Korean Literary Prize Reignites Criticism of Homosexuality

A scene from the 1999 Korean movie, "Memento Mori"

A scene from the 1999 Korean movie, “Memento Mori”

The announcement of the winner of the Yook Woo-dang Literary Prize has reignited the debate about accepting homosexuals in Korea. The prize, which was awarded by the organization Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea, recognizes notable LGBT writing in Korea and is dedicated to the memory of Yook Woo-dang, a gay man who committed suicide in 2003 at the age of nineteen. The Seoul Sinmun‘s interview with the winning author ended up attracting almost two thousands replies, the vast majority of which expressed their hatred of homosexuals and criticized the author for accepting their “perversion”. Critics didn’t spare any detail in explaining exactly which sex acts they despised and how they felt thinking about them.

According to a survey by the Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center, 76% of young Koreans who identify themselves as belonging to a sexual minority have considered suicide and 58% have attempted suicide.

From the Seoul Sinmun:

Homosexuality is just a matter of people liking other people… is that unnatural?

[Excerpt from short story] “Hey, the principal said you need to go to the guidance office.” The young boy silently got up from his seat and walked to the guidance office. “Hey you, you crazy idiot, what have I been hearing about you lately? Who is it that you like? Why would a boy like another boy. Are you a pervert? Or, what is it, are you mentally ill? Why would you try to kiss a normal guy on the lips. God, you’re so dirty, I’m speechless.”

“I just wanted to write a normal love story,” says Lee Eun-mi, who on April 22nd was announced as the winner of the first annual Yook Woo-dang Literary Prize for her short story, “Flying in the Dark Night”. The main character, a man named Do-ryeon, faces deep-seated discrimination and endures great hardship before he is finally able to start dating another man. According to Lee, “homosexuality just means someone liking someone else…it is not homosexuality that is abnormal or unnatural, rather it is the society which tries to make it so which is itself abnormal and unnatural.”

Lee Eun-mi, the winner of the Yook Woo-dang literary prize for LGBT writing

Lee Eun-mi, the winner of the Yook Woo-dang literary prize for LGBT writing

The Yook Woo-dang Literary Prize was held in honor of the tenth anniversary of the suicide of nineteen-year-old Yoon Mo (pen name Yook Woo-dang) in April of 2003. Yook cited frustration with the discrimination he faced as a member of a sexual minority in his suicide note, writing, “if my death can bring any enlightenment to the Christians who hypocritically carry on about Sodom and Gomorrah, then it will not have been in vain.” Yook also wrote a poem about his life:


The world calls us monsters

So we live in hiding

But aren’t we human beings?

Lee says that the coming out in 2000 of actor Hong Seok-cheon was what inspired her to think more about minorities. “Reading about the suicide of Yook Woo-dang, I began to think about the suffering of sexual minorities growing up within our repressive educational system.” In regards to the debate about the removal of the clause within the Student Human Rights Act prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, the author says, “just like watching Kim Soo-hyun’s drama didn’t make all the viewers gay, young people should be able to make a mature decision…getting rid of discrimination is not just the responsibility of gay people, it is the responsibility of mainstream people as well.”

The 2010 drama, "Life is Beautiful", caused a controversy when it showed two male characters in a loving relationship

The 2010 drama, “Life is Beautiful”, caused a controversy when it showed two male characters in a loving relationship

‘People talk about women’s rights as a yardstick for a nation’s human rights. I think that you could replace the word “women’s” with gay, disabled, and worker’s and it would still be valid. A society that makes its weaker members unhappy will make everyone else unhappy as well.

Comments from Daum


It’s unnatural. If 90% of the country says it’s unnatural, doesn’t that make it unnatural? Why do you keep trying to call something that’s unnatural natural? I don’t want to bash them or care about them. They should just not show off their abnormal sexual preference in public. It’s unnatural.


Shit, I get it, just stay living in the shadows among yourselves and don’t come out to the light. If you don’t like it, move to a country where homosexuality is legal. The court of public opinion holds more weight than the constitution. Just put up with it and live in silence, you gays and lesbians.


Really, isn’t the real point of homosexual love homosexual sex? Including anal sex.. Don’t try to sugarcoat it. As you get older, you won’t be able to hold in your feces and you will have to wear a diaper because you’ve ruined your sphincter. And that isn’t unnatural?? And that’s not just a minority who develop those bowel problems, it’s a majority of older gays.

뒤집어도 똑같네님:

Yes. It is unnatural! Women, the handicapped, and part-time workers all have strong connection to human rights but sexual minorities do not. It’s a perverted sexual appetite, not inequality.


If your parents had been gay, then you could never have been born!!

세계로 날아보자님:

They’re crazy, these homosexuals, creating fuss in society.


Do only minorities have rights here? You spew out some crap about people liking people and how that’s not a problem…so if someone was a kleptomaniac, then you would have to forgive their stealing? Kleptos are born that way…And stop trying to influence the media to make it seem like only minorities suffer discrimination…Don’t carry on painting people with proper mindsets as criminals or amoral people, preaching about human rights…Try to remember that it is also my right to say that I hate such abnormal acts.


Of course, it’s unnatural…men liking men, women liking women, we all know that’s unnatural…don’t go on about human rights…


Honestly, I hate gays. It’s not so much that I hate them personally, I just hate their irrational victim complex. You say it’s just an issue of human beings liking human beings? As if! The fundamental issue is their homosexual sex. Don’t go so far in trying to make their indulgent lifestyle look proper. It’s so abnormal. You complain about the rights of the minority, is it only the minorities that have rights? Is it alright to ignore the rights and opinions of the majority that thinks their behavior is inappropriate? The words women, disabled, or laborers may be linked with human rights, but it doesn’t apply to the word homosexuals.


You aren’t sexual minorities, you’re sexual deviants. Do you think it is appropriate for a man to like a man? Maybe in other countries they might have tons of mentally ill people and let their world go crazy, that’s their problem, but I won’t put up with bastards like you in our country. We are still not so polluted a society as to allow that. I am worried for the future of this country.


Normally love between two people of the same gender is called friendship. But friendship is completely platonic and will never turn into love no matter how close the two people get. There will never be any licking, sucking, plunging, or rubbing. Some of the empty-headed females around here accept a twisted image of homosexuality and will always reproduce the positive things they hear and try to apologize for them. This is very wrong. Homosexuality is not a matter of liking someone of the same gender, it is feeling aroused when you see someone of the same gender and it is perversion.


Stop the bullshit! It’s disgusting!


Like somebody below me already wrote, the essence of homosexuality is sex. In typical relations with someone of the opposite sex, there can be such a thing as platonic, although of course it isn’t easy to achieve^^. However, between homosexuals, there is no such thing as platonic love. The whole purpose is sex. That is why it is appropriate to say that homosexuality is a type of sexual deviancy. And yet these days it seems like there are so many gays around.


It’s a shame that there are so many writers around these days who try to cover up their weak writing skills by using sensational topics.


Their brains must be insane…homosexuals…


It looks like our country still has a long way to go before it reaches maturity…even if you don’t understand homosexuality…you should at least be able to empathize with such people’s pain…In other countries, they talk about racial discrimination…here, discrimination is based on education level, money, but it’s all the same.


Love should be expressed differently depending on who is the object of that love.

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  • holdingrabbits

    So many of the netizens are well spoken and obviously so educated that it’s hard to come back with a response! They’re right. How could these perverts not choose to be straight? Such sexual perversion! Can’t they just beat someone and masturbate immediately after like a regular person?

