Netizens Blame North Korea for Boston Marathon Attack


While some in South Korea calmly expressed their shock and sympathy at the news of bombing attack at the Boston Marathon yesterday, many netizens immediately debated the prospect of potential involvement of North Korea (following similar speculation in the United States) in what has now been dubbed a ‘terrorist attack’ by US president Obama.

Recent reports of the lull and indifferent manner with which South Koreans have been reacting to the news of North Korean crisis are complicated by the expressions of deep-seated bellicosity and war-mongering among the growing conservative netizens, young and old.

The kind of responses to the Boston Marathon attack reveal a naive but disturbing belief widespread among the prosperous younger segment of the South Korean population that the tension with North Korea can only be resolved by military means. Therefore, at least as far as some netizens are concerned, the sooner the inevitable war with North Korea is done and over with, the better.

From Ilbe:

[CNN NEWS] American citizens suspect North Korean regime, commence bombing!

Deadly bomb attack at the Boston Marathon, 8-year old dead.

American citizens are suspecting North Korea. ‘This was done by the North Korean regime. On the day of Kim Il Sung’s birthday this terror took place..’ and so on, several comments casting suspicion against North Korea.

It’s not really important whether North Korea really did it or not. Take it out on North Korea!

Bombing will soon begin!

Comments from Ilbe:


North Korea did it, let’s just believe that and advance to North!


Good demagoguery


I hope the terrorists never get caught and they’d start blaming North Korea instead


It’s not really that important whether Jong Un did it or not, what’s important is that it is a good opportunity to kill that pig. Who needs a reason?


Whether the North Korean regime did it or not the public will discuss the horror that North Korean WMD could potentially cause, and the public opinion will focus on annihilating the North Korean regime.


Not read the comments –‘ Enough with the demagoguery. ‘O I saw an Arab, let us bomb Iran! I think I saw a North Korean, let’s bomb Korea!’ Ilbe is becoming like its hated enemy, OU.


North Korea being wiped out ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Public outrage will be focused on North Korea ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I wonder what North Korean bitches will say


Leftist zombies will talk of ‘government conspiracy’, an excuse to attack North Korea, fucking cunts.


Even if North Korea cries its innocence, the US still should attack them. So that others cannot try to act up. Attack North Korea, go go


I hope this will trigger a war so that all the Jolla commie cunts will be ripped to pieces. So happy~~ North Korean bitches are fucked now. So happy Americans are suspecting North Korea!


Ilbe-bugs, go to CNN and start commenting about the North Korean involvement. We need to form public opinion…


But I really want to see a war between North Korea and America FUCK YOU BITCHES PLEASE PLEASE LET US HAPPEN

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  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Somehow I’m not surprised. When North Korea starts throwing its weight around, South Korea gets all antsy and starts looking for an excuse to kick their asses.

    Likewise when attacks like the one in Boston happen, conspiracy theorists and rumors swarm all over the place like moths around a lamp.

    Put the two together and you have this.

    • Observer

      Agreed. There. Have been a few mention of the North on western websites, but I seriously doubt they were involved. Although their leaders are insane, there are some things they are very careful and methodical about.

    • chucky3176

      Disagreed 100%. When North Korea starts throwing its weight around, South Korea remains cool and ignores them for the most part. Most South Koreans do not wish a war, but don’t believe North Koreans are serious either. The South Koreans have given a lot of leeway to the North Koreans and their belligerence.

  • I can’t say I’m surprised.. I hope to dear god this isn’t a FFO casus belli to invade _____ (Cuba, Iran, North Korea). A world without massive wars that kill thousands of innocents isn’t too much to ask for is it?

    It’s kinda scary to read all these comments and how they’re so ready to just attack and slaughter their brothers to the north.

  • Observer

    “Leftist. Zombies”
    “Jolla commie cunts”
    “We need to form public opinion”
    “I hope the terrorists never get caught and they’d start blaming North Korea instead”
    Similar language and single minded thinking that we hear from the North. How many of them would actually do any fighting if their call to arms actually took place?

    • Observer

      Of course, any sane person knows not to take These netizens seriously. RIP to all those who die due to senseless violence, whichever country they live.

  • I just literally spent an entire minute doing a mental facepalm and thinking how to even respond to this unbelievable collection of comments. The stark difference between the netizen reactions on chinaSMACK and koreaBANG is incredible––the former were mostly grieving netizens expressing their sympathies and grief for the killed and injured––with a few inevitable “serves ’em right” nationalists––while the latter are apparently so obsessed with their own domestic political situation that not only do they joke around about blaming a terrorist/anarchist domestic bombing on a nuclear sovereign military power that has absolutely no record of doing such things, but they’re actually delusional enough to believe that Americans share this ludicrous belief.

