Korean Teacher Beats Up Student, Then Masturbates in Hallway


From NocutNews:

Teacher at a coed school beats student, then masturbates in hallway

Police arrest teacher on suspicion of bodily harm, are conducting questioning

A teacher at a Seoul coeducational high school has exhibited shocking behavior. After severely beating one student, the teacher, unable to control himself, then began to masturbate in front of his class.


On April 17th, the Yangcheon Police Department announced that part-time teacher Mr. A, age 55, had been released temporarily while he is being charged with causing bodily harm and public exposure.

At 2:40 in the afternoon on the 17th, upon discovering that a male student was listening through earphones during class, the teacher began to beat him severely. The teacher has been accused of then going into the hallway and, while many students were watching, dropping his pants and beginning to masturbate.

A spokesperson for the police commented, “while we are still questioning the suspect, the teacher does not appear to have any mental problems… Mr. A is denying that he touched himself in public.”

After confirming that Mr. A beat one of his students, the Seoul Department of Education immediately removed him from his position and began disciplinary action.

In addition, a student at the high school recorded video of Mr. A’s behavior and uploaded it to a number of online forums, where it is being widely seen.

The video footage shows a man in a school corridor with his pants around his knees, masturbating.

The footage also shows students, visibly uncomfortable, screaming and yelling “What’s wrong with him?”

From Pandora TV:

Comments from Daum:


Wait, so you’re saying someone who got so excited by beating a child that he had to immediately beat off in front of them has no mental problems??????I don’t know who made that diagnosis but that person should also be sent to a mental hospital.


That school is ruined.


Quit teaching and join the Saenuri Party. There’s an empty seat available due to Shim Jae-chul’s departure. [Shim was caught looking at nude photos during a National Assembly session]

I wanna play the game:

I’ve seen too many shocking news these days ke ke ke The world is going crazy.


If this article is true, the teacher is like the cream of the creeps.


Newsis reports: Teacher punches two boy students and fellow teacher. As boys flee, teacher wanks in front of girls’ classroom.


Apparently 55 years old is too late for retirement. I can’t believe such a mental case like him is a teacher!


Wanking out of anger? I guess he’s taking advantage of his extreme excitement to masturbate, as it is a rare opportunity for a guy who suffers from erectile dysfunction. I’m not really surprised by this news. The guy’s in his 50s; they’re the biggest contributors to Park’s victory. No wonder they have no common sense.


If the guy’s 50-something-years-old, maybe he’s being nostalgic about the 80’s schools full of violence. Are you missing the 80’s schools? Go join a gang! I’ve heard some old people feel sexually excited by teenage boys, and this article has got the whole package: beating, sexual harassment and etc.


Don’t they have a constitution test as part of the teacher hiring process? I know there are many decent teachers out there but.. There’s a handsome bunch of teachers with questionable characters and ethics as well.. I hope such teachers build their own place and stop teaching students.




Mental hospitals are so good.. Hard to explain it with words… [parodying a popular ad]

mark xv:

He sublimated anger to masturbation… I’ve never seen a person like him before.


ke ke ke Ssibal Didn’t he have anywhere else to jerk off? Too funny~


He’s fucked up. Literally.


His johnson should be locked up for the rest of his life. ke It’d be extremely painful ke ke


If temp teachers are unavoidable, let’s hire the right people. What are we gonna do about those impressionable teenagers shocked by his reckless act??

한숨밖에 안나옴:

Just imagine if those students were your children, nephew or niece…


I didn’t think this was in our country…I’m shocked

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  • YourSupremeCommander

    He was going to pull out his butcher knife, but then his senses got control of him (thank God), he then released his tension by yanking his penis instead of bloodshed.

    • mr.wiener

      The Americans could learn from this example.

      • JImmy12

        LOL. I can see the public service announcement: “Don’t Shoot – Whack!”

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    This is just a case of someone snapping. It will happen, especially in a society that demands success. Reminds me of a case I heard from my psychology teacher. He was driven to succeed, pushed by everyone around him. Probably pushed too much because eventually he started hearing Jesus from Jupiter telling him to masturbate on the campus lawn to prevent the apocalypse.

    And he did.

    • WellOKthen

      “Someone snapping?!”…. because he was “pushed to succeed?!” Um, no. This guy whipped out his little soldier and started whacking off in front of children. He’s MENTALLY ILL. Any more questions??