    • RegisterToPost

      Stay mad.

      Oh, by the way, here’s the true face of gay rights supporters

      How can those gay rights activists create stuff like this and say pedophilia is NOT going to be the next step? They’re acknowledging the idea that children have sexualities, this is a stepping stone to affirm that children can
      consent sexually, and from that, that children “have the right to sexual relationships with adults”.

      They’re mistaking “girls are icky” for “OMG I’m gayyyy!!” and encouraging people to lack of sexuality as homosexuality.

      • holdingrabbits

        I cannot tell if you are being a sarcastic troll right now. If you are, good show. I can appreciate a good trolling. If not, then I don’t know what to say.

      • Dee72

        In my country it is a known fact that the gay men target young boys in high school. It is a practice that has been done since time. The young guys in society nowadays realize that to get ahead they would have to become someone’s tool to get somewhere in life. If you live long enough you will begin to see the clear connection and the damaging long term effects homosexual will have on mankind. I respect them as human beings but the lifestyle by far is not right or kosher. That’s just the bottom line.

        • holdingrabbits

          What country are you from? By chance, are you from Confusinghomosexualitywithpedophiliastan?

        • wonsungi04

          So it seems in your country its an unknown fact that straight lecherous men target young girls in high school ? Wow, some people in you country, including you, are pretty ignorant ! You say you respect homosexuals but yet you think their choice of a life partner or lover is so bad it will have damaging long term effects on mankind ? You don’t have a clue, that’s just the bottom line !

      • John Moorcock

        Children *do* have sexualities, you retard. Ever read a goddamn book on human psychology or biology? But no, you shitsmears don’t really read, do you?

    • I just loved the sarcasm in this comment- succinct, hilarious and yet making a brilliant and relevant point

  • “Really, isn’t the real point of homosexual love homosexual sex? Including anal sex.. Don’t try to sugarcoat it. As you get older, you won’t be able to hold in your feces and you will have to wear a diaper because you’ve ruined your sphincter. And that isn’t unnatural?? And that’s not just a minority who develop those bowel problems, it’s a majority of gays.”

    Not really… People can like having sex with the same gender and not be physically and romantically attracted to them. Some people are attracted to the same sex but can’t imagine having sex with them. Do straight couples get together purely for sex? I think too many people get hung up on solely of the sexual aspect when it comes to attraction, and don’t consider emotions and feelings. It IS also liking someone, geez. I have had dude friends; so I’m suppose to be thinking about them banging me or something? I dunno why people have that set idea of homosexuality.

    • markus peg

      Also many gays don’t act on their feelings.

    • I’ve spoken to several Korean people who actually seem to find female homosexuality MORE perversive than male homosexuality. I guess it’s tied up to the disgusting treatment of women in the country and the belief that women should only adhere to a ‘perfect’ conformist standard.

      • dk2020

        yes, those several koreans represent the whole country .. its a little deeper than that .. korean males are expected to carry the family bloodline and obviously they can’t have kids if they are gay .. lol, so the gender inequality turns korean girls into lesbians. uh okay ..

    • Beanner

      True, feeling are tied in with all relationships, but what makes something sexual is…sex. A heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc. is a description of what type sex act these groups of people participate in. The sexuality also describes the types of sexual urges these types of people actively and willingly want to engage in. I have feelings for many guys, but they are my friends or family members. There are no sexual urges tied in those relationships. Personally, I think that the Western emphasis on sexuality being the defining characteristic of a person, has decreased the value of friendship and other relationships. If we dig deep inside, we can that there is more to being human than sexual urges.

      • Blooppydoop

        You dumb fuck. The ‘sex’ in the words homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, and heterosexual are not referencing the act of sex, but the gender. Homo – same. Hetero – different. Trans – crossed. We all have the same sex! (the act). Something goes in here. Rub a little there. Thrush here. Its all the same man.

    • 1LTLos

      The role of a woman in society is FAR FROM Conforming – that is about as dumb a position that can be made. “she fall into a female role because she wished to conform”– Ma’m it is due to this being NORMAL – just how much longer are you going to remain in your jammies and play Peter Pan? Women like men must Grow Up!!

  • PixelPulse

    “Like somebody below me already wrote, the essence of homosexuality
    is sex. In typical relations with someone of the opposite sex, there
    can be such a thing as platonic, although of course it isn’t easy to
    achieve^^. However, between homosexuals, there is no such thing as
    platonic love. The whole purpose is sex. That is why it is appropriate
    to say that homosexuality is a type of sexual deviancy. And yet these
    days it seems like there are so many gays around.”

    Literally the dumbest shit Ive read this month. I swear to god people that try to turn their stupidity into logic makes me wanna do a backflip into the sun.

    • Dee72

      It seems you need to get started on those back flips the. Cause what she says is nonetheless true.

      • wonsungi04

        “between homosexuals, there is no such thing as
        platonic love. The whole purpose is sex”— Which heap of crap was that dumb idea pulled out of ?. Where is the scientific proof for that ? Did a renowned psychologist do a study to corroborate that rubbish ? You see when ignorant people spew such nonsense about their fellow human beings, they are spreading misery and agony through out this world. Think before you judge someone based on no facts at all! Homosexuals have emotions too, they are capable of love as well & unless one is gay himself/herself they can’t say homosexuals aren’t capable of platonic love.

        • katie k

          “they are spreading misery and agony through out this world.”

          Yes. So sad.

  • im a lesbian.

  • I have never read so many ill informed crude comments in my life. Everyone has the right to love and be with the person they so chose. I am just shocked. In a country with an adultery percentage rate in the high 40’s, I doubt that Korea as a whole can argue from the moral high-ground.

    • Wang That!

      Don’t forget where these post are from… its like taking the opinions Westboro baptist church twitter comments and claiming that the entire US is of the same mindset…

      Generalize much?

      • chris

        the same can be said about all three sites. Koreabang, Chinasmack, and Japancrush. commenters on all three of those sites base their opinions based off netizen comments and make generalizing remarks about an entire country – which i think just exposes the lack of open-mindedness and the willingness to conduct their own scholarly research on controversial issues to make their own conclusions about them. its like these sites spoon-feed opinions for the ignorant!!

        • elizabeth

          It is so much easier to generalize and exploit anecdotal evidence to push one’s own agenda than to find out and admit the truth that goes against one’s point of view.

          • pingu777

            You do know that the same argument can be used against you right?

          • elizabeth

            Yes, sure, but context, dear, context…Westboro Baptist Church? It’s not global, not even big. What has that got to do with Christians worldwide?

          • pingu777

            I thought you were referring to to the sites listed above.

    • Tony

      Read the NY Daily News about the basketball player who just came out – it will really depress you!

    • Bess

      I was stunned. I know I shouldn’t have been, but I was. And only the last TWO comments weren’t judgemental and negative.

    • Lynelle Jimenez

      As much as I love Korea as a whole, I can confidently say those with mindsets such as those wouldn’t be able to argue or debate out of a paper bag as the majority of the mainstream populace is so ill informed and sheltered. I’m not really angry at them since they just seem ignorant.

  • Cyberia

    korea’s heterosexism is nauseating

  • Making cruel remarks you know lead many to suicide is bad enough. Making cruel and completely uneducated remarks you know lead many to suicide is both dumb and criminal.

