Ladygate: Foreign ‘Manicure Girls’ Squat Subway Priority Seat

Foreign manicure girl on subway

From NEWSis:

Subway ‘Foreign Manicure Girl’

Late night on the 19th, on Line 4’s Danggogae bound train, a group of female foreigners were seen chatting loudly and painting their toenails in the priority seat of the subway carriage causing a strong smell of acetone. Instead of giving a warning, a group of Koreans took photos of them with joy, shameful for a country that thinks of public order as one of the most important values.

Comments from Nate:


Those Koreans snapped photos because they were foreigners~!! Had the girls been Korean, they’d have been snapped by the Human Rights Committee~!!


When in Korea, do as Koreans do. Your ‘way too liberal’ behavior is not accepted in Korea, bitches. Plus, there is no reason for innocent people sitting next to you to smell acetone. Or are you trying to compete against our country’s very own ladygates such as beer girl or cigarette lady?


Where are your brains? Did you guys leave them at the airport?


If Korean women did that, then there would be loads of comments by now ^^


It was a group of foreign females who did the wrong deeds but instead it’s Korean women who get the blame.


Kimchi boys who’ve been sucking white asses please shut the fuck up ke ke


If they were Korean women, then it would have been really controversial. ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. Some people might say that this incident is actually not a big deal, but I still think in this way. Just saying.


If I happened to be in that train, I’d have told them that they were actually sitting in seats for the handicapped, the elderly, and pregnant women and that they were being really rude in public. But you Koreans did not take any actions! You guys should reflect deeply on what you’ve done. Criticizing foreigners who are acting badly in Korean territory is not wrong. People who can tell them to fix their attitudes are actually the more mature ones.


Koreans who haven’t been abroad fantasize about white foreigners….. They stink ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke They never take showers………. They stink because they don’t take showers often enough. People who drug themselves and have out-of-focus eyes are usually white.


White and black slaves…


Look. These kimchi guys are so hypocritical. Now do you guys get a strong sense of justice because they were female [who were acting badly in public]? You guys think you’ve become so brave all of a sudden? I still remember that day when young Koreans did nothing while seeing an old man being beaten up by a black person. You know that black guy just disappeared after that. I hate kimchi guys who become so pretentious in front of weak people and who say nothing in front of strong people. They make me puke.


Nate is a weird place. Who are the people who press the ‘dislike’ button for blatantly correct comments? Do you guys really think that their behavior is appropriate? They were sitting in seats for senior citizens.


Korean men who’ve been dissing Korean women as brainless as beanpaste girls, why are you guys so quite today? ke


It is internationally normal to be polite in public places. If they were Korean women, then there would be lots of comments dissing Korean women, but you guys are so generous today. ke


When in Korea, do as Koreans do. How dare you arrogant bitches paint your toenails! Do you guys think of Korea as an easy country to handle?


Fucking Cheesemen go home [ie Westerners stink]


Foreigners who come to Korea to make money are all junk-faces ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I don’t want to generalize but most of them are brainless like those girls ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


They sat in the right place I guess. [ie foreigners = brainless idiots = handicapped]

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