Ladygate: Foreign ‘Manicure Girls’ Squat Subway Priority Seat

Foreign manicure girl on subway

From NEWSis:

Subway ‘Foreign Manicure Girl’

Late night on the 19th, on Line 4’s Danggogae bound train, a group of female foreigners were seen chatting loudly and painting their toenails in the priority seat of the subway carriage causing a strong smell of acetone. Instead of giving a warning, a group of Koreans took photos of them with joy, shameful for a country that thinks of public order as one of the most important values.

Comments from Nate:


Those Koreans snapped photos because they were foreigners~!! Had the girls been Korean, they’d have been snapped by the Human Rights Committee~!!


When in Korea, do as Koreans do. Your ‘way too liberal’ behavior is not accepted in Korea, bitches. Plus, there is no reason for innocent people sitting next to you to smell acetone. Or are you trying to compete against our country’s very own ladygates such as beer girl or cigarette lady?


Where are your brains? Did you guys leave them at the airport?


If Korean women did that, then there would be loads of comments by now ^^


It was a group of foreign females who did the wrong deeds but instead it’s Korean women who get the blame.


Kimchi boys who’ve been sucking white asses please shut the fuck up ke ke


If they were Korean women, then it would have been really controversial. ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. Some people might say that this incident is actually not a big deal, but I still think in this way. Just saying.


If I happened to be in that train, I’d have told them that they were actually sitting in seats for the handicapped, the elderly, and pregnant women and that they were being really rude in public. But you Koreans did not take any actions! You guys should reflect deeply on what you’ve done. Criticizing foreigners who are acting badly in Korean territory is not wrong. People who can tell them to fix their attitudes are actually the more mature ones.


Koreans who haven’t been abroad fantasize about white foreigners….. They stink ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke They never take showers………. They stink because they don’t take showers often enough. People who drug themselves and have out-of-focus eyes are usually white.


White and black slaves…


Look. These kimchi guys are so hypocritical. Now do you guys get a strong sense of justice because they were female [who were acting badly in public]? You guys think you’ve become so brave all of a sudden? I still remember that day when young Koreans did nothing while seeing an old man being beaten up by a black person. You know that black guy just disappeared after that. I hate kimchi guys who become so pretentious in front of weak people and who say nothing in front of strong people. They make me puke.


Nate is a weird place. Who are the people who press the ‘dislike’ button for blatantly correct comments? Do you guys really think that their behavior is appropriate? They were sitting in seats for senior citizens.


Korean men who’ve been dissing Korean women as brainless as beanpaste girls, why are you guys so quite today? ke


It is internationally normal to be polite in public places. If they were Korean women, then there would be lots of comments dissing Korean women, but you guys are so generous today. ke


When in Korea, do as Koreans do. How dare you arrogant bitches paint your toenails! Do you guys think of Korea as an easy country to handle?


Fucking Cheesemen go home [ie Westerners stink]


Foreigners who come to Korea to make money are all junk-faces ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I don’t want to generalize but most of them are brainless like those girls ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


They sat in the right place I guess. [ie foreigners = brainless idiots = handicapped]

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  • Pj

    I have had the pleasure of teaching many a wonderful Korean young person in New York City. I am glad I meet them and not all of you who lib these thoughtless and racists barbs. I can also guarantee Koreans abroad also act thoughtlessly and could easily be derided by a lesser, close-minded person. And let me be a bit crass: to Western people, you have an odor we are not familiar with and some find it offensive.

    • Anonton

      Yes, the amount of asians who have sat next to me on the bus and they reek of bad smelly asian food!

      • makaveli-killuminati

        make some money and get urself a car you poor fuck

  • This is so ridiculous almost it feels almost staged. It’s like every factor of a waeguk stereotype is here, the only thing I can’t tell is if they were speaking loud English. I get so embarrassed on the subway when this kind of stuff happens.

    How the hell do you even paint nails on a moving subway anyway?

    • YaoGalau

      Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that too.
      Should try it sometimes:P

    • mouse

      It’s not as bad as the retarded American soldiers I saw on the subway going up to all the women and saying “아줌마 뽀뽀하자”. It was so embarrassing.

      Most foreigners do not act like this but the ones who do just ruin it for everyone else.

  • Pj

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it were staged. However it is disturbing to see such vitriol among the posters. My Korean friend reminded me that the posters are likely high school students. And, well, teenagers everywhere have limited exposure and experiences and tend to react before thinking. Hell, many adults are guilty of this. But, yes, I think you are right: a staged act.

  • OsanDREW

    How come in main page, the faces are not pixelated but in the actual article they are? Pix or don’t pix!

    • OsanDREW

      Also did you notice that the black girl is wearing a Mannam. “This group is a front for for the Shinchonji cult…Yesterday, August 15th, their true nature was revealed during Liberation Day celebrations” Korea Beat.