    I love how these pathetic excuses of human beings project their own fixation on and obsession with sex and what-goes-into-whose-what to homosexuals. Nope, not everyone thinks about sex first and foremost. That’s just you, guys.

    Gays don’t go around finding a hole to plug and secretly plotting some A-poke-alypse. Maybe someone should tell them that so they can stop putting on their chastity belt and locking all doors and windows when they sleep at night.

    • Jen_in_NY

      I know… whenever some guy goes on and on describing in great detail all the evil variations of gay sex, all I can think is: “The lady doth protest too much.”

    • Lynelle Jimenez

      A+ for A-poke-alypse and you’re awesome.

  • hun

    Wow. pot calling the kettle black.

    Almost all korean celebs has undergone plastic surgery at some point in their lives, isn’t that unnatural to change your natural looks? Why is PS accepted in korea but not homosexuals, their whole kpop genre is filled with homo shit it’s not even undeniable.

    Considering that korea also has a huge christian population those comments might be from them.. or most of the populous are just homophobic, either one.

    • Isaac

      Because everybody in Korea likes Kpop. Much like AKB48 defines Japan? Right.

      It’s the fangirls who enjoys it. Not the whole goddamn population.

      • hun

        I don’t think you got my point at all. See how when a korean
        celebrity comes out they get hammered publicly while kpop idols has some
        of them doing “fanservice” other wise known as kissing/groping other
        group members of the same gender. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy or
        irony when some koreans bash gays while their whole kpop genre is filled
        with the same acts some of them dislike so much.

        Where did i say everyone in korea likes kpop?

        Your analogy doesn’t even makes sense.
        Kpop is a genre, AKB48 is a japanese idol group.

        Kpop does represent a subculture of korea, AKB48 is just a group, that means jpop represents a subculture of japan.

        That doesn’t mean only fangirls enjoy kpop.. theres all types of
        people but fangirls stand out the most. Your words still has nothing to do with what i said tho.

        • Sillian

          Don’t you think the negative commentators would also react negatively to the ‘fan service’ if they see it and have a chance to comment about it? My impression is that It’s not that visible unless you go to their concerts.

        • Yu Bum Suk

          But you have to remember that they’re just ‘pretending’ to be a member of the opposite sex, which is fine because homosexuality doesn’t exist in Korea apart from a few serious deviants and people with major mental health issues.

          A pair of my high school girls did a dance in front of the whole school with the one playing the female lead groping the breasts and ass of and kissing the (very masculine) girl playing the male lead. Which is fine because of course they can’t be homosexual because they’re Korean, and there’s nothing wrong with a female groping a female. The fact that in real life the one playing the female lead is a year older than the one playing the male lead made it all the more acceptable. Never mind the fact that even in the most liberal western countries it would be deemed inappropriate for a school function.

          • Butsu

            wow, get a load of this guy!

          • heart2beat

            haha love that sarcasm. Exactly. :D

          • Jen_in_NY

            That really is fascinating, Yu Bum Suk. (no sarcasm!) It’s amazing what we will do as individuals to express ourselves within and around society’s constrictions, even maybe on a subconscious level.

        • dk2020

          celebrities don’t represent the whole population .. just like hollywood is fantasy ..

    • That’s a horrible analogy. PS is a choice, and sexuality is not.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So many Koreans in the closet, it’s not surprising the closet busted open.

    • Wang That!

      Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Russian, etc, etc…. the list goes on and on…

  • I repeat what I said in the AKB48 article on JapanCrush: This is proof that technological advancement speaks nothing of a country’s moral maturity.

    • TheKorean

      Yea like a man having “sex” with another man is morally right? What’s the real meaning behind homosexual marriage? Please don’t spread your western values to Korea.

      • Jen_in_NY

        Oh please, I know plenty of old married homosexual couples who grouse about their shitty sex life as much as old married heterosexual couples do. But they love each other–truly love each other–even without the sex. This must be a concept too difficult for little minds to comprehend.

      • Considering the rapid backlash of homophobia in the Western world, I really don’t think “Who gives a shit if two guys get married” is a Western value. It should be humanity’s value.

        In the immortal words of Louis C.K., “It’s not like they’re being gay AT you. What do you care?”

        • elizabeth

          Parents have the right to care when gays try to indoctrinate in their children the idea that homosexuality is perfectly normal and harmless, and that they should be free to experiment to find out their own sexuality.

          • mr.wiener

            Kids often react against their parents guidance as for it. Children of homosexual couples are even less likely to be homosexual as those with heterosexual parents.

          • elizabeth

            Figures? Or personal experience? In any case, this is not about parents telling kids what to do but parents protecting their kids from misleading counsel, just as they do with movie ratings.

          • mr.wiener

            I don’t recall there being a table at careers and lifestyle day at school marked “Gays and lesbians”.
            I’d make the argument that you are never going to control the impulse to homosexuality have, any more than you can control mainstream sexual impulses, so you might as well legislate so that people can practice this in a way that is safe and free from hate or shame.
            Don’t get up, i’ll say it for you…..”Next!”

          • elizabeth

            Please do not make me prove your wrong again Weiner. Just because you have not witnessed the sneaky ways of some of them does not mean it did not happen. Really, I am not one who spout baseless accusations.


          • mr.wiener

            Really the only time anyone has tried to recruit me for the purposes of homosexuality was in a public bathroom , which I declined less than politely I might add.
            The prohibition and /or maginalizing of those so enclined to homosexuality [like drug use , illegal abortion or denial of citizenenship to illegal immigrants] only drives these activities underground where it cannot be regulated or at least practiced safely.

          • elizabeth

            You have too narrow an experience or maybe you don’t see it because you are on the same side of the fence. As for your argument, again, I’ve seen it several dozens of times.

            So if pedophiles will take their activities underground, we should also turn a blind eye and let them do it in broad daylight. Great argument.

          • You seem to be a sensible person. Please don’t think like a neanderthal and compare pedophilia with homosexuality. The former involves the victims never giving their consent, while the latter involves a like minded partner giving willful consent. Also, are there homosexuals that are evil monsters who destroy other people’s lives ? Yes that is as much in the realm of possibility as it is for a heterosexual person.

          • elizabeth

            No I am not comparing pedo with homo. Just extending Weiner’s argument for him. And I don’t care if homos make love all day 24/11 or abstain for life. Sensitive much?

          • elizabeth


          • mr.wiener

            I like marriege, and loving couples and all my friends having babies, it’s the best part of being grown up.
            If someone where to take by force one of my nephews, nieces or hurt a someone I knew I’d hunt them down and geld them, even if they’d served their jail time.
            The difference between an academic argument [we should all be free to do as we wish] and the morality of the society we live in is we have to work out where to draw the line. This blurs and shift occasionally ,but I don’t think we are ever going to be in danger of recognizing pedophilia as legitimate lifestyle or condoning cannibalism

          • elizabeth

            Now you are talking…academic arguments. That’s why it bores me.

          • Your sentence begs the gigantic question that whether “homosexuality is perfectly normal and harmless” is a factual statement. The pro-gay rights side has piles and piles of scientific research that says homosexuality is indeed perfectly normal and harmless. What does the other side have? “Uh… Sodomites! Apostle Paul said we should kill them!”

          • elizabeth

            Go do your own research. You are flogging a dead horse which is a waste of my time.

            My point is, liberals are entitled to their own opinions, so are conservatives. Just don’t go shoving your pseudo-facts into others’ throats and demonize those who do not agree with you.

            What is most disturbing is that even innocent children are not spared.