    • chucky3176

      Get off your high horse, what a clown. As if China has much empathy for others, yeah right. I see nothing wrong with these netizen comments. Unlike Japanese internet, where they are already blaming this on the entire Korean race (both North and South Koreans, and of course you will never ever speak out about that), no one is blaming this on other than the possibility that the North Korean regime was involved in the attack. It’s a low possibility that it was North Korea, but the possibility is still there due to the fact that North Korea days prior, had threatened the US with an attack, and the fact that the attack happened right on the day of birthday of Kim Il Sung. Lust for war? Are you fucking kidding me? South Koreans are the last ones on the face of the planet that would want a war on the Korean peninsula. We’ve had to take all kinds of crap from North Korea, especially in the last three years, without doing much.

      • Jabs

        You must really hate the Japs chucky, every time i read one of your comments you seem to attack them in some way or form.

        • jon776

          Of course he hates Japanese. It’s in every non-japanese Asian’s blood to hate the Japanese.

      • “They ran in the Boston Marathon for charity, but a terrorist’s bombing caused him to lose both of his feet. A prayer for Boston.”

        “#Pray for Boston# “Please light a [candle] for this little girl.” This little child wearing number 1035 and glasses intently running forward is 8 years old this year. At 2:30pm April 15th on the East Coast, during the Boston Marathon Bombing Incident, she lost her life. Little baby, the road to Heaven has no terrorist attacks, the road to Heaven is one you can freely run on. Homepage editor is very sad and very angry!!!”

        “No matter what happens on Sina Weibo, it will immediately separate into at least two factions. Kim Jong-un wants to launch a nuclear warhead and there are people who curse it as against humanity, while other people clap their hands applauding it saying that’s a true man who doesn’t succumb to threats. With the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, there are people who condemn the perpetrators mourning the victims, while other people denounce the United States saying the bombing was well-deserved and so satisfying… We have no universal values upon which to build a foundation, so when something happens, many people don’t know from which perspective they should consider something. This, perhaps, is the normal state of things.”

        “The intelligence of wumao is limited to just this, unable to see in the photos how ordinary Americans have the ability to take care of open wounds and injuries, unable to see how the police handle the scene as if they were putting on a show [are organized and efficient], unable to see the United States’ public transparency towards this incident, unable to see America’s leaders determination when they vow to catch the murderers.”

        “North Korea being wiped out ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke”

        “Public outrage will be focused on North Korea ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I wonder what North Korean bitches will say”

        “I hope this will trigger a war so that all the Jolla commie cunts will be ripped to pieces. So happy~~ North Korean bitches are fucked now. So happy Americans are suspecting North Korea!”

        “But I really want to see a war between North Korea and America FUCK YOU BITCHES PLEASE PLEASE LET US HAPPEN”

        Try to guess which comments are from which netizens.

        • chucky3176

          No, you try again Matt. What do Chinese people really think about the North Koreans fleeing North Korea into China, to flee to South Korea? Refugees who need help or just illegals? Have they ever had any sympathetic words for the suffering of North Korean people? I have not seen any. Or do they care more that Koreans are trying to steal Confucius and Chinese culture? How many percentage support North Korea’s government? Matt, you’re an idiot, and I’m being kind here.

          • I’m trying to fathom what any of that has to do with what I was talking about. I never defended Chinese netizens in any of those other respects. I merely compared one group of comments to another group of comments. Regardless, I’m flattered to have earned your low regard.

            Anyway, since I like being informative and helpful:

            34% of Chinese supported North Korea’s government, while 51% opposed it, yielding a net of 17% in opposition.

            24% of Chinese supported North Korea’s government, while 40% opposed it, yielding a net of 16% in opposition.

            Source: BBC World Service Global Views Poll (2011, 2010)

            Hope that answers your question. Not sure what your point was in asking it, though.

          • chucky3176

            LOL.. Matt.. those are pretty pathetic numbers of supporting a miserable pariah nation which is engaged in mass genocide of its own people. And the fact that China refuses to drop their support on North Korea doesn’t hardly bothers the Chinese netizens. How much help has ordinary Chinese people have given North Koreans instead of buying/selling them, mistreating them, and turning them over to the police and onto North Korea? The funny thing is, if China stopped shipping to North Korea oil and food today, North Korea will collapse in matter of days, and there would be none of this grief. Your attempt to use China as some kind of an example of high moral standing is simply laughable. You can’t be serious, but it seems you are.

          • I hate to repeat myself, but your lack of comprehension necessitates it:

            “I never defended Chinese netizens in any of those other respects. I merely compared one group of comments to another group of comments.”

            You evidently don’t spend much time reading chinaSMACK, because any time North Korea or Kim Jong-un (“Fatty Kim III”) are mentioned, the comments are nearly unanimous in their criticism of the leader and his regime:




            By the way, South Korea is hardly a paradise for North Korean refugees.

