North Korean Soldiers Use South Korean President’s Name as Target

North Korean soliders use Lee Myung-bak's name as target practice

Responding to a South Korean army unit that used pictures of Kim Jong-un in its military target practice, North Korean state media broadcast images of soldiers throwing knives at targets with the South Korean president Lee Myung-bak’s name painted on it. Lee, who is now in an election year and is highly unpopular, received little sympathy from South Korean netizens, most of whom jokingly supported the Northern army’s actions.

From Daum:

North Korean soldiers using President Lee as a target practice

Amid the uproar by the North Korean authority over painting a battle cry above a photograph of  Kim Jong-un, North Korean soldiers here are seen throwing knives and axes at the painted name of Lee Myungbak, the South Korean president.


I saw this on TV but boy do they look awkward ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Not sure about other things but we are united on this.. ke ke ke ke ke


Judging by that picture alone, North Korea has already surpassed the democracy level of Kyungsang Province


I hate the commies… but I hate the president even more…


What is this, nothing but commies here…


Hey you douchebags, are you kidding me??? Why use just text? Replace it with a picture or a stuffed doll at least!


Why am I not getting angry?


What the! I do this at home day and night…


When Lee said he is a pragmatist I thought the inter-Korean relationship would be pragmatic. But he was caught up in hawkish conservative ideologues and stalled the relationship for the last 4 years and drove it over the cliff. The North and South should not bicker and fight but for Lee and co, it does not mean anything. I will never vote for the GNP . Never have I felt the fear of war until this presidency.


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the only one who cares about us are the North Koreans!!!!


Put up a picture if you can. It’ll be more realistic.


North Koreans… I do like their training

15년간 달인:

Yes, we are still one people! ke ke ke ke


I feel like I should print them out a picture at least…
Boys, is that all you can do?
Economic recession is a bitch…


This was obviously published to agitate us, but they still get applause from the South!!! ke


It is said that an enemy of my enemy is my friend… suddenly the North-South relationship thaws…


They should introduce this to South Korea to boost combat morale

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