Response to Homosexuals Joining Police Sparks Controversy

It all started when a man named Mr. Lee Gye-Deok, began placing homosexual advertisements in government offices. Following that he asked on the internet website e-People (created for citizens to voice their complaints), whether homosexuals were allowed to join the police force. The National Police Association gave an ambiguous response stating ”In order to become a public servant in the police force, you have to both physically and mentally sound. Furthermore we only choose from candidates who conduct themselves in a proper manner.’

It was unclear whether they believed that excluded homosexuals. Both netizens and newspapers have taken taken it both ends of the stick, and it has caused a lot of debate with over a thousand comments. There are no available pictures of the advertisements, as seemingly every news site in Korea merely transcribed the original video news report on the issue.

From Daum:

The National Police Agency’s (NPA) response to ‘can homosexuals become police officers?’ causes controversy

Homosexuals interpret it as ‘In terms of ideology and conduct there is a problem’

Police say ‘We are just following the written laws’


Recently, there was a controversy surrounding the release homosexual advertisements in government offices.
The police released a response on the internet, addressing the problem related to homosexuals meeting the requirements for entering into the public service. Homosexuals have been opposing it.

This is Yun Yu-bin reporting.

[See video] The National Police Agency’s (NPA) controversial response to ‘can homosexuals become police officers?’


On e-People if homosexuals are allowed to join the police force, the government has uploaded a response to the question of whether homosexuals can enter the police force.

The National Police Agency which received the inquiry, posted a response immediately.

‘In order to become a public servant in the police force, you have to both physically and mentally sound. Furthermore we only choose from candidates who conduct themselves in a proper manner.’ said the release.

They were quoting the Police Public Servants Act, article 7. There was a backlash among homosexuals upon reading this response.

Police response could be interpreted as inferring that ‘Homosexuals are not physically sound, mentally sound, or that they do not conduct themselves in a respectful manner.’

The person who raised the question to e-People is Mr. Lee Gye-Deok, who is the same person who put up the homosexual advertisements in public locations and caused a controversy.

[Lee Gye-deok/homosexual : From where I stand, their reply is the same as saying they think homosexuals have an unhealthy ideology…]

A representative from the National Police Association’s human resources department said doesn’t have an official policy towards the acceptance of homosexuals into the police force. We were just quoting the relevant section of the law, the representative further explained.

Through this sort of homosexual advertising, sexual minorities will get increased interest from society, and this kind of sensitive controversy will continue to rise up in the future.

Comments from Daum:


I think it is a problem that he made an inquiry like that… What kind of answer was he hoping for with a question like that?? Was he just trying to stir up a controversy with his question?? Why is he asking these kinds of questions if he wants to be treated the same???? And the National Police Association,, If you see someone who is physically healthy, ideologically healthy, and conducts himself in a proper manner, then you should snatch him up right away!!! There are people who are gangster black mailing the families of the dead, there are people who receive a distress call and spend 100 minutes discussing it, There are people who simply watch gang fights by themselves, and it goes on…. Are these the type of people you guys wants???? Ke


Oh.. It’s sickening.. We have no shortage of weirdos thesedays… You guys can just play by yourselves…


There are a lot of people who would want to become police officers…. Why do you risk hiring the people who are not able to differentiate between male or female?


I don’t see how anyone can think homosexuals are normal people. Of course, people directly involved in that kind of stuff won’t get what I’m saying but, no matter how much society changes, and even if it changes in that area… And because with every generation peoples beliefs on society can change, we have laws that can just NEVER be changed.


Homosexuals are not criminals.. Is Korea still at the level where we think that..?


Homosexuals who are the spreaders of aids, should all be gathered up and sent to a deserted island..


Doesn’t the meaning of the article, just depend on how you interpret it? Even if you are a homosexual, if you think you are ideologically fit and act in an upright manner, you can apply… Did the police department really have any other choice than to give that as their most appropriate response? They can’t just say ‘Everyone is welcome ^_^’ in response.


Fucking homos, They will just stop the car and do things with men before going back out on patrol…


It is dirty and it makes my blood freeze when I visualize guys do other men’s poop holes.


Once a homosexual starts enjoying gay sex, he/she becomes worse than an animal. It’s a regressive act. Why would you do such thing? You can’t have kids by doing it. There’s no explanation for this, homosexuals are like a disease. They have only one way to repent to the society. Stop having gay sex and live alone for the rest of your lives.. You can’t have kids anyway. With these efforts, you may have god’s sympathy. If you keep doing it, then you’ll get sick, addicted to drugs… And even if you start a family, there’s a bumpy road ahead of you guys..


They do whatever it takes to defame the Police Forces…


Do you think the Police Forces are a piece of joke? Why would they hire homosexuals? What did he expect by asking the question..? Is it the hot weather that makes him out of his mind?

