Korean Elementary School Teacher Slaps Misbehaving Student

Note: the above video could be of a similar but unrelated incident. Copies of this video were uploaded at the same time the below incident was reported, and were subsequently removed at around the same time the original video described below was said to be removed. Nevertheless, although the above video shows the teacher to be male, most news reports and articles about an identical incident earlier in November describe the teacher as being female.

If anyone knows what went down, please enlighten us in the comments section, we’re stumped!

From Yonhap News:

Brawl Between Teacher and Elementary School Student

There was a brawl between an elementary school student and her teacher in a school in Hapcheon-gun, South Gyeongsang Province.

On the 1st of this month, according to the school, a 58-year-old teacher slapped her 5th grade student B on her face several times after making her stand in the back of the classroom in the morning on the 23rd last month.

One of her classmates took a video of the incident, uploaded it on the internet but deleted it soon after. However, the video went viral on social networking sites, which was followed by criticism against the teacher.

It was originally known as a one-sided assault on the student by the teacher but the truth was found to be a little different.

Through internal investigation by the school, they found that the teacher at that time made four students including student B stand while holding their ankles as punishment for their bad attitudes in the class.

The students still laughed and continued with their misbehavior, so the teacher pushed one of them with her hand. Student B standing next to the student who was pushed fell together and had her head hit against a drawer.

The student got mad and threw curse words to the teacher. She then kicked the teacher’s leg and hit all over her body.

Also, the student’s relative slapped the teacher who visited the student’s home to apologize, telling the teacher that she should be hit as much as she hit the student.

The teacher confirmed that she was slapped on her cheek by the student’s relative.

After the investigation, the school fired the teacher for misconduct.

And the school made the student receive a proper counsel and education.

The school also announced that they plan to implement a group counseling program for the other misbehaving students in the class.

It was revealed that those students often ignored the teacher’s instructions and damaged her personal belongings.

The teacher in an interview with Yonhap News Agency admitted she excessively hit the student because she went out of her mind when the student hit and cursed at her.

A school official who wanted to remain anonymous said hitting the student excessively was obviously the teacher’s fault, but it is disheartening to witness a situation where a teacher is insulted and assaulted by a student.

Meanwhile, although the police officially filed the incident as the video received attention on the internet, they closed the case because both the student and her teacher do not want this issue to get bigger or pursue a criminal suit.

Comments from Daum:


I listen to both sides and I’m usually against teachers, but this time that little brat is bad!


Now even an elementary school student does crazy stuff. Moreover, even her relative joined the madness. Korea is going down.


I hope the student who hit her teacher will not dream of becoming a teacher later.


Now if you do something wrong as an elementary school teacher, you might as well be ready to get cursed and assaulted by a student. So she got fired? How can teachers teach their students, being afraid of them? How is it possible that a twelve-year-old girl hits a fifty-eight-year old adult and the girl’s relative even hits the apologetic teacher? How can this even be possible?


That pathetic brat, and her parents who raised her like that. Why not join the local gang?


It’s her parents’ problem! She didn’t behave like that out of nowhere. She might have learned from someone. In 10 years, her parents will get beaten by her with a 90% chance and will be kicked out when they get older with a 100% chance.


The world has gone crazy… It feels bitter.


Reveal the student’s identity. Even if she graduates from school, she will just pollute the society. Burying that student might as well be realization of social justice.


Alas! Back in the day, students were even afraid of treading on their teachers’ shadows. The older generation should ponder about how teachers’ authority has hit the rock bottom.


So the problem’s solved by firing the part-time teacher. How excellent of the school principal…


Now to be a teacher, you will need relatives who are prosecutors or judges. Then such students and their parents would not dare to do shit. The teacher got disrespected because she was weak, old and poor. Tsk tsk.


When I was in elementary school, there was almost no incident like that. Teachers’ authority has gone down. How dare a student mock her teacher… Hey, elementary school kids reading this article, don’t ever act like that. Otherwise, you will pay the price.


That brat is already spoiled. And what the hell’s up with the relative? Damn…


She is good to be the next representative of Saenuri Party.


It seems too hard to teach students these days. Sigh.


What can we do about that spoiled brat. The student got away but the teacher was fired. That’s why kids can behave worse and worse. They have to be harder on students and go easy on teachers.


So it is way better for teachers to just let their students do whatever, whether they don’t do their homework or pay little attention to class.


That pathetic brat is suitable for a mercantile agency [often associated with loan sharks].


If this kind of incident is not dealt with properly, there will be more incidents like this.


The teacher who hit the student got fired. Shouldn’t they also kick the student out of school?

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