          • I did do my own research. The scientific evidences are overwhelmingly in favor of “homosexuality is not harmful”. It’s not a matter of opinions. That’s exactly what the opposition to Civil Rights movement said when people argued for desegregation. “Just don’t go shoving your pseudo-facts into others’ throats and demonize those who do not agree with you.” might as well have been a quote from then.

            Innocent children are indeed not spared when they are regularly beaten up and/or abused by their peers and/or family for being LGBT. It’s a real tragedy, something that are not being prevented because, you know, conservative bigots are “entitled to their own opinions”.

            That bs doesn’t work when we’re talking about the human condition.

          • elizabeth

            Scientific research…overwhelming…oh well, if you say so. But not all are stupid here mind you.

            Oh, and I love the ‘animals are homosexual too’ argument…classic.

          • Great response!

          • elizabeth

            Awww, I am flattered. Next…

          • Lynelle Jimenez

            Well, it should be considering it’s true.

          • pingu777

            Exactly. Just as much as parents have the right to care when they want their children to think that homosexuality is perfectly normal and harmless.

          • elizabeth

            But that does not mean you should force parents who don’t think so to sing the same tune and accept the same for their children just like parents who see nothing wrong in exposing their kids to porn should not expect other parents to do the same.

            What pisses me is those who claim that people should have freedom to believe and do whatever they want with their lives are the very ones who force others to accept and what they don’t believe in.

            I am surrounded by/come across heterosexuals as well as gays in my daily dealings, nice and obnoxious ones, religious and atheists, etc. and the ones that put me off most are the fake obnoxious political ones. The gays that I know do not force their values on me and I respect them for that in return. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of radical gays and their activists who think the whole world revolves around them and if we do not accept their values, we are at fault for driving them insane and to suicide.

            I am sorry, but no, these gays are responsible for their own choices in life not me. There are many more who suffer substantially more than what some gays are facing, and they don’t go around blaming the whole universe for their unfortunate lives.


          • elizabeth

            The “T” wasn’t meant to be there.

          • pingu777

            Well as long as you don’t go around hurting people because of their sexuality it’s fine with me. We all have different opinions on this matter and we’re not always going to get along but we should at least be tolerable to each other right? I mean Korea was pretty fascist back then and people would go around condemning anyone who said anything pro communist.

          • elizabeth

            Right, nice to meet you :)

          • I feel the same. Forcing someone else to accept your beliefs are still by force. Homo or not…

          • kipsta01

            totally agree with you

          • Lynelle Jimenez

            They should. Why not? The point is educating about safety just like any “hetero” teaching. You act like these people are aliens. Seriously blowing my mind. It is normal since so many people are gay. Maybe that hasn’t caught up to people stuck in the past yet? I’m not sure. Like anyone else it’s fine to care about sexual safety. It should be taught in school. But honestly, You seem abnormal to me with how frightened you sound by it. Like they’re serial killers or something. Wow, “indoctrinate”. I’m in utter shock right now.

      • Lynelle Jimenez

        It’s pretty hilarious how you put quotations around the word sex like it isn’t sex. Who are you to say it’s morally wrong? I’m sure you didn’t create earth or any being on it. What business is it of yours to care what other people do with their life? Take care of yourself before you point at other people. As for spreading values, it’s already happening. Good luck with hating.

  • Golbinnom

    I’m kind of dissapointed. I didn’t expect all of the responses to be open minded but in this case there’s just one comment that seems hopeful (“It looks like our country still has a long way to go before it reaches maturity…even if you don’t understand homosexuality…you should at least be able to empathize with such people’s pain”)

    • Sillian

      FYI if you click the link of the article, you can see the up-down ratio for most comments is like 2:1 except for that one comment. Each comment has a thread that you can open and you can read arguments. Some opposing netizens seem to assume many negative commentators are hardcore Christians who even care enough to comment like that.

    • pingu777

      I’m kind of hopeful there’s at least one positive comment.

      • Golbinnom

        Well, I guess my expectations towards korean netizens are higher than yours

        • pingu777

          Hey at least someone is trying.

  • MushroomKut

    Wow! This really shows the open-mindedness of some people, why are they so against someone else’s life? It’s like saying someone cannot be a race car driver because driving scares them. I once read an article of a study where they took homophobic people and non-homophobic (gay accepting) people and showed them gay porn. Devices were hooked up to the person to determine if they were sexually aroused. The homophobic people on average in almost every case were sexually aroused opposed to the accepting people who were not attracted. What does this tell you? I’m not gay personally but I think people can do whatever the ssibal they want. Before Americans discriminated and hated against blacks, now they have a black president. They realized we are all humans and we all deserve to live freely. Would you hate and shun your brother or sister because they liked a different genre of music than you? Why would that be wrong? What is the difference between preference of music, food, fashion, skin colour, sexuality, or country of origin.

    “Tyranny is a product of his father’s hate”. Once you leave behind your ancient ideas that have solely been passed down from your ignorant parents and non-evolving environment you will see that we are all one and we should love each other equally.

    • elizabeth

      Open-mindedness…hopefully, liberals will practice what they preach…still hoping.

      • I love it when conservatives try to turn “tolerance” around by arguing that their intolerance should be tolerated.

        “All people should have liberty!”
        “Well, as a slave owner, you’re restricting my liberty to enslave people. Hypocrite.”

        That kind of an argument was actually made before the Civil War broke out by anti-abolitionists. Great logic then, great logic now.

        • elizabeth

          And I love it when pseudo-liberals pretend to be liberals when they are actually not. You can tell when they try to play games by shoving words into other people’s mouths to make them sound as demonic as they want them to appear.

          Reason with the likes of you? Yawn..been there, done that.


          • Oh, so you didn’t mean conservatives are “entitled to their own opinions” when it comes to not tolerating homosexuality! My bad, what *were* you trying to say when you wrote “Open-mindedness…hopefully, liberals will practice what they preach…still hoping.”?

          • elizabeth


          • Good answer!

          • elizabeth

            Why, thank you. Next…

          • jewbola

            god you’re a fucking idiot, you get on your high horse and you can’t even refute his argument. jesus fuck the people on this site are dumber than redditors.

          • Jhonry

            You’re entitled to your own opinion. Just don’t use it to trample on the rights of others.

        • Dee72

          Liberty huh? If that is true, children are people too. Shouldn’t they also have the right to do whatever and however they want? Also dogs (depending on which animal lover extremist you speak to) all oh this liberal and conservative talk is bullshit because human beings like going around in circles. Who’s right and who’s wrong, at the end of the day it’s all opinions. Everyone needs to take their head out of their asses and look at sensibly. What are the penis and wombs function? To come together and recreate. Penis + ass makes nothing but health problems and a breathing ground for diseases. Period.

          • wonsungi04

            Children aren’t given the legal right to drive, drink, own guns nor do they have complete legal autonomy until they are adults in the eyes of the law i.e. until their mental faculties ARE COMPLETELY DEVELOPED. CHILDREN CAN’T GIVE THEIR CONSENT TO SUCH MATTERS & THUS DON”T HAVE SUCH RIGHTS because biologically & in the eyes of the law their brains are yet developing and maturing ! Dogs cant communicate in the human language and hence they can’t give their consent ! Homosexuality involves two willing adults giving their consent. The function of the penis is to give pleasure to the owner as is the function of the vagina. If penis and womb always came together for the sole purpose of “recreate” (the correct word is “procreate”), why do heterosexuals use condoms, why are there birth pills, why are there abortions ? Yes, penis + ass leads to a lot of health problems, and are”breathing” (breeding) grounds for diseases, but so is heterosexual sex, and there are ways of prevention & cure. There is a clear cut right and wrong here-homosexuals are humans too and they should not be persecuted and demonized on the basis of their sexual preferences.

