Miss Korea 2012 Dubbed ‘Miss Plastic’ by Netizens

Netizens are disgusted by Miss Korea's obvious surgical enhancements

‘She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Miss plastic surgery’s face,’ or at least according to Korean netizens who were in their thousands to condemn 2012’s selection for the Miss Korea beauty pageant, Kim Yumi. Shortly after being crowned Korea’s beauty queen, photos from her school days emergered on the Internet, leading many to suggest she had most probably gone under the knife. These claims were later confirmed, when Kim Yumi openly admitted she wasn’t natural. At least she’s keen to face the fact her new face lost her face.

Before photos:

…and after:

Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yumi

Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yumi

Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yumi in bikini

Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yumi in bikini

Comments from Daum:


If she’d come out with her own natural face, she would’ve never made it as far as the finals. Plastic surgery is, therefore, a clear infringement of rules, and she should be deprived of her rights to apply for the pageant.


Just abolish this beauty pageant. It’s just a money-maker for the winners. It’s not like they enhance national glory or something.


Scrap the Miss Korea contest. It’s irritating.


Plastic surgery Korea… At first glance, I can tell she did every kind of surgery including a bimaxillary operation.


Miss Korea? That’s literally ANYONE’s game if you can endure massive plastic surgeries. The contest is more like ‘Mess [knife] Korea’ than ‘Miss Korea’. The winners have such fake faces…


Her ‘original face’ is too different from the ‘after-surgery face’. Her original features are more or less untraceable, yet she’s the winner. The judges must feel a bit lost for words too.


Frankly speaking, it’s problematic that they join the pageant after getting cosmetic surgery. Foreigners would scoff at it and say Korea is dominated by Lookism where people become beauties by having plastic surgery.


Kim Yumi returning her crown and living quietly seems to be the best way to deal with this situation, yet I assume the association would turn it down since it doesn’t want to admit its own mistake…


I wonder how much money she’s spent on her face. I’d rather show respect to the person who made her look this pretty when she was young.


If her natural state was just ‘normal’, then she wouldn’t have heard those harsh comments. She had such an ugly, unlikeable face with a hint of ‘Tibetan lady-in-waiting’. [referring to an extra actress known for a striking resemblance to a Tibetan fox]


Broken reputation? Her reputation isn’t even built! The title of the contest should be ‘Miss artificial beauty’ or make a natural beauty contest separately.


Now we’d better get plastic surgery during our primary school years… She should have done at least a double eyelid earlier he he he he he he he he he he he… then, it would have been less noticeable.


The crown should go to the plastic surgeon.


How can you guys speak ill of the victory that is South Korean plastic surgery?That’s why its hard to have a hero in South Korea… if that picture was distributed in China and Japan…it’d attract about a million extra medical tourists a year. In a word, Miss Korea is ‘a goose with golden eggs.’ Has there ever been a Miss Korea who was as lucrative [for our country] as Kim Yumi is? Every other Miss Korea was busy being an entertainer…


She looks breathtakingly beautiful. Why can’t nature produce that level of beauty?


I feel sick… feel like throwing up.


She wouldn’t have even won the ‘Miss pepper contest’ before surgery. The plastic surgeon is god, amen! ke ke ke


It should be mandatory to submit the contestants’ high school graduation photo albums.


You can’t usually turn an ugly girl into a beauty pageant, yet Kim Yumi somehow became a completely different person. That level of transformation should be impossible without having extreme surgeries on the cheekbone and jaw. I’m not judging her for just having had plastic surgery though, I just think she went overboard to enroll in the beauty pageant. It would’ve been fine had she simply lived her life with her new pretty face. Her desire for the title was way over-the-top. How can she act like she’s the most beautiful woman in Korea with such a surgically altered face?

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  • Ken

    I just do not understand what the fuss with all these. Everyone is just ‘sour’ of their beauty or maybe their successful transformations. So what if they have plastic surgery? What makes you so sure that the beauty contest in other countries’ beauty peagent did not go through the knifes? Also with the make up of today, definately they look stunning after make-ups. Some of our local contestiants dont even look good after make-ups. So people, stop being ‘sour’ if you dont like then just dont look.

  • Dayana (Indonesia)

    Most of koreans did plastic surgery, no excuse to be the miss korea, she is smart and good attitude (maybe), if the judges selecting the participant with ‘no plastic surgery’ as the requirement, rarely people will join that event, and as the public figure the Miss should be good looking also, that’s why she did the surgery. She did it for a reason :)

  • sileena jad

    Your blog is such like that I have run out of words!!! Really superb

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  • Danny

    she’ve had her bad day before. its her day for glory!

  • Just passing by

    It’s a beauty pageant, not a natural beauty pageant. What’s the problem?

    Other contestants were lucky enough to have the genes for good looks, she was “lucky” enough to have the chance to surgically alter her appearance. There’s no unfairness in there. Such competitions are always going to be superficial anyway.

    Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging plastic surgery, she would have been fine without surgery. I just don’t think there should be an issue that she won.

  • Pocha huntas

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  • Dolph ziggler

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  • thamichraib

    la vrai beauté tres tres dou jaime trop

  • Stop hatin! I feel like people are judged on stupid stuff that makes them who they are. Their face, their body, their intelligent, their interests. Stop already! I read in an email only 4 percent of women feel they are beautiful. The word “ugly” I think is thrown around too much, most people are average :p. Some people in society need to learn what a bell curve is, looks are like that. I get called “ugly as hell” but would never get surgery, does not make me better than people who have. People will always hate on people no matter how beautiful or nice they are. And when they have surgery, they are called “fake. How hypocritical, society. I feel like there are very few ugly people, a lot of average and pretty people, a handful of beautiful people, and some very few “gorgeous” people. Also, personality can boost your looks by one or two fold, as in average to beautiful or pretty to gorgeous. Stop hating, hate is what’s wrong with society today, sheesh. Her face was average before, she looks shy, and she has a gorgeous soft face after the surgery. I feel sorry for her that she still has not escaped the hate.

  • SOBAKO_PINOY_Mr. Takla

    Lived in Korea 9 years and I do not remember seeing so many empty bodies without a soul in my life before. Materialistic, superficial society to more extremes than any other nation.

  • HaydenG

    If they want a caucasian face to be miss Korea why dont they just choose a white person.

  • Guy Forget

    She was so much more BEAUTIFUL before the plastic surgeries. I’m more interested in seeing her old photos than these fake unoriginal looks korean girls all want with plastic surgeries. This is a very sick mindset for koreans and it will lead very bad things in the future. Hope koreans can truly wake up and appreciate the natural beauty of koreans. It seems only foreigners truly see and love natural korean beauty…but koreans would look at themselves and say it’s “ugly”.

  • Kpopiscool

    Im looking at these Korean comments..Koreans are harsh people. Probably everyone running for miss Korea has had AT LEAST had a double eye surgery.

  • Stephen Ash

    Surely the Miss Korea is also about personality and not just about looks. If so then she deserved to have won, as her personality is absolutely delightful.

  • Juliana Kassim

    The pageant industry is already fake by itself, so what is there to argue if the contestants are fake or not…duh…it’s not as if they are running for the Nobel Peace Prize…

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