Female Celebrity Accidentally Tweets Intimate Photo

IU tweets photo with shirtless Eunhyuk right next to her.

One of the most popular South Korean female popstars, IU (Lee Ji-eun), aka the ‘people’s little sister’, is on the verge of losing the sweet, innocent reputation that has shaped her successful career after accidentally tweeting the above photo of herself in bed with a topless male celebrity, Eunhyuk, (a member of K-pop band, Super Junior).

Despite the photo being deleted immediately, it spread rapidly across the Korean internet, attracting thousands of comments on each related article. Her agency explained that the photo was taken on a sofa when he was visiting her when she was sick; many Koreans find it hard to believe: parodies and memes are rife and many are nicknaming her ‘Bye, U.’

Internet community, 'We demand the truth, IU'

Internet community, 'We believe in IU'Internet communities created in the aftermath of the scandal

Some of her wounded fans have made internet communities with opposing points of view, ‘We demand the truth, IU’ and ‘We believe in IU’. In particular, due to the similarity of the name ‘We demand the truth, IU’ with the infamous internet community ‘We demand the truth, Tablo,’ [that first sparked the alleged education forgery scandal of the Stanford-educated rapper] the forum aggravates controversies over issues like the invasion of privacy and immature fan culture of the industry. The Naver comments are immediate reactions to the incident, followed by more recent reactions from Twitter.

From Sports Donga :

[Exclusive] IU tweets a scandalous photo

A scandalous photo of IU has been posted on her Twitter account.

On the morning of the 10th, a photo was uploaded to a yfrog username that is linked to her Twitter account. In the photo, a woman presumed as IU in her pyjamas is right next to a shirtless guy presumed to be Eunhyuk. The woman has a mole on her face in exactly the same place as IU.

The photo was posted on IU’s twitter account, yet has since been deleted.

Some speculate her account may have been hacked or the picture is photoshopped.

IU recently said ‘There’s this guy I was dating but I stopped seeing him because he played the push and pull game too hard’ on SBS ‘GoShow.’ IU also said on the show, ‘My fans tell me that I may date as long as I keep the relationship a secret,’ leaving the specifics to their imagination.

IU's Twitter account

Comments from Naver:


The reporter’s done quite an impressive job in the middle of the night. ke ke ke


Lee Yong-dae: Thanks a lot, Ji-eun ke ke [Star badminton athlete Lee Yong-dae also had his intimate photos leaked right before IU’s scandalous photo incident.] ke ke ke ke ke


The reporter: Honey, we’re going to be able to pay for some meat to feed our children..


Now I understand how she is so close to Ji-yeon. [Ji-yeon is a member of an idol band, T-ara. Their career was severely affected by a recent bullying scandal.]


Like Alex Ferguson said, ‘Twitter is a waste of time.’


She’s fucked up big time… How’s she gonna repair the damage on her reputation? What about her innocent girl image?


She has to deal with the repercussions for her actions; it’s not like some netizen disseminated the photo without her consent.


‘…In the photo, a woman presumed as IU in her pyjamas is right next to a shirtless guy presumed to be Eunhyuk. The woman has a mole on her face in exactly the same place as IU…’ ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


JYP: We have no regret for not choosing IU. [IU once auditioned for JYP and didn’t make it.]


If she really wanted to post a picture with both of them in it, she should’ve chosen a photo of them holding hands or something. ㅠㅠ Why did she pick that self-portrait photo of her in her pj’s on the bed? It’d be embarrassing even for a non-celebrity.


It only takes a moment to demolish her reputation.. ke ke


You’re following the path that Ji-yeon took. Good-bye ^^


Is it her pyjamas that exacerbates the rumour?


It’s too much that the photo was taken on a bed, on top of the guy being topless. ;;;; It would’ve been much more manageable if they were holding hands or whatever, and yet…;;;; Her agency should feel dreadful, trying to keep the scandal under control. ;;


That photo can’t be dismissed as a fraud.


eh-hyu I liked her… It’s not like she’s done something wrong, yet I’m not happy about this. I hate you!


The reporter has a hell of a work ethic! Good job!!


I wonder how she’s gonna make an excuse for that picture. Her ‘people’s little sister’ reputation is so over ;;;;; I feel sorry for her. How would her parents feel? ;;


Oh her tweets seem as wilful as T-ara! How nice ke ke ke


Lee Yong-dae is probably Korean mask-dancing with his rocket in his hand.

Comments from Twitter:

규소 ‏@kusogyuso:

Eunhyuk spotted at his mother’s bakery, looking tired. Hmmm his mother opened a bakery…


K Starnews is reporting on IU.. ke They’re writing a novel HA. Whatever.