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Which is basically snapping.

        • Justin_kBANG

          yeah, better than knife-wielding or trigger-happy type :D

          • Jimmy12

            you mean like your brother about one hour north? :D

  • …Um……wow ok… Shouldn’t he also get charged with some type of sexual harassment too? (Well, I guess it depends on what their definition of sexual harassment is over there too) That’s pretty sick and very unnecessary but he seem to have some issues he needs to sort out.

  • Brett

    I can’t believe the other students didn’t start beating the shit out of that teacher. Happened at a public high school back home; teacher beats student, students defend each other.

    He’s obviously a threat to society, why would the police allow him to be released?

    • Kate

      Because theyre Korean cops and to not realease him would of been like compentant and they dont want that reputation.

    • mr.wiener

      I wouldn’t want to go near him, quite apart from the danger to one’s clothing , beating off in public tends to scream “MAD PERSON.RUN AWAY!”

  • Kim Min Suk

    School staffs in most Korean towns often go to prositution businesses after work. He should have waited until after work.

    • Andrea

      Or he should have just controlled himself and not wanked off in public. Going to prostitutes isn’t healthy either.

      • Kate

        It is in Korea…..

        • harvz

          ”It is in Korea”

          Are you trying to imply that Koreans by and large cannot control their sexual urges?

          Your assignment is to find more constructive ways to express yourself, because every story you post in leaves behind a trail of stupidity.

          • Kate

            Uh no, if you keep up with Korean news or I dunno, live here then you would be very aware of the prostitution culture here. Korean men are infamous for adultry with prostitutes, korea has many places to buy sex. I see prostitutes coming and going right down the street from my apartment all the time.

            Youre the one who doesnt know wth your talking about.

            You can find this sourced in other places as well or simply live in korea to jnow its true, donkey butt.

          • harvz

            I’ve been living here for some time, and unlike you, can speak and *gasp* can keep up with Korean news that hasn’t been selectively translated into English. But way to throw yet again that you moved to Korea, as if you haven’t in every thread you posted, along with complaints about Korean society.

          • The Enlightened One

            harvz, you seem very insecure. It isn’t a competition of which foreigner as assimilated the best.

            She has a Korean husband and family. That gets you into inner-circles. Same thing happened when I married my Chinese wife.

            Doesn’t matter how well you read, write and speak the language. That is just observational. Interaction on deeper levels is the best cultural experience.

          • Kate

            한국말 할줄알거든요? 매춘이 거의없다는 정보가 있으면 좀 소스좀 알려주시고 한국에 오래살았다고 해서 한국에 대해 전부 아는건 아니랍니다 한국말 읽을줄 아니까 한국말로 할려면 하셔도 되요

          • Justin_kBANG

            my jaw just dropped….

          • Kate

            Well I’ve really been studying Korean. Trust me, it took me awhile to type that and I had to have it proof read but I’ve actually come along ways. I really want to go to university here and get my MA in tesol to add to my education degree but I have to score well on the topik to get into uni. But hey thanks :)

          • Sillian

            Dayum.. if I’m correct you had no working knowledge of Korean not too long ago. Amazing what total immersion can do. O_o

          • Isaac

            Did your husband wrote that? How nice.

          • Kate

            Yeah because the possibility that I actually have been studying Korean like crazy and live in a Korean home with all Koreans and thus hear korean and speak korean all day every day on top of formally studying the language is just too far fetched and its much easier to be a cynical douche.

          • Justin_kBANG

            too impressed… my hats off to you kato

          • The Enlightened One


            You seems insecure that a white women could possibly learn and absorb your culture. I can tell you are Asian because of you common grammatical mistakes. If I were forced to guess, an Asian male most likely Korean. I may be wrong… but on the other hand.. .I am probably right.

            Let’s not be so insecure, grow some balls okay?

          • Jimmy12

            I love that “harvz” — another kreepy Korean guy who thinks no one has the right to say anything about Korea except for perverted Korean men. lol.

          • The Enlightened One

            Same thing in China. There are A LOT of massage parlors and hair salons… and let me tell you… their service goes the extra mile to make you smile! So I hear….

          • Isaac

            You’re wrong. Prostitution is more prevalent in Western countries. Teenage pregnancy and abortion are rampant especially in the US.

          • Kate

            First, cite your sources on prostitution to back up your statement or otherwise, I don’t care.