          • John Edwards

            By far my favorite response in this thread.

          • Lynelle Jimenez

            That has nothing to do with loving someone. A woman who can’t produce an egg or a sterile man have no purpose then, is what you’re saying. What’s the difference? Beyond that, why do you care about their health problems? That’s their decision, they’re grown people.

  • Jen_in_NY

    Isn’t it strange that these attitudes abound in a country where so many male stars are so incredibly, fantastically, outrageously effeminate? Not that being effeminate=being gay, but the way many male stars flaunt their daintiness at least implies (or so I thought) a kind of open-mindedness, doesn’t it? Explain “Flower Boys” to me, for Christ’s sake! Homophobia is what’s really vulgar. Sad.

    • It’s pretty much obvious at this point that quite a number of the Korean male idols are indeed homosexual – it’s a pity that they have to hide their sexuality, but at least they live in a country where societal norm can undergo astonishingly rapid transformation.

      • Wang That!

        In due time, you will see the shift… similar to the one we are witnessing today in North America.

        • It would be extremely interesting to observe how the gay counterculture develop in South Korea. So far, the homophobia has been so absolute and crushing, it didn’t get a chance to grow and evolve – for now Hong Suk Chun is literally the face of LGBT in Korea, and while I’m a fan, that’s not enough.

          • Yu Bum Suk

            Life expectancy was low – very low – in the centuries preceding the 20th. Marrying at an early age was essential for ensuring the continuation of the family line, and all marriages were by arraignment (with prepubescent children often already paired off). Anyone objecting to such a system would have been in for severe criticism, and anyone defying it would have faced harsh punishment.

          • Yu Bum Suk

            I might also add that for many decades in the 20th century the reformist element of Korean society was disproportionately Christian (including even Kim Jeong Il’s family) – and not at all of a liberal Christian nature, theologically. Hence gay rights were never on their horizon.

    • Wang That!

      Don’t lump a whole nation based on some internet posts… it’s rather sad… I am SURE there are more homo-phobes in the US that all of South Korea’s total population… I had more friends joke/cringe at the thought if the watching the crying game or broke back mountain, than friends that actually watched them…

      You fail to note the fact that a literary prize was awarded for this author’s work. Which, should indicate to you that acceptance of gays/lesbians is going mainstream in Korea…

      I am not condoning the comments and just stating that yours is not much better…

      • Jen_in_NY

        I don’t see how my comment is that offensive. I was specifically targeting the reaction to the article; I’m not implying every single Korean shares the same exact view. You are so right about the literary prize, though. That is very hopeful.

        And of course there’s a huge number of homophobes in the U.S.–and I can’t stand them here either.

    • Isaac

      Can we generalize Americans for being awfully stupid?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Explain “Flower Boys” to me: Justin Bieber

      • Actually, I need an explanation on why both are popular.

        • Lynelle Jimenez

          This small section here actually made me think deeply on why we (I and obviously other fans) enjoy effeminate boy bands. I do enjoy masculinity. But the effeminate ones are my favorite. Does this propose the idea of slight homosexuality since I enjoy androgynous men? I’m so curious now. I see girls commenting on things saying “He’s so cute he looks just like a girl I love him!” But why?

  • heart2beat

    Wow.So impressed by the logic of all those gay-hater comments. But it is what it is, if intolerance is the only available concept to react to difference, then why should the people in Korea react any different. What does not fit, gets squeezed into the frame, and what breaks, is thrown away. Nice work.
    And by the way, homosexuality is natural. As long as you consider other animals on this planet “natural”. And believe it or not, they have never heard of “western values” or watched gay porn. :D

    • elizabeth

      And I am extremely impressed by the logic that human beings = animals. Then we can all rush to market our products to animals. It’ll be a jolly interesting planet with sexy animals strutting past in Jimmy Choos and Pradas, hand in hand smoking cigars and driving Porches.

      What are you marketing geniuses waiting for? A whole new wonderful world of animal-consumers waiting to be satisfied!

      • mr.wiener
        • elizabeth

          Then the next question would be, why not stop there and all be happy mammals sharing homes on earth and marrying each other despite our differences instead of calling ourselves human beings and them animals, handsome dude?

          • Hare-retic


          • elizabeth

            There is no need to yell. And thanks for reinforcing my point that human beings are not the same as animals and not meant to behave like them :)

            Oops, you didn’t realize you were yelling at the wrong person?

          • mr.wiener

            He kinda proves my theory that we are all just monkeys with keyboards don’t you think?
            Don’t make eye contact , he might start flinging poo.

          • elizabeth

            Would you make love to a monkey or marry one?

          • mr.wiener

            Certainly, and I have done so as she is of the same genus as myself: Homosapiens sapiens.
            Despite what anyone might say to flatter ourselves, we are at the end of the day just monkeys with mobile phones. No more, and certainly no less.

          • elizabeth

            You know I am not referring to homo sapiens. Word play is child’s play.

          • mr.wiener

            Then we will have to agree to disagree. To me we are just a rather odd hairless monkey that against all odds survived , thrived and came to dominate the globe [though being too clever by half we may bring about our own extinction].
            I actually see gods hand in this as I think he has a sense of humor, just don’t tell him I told you that.

          • elizabeth

            Right, don’t forget the invites…

          • elizabeth

            And just in case you don’t know, God is listening :)

          • mr.wiener

            Bugger, I keep forgetting he’s omnipotent.

          • God is also observing people who eat shellfish and those who wear clothes of two different materials

          • elizabeth

            Sure, I love oysters and wear very colorful clothing. Great insight for someone who does not even know me to judge so accurately.

          • You do know I am not talking about you at all ! OFCOURSE I don’t know you, why will I mention such random things about a person I don’t even conclusively know is man or woman ? But it is YOU who went all religious on us !

          • elizabeth

            Huh? I was just responding to Weiner about not telling God. Went all religious…exaggerate much? Or is it a sin to mentioned God?

          • It is, if one uses god as shield for their bigotry. In your previous comments, you say gay folks are indoctrinating children, in your mind homosexuality is as much of an abomination as say animals marrying humans, you think being gay is such a deviance its ok to mention it in the same sentence as pedophilia. I know it seems I am putting words in your mouth, but fact is, you are BIGOTED against gays, maybe you were brainwashed as was I in my childhood,but you are an adult today. Cutting through all the BS, don’t you think its a crime to deny two consenting people who truly love one another ?. Why do you leave no space for the fact that the human mind is so complex, we don’t understand its working in full including the way it processes and resolves sexual orientation ?

          • I can understand its a huge crime if gay people were trying to indoctrinate children which deserves legal punishment, but that is IF they were doing so – and not all, infact not the vast majority of homosexuals will indulge in something so heinous. Meanwhile all around the world they are being denied the basic human right of being with the person they love, legally or otherwise

          • elizabeth

            You are right, you are putting words into my mouth in addition to calling me bigot and I have no wish to discuss issues with such a person.

          • don’t discuss issues with me- that’s fine. But remember bigot is not a bad word-its a wrong way of thinking one needs to discard. I was not attacking you at all, merely pointing out fallacies, yet you got offended so easily !. How must a homosexual feel after daily ridicule, misunderstanding and abuse ?