          • chucky3176

            The fact of the matter is, even if what you claim that it’s “unanimous” in their criticism of North Korean leader, is true, the fact remains why they don’t criticize their own government of China for supporting such a tyrant and the governments that came before it. Why is that? Again, your attempt at defending such a deeply ingrained selfish interest of Chinese people at the expense of humanity, with internet ettiquette is not going to convince me that Chinese are sad about what happened in Boston. Give it a rest. By the way, there are no paradises anywhere on earth, but fact is 80% of North Koreans in South Korea are happy with their lives. I already posted the numbers and source in this forum. What’s the percentage of North Koreans in China are happy with their lives in China and North Korea?

          • Once again, you reveal that you don’t spend much time reading chinaSMACK. Criticizing the government is the favorite national pastime of the Chinese netizenry. And if you’re referring to protesting against the Chinese government in real life, I hope I don’t have to point out to you why the risks of such an endeavor are slightly more perilous than in South Korea. Besides, this isn’t any different from the lack of American protests against the White House’s friendly relations with Saudi Arabia, even though most Americans rightfully despise Saudi Arabia for its abysmal human rights record.

            To top it all off, I’ll repeat for a THIRD time that I never even defended Chinese as angelic saints in the first place. Why do you think I’ve caught so much flack (and earned myself possibly hundreds of downvotes) on koreaBANG and japanCRUSH for criticizing irrational Chinese hatred of Japan? You know me better than that.

        • Sillian

          Matt you are pushing it too hard… All you have here is a few comments chosen by a translator and shown to you through a narrow slit and it looks you are trying to draw something bigger from it. For ex, if you go to Korean twitter, you can read loads of sympathetic comments to your heart’s content. If the translator chose to translate twitter comments, you wouldn’t be saying all this. You know what I mean?

          • I’ve already reiterated three times to chucky3176 that my comment is only referring to THIS particular collection of comments on kbang and THAT particular collection of comments on csmack. It’s amazing how sensitive people here are on kbang about mentioning Koreans, when commenters consistently trash Japanese and Chinese on jcrush and csmack on a regular basis, practically all the time.

            Apparently sharing my opinion of the featured comments that serve as the entire purpose of this kbang story––its sole raison d’être––is uncalled for and out of bounds.

            I apologize and I’ll make amends:

            fuck japs and nuke the commie cunts!!! kekekekekeke

            (That better?)

          • Sillian

            Your comments could be taken in different ways by implications because you didn’t just comment on the kBang comments but used ‘comparison’ to make a point. Then what was that point? What was the purpose of the comparison? You can say you compared just because you could but it’s easy for other readers to have different thoughts.

            When you criticize A by comparing it to B, it can be naturally taken as ‘why can’t A be as good as B?’ ‘Why can’t Ilbe comments be as good as Sina Weibo comments?’ even for one specific article. Your intention could be easily ‘misunderstood’ like that.

          • Yes, I did make a comparison:

            I compared these comments to those comments. And yes, I did imply that those comments are better than these comments.

            Is it wrong to compare one group of comments to another group of comments? These comments are narcissistic and disrespectful, and those other comments aren’t. Is it a crime that I comment on that?

          • Sillian

            You can compare 4chan and twitter for the sake of comparing them but it wouldn’t be too unreasonable to ask you whether you realize how those sites function differently if you sound so surprised at their difference.

          • Yes, and the 4chan comments would probably be shit. And I would call it shit. And you probably wouldn’t mind. So why is this any different?

            Although I needn’t do so to make my point, I’ll also note that Ilbe is far more popular in South Korea (ranks 124 on Alexa) than 4chan is in––for example––the USA (where it ranks 417), meaning the latter is significantly more obscure/fringe and less representative of mainstream views.

            Besides, that analogy doesn’t quite work because most “tweets” are shit as well. But I guess if it was translated then all the obnoxious misspellings wouldn’t carry over.

          • Sillian

            I find tweets or facebook comments generally less ‘shitty’ than 4chan comments. Many 4chan users use the site for nasty shits and giggles.

            You didn’t just call the ilbe comments shit. You sounded very serious and that’s why I commented. As I said, the question was whether you realized how those sites work differently and whether you had realistic expectations before the comparison. It wasn’t very obvious to me and it seemed like you were trying to imply something you didn’t explicitly say.

          • I was implying that these comments are shitty and the other comments aren’t. That is all.

            If you wish to extrapolate, I also believe that other comments like these are shitty, and other comments like those other comments aren’t shitty. And if we must extrapolate further, the type of people who would make these types of comments (and other comments like them) are at least somewhat shitty, and the type of people who make those other comments (and other comments like them) are at least somewhat non-shitty.

