Expats Protest in Response to MBC Video, Netizens React

MBC Documentary

Many of you contacted us with the news that a report by MBC, Korea’s oldest broadcasting network, was ruffling some feathers amongst expats on the Internet. The short four and a half minute clip (a copy of which is below) detailed the alleged dangers Korean women face when dating seemingly predatory foreign men. The clip included footage of these men, (who were largely characterised as Americans) and interviews with their lady “victims”, one of whom appeared to be in a wheelchair, thanks to an unfortunate use of lighting.

The aims of the video are fairly self-explanatory so, rather than go over the same ground again, check out some of what our fellow Korean blogs were saying at the time. A blog post about it in the Wall Street Journal also cropped up this week, as did several English-language pieces in Korean papers.

MBC Documentary

MBC Documentary

In short, the use of editing, dramatic music and sweeping generalisations in the video would have been quite funny, had it not been for the fact that it was also rather xenophobic. A copy of the video first appeared on Facebook here and, within hours, was shared thousands of times amongst expats and Korean friends alike.

However, koreaBANG didn’t share it for the simple reason that it just wasn’t being talked about on the Korean Internet. As many of you know, we work hard to find what is popular or trending amongst Koreans on the Korean internet and this short report hadn’t even made a dent. It wasn’t until almost a week later that a popular article emerged on Korean news portals and, even then, that was only because expats were (perhaps quite rightly) protesting outside the MBC Headquarters in Seoul. Online Newspaper OhmyNews was the only Korean media outlet to pick up on the report with an article that become quite popular on Nate, other papers, however, remained uninterested.

MBC Documentary

This is in the middle of an already sticky patch for MBC which is suffering from its “indefinite general strike“, a strike that news anchor Bae Hyun-jin, has found herself on the wrong/right side of, as reported in today’s other koreaBANG article. The strike is largely over the government’s attempt to control Korean broadcast media so, it’s worth noting, this kind of “documentary” (that was out-sourced to an external productions company)  is the kind of sensationalist and tabloid piece that gets broadcast when the real journalists are on strike.

The below article, translated by koreaBANG’s Noori, is about a protest expats held outside MBC earlier this week. Rumor has it, there are more to come, according to the Facebook group created to campaign against the video that has already been joined by over 8,000 members.

Korean netizens are now picking up the debate, the most heated of which is taking place on Nate. What is particularly interesting is that, while the majority of the comments recognise the generalisations and xenophobia of the original report, the debate seems more divided along gender lines. The guys are criticising the girls for being too “easy” whilst the girls are criticising the guys for being hypocritical and overgeneralising.

Just makes you realise some of these differences might be solved over a bottle of soju or two. After all, everything’s much, much easier when you’re ever so slightly drunk…

From YouTube:

From Nate:

We’re just dating Koreans: don’t treat us like criminals

Expats stand in front of MBC Headquarters

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon on the 3rd of June, expats with blonde and gray hair etc one by one started gathering in front of MBC Headquarters. Accompanied by Koreans, there were seventeen of them in total. They performed a ‘silent protest’, lining up under a tree across the road from the headquarters. There was no sensationalism or disruption; they expressed their ‘rage’ peacefully.

‘The programme labeled the ladies dating foreign guys as ‘victims’. I’m here to show my disapproval, because of its biased way of reporting.’

Ron Oliver (47, Voice actor) who has been living in Korea for 16 years since he got married, reluctantly called his wife, Han Soo-jung (41, English teacher specialsing in TOEIC), ‘his victim’. The programme that he is referring to is a 5 minute video broadcasted on MBC’s Every Minute of the World Through a Viewfinder, titled ‘The Shocking Reality about Relationships with Foreigners’.

Han soo-jung and Ron, married for 19 years

‘I felt humiliated while watching the programme’

The show reported on the promiscuity of some Korean ladies when dating foreigners, as well as some foreigners taking advantage of Korean ladies sexually and/or financially. One anonymous source on the show even claimed that he met a Korean lady who was infected with the HIV virus by her foreign boyfriend. The protesters all agreed that they felt humiliated by the show.

Han Soo-jung said, ‘We got married for love,’ she added ‘They didn’t recognise healthy multicultural couples and geaneralised all Korean women-White men relationships. It’s deeply upsetting for couples like us.’

Ms Sabrina Hill is holding a picket sign

Sabrina Hill (33), who is managing a non-profit organization(The Centre) that helps North Korean defector ladies, asserted that MBC has to apologise publicly.

‘I was shocked by the video. It was surprising that MBC allowed to let it out, considering it was so full of prejudice. They didn’t even bother to make sure whether the impregnate-and-run guy story was true. I also doubt whether they did the fact check for the HIV claim. If this kind of incident happened in Canada, the network would have to be out of business.’