          • Yes, because a monkey clearly has the mental capacity to express a consent to have sexual relations with a human being, as does [insert whatever bigots say to try to slippery slope the gay marriage argument].

          • elizabeth

            The ultimate…insults covers it up best when there isn’t anything else to prop things up.

          • Yes, ignore the actual argument that none of what bigots put up as the slippery slope can give legal/ethical consent to sexual relations. Just fly right past that one.

          • elizabeth

            I am flying…nope, soaring :)

          • elizabeth

            And don’t forget the invites if you decide to get married to a monkey…or at least post a picture here so I could send you congratulatory messages.

          • What a thoughtful rebuttal.

          • elizabeth

            I am amazing right? You’ve finally come to your senses :) Muack!

      • Armillary Sphere

        I’m extremely impressed by the logic that humans are not animals. My biology textbooks seem to be a bit outdated; what are we, then?

  • bultak23

    Homosexuals are not the only sexual minority. So I want to marry two women. Why should this be illegal? We all love each other.

    • because the bible said so. nothing but toilet paper to me.

      • elizabeth

        This is highly irresponsible and malicious. Can you prove that all who oppose homosexuality are well-versed with the Bible?

        • elizabeth

          And to add, can you list the governments in the world that make their decisions based on the Bible?

      • pingu777

        Sheesh dude, there are Christians that actually are in favor of homosexuality.

        • Lynelle Jimenez

          To be fair, harsh or not it’s still his opinion.

      • Su

        You’re an idiot.

    • Assuming you are male, you can at least marry one female ,and that marriage will be recognized by the law of the land. You don’t get to marry AT ALL if you are homosexual. Again assuming you are male, when did heterosexuals become the minority ? If you want to marry two women, you are not a sexual minority, you are just plain dumb ! Marrying one woman and fulfilling the responsibilities of that marriage is tough enough for SO MANY people and you want to marry two women?

      • aaaaaaaaa

        dumb for you and the two bitches that marry him, good for OP, just do it man, i want many korean wives in the future and breed with a different one every day of the week.

    • Empirical proof that this leads to abuse and eventual breakdown of gender equality at the fundamental level (See: Fundamentalist mormons). The only empirical data I see about homosexual couples is that their data looks identical to heterosexual couples – check that, it is different. Homosexual couples have significantly lower divorce rates.

      And that’s why I’m against gay marriage: to support Divorce lawyers.

    • Guy_McDude

      That’s essentially what a corporation is. By legal terms a marriage is a financial contract of wealth sharing and protection from liability. A corporation is that for many people. The reason it is not a marriage is because it would make it too easy to dodge generational and estate taxes.

      You also raise the stalemate of having no majority for life or death medical decisions. If one spouse wants a medical procedure for their comatose husband and his second does not the law is stuck in a deadlock. By all means be polyamourous but for the sake of simplicity and legal protection you must pick a primary and sovereign life partner.

      THAT is why it’s a poor argument to draw as a parallel. None of those issues exist with same-sex couples.

  • LOL

    同性的 are useless for the society; they are emotionally more unstable, they change sexual partners more frequent, they have much higher risk to have sexually transmitted diseases, and more, and more..
    1-2% of population want to make the world spin around them. This is selfish! This is nothing about human rights! This is even nothing about love!

    • heart2beat

      How do you know? You seem to have a lot of gay friends. And yeah, welcome to the dictatorship of the majority ;)

      • LOL

        Pure facts. Check more psychological statistics and research articles, not useless “no_Major_in_any_field” author`s articles

        • heart2beat

          I am really interested to see which writers can convince me that their statistics provide helpful insight in the amount of “love” between homosexual and heterosexual partners in Korea. That would be great indeed! I would not be surprised though, they were unstable in their emotions due to the amazing hostility of their environment. However, is that all exclusive to homosexuals? And then, define “useless”. As far as I know, they are great consumers. Myself I did never chose to be heterosexual – if I found that homosexuality is a much more… efficient… way to live (or whatever you want to imply here), I could not change for sure. Could you? Would you?

      • elizabeth

        That is democracy.

    • Yu Bum Suk

      It’s interesting how some Korean homophobes, despite being proud of the supposedly low rate of homosexuality in their societies, seem to know so much about homosexuals’ lives, right down to the frequency with which they change partners to the medical side-effects of anal intercourse. Where do they learn all of these “facts”?

    • you are an ignorant sack of shit. consider killing yourself.

      • Ami

        You know there are a lot of ways to express yourself and your opinions than “kill yourself”.
        Maybe this person is legitimately unaware or misinformed?

  • Ex-expat

    These comments are embarrassing for Korea. With such an “educated” population, you want to be a developed nation (and not just on the facade) then act like one and start with human rights not plastic surgey and pop-music. Shallow people, shallow minds! (Note: I’m not implying all Koreans are shallow, but definitely the brainwashed trolls of this thread) ㅎㅎ

    • chucky3176

      I’m sorry, but words like “fag”, “homo”, “lezbo”, “dyke”, are all Western words to negatively portray homosexual people. Koreans do not have an extensive list of insulting words to describe negatively, nor are there any polite phony political correctness that you find in public air spaces in the West. In private, I have heard so many FAR FAR worse descriptions and hatred towards gay people from Western males, than any Korean will ever utter in a life time. The hatred of gay in the west is so high that in many cities in the United States, violent hate crimes against gay people are extensive to the point of it’s one of the worst examples of discrimination. Look at how Western males degradingly comment on Kpop artists, as “gays”, “fags”, as if homosexuality is a crime or something. No such intense hatred of gay people or homophobia exist in Korea. Homosexuality, as long as you are underground and not open, they are left alone and ignored. There are no deliberate attempts at bashing them either in private settings or in the media. It has absolutely nothing to do with “develop status”, so please give me a break.

      • aaaaaaaaa

        you are full of shit koreans are ignorant as hell. take it from someone who was left that shithole as a kid. when i see koreans behave like this it makes me laugh, you really have not moved on with rest of the world. stop spewing garbage, its embarassing honestly for rest of us koreans with common sense.

        • chucky3176

          Speaking of kids, you still sound like one.

          • aaaaaaaaa

            if that’s your way of insulting me then yeah I’d say you’d be hopeful for about kindergarten level.

        • A self hating Korean. I’ve met a couple of those. They eventually grew out of it after spending times away from the keyboard.

  • The only thing disgusting about homosexuality is that it has been made into a word that provokes such narrow minded and pathetic low life comments as the ones above. It is not homosexuality it’s just love. I like men and women it’s about the god damn person.

  • aadfasd

    Wasn’t the King And The Clown (movie featuring a homosexual relationship) a hit at the box office in korea though? This confuses me.

    • elizabeth

      It is only confusing when you are bought by the idea that homosexuals are a repressed lot tortured and forced to commit suicide because they cannot handle the consequences of their own decisions.

      • Lynelle Jimenez

        I lol’d at the word “decisions”.

    • pingu777

      Maybe it’s like the brokeback mountain of korea.

  • Netizen comments, especially from a thread on a newspaper article, is not a good way of gauging Korea’s public opinion. The society as a whole is still extremely homophobic, but there are sparks of hope that things are getting better for the Korean LGBT community. Recent return of Hong Suk Chun to the brown screen, especially his appearance on the popular interview show “Healing Camp” (something that would have been unthinkable a decade or so ago – coincidentally around the time Hong Suk Chun was blacklisted by the media for coming out), is exceptionally promising. In popular culture, we’re seeing more and more sympathetic attitude towards homosexuality.

