Woman Crushes High School Girl Between Two Cars, Does Nothing

High School Girl Accident

On a rainy day a middle aged woman was driving onto the field of a high school campus. While not paying attention, she accidentally hit a high school girl who was walking by. The female driver accidentally hits the girl, panics and starts screaming, then proceeds to accelerate instead of hitting the break. With the high school girl still pinned to the front of her car she slams into another vehicle about 10 meters in front of her. Still screaming, she leaves the girl pinned there, possibly hitting the gas a few more times. It isn’t until the driver in the vehicle in front of her comes around to inspect what she had done to his car, does he see the pinned girl, get back in his car and presumably un-pin her. The video stops as the driver of the vehicle in front realizes what has happened and jumps back into his car.

The video is shot from the black box in the woman driver’s car. The Video has three copies up on youtube which have cumulatively been viewed over 1.5 million times in the past three days.. There are also many copies on Korean video sites, gaining 100 000s of views each.

The girl is now in critical conditions with internal organ damage.

Netizens not surprisingly reacted with disgust at the actions of the woman. Netizens have also suggested that it was the husband who originally uploaded the video, and that the daughter of the woman posted a comment defending her.

The incident is refereed to in news articles as the Mrs. Kim School Grounds Incident.

[Some viewers might find the content of the following video disturbing]

Comments from Daum:

Note: Mrs. Kim is a name frequently given to women drivers who hog the road and don’t know how to drive. perceived as a rich house wife who does nothing. Kind of like a trophy wife (but not necessarily pretty). The driver in the video is most likely NOT actually named Mrs. Kim.


There aren’t only one or two Mrs. Kims in our society. When I see them drive, it makes me start to think poorly of all women. This driver doesn’t even obey the basic safety rules, even after the accident she continues to do nothing! Is it because she is embarrassed???

When a doctor is operating and he looks somewhere else, and he cuts the wrong spot, does he get flustered from embarrassment and cut deeper? That isn’t a good enough excuse.

This is the exact same. You shouldn’t be able to get your driver’s license if you are the kind of person who might endanger someone else’s life and property just because you aren’t paying attention.

I think even her husband and daughter are partly to blame for this accident… [Koreans believe families are responsible for all their members]

It is too bad that only that student was hurt. [inferring it would be good if the driving woman was hurt too]


I can still hear that bitch screaming in my ears..


That kind of stupid ajuma (married woman) deserves all the blame she is getting.


It looks like the female high school student who was hit, will be paralyzed from the waist down. Actually since the girl bounced off the front of the car when she was first hit, I would have been surprised if she was ok. [even without being squished after]
She might survive, but I don’t think surviving and living are the same thing.Even though the husband personally shared the car’s black box video of a person gruesomely dying, how can he continuing living with that woman who was just screaming ‘Guwek! Guwek!’ I also saw the comment from the daughter of the driver who said ‘she has been nice her whole life, please don’t be mean to my mother.’


To all of you who are disparaging her, since it seems you have never driven, when you get flustered it can be difficult to distinguish the accelerator from the brake and you could end up being a murderer.So if you are not that good at handling stress, you shouldn’t be driving. Let’s pray that that woman and her family suffer the rest of their lives, as much as the victim.


I think the couple should both be blamed. [Husband and wife] This is the first time I have seen so many comments that I cannot disagree with. When driving if you don’t want to be help responsible you need to pay careful attention. But she was driving in front of a school, without paying any attention to the safety of others. After the highschool girl was crushed by the car, the husband must have been thinking how can we save face?.. Anyways everyone should be careful when driving.


I saw the video without any buffering [clearly. Videos are harder to follow when their is constant buffering] and it made me so angry. After hitting and crushing a person, she just squealed like a crazy bitch… We need to increase the requirements for getting a driver’s license, because right now it is lacking.The crazy fucking government made getting a drivers license so simple, that it is now basically a license to kill people.


The attacker was chatting with someone beside her. She let go of the break, and because it is a car, it slowly moved forward. Of course the student using the umbrella couldn’t see the car. When the student come into the driving woman’s view, she is surprised and instead of hitting the break she hits the gas. When the woman hit the gas, the car sprung forward and hit the student. Then when the woman got flustered she just screamed like a bitch [like a dog..] and continued pushing the accelerator. (Of course she thought it was the break). This accident will be one of the biggest grievances between females, particularly towards married women. When she is on a road and sees a child come out of nowhere, her reflex is to slam the accelerator. I think after she hit the student, she continued to accelerate until she was bumping up against the car in front of her.