            Second, abortion and teen pregnancy are two completely unrelated topics to this thread. You may as well throw in rainforest deforestation and terrorism and how to make egg salad, its that relevant.

          • The Enlightened One

            That is NOT true at all Isaac. It is just prostitution in Western countries is a little more liberal and out in the open. Prostitution in Asia is a little bit more hidden behind the guise of different professions but make no mistakes it is there. Here is a list of some industries or job titles you MAY be mistaking as non-prostitution in Asia.

            – Hotel clerks
            – Massage Parlors
            – Gogo Dangers
            – Bar Girls
            – Hostesses
            – Personal Assistants
            – Hair Salons

            Don’t be so ignorant Issac.

          • Yes, clearly prostitution is a Korean phenomenon. That certainly explains the red light district in EVERY CITY EVER.

          • Kate

            Omg youre so right there are infact red light districts in major cities, wow didnt know that.

            I never said there werent, i never said prostitution doesnt happen in other places frequently, i never put the usa on a pedastool, i never compared korea to anywhere else. I simply sourced an article that discussed prostitution within korea.

            If you got a problem with that then please write the author of the article and reiterate your dumb comment. I didnt write the article, i just reposted it for discussion.

            Im done discussing this.

          • “Korean men are infamous for adultry with prostitutes,”

            Your words, not mine, or the article’s for that matter. 같이살거나 아는 한국 남자분들에게도 그런식으로 말해보시죠. 뭐라고 하는지. 이런 궤변이나 “멕시칸들/흑인은 게으른걸로 악명이 높다”나 뭐가 다릅니까? 그럼 kate님의 남편이나 시아버지/시동생들도 “매춘으로 악명이 높은” 한국남자들이겠군요.

            외국에서 살면서 타인종과 결혼했다고 자기 자신이 인종차별에서 해방이 되는건 아닙니다. 오히려 “난 아니겠지”라는 생각이 들면서 이런식으로 무감각 해지는 겁니다.

          • By that logic, the fact that every city contains some degree of pollution proves that all cities are equally polluted.

          • The comment was written in response to Kate’s comment “Korean men are infamous for adultry with prostitutes,”, which seems odd considering that prostitution is a universal human phenomenon rather than one ethnicity being “infamous” for it. And considering that I see streets littered with prostitutes where I live (Phoenix), I’d say such fixation on a particular ethnicity is… let’s say ‘strange’, though such thought process isn’t exactly uncommon for people who live abroad suddenly – especially Americans, Canadians, and Australians.

            It would be like someone going “Paraguayans are infamous for polluting the environment”. Why Paraguayans in particular? Isn’t pollution a global problem that no country has escaped so far?

          • True––Paraguayans aren’t infamous for polluting the environment. But the Chinese are.

            Pollution is a universal human phenomenon, but Chinese cities are infamous for it.

            Obesity is a universal human phenomenon, but Americans are infamous for it.

            War is a universal human phenomenon, but the US government is infamous for it.

            War crimes are a universal human phenomenon, but the Japanese are infamous for it.

            Prostitution is a universal human phenomenon, but ____________.

          • “Pollution is a universal human phenomenon, but Chinese cities are infamous for it.”

            As are Indian cities, Brazilian cities, [insert any developing countries] cities, and [insert any developed countries] cities in the 19th/early 20th century. Next.

            “Obesity is a universal human phenomenon, but Americans are infamous for it.”

            As are Mexicans, British, Slovakians, Greeks, Australians, and Kiwis. Next.

            “War is a universal human phenomenon, but the US government is infamous for it.”

            As are [insert any country ever]. Next.

            “War crimes are a universal human phenomenon, but the Japanese are infamous for it.”

            As are Germans (Nazis), Turks (Armenians/Kurds), Americans (Philippines War), Koreans (Vietnam War)… actually, [insert any country ever] during [insert any war they’ve fought ever]. Next.

            What other examples can you think of where a global, human phenomenon can be inaccurately attributed to a particular ethnicity/nationality?

          • Wrong on literally every account.

            Chinese cities are the most infamous for pollution. Not Indian or Brazilian cities.

            Americans are the most infamous for obesity. Not Mexicans, British, Slovakians, Greeks, Australians, or New Zealanders.

            The US is the most infamous for war, not “any country ever”, which literally implies Canada, Switzerland, Nepal, and Tajikistan are just as infamous for war as the US, which is beyond moronic.