            I will also point out that it is not just the shitty comments, but also the shitty upvotes associated with them that warranted their spot here on kbang to begin with, as well as the at-least-somewhat-shitty people who contributed those upvotes. Likewise, those upvotes associated with the other non-shitty comments are not shitty, and to this extent, neither are the people who contributed those upvotes.

            Have I walked on enough glass yet? My toes are starting to bleed.

          • Sillian

            >> I was implying that these comments are shitty and the other comments aren’t. That is all.

            I got there a while ago. I explained what I ‘initially’ thought and why I thought that way. This talk was unnecessarily prolonged.

          • Sillian

            fyi, ilbe doesn’t have a voting system for comments. It’s only for original posts. For ex, this particular article got 275 upvotes and 169 downvotes. 275 is on the low side. Most upvoted posts of the week usually get like 3000 upvotes and many of them are really obscure stupid things.

          • chucky3176

            You are a liar. Your intentions were clear from the outset to anyone who has read all your posts in the past. And it wasn’t just merely a pointless comparison of Kbang and Csmack. Your point was pretty clear to me. Now you’re trying to weasle and backtrack out of your way.

          • I’ve been exposed. Oh noes.

    • Golbinnom

      this is Ilbe though

    • Kochigachi

      Are you delusional to believe these comments were serious? comments are hilarious of course and we considered them as joke or trolling. As if China care about Boston incident. There’s report of one Korean runner was injured by Korean media.

      • chucky3176

        Of course Chinese care about Boston bombing, Kochigachi. Chinese think China is America’s ally and friend. Chinese care for others so much. They consider North Korean defectors as refugees fleeing persecution and starvation. Chinese think Chinese illegal fishermen invading other country’s waters everyday, stealing fish and killing South Korean coast guards with pick axes are barbaric and unacceptable. Chinese empathize with other countries and their people. Definitely. Just go to Chinasmack, you’ll know this is true….

        … according to our Matt here.


      • No. The whole PROBLEM is that they’re NOT serious. They treat this incident like it’s a hilarious joke. The fact that they joke about lusting to use this as an excuse to attack North Korea is morally damning in and of itself––whether they actually believe North Korea is responsible (which I NEVER said)––is entirely irrelevant. As for the Chinese netizens, their comments that I posted above to chucky3176, pulled from chinasmack, speak for themselves.

        • TheKorean

          Did you said before that you are not interested in Korea? Why you care about some random Korean netizens? Koreans in north or south are of the same flesh and blood. We care about North Korean people, not the regime! The whole division was created not by Koreans.

          • “Why you care about some random Korean netizens?”

            Isn’t that what this whole site is about? As well as chinasmack, japancrush, indoboom, and russiaslam––all of which I regularly follow.

            You, like two others before you, are offended by the fact that I’m expressing my opinion of the comments that comprise the featured contents of this webpage.

            It’s worth noting that none of this “don’t you DARE criticize us!!!!” attitude exists on any of the other sister sites about their respective featured populations. Perhaps you should consider what this says about yourself, if not also your eponymous identity.

            P.S.––*All* humans are of the same flesh and blood.

          • Sillian

            “C’mon, don’t bs” isn’t the same as “don’t you DARE criticize us!!!!” Not that you bs’d but if you had just criticized the comments on this article without comparison, you wouldn’t have been misunderstood.

    • Sillian

      If you want to read about ‘grieving netizens expressing their sympathies and grief for the killed and injured’, Ilbe is certainly the worst choice. There are many other Korean internet venues if you want sympathetic comments. You should know that by now esp because you are a regular here. I think kBang has put out enough articles to give you an idea about how different internet communities in Korea work. So I don’t really get why you suddenly sound so dumbfounded even mentioning cSmack. What’s the rationale? You just don’t like that kBang is covering Ilbe too much?

    • nitrostat

      as if this was news to begin with.. this shit happens on a daily basis everywhere.. but to dichotomously and subtly announce that Csmack netizens are more humanitarian while Kbang netuyos are warmongers…… i beg to differ. shit the whole thing is biased and subjective… I’ve seen cases where the roles were reversed… for example… if we go back in time to during the Beijing Olympics, it was Csmack that did the bashing of tibetians and this also goes for their perceptions and views on taiwanese as well .. don’t believe me? it doesn’t stop here either … just youtube it and read the comments… well what can you expect? its human nature.. its fucked up sometimes and we all have faults. But in my honest opinion… lets not cast the first stone but look to ourselves and see what we can change. i think with that comes a peace of mind and better view on society. hope that helps you sleep better at night.. :D

      • pig

        Perhaps CSmack netizens seem more sympathetic on the surface because a Chinese national was killed.

        • I’m pretty sure they weren’t aware of that at the time.

  • Jang

    Hello, are you getting CNN mixed up with BBC??? Where is the CNN link?

