Mangate: Prestigious University Student Urinates On Subway Seat

From News1:

A picture of a man urinating on the Seoul Metro is going viral. A picture titled ‘Metro Piss Man‘ was uploaded recently.


In the picture, a man donning a Yonsei-crest jacket is seen urinating on a metro seat. The behavior of prestigious private university students have been under scrutiny as was evidenced by the denigration of disabled people involving students from the Special Cares Faculty from X University [during a ‘group dating’ session, students from the Special Cares Department were asked to ‘do their favorite disability’], and this photo is sure to fan the flame.

Seoul Metro has confirmed that the photo was likely to have been taken on the Metro Line 2, adding that they do not attempt to confirm the identity of the individual.

Many netizens reacted with varying degrees of puzzlement, disgust and sympathy as the freshers MT week rumbles on.

Comments from Naver:


You went nuts! Time to revive the Samchung Correctional Facility, tsk tsk.


ke ke ke ke ke ke people around him must have been embarrassed… I want to see with no image blurring…


Korea University students LIKE this article [Korea University being the so-called ‘rival’ of Yonsei]


Studying is NOT everything, Mr. Yonsei student.


Obviously a Jeolla-dion, Hong-o for sure, obvious as daylight tsk tsk


Sure he is not an Ilbe-bug?????????? So dirty, why are men like this???


Still better to be a Yonsei-piss man. Jijab-dae people have no right to give him tongue-lashing.


Yonsei University level??????


A rumor on the street says that he is an OU user….


From the look of his jacket he is from Yonsei. I go to Seoul University by the way. Yonsei people are so thick ke. This kind of behavior is very consistent with them.




Yay, Ilbe did it again! I cannot but have pride over Ilbe because of this. Reporter guy, you on Ilbe too?

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