            The Japanese are more infamous for war crimes than Turks or Koreans. It’s f*cking amazing that you’re actually implying Koreans and Japanese are both equally infamous for committing war crimes. Are you for real?

            You seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that “infamous” refers to PERCEPTION––regardless of whether or not it’s earned. Saying that Americans are the most infamous for obesity is NOT the same thing as saying Americans are the most obese. They are two COMPLETELY unrelated issues. The fact that Koreans committed war crimes in Vietnam or that Kyrgyzstan fought whatever obscure war in its past does NOT change the fact that Japan and the US are actually INFAMOUS for those things.

            My dad wears a toupee, but he’s not infamous for it. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is.

          • Do some research.

            1. India and Brazil has as significant pollution/environmental disaster as China does. Ecologically, what’s happening in Brazil is far more detrimental than what is happening in China. Read some research articles instead of relying on the latest TIME magazine.

            2. All the countries listed has a moving range of 20~30% population obesity. Yes, America is usually the highest, but the next country down is only off by 3~4%. Not exactly deserving of “infamous” label.

            3. If I list all the wars that occurred in the 19th and 20th century, US would be somewhere in the middle. Just because you’re woefully uninformed about the rest of the world’s history doesn’t make US the biggest warmonger. Your scope of history is what’s really beyond moronic.

            4. Equally? No. But thanks for putting words into my mouth. Isn’t it so much easier to make your point when you can dictate what others say? And are you telling me the HOLOCAUST, what soviets did in WWII and every conflict ever since, and the Armenian genocide were any less brutal than what the Japanese empire did? Are YOU for real?

            5. “They are two COMPLETELY unrelated issues. ”

            Indeed, but when Kate states

            “Uh no, if you keep up with Korean news or I dunno, live here then you would be very aware of the prostitution culture here. Korean men are infamous for adultry with prostitutes, korea has many places to buy sex. I see prostitutes coming and going right down the street from my apartment all the time.”

            and when that was answering the comment

            “Are you trying to imply that Koreans by and large cannot control their sexual urges?”

            She’s talking about something entirely different than what you want to talk about when she says “infamous”. She says “prostitution culture”, for crying out loud. Is she *still* talking about just perception, Matt? When she says “korea has many places to buy sex. I see prostitutes coming and going right down the street from my apartment all the time”, is she still talking about just how people see the issue?

          • You’re still not getting it.

            At all.

            It DOESN’T MATTER whether they’re “deserving of ‘infamous’ label” because we’re NOT TALKING ABOUT whether or not the label is “deserved”––we’re talking about whether or not it EXISTS.

            I don’t have to rely on the latest f*cking TIME magazine because I’m not goddamn talking about statistical data––I’m talking about public PERCEPTION. And the public PERCEPTION is that China is one of the most polluted countries in the world. That’s what it means to be INFAMOUS. Even if Brazil was MORE polluted than China, if it didn’t have a REPUTATION for being polluted, then it wouldn’t be INFAMOUS.

            Get it?

            Her point was that prostitution in Korea exists on a significant enough level to have attained (negative) public recognition––INFAMY––and the fact that there are other countries in which prostitution has an even greater presence does NOT negate that point.

            That’s like saying America isn’t infamous for war because other countries have also fought wars. If this is what you truly think, then you do not understand the meaning of the word “infamous”, which pertains to being FAMOUS for something. Me recognizing that the US is infamous for war has NOTHING to do with me being “woefully uninformed about the rest of the world’s history” and EVERYTHING to do with my knowledge of the world’s current PERCEPTION of the USA as a war-mongering power.

            Her point would be analogous to pointing out that although the US isn’t the only country that has ever fought wars, it obviously currently has a major war problem because it has initiated an excessive amount of wars over the past several decades.

          • What you’re talking about is absolutely irrelevant to the issue at hand – Kate’s original comment. Just because you want to change the subject mid-way doesn’t mean the subject moves with your rhetoric.

            “Her point was that prostitution in Korea exists on a significant enough level to have attained (negative) public recognition”

            No, when she’s talking about the “prostitution culture” and “korea has many places to buy sex. I see prostitutes coming and going right down the street from my apartment all the time”, she’s *not* talking about attaining negative public recognition or perception. I have no idea why you’re so insistent on what should be a pretty simple case of English comprehension.