  • Jang

    Your BBC link doesn’t even say anything about Americans blaming N. Korea for the link. I don’t understand, I haven’t heard anything about Americans blaming N. Korea.

    • Raminess

      I haven’t heard the “North Korea’s behind all this” theory, either. Seems incredibly far-fetched that anyone in all seriousness would actually believe North Korea is behind the bombings.

      • Elf Queen

        i read some comments on Huffpo about it.But they are censored and the quality of commenters are not much better than the YouTube ones.
        Not to speculate too much here but we have nutjobs here,why look to other countries?

        • Raminess

          Because nobody wants to believe that terrorism can be a purely domestic issue, I guess. Easier to blame the outsider. It’s the whole “No true Scotsman” thing all over again.

  • nintendo-nerd

    The brains of the South Koreans are already being poisoned by the Americans, I see.

    If it ain’t the Arabs / Muslims, then it must be those North Koreans lol

    Get the fuck outta here, America.

    After a million Iraqi civilians..

    Did those yanky bastards ever find those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? No.

    9/11, Boston bombing = inside jobs.

    • Are you retarded?

      Don’t bother answering.

      • chucky3176

        Matt, don’t bother answering him, if you can’t reason. Go read the comments at Yahoo, CNN, FOX, Youtube, etc. They’re calling for blood against Muslims, North Koreans, or anybody who thinks could have done it.

        As for North Korea, whenever the topic comes up about North Korea, it’s always the “drop the nuclear bomb and wipe them off the map” ignorant comments. Most Americans are ignorant that they don’t even know there is a world outside of American realm. And then there’s the movie about North Korean terrorists bombing the White House. After that movie was released, you got ton of twitter and Facebook comments that they hated Koreans and Asians and that they wanted to kill them. Yes, seriously, have a look yourself.

        • I never claimed there aren’t masses of repulsively moronic Americans. There surely are––and they number in the dozens of millions, if not hundreds. That was NOT why I called “nintendo-nerd” an idiot. I called him an idiot for the following reasons:

          1. South Korean grievances against North Korea are not a product of “American brainwashing”.

          2. He completely ignores that many Americans, particularly on the left, have duly noted that this bombing occurred on TAX DAY at the historical location of the BOSTON TEA PARTY, suggesting that this may have been a domestic anti-tax protest, ala the Tea Party (which are neither Arab, Muslim, nor North Korean). I have been reading dozens of comments on Yahoo, and NONE of them have implicated North Korea, and most are presently of the opinion that it may have been an act of domestic terrorism perpetrated by an American, ala Timothy McVeigh.

          3. He repeated the mantra that erroneously implies that Americans actually *want* a military presence in South Korea.

          4. He mindbogglingly implied that Americans themselves haven’t raised the “where are the WMDs, BUSH???” issue THOUSANDS of times themselves. This dumbass apparently believes all Americans are Bush supporters and support the Iraq War, when in fact Bush is the least popular president and the Iraq War is the least popular war in American history.

          5. He claimed that 9/11 and this Boston bombing were inside jobs.

          • nintendo-nerd

            9/11 was a inside moron, look it up.Add the facts up.

            There’s no evidence whatsoever that it was Muslims/Arabs.. what proof was there? Yeah, the Yanks never lie, right?

            Over 1 million dead Iraqi civilians later… where’s the fucking weapons of mass destruction? There were NO WMDs.

            Did the US ever provide any physical evidence for the world that they got Bin Laden? NO. No photos, no nothing.
            Yeah.. we’ll just take USA’s word for it, right… afterall USA never lie ;)

            Most of the families of those who were murdered on 9/11 also think it was a inside job just to go to war.

            Now.. you go back to being USA’s little sheep, and keep kissing their ass, that’s what sheep like you do.

          • Thank you for demonstrating my point perfectly.

            You make it so effortless, and your gratuity is duly noted.

            P.S.––It’s always adorable how when “truthers” like you rehash the same trite talking points we’ve all heard a thousand times, you act as if the person you’re telling it to is hearing it for the first time––as if you’re the first enlightened soul to attempt to reach out to this poor sheeple.

          • wesside

            you still a dumb fuck,,, you dumb fuck

          • You make a compelling argument.

          • mr.wiener

            Could we club together and buy him a thesaurus?

          • nintendo-nerd

            mwah, mwah, mwah.. what does it taste like to kiss the ass of an American? Taste good for you? ;)

          • Apparently it never occurred to you that I *am* American.

            Fucking dumbass.

            Not like that even matters one bit––truth is truth, regardless of your nationality.

          • nintendo-nerd

            You call yourself an “American”..

            That’s funny.. you don’t look Native American to me.

          • So you were accusing me of kissing the ass of Native Americans? If you truly want to insist that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by Islamophobic Native Americans, be my guest.

          • nintendo-nerd

            Please stop calling yourself an “American”.. you are not a ‘real
            American’, you know that right? You are a immigrant.