    If Korea is known for one thing, it’s that the social change can come about at a shockingly fast pace. I predict that the LGBT rights in Korea will reach the “90’s in America” status in about 10 or 20 years. Full rights in about 30 years, if that.

    • chucky3176

      Hong Suk Chun was never blacklisted. I don’t know where you get this information. He has been extremely active appearing in so many dramas and shows since way back when. And as far as I know, his homosexuality has never been a problem getting him jobs. If he lived in the West, he’d be bashed to hell as a disgusting faggot, especially the way he acts effeminitely. In Korea, everybody laughs with him and accepts him as a famous gay actor.

      • He was literally banished from the TV for coming out, and it was during the height of his career too. If you look at his filmography, the long list of appearance abruptly stops at 2000. Then around 2009 he started to get extremely minor roles until last year. If you can understand Korean, find and watch his interview in the “Healing Camp” and what he had to deal with after coming out 13 years ago.

        “If he lived in the West, he’d be bashed to hell as a disgusting faggot, especially the way he acts effeminitely.”

        Oh, you mean like Anderson Cooper, Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi, Zachary Quinto, Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken, Neal Patrick Harris, Ian McKellan, and George Takei?

        • chucky3176

          Actually no. Look at the history of his appearances prior to 2009.

          2008 -1724 기방난동사건

          2006 – 두뇌유희 프로젝트, 퍼즐

          2005 – 작업의 정석

          2002 – 주글래 살래

          2001 – 선물

          The brief stoppage in his career came in 2000 when he “came out”,
          which caused a storm of discussion, and even then, he had a lot of
          support for gay rights. He also has a very successful chain of restaurants which he has owned a number of years. I’m surprised people still patronize his places considering that everyone here is saying Koreans are so homophobic.

          ery successful chain of
          restaurants that he has owned.

          • Oh, you mean one of the most popular comedian/comedic actor at the time who had dozens of shows and TV appearances got 1~2 gig a year for almost a decade? Oh man, what was I thinking? His career was soaring!

            Not all Koreans are homophobic (in fact, quite a number of people are now pro-LGBT), and the pro-LGBT Koreans are obviously the ones that are patronizing his restaurants in Itaewon (which makes sense, given the location). But as a society, South Korean society is still extremely homophobic.

          • chucky3176

            I listed a few out of dozens of movies that he appeared in, not even mentioning the dramas and game shows. Even then, that is FAR FAR from being claimed he was BLACKLISTED. If he really was blacklisted, he would have disappeared completely off the screen. Again, you coming from an extremely and violently homophobic society that is often acceptable to denigrates gays, bash them, is calling Korea homophobic? Jesus. You’re from a society where the worst insulting name you can call someone is “a gay” or “a fag”. In Korea, homosexuality is underground and there is no heavy consciousness toward homosexuality – neither pro nor against. Being “gay” is not an insult for Koreans, as it is in the West.

          • “In Korea, homosexuality is underground ”

            Why is it underground, chucky? Hmm?


            Why are the Korean LGBT so afraid of coming out that they don’t even call the police after people beat them for being a “게이새끼”? Because Korean society is neutral against homosexuality?

            So many Koreans think that homosexuality is a mental illness, the Korean psychiatrists have to repeatedly clarify that it is not.

            List the 지상파 TV appearances, chucky. 충무로 is well-known for having much more liberal attitude towards LGBT. But more importantly, Hong Suk Chun himself literally stated in that interview that it was virtually impossible for him to get a gig because of the 방송국-imposed exile. I think he knows what it was like a bit better than you, chucky.

          • chucky3176

            John, I see his face all over the channels, both cable and terristerial. Hong, also discussed the homophobia he encountered in New York where he once had an affair with a Dutch man. He said that at least in Korea, he never had to worry about his own safety. I guess he knows better than you or I? Homosexuality is out of the public consciousness in Korea, so Korean men don’t need to try to prove to everyone that they’re not gay. Western males on the other hand, being called gay or being thought of as being a gay, is the worst insult imaginable. That’s what’s called homophobia, John – fear of homosexuality.

          • “John, I see his face all over the channels, both cable and terristerial.”

            Yeah. NOW. Not between 2000~2009.

            “He said that at least in Korea, he never had to worry about his own safety.”

            Oh, really? That’s strange, considering that in the interview he stated, “제가 이상한 버릇이 있는데 뉴스에서 고등학생 누가 성적비관으로 투신했다고 하면 성(性)적 비관일 수도 있다는 생각을 매번한다. 주변 친구들에게 물리적인 폭행과 성폭행을 당한 아이들이 생각보다 너무 많기 때문이다”

            Does that sound like someone who doesn’t have to worry about his own safety because of his sexuality?

        • chucky3176

          “Oh, you mean like Anderson Cooper, Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia
          de Rossi, Zachary Quinto, Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken, Neal Patrick Harris,
          Ian McKellan, and George Takei?”

          Those are gay people who act normal which is more acceptable. If they acted like how Hong Suk Chun acts, they would be ridiculed and badmouthed. How do I know this? Look at the way how KPOP acts are often dismissed as looking like fags, mostly by males who grew up in Western countries with Western social sensibilities. In Korea, looking and acting feminine is thought of as attractive. Even look at the actress Harisu – a transvestite star. How many transvestite actors/actresses are there in America?

          • Oh, so you want a list of flamboyant gay celebrities. No problem.

            Adam Lambert, Andrew Rannells, Chris Colfer, Sean Hayes, in addition to Zachary Quinto (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVkKNrrE4RA), and Neal Patrick Harris (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6S5caRGpK4).

            Transsexual, chucky. Not transvestites, who just cross-dresses. Harisu was born biologically male with a female mind.

            And transsexual celebrities? I can think of two: Alexis Arquette and Chaz Bono. Oh, also, in America, we have transsexual elected officials.

      • SlasherX

        I assume you mean America when you say the West. Britain has a long history of flamboyant gay celebrities who have not been bashed for their sexuality, but instead celebrated and even have become national treasures.

        The 60’s and 70’s had Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howard, Larry Grayson, and John Inman. These men acted EXTREMELY effeminately but were beloved by millions on mainstream TV.

        The 80’s saw the vulgar camp of Julian Clary (his fisting joke on live TV at the National Comedy Awards is infamous) and the manic, flamboyant madness of Kenny Everett.

        The 90’s had a gay man in drag (Lily Savage) presenting a prime time game show. Now Paul O’Grady, Alan Carr, and Graham Norton pull in huge ratings for their mainstream chat shows. These men are all extremely flamboyant. Their sexuality is on the table. It is not a problem. In fact, it is their point of difference. They are housewives’ favourites.

        This is before we even think about flamboyant gay musicians like Elton john, Freddie Mercury, or Boy George.

        Please don’t lump all western countries together in this way. Attitudes towards sexuality are complicated and each country has a different approach. I’m just glad that Britain seems to accept, and even celebrates flamboyant gay men with no shame.

  • allycroc

    wow! So much hatred. People’s idea of normal is subjective…and think how life would be if we kept all the norms from centuries or even decades ago. This is about freedom to love who you love. That is the norm today, and it should be a right. I have so much respect for Hong Suk Cheon and anyone else who has been brave enough to come out. Face it folks…Homosexuals are everywhere and they are entitled to the same human rights as anyone else.

