such a crime. Life in prison would still be too much. I know that it’s easy to let your emotions carry away you away with a case like this, but seriously if we starting putting all rapists in prison for life or execute them, that is going too far.

            “Kinda like that movie with 최민식, when he rapes and murders children and all the survived family members get the chance to make him suffer.”

            I don’t like the sound of this movie, it sounds like it’s glorifying revenge.

          • BobTrent

            The brutal injuries are crimes in themselves, not aggravants to rape. Proving rape was not necessary for this vermin to get a long prison sentence.
            Revenge is righteous when carried out via due process of law, with a heavy burden of proof required of the state (the government prosecutor) for conviction according to well-established rules. What is wrong with private revenge is the potential for error and excessive punishment.
            “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay.” One way God avenges wrong in this life is through the government, which has as its chief duty the protection of life, liberty and property by punishment of murderers, enslaved and thieves. Thieves of lives, freedom and property.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Yes, entertainment. Prisoners get TV time, athletics and athletic equipment, and movie nights. Sometimes stars even visit for a Christmas show. I am all for rehabilitating the youth who have lost their way but I dont want to buy a rapist a pair of boxing gloves or a Samsung tv… or food for that matter.

            Why do you have such a soft heart for rapists? Do you need to confess to anything jixiang?

          • Ruaraidh

            That last implied accusation seems pretty uncalled for…

          • Brett Sanbon

            Yea yea Ruarraidh, thanks for your input… *awkward

            But jixiang, all jokes aside, why don’t you think rape is worthy of the death penalty?

          • BobTrent

            The most practical reason is that the death penalty for rape incentives rapists to murder their victims. There is also the reason that many rape accusations turn out to be false. Mutilating a man’s body or killing him cannot be restored. Not so long ago a man was released after 35 years in prison. DNA testing, which was not available when he was prosecuted, of the rape kit proved 99.99% certain that he did not have sexual contact with the complainant. Which he had insisted on all 35 years.
            Blacks and Latinos are especially at risk of mistaken identity (they all look alike, you know! sorry…) and false accusations. And with grossly excessive punishment.
            One man was given life in prison for a series of alleged rapes when many of his supposed victims maintained a sexual or even just friendly nonsexual relationship with him after the alleged rape. The court based its verdict in part on the presumption that he had slipped them a “date rape” drug, yet when one who accused him shortly after their date was blood tested no trace of any such drug was found. Several of his “victims” never made any report to authorities until investigators hunted them out and told them that he misrepresented his occupation. My feeling is that the guy is guilty but from all the accounts in the media there is no proof – none beyond a reasonable doubt. Accusations are not evidence!

          • Well, I am against the death penalty in all cases, even for murderers, so I’m obviously not going to support it for rapists.

            I also don’t think that rape is as bad a crime as murder. This is a particularly horrible case because it envolved a six year old girl. In general though, the effects of rape on the victim and their family are obviously not as drastic as those of murder.
            Let’s also remember that most rapes do not envolve someone hiding in a dark alley waiting for a woman to pass by, but they envolve a victim and a perpetrator who already knew each other. Some rapes, like the one Julian Assange is accused of, are not as bad as others. And rape is also harder to prove than murder, and accusations can more easily be fabricated.

          • mr. wiener

            I’m kind of hypocrical on the matter. I don’t think you can apply a drath penalty for rape across the board, however if it was one of my family [raped]nothing on earth would save the scumbag from me, even if I had to wait for him to get out of prison.

          • Brett Sanbon


            I think you and I have very similar feelings on this matter. Like mr. wiener, this is kind of a gray area for me. I don’t think all rape is equal. By law, an 18 year old boy that sleeps with his 16 year old girlfriend can go to prison in the USA for statutory rape.

            That being said, the act of forcing someone to have sex, usually by brute force, disgusts me. I am not a religious man but even since biblical times, rape has been a crime (though I don’t know the rules or traditions of Islam). The act of dominating another human being by means of forced sexual intercourse has been punished equally with murder in many civilizations throughout history.

            What this man did to the little girl has ruined her for life. He has caused damaged that will prevent her from bringing life into this world. It has completely changed her future.

            This guy deserves death to me, and we don’t need to see eye to eye on this matter. I think you were assuming from the beginning that I meant “all those accused of rape should be put to death”. I didn’t mean that. But I do think that all child rapists should. It’s just my opinion and its probably because people like this guy scare me to death every day my daughter’s birth grows near.

            PS- in that movie I mentioned earlier, the revenge was glorious.

          • Ruaraidh

            There are a lot of people, myself included, who are not against the death penalty for any moral reason. Instead only for the practical reason that mistakes in the justice system do happen and innocent people have been killed, only to be shown not to have done it at a later date.

