Conservative Website Netizen Activity Portrayed in Cartoon


An Ilbe user illustrated how Ilbe users ‘level up’ in a comic strip. The community’s response was enthusiastic and it became one of the most up-voted posts on conservative website Ilbe.

From Ilbe:

Report on the Ecology of Ilbe Bugs

Here a new Ilbe bug is born. Ilbe bugs do not reproduce. They infect other creatures or other creatures mutate into Ilbe bugs by themselves.


Newborn bugs don’t know much about Ilbe. Noob bugs are always exposed to the danger of nature.


Interesting scene here. This bug is contaminating Ilbe with copy-and-paste and a poor sense of humor. The noob bug is quietly observing what he’s doing.


At last, other bugs, led by the stench of crappy posts, flock and begin to attack the lowly bug with down-votes! Crap posts contain lots of hormones that induce down-votes.

Ilbe-bug6The battered bug’s level goes down to 0 and he begins to rot. Level 0 bugs are often ostracized by other bugs. The solution is to kill themselves.


Another bug began spewing quality information and fun posts. The noob bug is quietly observing this, too.

Ilbe-bug8Other bugs are flocking to the bug who excreted good posts. Happy bugs apply the hormone named ‘daily best’ to him, which makes him grow.


Bugs who have received lots of daily best hormone evolves into the next form. According to the academia, evolved bugs excrete more daily best.


The noob bug has gained some experience and evolves into an adult form. Now this bug should try to adapt to the harsh environment of Ilbe.


The adult bug tries to get bigger in full force. No pain, no gain.


Finally, he becomes level 2. He must be proud of himself.


In order to level up faster, he decides to evolve. He can level up fast by using his personal skills.


There are quite a few popular evolved forms. Sniper bugs are one of them. They are a new kind of bugs who devour fabrication bugs who spread lies and misleading information. For a new kind, there are already many sniper bugs and sometimes they pitifully feed on each other.


Information bugs are the pillar of Ilbe. They provide good nutritions to Ilbe using their expertise and skills. They tend to get treated well since it takes a long time to poop out informative posts. However, if some bug steals another bug’s post and posts it as if he wrote it, he becomes a good snack for sniper bugs.

Ilbe-bug17.jpgIf you can draw, being a painter bug is a sweet gig. Ilbe bugs don’t hold back on giving daily best hormone for fun drawings that nicely depict various situations. In Ilbe, memorable events are recorded in fun cartoons by painter bugs.


Besides, there are other evolved creatures eager for getting daily best. Cook bugs, Animal-loving bugs, Surplus bugs [who do time-consuming tedious things to show off], etc. They all relentlessly try to get daily best.Ilbe-bug19.jpg

By the way, there is a bigger sin than posting crap in Ilbe. That is…


Let’s not get intimate, gays.


Comments from Ilbe:


Shit, I’m level 3. Does that mean Ilbe bitches have been licking on me to level me up? Fuck, I suddenly got horny.


You truly beautified disabled fucks, ke ke ke.


Wouldn’t someone make Ilbe bug products in real life? Ke ke ke ke. Fucking cute, ke ke ke.


This is what’s fucking amazing about Ilbe. Lefty Ruliweb, Fucking Seonbi lefty Daum, Abortion bugs, etc. hate such nicknames. But fucking Ilbe fags make use of their nickname and even beautify it like this. Ilbe can take anything for shits and giggles online. I guess this is what makes Ilbe enticing…


Wow, fuck, ke ke ke. It would be so fun if you make a flash game or cartoon series with this, ke ke. Your style and expression made me shit on my pants, ke ke. Eat 2 up-votes, fucker.


You should’ve depicted pooping instead of vomiting. Pity.


Fuck, normally, Ilbe looks like the biggest macho fest in Korea and now what is this? …Up-voted.


(((((((((((((((( • ω• )
u uuuuu u u u
He he, cute♡


We gotta show this to those bitches who don’t know about Ilbe. They think we talk about stuff like bestiality or rape on Ilbe.


Last comment is mine~ Please help me lose virginity before I graduate from middle school. [to Ilbe God or something because the post was massively voted up.]

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  • Ilbe should be destroyed with fire. Then again, it’s like Lernaean Hydra.

  • Ruaraidh

    Some people spend far too much time on stupid shit. I suppose it’s one thing to post on a site like Ilbe… and another thing entirely to waste your time thinking up such awful meta-humour.

  • commander

    Is it worth posting the portrayal of how a bug grows with Illbe?

    I dont thinl so.
    For a posting days of a severa-day hiatus of updating, it stirs no interest.


    Why does 잉여 translate to Guinness?

  • Sillian

    Ilbe is an interesting mixed bag. It is one of the online communities where ethnic nationalism is generally made fun of and frowned upon. They are certainly very ‘patriotic’ but do not subscribe to ethnic nationalism. They are actually quite humble or self-depreciating about Korea. What’s notably extreme in Ilbe is anti Korean young women and Jeollado sentiments.

    • President ROH

      As you know, former president Mr. Roh Moo-hyun climbed a hill called owlrock near his native village of Bongha and jumped off a cliff.

      Some Koreans call it Unjied.

      Mr Roh Unjied and said “I am a nature man”

  • eggs

    Out of all the things you could’ve posted after such a haitus, you chose this? … :(

  • Hongwu Emperor

    But the drawings were awesome!

  • elizabeth

    The bugs are so cute! The comic strip makes Ilbe culture accessible to outsiders new to the community. I’ll up-vote it too.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Last pic looks like two fat maggots having a good time doing doggie anal.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Doggie? lol, I though they were supposed to be some cute bug or something

  • dim mak

    more like 2ch than they care to admit

    homosex not welcome on ilbe?

  • 놈오현

    홍어홍어 운지운지
    미국응딩이 딱 조타!

  • 삼일한

    Kimchigirl is one punch per three days.
    Do you understand?

  • 전땅끄

    Tank boorunboorun!!
    Kwangjoo is just riot that get up with guns!!

  • il gay

    tank tank bu rng bu rng bu rng~ Oh fuck my ass Oh ! God! Insert to my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!!!! U so BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahead go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA FEEL SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

  • TodayHumor

    Yeeeeeeee there are fuckin ilbe guys on here. Ilbe is just shit and guys in there are like 4chan’s gays. I mean, THEY ARE NOT COMMON.

  • President Roh

    As you know, former president Mr. Roh Moo-hyun climbed a hill called owlrock near his native village of Bongha and jumped off a cliff.

    Koreans call it Unjied.

    Mr Roh Unjied and said “I am a nature man”

  • ShihonoRyo

    Ilbe is a great site, I often get plenty of useful ammunition that can be used on international websites. :D


    Hehehe ggiril ggrik

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