      • Raphael

        And excellent spotting OsanDREW… might have triggered a witch-hunt of our own. Korean netizens surprisingly weren’t up to the usual “hunt her down and expose her private details”

    • Raphael

      ㅋ Now how did that happen!

    • Ruaraidh

      The pixelated image was slightly different, the camera was held in a different position, and were it not pixelated, the writing on the man’s t-shirt would have been visible. Also I think the pixelated image was branded with a logo, so presumably it came from another website who were the likely ones that pixelated it.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Are you the same OsanDrew that posts over at the Asian Correspondent?

  • Yu Bumsuk

    Very funny comments – I especially liked: “When in Korea, do as Koreans do.”

    They should be really careful about that one. If they’re serious they should be thankful that most foreign residents don’t drive.

    • mr. wiener

      If all the “ladygate” stories are to be believed ,then doing as Koreans do would involve drinking, vomiting, missionarying. defecating and sleeping on the subway.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Such an effed up country!

    • Anonton

      Yes and then they better stop spitting when they come here too then!

  • Anonton

    Lol some of these comments.

    And what is with Koreans and the reserved seat lol. Its not a big deal to sit in the reserved seat! Theres no point of standing when there are free seats, if someone who needs the reserved seat comes on board then they can give up the seat for them.

    • Cuddycream

      Ha, absolutely true. It’s ridiculous. The train is crammed but no-one dares sitting on those seats. I knew I’d been in Korea too long when I got on a deserted carriage and two Korean girls were sitting in the priority seats. “What rude young girls!” I thought. “They have no respect for their elders!”

  • Paul M

    I guess it was only a matter of time before some westerners became the focus of a ladygate. Glad to see I’m not the only one who gets embarrassed by their behaviour.

    I’ve seen some Westerners behave in ways they wouldn’t dare behave in New York or London. Probably because the non-confrontational attitude of Koreans emboldens them.

    Also I had to laugh at the “When in Korea behave like Koreans” comments from one or two of the netizens. Really! Do we have permission to behave like you guys? Ajeoshi mode in 3…2….1…..

    • Anonton

      Oh what have you seen westerners do? This sounds interesting!

      • Paul M

        Do you really want me to compile a list here? I’d rather not since people will start and get the impression that I’m Chucky’s sock-puppet account.

        • Anonton

          Nah please do make a list, sounds funny!

    • h3ll

      ” Ajeoshi mode in 3…2….1….”
      Hahaha,that was the best I read today ^^

      btw,where are the ahjummas ? It would be interesting having one there.

  • Brett Sanbon

    #4, thats my line! What are those jerks doing sitting in my seat?!

  • Cassidi

    It makes me seriously embarrassed to see this, people like this are ruining it for the rest of us! It’s not only about manners and having shame, but don’t you think they would at least be a little conscious about breaking rules in a foreign country? They can go back to America and I would gladly take there spot in Korea, since they don’t care much about it.

    • Cassidi

      On another note,
      the guy is the green pants has a nice butt.

      • Brett Sanbon

        I think that’s a girl. Lol.

    • Yu Bumsuk

      And exactly what rule are they breaking?

      • Brett Sanbon

        I was under the impression that those seats were open if no elderly, handicapped, or pregnant were around. To answer your question, they weren’t breaking any rules. Just sitting there is taboo, I guess.

      • Cassidi

        Sitting in a priority seat?

        • Yu Bumsuk

          If there are no elderly, handicapped, or pregnant passengers needing a seat you’re free to sit there.

      • They are breaking social norms rules. Who paints their nails on a subway? The reason there isn’t an official rule is the same reason there isn’t an official rule of not to change your clothes on the subway…because who in their right mind would do that?

        • Yu Bumsuk

          There seems to be little shame in painting your nails in a classroom … even if a lesson is going on.

          • Thats very rude to the instructor.

    • Stories of butts

      How are they ruining it for the rest of us and what makes you so sure theyre American? Painting your nails in public is rude but I think youre taking this ladygate a bit too serious.

  • somesojuslammer

    100% staged. 100%.

    They want their 15 minuets of fame for sure.

  • Yohan

    I agree with the above Korean commentators, it’s embarrassing and these American girls should be shamed. The big problem are Americans who make life harder for the rest of us who are mistaken for being American when we are not. Among the loud and rude foreigners who never bother to learn Korean even after years in the country nor have any respect for local culture Americans are the worst by far.

    • Yu Bumsuk

      Is there any proof they’re Americans?

      • Cuddycream

        The girl getting her tootsies coloured looks French to me. She has that kind of look of “je don’t give une fuck”, you know?

    • First, how do you know they are American? I do agree that it is embarrassing when guests of Korea do something embarrassing causing other expats to feel like they are being grouped in to one category but it’s not fair to say Americans are the worst. There are a lot more Americans in Korea that don’t choose to be here due to the military raising the number of Americans who don’t act normal in public.

      • Yohan

        I don’t know but based on their appearance it would be my best guess and I would actually be very very surprised if they weren’t Americans. Prove me wrong!