            Go back and read what Kate and Harvz are talking about. They are *not* talking about any kind of perception or recognition. If you can’t understand that at this point, then we’ll just have to disagree because I don’t see any other way of explaining it.

          • Bullshit. The one changing the topic and backpedaling is you. Your original comment that I originally replied to was this:

            “Yes, clearly prostitution is a Korean phenomenon. That certainly explains the red light district in EVERY CITY EVER.”


In your subsequent response to my original response (which didn’t even mention the “infamous” part, and only pointed out that the presence of something in other populations doesn’t mean it can’t exist on a greater level in a particular population), you said:


”The comment was written in response to Kate’s comment “Korean men are infamous for adultry with prostitutes,”, which seems odd considering that prostitution is a universal human phenomenon rather than one ethnicity being “infamous” for it.”


…that’s when YOU made it about the public perception part, which *IS* fundamentally what infamy is all about.

            I also find it interesting that you quoted this:

            “korea has many places to buy sex. I see prostitutes coming and going right down the street from my apartment all the time”

            …which was really her whole point––not that prostitution doesn’t exist elsewhere.

          • “that’s when YOU made it about the public perception part”

            No, the subject has always been Kate’s comment. Just because you fixated on a SINGLE implication of the term “infamous” doesn’t mean the rest of the people does. Tell me, when someone says “Japanese soldiers in WWII were infamous for their brutal atrocities”, do they *just* mean that the popular perception was that the Japanese soldiers were likely to commit brutal atrocities?

            “by implying that just because something exists universally must mean that no one can possibly infamous for excessive levels of it”

            Words into my mouth again, huh? The point was that her claim that “Korean men are infamous for prostitution” is a logically unsound statement because her statement attributes promotion of prostitution to the characteristics of being “Korean men” – illogical, and possibly racist. If I say “Black people are infamous for being lazy”, am I just commenting that the *perception* of black people = lazy exists, or am I making an illogical and definitely racist statement?

            “which was really her whole point––not that prostitution doesn’t exist elsewhere. And in none of your comments have you negated this main point.”

            Because I am not arguing that Korea doesn’t have a prostitution problem (of course it does). I’m saying that her claims in the sentence are absolutely false, as explained in the above paragraph.

          • “Japanese soldiers in WWII were infamous for their brutal atrocities”

            It’s HILARIOUS that you bring this up because this statement is 100% true, and yet by your own logic, this would be a logically unsound statement because it attributes brutal atrocities to the characteristics of being “Japanese soldiers” (which in the days of war included practically all able-bodied Japanese men)––surely illogical, and possibly racist.

            Yes, clearly brutal atrocities are a Japanese phenomenon––that certainly explains the military actions of EVERY EMPIRE EVER. = Your logic.

            Oh, and YES, that statement––”Japanese soldiers in WWII were infamous for their brutal atrocities”––DOES necessitate a level of public recognition and implies that for the sake of illustrating the point, “It’s not just me who believes this. It’s commonly known.” This is EXACTLY the same way Kate used that statement, and so long as it’s true (that the reputation exists), then the fact that pollution exists in “the red light district in EVERY CITY EVER” (which isn’t true, by the way) in absolutely NO way invalidates that point and is completely and utterly irrelevant, which was MY WHOLE POINT FROM THE BEGINNING.

          • “It’s HILARIOUS that you bring this up because this statement is 100% true, and yet by your own logic, this would be a logically unsound statement”

            I see that there is a serious lack of reading comprehension going on here. The sentence structure attributes the condition of “brutal atrocities” to the “Japanese soldiers”, as “fostering prostitution” is to the “Korean men”. The illogical/potentially racist factor comes in after, because while the brutal atrocities committed by the Japanese soldiers were near-universal, the same cannot be said of Korean men with prostitution – in order for the statement to be true, the near-universality must also be true or it becomes an illogical and potentially racist statement.

            “This is EXACTLY the same way Kate used that statement”

            Again, the way the argument went, from “It is in Korea…” to “Are you (Kate) saying that Korean men cannot control their sexual urges?” to “prostitution culture”, ‘prostitutes everywhere’, and “Korean men are infamous for prostitution”, has absolutely nothing to do with perception. She wasn’t talking about how the prostitution in Korea being exceptionally well-known; in the same way that if some racist says “Black people are infamous for being lazy”, that racist isn’t talking about perception.