‘Expats should be treated as a part of the society with respect, not as subject to prejudice’

The protest ended around at 5 o’clock without any significant events. MBC didn’t send anyone to see what’s going on, and major media was not interested in the first place. The protesters planned this gathering on Facebook, where they exchanged their opinions. It was one hundred and four of them who showed interest to be part of the protest, yet most of them didn’t show up, which was disappointing for the protesters.

However, Claudia Maison (28, Lecturer), who mostly led the protest said that ‘There aren’t many of us today, but we are going to take various measures to get the message across, such as Flash Mobs in places like Myeongdong or Gwanghwamun,’ and she added ‘We love Korean society; we’d like to be respected as much as we respect Koreans. We’d like to show that we really care about Korea.’

And Gina Friesen (31, Graduate Student), a Canadian, said that ‘If you judge foreigners based on prejudice, you may lose opportunities to meet great people,’ and ‘there are more and more foreigners visiting Korea, so I hope to see more Koreans trying to understand and embrace different cultures.’

Meanwhile, expats in Korea who watched the programme are sharing the video and debating on websites such as Facebook and others. Rob Yates (26), a British national and middle school English teacher in Seoul, posted the video on his Facebook wall just after it was aired. Other expats got furious, commenting that ‘It’s horrible’, ‘I can’t believe what I just watched’, and ‘This video is a totally xenophobic propaganda.’ There is also a Facebook group, with 7,937 members as of 4th of June, sharing a variety of thoughts and feelings.

One of the expats on the Facebook group commented that ‘The issues on the video was pretty much universal between men and women’ and a Korean member commented ‘I feel ashamed to see that MBC aired this sensational joke without any proof or fact-checking’.

Conversely, some members showed different opinions, ‘The purpose of the video was to criticise the ladies, I think expats are overreacting’, or ‘It might be true to some extent, and they seemed to intend to warn those who have no idea.’

Comments from Nate:


Aren’t some Korean ladies quite sexually open to white guys? I heard many white guys aim to meet those ladies.. I’ve seen a lot of them in Hongdae on weekends.


There are always rotten apples everywhere, and the rest of us share the blame ㅠㅠ


Get rid of Hongdae.


Ha, this video is funny. Aren’t Korean guys impregnate-and-run experts? I heard Kophinos are up to 10,000 or so.. Who are we to blame foreigners?! My guy friends once said that most of the ladies hanging out with foreigners at Hongdae are kind of ugly. Korean guys are very rude to ugly girls, worshiping lookism. Why wouldn’t those girls embrace foreign guys’ attention, if the guys are nice to them? Lookism has to go… and stop cursing foreigners and mind our own business.


What are you going to do about Korean guys who go and do the same thing in Southeast Asia? I’m not trying to make a sweeping generalisation here, but… It’s not fundamentally wrong to point out mistakes, just please, don’t generalise everyone…


I’m a man, but white guys seem better than Korean losers. What those [Korean] bastards do is call Korean women ‘boseul-achi’ or tell them to ‘Join the army’ [referring to military service]. What’s the point of meeting those losers? Ladies, you should date foreigners.


I met my college friends at Hongdae the other day. After we split, I was catching a cab with my friend, a little bit drunk, it was around 1AM. Then a white guy showed up and said, ‘wanna go to a motel with me?’ I snapped and said, ‘Leave me alone, you crazy bastard.’ Come to think of it, some bitches might go along with them, considering their blatant choice of words. I felt really horrible and humiliated to be a Korean woman at that moment.


My girlfriend is Russian. When we walk together, we get surrounded by strange gazes and trashy words Some women even went so far as to say that my girlfriend looked like a ‘whore’. Of course, my girlfriend had no idea, smiling up at me. It was heartbreaking to see her treated like that


You guys keep mentioning Hongdae and Itaewon.. Aren’t those places supposed to be the capitals of nightlife in Korea? The girls having fun in those places do not represent all Korean women. It’s irritating every time I hear stories like this. How would you feel if I generalised all Korean guys based on the Kophinos in the Philippines?


Internet losers always call their women ‘boseul’, yet they pretend to be nice and sensible men. I’ve seen only one guy who speaks like an online loser in person. He was in his late 30s, single ajossi . He was like, ‘Korean girls are looking for guys out of their league’, ‘I like foreign women’ blah blah ke ke.. To tell the truth, only losers who cannot date a Korean girl are trash talking Korean ladies. (They have personality issues, let alone their appearance or social status) Honestly, would you talk down to Korean ladies even though your girlfriend is one of them? Their trash talks are naturally from within their crappy social circles. Remember: birds of a feather flock together, you online loser guys.


Seriously, don’t trash those expats who married Korean ladies. They didn’t do anything wrong. Considering they didn’t walk away from the relationships and got married, they are guys with responsibility. To be honest, don’t we Korean guys like Japanese ladies (except for the ugly or old ones)? The same goes for foreigners.


