• Bryan Cheron

    “Doesn’t this belong in the foreign news section?”
    Where’s the “eye roll” emoticon when you need it? As if this kind of thing could only happen in other, uncivilised countries.

    • Sillian

      Calling Jeolla a foreign country is a common joke on Ilbe.

    • markus peg

      I think it was a joke to say, that part of Korea isn’t part of Korea.

      • chucky3176

        It’s a shot at Cheolla province which 90% of the voters vote for the left wing party in every election, no matter who the candidates or what the issues are. I think it’s the only state that has never had a conservative government in power. There’s a joke going around that they are commies by heart (North Korea). So you’re bang on.

        There’s also traditional stereotypes of Cheolla people as primitive gangsters and stupid ruffians. If you watch Korean gangster movies, the gangsters always have Cheolla province accents. Korea’s regionalism isn’t as bad as it used to be, but it’s still shows up few times, and especially come election times.

        • min

          If you watch Korean gangster movies, the gangsters always have Cheolla province accents
          uhm….. friend and nameless gangster?

        • bumfromkorea

          Considering the horrific shits Conservatives did to the people of those 2 provinces, and what the Conservatives are now saying about what they have done, can you blame the Choella province for not voting for them?

          Can’t shit where you eat.

  • asian don draper

    dont knock it till you try it….

    • Guest

      the pissing or being pissed on?

      • asian don draper

        to each their own.. its like oral sex, some rather give than receive…

  • commander

    The best deterrent against recurring school violences is a kind of tit-for-tat approach that empower bullied students to do the same thing what they suffered to offending students.

    Applied to this repugnant case, the penalty should be for Studnet B to urinate on Student A’s face.

    Also necessary is to allow Student B to excrete on Student A if penalty proves not enough for th latter to rehabilitate.

    This sounding-primitive punishment will be more effective than any disciplinary actions taken against bullying students.

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad that you’re against those bullies as I am. But isn’t revengeful act of the victim going too far?

  • nqk123

    even if you lose, you still have stand your ground. once u back down, the bullying will go for a very long time

    • Cervello

      Are you referring to stand-your-ground law? xD

      • yondae

        Yea, cause if this was Florida, this story would be a whole lot more interesting.

  • lol

    Should’ve knocked him out and a took a shit on his face

    • Anonymous

      What a liar you are, asswipe! Why in the hell would you wanna let those psychos do that to their victim?! Would you want them to do that to you?!

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Why the delays? Seriously, what school would’ve NOT been gungho to make an example out of a bully?!

    Makes me feel like they’re protecting the bully a little…

    • Bingbang

      It’s a problem in most schools in Korea. They let the problem fester until its too late, or they pretend to not see/hear anything. I guess it is pretty similar to what’s happening in the States too. (ref. Sandusky, Steubenville, Saratoga)

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I suppose you’re right. I actually was at the school campus where the Sandusky incident happened.

      • kpopwillneverstop

        No. The difference between this and Sandusky is that Sandusky had very high reputation there as the football coach that no one would even think that he would do sick shit like that and as a result, people didn’t believe the first boy that came out about the molesting until a few more boys came out of the dark and expose him.

    • commander

      The school’s slow or relutanct response need brief explanation.

      In my assessment, Korean education is at a crossroads.

      Since educational policy chiefs started to be elected by residents, changes have been made toward reducing teachers powers in corporal punishment and granting more freedom to students at schools–changes that liberals champion but conservatives lash out as a move to cause indiscipline at a time when students never fail to pull out their smartphones to film any abusive behavior and words from teachers.

      Teachers respond to remain aloof from students unless they make serious troubles.

      This detached attitudes have been reinforced after a series of news have broken out that some students assaulted teachers or passing adults after they were told to stop smoking on the streets or other misdeeds.

      The shocking incident came as a growing number of teachers think all they can do is give a lecture, and appear to give up the traditional role of guiding students to grow up a better person.

      The shockinn school bullying came as the nation is seeking to find the best balance in relations between teachers and students.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I feel like telling students not to smoke on school property or if they’re obviously underage are examples of situations where the teacher should intervene.

        The students assaulting the teachers was not wrong on the teacher’s part, it’s the students that should’ve been made an example of.

        I understand trying to find a balance between meddling and doing your teacher’s duty is hard but those are some obvious ones, aren’t they?

        • commander

          You’re right. Teachers should be grantedpowersto admonish, imposesome kinds of disciplinary actions on students for their misbehaviors, in addition to qualified teaching abilitie.

          But some students’ rebellious, violent behaviors challenge and threaten teachers’ abilities.

          As a result, some teachers, especially female ones, are afraid to tell students to stop wrong behaviors as some students are very intimidating as if they would doing something dangerous to them.

          Teachers-students bond has long disappeared. Violent students makes a mockert of society as a whole while students from affluentfamilieswho take costly private tutoring show sneers at teachers over their percieved under qualified teaching abilities.

          Education is losing its role of inspiring and awakening, planting dreamsin children.

        • Anonymous

          Finally! I’m glad someone makes sense here by wanting those bullies to be punished for their misdeeds. And, I for one, agree with you.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you, except for wanting to protect the bully a little.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What’s the big deal? Some people are simply into kinky stuff like golden showers.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Well much like pooping on someone, they need to approve of it before you place your bacteria-laden excrement on them. The receiver in question did not.

    • Anonymous

      You wouldn’t like it someone did that to you.

  • commander

    Jeolla Province people dont have to react to regional divide-instigating comments.
    Those who foments regional chasm with groundless generalizations that make readers question the intelligence of posters will be small-time guys who have nothing but plenty of time.

  • Ryan Kim

    Typical jeolla scum.

    • Anonymous

      Tell me about it.

  • KCdude

    My mom’s from Julla-do and yet my dad’s from Gyungsang-do. For some light humor here, why can’t we get along and attack Choongchung-do?

  • hwoalang

    저런 개시발놈~ 감방에서 콩밥좀 먹어야되~ 저런세끼들~

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