          • I was born here.

            If I ever immigrate, it’ll be *from* America, not *to* America.

            Based on your recent string of comments, it sounds like you have some major insecurity issues that you’re projecting onto me. Please see a psychiatrist about that instead of using me as your inkblot.

          • nintendo-nerd

            Doesn’t matter whether you are born there or not, you are still a immigrant. If a black man was born in, say.. Japan, would he be considered ‘real Japanese’? No.
            And neither are you, a real American.

          • You’re a fucking retard. According to you, 99% of Americans aren’t American, not to mention most Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians, Argentinians, and practically everyone else in the Western hemisphere.

            Oh, and guess what? Japanese people didn’t sprout up from the ground in Japan. They fucking immigrated there, and so, too, did Native Americans immigrate to America from Asia across the Bering Strait. We all originated from Africa, so by your idiotic logic, the only “real” people in the world are Africans still in Africa.

            Why don’t you reveal your nationality and where you live?

            If you’re not an African living in Africa, you’re a fucking hypocrite.

            Stop wasting my time, dumbass.

          • mr.wiener

            …And they staged the moon landings, Could you send me one of those tin foil hats?

      • Lillian

        With all due respect, you’re the idiot with the bad haircut. Why art thou still posting after all this time?

        • In the hopes of driving you to suicide.

          (I think it’s working??)

  • flamingo

    Jesus fuck you guys need to lay off getting your main translations from ILBE.
    Ilbe is a sexist, racist, facism-supporting group and does not even represent the general populace. Other people from other websites mourn the victims and are apprehensive about who’s behind it. And you chose to translate scum from Ilbe. What is wrong with you?!

    • mimo

      Seriously, damn. Or if they’re going to keep translating from there, at least stress the fact that it’s from freaking ilbe since people don’t bother to read closely. Then again, I don’t get the point of getting their sources from them, all the time. Must be more entertaining.

    • Guest


  • Bluecrush

    People who think that USA should get involved with the North and South Korean politics are either really stupid or are living in LaLa Land. It is not USA’s responibility to fight other countries’ wars. We have our own problems to worry about. North and South Korea should figure it out. Yes we had Bush, unfortunately, as well as other money/power hungry leaders in the past. But that was not the will of the massess. Americans just want to be safe, have their freedom and chill. We don’t need or want another unfortunate Iraq situation.

    Plus, I think it is quite laughable that anyone would think that US citizens should be willing sacrifice our sons and daughters for South/North Korea, God knows that if it were the other way around, South Korea would never sacrifice their own for Americans.

    We are not your garbage men, here to clean up for everyone else.

    I am simpathetic towards North and South Korea’s plight but it is not our responsibiltiy, And people who think otherwise have lost their damn minds.

    I am American, I am not Korean, these issues are not our problem. Leave USA out of it. We can give aide but not the chidlren of our land.

    • l8

      I agree that the USA should not be involved with NK & SK politics, but they CHOOSE to be involved. If they don’t want to be involved, then the US govt needs to grow some balls and have the guts to say to SK – this is not our problem or our country, and we will ***withdraw all our troops from your country.*** So far, they haven’t done that, and trust me, no amount of persuasion or pleading from SK would convince the US govt to keep their troops in SK IF the US did not have some other ulterior motive for keeping them there (their own regional interests). If they did withdraw their troops from SK, well then for sure, they would lose an “ally/vassal state/colony/whatever you want to call the relationship,” but everything comes at a cost in life, no? Leave it to American politicians to do the exact opposite of what they should be doing.

  • chucky3176, you say in reply to Matt , about the chances of NK’s hand in the boston bombings -“possibility is still there … North Korea days prior, had threatened the US with an attack, and …. attack happened right on the day of birthday of Kim Il Sung”– Hey , If we’re pulling theories out of our asses here is one – can it be that SK did this in disguise so as to provoke the US into invading the north ? See even I can come up with asinine theories ! Really, a few pressure cooker bombs, that killed (although tragically) only 3 people and injured a few ? That’s how NK is going to provoke a war ? And about Kim Il sung’s b’day- so on his grand daddy’s b’day jong un wants to ensure two of the most well equipped and well trained armies will DEFINITELY attack his regime, defeat them and surely kill him- even such a horrible dictator is not that stupid ! Also what, the US is not going to do a cost-benefit analysis ? They aren’t going to conclude that it would be horrendous to incur another war when the sequestration just happened & they cant politically afford any more body bags coming home for the sake of 3 deaths in boston?