4m 김동현(김해시) ‏@anjdala5:

IU rocks!

10m 종이유(톨스토이) ‏@ssoss95:

I miss IU…..

13m 고양싸 ‏@yangssa__:

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about IU and Eunhyuk; some of them are nasty. On related articles, I don’t see any decent comments but airbrushed photos of her eyes, making it sexually suggestive.. It’s over-the-top, collective sexual harassment toward a female celebrity. ㅠㅠ

14m 혜비 ‏@LHBin_yang:

I don’t care whether she dates him or not; I just don’t like some people posting their speculation. Those sick parodies and stockings are only serving them for entertainment. ke ke ke I know IU offered herself as bait, yet I find you guys much more annoying;; ke ke

19m 파리 ‏@hoan0056:

It’s hard to be her fan these days, having to put up with hearing all sorts of rubbish.. But I hope she’ll shake it off and start singing again. Maybe because I haven’t been her biggest fan, I’m not that shocked like those who felt betrayed by her. I find them mean; it they were truly her fans, why would they break her CDs and start trashing her?

19m 기다릴게박정수♥영파 ‏@SJ_Bluerr:

Is it that dreadful to see IU being verbally attacked whilst Eunhyuk oppa is defended? It’s not like we’re discriminating them; it’s because IU is the only one who has made a mistake, not Eunhyuk. You brainless people are clueless.

소셜베이 ‏@socialbay:

Who benefits the most at the expanse of IU’s scandal? http://bit.ly/W4wGZd

즈마 ‏@LJ_ozma:

My friend who’s a huge fan of IU has changed his SNS profile ke ke ke ke ke http://twitpic.com/bd3e4e

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    … I won’t lie, this kind of thing is the very reason why I log out of my Facebook and Gmail before perusing anything to do with pretty ladies. I am paranoid about accidentally sharing things on my newsfeed(s) -_-

    • Akhemu

      you mean porn?

      well its healthy for young man to be curious, you should resist everything but temptation

  • mekko

    It’s depressing but predictable that all of the comments are about IU, not Eunhyuk.

    • aa

      I agree. Talk about double standards.

  • Brett

    I actually like this story because it tears down part of the facade that dramas and the media like to put on in Korea. Most people arent innocent virgins by the time they hit 25, stop pretending. I swear, IU’s extreme success has less to do with her songs and more to do with this “pure teen” girl image that young girls and adult men find oh so attractive.

    • x1sfg

      Agreed, but that’s what mainstream pop music is, image. For one every real musician, there are ten others with no real musical talent with a pretty face who sell more records.

      IU was like when Brittney Spears first hit the market and was promoting that innocent, teen image as well, until, you know. After that, she marketed the “sexy slut” image. Don’t see IU pulling that off

      • toak

        Even if this antiquated view of ‘authenticity’ was to be taken seriously, how is IU less of a ‘real musician’ than anyone else you might hold up? She writes her songs, she’s really good on the guitar, etc. That the media has decided to give her a dumb label that doesn’t fit is their problem.

  • 3ayo

    The innocent girls are always the freakiest. :p And they look like they were bored and had nothing else to do, so took a picture.

    • dk2020

      pk’s or pastor’s kids are pretty wild .. mormons, catholics, anytime there’s a strict upbringing makes kids want to rebel even more I guess ..

  • holdingrabbits

    Nobody’s business. Even if it somehow was, people don’t have the right to ask for someone’s perpetual virginity just because they MIGHT have bought a record. If people want to involve themselves in faux-outrage, they should get into politics.

  • ShawnaKM

    What is going on in these fans’ heads? Good for her, get some action, record some new songs. Don’t play games, Eunhyuk. Back to life.

  • dk2020

    bleh … ain’t no sex tape like kim k, paris hilton, hulk hogan or even baek ji young.

    don’t forget though it’s not proper to be showing PDA and Koreans like to keep their private relationships on the down low ..

    • Kate

      You foreigners? Aren’t you korean american? Don’t you live in the usa? U are just as much of a foreigner in korea as I am, you’re just as american as I am too. And it isn’t proper to be showing pda? I’ve seen plenty of young korean couples groping each other on buses or in stores. So whatever to your superiority horse

      • dk2020

        aiiish .. my bad kate u took it the wrong way .. yep, I’m gyopo and I meant in korean culture which is very superficial and judgmental so thats why koreans tend to keep their relationships on the DL..