        • Yu Bumsuk

          I think it’s safe to assume they’re not military, and if they’re teachers, chances are no more than 30% they’re American. Maybe over half of black teachers are American but there are a lot more black South Africans in Korea these days. There’s also a very good chance they’re of more than one nationality.

          • Sunshinefiasco

            I know you’re trying to help, but assuming that woman is black is the first problem.

          • Brett Sanbon



          • Ruaraidh

            I’m pretty good at looking at people and knowing what country they are from. Honestly the woman does look very American, as soon as I saw the image on the front page it struck me, before I’d even read what the story was about. The man in the hat looks American or German, which I often confuse, but it’s not a good shot of him so I’m less confident. I have been wrong before of course, and certainly will be wrong again, but that’s just the impression I get.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Ruaraidh I hope you are talking more about clothing/hair/makeup style rather than body/skin/facial structure.

            Are you sure she isnt Canadian or Aussie or British? Can you be sure of anything, other than she doesnt appear to be Asian? C’mon even suggesting which nationality she is is ridiculous in its own merit. I know you are just guessing for the sake of guessing, but its just playing into Yohan’s own insecurities.

            I dont, personally, care if she winds up to really be American or any nationality. Yohan and Yu Bumsuk are just trying to separate themselves from these foreigners by claiming they are not from the same country and shouldnt be grouped together. The funny thing is that this group didnt do anything serious so there is no reason for them to be out on this witch hunt anyways.

            Ive lived here long enough that it doesnt matter which country you come from~ if you arent Korean, and you dont look East Asian, you are considered a “외국인” to Koreans.

          • Ruaraidh

            Brett, did I ever say I was sure? I don’t know for sure she isn’t British, but I’ve never seen that face type on Brits/Irish whilst I’ve seen it a lot on Americans. You yourself can differentiate European and Asian faces, is it too difficult to believe some people are slightly more sensitive to face types?

          • Cuddycream

            Basing any kind of assumption about what country someone is from based on their face type or features is stupid. Western countries in particular have had so much immigration and mixing of ethnicities that there can’t be a single “type” of face or feature which isn’t represented in some person from any given (Western) country.

            On the other hand I’m often successful in guessing which country someone is from based on their clothes. This lot look European, maybe French or Belgian, and of course they may not all be from the same country.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Ruaraidh, I can’t believe that in this day and age you would limit someone of British nationality to the “typical” white, Irish, Anglo-whatever.

            “You yourself can differentiate European and Asian faces, is it too difficult to believe some people are slightly more sensitive to face types?” No, it isn’t too difficult to believe. I like to think that I can tell Korean, Chinese, and Japanese apart fairly well (not that that’s a skill or anything). I certainly cannot (by facial structure alone) tell the difference between American, British, South African, Australian, or even some Irish and Scottish (did you know America has redheads?). Eastern Europeans have different physical attributes than Western Europeans, but thats about as specific as it gets when comparing caucasians.

            Whatever, that wasn’t even the important part of what I wanted to say when I wrote to you before. I even gave you the benefit of the doubt that you (1) had judged by the girl’s clothing/hair/makeup style moreso than racial attributes and (2) that you were guessing just for fun.

            I didn’t mean for what I wrote to you to sound harsh, though you took it that way. It seems like you became defensive, whereas I was merely pointing out the flaws in your judgements. Even if you are 100% and the girl is American, it speaks nothing of your ability to distinguish between caucasian faces. More likely, a lucky guess and rude stereotyping.

            I will say it again: Yohan and Yu Bumsuk were trying to create distance between themselves and those foreigners. Their insecurities led them to push this off as “an American thing”. Dumb, really.

          • Ruaraidh

            I like to think that I can tell Scandinavian, British, and German apart fairly well (not that that’s a skill or anything). I certainly cannot (by facial structure alone) tell the difference between Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Taiwanese, or even some North Koreans and South Koreans (did you know Singapore has black haired people?). North East Asians have different physical attributes than South East Asians, but thats[sic] about as specific as it gets when comparing caucasians[sic].

            I honestly don’t know for sure if I can tell where some people are from by their faces and I don’t really give a ha’penny fuck. What’s wound me up right now is that when I try to defend a point it’s just me being defensive, but when you attack one it’s just you kindly and magnanimously pointing out flaws in my judgement like the fucking pope of condescension.

            I’m not sure what you’re getting at with the British thing. Is it because I missed out Cornish, Scottish, Manx and Welsh? I just did that to save time and space.

          • Ruaraidh

            Damn, I forgot to change caucasians to asians.

          • Brett Sanbon

            All of the races you pointed out (“Scandinavian, British, and German….Cornish, Scottish, Manx and Welsh”) are in abundance in the USA as well as many places. England and the UK are filled with so many different ethnic groups that you would be hardpressed to find one missing. Why are you fighting this? Again, in today’s world, nationality and race aren’t so hand-in-hand as some people still think. I’m not saying you’re ignorant of the world, but you most assuredly are fighting an uphill battle here.

