Margaret Thatcher Remembered by Korean Netizens


The death of Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) this week hit the nerve among many Korean netizens. All over the globe, Margaret Thatcher, reportedly the politician after whom President Park Geun-hye wishes to model herself the most, drew polarized reactions for the perceived impact she has had on the world economy, fall of the communist block, uncompromising ‘iron’ political will, tough stance on the organized labour movement, and her brand of neo-liberal ideology.

But most important of all, among the younger netizens, her resolute course of action during the Falkland War drew the most frequent comment, and comparing her to the military dictator with whom she enjoyed amicable regional partnership Chun Doo-hwan.

Comments from Daum:


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke privatization ke ke ke ke ke so that’s why things were so expensive in Britain~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Rest in Peace,, Brave leader who led the victorious war over [sic]Auckland,, history will remember her,,


Rest in peace but the trashes in our country will not leave [this world].


Female thug lived very long! Don’t yap about respecting her and other shit.


Crusher of labour unions, creator of the richer-gets-richer and the poor-gets-poorer.

아주 좋은 날:

You dipshit reporter, can’t you say a single decent thing? No sense of history, you are just iterating useless facts. Since Thatcher came into power, the tax reduction policy not only massively benefited the riches and corporations but cut back on welfare to make up for the reduced tax revenue, hence a conservative shithead. Public corporations were either eliminated or reduced under the name of neoliberalism so that the rich get richer and the average people suffered massively.


People here yapping about the Iron Lady does not know jack about the crimes against humanity she and Reagan committed together. Go read a fucking book.

고달픈 겨울:

Together with Reagan, the leader of imperialism and neoliberalism… She is the reason the financial sector rules the world economy.. You can see how great Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan are when you compare to Reagan and Thatcher.. All hail the protector of middle and lower class Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan!! Go repent your sin in hell Thatcher, I bet you are getting your ass kicked by the British unionists in hell.


Only way one could change the fascist labour union is brute power. – Margaret Thatcher-


Together with Ronald Reagan, she was one of the greatest politicians in history. She made something of herself despite her poor background. Pity.

From Ilbe:




South Korea with Britain at that time..laid the foundation to become a developed country.


The greatest leader in the history of South Korea = President Chun Doo-hwan.


Badly in need of rehabilitating the honor of Chun Tank before his passing…[Tank: referring to Chun Doo-hwan’s willingness to use brute military force against civilians.]



British Tank and Korean Tank meeting.


Iron Lady and Steel Tank ssibal ke ke ke ke ke


Surprised to see so many people mourning for the bitch who broke the back of Britain.


You and Kim Jong Un are the only two in the entire world to think that Britain is bankrupt


The Iron alliance ke ke ke ke ke ke


Rioters must be shitting themselves!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kevin Miles

    Why all the comparisons with Chun doo hwan? MT won three elections and was the longest serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century. How does she in any way relate to a military dictator?

    Despite all the disgraceful celebrations of the left in the UK, when it mattered people of all classes and regions overwhelmingly voted for her vision of Britain.

    Look at Britain before MT, 1976 IMF bailout, three day week, winter of discontent and Unions so powerful they brought down governments.

    • Nagger2

      Those are from ultra-conservative and misogynistic site, Ilbe.

    • Jeoh

      Thatcher never actually got more than 45% of the votes. Fuck your ‘majority’ and fuck Thatcher.

      • hang

        Many governments are formed under minorities. Spit venon and disrespect all you want, it only serves to show how classless her opponents are.

      • Kevin Miles

        Right I’ll go slowly,

        1979 Election: Con 43.9 Lab 36.9
        1983 Election: Con 42.4 Lab 27.6
        1987 Election: Con 42.2 Lab 30.8

        She beat her opponents quite comprehensively, securing a significant majority to form a government. In fact apart from the current coalition no government has had over 50% of the elctorate vote for them.

        As for your invective, that is all you have isn’t it? You will not find anything more intelligent out of the lips of a demented thatcher hater.