When it comes to this kind of accident… When I see the video I don’t have anything to say. I think women who can’t drive, plan to kill people.
Her fucking husband just as responsible for the deed as his female half (wife). They should find the student and apologize.


I agree.


There was a movie called ‘Why don’t you help me?’.. We watched it during a class on Japanese culture class, and it blew my mind… Japan…


Why did you bring your car onto the school grounds [field]? Even though you aren’t allowed to drive into the school like that you just took the opportunity. They need to more strictly enforce the rules. The responsibility first falls on all those who work at the school, to not allow any cars to drive onto the school grounds.This needs rules need to be cast in stone. They should hope for the student’s recovery and the authorities need to take measures to ensure something like this never happens again.

한반도의 공룡

I thought it was just a small accident, but after seeing the video where the driver hits the student and crushes her against the car in front.
After bumping into the girl, if she had just stopped, she would have only been in the hospital for one or two weeks… But now unfortunately she will be hanging onto life in the intensive care unit.


It isn’t that the gear wasn’t working, but actually because she was concentrating on screaming, she couldn’t find the right gear. Even though I saw the video, it provides no explanation.

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  • lonetrey

    Holy shit! What the hell, keeping her pinned like that?! Does this idiot woman not know how to put the car in reverse?! (I’m pretty sure she just freaked out and panicked so much that she just sat there in shock. But still.)

    • lonetrey

      Also, I watched this on mute, because I am in a library doing work (had to pop on over here to feed my KoreaBang addiction… lol), but I still had to flinch when the impact occured and when the girl on the right started screaming at the driver…

    • James

      Pretty horrible to watch. One can only assume that the driver just completely lost control — easily done in a moment of panic, especially if it’s doing something unfamiliar — and it could just be the case that “Mrs Kim” just started driving.

      Either way, judging from the pretty horrific screaming inside the car, you would assume that she didn’t do it on purpose. Poor girl.

  • Brett Sanbon

    I know there are a lot of stereotypes about women drivers and Asian drivers. Im pretty sure the Asian woman driver stereotype is just that, a stereotype… But I cant escape the feeling that this woman is the epitome of a stereotypical Asian woman driver.

    Fun story time~ I have been hit at a crosswalk twice since the Beijing Olympics. Once in Shandong, China and once right here in Korea. Both were women, only difference is the Chinese woman yelled at me for “walking where [she] couldnt see” and the Korean woman apologized and offered to call the police for me if I was hurt.

    • James

      Funny — I’ve been involved in accidents in both China and Korea too and, whilst in China it was kind of just another crazy daily occurrence that resulted in a big argument with anyone nearby, taxi drivers in Korea have offered (and have) taken me all the way home after a crash to apologise for the inconvenience of waiting for the police to come and sort things out.

    • Dreamdropper

      It’s a stereotype because it’s true: Asian woman are fucking terrible drivers. I cycle to work every day here in Korea and I’m constantly nearly being killed by selfish, oblivious cunts who don’t know how to do basic things like check their mirrors or indicate – mostly women. Asians can’t drive and Asian women are even worse.

      • Justin Credible

        Great. Koreabang now censors any negative stereoytypes of foreigners, but lets Asian stereotypes run rampant. Great moderating, guys.

        • Steven Wilson

          He is commenting on driving. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on relationships elsewhere.

          This is a news site where you are free to discuss news. It is not a forum for lonely people to discuss whatever floats their boat.

        • James

          Justin/Paulie: when one of your comments was deleted to end an on-going argument, it accidentally trained our spambot to think that anything you said was spam.

          This has now been resolved and you should be able to comment. You weren’t being “censored”.

          Please do try and keep your epic but well-informed arguments a bit shorter though. It’s important we continue balanced debate.

  • Matt

    “I can still here that bitch screaming in my ears.. ”

    -1 for the KoreaBANG translator…

    Also, kind of confused why one commenter brought up Japan.

    • steven

      You didn’t like my choice of comments to translate, or you thought my translation was off?

      If it is reason number 1; Well I just choose the most supported comments.
      And if it is reason number 2; then I would disagree with your assessment.

      I also googled the movie and couldn’t find anything. But it was thumbs upped a lot, so I figured some people would get the reference…

      • Brett Sanbon

        I think he meant the mispelling of the word “hear”.

        • Steven Wilson

          My English does seem poor at times. : P

          Thanks for catching that guys.

  • tony

    However messed up this may be, I still like how the man casually comes out of the car and once he sees what happens, furiously sprints back inside.