          • Ruaraidh

            I’ve been trying to be brief, but it seems that it’s just led to misunderstandings and more words in the long run. I’ll try and clarify, I don’t believe I can tell where everybody is from by their face, just some people have a face that is strongly indicative of a place. With Germans, Scandinavians, Angles and Celts I’m probably pretty good, but for example if you took a big crowd of Welsh people and asked me to pick out an indeterminate number of Scandinavians scattered throughout, I’d probably get very very few false positives, but a fair few of false negatives. In other words I wouldn’t mistakenly pick out Welsh people as being Scandinavian, but would likely leave a fair few Scandinavians amongst the Welsh if they didn’t have a face I could confidently identify as Scandinavian.

            That having been said, I don’t claim to be able to pick all the Americans out of a crowd. In fact I stated in my original post that I usually see American faces as German. However there are some faces that for whatever reason, be it genetic drift, or a phenotypical expression of the of African and Native American DNA that pretty much all ‘white’ Americans have, you just don’t see outside of America. These are the people I can confidently say ‘I reckon they are American.’

            I think I understand what you mean by nationality and race now. Originally I think the term nationality mean a common group of people and this is how I’m using it now. ‘Nationality’ was more biological/social, ‘country’ was more geographic and ‘state’ was more political, nowadays it seems like the terms are pretty interchangeable outside International Relations theory. Clearly I can’t tell what passport anyone holds by their face, or even what country they are from, when I make a judgement on someone’s phenotype I guess I’m just looking at their ancestry.

            You are sort of right about England having lots of people of other races and nationalities, but it’s not really accurate to say it’s full of them, they are really strongly concentrated in ghettos in the shitter cities like London, Birmingham and Bradford. Meanwhile in the rural towns and villages of the West Country, is pretty homogenously inhabited by lovely, ruddy faced farmer, miner and fisherman types.

            I don’t really see citizenship as important, I feel closer to Irish speakers in the extreme west of Ireland than I do to Lallans or English speakers down in the lowlands. As for Pakistani Muslims down in their Londonistan ghettos, why should I feel any connection to them just because a piece of paper says we are both citizens of the UK? I studied Arabic for a year and the course was about 95% Musilm, and 90% of them were irredeemable cunts who hated the UK and all its history and values.

            Hope this clears things up a bit, also bear in mind that it’s easy to mistake tone on the internet. The only post where I was approaching angry was the last one with the sneering, and amusingly ironic as it turns out, use of [sic]. You seem like an alright guy, I’m not really into grudges least of all fucking internet ones.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Its all cool. I had a feeling there was a bit of miscommunication going on. I think you’ve been overall very level-headed in your posts at koreaBANG so there was no reason to jump on you and no reason for bad blood between us. I still dont understand “American face”, but we can let it end here.

        • Brett Sanbon

          Prove me wrong!

          Very arrogant of you. You made a complete assumption about where a group of people come from based on a poor-quality cell phone snap, with no background story to go off of.

          No, no one can prove you wrong, just as you can’t prove yourself right.

          Anyhow, continue to create gossip and blow out stereotypes if thats what makes your little heart happy.

          • Yorgo

            i love the stupidity of anti-americanism.

            “pretty much all white americans have native american and african ancestry”

            really? even the 50% of Italian, Greek, Russian, Polish, etc. people who came to the U.S. in the last half a century. You see clearly in this 300 million people clear native american and black ancestry?

            I just can’t tell when Euros think they are being racist or just always think they are smarter.

    • At first, I’d agree, but looking at the comments: Foreigners -3 Netizens -25

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  • Brandon

    “Fucking Cheesemen go home [ie Westerners stink]”
    LOL! so they call white person cheesemen.

    • lol, have you heard this before. I just saw a joke tumbler with someone pretending to be an upset Korean man and he always says foreighners smell like cheese, haha. I’m starting to hear more and more of this…guess i should stop wearing Kraft deodorant.

    • k

      I always tried to not smell like cheese……I think I smelled pretty good compared to many koreans on the subway, I always wear my signature perfumes in public, Chanel’s Madmoiselle and Arden’s Red Door and CK obsession and I actually got complimented that I smelled very good once :)

      • I personally quite like a good eau de brie on a lady.

        • k


  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    A long time ago, an incident grabbed huge attention of global media outlets. A western guy whi violated Thiland’s law, a misdemeanor in otr countries, was sentenced to the harsh punishment of flogging.

    Western countries at that time criticized Thailand for such an inhumane treatment, to no avail.

    I cant recallcwhat he did. Those girls who failed to learn public manners makes me partially understand why Thailand was determinded to go with tougher penality.

    Plus I request all Koreans to say things in Korean when they need to say something to foreigners.