    chucky, You say you find nothing wrong with the netizen’s comments where they are LITERALLY BEGGING FOR A WAR , then,you say South Koreans are the last ones on the face of the planet that would want a war on the Korean peninsula, so which is it ? Need I remind people here that North actually consists of KOREANS for F’s SAKE ! how can somebody be so thirsty for the blood of their own borthers ? Its not the average joe there that is the trouble maker its the damn dictator and his minions. The average person there is under constant fear, is mal-nourished, unhealthy ,in pain and misery. Really , there is no other way to resolve this other than a war , why cant something be done along the lines of libya , where the impoverished & fed up locals themselves do most of the work and the superior powers give an aerial helping hand ? Think china wont allow this ? Do you know who is south korea’s biggest trading partner ? Its CHINA ! Now who is china’s biggest trading partner- it aint Botswana, its the US ! Its not like the US and SK , if push came to shove, couldn’t convince china to remain a silent spectator – cause even china wouldn’t mind a stable united korea rather than an unstable north. In such a totalitarian regime like china why is it being allowed nowadays to mock “fatty the third” ? of what use is a rogue, unpredictable state like NK to china, the chinese are too commercial minded to worry about impotent ideology.They are winning economically and can easily be given valuable concessions in return for their inaction ! No its just the intellectually tired (or bought) media in the US & SK that dont ever bother to come up with another alternative. Rather than antagonizing china why shouldn’t it be convinced to stop aiding NK via materialistic benefits ? now Im no expert on this & NK DOES have nukes ! but really other than destructive war there’s no other alternative, no way we can make of the fact kim’s regime is getting undone so badly & quickly ?

    People think war is so easy-they think its like a video game just press a few buttons and the baddies are blown up, its been so many years and SK is so prosperous that life is very good and comfortable- people get a false sense of invincibility WAR SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN EVEN IF YOUR ENEMY IS GUARANTEED TO LOSE ! Believe me after bringing down the dictator, the PROBLEMS JUST START, just look at iraq ! integration is not going to be a cake walk – sure there will be a boost to the economy of united korea with all the infrastructure building etc, but then supporting about 20 million impoverished and under educated people will put heavy burden on the already depleted coffers of the govt & its going to be a disaster right now with the current world recession where korea cant just export its way out of trouble-you didn’t think war would erase everyone in the north right, more than 90 % of the population of the north will survive.

    Finally its a fact KOREANS have the highest IQ in the WORLD ! Yet they are so dumb as to bay for the blood of their own impoverished brothers and sisters- an unbelievable contrast. Finally chucky ive only attacked your statements, not you personally, so try keeping it civil if you bother replying me !

    • chucky3176

      Ill Kim, shut up with your tripe. You know zero about South Korea, reading your crap.

      Ask anyone who lives in South Korea. Begging for war? Blood thirsty for North Korean blood? LOL.

      You’d be laughed off the planet. But seriously you Chinese have a very poor understanding of the realities of Korean conflict.

      Why do you think after North Korea sunk the South Korean navy ship, nothing happened to North Korea? Instead a few number of South Koreans came up with crazy conspiracy theories that it was South Korea who engineered this. Why do you think North Korea lobbed artillary barrage at South Korea, killing South Koreans and nothing happened to North Korea? Why do you think South Korea gave North Korea, billions in aid but saw nothing in return? Are these the characteristics of a country after North Korean blood? Get serious, for most South Koreans, North Korea didn’t even register, until North Korea makes some big noise. The few comments at Ilbe just reflects the frustration by some South Koreans over North Korea’s constant belligerence and empty threats to turn South Korea into inferno of hell. In other words, people are getting pissed off. I would get pissed too, if those stupid North Korean leaders created another drop in the stock market, making me lose all my gains for the week.

      • I AM ASKING KOREABANG READERS- DIDNT THE COMMENTS BY KOREAN NETIZENS SOUND AWFUL ! PINING AND YEARNING FOR WAR ! Wow chucky, you do have a foul mouth don’t you ! goes toward showing your class and culture- or the lack there of ! You like to give bad words to people who YOU THINK dont know about korea, yet for japan you use general statements like “all the japs hate korea, all the japs think they did nothing wrong!” – like as if a lazy hypocrite like you went and interviewed every japanese citizen. So you dont know about others but still you excrete dumb comments, yet when someone gives you a dose of your own medicine you start crying foul ! Please get out of the stock market son, cause you don’t have a clue ! The north helps the south by keeping simmering tensions from allowing the korean won to strengthen-that HELPS AN EXPORTING NATION LIKE SK TO KEEP UP EXPORTS while neighbours like taiwan have to deal with strengthening currency and drop in exports ! The stock market is buoyed in the long run because of the weak won-DONT TRY TO WRAP YOUR HEAD ROUND THIS ONE, IT WILL HURT BAD ! Dont make me start with kaesong ! Nice , cheap labor from the north helping hypocrite southie businessmen who show the world they are oh so cared for their brothers ! So no the leadership of SK & NK are not going to war, I know that, but the ordinary man on the street must show concern for their brethren in the north-without that leadership will never bother to do anything positive. SO WHAT DO SOUTH KOREANS DO ? THEY CONTINUOUSLY VOTE PRO BUSINESS CONSERVATIVES INTO LEADERSHIP SO THE STATUS QUO IS MAINTAINED !