  • 소지섭

    Lol @ the other driver calmly walking to the back of his car
    then he’s like “oh shittt” and runs back

  • roflstomp

    Hopefully the woman is sued, shamed for life, divorced, and never drives again.

    • All the company’s men

      That’s extreme! I’m sure pinning an innocent school girl between two cars was not on her agenda that day. I guess if you accidentally killed your own brother you deserve to die, no questions asked?

      • Serv1

        Don’t be an idiot obviously nobody is saying she intentionally wanted to mow anyone down BUT the point is #1 SHE DID #2 her panicked wreck less behavior demonstrated that she cannot be responsible behind the wheel of a car again (will it take another serious accident to prove that to you?) she shouldn’t go to jail but screaming non stop like a child sealed her loss of the right to operate a vehicle again.

  • Ruaraidh

    I partly think this video is fake, as in for a TV driving safety advert or something. The umbrella is just a bit conveniently placed, and the girl walking into the path of traffic and not listening or looking right seems incredibly unlikely. Mostly though the way the driver handled it is ludicrous and beyond verisimilitude. I’ve seen some shameful displays of driving from Asian women, but I totally don’t believe someone could have such a lack of awareness when driving around pedestrians, to hit one whilst in control and at a sedate speed, only to respond by slaming the accelerator down and screaming like a beansidh.

    • egujei

      Nope, this is all too real. The victim’s mother was on TV speaking about the incident.

    • keius

      It’s on school grounds, not on public streets where one would be extra careful. “path of traffic” doesn’t apply here. And the driver’s behavior…way too real. I know ALOT of Asian women drivers who have reacted in similar ways in much less stressful conditions….running herself off the road when noticing a cop with sirens on behind her (cop just wanting her to move)….forgetting to put a car on park during a routine pullover by a cop, subsequently running her car into the copcar…bumping a garage door and while in a panic, accelerating, subsequently demolishing the garage and the car both…bumping a kid on a bike when backing up, panicking and getting out of the car to check, without putting the car on park, while on a sloped driveway, standing there in shock while the car slowly rolls over the child’s leg.

      I used to think that horror movies were rubbish and that no woman would freeze and scream, rooted to the spot, while an insane killer with a knife walks up to them, ready to slice and dice. I know differently now.

      What’s even worse is that I can see my wife being one of those panicky, asian women drivers. And yes, she’s had some very dumb moments while driving (panicky even)… I’ve had nightmares over her driving.

    • Serv1

      You my friend seriously under estimate the stupidity and carelessness of the human race and I pray it won’t be your downfall

  • Steven Wilson

    Seoul Less, Dragoon, Brett Sanbon

    Your comments were removed as they are totally unrelated to the article.

    Please have un-related discussions else where.

    Seoul Less, your comment was marked as spam, as you were the one who started it.

    Dragoon and Brett, please do not respond to spamming/ trolling in the future.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Understood. Although I do tend to provoke and follow up on side-discussions, I’ll try to remember for next time.

      Try to be lenient though, I want to have fun here too.

    • Brindle702

      Does anyone know how this girls is now?

  • alex

    Maybe Saudi Arabia was right to ban women from driving….

  • 009

    I hope you update this story if there is any new developments.

    • Wang that!

      agreed… please update

  • Stories of butts

    That was hard to watch, I think the lady just really panicked and lost her nerves but she still deserves to be sued. I hope the girl is okay…

    • Brett Sanbon

      Last I heard she is in critical condition… However my source does have the tendency to over-exaggerate everything.

    • Harriet28

      I agree 100%! Some people pump breaks when panicked and it’s not the best thing to do in that actual situation and some press gas by accident. It’s really a terrible freak accident. :(

  • Hagaga

    Oh wow, this is terrible. The driver started yellow before even hitting the pedestrian which means that her natural reflex at any impending danger would be the same; i.e. this person should NOT be driving a motorized vehicle.

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  • lonetrey


    The original video has been removed. The video above is another copy of the video in question

  • Disgust

    Bitches like these, putting on makeups/ lipsticks, vainly flipping their hair more than they check their blindspots, texting/chatting on the phone, painting nails and whatever one shouldnt be doing while driving. The pedestrian totally oblivious to her surroundings could be the next killer-driver, if she had been driving.

  • TXCitizen

    I wish there was follow up to this. I hope the school girl has recovered. This was horrifying. Clearly, the stupid driver panicked.

  • sun

    Blame the girl also, shes texting in a middle of road..

    • Serv1

      I hope you never ever get caught texting near or on the street for that insensitive comment…why? Bcuz karma is a b!tch

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