It’s nauseating to hear foreigners say things like, ‘If this happened in Canada, the network would have to be out of business,’ ‘Korea is weird in this regard. In the US, we cannot even imagine things like this’. We don’t usually take these words seriously though, think deeply: they are implicitly looking down on Korea, suggesting that they are always right. When in Rome, you should follow Roman law. If you don’t like it, go to your country.


It’s hard to deny that Hongdae has moved away from its [artistic roots].


When I went to one of the Itaewon clubs last week, I saw 3 to 4 foreigners hitting on girls, saying, ‘Oh, we love Korea,’ this kind of crap. Then one of the girls fell over and hurt her jaw on the way to go to the lady’s room, bleeding hard. Those guys started shouting that it wasn’t their fault, although no one’s saying anything to them. The security asked them to be quiet, and they went outside. I met them outside of the club, as I was going home. And one of them was smoking and saying, ‘She’s crazy’. He was hitting on the girl a minute ago and THAT’s how he dealt with the situation? Wherever foreigners are, Korean girls are next to them. When I went to Eurwangni beach, it was quite a sight: foreigners and Korean girls playing drinking games, and their suggestive language. They were noisy all night in front of our guest house. Wake up, people.


Those bad apples ruined everybody’s reputation. It’s a shame. Do you seriously think Koreans don’t do those things to each other?


When Korean girls date guys: If the guys are foreigners they spread their legs automatically. But with Koreans, they ask questions such as, ‘Does he own a house under his name?’ or ‘How much money does he make?’.


Korean guys are stupid: they go to Southeast Asia without their wives for sex tours; there are no shortages of sex-crimes; there are loads of sexist articles on crappy websites such as ‘DC Inside’ and  ‘Ilbe’; however, those losers are desperate to date a girl. I don’t understand those guys bitching on girls dating foreign guys ke ke .. Who are you to judge the girls? You’re judging them because your mind is dirty ke. I can see your level of maturity, you assholes.


I’m a guy but, it’s not like the foreigners were raping them or anything. The girls voluntarily spread their legs. Since their sex was consensual, why do we bystanders have issues with it??? Whatever happened to those girls, from HIV to lost money, is their business. And it’s wrong to generalise all foreign guys.. When Cho Seung-Hui shot all those people at Virginia Tech, did Americans think all Koreans were potential school shooters?? They didn’t.. Wake up, people.


They are protesting in Korea, yet what’s up with all those English picket signs? They basically look down on us, so they had it coming.


There may be ‘some’ healthy relationships between foreign guys and Korean women (of course, they might find my statement upsetting), yet ‘mostly’ they are not different from the video. As long as there are horny white guys thinking Korean girls are easy, and girls living up to their expectations.. I’ve met a lot of those people in Hongdae and Itaewon.. It’s a stretch to call them ‘some’ cases ke

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  • Digitalsoju

    Not the comments I expected. It’s like for once netizens actually can think critically and for themselves, instead of unified zombie-like xenophobic mentality.

    • Chucky3176

      At least be able to read and understand the language before you form an opinion about what the netizens are and what they’re saying, instead of relying on word of mouth from other expat bloggists who tend to focus on foreigner related news.

      • steven

        He can. Do some research before opening your mouth why don’t you.

      • Digitalsoju

        나 한국말 할 주 아는데 …

        However it is ironic that you say that, because the entire concept of this site is based “relying on word of mouth from other expat bloggists[sic]” yet you frequent this site. 왜 그럴까?

        • Digitalsoju

          Oh and before you attack me for my typo Chucky, I meant to write “할 줄 아는데”

  • Tony


    Above is an online petition which states:

    우리 사회에는 다문화화 물결에 힘입어 새로운 다문화 가정 자녀 세대가 형성되고 있습니다. 그들은 차별이 없는 미래를 보장받아야 합니다. 또한 많은 외국인들은 한국인과 똑 같은 권리를 가지는 영주권을 가지고 살아갑니다. 우리는 한국의 다문화화의 성공적인 정착을 기원합니다. 우리는 한국이 세계 무대에서의 성공을 기원합니다. 최근에 방영된 MBC의 한 프로그램은 이 땅에 커다란 분쟁을 가져왔습니다. MBC 김재철 사장은 이번 본사의 실수를 인정함으로써, 방송 매체에서의 편향된 시각을 멈추는 계기를 마련해야 합니다. MBC는 이제 한국의 다문화화를 촉진하는 기회를 얻은 것입니다. 우리는 MBC가 우리나라를 한걸음 더 나아가게 하는 데 힘 써주기를 간청합니다.

    There is a new generation of children as a result of the wave of multiculturalism in Korea. They should have a future free of discrimination. Many “foreigners” are permanent here. We wish for a successfully integrated Korea. We wish for Korea to be successful on the global stage. A recent program aired by MBC has further divided this peninsula. Let’s stop media bias now by informing Kim Jae-chuel that his network has erred. The President of MBC now has an opportunity to promote multiculturalism in Korea. We encourage him to use his leadership role to move this country forward.