            But hey, apparently you’re the lord and master of the definitions here, because context of the argument can’t possibly be informative of what was actually being said. No, it’s gotta be according to Matt, the Master of reading incomprehension and the Slave of Capslock.

          • I don’t know why I even let you take me down this wild goose chase. My whole point from the very beginning has merely been that this:

            “Yes, clearly prostitution is a Korean phenomenon. That certainly explains the red light district in EVERY CITY EVER.”

            …wasn’t in any way relevant to what she said. Every subsequent comment you’ve made since then has been unrelated and tangential, and frankly I’m stupid and foolish for letting you get this far without calling your bluff. I should have stopped you as soon as you tried to weasel your way out of your original remark by trying to explain, “The comment was written in response to Kate’s comment”, but I lacked the foresight to realize that indulging you and letting you go down this road would be such a waste of my time. I give up. Please don’t bother responding.

          • As you will, Master Matt. If you say so, your majesty.

            “Letting” Me? Jeez, the ego of this guy could reach the center of the universe. Well, thank you for giving me the permission- nay, the honor of being indulged by you.

          • More importantly, the sentence attributes the problem of “prostitution” to ethnicity rather than pointing out a general problem as kate seems to imply. If that really was the case, it would’ve been something like “Korea has a serious problem with prostitution”, rather than “Korean *men* are *infamous* for adultery with prostitutes”. The latter clearly attributes the problem “prostitutes” with “Korean men”, rather than the former that objectively points to an existing problem.

          • Kate

            The website uses the word “popular” to describe prostitution in Korea. I used the word infamous because of my own personal opinion of prostitution and affairs. I intentionally didn’t generalize my statement as “prostitution/affairs is a problem in Korea as well as other places” because I was specifically discussing Korea and more specifically the culture around affairs and prostitution in which most participants are Korean men within Korea.

            I understand exactly what you are saying. You’re making a huge argument over semantics on an internet forum. I hate arguing semantics, I have a different POV then you, I use different language then you to express my POV and just because Im not wording things the way you would doesnt invalidate my statement and vice verse. I’m not going to waste my time arguing over semantics, its tedious.

            You have well thought out arguments and you’re intelligent and its reflected in your comments and I apologize for calling your comment dumb, it was a knee jerk reaction, but I really don’t like arguing over semantics.

            Yes I agree that prostitution/affairs are a world problem that is within every community anywhere, different degrees of it though. Seoul seems to have a high degree of it, with the drinking cultureand business culture specifically. Yes I know not every single korean man cheats, yes I know that its still very much morally irreprehensible here,. When articles print stats saying 40%+ korean men have had an affair or cheated at least once, well that’s a shocking number. Yes I know stats are usually not right or exaggerated, or in general skewed to fit an agenda but I’m also drawing on personal experience. I see many prostitutes here, I see groups of business guys going into noreabangs with girls that look like their daughters dressed in micro skirts and 6 inch heels, I know personally korean women who have to deal with husbandcheating. Yes I know my personal experiences don’t accurately relfect the culture as whole but goddamn, its what I got to go on.

            Now I’m seriously done typing, my hand hurts.

      • You’re right; not sure how many STDs those prostitutes have….

      • Jesus Christ

        What a moralfag, why is it anybody’s business if somebody wants to have sex with his GF or a prostitute?

  • Danny White

    Can you imagine the witch hunt if a foreign teacher would have done this? There would have been candlelight vigils, people shouting angrily through loudspeakers about foreigners, a plethora of new laws passed, and various other forms of xenophobic behavior. All foreigners would have been compared to this man.

    • Kate

      Well as a teacher, Ive had training not to beat up kids and then masturbate infront of them, it was called “Dont be an Unprofessional Sadist 101”. Mandatory class, also took “Dont Rape them 101”

    • TheKorean

      It’s just some mental ill teacher, there are very rare in Korea. However, there are many cases of foreign teachers sexually touching student’s private parts.

      • Please quit making false, unfounded accusations against foreign teachers. There have NOT been many cases… and in fact there are many more cases of Korean teachers sexually abusing students than foreign teachers.

        • harvz

          Judging by some of the brain dead comments TheKorean has made, he could easily be a troll account. Then again, I’ve sat down and had face to face conversations with people that spew just as much word vomit….

      • Danny White

        You may want to read up about Gwangju Inhwa School, where disabled handicapped children were sexually assaulted for years by teachers, the school principal, and chief admiistration officer, all of whom were Korean.