        • manymanycutesy

          Superficial and judgemental because they don’t like people making out in front of your face.

          stupid whitewashed is stupid

          • dk2020

            TROLOLOLOL .. fugly byungshin waaaakano siipsaekki yah?

  • Kate

    Oh my gosh a young, pretty woman is in bed with an equally young, hot guy and enjoying being young and hot. They ain’t gonna look like that forever, what’s wrong with enjoying ones self? What korean girls don’t have boyfriends and sex? Korean guys don’t have girlfriends and sex? People ain’t dumb, everyone knows everyone has sex usually well before 25. Destroy her reputation? For what? It ain’t like she was flashing hardcore porn. Seriously the koreans bashing her for this need to grow up, get some reality and go live in France where women are allowed to be open about sex and their own sexuality.

    • Sillian

      IU’s innocent image was a part of what fans were consuming. Not just any other celebrity but IU. Her music has been made to promote that image. Perhaps, just perhaps she got tired of that facade and decided to upload the picture ‘by mistake’ to make a sudden chance for her to change her music to a more mature tone. ;p

      • Kate

        Well what other choice does she has? Be 40 yrs old and still playing the innocent virgin? Virginity has a shelf life.

        • Lillee

          lol I loved this comment^^

    • seungri_92

      So you are mad at the society because it doesn’t want to promote people banging each other left and right before marraige? And Go live in France? For what? To be subject to massive amounts of racism and tyranny over there?

      • holdingrabbits

        I think she was just saying some people should be more open-minded.

    • Sex is looked at as dirty in Korea. People who have sex before 25 like its some kind of casual thing only applies to your people and your screwed up societal standards.

  • dim mak

    Grown woman decides to have consensual relations with grown man


    • mr.wiener

      Which one is the chick?

      • LOL! (seriously I am LOLing at work)

      • manymanycutesy

        I pity you
        if the girls in your country are as fugly as him.

        • mr.wiener

          tsk, tsk. no need to get get hissy. Seriously , you don’t think he looks like a 15 year old lesbian?

    • manymanycutesy

      She started her relationship when she was 17
      since when 17 year old girls are grown woman?

      • Yorgo

        she’s not 17 now, dipshit.

      • guest

        speculations & rumors, not a fact.

  • Paul M

    As if all her ‘upset’ male fans thought that they actually had a chance to sleep with her. I find the false image of purity and chasteness put out by girl groups quite irritating and pathetic.

    • toak

      But she didn’t put up that image, she’s t alked about sex and partying and real adult life before. It’s the media’s obsession with innocence and national ‘little sisters’.

      • These people are role models. Putting up a purity image is good for society. I find you more irritating.

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  • We wrote an article about this a while ago. The picture shows a bad image of these two stars.

    Anyway, it is difficult to believe that nothing happened since the male was half naked ( no T-shirt), why was he half naked? We never got any answere about it!

    • Brett

      “…why was he half naked?” He was probably fully naked and they probably did it. Awesome. Congrats to the both of ’em.

      • dk2020

        ahaha …true, I don’t know how this is scandalous compared to what goes on in Kpop with the cases of molestation and rape of idols by the managers that’s really despicable .. the slut shaming has got to end ..

    • Garet43

      Stop it. Just stop. She is a grown woman, not your little sister. Here is a bit of truth: she was dating that guy, she probably slept with him, and now her career is in flames because people like you are inserting themselves into her private life. All she did is what almost every young person that age does, and you have no right to demand that she apologize for being normal!

      • Where in the text did you read that we demanded she apologize for being normal ???
        Many of their fans just wondered why he was half naked.

        Further more you wrote: “Here is a bit of truth: she was dating that guy, she probably slept with him, and now her career is in flame.”

        There is no official statement that they ever have had any intercourse or even dated.

        • Garet43

          That is her business and her business alone. I don’t presume to know what she was doing when that photo was taken. My argument is that she has the right to privacy and a personal life without being persecuted by her countrymen.

        • I heard that Eunhyuk was out for a jog near IU’s apartment when, suddenly, he got attacked by a really big heron that bit his top off and gave him a slightly wispy moustache (for Movember, the heron cares about prostate cancer) with the tip of one of its noble head feathers.

          IU will have seen all this when she was out skipping and, being the dignified and selfless lady that she is, probably invited him inside for a cup of tea, to save Eunhyuk from any further embarrassing exchange with the aforementioned heron. They don’t call her ‘The Mother Teresa of K-pop’ for nothing you know.

          During the kerfuffle, Eunhyuk’s arms obviously got tired (because he was flailing) which is why he was leaning on IU in her pyjamas (because that’s what she wears when she walks her lizard). She probably just took the photo to capture the moment. I mean, no-one’s going to believe a story like that, are they! And it’s not like she can tweet the whole backstory in a few sentences without arousing (yes I said arousing) suspicion.