  • Mich’insaeki

    Yeah, weird assortment of comments. I saw the MBC piece and laughed my ass off. Pretty much typical fair. Thought it was par for the course. The online comments are interesting.

  • Jack

    Its true…Wherever the white men went..they carried their diseases along with them…they have no moral compass, are always horny, sleep with prostitutes , are filthy, not bath often, wear shabby clothes…

    They did the same to Thai women, now Thailand has the highest HIV rate, same issues in China, Philippines….white men have no culture…they just want to sleep with everything that moves…..They are just looking for opportunities to get laid in Korea and get some English teaching jobs to get that…

    There are already more Filipinos, Vietnamese, Indians, Chinese in Korea..but they don’t have any issues….its only the white men horniness and there use of women as a tool for pleasure is the problem….Korea will go Thai way, if they are not stopped….Throw them out before its too late…Ask yourself…Why isn’t Filipinos in Korea causing any problems like white men?

    • Digitalsoju

      Are you stupid? Did you not read what the Korean men said about what Korean guys are doing in southeast asia?

      Here you go:

      You’re obviously bitter as hell.

      • Jack

        I never said Korean men are any better….I know their exploits in Philippines where they have Kopinos in endless numbers and leave the country once making poor local women pregnant…

        I comment on Kopinos in Ph forum as well, its bad, morally sinful and disgusting…..two wrongs does not make a right..The article was about white men dating local girls in Korea …they are same like Korean men…I’m here to expose the double standards of men in general but as this article was about white men i emphasized on it..Thanks for the link..

        • Pablo

          You are the worst kind of Korean netizen, Jack. Your racist stereotyping is really extra-shocking and incredible.

          So white men in Korea are causing ALL the problems, huh Jack? Oh, hey – let me make a little list based on the items that you list in your post about *all* white men:

          1. They all carry diseases
          2. THey all have no moral compass
          3. They are all always horny
          4. They all sleep with prostitutes
          5. They are all filthy
          6. They do not bathe
          7. They wear shabby clothes
          8. “There use of woman as a tool for pleasure”

          Let me just say this, Jack: Your are an example of the why Korea has a reputation as being one of the most racist countries in the world. Congratulations. You, Jack, are the one who is disgusting, not some goofy English teacher who is just trying to have a chat with some Korean girl at a bar. LOL. As if Korean men in Hongdae do not prey on women just like any other group of men…. as they say, there are good apples and bad apples in every group.

          Having said that, I am SO GLAD that all Koreans are NOT like you. It gives me great hope that many Koreans are not racist, and they want to embrace the diversity of the world and its people, while also being proud of the Korean culture. It is encouraging to see that some of the commenters were very sensible and tried to balance what was a really dehumanizing stereotype of white men that has been in Korea for some time… This is how I know that Koreans are truly intelligent and smart people that the world can look to into the future….

          You? You’re an insecure, bitter, dangerous racist. And I hope your fellow Koreans call you out on your horrible racism… Just like people of your ilk are called-out in every other civilized society. And it doesn’t help that you simply say “Oh, I don’t like some Korean guys either.”

        • Attaboy

          Jack, you think American men are horny dogs? Do a poll among the average American men and the average Korean men asking then how many have been to a prostitute. You’ll find a HUGE difference in the numbers you get back. In Korea there are brothels of all shapes and sizes on every block, often down the hall from a kindergarten. You can’t tell me that it’s foreigners keeping those places in business. Some single American men may be more interested in causal, consensual relationships than Korean men, but how many married Korean men hit the “spa” house with their boss and co-workers after a soju-soaked dinner on Friday nights?

      • Rich

        u do realize that white men pretty much invented the prostitution industry in Asia, right? Just check the history of US military forces stationed in Asia. As for these idiot white boys bitching about Kopinos Whities should talk, There are ten times the number of children born between white men and Southeast Asian women (mostly out of wedlock and abandoned) than the number of Kopinos. What do you think about that?

        • Rich

          its actually quite nauseating to see all these positive portrayals of foreigners on network TV in Korea. So the MBC program finally showed a negative portrayl of foreigners after showing 10 positives of it. Deal with it.

          • mr. wiener

            How about a fair portrayal instead rather than something too feel good or another pandering to some people worst prejudices?.
            People are dicks everywhere you know , especially obvious when they are in another county or culture. It just give the opportunity for lazy thinking chauvanists like yourself to point the finger so as to make yourself look better by comparison.
            If it makes you feel any better, western ijits do just as much finger pointing at foreign or different elements within their own countries.

    • Jack’s Sense of Pride

      So Filipinos are completely innocent? Come on you sound like you were a part of the MBC story. Look, there are a lot of South-East Asian people in Korea and there are problems just like everywhere else. Ever notice that the “foreigner crime rate” that the media always talks about includes… uh oh! South-East Asian people as well!

