Response to Homosexuals Joining Police Sparks Controversy

It all started when a man named Mr. Lee Gye-Deok, began placing homosexual advertisements in government offices. Following that he asked on the internet website e-People (created for citizens to voice their complaints), whether homosexuals were allowed to join the police force. The National Police Association gave an ambiguous response stating ”In order to become a public servant in the police force, you have to both physically and mentally sound. Furthermore we only choose from candidates who conduct themselves in a proper manner.’

It was unclear whether they believed that excluded homosexuals. Both netizens and newspapers have taken taken it both ends of the stick, and it has caused a lot of debate with over a thousand comments. There are no available pictures of the advertisements, as seemingly every news site in Korea merely transcribed the original video news report on the issue.

From Daum:

The National Police Agency’s (NPA) response to ‘can homosexuals become police officers?’ causes controversy

Homosexuals interpret it as ‘In terms of ideology and conduct there is a problem’

Police say ‘We are just following the written laws’


Recently, there was a controversy surrounding the release homosexual advertisements in government offices.
The police released a response on the internet, addressing the problem related to homosexuals meeting the requirements for entering into the public service. Homosexuals have been opposing it.

This is Yun Yu-bin reporting.

[See video] The National Police Agency’s (NPA) controversial response to ‘can homosexuals become police officers?’


On e-People if homosexuals are allowed to join the police force, the government has uploaded a response to the question of whether homosexuals can enter the police force.

The National Police Agency which received the inquiry, posted a response immediately.

‘In order to become a public servant in the police force, you have to both physically and mentally sound. Furthermore we only choose from candidates who conduct themselves in a proper manner.’ said the release.

They were quoting the Police Public Servants Act, article 7. There was a backlash among homosexuals upon reading this response.

Police response could be interpreted as inferring that ‘Homosexuals are not physically sound, mentally sound, or that they do not conduct themselves in a respectful manner.’

The person who raised the question to e-People is Mr. Lee Gye-Deok, who is the same person who put up the homosexual advertisements in public locations and caused a controversy.

[Lee Gye-deok/homosexual : From where I stand, their reply is the same as saying they think homosexuals have an unhealthy ideology…]

A representative from the National Police Association’s human resources department said doesn’t have an official policy towards the acceptance of homosexuals into the police force. We were just quoting the relevant section of the law, the representative further explained.

Through this sort of homosexual advertising, sexual minorities will get increased interest from society, and this kind of sensitive controversy will continue to rise up in the future.

Comments from Daum:


I think it is a problem that he made an inquiry like that… What kind of answer was he hoping for with a question like that?? Was he just trying to stir up a controversy with his question?? Why is he asking these kinds of questions if he wants to be treated the same???? And the National Police Association,, If you see someone who is physically healthy, ideologically healthy, and conducts himself in a proper manner, then you should snatch him up right away!!! There are people who are gangster black mailing the families of the dead, there are people who receive a distress call and spend 100 minutes discussing it, There are people who simply watch gang fights by themselves, and it goes on…. Are these the type of people you guys wants???? Ke


Oh.. It’s sickening.. We have no shortage of weirdos thesedays… You guys can just play by yourselves…


There are a lot of people who would want to become police officers…. Why do you risk hiring the people who are not able to differentiate between male or female?


I don’t see how anyone can think homosexuals are normal people. Of course, people directly involved in that kind of stuff won’t get what I’m saying but, no matter how much society changes, and even if it changes in that area… And because with every generation peoples beliefs on society can change, we have laws that can just NEVER be changed.


Homosexuals are not criminals.. Is Korea still at the level where we think that..?


Homosexuals who are the spreaders of aids, should all be gathered up and sent to a deserted island..


Doesn’t the meaning of the article, just depend on how you interpret it? Even if you are a homosexual, if you think you are ideologically fit and act in an upright manner, you can apply… Did the police department really have any other choice than to give that as their most appropriate response? They can’t just say ‘Everyone is welcome ^_^’ in response.


Fucking homos, They will just stop the car and do things with men before going back out on patrol…


It is dirty and it makes my blood freeze when I visualize guys do other men’s poop holes.


Once a homosexual starts enjoying gay sex, he/she becomes worse than an animal. It’s a regressive act. Why would you do such thing? You can’t have kids by doing it. There’s no explanation for this, homosexuals are like a disease. They have only one way to repent to the society. Stop having gay sex and live alone for the rest of your lives.. You can’t have kids anyway. With these efforts, you may have god’s sympathy. If you keep doing it, then you’ll get sick, addicted to drugs… And even if you start a family, there’s a bumpy road ahead of you guys..


They do whatever it takes to defame the Police Forces…


Do you think the Police Forces are a piece of joke? Why would they hire homosexuals? What did he expect by asking the question..? Is it the hot weather that makes him out of his mind?

평상시 마음:

Although the world is getting crazy, yet this isn’t even worth to have debates! Do you seriously think homosexuals are normal? Police Officers ought to have higher moral ground, yet you fucking son of a bitch asked a question like that? I hate this rubbish world! *spit*


A human in form and name only, who behaves like less of a human isn’t worthy of being called as a human being. How dirty of them.

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