Mangate: ‘Pee Man’ Urinates on Subway

'Pee Man' urinates in subway

Although the (in)famous Ladygate far out-strips her rival sex Mangate when it comes to taking the subway stage, a new combatant, ‘Wee Man on Line 4’ was photographed in the act of urinating in a Seoul subway carriage two nights ago.

But here’s the twist: the story has not-yet reached Ladygate-esque levels of  disproportionate netizen attention but, in the interest of balance, we at koreaBANG feel it can’t help but to remind our readers that, among all those ‘Ladygates’, ‘Mangates’ are getting away with more than their fair share of public debauchery.

Netizens on all major portal sites showed a muted response to the news, leaving no comments at the time of writing. Although the discussion originally began in Korean forums, it seems to have made little waves in the media. We’ve chosen to publish this as part of the trending Ladygate series, but will koreaBANG readers show an equally muted response?

From: Naver

He pulled his trousers down… ‘Metro Pee Man’ Shockingly appears

‘Metro Pee Man’ shockingly appears.

On the 26th, a message on a forum saying ‘a guy unzipped his trousers and peed on the subway’ with a picture showing a man urinating was posted on a portal site.

The netizen who posted the message said ‘On line 4 of the Seoul metro on the night of the 25th at around 10pm, I got on the metro heading to Oido Station when I heard the sound of flowing water coming from somewhere. When I looked up, I saw a guy with his trousers down, doing his thing’.

'Pee Man' urinates in subway

‘It was one of those incidents that I didn’t even want to believe was happening before my eyes. Even if you’re really drunk, this surely isn’t the done thing’ said the netizen, reacting to Metro Wee Man’s mad act.

'Pee Man' urinates in subway

The netizen saw Wee Man do his wee then get off at Nowon station and change trains to line 7, then reported the senseless act with a message to Seoul Metro’s customer service centre, along with a picture showing the spot where Wee Man urinated.

Netizens have been up in arms, saying ‘the metro is a public transportation system, not a public toilet’, ‘even if alcohol is the enemy, we should observe a bit of public decency here’, ‘it’s too dirty’ and ‘even kids do their thing in the toilet. You’re disgracing the nation’.

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  • Matt

    I’m not sure if it’s that South Korea has a excessive amount of people acting crazy in public, or just an excessive amount of *interest* in people acting crazy in public…

    • Brett Sanbon

      It might be an equal mix. I’ve seen some stuff man…

    • You should read Singapore STOMP sometime. They love pointing out bad behavior.

      • Nyancat

        Yeah that site is really interesting, but some of them are overzealous, they sure hate PRC Chinese

        • BigCAD

          Who doesn’t?

          • Dr Dust Cell

            Ethnic Chinese Philippine politicians

  • Brett Sanbon

    Wow, these kinds of drunks’ identities should just be made public and they should be banned from metro transportation for life. Also, why don’t Korean people do anything when they see this kind of situation?

    Also, how much do you wanna bet he thought he was being sly and no one knew what he was doing at the time? HAH!

    • Um, okay. YOU go deal with the guy with his tallywhacker out spraying around the car. I’ll watch.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Here’s the thing… as long as he’s not relieving himself on my car, I don’t care if someone pees outside. It just doesn’t bother me. I don’t see someone peeing and think “oh, the HUMANITY!!!”

        On a subway, you’d be damn sure I told him to stop before he even got his dongle out and if he tried it again I would physically remove him from the train while calling 112.

        You would watch and probably film with your phone and then, a few days later, theres a story on koreaBANG about a foreigner who is trying to control the Korean race by acting as a vigilante.

    • Carolyn

      I agree with Brett. If you do that kind of thing you should be banned from the transit. I get you are drunk but don’t be so freaking lazy..get out at the next stop, use the toilet, and then get back on…not a hard concept..I’ve done it is being a human/ civilized. As others have stated it is soooo common to see men publicly urinating while toilets are easily available…Sadly some people have no shame. Not to mention the fact that someone else has to clean up after the person that does that..disgusting… ~.~

  • Men always pee right infront of the entrance way to my apartment. I see way too much public urination in Korea. Although this guys is taking it to a new level.

  • Patrick

    I do see a lot of public urination as well. This past year at a major intersection in Seoul, Chungdumdong, I see a bus driver who was waiting for the light to change get out of his bus and urinate in clear view of all who were waiting. This was 11 am on a beautiful sunny day. No shame what so ever.

  • Yu Bumsuk

    What really gets me is that Korea must have more public toilets per capita than anywhere on earth. I saw a guy urinating behind my gym not ten steps away from a public toilet.

    • Minty Badger

      People’s behavior in public is getting worse here, maybe the answer isn’t ignoring the problem or letting people off with a warning. This isn’t the only area in which Seoul is suffering from an impotent police force and complete lack of respect for transit authorities…some policies need to change and these guys need to start working for their pay instead of sleeping their cruisers/offices or playing on their smartphones (which is what Korean cops are usually doing if I see them at all). You really have to wonder how often the cops and transit authorities leave their offices…that isn’t the sort of job you can do from a desk.

      PS: Maybe one of the survey options should be “Korean society is beginning to crumble because people simultaneously want order and complete autonomy…but only support the latter and not the former” or “Korean men have acted like this for ages…how is this a new development?”

      • Yu Bumsuk

        Your last sentence kind of contradicts your first and I’d be inclined to agree with it. He’s probably acting just like his grandfather would have on the farm. I’ve seen the guy who comes by our school to pick up the recycling pissing right behind the school where any girl walking by could see him.

  • Cassidi

    He looks so casual doing it too. I think people don’t bother men as much because of social status, and the traditional values that women are put against, you know?

