Netizens Blame North Korea for Boston Marathon Attack


While some in South Korea calmly expressed their shock and sympathy at the news of bombing attack at the Boston Marathon yesterday, many netizens immediately debated the prospect of potential involvement of North Korea (following similar speculation in the United States) in what has now been dubbed a ‘terrorist attack’ by US president Obama.

Recent reports of the lull and indifferent manner with which South Koreans have been reacting to the news of North Korean crisis are complicated by the expressions of deep-seated bellicosity and war-mongering among the growing conservative netizens, young and old.

The kind of responses to the Boston Marathon attack reveal a naive but disturbing belief widespread among the prosperous younger segment of the South Korean population that the tension with North Korea can only be resolved by military means. Therefore, at least as far as some netizens are concerned, the sooner the inevitable war with North Korea is done and over with, the better.

From Ilbe:

[CNN NEWS] American citizens suspect North Korean regime, commence bombing!

Deadly bomb attack at the Boston Marathon, 8-year old dead.

American citizens are suspecting North Korea. ‘This was done by the North Korean regime. On the day of Kim Il Sung’s birthday this terror took place..’ and so on, several comments casting suspicion against North Korea.

It’s not really important whether North Korea really did it or not. Take it out on North Korea!

Bombing will soon begin!

Comments from Ilbe:


North Korea did it, let’s just believe that and advance to North!


Good demagoguery


I hope the terrorists never get caught and they’d start blaming North Korea instead


It’s not really that important whether Jong Un did it or not, what’s important is that it is a good opportunity to kill that pig. Who needs a reason?


Whether the North Korean regime did it or not the public will discuss the horror that North Korean WMD could potentially cause, and the public opinion will focus on annihilating the North Korean regime.


Not read the comments –‘ Enough with the demagoguery. ‘O I saw an Arab, let us bomb Iran! I think I saw a North Korean, let’s bomb Korea!’ Ilbe is becoming like its hated enemy, OU.


North Korea being wiped out ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Public outrage will be focused on North Korea ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I wonder what North Korean bitches will say


Leftist zombies will talk of ‘government conspiracy’, an excuse to attack North Korea, fucking cunts.


Even if North Korea cries its innocence, the US still should attack them. So that others cannot try to act up. Attack North Korea, go go


I hope this will trigger a war so that all the Jolla commie cunts will be ripped to pieces. So happy~~ North Korean bitches are fucked now. So happy Americans are suspecting North Korea!


Ilbe-bugs, go to CNN and start commenting about the North Korean involvement. We need to form public opinion…


But I really want to see a war between North Korea and America FUCK YOU BITCHES PLEASE PLEASE LET US HAPPEN

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