Police Officers Stop Car Rolling Backwards with Their Bodies


From Yonhap News:

Police Officers Stop Sliding Car with their Bodies

Around 6:48 p.m, on April 8th, police officers in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, stopped a car from sliding backwards with their bodies, which could have killed pedestrians.

38-year-old Ms. Park parked her car right next to a police substation, leaving her daughter in the car.

However, she left the car with a loosened hand-break, and so the car started sliding backwards, with her daughter in it.

Fortunately, police officers Park Jong-su and Kim Uk-bae who were at the substation’s parking lot spotted the scene and ran toward the car and stopped it with their bodies. The child in the car was also brought to safely.

Park, the car owner, said, ‘I stopped the car to buy bread. It seems like the hand break was loose.’

Comments from Nate:


Hey crazy bitch. Because of you, police officers could have been injured. Apologize to them sincerely instead of thanking them.


She got her drive license too easily. Scary Madam Kims [Note: Ms. Kim – a word that Korean people use to designate crazy Korean female drivers]


Park Jong-su and Kim Uk-bae. You guys are awesome. I’ve learned a lesson from you guys. Hope you guys are happy!


Crazy bitch. Are you driving a car to kill not only your daughter but other people?
I don’t understand why getting a driver’s license has become so easy. We should make it difficult again and add additional regulations. Ssibal lawmakers. […]


Isn’t it illegal to park at the intersection? What’s worse, it was in front of the police station — How did she get her driver’s license?


Isn’t she an insane bitch? Police officers, you guys did a great job.


I knew it would happen ke ke ke..


She left her car with tires moving. How did she get her driver’s license? What a bitch.


In some countries, if you leave your children in the car, you get put behind bars.


Crazy bitch. Don’t drive and just use public transportation. What if someone got crushed under the car?


I wish madam Kims would not drive. When they are asked to move the car parked in inappropriate spots, they always react like “what?” Sometimes, they just stop their car to change a lane while they are driving forward. At other times, they even drive backwards. Sb, I think they better enjoy their bumper cars at an amusement park.


Can you see the line between the road and the sidewalk? And there’s a safety bar on the sidewalk. It’s obvious that you can’t park there. But you just left the car with a loosened hand break? And just next to the police station? We should be clear about that. She should be punished for parking illegally and causing accidents. Thanks to those police officers, we avoided a bigger accident, but imagine if ’em police officers didn’t stop it. Not only the girl in the car but also the people on the street could have died. Please make it more difficult to get a driver’s license. 10 million out of 40 million Koreans have a driver’s license. It means literally everyone has it.


Sigh. People are dying for no reason because of people without rationality. Let’s pull ourselves together. Drunk drivers are okay but those who are hit by drunk people’s car die. This kind of news makes me so upset.


Insane Korean women…


There is a reason for calling them madam Kim.

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  • chucky3176

    KInda harsh response for a silly mistake that anybody could have made, especially cars with manual transmissions and stick shift gears. I’ve made the same mistakes with my car, forgetting to pull the parking brake. Not only that, I also drove couple of times with the parking brakes on, totally melting the break pads. It was terrifying to notice the brakes weren’t there after a while when I pressed the brake peddle.

    • Kate

      찬짜? Not under any circumstance does a parent ever leave a child in a car unattended. Ever. Thats clear cut child endangerment and thats why there should be outrage at the woman, not because she made a mistake a parking but because she knowlingly endangered her child and then endangered the police trying to save her kid. It wasnt too long ago a story hitting csmack about parents leaving their baby in car, car being carjacked and baby killed. Only a stupid, negligent, lazy, careless parent would leave a child in a car unattendes.

      • Guess my mom was stupid, negligent, lazy & careless then… *Kanye shrug* Amazing for a single mom working two jobs to be though, gotta hand her that!

        • Brett

          Just because nothing bad ever happened to you doesn’t mean that leaving your kids in the car alone is a good idea.

          • Nor does it mean the parent is now dubbed a whole list of things either due to leaving your child in the car. As Butsu said above, a bit of an overreaction.

          • Brett

            You don’t think it’s shocking, at all, to see an infant alone in a car?

          • Infant is different than simply a kid. I was like 5 and my brother was 11 and we were left in the car alone and at home alone. My brother would go to his friend’s house and I would be alone by myself (this time I was between 8-12) but I had common sense to keep the door locked and not open it for strangers.

          • Brett

            5 and 11… I don’t think Kate had those ages in mind when she made her comment. Maybe you jumped the gun and got a bit too defensive.

          • So I jumped the gun on someone because they were being vague in their comment to begin with… Lol yeah ok~ I also forgot how everyone here likes her tooo….

          • Brett

            Haha, no doubt she says some pretty controversial stuff sometimes but she’s been here long enough that it’s easy to figure out when she means offense and when she doesn’t. Anyways you’re right, she’s a friend. Maybe you should start buttering me up so I could be on your side too haha.

            Back to the point, it would have been easier to ask what age she meant by “child” because from what I know of her posts, she means good most of the time.

          • mwanafa

            Somehow I agree with her, I started a fire in our own shop when I was 8, my mom left me to attend the shop for about 5min’s, she believed I was a very well behaving kid. But that day out of nowhere something triggered my curiosity about how kerosene help to make fire, I mean it looks like water and water do not burn, and water helps to extinguish fire, so I had to experiment by lighting up a match and put it in a bowl full of kerosene.

          • Kate

            Actually I receive my fair share of hate comments.

            Hundreds of children are hurt every year in the US because they were left unattended in a car, on average 50 die from heat exposure in a car because childrens bodies heat faster. This article in itself proves the point you shouldn’t leave children in a car unattended, she almost got her kids killed. You’re nitpicking a common sense statement (there’s also a reason its illegal to leave children in a car as well) because of your own experience. You sound like you were a smart kid who could be trusted, many kids aren’t that smart nor can be trusted not to hurt themselves. It only takes one time to lose your kid forever or to see them in a hospital. The risk isn’t worth it.

