Student Artwork Shows Japanese Imperial Flag, Attracts Criticism

The offending image of university students standing in front of a Rising Sun flag associating it with Nazism has caused much controversy within the Korean online population.
Recent student stunts surrounding the image of the Japanese Imperial flag have recently been the subject of much online controversy, as an image entitled “The Ascension of the Rising Sun,” depicting students standing in front of the flag giving a Nazi salute made its way around Korean social networking sites earlier this month.

The flag is a controversial image in South Korea and is associated with Japanese imperial actions in Korea between 1910 and 1945. This stunt comes amidst other controversies, such as MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre removing the image form his gi on the request of Korean boxer Chan Sung Jung (who compared the image as being equivalent to the German Nazi Flag in Korean culture) and a Korean exchange student studying in Northern Ireland formally requesting that a British sushi company remove the image from its logo.

Netizens have expressed mostly outrage and offence in reaction to the image, as well as pointing to flaws in the education system as the problem, stating that history should receive more focus. Others blamed the the student’s university, Sangji University, for having low academic standards.

From Yonhap News

Students “Acension of The Rising Sun” Nazi Salute Controversy.

Controversy is rising surrounding images circulated by SNS of “The Ascension of the Rising Sun,” reputedly made by Korean university students.

On the first of this month, an image of a the Rising Sun flag of imperial Japan was posted online on both Twitter and other internet forums. On the bottom of the composite image was photoshopped the word “DESIGN”, the name of a group of design students.

The picture depicts seven students standing against the background of a Rising Sun, raising their hands in the “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute towards one student standing in the middle.

apanese extreme Right protesters displaying the Rising Sun in place of a Japanese national flag., alongside a picture placing the swastika in the middle of a Korean flag.

The situation was made public when a design school student published it on Kakao Story via his smartphone.

Twitter user dlte**** said “Not long ago the intersection was blocked by some students dancing in a circle, now they are displaying the Rising Sun and doing the Nazi Salute… it’s unforgivable” and online community user bo** denounced them saying “What are these people who are supposed to be educated in their university ivory tower, doing with this gesture?”

The school the students are affiliated with cannot conceal its embarrassment.

The University in question has revealed “The images in question were not officially produced by the University and are presumed to have been made privately by several students…we are also embarrassed by this incident.”

The responsible parties pointed out inaccuracies in the image, saying “In the Rising Sun national flag of Japan, the sun is not in the centre but is slanted towards the left… in the photo it is located in the centre. This difference means that it is not necessarily a copy of the Rising Sun, however, including images of the Nazi salute increases the severity of the problem.”

Meanwhile, in the countries of Northeast Asia, the Rising Sun flag’s design of a Red Sun surrounded by the sun’s rays embodies Japanese imperialism and militarism and displaying it as a logo is strictly forbidden.

For some time, Japanese sports fans have displayed the Rising Sun rather than the national flag of Japan, inciting public anger. Recently, right wing extremists in Japan have also displayed the Rising Sun at protests and a Japanese martial artist has attended matches wearing a uniform emblazoned with the Rising Sun.

Comments from Daum:

샤리 랜더스:

This is what happens when national history becomes an elective subject on the national college entrance exam.


Brainless screw-ups from idiots, that’s Ilbe’s style.


Kings of the idiots, it’s not even worth our time to insult them.


They come from the same university where those other students blocked the street with their dancing in a circle, Gangwon-do’s piece of shit university.


Sangji University has become famous nationwide, kids with shit for brains and kids who want to fill their brains with crap, now you know where you are going for university.


Unbelievable. The exact reason why the New Right Japan-sympathising brownshirts made national history into an elective subject is to encourage incidents such as this. It’s worth pointing out that the New Right professor Ahn Byeong-jik has been saying things like “Dokdo is Japanese!” and “Comfort women sold themselves into prostitution voluntarily!!” and “Japan brought modernization when it invaded Korea!!”
One other thing ~~~
These Lee Myung-Park Geun-hye-worshipping parasites of the traitorous New Right have distorted history with their alternative textbook (based on non-existent historical records) These are the kind of people who currently rule the Republic of Korea.


You don’t know anything about war or massacres…. you bunch of naïve children.


Sangji University? These guys must have really wanted some publicity!!


Sangji… The university filled with delinquents?


Once you make history an optional topic on the uni selection exam, you start getting these idiots who don’t know history.


So these are the students who are struggling to attend university and get the money for tuition?

This type of action must be met not with expulsion, but with excommunication.

What are maniacs like that going to do with an education?


An example of childish youths…


What would that student studying in the UK (the one who demanded a sushi company change their label) say when she saw this…


I feel more sad than angry, and depressed for their futures.

We can’t blame just them. It’s the older generation who couldn’t settle history.

This is the portrait of South Korea in 2013, where you study history only to prepare for the university entrance exam.


Tell us the name of the school! These students have no sense of what is right. These bastardsd can’t tell doenchang from manure…chuh-chuh


It’s obvious what kind of future awaits us if people who have never once used their brains can enter a university. Stupid people unaware of the suffering in their history will suffer the same suffering again.. Idiots like that don’t deserve to be called university students.

꽉 그냥 마75:

Why are there so many of these idiots, who may call themselves university students but have nothing but shit for brains…!!


Supposedly educated people doing this make the idea of purging the Japan-sympathisers all helpless… The thought that those chinilpa would love all these happenings makes me feel sick….


If they know enough about the Nazi salute to imitate it, then there is no way they could be ignorant about what the Nazis did. The same goes for the Rising Sun flag. Jeez, what a bunch of idiots.


The responsible parties pointed out inaccuracies in the image, saying “In the Rising Sun national flag of Japan the sun is not in the centre but is slanted towards the left… in the photo it is located in the centre. This difference means that it is not necessarily a copy of the Rising Sun, however, including images of the Nazi salute increases the severity of the problem.”
.The school authority’s poor excuse. All the same retards.

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