Korean Gang Boss Dies, Police On Emergency Standby


From Yonhap News:

Beomseobang’mob boss Kim Tae-chon dies

He passed away at the age of 64… Hospitalized for over a year at Seoul National University Hospital [note: honorific word for ‘passed away’ used]

Make-shift shrine at the ASAN Medical Center… Police forces on emergency standby

The boss of the ‘Beomseobang’ mob, Kim Tae-chon, who subjugated the Jumeok [‘fist’] world in the 1970s and 1980s, died on the 5th at 12:42AM at Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul’s Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu. He was 64 years old.

Mr. Kim was admitted to Seoul National University Hospital for thyroid disease treatment, but developed breathing difficulties last March and has since been under intensive care.

A spokesperson for Seoul National University Hospital said ‘Kim died at the break of day after being admitted to the intensive care unit since March in a state of unconsciousness.’

He conveyed that Mr. Kim died of a heart attack.

At the request of the bereaved, a make-shift mortuary was made at the ASAN Medical Center in Pungnap-dong, Songpa-gu.

Following the death of Kim, police deployed troops around Seoul National University Hospital and the ASAN Medical Center in the event that gangsters descend upon those areas, with ‘power forces’ [the best criminal investigators], crime patrol squads, and ‘5 minute army squads’ [ready and armed for action in 5 minutes] from the local Hyehwa and Songpa police stations on emergency standby.

Mr. Kim stepped foot into the ‘dark world’ in 1975 after becoming the chief of the ‘Seobang’ mob violent organization in Gwangju, South Jeolla province, and garnered momentum in the process of moving his activities to Seoul in 1977 by knocking out smaller organizations.

After that, he made more personal connections within the government, business community and even the entertainment industry, and rose to fame after arranging the stabbing of a nightclub manager, a certain Mr. Hwang of the New Songdo Hotel, with a deadly weapon.

Because of this, Kim was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and then another 10 in 1992 on charges of forming the ‘Beomseobang’ mob.

The Beomseobang mob, alongside Jo Yang-eun’s ‘Yangeunyi’ mob and Lee Dong-jae’s ‘OB’ mob, were considered to be the three [main] criminal syndicates of Korea in the 1980s.

After serving his time in jail, he worked as a church deacon, apparently a reformed man, but in reality that was not the case.

Because he was caught for handing out bribes to prison officers, he was imprisoned again, and in May of last year was indicted without physical detention on charges of intimidating a businessman after receiving a contract for recovering investments.


Comments from Naver:


Hey mobsters, at the funeral, don’t just run around. Shovel the snow. [It’s recently been snowing heavily in Korea.]


This might as well be the first good news of the new year.


Kwon Sang-woo [Korean celebrity] will be stretching out both his legs. [Kim threatened to turn Kwon’s house into a ‘sea of blood’ for refusing to attend fan meetings in Japan.]


A gangster bastard died and the article uses ‘hyang-nyun’ [an honorific term for the age of death for old people]? That’s fucked up.


Why are there so many articles about his death even though he’s not some big figure or a great person? A human butcher who didn’t even use his fists but knives died so what’s the big deal?


The evil of society has died. Why don’t they just cheer for that?


That radish kimchi [referring to the common hairstyle of gangsters] took 64 years to mature and finally died.


Welcome! Is this your first time in hell???


What’s so great about this guy that the 1st ranked search keyword is his name? Is it good to be a gangster?


You made others weep bloody tears in society, reigned as an emperor in prison, and didn’t even properly serve your term. Go to hell. I feel sorry for your life. You got cursed until the day of your death.


‘Mr.’, ‘hyang-nyun’, ‘rose to fame for stabbing’… Did you really have to say ‘rose to fame’ for killing a person?  I recommend you writers to go back to school and learn how to write properly.


One of the cancerous evils of society has disappeared.


I don’t understand those who glorify gangsters. All they do is commit all kinds of crimes, kill or beat up people. How can this be cool? We have to arrest all these cancerous creatures, crumble their organizations and execute or imprison the bosses for life so they can never come back into society again.


Born as a man, even if you can’t contribute to society, at least you shouldn’t harm society. It is of no use to pray for you. Take a good look at yourself when you go to hell.


There’ll be thousands of people at the funeral… At that time, the police better manage the place well.


Hold on ~ are you the guy who intimidated that actor Kwon Sang-woo some years ago, the mobster boss guy, Kim Tae-chon?


Kim Tae-chon and Cho Yang-eun are mere entertainers of the gangster world, who were created by the media. Do you think a real powerful and rich gangster would be imprisoned? Kim Tae-chon said they are little fish but the media blew it out of proportion. The real ones might be living well, not even showing their shadows.


As soon as I opened Naver, I saw this article shot up to #1 position of real-time search queries, and wondered if he’s really dead. He’s really dead. Even the mobster emperor is helpless before death.


Taken away at the prime age of 64… Weren’t you the guy who talked nonsense to Kwon Sang-woo?


Nowadays gangs means business, ke ke. I heard they are even subcontracted like companies. This world is a joke, ke ke, but in all fairness, I’ve never been harmed by any mobster, nor has anyone around me, but my mom was pickpocketed by some punk in his teens and she almost died. The real fucking villains of society to us average citizens are the teenage dog-shit punks off the rails. If I see them commit a crime, I will throw them behind bars for the rest of their lives.

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  • dk2020

    Rest In Peace .. I think Kim Du Han was the most infamous Korean gangster ..

    • Kate

      That’s funny, I read this article to my husband and his first response was, “He’s a piece of garbage and good riddance”.

      • dk2020

        Well, at least he died naturally, old and well respected ..

        • Sillian

          well respected by whom?

          • dk2020

            Obviously by alot of people or his funeral wouldn’t need a police escort ..

          • The police presence in case violence erupts. Underground figure are also respected because they stand against the world and dare to question it. They represent rebellion, independence and power. They are respected by some group. What you say is correct, fear and respect are at times the same thing in that world where many do not live in.

          • dk2020

            Well for me, I joined a gang when I was 13 years old, there was nothing but gangs and drugs back then and you grow up quick in L.A. For a kid it does give them a false sense of belonging and power, I promised myself I would never be a victim.. the LA riots just happened and I saw the Korean and Filipino gangs were the only ones helping the Korean store owners while the white cops that was supposed to protect us let Ktown burn.. this song I can relate to ..

          • I hear you

          • Incorrect. Organised criminals do not “stand against the world”, nor do they question it. They use bribery and violence to advance their position WITHIN the mainstream framework – police, licensing, the judiciary, planning, etc. They’re just as much a part of “the system” as anyone else – just even more morally bankrupt and selfish. Idiot.

          • are you sure?

          • dk2020

            Yep .. just like the yakuza in Japan ..

          • youre not really sure are you? to generalise all organised criminal like that.

        • Brett

          Fear and respect are 2 different worlds.

          • dk2020

            That’s true in normal society.. but it goes hand and hand in the criminal underworld ..

  • Ruaraidh

    My friend’s grandfather was a crimelord in South London, when he died more than 3000 people went to his funeral. I wonder if it was because they respected him, or just wanted to make sure he was dead.

  • chucky3176

    He’s considered one of the last of the big domestic mobsters in Korea. The police are predicting a huge blow to the activities of the domestic crime syndicates.

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