            Clearly from cases such as this, at least as it is presented on this site, there is no doubt whatsoever that this man is guilty. I have no problem with him dying, but am uncomfortable with the death penalty being incorporated into any justice system which remains an imperfect system when it comes to determining guilt.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Good point. There have been countless cases of people getting life sentences or death only to be proven innocent after the fact. I agree that the death penalty isnt something to play with and I would be uncomfortable if it was given without 100 percent guilty evidence and/or a confession. Unfortunately, “beyond reasonable doubt” in America is often taken by the jury to mean “you’re black/mexican/a drug addict, I doubt you are innocent”.

      • Nyancat

        I agree with you, these animals will never change and should not be given a second chance, that little girl won’t be getting a second chance at life.

      • Ruaraidh

        Chemical castration does in fact seem to suppress sex drive and deviant fantasies. That having been said, I still think that in a case like this we should put him in space without a space suit.

        • Efe the foreigner

          too costly, just pour acid on his junk and give him a cold shower. done and done.

          • Ruaraidh

            After the initial setup costs, it could be done pretty cheaply with a mass driver. It’d probably be useful for other things besides executions too. If I was the government of Australia, I’d start building one today.

            A mass driver would have the added hilarious option of not even launching the condemned into orbit, but simply subjecting them to so much g-force they emerged at the end as flying mince.

  • mouse

    Rape is worse than murder. Life imprisonment or death penalty. Even in America rapists are let out to commit more and more crimes against innocent children and adults. Korea is notoriously light on criminals, and he will probably only get a few years. It’s disgusting and I hope this case brings about some kind of change, but I have little hope.

    • ami

      “rape is worse than murder”
      Heinous crimes aren’t to be compared.

      Would you rather have had that bastard murder that poor child??

      • Noori

        Agreed. Once a crime crosses the certain line of viciousness, we will only hurt victims by comparing their traumatic experiences.

      • mouse

        As a victim of rape personally, I think I’d know. Murder victims don’t have to deal with the consequences and suffer day by day.

        • Ruaraidh

          Are you also a victim of murder then?

          • Sojubang

            However murder victims families and friends (if they have either of those) will probably end up suffering for years equally as much. Not to say that rape won’t cause the same. But there both terrible crimes and should serve sentences reflecting that, whether that’s death penalty or not.

    • a

      “rape is worse than murder”

      Are you high?

      • SFGigantes

        Maybe you are high?

        You’re not a victim of rape like mouse who claimed to be an actual victim, so would you know? Many victims of rape live through daily nightmares for the rest of their lives. Rape is just as bad as murder and should be treated equally in punishment which should be death sentence.

        • BobTrent

          Many other raped women (yes, yes, MRAs, boys and men are raped too but that’s not the subject here) recover and go on with their lives. I’m glad the woman who is my wife and the mother of my children wasn’t murdered instead of or in addition to being raped three times. I’ve known several women, girlfriends and others, whose have been raped, some more than once, both before and after I met them.

  • Yu Bumsuk

    I’ve been “drunk out of my mind” many times in my lifetime and it’s never led to me wanting to rape a seven year old. Bastards like this need to be kept away from the general public.

    • Paul M

      Agreed, I’ve done some pretty stupid things myself while drunk. Although alcohol lowers inhibitions causing you to do things you may not do while sober it would not make you do stuff that you would find disgusting or morally reprehensible. This Mr. Ko creature had already set his mind to do what he did and it was the alcohol that gave him the ‘Dutch courage’ to follow through with the act. So I would say that he is fully responsible for his actions and should no longer be able to participate in normal society ever again.

      • BobTrent

        Alcohol lets your true inner person out. What you do under the influence of alcohol is what you’d like to do when you’re sober but are afraid to do.

  • k

    Wow what a piece of ****……claiming alcohol as soon as he was arrested because he knows how the other case went….There is no room in society for pedophiles and child predators, they are the cesspool of human beings and should be eradicated as such. There is no cure for them except a bullet. Korea needs to seriously make an example out of this man so that their citizens and future and past rape victims do not lose faith in their justice system.

  • glenn

    Alcohol is a lame excuse for a person who committed a crime. I drink a lot and so does my friends, but we never and will never do anything horrible as that.

    If you think that you have the potential of doing something bad when you lose your sense due to alcohol, then don’t drink. ( we all know what are potentials are ) It’s like a gun, if you don’t want to fire it, don’t put any bullets in it.

  • Chris

    when in korea, do as the koreans do

    • justmega


    • Paul M

      No, just…..no.

    • Nyancat

      How does that apply to this article?

      • chucky3176

        He means it’s common and it’s culture of Korea to rape little girls and boys in the ass and rip their intestines out. It’s his backhanded way to suggest that point.

        You’re pretty sick, Chris.

        • BobTrent

          Sodomy is a felony except in the USA where Liberal-Progressive-Leftwing judges have decreed fucking in the rectum a holy sacrament.

  • Carolyn

    I agree with above comments..just kill the guy..rape is not taken seriously enough everywhere..shit like this makes me sick

  • Sojubang

    This is horrible, nasty crime and alcohol is no excuse, he is a pedophile, that’s all there is to it! Drunk or not, I agree with peoples opinion of giving him the death penalty! I’d hope that there would be massive outrage if he simply gets a few years in jail and a “he was drunk, so lets go easy on him” kind of verdict.

