Korean Teacher Beats Up Student, Then Masturbates in Hallway


From NocutNews:

Teacher at a coed school beats student, then masturbates in hallway

Police arrest teacher on suspicion of bodily harm, are conducting questioning

A teacher at a Seoul coeducational high school has exhibited shocking behavior. After severely beating one student, the teacher, unable to control himself, then began to masturbate in front of his class.


On April 17th, the Yangcheon Police Department announced that part-time teacher Mr. A, age 55, had been released temporarily while he is being charged with causing bodily harm and public exposure.

At 2:40 in the afternoon on the 17th, upon discovering that a male student was listening through earphones during class, the teacher began to beat him severely. The teacher has been accused of then going into the hallway and, while many students were watching, dropping his pants and beginning to masturbate.

A spokesperson for the police commented, “while we are still questioning the suspect, the teacher does not appear to have any mental problems… Mr. A is denying that he touched himself in public.”

After confirming that Mr. A beat one of his students, the Seoul Department of Education immediately removed him from his position and began disciplinary action.

In addition, a student at the high school recorded video of Mr. A’s behavior and uploaded it to a number of online forums, where it is being widely seen.

The video footage shows a man in a school corridor with his pants around his knees, masturbating.

The footage also shows students, visibly uncomfortable, screaming and yelling “What’s wrong with him?”

From Pandora TV:

Comments from Daum:


Wait, so you’re saying someone who got so excited by beating a child that he had to immediately beat off in front of them has no mental problems??????I don’t know who made that diagnosis but that person should also be sent to a mental hospital.


That school is ruined.


Quit teaching and join the Saenuri Party. There’s an empty seat available due to Shim Jae-chul’s departure. [Shim was caught looking at nude photos during a National Assembly session]

I wanna play the game:

I’ve seen too many shocking news these days ke ke ke The world is going crazy.


If this article is true, the teacher is like the cream of the creeps.


Newsis reports: Teacher punches two boy students and fellow teacher. As boys flee, teacher wanks in front of girls’ classroom.


Apparently 55 years old is too late for retirement. I can’t believe such a mental case like him is a teacher!


Wanking out of anger? I guess he’s taking advantage of his extreme excitement to masturbate, as it is a rare opportunity for a guy who suffers from erectile dysfunction. I’m not really surprised by this news. The guy’s in his 50s; they’re the biggest contributors to Park’s victory. No wonder they have no common sense.


If the guy’s 50-something-years-old, maybe he’s being nostalgic about the 80’s schools full of violence. Are you missing the 80’s schools? Go join a gang! I’ve heard some old people feel sexually excited by teenage boys, and this article has got the whole package: beating, sexual harassment and etc.


Don’t they have a constitution test as part of the teacher hiring process? I know there are many decent teachers out there but.. There’s a handsome bunch of teachers with questionable characters and ethics as well.. I hope such teachers build their own place and stop teaching students.




Mental hospitals are so good.. Hard to explain it with words… [parodying a popular ad]

mark xv:

He sublimated anger to masturbation… I’ve never seen a person like him before.


ke ke ke Ssibal Didn’t he have anywhere else to jerk off? Too funny~


He’s fucked up. Literally.


His johnson should be locked up for the rest of his life. ke It’d be extremely painful ke ke


If temp teachers are unavoidable, let’s hire the right people. What are we gonna do about those impressionable teenagers shocked by his reckless act??

한숨밖에 안나옴:

Just imagine if those students were your children, nephew or niece…


I didn’t think this was in our country…I’m shocked

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