    Here is Korea. Aside from certain services like accomodation and restaurants frequented by foreigners, there is absolutely no need to say things in Engish to foreigners, a considerable number of whom display Anglo-Saxon arrogance consciously or unknowingly when they think all Koreans can speak Enlish in conversation with themselves.

    When looking at misbehaviors, be they result from ignorance or not, Korean passers by need to give advice or warnings in the Korean language.

    • Paul

      Spot on.

    • makaveli-killuminati

      spot on about white assholes walking around like they own the place, korea for life, fuck white boys

    • Brett Sanbon

      I also wish that Koreans who approach me would do so in Korean. I live in Korea. I have spent countless hours studying the language, history, and culture and I feel cheapened when people randomly ask me questions in English.

      • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

        Quite impressive. As a learner of English and Chinese in Korea, I completely understand how innumberable hourse learning a language needs.

        Also troubling is that the way of thinking in Enlgish when looking at things is vastly different from Korean and Chinese. For example, English tend to describe details before speaking out a background while Korean prefers putting a whole picture before the details.

        When I happen to run into you on the streets, I promise to strike up a conversation with you in Korean language, an opportunity for you to demonstrate your Korean language’s skill that you have been honing. ^^

        • Brett Sanbon

          I replied to you below Mouse on the same thread.

      • Sojubang

        Whats your level? I’ve been studying for a couple of years on and off, I wouldn’t say I’m that good at conversation though, though writing has gotten a lot easier!

        • Brett Sanbon

          I don’t know my level. My Korean friends always pump me up, but I think they are just being friends, you know. My Czech friend (who is studying Korean at SNU right now) is level 5 and she says Im probably 3 or 4. I can converse, but not in detail. Effectively conveying my feelings and emotions are the hardest.

          • Sojubang

            I’d be probably classed as elementary school grade 1 level in Korean.. I’ve actually studied those books and found them difficult.. lol.

            However strangely I can converse well in Nateon, with only Hangul typing, and can order easily in Korean restaurants.

      • chucky3176

        In all fairness, Koreans just don’t know what kind of response they will get from you. For instance, I once approached a western foreigner in Korean, he told me off in English how the hell he would know Korean when he’s not Korean?!!! I am bilingual so I can deal with his rudeness, but for an average Korean who mustered just enough courage to approach him …. I realize he might have been having a bad day or cultural backlash, but it’s still ridiculous that it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

        • Brett Sanbon

          The guy just seems like a dick. Don’t try to make all foreigners feel comfortable by speaking English. There are many foreigners here that can’t speak any English at all. I have an Italian friend (his Korean is nearly perfect) and we have to communicate in Korean!!! He is much more patient than I, always explains that not all foreigners speak English. I just ignore the people, but if they are persistant I firmly request “please speak Korean to me”.

          • Anonton

            I knew someone who pretended to be from a non-english speaking country, when talking to Koreans, to make them speak to him in Korean.

      • mouse

        I agree.
        In Kyobo some woman I didn’t know randomly came up to me and asked me in broken English what I felt about the economic situation of America. Like wtf.

      • Brett Sanbon

        I don’t think it is all too impressive. Maybe it is my own insecurity thinking that Koreans view me as “just another worthless foreign guy” when I feel the opposite is true. It was the same for me in China. I speak Chinese better than most of my Chinese friends can speak English (and even better than some of them can speak Chinese ㅋㅋㅋ), and it always scratched me the wrong way when someone randomly came up and made it their business to start spewing away in English.

        Don’t get me wrong, my Korean isn’t world class and you would have a much better conversation with James, Raphael, Beth or any other translator here at koreaBANG. As a matter of fact, if you run into me on the street, you are better off speaking to me in Chinese or English if you wish to have a stimulating conversation. Don’t let that stop you though, I always enjoy when people speak to me in Korean. At least they give me the benefit of the doubt that I care enough to learn about the country I live in. I chose my hair stylist for this reason, he gets that its okay if I don’t understand every word he says and we always have a lot of fun joking around.

        Its wierd, I studied Chinese officially for 10 months and am at the highest level of the HSK exam. I study Korean (just at home) for almost 2 years and I am nowhere near as fluent. I reckon it will take another 5-10 years to speak like those foreigners on tv.

        • Brett Sanbon

          thats to 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

        • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

          For westerners, Chinese is a really hard-to-learn language, with different intonated pronunciations matching chinese characters, while the Koreans and the Japanese have the advantage of having common, but slightly different Chinese charaters in common.

          Most of foreigners I encountered on the course of my travel in China, didn’t speak Chinese. If a just 10-month period of Chinese-learning enabled you to pass the highest level HSK exam, I bet this is a real feat.

          Anyway, if I come across you on the street, I will begin conversation with you in Chinese. ke ke

    • Yu Bumsuk

      When has Thailand practiced flogging (officially – prison guards and police beat prisoners all the time, of course)? Do you mean Singapore? There was a case of an American who was flogged for vandalising cars in Singapore, a crime in any western country.