평상시 마음:

Although the world is getting crazy, yet this isn’t even worth to have debates! Do you seriously think homosexuals are normal? Police Officers ought to have higher moral ground, yet you fucking son of a bitch asked a question like that? I hate this rubbish world! *spit*


A human in form and name only, who behaves like less of a human isn’t worthy of being called as a human being. How dirty of them.

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  • This sofa is very uncomfortable to sit on….

  • statis

    The comments are pretty sad. I knew Korea wasn’t gay friendly, but I didn’t know it was to this extent.

  • 1And2MakesFish

    Looks like Koreans have some sense, unlike most Western nations. Good job it’s best not to encourage strange sexualities.

    • Attaboy

      Lemme guess. You have an uncle who likes to visit the Jimjilbang across town with his friends when there’s one down the street from home. Don’t worry, he’s just letting off steam in a very heterosexual way. It’s not considered gay if you don’t tell your family.

      • Anonton


  • Lynn Ridenour

    Yes, it’s disheartening, but hardly surprising, to read so many homophobic comments.

  • Anonnymous:P

    Uhh… Homosexuala are human beings to…
    To all these damn comments sayying that they arent human ans shiz
    Stfu god damm ;P
    Like you guys are fucking perfect so go suck it ㅋㅋ
    And also
    I dnt think the NPA are saying homosexuals arent allowed theyre just saying wats in the book and wats it NEEDED to b in the police force

  • Middle Man

    For a country that’s trying to be global, why are they so xenophobic and homophobic. It’s mostly the korean christians who doesn’t like gays but do they even know that animals and even humans have indulged into male on male intercourse since the beginning of mankind? That’s saying a lot considering the bible think we’re only 6000 years old, dumbasses.

  • anonymous

    This country is disappointing me every day

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  • Attaboy

    I don’t understand why it’s even an issue. According to everyone I’ve spoken to, there are no gay people in Korea. :P Korea is about 40 years behind the rest of the developed countries when it comes to social acceptance. An African-American teacher friend of mine was driven out of 3 different restaurants in the few months she was there before she couldn’t take it anymore and broke her contract to head back home.

    • skippy


  • k

    Not surprising that Koreans can’t accept gays, it almost blows their minds when there are non asian foreigners around, especially blacks. Koreans just can’t handle other people who don’t dress, look, behave, and believe like they do, which is why its a country of clones and why they have no problem with the fact that all their celebrities look like carbon copies of each other. Its just appalling to see such hate filled comments about gays and so self righteous. I don’t understand how korean men can deem gays immoral when they go out and cheat on their wives and families like its no big thing.

  • Paul M

    I had a sneaking suspicion that a lot of Koreans were just bible belt red-necks in disguise. Now I’m certain of it.

  • dim mak

    I’ve had a large latino man inside me and it felt fucking great ;_;

    Don’t knock the gay unless you’ve tried it

  • Jang

    How naive everyone is to not think for one moment that there are currently gays/lesbians working for the police who just haven’t come out publicly yet.

  • An anonymous boy…

    Is it not well known that Koreans in comparison to the US people are more likely to be homophobic and believe in heterosexism? Their society is deeply conservative right? But it is getting more open…

    Since people mentioned racism:

    Racism/discrimination in South Korea stems from the belief that Koreans are pure bloods (their ethnic nationalism so to speak). As for homophobia…no one knows the exact reasons. If I remember correctly, it is highly associated with lack of contact with gays/lesbians, being male, and traditional sex role attitude.

    • dim mak

      When I lived in Japan “gay” was both common and taboo at the same time, there’s just some strange inclination to cling to tradition because it’s linked to national identity.

      Xenophobia is just true of all Asians… don’t rock the boat, ethnic unity above all etc.

  • Lynn

    To hear that an African-American woman was treated so rudely and disrepectfully diminishes my view of this country. I have been treated, on the other hand, mostly with respect, except for middle school students–but then I don’t have dark skin. This is not good and doesn’t speak very well of Koreans. Korea is fucked up like all countries are. I have very good friends here, none of whom would act in such a racist, xenophobic way.

  • Lynn

    Who is they? As in an heirarchy? Undefined pronouns are like loose cannon, particularly if they are directed to such volatile issues such as Christians and gays. So who is the they you are talking about?

  • Chucky3176

    You people are such drama queens.

    “I heard they say there are no gay people in Korea”

    “I knew this black woman who was treated so horribly”

    Seriously, it’s probably not that bad. In some ways, Korea is a very tolerant place. You wont’ see muggings on gays, you won’t see homophobic jokes/denials/accusations/insults. And it’s funny, but most of the people who claim black people are treated horribly are usually whites. The majority of black people that I’ve read online seem to have no problems – on the contrary, they say they’re treated better in Korea than in the States.