      • TeachaTeacha

        That is offensive and inaccurate.

      • Kate

        Really? Will you please cite your
        Sources and no, your ass doesnt count.

        @( -_-)[email protected])`.’)

        • Sillian

          That emoticon.

          • Kate

            Well some comments make me wanna do this:

            @( -_-)[email protected])`.’)

            Sometimes my comments make others want to do this:

            (/#.*(/@~( ̄  ̄ )

            When im on csmack, i feel like this:

            ( ノ` 皿´)ノ or (*`д´)_b

            Most comments i feel like this


            If i see a bomb id do this

            (⊙_⊙)ㆀ followed by …… べ( ノx _x)ノ

            When i see users i like i feel like this
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            Now its time to
            [( ̄. ̄)]zZ

            Muah (´ε、 )ノ~

          • vincent

            Why haven’t you visited CSmack recently Kate? :'(

          • Kate

            I do, I just don’t comment as often. Sometimes I get sick of being attacked over little thing I say by certain overly hostile people and I just don’t wanna deal with them. These forums have a lot of cool, interesting users but some are just complete jackasses and rude. I get tired of being berated and called names because others don’t know how to express themselves without being abusive and personal.

            Csmack is pretty volatile in the comments section as well. Its what makes the place interesting but its often too much for me.

          • vincent

            Ah true true, oh well if that’s the case guess I’ll have to visit Kbang more often :D how’s the little one, your hubby and I suppose life in general?

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Ahahaha, I just saw this now! Thanks Kate! I will be sure to show off these awesome emoticons to my friends :D

      • Sillian

        You certainly enjoy making stupid comments at every chance. What a troll.

      • mr.wiener

        I hope he at the very least bought you a drink beforehand and left you his phone number after.

      • Even ONE case of sexual abuse of a student is too many (regardless if the abuse is by a Korean or a foreigner). However, the Korean governments statistics show that there are many more cases of sexual abuse of students by Korean teachers– regardless of whether it’s viewed as total number of occurrences, or looked at per capita.
        “Blaming the foreigner teachers” won’t fix the problem, when they are only a small part of the problem.

      • I’ve been teaching in Korea for 6 years and it’s not that uncommon for men to sexual assault women/students. Tons of scandals involving Korean men in power demanding sex for things. My friends hagwon boss did that to her.

      • The Enlightened One

        Oh of course… you should be ashamed of yourself.

        But you probably aren’t because scum usually doesn’t realize it is scum.

      • jimmy12

        Hey, TheKorean? Thanks for all of your valient efforts to trash the shit out of white men in order to make Korean guys look better, but I would suggest that if you actually learn English your trash-fest might be a bit more effective? And please, do not be discouraged. Your are clearly committed to your quest to bolster your own self-worth by trashing other people with mindless and bizarre accusations, even while you do the very things you accuse them of… so keep fighting the good fight TheKorean, because hey, When it comes to the “Korean Wave,” that wave is clearly in south asia barreling through the under-age brothels… Come on cheer up, TheKorean. At least we know Korea is #1 at something, aye? All best, Jim.

    • PixelPulse

      Sad part is that its like this around the world. Foreigner does something bad? All foreigners are evil, we must stop them! Sadder part is that they dont have to even be a foreigner, just look a little different and its enough for people to start harassing you.

    • Welcome to the minority status. Minorities in your country (doesn’t matter where) suffer what you describe daily, if not hourly. Why, the other day, FNC was talking about banning Muslim students from US universities because the Boston Bombers were muslim.

      • iLoveYoungjaeAndXiumin

        That’s so fucked up omg

    • manymanycutesy

      just like amurricunts make such a big deal because of what happened in Boston but don’t give a fuck when their own country blow up children in the Middle East on a daily basis.

      • Tok

        Wow ignorant.. Please do everyone a favor and throw your computer out the window…we need less idiots spewing prejudiced bullshit on the internet.

    • y.m.

      they’re called “foreigners” for a reason. they don’t and shouldn’t have the exact rights as the natives there.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    I feel embarrassed to be employed by the Korean PS system after reading this. What really bothers me is this: a male 55-year-old who’s still doing temp gigs. How badly and how often did he fuck up his teaching career still to be doing that? What evidence may there be from his past to indicate he perhaps shouldn’t have been around minors?