        • Also chucky, you keep saying “south koreans don’t want war at all, no body in SK is intersted in a war” yet you defend brainless comments by south koreans blaming NK for the bombings without A SHRED OF PROOF and introduce a lame conspiracy theory of your own in that direction with the awesome proof that it happened on KIM IL SUNG’s FRIKKIN’ BIRTHDAY !!!! Do you even realize your’e being such a big hypocrite ?? I dont think you do, it seems you are always chasing imaginary monsters -chinese, japanese, taiwanese all out to get poor you. You know what happens to us when we keep pursuing such hate filled endeavors ? we turn into monsters ourselves! You’ve even turned me into a red commie bastard without the slightest bit of doubt (or proof) !

      • Guest

        Also you keep saying “south koreans don’t want war at all, no body in SK is intersted in a war” yet you defend brainless comments by south koreans blaming NK for the bombings without A SHRED OF PROOF and introduce a lame conspiracy theory of your own in that direction with the awesome proof that it happened on KIM IL SUNG’s FRIKKIN’ BIRTHDAY !!!! Do you even realize your’e being such a big hypocrite ?? I dont think you do, it seems you are always chasing imaginary monsters -chinese, japanese, taiwanese all out to get poor you. You know what happens to us when we keep pursuing such hate filled endeavors ? we turn into monsters ourselves! You’ve even turned me into a red commie bastard without the slightest bit of doubt (or proof) !

        • chucky3176

          LOL.. considering that Japanese and Taiwanese are obsessive about Korea (just visit their forums like Japancrush for example), I only give my inputs to their hate. I didn’t call you a Commie. I called you a Chinese. Aren’t you Chinese? If you’re not, then forgive me for the mistake. And I didn’t say it was North Korea who bombed Boston. I said the chances of this being North Korea is very low, but as long as there is even one percent chance of North Korea, then it still plausible, and then I merely explained why that is. That is far different from saying that it was North Korea who did it.

          Another thing you sadly mistaken. There’s a distinct difference between North Korea, their leaders, and the poor average North Korean people who have no control over what their leaders do. Ilbe commentators know this distinct difference when they joke about North Korea. They are attacking the North Korean leaders and their supporters in South Korea, they are not attacking the North Korean people who are our sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. Ilbe is not even close to what Japanese 2ch or Yahoo Japan is like. They may hold conservative opinions on domestic politics and hold generally negative opinions on Korean women (which is controversial within South Korea itself), but they’re not a forum that generally attack other countries or race. In fact, there are very little subjects on international relations nor are there obssessive focus on Japan, as you find in Japan where they are obessive about bashing Korea. Someone mentioned that this forum is racist, he obviously has never read the forum because either he’s too lazy or he can’t read Korean.

  • Guest

    Americans aren’t suspecting North Korea… what the?

    • flamingo

      This is just a very, very minor part of the Internet blaming North Korea, but KoreaBANG decided to go with a more sensationalisitic “Netizens blame NK” as the headline. It’s like if /b/ from 4chan said something silly but the media would say “The INTERNET said this”.

      The quality of KoreaBANG has deteriorated the past few months, what a shame.

  • commander

    The possible link of the Boston blast to North Korea is groundless as any attack on the mainland US could give Washington the rationale to override China’s persistent opposition to tightened sanctions that could trigger the isolated nation’s collapse.

    If Pyongyang is behind the Boston boming, furious Americans will dictate the military retaliation for the United States, and few US politicians will step forward to calm down public resentment. In talhay scenario, China will have no choice but to concede American hardline approach to its ally.

    Given this anticipated deveolopment, Pyongyang is not involved in the marathon attack as many analysts say recent weeks of bellicose rhetoric from the North appears to be motivated by the attempt of its young leader, Kim Jong Un, to solidify his grip on the military, which is essential to stable governing after he took over power following his father’s death.

    • The suspects have already been identified…

      (And caught.)

  • KCdude

    South Korea needs to make its people angry towards Pyongyang. FAKE conservatives are strange bunch of people here in this country. The whole nation is totally run by useful idiots who often shun the fundamental conservative values of the West. The left wingers in the country act like Commies. The usual conservatives here act like Nazis instead.

  • GreatBlack

    Blaming north korea?, south koreans are really stupid!…they live in other planet!…

  • we come in peace

    Get a life here in america we never pointed finger at korea, keep dreaming!!

  • JustSomeDude

    North Koreans are KOREANS too! All this talk about war and wiping them out is senseless…it would be like killing your own countrymen…human stupidity have no limits.

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