      You sound like you have a chip on your should and frankly I am sick of hearing garbage like this. Men of all races act the same way in the same situations. So what is your solution? Keep everyone in their own country? Or is just the white men? Filipinos on the other hand can go and do what ever they want, right? Wake up and see the real issue here.

    • Paul M

      Well Adolf, er I mean Jack on behalf of us ugly, dirty, disease spreading white pigs I apologise for tainting your pure country and corrupting your women. I shall leave Korea henceforth and return to my native country and bemoan our lack of culture after having experienced the infinite richness and superiority of Korea’s. Now I’ll leave you to your da-bangs, love motels and massage parlours *sighs* I will sure miss those love motels.

    • Brett Sanbon


    • Ian

      Thailand has the highest rate of HIV?? You, sir, are a troll, and a mighty foolish one. Please check the facts before you post so that you can avoid being a liar.

  • JR

    This article is very interesting. In China, it’s the same problem. A lot of expats going to China are "looking down" on Chinese womens. Some of them have so much confidence in China that they become very arrogant there, because they think they feel superior by picking up all the Chinese girls there. Actually, it’s not wrong.
    There are a lot of stories among the European expats in China who talking about white mens getting a lot of girls within one night. Even no confident guy who cannot get girlfriends in their home countries can get a lot of easy girls in China. That’s a true story and I think some foreigners can acknowledge it. ( Here )
    Picking up girls is normal. But, I can understand why some Asian people have xenophobic reactions toward that kind of subject. (here ; here; here) Some expats people are over reacting in China and in reality, they are kind of looking down on China because they feel like king in China. ( here ; here )
    Actually, I can understand Chinese or Korean people when they are angry against expat’s behaviour. But, I am very confused because as it’s hard to say this case is common to all expats. Moreover, it’s hard to know where comes the problem (cultural difference? Asian womens too easy to pick up? the arrogance of some foreigners? etc.) Who do we have to blame ? Personally, I think it’s due to cultural differences. But no matter who to blame and the reason of this issue, the reality is some asian people begin to be racist of Westerners and some of them is justified by facts.
    It’s a pity.

    • Passer By

      But for that you could read ‘Korea/Japanese men in Thailand’ – or rich Arabs in Essex (blonde bit of South East England).

  • asswiper

    if this were chinese peoples comments it would be like this

    “fucking white/black/non chinese people, they should leave china blah blah blah”

    im happy to see most of the Koreans understand that the media was very onesided and as one person said every country has bad apples but you cant forget the good.

    I’m happy to read in agreement.. on Chinasmack i can never fully understand why they say the things they do…

    i have high hopes for Korea in the future

    • Christina

      wow, what a case of the pot calling the kettle black

      • thailandvc


      • Nyancat

        come back to chinasmack TT

        • 404namenotfound


  • dim mak

    Comments not as xenophobic as expected, interesting

  • Brett Sanbon

    You know whats hilariously hypocritical about this story? In November of last year, a producer at MBC (we have a mutual friend) asked me if he could film a 1 month special about my wife and my lives… He said he wanted to show a “part of Korea that most people dont think about”. He even called my wife to try and get it approved.

    She rejected the offer because she thought they would edit it to make our married life appear terrible. Shes a damn smart girl.

    • Paul M

      I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. Both MBC and SBS called and wanted to film my wife and I as part of a series of documentaries. I politely refused without giving an answer. Basically I didn’t want them to make a chimp’s tea party out of our marriage.

    • Stories of butts

      Curious question, would you ever do it for that other show from KBS that focus on Korean men and women married to foreigners? I think its called Love in Asia or something like that, my sister watches it all the time.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Do they get compensated? I have no particular desire to appear on TV. I see no benefit from letting cameras invade my home for 30 days. The only way I could see myself agreeing is if KBS purchased a pension for my wife and myself in Gangwon or on Jeju for 1 week and wanted to film us there. 한우 and other tasty treats should be included.

      • Chucky3176

        Actually about 95% of those documentaries are positive stories of mixed marriages. The Korean media over do the positive aspects and go overboard with portraying mixed marriages, it’s becoming nauseating.

        Like here

        and here

        And then there are whole multi episode shows devoted solely to foreigner plus Korean marriages.

        But then once in a while a negative story like this come along and it causes a massive angery and xenophobic comments against Koreans, while most Koreans are oblivious. This has become a huge, another Rosa Parks of Korea case for downtrodden Westerners in Korea. Yes I say this sarcastically. The truth is, South Korea is a society that worships white people and white countries, often Koreans downgrading their own country comparing to the West.

  • bultak

    the more koreans try to put resistance to koreans dating non-koreans, the more they will date them. the definition of korean and non-korean will become less defined. some half koreans look more like non-koreans, some look more like koreans. korea will easily open more and more to non-koreans and the idea of dating foreigners will become easy. non-koreans and koreans will be easily involved together.