      • Patrick

        They also turned that incident into a funny Simpsons episode. Good watch. Technically it was a ‘caning’.

      • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

        My faint memory delivered misinformation. You are right. Singapore was the country I was trying to point to. That the ground of punishing him was vandalism may be also right. Thanks for correcting me.

  • Paul

    Did nobody seriously consider just going up and giving a little “Excuse me… that’s not acceptable.” in Korean? Even if all four were tourists with no inkling of the local language, body language and tone conveys all the necessary information.

    • chucky3176

      If they were Korean girls, they would have been absolutely trashed beyond recognition. But since they’re western foreigners, they’re allowed all the leeway, and it certainly shows with all the meek netizen comments.

      • Cuddycream

        If you think the response was meek (hint: it wasn’t), why are you whining about it to us? Surely you should go and tell off netizens you’ve never met for not being sufficiently abusive about some clueless morons you’ve also never met?

  • Sojubang

    Painting your nails on public transport is generally rude anyway, regardless of where you are in the world. The smell of the paint used causes annoyance to others. Suppose they may be traveling and assume that the rules are different, but its common sense. If they are more familiar they could just have decided to break the rules hoping that no-one would mind. Regarding the priority seats, if an old person or a pregnant woman came along, I’d hope that they’d offer their seats up, but who knows, I dunno about US but in the UK the priority seats are not a big deal. If someone does come along who needs them, majority would let them sit down.

  • chris

    She’s not US military. Most US military girls/wives are chubsters, have greasy, ratty hair, and generally wear shitty clothing like Monster hoodies. I only speak from first-hand experience.

  • Pj

    Saying they are Americans is just a veiled way of exhibiting Anti-Americanism. I’ve seen people from around the world behave egregiously when traveling. Just recently I was dining in NYC while a Korean girl vomitted on the street. Charming. Anyone, anytime. Get over it and stop being a jingoistic and racists. Who cares?

    • Anonton

      I think anti-americanism is one of the few acceptable racisms.

  • Cleo

    dudes – it’s not important enough and it’s not appropriate to take their picture

    every camera snap is going to feel like an act of violence to them

    just pretend it isn’t happening and go home and tell your kids to NEVER do that

  • A Mannam cult volunteer no less! Or a brave freedom fighter bravely fighting the Mannam / Shinchonji /신천지 cult in her own unique and brilliant way.

  • my 2 cents

    Koreans are a PIG of a race and should be greatful we saved your ass from the north. My friends father was in the Korean war. He told me that the western forces were running forward towards the chinese/North koreans and the south Korean army was running the other way – COWARDS!. Grow some balls you dirty bastards! and respect your white saviours! Have you ever seen a restaurant where Koreans have just eaten? Looks like PIGS or DOGS just ate there!

    • fsun

      obvious troll is obvious

  • Pj

    Why stoop to such a racist level? South Korea has accomplished a great deal at a rapid pace through their own efforts and a relationship with the USA. The cooments here reveal exactly who they are. Anyone who reads them can recognize the puerile attempts to denigrate others in order to feel superior. Pathetic really. This group posting deserves our pity.

    • my 2 cents

      and their comments aren’t racist? the fact you say nothing about their racism is a superior/condescending mindset also.

    • Fangurillama

      Even though I’m a year late, I just wanted to say that this post highlighted the big issue I have with the mindset of a lot of Koreans (and, to some extent, the Korean media) that I’ve come across in my limited time studying. I believe that South Korea should be applauded for its rapid economic advancement, but find that its social advancement cannot/will not move as quickly. I would be fine with that if it weren’t for the fact that, in order to boost national pride/love of everything South Korea by South Koreans, the country, rather than building up their own strong points, seem to be tearing others’ down.

      I’ve seen this in the way people comment (“foreigners get out of Korea”, “foreigners ruining Korea”, and all other xenophobic statements under the rainbow) but I don’t think this speaks for the entire population as there will always be “trolls”. What shocks me, however, is the large amount of these statements I’ve seen; it’s much more concentrated than the xenophobia I’ve seen from other countries towards foreigners.

      More than that, though, is the prevalence of the media in perpetuating this sense of “Korea is better than anyone else!” while attempting to ferret Korean produce in the name of the “Hallyu Wave”. For example, the Korean show Strong Heart (I’m not sure if that’s the actual name; it’s a program that showcases Korean talents) shows talented Koreans nearly every episode. I’d have no problem with that except that the show will sometimes bring a talent from another country only to have them “compete” with a Korean of similar talents. I placed the word compete in quotations as it doesn’t seem to be so much a competition as a little kid seeing someone doing something and yelling indignantly “I can do it too!”

      Put simply, my limited exposure with different aspects of Korean society seems to suggest a pervading theme of putting everyone else down to feel better about themselves. Not that I’m saying all Koreans are like that; I simply think this mentality has much more support in South Korea than it does in a lot of other countries. This leads me to wonder how much national pride is genuinely felt by the average Korean. After all, the need to put someone else down usually presages an inferiority complex of some kind. Not to be too psychological, but I get the same feeling from these and a lot of other comments, articles, shows, etc that I’ve come across.