  • k

    Well that’s just…disgusting. But I agree that netizens are much more sexist about behavior when it comes to women then men, but it’s not just Korea, it’s pretty much like every society that has a double standard in behavior for women then men. Women are just expected to not do things like that, because we are suppose to be able to “control” ourselves, where as “boys will be boys” sums up an attitude about negative behavior from boys/men. I wish they would just stop calling them “lady” or “man” gates and just call them “people” gates, because people, men and women, do crazy things in public for whatever reasons everywhere.

  • glenn

    I also saw one ajjuma urinating beneath a staircase whiel at a train station. However, I think the reason for that one was that the toilet in Seobinggo Station is hard to find.

  • Yu Bumsuk

    You know it just occured to me that that metal bicycle rack could be mistaken for a urinal if you were really, really drunk.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    To James

    The distinction between young and elder shoud be given more weight than that between men and women.

    In Korea, inordinately discriminative attacks on some young women for being ill-mannered in pubic places often took place, while some improprieties by men, espcially elder ones, are treated with generosity.

    This apears to foreigners quite strange because it is not fair. But such disproportionate responses, I think, result more from the senior-respecting Confucious culture than from male chauvinism.

    And the male dominant tendency is easily found prevalent in western countries, as seen in positive repsonse from western media outlets for the former State Secretary Condolizza Rice’s accession to a male-exclusive club.

    The bottom line is that more emphasis shoud be on age than gender.

  • Paul M

    There is absolutely no excuse for this. Even a dumb fat white waygook like me can find a public toilet in the Seoul subway system while three sheets to the wind.

    The general state of public toilets here are actually quite good. Sure, some of them have a pungent aroma but I’ve experienced far worse in other countries; an overnight train to Yekaterinburg – Russia which consisted of a hole that had been clawed out of the carriage floor that you had to straddle over while the tracks whizzed by underneath being the most memorable one.

    It’s not just ‘Pee Man’ either. It’s also the ajjuma’s who stop in the street and whip of their toddler’s pants in order to let them defecate on the side-walk that piss me off too. In any major urban area in Korea there are an abundance of public toilets and I’m disgusted by the fact that some people choose not to use them.


    • Brett Sanbon

      Actually, chronic alcoholism has been known to cause psychosis (schizophrenia/Alzheimer’s). He could have an excuse. If he doesn’t have psychosis, then I would agree that there is no good excuse.

      The theory that I like the most is that in his drunken state, he thought he was being sly and was getting away with peeing while no one else knew.

      Regarding ajummas and kids…did that really happen? I’ve never seen a kid pissing or shitting in the street in Korea. Sure, in China its something you don’t even bat an eye too, but I’d imagine Koreans wouldn’t take so kindly to it.

      • Yu Bumsuk

        I don’t think I’ve seen one shitting but I’ve seen heaps pissing, very often aided by an adult. I’ve seen a kindergarten teacher tell her kids – boys and girls – to go piss in the bushes by a gym when there were public toilets less than fifty metres away.

      • Paul M

        I suppose the psychosis brought on by alcohol could excuse him. When I thought about that I suddenly remembered way back when I was at uni one of the guys I shared a dorm with got really drunk one night and peed in his closet.

        Regarding the kids peeing etc. on the street, I must admit it has been a while since I’ve been unfortunate enough to see it happen. Perhaps that behaviour has started to die out? Last time I saw it happen was about a year ago on a busy street in Nampodong – Busan, not far from a Lotteria would you believe it! But when I lived out in the country in a small town of 20,000 people (+ 6 foreigners) it was quite a common sight.

        • Yu Bumsuk

          Just yesterday at 6PM – in a small town of 20,000 people (+ 12 foreigners) – I saw a guy pissing in a park near my school, right around the corner from where my students were hanging out, and less than 100 metres from nice, newly renovated public toilets.

          • Paul M

            Oh, oh, was he talking on his cell phone at the same time too?

  • Yohan

    It is a major problem in Korea that men are allowed to do more than women, and get away with it.

  • adma

    That’t just… Disgusting is not even the apropriate word… But it’s a man, so of course it’s ok, if it was a woman, they would be trying to find her real id asap, and publicly shame her. Women, let’s pee on the subway just to have a comparison…

  • Seanshine

    Do as Koreans do huh? Well I’ll be damned! Pissing on a subway while am giving myself a manni and pedi is unacceptable. Lol

    @Brett Sanbon.. I wouldnt mind the pissing outdoors either if it didnt smell so bad. Stray animals do it all the time, yes, but there is just something about human waste in any form that is just putrid and doesnt sit well with the nostrils.

  • Cleo

    Japanese salary men do this every night of the week!

    Oh, Korea, you are so NOT Japanese. Haha. I don’t care if Kim Sam Soon inexplicably defecated on the street – it’s just a performance!

  • Stories of butts

    Thats nasty.

  • Seanshine

    Watch it CLEO!!! Samsooni is a lady nonetheless! Lol

  • Pj

    Both stories are stupid and in fact not stories let alone news. A drunk fool pissing on a train could happen in any country, young girls painting their nails also not news or worthy of anything except baiting Bryson fools who hate western people to write ill conceived message, displaying their arrogance and general assholeness.

  • leo

    maybe he was drunk and needed to pee somewhere…

  • agentX

    Where does this guy think this is? San Francisco???

  • Vincent

    Peeing inside the subway is more shocking and disggusting than many of the “ladygates” stories i have seen posted here.
    But i guess that if the peeing person was actually a woman, things would have been a little bit different, with overflowing comments like:” women nowadays are no good!!”, ” Busan women staying true to themselves” bla blah blah

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