    • dim mak

      What kind of Korean has a picture of Tojo in his avatar anyway

    • An anonymous boy…

      I wouldn’t discount their experiences as similar things have been reported in the news:

      And a UN on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination did write:

      “…the Committee remains concerned about the persistence of widespread societal discrimination against foreigners, including migrant workers and children born from inter-ethnic unions, in all areas of life, including employment, marriage, housing, education and interpersonal relationships (arts. 2 and 5). “

      • Chucky3176

        I didn’t say there weren’t any racism or discrimination. But a lot of of it is media hype and it’s more to do with economic class discrimination, rather than race.

    • KaBlam

      There have been muggings. One victim I knew personally was assaulted and ended up being hospitalised. He said the police arrived, realised the he was gay and left, basically telling him that this thing is part and parcel of being homosexual in Korea.

      And yes, in my experience as a black person in Korea we are treated fine. The only time I experienced discrimination was when I tried to date, work with or teach anyone while here. It’s not impossible to do these things but it would be an understatement to say its ‘not that bad’.

      Until laws are changed job ads specifying age, race, nationality will still be posted and pictures will still always be required. Discrimination based on appearance is so bad even Koreans often resort to surgery to get decent jobs.

    • Cyberia

      “You people are such drama queens.”

      “Seriously, it’s probably not that bad.”

      And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what privilege looks like.

  • Chucky3176

    Quoting Daum is same as quoting such main stream sources like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Youtube. It’s as mainstream as it can get.

    Having read the original Korean source, it doesn’t sound much worse than the homophobic responses you will probably get from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Youtube.

    About 30% of responses seem to argue for tolerance for homosexuals, and about 60% are against homosexuals.

    Koreabang should at least post the responses like the below, to show that opinions are more diverse than they appear to readers who depend on translations to gauge what the Koreans are saying amongst themselves.

    한국을 제외한 많은 나라들이 동성애자 결혼을 합법화 하는 추세입니다. 님들이 그렇게 좋아하는 기독교 나라들도 그렇게 나가는데..한국은 무슨 자격지심인지…동성애자들이 당신들 비지니스에 민폐를 끼쳤어? 성경을 보면 이웃을 사랑하라고 가르쳤는데..지옥에서 썩고싶지않으면 동성애자들한테 욕하지 말고..니네들 자식교육이나 제대로 시켜

    동성애자와 경찰이 되는 것은 상관없는 문제라고 생각합니다. 동성애자는 성적으로 다른 것뿐이지 이러한 사실이 경찰이 되는것과는 상관없다고 생각합니다.

    동성애자라고 정신적으로 이상하고 난잡하게 생활하고 그렇진 않던데 우리랑 똑같고 생활도 같이하고 다만 성적 취향이 우리랑 다를뿐이지 싫어할 이유는 전혀없다고 봅니다
    우리도 아무 이성이나 무조건 좋아하지 않듯이 동성애자들도 그렇던데요
    오히려 우리가 술집이나 그런대서 좀 난잡할수도있지 그사람들은 오히려 더욱 조심하고
    그렇던데요 안타까운 마음이 들더군요 주위에 정말 사람좋은 지인이 있어서
    겪어봤고 이해를 하게되었네요
    저같은 경우에는
    좋아라할건 아닐지라도 굳이 싫어라할 생각은 없습니다

    And I liked this comment below the most, because it mirrors my own opinion about all this hoopla.

    경찰청에 그런 질문 한 넘은 참 한심한 넘인 것 같다.
    아 글쎄 동성애자면 동성애자지 누가 저더러 뭐라고 하는감?
    동성애자라도 경찰 합격, 면접시, 스스로 동성애자라고 안 하면 아무도 모를 텐데
    뭐하러 굳이, 극구 동성애자라고 밝혀야 할까.
    그런 질문 하는 걸 보니 경찰지원 할 넘도 아니다.
    동성애자들이 굳이 자신을 동성애자라며 인권이 어떻니 저떻니 공연히 떠들지만
    솔직히 일반인들은 동성애자에 대해 별 관심도 없을 뿐더러
    타인이 동성연애를 하든지 말든지 별 관심 없는 사람이 더 많아.

    • James

      Quoting you this from our FAQ Chucky (thought you’d already read this):

      Q. How are your translated netizen comments and reactions selected?

      A. We try to select comments that are popular, representative, or interesting. Some of the Korean websites that we use as our sources may automatically show the most “popular” comments at the top (typically ranked by “upvotes” made by other visitors). We will usually translate these under the assumption that these are comments that are representative of or have at least resonated with many other Korean netizens. Other Korean websites do not do this, and we must select comments ourselves according to what we think is representative or interesting. Since we try to report on stories that are popular on the Korean internet, there are usually thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of comments which makes it impossible to read and review every comment.