  • dummyuploader

    glad wasn’t brought up in place where drinking is accepted within the society

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    We’d better make his wish of dying realized.
    The ineffably cruel crime he committed against a girl who would be his daughter’s age is inexcusable under any circumstances. I cannot imagin how traumatic the little victim has to live a remaining life. Her parents will have a indelible scar on their pysche, thinking that no one except for the family is reliable.

  • Patrick

    And the punishment. 10 years is my wager and he’ll wear an ankle bracelet thingee when he gets released for 10 more years and his name in the public database. A US solider gets 12 or more years for any rape so that sounds about fair for Korean judicial standards. Can’t give more years than a foreigner.

    • chucky3176

      Patrick, don’t give me that bull shit. There have never been a US soldier who served 12 or more years in S.Korean prison for rape. Even the most publicized rape by GI’s didn’t get more than 10 years. In the past involving US soldiers convicted of rape, once the publicity died down, their sentences get reduced to next to nothing, making a mockery out of the justice system. So don’t play that victim complex game here, buddy.

      • BobTrent

        I’ve been told that when US military personnel are proven to have raped women in countries where they are stationed the military pays the rape victim and her family off. They have more use for the money than to know that the rapist has been imprisoned.
        Being raped and getting $10,000 or whatever is better than getting raped, getting no money and the rapist put in prison, especially when he will never be in their country again.
        That a soldier doesn’t go to prison in the country where he committed a rape doesn’t mean that he won’t go to military prison back in the USA.
        Some of these incidents are actually prostitutes extorting money from the rich Americans by claiming to have been raped.

  • Barack Obama

    Castrate him and then make him serve the girl and her family has their slave for the rest of his life.

  • lonetrey

    Chemical castration, and then seek to reform him.

    That’s all from me.

  • BoretoDeath

    Death penalty?
    Plz don’t kill him so easily, his dick should be slashed and cut off then beaten to death very slowly..
    You ruined a 7 year old’s WHOLE life and you just wanna die?
    That’s so cheap.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Nice…and the difference between his callousness and your’s is that you haven’t hurt anyone yet?

      • BoretoDeath

        I’ve never even been thinking to hurt anyone, unless she/he hurt me first out of my tolerance limit.
        I love peace and tend to avoid any unneccessary problems in my life.
        But this kind inhumane act is really unacceptable and out of my tolerance limit.
        I wonder what would you do if you were the poor child’s mother or the child herself when she grew up?

        I’m sure you won’t act so sanctimonious anymore.

  • ric

    koreabang, can you keep us posted on this story?

  • mr. wiener

    I just read this one on reddit , it happened in Turkey:

    “A woman who placed the severed head of the man who raped her in a village square after shooting him dead has said she wants to abort the baby conceived as a result of the assault, Doğan news agency reported.

    The woman, a local in Isparta’s Yalvaç district, made headlines recently when she severed the head of a man who had been raping her and blackmailing her for months, tossing it into the open in the village square.

    She was arrested shortly after police forces detained her. She reportedly told villagers that the head was the “head of the one toying with [her] honor.”

    She is now five months pregnant with the child of the rapist, according to reports, and wishes to abort the child “no matter what” despite legal restrictions that prohibit abortions after 10 weeks of pregnancy.

    The woman reportedly said she was willing to die as long as she underwent the abortion.

    The man had allegedly been raping the victim for months and blackmailing her with nude photos of her before she finally shot him to death.

    The pregnancy was known to both beforehand but the abortion could not be legally conducted on the 14 week-old baby. Rumors had been allegedly running around the village, making life difficult for the victim and her children.

    After killing the man, the victim cut off his head and brought it to the village’s square, telling everyone to stop “talking behind [her] back” and to “stop toying with [her] honor.”

    Several bullet holes were discovered in the body, including the man’s genitalia. He was also stabbed in the abdomen after he was shot.

    The victim said she did not remember how many times she had fired the gun.

    “He kept saying that he would tell everyone [about the rape],” she reportedly said during her testimony. “My daughter will start school this year. Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can.”

    “I saved my honor,” she added. “They will now call [her children] ‘the kids of the women who saved her honor.'”

    • Brett Sanbon

      I just saw that on CNN this morning and was going to link jixiang over to it. Thanks for posting wiener.

    • Random Person

      What. A. Boss. If every rape victim could do the same to their rapists.

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  • Yolo!!!

    씨발 죽어버려!!

  • BobTrent

    What is with the current fad of women shaving or waxing their pussy hair? To attract perverts who like pussies that resemble prepubescent girls’ bare, hairless pussies? A.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G!!
    Guess it’s not as bad for child-molester degenerates-at-heart to have sex with grown women whose pussies look like little girls’ pussies than for the vermin to be raping little girls.

    • I liked how you linked women and consensual sex in general to a brutal case of child rape, very creative.

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