    • Chucky3176

      What you say doesn’t even make any sense. If Koreans are resisting dating foreigners as you claim, how can there be more and more Koreans dating foreigners and how can there be more and more half Korean-foreigner children?

  • K

    I found the comment from the Korean man about others calling his Russian gf a whore interesting. I’m married to a Korean man and we lived in Korea for a bit and I totally know what he is talking about as a white girl living in Korea. I frequently had Korean men ask me if I was Russian and realized real quick it is more of an insult, as any Korean men believe white girls to be Russian and thus Russian prostitute and thus buyable. I had Korean men offer me money to just go sit with them and their pals and really found the whole treatment of white women appaling in Korea, as so many Korean men assume white women are easy or russian prostitutes. My parent in laws didnt want me even wearing the same dress style as korean girls because korean men react differently to white girls. Korean women were much classier in behavior but not always, I would sometimes watch Korean girls flip their shit out if their bf was looking at me or if I stood to close to their man they became jealous and paranoid that “the white whore” is trying to hit on their man. An attractive white girl (Not the heavy set manish expat girls) is viewed as threatening and immoral as white men in Korea. Not related but not all Korean men go to girl bars or brothels with their boss and get drunk and have affairs. My husband never and would never because he loves and respects me and I always made it clear if I ever found him cheating I would promptly go back to the US with our baby and divorce him and if he ever felt losing his family over a hooker was worth it then his family doesnt need him. I think alot of times men in Korea cheat because Korean women allow it or turn a blind eye to it because divorce isnt an option in a society that trashes single mothers and in a court system that is heavily biased against women and their rights. I also find the whole anti white guy thing laughable, white men make a small minority in Korea and white men/korean girl couples are few in comparison and really if Korea ever hopes to be a global country they need to accept that interracial couples are OK, drop that crap about a “pure” blood line, and really just not give a damn about what two consenting adults are doing. At least the comments posted werent so xenophobic. Eh just my two cents.

    • Chucky3176

      It’s the odds. Most non-Russian Western women tend to not dress in high heels, mini skirts, with heavy makeup, and not as attractive as the Russians. If they mistaked you as a Russian, then that’s because there are a lot of Russian women in Korea who dress that way. This is hypocritical when Asians in the West are always called “Chinese” .

      • Ralph

        Chucky, yes you are correct when you say most Asians in the West are presumed to be Chinese. But that’s because the vast majority of Asians in the west are actually of Chinese origin. And it’s not just white westerners who make this mistake. I recently went into a cafe in the UK with my Korean tutor (who is studying in the UK for a year) and at an adjoining table there were 2 Asian girls surfing and/or studying. I noticed that they were speaking Korean whereupon my tutor said that she was surprised, she had just assumed they were Chinese. If a Korean woman assumes that other Koreans she encounters in the west are Chinese, then westerners who have limited exposure to East Asians can hardly be condemned for making the same mistake. And isn’t it also true that white westerners in Korea are usually assumed to be Americans?

    • Justin_C

      very thoughtful of you, k. i really appreciated your comment. not only could i sympathise with what you go through somewhat, i can only begin to imagine what it must be like for Russian/ other foreign wives as well……

  • bultak

    personally, i think korean guys should try some non-korean girls. just do it.

  • Chucky3176

    As for the MBC clip, similar news clips have been done against Korean men in Philippines making babies, interviewing crying pregnant Filipinas with hidden faces, with clips of Korean men being bad and having sex with the locals and fucking up the local culture with Korean prostitution industry, etc etc. There are even numbers like 30,000 “Kopino” babies in Philippines – numbers pulled out of the hats from Korean civic groups. It’s the way Korean press uses sensationalism to peddle news stories, it doesn’t just happen to foreigners. Yet the responses from the Korean viewers of these shows that bash on Korean men, are usually one of shame, regret, and anger.

    And I might add, often these documentaries on exposes of Koreans abroad, are used as proof that Koreans are assholes abroad, from the expats here – perpetuating the stereotypes of Korean men as irresponsible bastard makers in South East Asia.

  • Seoul less

    what a joke this mbc company ….

    • Justin_C

      well, they are in the midst of very protracted labour dispute (see the last article) – with most of their producers and writers gone, the company has to churn out ridiculous and sensationalist garbage to keep up the rating…. MBC is actually not a bad broadcasting house before this :(

      it made me sad….