      • Sillian

        Have you heard of 국뽕? It’s a term that makes fun of petty nationalism. Ironically, ‘Ilbe bugs’ are some of the people who would most harshly go on a 국까 (Korea-bashing) rant at the first chance. Interesting internet phenomenon.

        The way I see the kind of nationalism you’ve observed is that it is an extended version of competition-oriented mindset. You measure up yourself against others and seek for higher placement. I would even say it was a part of the spiritual engine during the rapid development phase. Park Chung-hee tried hard to turn people nationalistic and ‘united’ to push for a common cause.

        • Tiffany

          That’s interesting -I feel like that word exactly describes what I’ve noticed quite a bit. Thanks for the info!

  • Pj

    Yeah and it’s not nearly as bad as the DVD bangs where boys take their girls and have sex with them even when the girl says no. Or the student in my class who came to study English in the USA and ended up getting two abortions in Queens. Or the line of Korean boys in Koreatown that spit endlessly. Or the Korean boys who visit prostitutes while in the military. Or or or….the list of bad behavior witnessed could go on and on. Judge and you shall be judged. Make sure your end is pristine before you launch criticism.

    • makaveli-killuminati

      what about the western men that go to thailand for ladyboys, i never understood the reason i mean there is plenty of dick in ur own country. guess thai dick is better

      • Rusty

        Three out of the five Korean/American guys I know in Korea are gay.

  • Pj

    You should have asked her what she thinks about 6 out if 10 people in Korea being in debt. Booyah!

  • Rusty

    Public order you say? This is a country where people smoke in restaurants, where drivers ignore red traffic lights, where school children don’t give up seats for the elderly, where people stink out whole train carriages with fish jerky, where people don’t queue for buses (in fact they jostle for position), and while we’re on it, a country where people don’t say thank you for saving their children from being ran over by a scooter delivery boy. Don’t make me laugh.

    Terrible, terrible reporting. Korean media is rubbish sometimes.

    • makaveli-killuminati

      you in korea now bitch, you expect the country to change for you, typically dumbass self important entitled shitstain

      • Rusty

        No. I just want your double standards journalists to stop being dickheads. PS, I have a very beautiful Korean girlfriend :-)

    • k

      I dunno, I found Koreans to be overall pretty decent and nice people. I mean sure there are jerks, older and younger, but I had as equally many friendly gestures. I was pregnant in Korea and people were really friendly and polite, I frequently had older people give me their seats and teenagers and young women and regular guys. The Korean girls at my work place would rub my belly and talk to my baby all the time, it was adorable how much they love babies . I even once had one really old Korean man at the Noryangjin Fish market thank me because I was American and he had served in the Korean war. I sometimes had random groups of middle school girls start giggling at me and telling me I’m pretty. I even once had a very beautiful Korean girl buy me a round of shots at a club just so I would dance with her ^_^ Also my Korean in laws are awesome, some of the sweetest people I have ever met. My husband’s aunt bought me an entire skin care set and makeup for my welcoming gift. Korean mother in laws are also very awesome, they care about their families a lot. I also have the cutest father in law, he drove me to work every day when I was too heavy for the bus.

  • k

    I just thought….embarrassing as a foreigner…(━_┳) If i had been on that subway I would ask them to stop filling up the cart with fumes….Ive seen koreans due equally rude, inconsiderate behavior but the lack of awareness and arrogance of some foreign expats is utterly amazing…I once walked into a small bar and one white guy was sitting at a table and loudly exclaimed “oh look someone else who can speak english!!” then proceeded to tell me how all white men are considered gods in korea…..which is why I laughed in his face after the korean bartender totally shot him down when he tried to talk to her (^_^)

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    Sad. Treating western people like celebrity, when they’re really just anonymous losers.

  • Pj

    Just like you. And just like me.

  • Pj

    Shitstain that’s a good one! Nice English. Should get you into a community college. Trying some critical thinking you pugilistic pugnacious Internet thug.

    • makaveli-killuminati

      college? who needs college im rich bitch

      • Rusty

        You’re not rich. You’re a virgin with a massive inferiority complex.

  • Pj

    And what about the perverted Korean men who rape and molest young girls right in their very own country? Yeah, it’s all roses in Korea, a real utopia.

    • makaveli-killuminati

      do koreans do that , those sick fucks , still better than banging ladyboys

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t like to experience an intense chemical smell in an enclosed place. But I’d be curious to see how many people were actually on the train…

    And, I’m guessing the guy who snapped the photo was also sitting in the handicapped seats?

    And another thing, I don’t understand how everyone here treats the handicapped seats as reserved only for handicapped people. If all the seats are taken but there are a few ‘handicapped’ seats available, then people, if tired, should sit in them. Only until an elderly or disabled person boards the train should they get up. Why stand up when there is an unused seat?