    • Jimmy12

      My God yes – who would not be embarrassed to work for the Korean system? They employ creepy old Korean men that whack off in front of students, and then blame everything on white guys…. so KREEEPY!

  • Most likely a sexual sadist, the type that get sexually turn on when delivering pain. The problem may be his Pineal Gland. Its not unheard of for sadist to get erection or orgasm when giving pain.

    Here is a brief explanation just in case anyone is interested:


  • mr.wiener

    Dang! Beating up then beating off. How did this guy slip through the system?

    • Good one. People cant appreciate jokes now a days. It makes it hard for people like us

    • Noir12

      I know eh? What a bloody wanker..

  • moldavidian

    Yo, this dude’s wack!

  • Mighty

    Damn, he gets off on beating up boys.

  • John Park

    Well, seriously, this isn’t what it seems like.. I have a intel on this case, so let me tell you the whole story.

    1. student had earphone on his ear.

    2. teacher tole hime to take it off

    3. student said it is not pluged into any device

    4. teacher vigorously scold him that student still have to remove it from his ear

    5. then student said “If you have nothing better things to do other than make me miserable (translates to this but it actually means ‘if you need to take care of your stress’), just go to the female class and jerk off.

    6. teacher got angry and beat the shit out of him.

    7. teacher realized he was in trouble, but didn’t like the fact that teachers now these day have no authority.

    8. teacher went to the hallway across from the female class and “protested”

    • Well why did he do what the kid asked him to…? kinda proved the point of “teachers having no authority.”

    • Digitalsoju

      And why he had his pants down again?

  • And why are the teachers not removing him immediately… Rather they’re trying to shoo away the kids… ??? Ah, Korea you amaze me…

    • Truck Furniture Maker

      To be honest I wouldn’t want to touch him either.

  • That is genuine Bat shit crazy right there.

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  • KCdude

    Is the Korean government raising sexual perverts in public schools? I hope not.

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  • Jang

    Many Korean school teachers/disciplinarians(Hak sang chi do) who have repeatedly beaten their students year after year after year etc…have problems and will certainly have more problems when they retire. Where and how will they take out their anxiety? I’d hate to be the wife of one that’s for sure, or to live in the same house/proximity.

  • harp0inseouI

    Could be a stroke or brain tumor. The other option is he gets off by doing violence onto others. God help him and his students!

    • mr.wiener

      God help him? I think he seems to have taken his own problems in hand.

  • Mighty

    Freakishly perverted. Even by Korean movies standards.

  • after taking psychological disorders, i have developed sympathy for these kinds of people… many of them are just metally ill, and it’s even more sad that others just end up judging them… there are not just pyschological factors that make them do these but also biological… ~just saying :(

  • paulliberty

    I guess beating off is better than beating on.

    • Jack

      Very true

      • Albino Tootsieroll

        So true

  • aadfasda

    My guess is that he was probably thinking of quitting anyway, and after beating a student knew his time was up, plus being a pervert who gets off on abuse, he probably decided to fuck it and do what he wanted.

  • scallywag

    Because who can resist a cathartic wank after so much tumult in the classroom…?


  • Brittany

    John, where are you from?

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  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Fucking classy

  • I had to stop and reeeeeally think before I commented on this one. I’m just not sure what to say. I guess I can understand the thought process behind molestation or something, fucked up as it is, but what in the world drives somebody to masturbate in front of a hall full of students? This is textbook creeper behavior:


    I’m waiting for this to break out on some American media page and for people to talk about how weird/gross/nasty “those Asians” are. I love Koreans; THIS guy needs some serious mental help, though. I’ve taught overseas and I honestly have to say that I never saw anything like this in either the foreign or the native population of educators.

    But it’s incidents like this that get blown up and used as an excuse to tar and feather Asian people in the west as creepy sex perverts. I can imagine some poor guy trying to talk to a girl and her being all, “You’re not going to masturbate in front of my kids, are you?”

  • winterecologist

    the guy was pulling white herring –

    currently in Korea it is against the law to use corporal punishment. If caught in violation of the law, the teacher will go to jail. this guy beats a student, ( a violation of the law) then goes into the hallway in a coed school and wacks off – and people call him crazy, he does not go to jail –

    he is crazy all right – crazy like a fox.

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  • KoreanPeninsula

    Real Pervert Male Teacher in action. Small Cock lightning Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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