  • ric

    i agree with mbc

  • nal80lia

    well I can understand why they would want to deter Korean women from dating foreigners. not all foreigners do this but a good bit of them do go looking for these girls because they think they are easy and will bang them just cause they are foreign.
    I guess they wanna keep the korean blood line pure.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    This article is something else. White guys crying about discrimination. There is a definite power imbalance there and the fact that Koreans and Asians can be so openly racist to whites shows that they are in control of their own territories. I like reading these stories. One night stands, and these Sex and the City lifestyles of people hooking up and never seeing each other again is nothing new in Western society. Asian women clearly long for a more open society and if Asian men want to compete with foreigners/white men and earn the admiration of their women they should strive for a more liberal society… too much freedom can be a bad thing sometimes, but overall, women want to be treated well and to have power. In the west, sex is power. Beauty is power and that’s what women want – whether they admit it or not. Why is it in all stories little girls read are about beautiful princesses? Why is it that every woman wants to be the most beautiful woman in the room on her wedding day?

    The Kophino situation… ouch. They run away like black guys, huh? lol There is rarely a pattern of white guys running off, I’m surprised to see this in Korean culture, even an inkling of it.

    That being said, the ONLY reason white men visit asian countries is because they have an Asian fetish for Asian women. There are many places in the world they could easily visit. But they go there to get their fill of Asian women using business or employment as a ruse for their trip.

    • ric


    • Dan

      People all over the world have seen what happened to America and its loose lifestyle. American society is collapsing. The men don’t feel like working and raising a family anymore. It worked fine for a decade or two but don’t confuse a more open society with what we have here in America. What we have here is a cluster fuck.

      I don’t believe people should hide from where ever society is going, but people have the right to do what is best for their own society. It is not about asians competing with white men. Look at how white men are losing to black men at home. It is about how entitled white people are. Anywhere they go others have to change their culture to adapt to them.

      • Brad

        White guys are losing to black guys?? I seriously wonder if asian guys that say this are serious or just trolling. Do you really ever see an attractive white guy get turned down for a black guy? And just because you see a white chick with a black guy doesn’t mean she had the option of a white guy first.

        • SorayaVonDerAlm

          Not all white Girls are into white Guys.Don’t fool yourself,white guys aren’t God’s answer to women.

    • Attaboy

      Wow, racist much? Maybe you’d be more comfortable living in Korea.

    • Gina Arauz

      “There is rarely a pattern of white guys running off.”
      What a fking joke. White men knock up Japanese and Korean women left and right and return to their native lands (usually US and UK) never to be heard from again.

  • Dan

    Uh no white people. Try watching how asians are portrayed in American media. And where are your protests on this?

    White people have no problem with blacks running through their women by the dozen. Why should the rest of the world follow suit?

    Of course women anywhere would like foreign men around. It skews things in their favor. Why don’t the men drop in a hundred thousand Russian women into Korea? Then we’ll see how the Korean women feel.

    • Tippy Long Stocking

      Dan, white people used to have a problem with black men running through their women.

      There was a time a more than fifty years ago when a black man would get lynched, tarred, and feathered for being accused of looking at or even whistling at a woman woman. This is back when white men were having their way with black women unfettered, fathering black-white rape babies all over the country, which is why there are so many fair-skinned black people in American society. I would know, since my grandmother gave birth to my mother when she was only twelve-years old from such an encounter.

      Now that interracial dating is no longer taboo, black men see white women as fair game.

      Black men go after white women, white men go after Asian women. It’s an interesting system. Latinos tend to stick with their own, they are very family oriented have a lot of cultural pride. Asian men and black women are left in the dust.That’s pretty much the pattern in the U.S. Well, I can’t speak for Asian men actually so who knows what their situation is.

      • Dan

        Tippy. When will Americans quit trying to control the world? Why does the rest of the world have to follow whatever America determines is moral?

        All peoples on Earth have the right to make up their own mind about things. And if these people disapprove of boorish behavior by foreigners who are you to try and ram your lifestyle down someone elses throats?

        Remember that when America was still developing there were Anti-miscegenation laws targeting Asian men who wanted to marry white women. Today America may be different, but it was Americans who decided to change their own country. Not because of some tourist pouting on the internet.

  • 남자

    Why doesn’t Korea do something about drunk Korean guys who grope teen girls on the street. The Korean government should also attempt to stop Korean guys from raping Korean girls.

    Korean girls don’t speak up because of shame, so Korean guys get away with it. ROK needs to look in the mirror.

    They are correct, Korean girls are victims, to the Korean men.

    P.s. not stereotyping every male, but still.

  • Jess

    Shouldn’t “blond, white-haired expats” be: “white, blond-haired expats”?

    • Raphael

      Haha thanks for pointing it out. It was actually “foreigners blonde, grey hair etc” kkk

      • Noori

        I agonized over translating the word. I guessed the journalist is referring to Ms Hill(picture above), whose hair is very bright blonde.

  • Lee

    white men are in Korea for 2 reasons;
    A) they can’t “make it” in their home countries, no job, etc.
    B) they are in Korea to have sex with Korean women.

