Photo of Female Student Kneeling on Roadside Causes Outrage


In a reversal of characters, a girl was spotted kneeling on the floor on a busy roadside.

From Kuki News:

“A senior student told me to do this…” a national university student dubbed as ‘kneel-down girl’

A picture where a drunk female university student sitting on her knees near a road following an order from a senior student caused controversy online. She attends a well-known local national university. Netizens criticized that a university that should foster sensible people has become an irrational place where nonsensical rules are imposed on the students.

A netizen uploaded a post titled ‘A look at kneel-down girl’ pointing out the pathetic college practice.

The netizen wrote that he spotted a drunk woman kneeling down near a road and asked her why she was doing it out of concern because there were many motorcycles passing by her on the road.

The netizen asked her to go home but she didn’t move saying her senior student told her to do it. The netizen then asked her to move farther away from the road but she just kept saying that she had to do what her senior student told her to do.

She revealed herself as a student president and told the netizen to go home. The netizen commented “It was awkward to see a student president sitting on knees like that by an order of a senior student. Both senior and junior students should be ashamed. They better go wash the feet of their parents who paid their tuition instead of wasting time and caring about their ranks.”

The netizen also uploaded the student’s picture taken by a mobile phone. In the picture, a woman with long straight hair is sitting on her knees on a road beside a parked car.

Netizens criticized it with comments like “It is pathetic they try to tighten discipline like that” and “I don’t know whether they go to university or army.”

Some netizens also commented “There is no female student president at the university she is thought to attend. She might have been just visiting the university or she might have done something very wrong. Bashing the university without proper context is wrong.”

Comments from Nate:

They are afraid of senior students but not teachers… Funny society…


College culture should be reformed. Heavy drinking, hierarchy, disciplinary punishment…this isn’t culture. They are just bad practices that should be removed.


This reminds me of the shit-feeding incident at the Nonsan Boot Camp in 2005. You should know when to resist injustice. Your douchebag senior student will not take care of you for the rest of your life.


It’s funny because it’s usually jijabdae students who do this kind of thing. These poor fellas let out their frustrations towards their friends who go to good schools on their junior students. In good universities, it’s the student athletes who have such culture. You rarely see that from science or engineering students. Most male students are rather indifferent because they get busy with military service and returning to school. However, female students tend to be more into lording over junior students. It makes me laugh when they act up behind student admins. If you closely observe them, they have no clear standards or rules. It depends on their mood. Today it’s right but tomorrow it’s wrong. How would freshmen take this? I regret being obedient when I was a freshman. I endured it because I thought social network with them will be helpful later in life but most senior students who act poorly like that aren’t very helpful later, too. Why don’t they at least buy meals for junior students before doing shit, ke ke ke.


It’s Chonnam National University [CNU].


CNU, hwaiting!!!


Ke ke ke ke, you know what’s freakin’ funny? I was drinking in a university area and I saw a 21-year-old second year student passionately lecturing a 20-year-old freshman on social life, ke ke ke ke ke ke. That was too funny, ke ke ke. I’m in my 30s and have had quite a bit of social experience but I’m very hesitant to advise younger people on life and society, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. Holy…ke ke ke. It was so hilarious watching a 21-year-old being all condescending as if he was a great mentor, ke ke. Not all college students are like that but those condescending senior students are freaking funny, ke ke ke.


I entered university in 1999 and didn’t experience anything like that. There were many respectable senior students. The one in the articles doesn’t deserve to be called a senior student.


Just what you’d expect from a jijabdae.


Most are not like that but some senior students think they are overlords. Disciplinary punishment was common during my days. Even if you suck up to them, you will end up with nothing good. Academically successful senior students keep a low profile. It doesn’t take too long for the wrong university culture to ruin your life. They always whine about high tuitions but they don’t even try to get scholarship, tsk tsk.


I graduated from some university in Seoul. In the freshman orientation, they tried to make me drink with a bowl. I refused and went home. The next day, senior students tried to discipline me but I argued with them ignoring our badges of rank. I was an outsider for all four years but now I’m living a good life with a good job. I also keep in touch with more than ten close friends. Your fellow students are important but those senior students who try to rule over you aren’t helpful at all in your life.


Jijabdae, no less ㅡㅡ There is a reason why such students go to such schools.


You think being a senior student is some sort of a great privilege? You damn bitch.


A well-known local university? ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke They don’t just look down on jijabdae without a reason, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


On April 19th in 1960, students rose up for democratization movement. Students these days are…


Why did you kneel down as you were told to? Pathetic.


You study hard for years to go to a good school and a senior student makes you kneel down, tsk tsk. What a life.


Only if you were that obedient to your parents…


What’s the point of going to university when you don’t even have good judgement… You can find the same insensible students from both elementary schools and universities. Come out in society and learn.


They ignore their parents like shit yet respect their senior students ㅡㅡ Sigh~ University students should not be given the right to vote. They still look like immature kids.

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  • Mighty

    I thought bullying by senior students only happens in movies.

  • jon776

    Just a normal day in ageist Korea.

  • Brett

    Haha, if they’d tried this on my wife, we’d be reading the headline “Girl kills school senior on roadside, netizens amused”

  • holdingrabbits

    If this was an episode of Doctor Who and the Doctor went back in time and met Confucius, he would find out that he was actually some sort alien who followed a religious order that worships chaos. Confucius would have fallen into a lava pit at the end of the episode probably.

    Eventually enough people will become self actualized and realize that they don’t have to work 16 hours a day, get beaten by their husbands, or figuratively suck the dick of everyone older than them.

    • markus peg

      If only

  • Kate

    “Perhaps the surest test of one’s integrity is his refusal to do or say anything that would damage his self respect.”–Thomas Monson

    I just feel sad for her.

  • The Enlightened One

    Doesn’t really seem newsworthy… but I guess that is part of understanding a foreign culture. Kneeling to them is big I guess.

    I don’t know in Korea, but every Spring Festival in China the kids must kneel to pictures of their parents and grand parents three times. This is to show respect.

    My wife wanted me to do it too, but the Chinese elders thought maybe I would take it offensively since I am not Chinese and maybe shouldn’t be forced into their customs. But I didn’t mind and did it anyway, because hell “When in Rome…” and they were extremely happy. I think it is one of the most honorable things you can do to show them face and lose it in this case.

    • Guest

      You also kneel down and bow out of respect to your elders in korea. But this is totally different, she was doing it on the road because some superior student told her to, they were probably trying to show their superiority by making her do that

      • hang

        True. Huge difference between displaying respect and being forced to kowtow.

  • hang

    I saw stuff like this going on when I lived in Korea. Abusive social heirarchy is an alien thing to see, coming from a western country where individualism is the norm.

    • Well in the West (depending on where specifically) it’s not to that extreme… but there’s some type of hierarchy within grade levels, especially middle/highschool/college. C’mon, freshmen always suck. And sororities/fraternities.

  • Brett

    Just saw a woman driver bite the curb in front of an apartment and crash into the building. (she was parking and the building was behind a set of guard rails)

    sorry kbang but I had to share this with someone.

  • Alfred

    WTF senior my ass…. grow up people

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