          Anyway, those are what the netizens are saying. I don’t know why anyone’s saying they were shagging. How absurd! They’re not allowed to have sex! What even is sex!? And imagine having to make an official statement every time you had it! Whatever it is! Damn that pesky heron.

    • girl

      you are assuming he is shirtless? well, whatever floats your boat. this seems more like the fanfics that those kiddies love to write

  • dcayman

    Ok this girl is 19 now and the issue is the picture was taken in 2010…so the netizens are upset because an underage girl is in bed with a (at least) partially undressed male…plus the fact that she sold her image based on the innocent little sister concept…Koreans are well aware of the shenanigans that go on in the entertainment industry and the questionable? behavior of many K-pop stars. Therefore many netizens invested their last hope for purity in this young woman and have seen that hope dashed. Hope that clarifies it a little as the article fails to explain those relevant points.

    • girl

      you do know that that is false? netizens made a mistake in reading the file date as yymm when it was actually ddmm. so let’s not spread around false allegations/rumors and spread it around like it’s a fact

  • alex

    you reap what you sow. if you all actually expect a better reaction from Korean citizens, maybe you just expect the girl to speak out against the staus quo of the Korean majority … until then, what do you have to judge?

  • ChuckRamone

    She should re-do her image and release a crazy rock ‘n’ roll record. Good girl goes bad.

    • This site only posts destructive material relating to Koreans and it attracts degenerates from the western part of the world. I think it’s pretty clear what the purpose of this site is for.

  • You can’t ‘accidentally’ tweet a picture… Thought the headline sounded dumb with a BS excuse like that.

  • PixelPulse

    I dont really care or find the picture itself scandalous, but having the innocent girl image is a real ball buster since once anything like this comes out and everybody over reacts. Anybody who tries to hold this over her is a dick and delusional if they believe her to be some pure virgin flower.

  • Lovely

    these ppl are prudes

  • kimsoojong

    this is South Korea you’re talking about, where people not openly have sex or bluffing about it (except for pornography industry/ent/AV). and this is IU and Eunhyuk you’re talking about. Of course netizens will make it a big deal. This doesn’t have relation to whether they did it or not in their real private life, but the fact that the photo is accidentally (or she uploaded it herself on purpose ke ke ke) uploaded.

  • Sillian

    “Cooks can take a dump while cooking food but we don’t want to hear that.”

  • c’mn! she’s fredooommm!! freeedooomm!!!! he’s freeeedoooommm!!!! if they loves or not, it’s fine! all the world say *if they stay both it’s ok, we are happy for IU and Eunhyuk! *please, open your mind! OMG!

  • dk2020


    there is no parental advisory warning on any music huh?

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Another person learns one of the harsh lessons of the internet: Once it’s on, it never leaves.

  • ddd

    I’m still doing to masturbate to her.

  • guest

    I’m actually surprised to see this piece masquerading as news. This is what you call biased “reporting”. Especially the poll at the end which is very leading. How about a fourth option instead of the 3 that is listed which all have negative connotations? This article has more in common with gossip rags than I expected on this site. I believe this whole thing belongs under the gossip section if they one or tagged as such.
    This article is riddled with things that have been proven false but whatever. The thing that I find ironic is unless you are God, IU, or Eunhyuk, you are speculating as to what the truth is. Speculations and gossip should remain just that. I originally thought it was funny but it stopped being that when I saw the ridiculous allegations and rumors being thrown around like it’s the fact and the amount of slut shaming and what not that I saw floating around.

    • Hello, koreaBANG doesn’t write the articles – we translate them from the Korean internet. We take whatever’s trending, popular or talked-about on the Korean internet and translate the article into English – sometimes that’s news, sometimes that’s gossip, it depends on what people in Korea are talking about. We’re not CNN. You can see where the original article comes from under the ‘FROM’ tag above the original article.

      The poll at the end, if the blatantly tongue-in-cheek wording didn’t give it away, isn’t an official opinion poll.

      • Sillian

        kBang seen as a ‘news source’ by someone. Isn’t it rather flattering? xD

  • First of all, who the hell is IU, and second of all, who the hell cares? She’s human, get off her back..

  • Noname

    Who care ? LOL just cause one girl and one man took a picture together, that HOW PEOPLE LIVE ! omg… sick world !

  • MikookNamja

    Really, I don’t understand any of this. Koreans logic is soooo foreign to me. They are both adults right?

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