      It is important to remember that it is impossible for our selected comments to represent all Korean people and that the comments selected and translated will be affected by many factors including what comments are available at the time of selection and translation. What comments are available can be affected by many other factors, including moderation by the moderators of the Korean websites or authorities. The comments we select and translate can offer you a glimpse and insight into what Korean netizens may think or feel about certain news, information, trends, or issues but it is wise to remember that there are limitations.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t even bother arguing with people who think that netizen comments somehow speak for all Koreans. These people are likely to have their own prejudices to begin with and unfair comments from netizens are only likely to confirm this for them.

  • Brett Sanbon

    Some questions for those opposing gays becoming police officers:

    Does one’s sexual preference make the person? Will a gay police officer act differently than a heterosexual police officer?

    Can not a gay police officer carry out the daily duties of Korea’s finest? Duties including, but not limited to:
    -Helping direct traffic
    -Smoking in their car
    -Helping drunk ajussis find their house
    Not taking emergency phone calls seriously even when the woman is begging that someone help her and asking the woman useful questions like, “are you sure you are being raped?”

    Befriending Rapists

    -Sleep at their desks
    Beating old protestors with sticks

    Dancing like Women

    Equal opportunity for all useless people!!

    • Brett Sanbon

      I need to practice html… wow I suck

  • Chris

    To all the people who made those comments, and all the haters,
    I have a dream of becoming a singer in Korea, and i live a loving life dedicated to others. I’ve embraced what I have been given at birth. When I love someone, i love them with all my heart. I’ve never had sex or had a boyfriend. Because of the strong love and loyalty I have, I’m waiting till I find the man I will marry and spend the rest of my life with. Now you go ahead and tell me I’m disgusting. Look me in the eyes and sincerely tell me I’m disgusting. Now look who you’ve become…

    It’s no worse in Korea than it is anywhere else. Look at the crap going on in America. But with Korea and everywhere else, it’s the youth that are the key to acceptance and understanding. It’s generally the older generations that can’t understand and accept. It looks bad now, but i know it will get better. It’s hard to see, but there’s definitely light in the darkness.

  • lonetrey

    It’s true that the reply could’ve been taken both ways; but they didn’t exactly reject him either. It feels like the police force made as neutral of a comment as they could.

    I say the guy should try out and see what happens.

  • L

    Yeah, that’s right. Should let them have their chance. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen pairs of policemen standing around uselessly, giving each other shoulder massages and thinking they are wanting a massage somewhere else. Korean police are useless, incompetent and venal. Take the Suwon incident as an example.

  • Korean-expat

    These comments are laughable that have been left by Koreans. And what did you think all the explosions of the boy bands recently are about? (religious) Korean populace is so stupid it can’t even recognize that a growing number of Koreans are gay or bisexual?
    Another aspect that is rising is the growing intolerance towards foreigners in Korean society. Korean’s aren’t really known for having a good reputation around the world but now are determined to dig themselves a bigger (grave) negative reputation.

    Keep it going Korea and you’ll sterilize yourselves!

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  • Allan C Simpson

    Can’t the flamingly homophobic comments be moderated? There are some extremely offensive ones and it doesn’t look like anyone is doing anything to prevent them from being seen on this site.

  • Cleo

    Is Akihito really gay? I thought Jin Yong made “Invincible East” gay because of Akihito’s terrible personality and gay because of the homosexual rapes by the Japanese in China. But Akihito is GAY too?????

    Really? Can I get some evidence backing this up? I’m sort of indifferent but this puts Yukio Mishima’s Forbidden Colors in a totally different light.


    keep him and his out of China PLEASE – the fact he that he needs to hide it is NOT a good sign if in fact – he is gay.

    is he???

  • Jeff

    Does it matter if your “LEFT” or ” RIGHT” handed to join the police force???? This just shows how backwards the mentality of this country is…….Still 1950’s here, very (modern, dynamic, sparkling) indeed.

  • this is the reason why i used to think homosexuality was a gross thing. im korean and i used to be homophobic and thought homosexuality was like a sick mental disease because i was never taught that it’s a normal and ok thing. i taught myself in high school, especially when one of my friends who i had known since i was 5 revealed that she is bi to me. that’s when i decided i need to handle this properly for my friend and for myself so i am not stupid unlike all the people who said that homosexuality is “dirty” in the comments shown above.

    PS i perfectly understand it now and have for a while. i believe if you love someone, you should be allowed to express it freely. i am so glad i wasnt born in korea…

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