  • Guest

    People can try to say that this is not natural, but the fact is that nature has produced this since cave man days. People will say it’s unnatural because the majority of men and women are heterosexual. Only say 3-5% of the population might be homosexual. What makes those people not part of nature? Is it simply because they’re not like the majority?

    • Guy_McDude

      Well said.

      Homophobes should probably not wear glasses or use antibiotics either because they weren’t made by nature but by the invention of man. Homosexuality has been around for longer then both of those things and didn’t need fancy tools.

  • Ed

    WOW these Koreans make rednecks from the south look kind LOL. It’s funny to see because in the US, this kind of talk and criticism is generally unacceptable. I wonder if the trend will spread to Asia one day, or if the cultural differences are too great.

  • elizabeth

    For those who want to judge for themselves, the myths and truths about homosexuality:

  • seriously? is Korea still at this level in acceptance homosexuality? it’s not a big deal in non-asian movie when two persons with the same gender are in love, but if something like this happened in “Life is Beautiful” everyone are in shock.

  • but seriously their hate against homosexuality won’t stop the nature, there’s always will be homosexuals.

  • Emilio Pucci

    I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

  • Dee

    “Of course, it’s unnatural…men liking men, women liking women, we all know that’s unnatural…don’t go on about human rights…”

    We all know plastic surgery is also unnatural and yet they’re doing it in abundance. So i guess it’s okay to have their rights in doing whatever they want but not okay for minorities to possess any rights. Koreans sure is a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Lynelle Jimenez

      But it doesn’t have to do with looks! Looks are the most important thing in the world! And how much money you make! That’s all there is to life, you know?

  • SomeonewhohaslivedinKorea

    I dont know how many people on here have visited or lived in S. Korea, but anyone not familiar with Korean society would assume Korea has a very high number of gay men when they look around. Many Korean men wear make up, wear pants way too tight, hold hands, sit in each other’s laps, shower together, and even poke each other in the ass (ddong-chim). Just saying perhaps the reason why some Koreans are so butt hurt over homosexuality is perhaps because so many are in the closet.

    • dk2020

      yes just because they wear make up and ddong chim each other makes them gay ..

      • Guy_McDude

        They… uh don’t just Dongchim each other. They grope, lap-sit and spank each other on a regular basis. And you know, that’s fine… but you have to have a gold medal in mental gymnastics to do that while saying romantic same sex affection is wrong.

        • Lynelle Jimenez

          Right? As long as you don’t admit you like it you’re not gay! It’s totally fine if you say “you’re just my favorite hyung!”

  • katie k

    I’m shocked. Those comments! I’m just shocked.

  • FreeKorea

    What an ignorant little island of a country. The homosexuals should move out? You bigots should move to the Middle East where you belong and make Korea a little less cruel of a place to grow up in. Nothing but bullies and ignorant cowards running the show here and filling the above comments area with trash!

    • Su

      Oh yes. Let’s fight queer discrimination with racial discrimination. That will definitely help and well represent the lgbt community.

    • YuriGotBack

      Korea is a peninsula, not an island

  • dk2020

    hrmmm homophobia has alot to do with conservative christian right wingers same as in america .. there’s gay marriage in vietnam, china, and japan so I guess they are ahead of the us and korea in terms of acceptance in society ..


    • Su

      Not necessarily, although it may be legal, that doesn’t mean that homophobia isn’t prevalent. Homosexuality is still rather tabooed and often censored in China, and Japan has a social stigma against expressing homosexuality in public or some believe that it doesn’t exist at all. Both of these countries have little influence from Christianity. Though, I think legalizing gay marriages is a step in the right direction. Hoping for America and Korea.

      • Guy_McDude

        Korea has a massive Christian population.

        • Lynelle Jimenez

          Even before that confucianism was prevalent and the views were pretty much the same. “Adam and Eve” “let’s make babies since that’s what we’re supposed to do.”

  • What?!!!

    Cripler: “Honestly, I hate gays. It’s not so much that I hate them personally, I just hate their irrational victim complex.”


  • hybrid

    as a nation’s economic development progresses, certain social issues will become more important. korea is still developing. so homosexuality and multiculturalism are becoming trending issues

  • Lian

    It is hard to understand how someone can be so intolerant… natural or unnatural, it’s that your excuse? Homosexual beings are not about nature… they are about feelings! now, who of you dare to tell me that having feelings is unnatural?? and do you choose them? do you choose who you love or how much you do so?

    Homosexuality is not like a job, it is not a choice at all, it is not a sickness, it is a way to feel that is different…

    I really respect people who are strong enough to say “I’m gay”, because they know that they won’t be accepted at first, because it is always harder to be against what is considered “normal”, but they still do choose to live they way that they think wil make them happier.

    The only choice you have when you are gay is “do you accept it or not?” as if you were about to choose if you were born as a male or female.

    If you tell me that mayorities are the ones who decide, I can tell you that history has many proofs to say that mayorities are not always right, indeed, they mistake a lot.

    You don’t accept it, it’s ok, but don’t go around trying to make others feel bad for something they don’t have to, just because you don’t like it.

  • God made Adam and Eve. THIS IS uNNATURAL. BYE.

  • John Edwards

    I actually had to laugh reading the comments on here: all these pseudo-logical arguments for why homosexuality is “unnatural” and “deviant.”

    But as a straight man from a country full of homosexuals (USA), I think it is really ironic that Korea of all places should be this homophobic.

    Never in my life have I seen a predominantly heterosexual population that acts MORE gay. Straight Korean men make the most effeminate gay men in my country look absolutely masculine. Here, it is common for straight men to hold each other’s hands, wear makeup, glorify incredibly homoerotic K-pop, spend as much time as Korean girls do getting ready everyday… I could go on forever.

    My point is that while all you people on here are bashing gay people for being “deviants” — which they are NOT — people in the rest of the world are laughing at YOU for being the most (homo)sexually repressed culture in the world.

    • YuriGotBack

      incredibly well said, look at EVERY male in the kpop industry…maybe they’re still in the closet?

  • Lizzy Brown

    There are a lot of things I love about South Korea and it’s people but when they all get snobby and jump on their moral high horses like this, they just make me cringe lol. The people commenting on this article are probably so stupid with all the ‘it’s unnatural’ crap, I bet they even believe that a persons sexuality is ‘a choice’ (like Sarah Palin lol). What is ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ is dependant on the individual, as we all feel and think differently about things (not just sex and love lol). Then again of course in a country like SK (which is so conformist and less appreciative of diversity), what the majority feels is pretty much ‘the law’ and anyone who thinks or feels differently is a dirty criminal i.e. homosexuals.

    It’s weird how South Korea is also known to have a high adultery rate as well, which most of them would probably either deny (as their pride is very important to them) or they’d say something like ‘oh well it’s the same in all countries’, which it probably is but the fact it’s actually illegal in South Korea just makes them seem more hypocritical. You could say wanting to have sex with more than one person (committing adultery if your married) is a ‘natural’ urge for many heterosexual people, so if homosexuality is wrong because it’s ‘unnatural’ does that mean that wanting to have heterosexual sex with several people is not? Weird.

    • Sol Lee

      you got the point

  • Xio Gen

    You can thank the fundie missionaries in Korea for these attitudes. Man, Korea is so backwards. They can’t even get women’s rights down, do you really expect them to be accepting of gay rights?

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