Police Officers Stop Car Rolling Backwards with Their Bodies


From Yonhap News:

Police Officers Stop Sliding Car with their Bodies

Around 6:48 p.m, on April 8th, police officers in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, stopped a car from sliding backwards with their bodies, which could have killed pedestrians.

38-year-old Ms. Park parked her car right next to a police substation, leaving her daughter in the car.

However, she left the car with a loosened hand-break, and so the car started sliding backwards, with her daughter in it.

Fortunately, police officers Park Jong-su and Kim Uk-bae who were at the substation’s parking lot spotted the scene and ran toward the car and stopped it with their bodies. The child in the car was also brought to safely.

Park, the car owner, said, ‘I stopped the car to buy bread. It seems like the hand break was loose.’

Comments from Nate:


Hey crazy bitch. Because of you, police officers could have been injured. Apologize to them sincerely instead of thanking them.


She got her drive license too easily. Scary Madam Kims [Note: Ms. Kim – a word that Korean people use to designate crazy Korean female drivers]


Park Jong-su and Kim Uk-bae. You guys are awesome. I’ve learned a lesson from you guys. Hope you guys are happy!


Crazy bitch. Are you driving a car to kill not only your daughter but other people?
I don’t understand why getting a driver’s license has become so easy. We should make it difficult again and add additional regulations. Ssibal lawmakers. […]


Isn’t it illegal to park at the intersection? What’s worse, it was in front of the police station — How did she get her driver’s license?


Isn’t she an insane bitch? Police officers, you guys did a great job.


I knew it would happen ke ke ke..


She left her car with tires moving. How did she get her driver’s license? What a bitch.


In some countries, if you leave your children in the car, you get put behind bars.


Crazy bitch. Don’t drive and just use public transportation. What if someone got crushed under the car?


I wish madam Kims would not drive. When they are asked to move the car parked in inappropriate spots, they always react like “what?” Sometimes, they just stop their car to change a lane while they are driving forward. At other times, they even drive backwards. Sb, I think they better enjoy their bumper cars at an amusement park.


Can you see the line between the road and the sidewalk? And there’s a safety bar on the sidewalk. It’s obvious that you can’t park there. But you just left the car with a loosened hand break? And just next to the police station? We should be clear about that. She should be punished for parking illegally and causing accidents. Thanks to those police officers, we avoided a bigger accident, but imagine if ’em police officers didn’t stop it. Not only the girl in the car but also the people on the street could have died. Please make it more difficult to get a driver’s license. 10 million out of 40 million Koreans have a driver’s license. It means literally everyone has it.


Sigh. People are dying for no reason because of people without rationality. Let’s pull ourselves together. Drunk drivers are okay but those who are hit by drunk people’s car die. This kind of news makes me so upset.


Insane Korean women…


There is a reason for calling them madam Kim.

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