        The reason she elicits such anger is that she killed the traditional left in Britain. Whether you vote New Labour or Conservative you are essentially voting for a party modelled on her politics. So go ahead shout, swear and sing silly songs in the end she won.

  • a

    일베 댓글이나 번역하면서 뭐하는 짓이지

    • commander

      You are totally wrong.

      This place is for sharing thoughts and responses from South Koreans by traslation, a process that require a considerable effort. If you dont like the translated article, just skip it. But which article is translated is totally within the freedom of translator, who I guess pick up the trending issue accompanied by Netizens’ virbrant reactions.

      Please get out of here!!

  • I don’t know much about MT, but if she’s anything like her friend Reagan, I predict that her reputation will only get darker as more of that era’s extensive Anglo-American hypocrisy reveals itself. That decade was truly a joke, Reagan smiling and dismissing criticism while claiming he was helping spread democracy and freedom.

    South Korea
    El Salvador

    All lucky recipients of the West’s “support for the democratic process” during that time. And I’m sure I’m missing any more.

    • Kevin Miles

      To be fair the west in general and the US in particular should just drop all pretence and pursue pure self interest.
      In regards to MT and RR’s foreign policy, I heard a lot of praise for its closeness and yet no mention of the 1983 Greneda invasion.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Well actually Reagan over where I live is more mixed: still somewhat positive while still acknowledging the dumber stuff he did. And that’s saying a lot considering the liberal majority.

    • billy

      You forgot about apartheid South Africa in your list – Maggie and Ron loved them!

  • As an Irish person and a teenager when she came to power when I hear her name I think, Shoot to kill policy,Hunger striker, Bombs,Collusion,Hillsborough,Poll tax,
    Miners strikes, Riots. It was a horrible time .
    Best memories Summer Day blasting this out on the stereo .

    • Kevin Miles

      Ireland was probably MT’s biggest policy failing. The list of British killed by Irish terrorists is testimony to the failure of her political strategy. We could have saved ourselves 20 years of heartache by simply talking to the IRA.

      • Like I said a horrible time.

      • Ruaraidh

        The peace process probably would have failed back then. It took time to grind down the IRA until they were weak enough to consider realistic negotiations.

  • I’m new to this site, but I’m shocked that this guy is translating comments from Ilbe. Ask any Korean and 90% of them will say Ilbe is a shame to the country. It is fascist, racist, and sexist. It supports military dictatorship in the name of economic growth over democracy. It discriminates against people from Jeolla province, calling them in all sorts of derogatory names. It denies the 5.18 massacre committed by Chun Doo Hwan, just as neo-nazis deny the Holocaust. I support the idea of listening to various spectrum of ideas, but not Ilbe. Ilbe is not representative of Korea, and is definitely not representative of Korean conservatives. Calling it “conservative” is like calling Neo-nazis and rednecks conservative.

  • commander

    The differences between neo liberlism women crusadet and military-backed dictator are vast.

    First the late British ptime minister was popularlt electrf while the former general came to power in a military coup accompanied by bloody crackdown on a pro-democracy uprising.

    Second, the first female PM has clear governing philosiphy though its relevance and inexorable execution have polarized not onlt Britain but also the world. In contrast, the second general-turned-president in Souyh Korean history had no consistent policy except for his luster for power, with his export-driven economy is largely a repetition of the previous policy line, though he proved more superior to his predecessor Park Jong hee, the father of the incumbent South Korean president, in amassing massive slush fund.

    Third, Ms. Thatcher kept low profile after the end of her term in office, whereas Mr. Jeon is often ridiculed for its filmsy excuses saying that he has no illicit money to be confisticated though his offspring’s alleged wealth speaks othewise.

    Fourth, the grocer’s daughter, though still a controversial figure, is assessed as boosting the weakening international stature of British once again, standing shoulder to shoulder with her ideological American counterpart Reagan. But the former South Korean president attempted to keep his control of the government by handing over power to his friend from his military years, a bid to dwarf his decision to hold the presidential election by direct vote.

    In a nutshell, any comparisons of the former British PM and Souyh Korean military-backed leader illuminates ignorance of those who first floated such a idea.

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