          • harvz

            Don’t worry, I find her to be an idiot!

          • Kate

            No it isnt. If you had a baby then youd understand how quickly toddlers self destruct when not supwrvised especially when left in places that are easy for something horrible to go wrong. You are simply lucky nothing ever bad happened to you but every single time your mom left you alone in a car she was abaolutely taking a risk with your life. To clarify Im not talking about preteen age and above but 10 and under should never ever be left alone in a car and if a parent does so then they are being extremely negligent of their childs welfare.

          • You first said “child” and not toddler age plays a huge role in what you’re trying to say. Leaving a kid 5+ in the car.. was done to me. Parents risk everything all the time when they’re not around a child (even when they’re not an infant) Sorry, but some kids do have understanding of not to open the door and keep it locked and certainly was one of them under the age of 10. But to attach a string of insults for a parent to do that I think is a bit overboard, especially when it’s a broad age-range. I disagree with you, you disagree with me *shrugs*

      • Butsu

        Me and my brother were left in the car all the time, or rather, we were asked “Do you want to stay in the car of follow me to buy groceries”. Now, I was at least 7 years old so I wasn’t that young, but still a kid. On extremely hot days we turned down all the windows. Nothing ever happened. You’re overreacting. Or, a Swedish parking lot might just be more safer than anywhere else.

  • Amazing how many people felt it necessary to refer back to the fact that it was a female driver.

    • SalarymaninSeoul

      I think that’s a rather pertinent point. Women drivers are HORRIBLE.If its not putting on their make up or playing with their phones, its indecisive and stupid driving, inability to park an a whole slew of problems associated with them.

      • Heydri


  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Instead of damning this woman and all women to Korean hell, the police officers should be praised for their bravery.

  • Melon

    Yeah, anyone could have made that mistake, but it doesn’t hide the fact that getting a driver’s licence in Korea is ridiculously easy. I know several (Korean) people who have got a licence without ever driving on a proper road. I heard (I can’t verify it) that automobile companies lobbied the government to make/keep drivers licence testing very basic, so everyone passed and there were more people to buy cars.

    • Patricks

      Computer test, course test, and then short road test. Perhaps the road test can be skipped with enough hours at a driving training course place, but not sure about that.

    • chucky3176

      I think that was long time ago, maybe 20 years ago or so, that may have been true. But not anymore. The requirements are much more stricter.

      1. You have to take a complete traffic safety education, either through a third party education center or through the driver’s examination office.

      2. A complete physical health examination with a pass rating.

      3. Written road examination.

      4. After the written test pass, a road test examination which you require to pass.

      5. Then you get a learner’s permit that requires you to drive with an instructor, for at least 10 hours.

      6. When you’re ready, then there’s the final road test.

      As you can see, it’s not that easy to get a paper.

      • Kate

        Well i guess part of the testing is how to drive on sidewalks without hitting those pesky pedistrians cause lord knows i see plenty of sidewalk driving here.

        • chucky3176

          You can teach them how to obey the traffic laws, but if people don’t want to put it into practice….

          • Kate

            Also the almost zero traffic law enforcement in Korea. Americans drive much safer then Koreans and not because they care more about other peoples lives or their own but because the cops will jump their ass and give them a hefty ticket if they dont or the traffic cameras…..always stop on red before making a right hand turn. Big brother is watching.

            Koreans drive like theyre from a third world country. Practically every day I almost get hit walking down a small road adjacent to my apartment because some fucktard on a bike or van couldnt be bothered to actually slow the fuck down while driving down a narrow street with lots of people and a kindergarten. Getting killed by a car or bike here is a serious concern of mine here and it isnt unwarrented fear.


            Why yes Korea does rank #1 in the OECD for pedestrians being killed by cars.

          • chucky3176

            What bothers me more are the constant honkings derived from road rage, telling you to get out of the way. Leisurely drivers will get honked at and get dirty mean looks followed by a steady stream of foul mouth swearings at you. Either move fast or get out of the way is the philosophy in Korea.

          • Kate

            Yup that too. The motorbikes on the sidewalks piss me off like no other. So many small children and people walking, many old people who dont move well, and those assholes are so careless and impatient and ive almost been hit by several of them and it scares the shit out of me thinking abput my daughter walking. I dont know why more kids arent killed here, i rarely see car seats used too.

          • TheKorean

            Korea is a small country and very mountainous, so its difficult for a populated city like Seoul to have each alleyway sidewalks. There are not enough sidewalks and big streets like in America. BTW, here in Busan is the same thing but less crowded.

          • Kate

            Do you drive your own car in Seoul? It scares me enough just being a passenger.

  • wafflestomp

    Was going to praise the policemen, then I saw this wasn’t Chinasmack so good deeds are common place here.

    Also what a fucking dumb woman. Leaving a child in the car? Not putting it in park?

    • wesside

      stop bashing whole nations u fucktard,, ill break your face son

  • You Should never leave a young child unattended. It only takes a moment and you will never get it back.Just don’t take the chance.Thank god for that quick thinking policeman.

    • chucky3176

      On second thought, I agree with you there.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Typical of women drivers in Korea. Ive never seen worse drivers in my life than these women.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Funny story. I was driving on Seongsu bridge a few weeks back and a Matiz was trying to merge with the traffic from the on-ramp. Instead of driving at a proper speed to merge with the right lane, the car stopped on the on-amp and was apparently waiting for a window of opportunity. The driver, naturally, was a women in her 20s or 30s. Dumb ditz.

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