  • Tom

    They are priority seats meaning they’re available to anyone until one of the priority groups come along. Did any of the priority groups come along?

    It does seem remarkable that they choose to do their foot manicure in a public place. This is considered rude in any country.

  • Kim Jong-un

    Koreans in the south are going down like China.

  • Pj

    Hillarious! Wealth that needs to be announced is seldom wealth. Writing it from behind a computer screen doesn’t make your poverty of being any less pronounced. I feel sorry for you; I hope you can find peace in your life. Of course there is nothing sadder than a person blessed with riches that chooses to go uneducated. Good luck twat. Oh and I am rich and Ivy League educated. Suck it!

  • Pj

    You can’t honestly think men everywhere aren’t taking advantage of sex tourism in parts of the world where there are few controls? It isn’t just Western men who do this, it is a world wide male affliction.

  • Jeffli

    French I’m guessing.

  • Stories of butts

    I was a little surprised to not see any comments attack them, pretty much goes hand in hand with ladygate. I guess the insecure dudes that like to come out in doves werent up for the challenge of shit talking.

  • Pj

    Agreed! Most Korean folks are fantastic! The people commenting here seen a bit twisted and disturbed. Yep yep, anti-Americanism still alive and well, even when it is based on fiction and the speakers own insecurities. But overall, Koreans, like Americans, fabulous people!

    • Brett Sanbon

      Pj~ if you are going to post from your phone, might I suggest you download “Dolphin Browser HD”? There is an add-on that will allow you to switch your phone between mobile websites and the PC version.

      It would be nice if you started replying in line because its difficult to figure out whom and which comment you are replying to.

    • k

      Anyone who is anti-american just hasn’t lived in America and got to know people in a community. I’m from a small southern town and the people in that community are just awesome, super friendly, will help you if you are broke down on the road, everyone waves at each other while passing on the road, people hold doors open and say sorry, people smile at each other, and families are tight knit there. Which is just like….families and people in Korea and every other small community in the world…people really are the same overall.

  • pj

    good idea! thanks for the suggestion.

  • foreigner


    no one is right in guessing their nationalities..

    I know them because they are my friends. They are wonderful people…
    I think, we should not judge people based on a single picture..

    And also, please be careful with your words, because it shows your attitude.

    • foreigner

      and according to the article, it was “LATE NIGHT”… so I think, the priority seat was
      so much available that time…

      about the statement, “When in Korea, do as Koreans do.” –> I don’t want to comment on this..

  • Dave

    The main underlying gripe from Koreans in this comments is that the “foreigners” Are breaking same social rule or law. And jumping right away to the conclusion it is because they are “arrogant Americans”

    What a joke,, I have lived in Korea for over 16 years over the last 35 years, and one thing I “KNOW” The over welling majority of Koreans do whatever they dam well please (especially while driving) no matter the social norm or law, and are very rude and arrogant-(particularly the more rich they are.)

    The joke among American drivers in reference to Korean drivers is: Traffic laws are just “suggestions” to Korean drivers

    Then the “smell” thing, come-on how many times have you been near a person sweating/reeking of Kimche, soju and cigarette so bad it was pealing the paint an making your eyes bleed.

    I have been in a Korean sauna after a long relaxing sweat and bath, splashing on a little after shave and the man beside me go into a coughing fit like the room was filled with smoke, WTF.

    The bottom line, there a ton of outright bigots in Korea,

    If one dumb*** GI does something (out of the 40,000 here) “ALL” Americans get immediately painted with the same brush, the same goes for the poorly paid/treated English teachers here

    I think a lot of you need to look in the mirror prior to saying something

  • ric

    this is why korea should stop allowing foreigners into the country…no foreigners no foreigner problems more time to focus on national matters.

    • Digitalsoju

      Yes, because I’m sure a lot of government money and resources are being poured into matters like this foreigners painting their toenails on the subway. *sigh*

  • Organic Girl

    While I don’t think these ladies deserve being called the B**ch word or any derogatory name for that matter, their crude behavior is not acceptable anywhere–including America. Painting someone’s toenails in public–especially on public transportation or any close quarters, is inconsiderate, rude and unrefined. Doing so in another country is just plain classless. It is quite obvious that etiquette was not one of the lessons learned inside of the home. My parents wouldn’t even let me talk in front of the house for a few minutes for fear it would offend the neighbors and make my parents appear that we were not raised properly.

  • I’ve lost count of how many Koreans I’ve seen spitting inside buildings, picking their noses on buses and trains, hawking and making revolting noises while eating.

    What those women did was disgusting, but don’t pretend it’s only a “foreigner problem”. Odds are, they’re only repeating habits they’ve seen from Koreans.

  • Guy Forget

    haha it’s funnier seeing that it was a black girl servng a white girl at her feet. Haha, and they call korea racist? Nobody is more racist than the white americans and blacks.

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