    • Justin_C

      your explanation of human migratory pattern is fascinating. grounded in the need for resource-competition and better reproductive success, it is indeed the most rational thing to do.

      i hope you have been successful in pursuit of both so far :)

      • James


      • DigitalSoju

        Great post lol

      • Raphael


        • Lee

          thanks, I’m glad you guys enjoyed my post XDXD

  • Pingback: A piece of unsolicited advice to MBC()

  • Tickle Monster

    It’s NOT just Korean women, it’s all Asian women that are easy. Just go to any porn site and you will see tons of videos of foreigners going to Asia to produce porn. I see a lot of them in the Philippines. Fap, fap, fap…

  • hmm…

    >To be honest, don’t we Korean guys like Japanese ladies (except for the ugly or old ones)?

    really?japanese women haters are everywhere on the korean internets:(
    and most of korean men go for chinese/vietnam ladies….(except korean women)

  • Bill in Seoul

    MBC? or NHK? Korea is really following in its’ (Japanese) master’s footsteps. What’s next? Passport color change? National language change BACK to Japanese?

  • jxs9

    Typical of Koreans. The most racist Asians that treat each other like crap but ignore it and try to blame outsiders for everything.Should have let Japan keep that country.

    • Gina Arauz

      That’s EXACTLY whom they learned prejudice from! Japan is worse! They worship whites to the point of practically handing them the means to thrive in their society but treat other Asians like shit.

      • jxs9

        If youre a foreigner in Japan the only thing you can really be is a teacher. The only foreigners that have domestic companies in Japan are Koreans. Having to kiss US ass has more to do with US invading them pretty much.

        • Gina Arauz

          LOL that’s a logical analysis… but I wasn’t just referring to Americans.

  • lemmings22

    Obviously not all foreigners are predatory, but the news report does have truth to it. Many foreigners, especially white men who have been rejected in their home countries and failed to meet a woman in their own country flee to asia looking for “easy” targets. An overweight, below average, middle-aged white man in america would be seen as bottom feeders. But once he sets foot in Korea or some other asian country, he’s glorified, turned into a celebrity, and girls flock to them in curiosity and interest. This is why many foreigner men come to asia because they know they can easily get many asian girls. It’s like CLOSET PEDOPHILIA. They can prey on asian women like a man preys on a little girl. He’s fluent and master at english and knows things about the outside world. The korean girl is poor at english, and knows very little about the outside world, thus she depends on him. He feels confident and able to dictate the relationship, just like an adult is able to overpower intellectually a little child. It’s that same feeling. Korean girls compared to american girls are innocent and naive with child like behavior and thinking and foreigner men find this attractive as they dont get attitude and competition from them. American women or other foreigner women are often too masculine, too strong, too independent and too educated that it threatens the men. It also works the other way too. A lot of korean women are “selling out”. What this means is, they think they are somehow better than other “backwards” korean girls if they date foreigners. They think it makes them more sophisticated, progressive, and modern. Whereas girls who stay within korean mold, are seen as closed minded, traditional, old fashioned, and even racist. It’s this whole idea where korean girls think simply drinking starbucks coffee makes them better than korean girls who drink and eat traditional korean foods. I’ve known TONS of white, black and even other races like indians, arabs, hispanics etc, who say that they specifically target an asian girl or korean girl etc. So yes, it’s predatory in nature because they targeting and have already premediated how to get these girls, what say, how to behave, etc to get them. It’s very predatory. Just be yourself, be open to anyone, but why be predatory and premeditate ways to get a korean gf or asian gf? It’s quite disgusting and i find it just as racist.

  • lemmings22

    Just go to Itaewon and watch those arab/turkish men who serve icecream at those mobile vendors. They flirt with the korean girls all the time like a an adult man flirts with a 12 yr old girl. They perform their little tricks and the girls giggle and laugh and they do this all day and get kicks out of it. Obviously not all korean girls are so innocent either. A lot of them have premeditated ideas too and put on a “cute” “innocent” girl act to seem vulnerable and easy to lure men. It’s quite sickening. What ever happen to men and women of values, truth, honesty, dignity, and character? Now it’s all cheap parlor tricks, facades, deceit, lust, cheap thrills, superficial and artificial beauty…..the cancer of all our societies that was once “hard working” and “focused”.

    • Gina Arauz

      Oh no! God forbid they EAT ICE CREAM! Alert the authorities!

  • John

    OK..in reality lot’s of expat guys do go to Korea to have sex with Korean women. And if Korean media or Korean guys tried to cock block them they scream racism or use the argument that Korean guys act like pigs too. So if a Korean guy acts like a pig according to some expats does that mean expat guys should do the same? I guess so according to some expats…I mean lets be real folks many of the expat guys that come here are looking to hook up and live out the Korean women fantasy and nothing more. I’m mean look at the responses..here . It touches a nerve.

    • Gina Arauz

      What’s funny is that Korean guys do the same thing. People take this as “white guys think Korean girls are easy” when Korean guys think foreign girls are easy, too. Maybe it’s just a load of pathetic men and skanky women and too many defensive hypocrites.

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