Mangate: ‘Pee Man’ Urinates on Subway

'Pee Man' urinates in subway

Although the (in)famous Ladygate far out-strips her rival sex Mangate when it comes to taking the subway stage, a new combatant, ‘Wee Man on Line 4’ was photographed in the act of urinating in a Seoul subway carriage two nights ago.

But here’s the twist: the story has not-yet reached Ladygate-esque levels of  disproportionate netizen attention but, in the interest of balance, we at koreaBANG feel it can’t help but to remind our readers that, among all those ‘Ladygates’, ‘Mangates’ are getting away with more than their fair share of public debauchery.

Netizens on all major portal sites showed a muted response to the news, leaving no comments at the time of writing. Although the discussion originally began in Korean forums, it seems to have made little waves in the media. We’ve chosen to publish this as part of the trending Ladygate series, but will koreaBANG readers show an equally muted response?

From: Naver

He pulled his trousers down… ‘Metro Pee Man’ Shockingly appears

‘Metro Pee Man’ shockingly appears.

On the 26th, a message on a forum saying ‘a guy unzipped his trousers and peed on the subway’ with a picture showing a man urinating was posted on a portal site.

The netizen who posted the message said ‘On line 4 of the Seoul metro on the night of the 25th at around 10pm, I got on the metro heading to Oido Station when I heard the sound of flowing water coming from somewhere. When I looked up, I saw a guy with his trousers down, doing his thing’.

'Pee Man' urinates in subway

‘It was one of those incidents that I didn’t even want to believe was happening before my eyes. Even if you’re really drunk, this surely isn’t the done thing’ said the netizen, reacting to Metro Wee Man’s mad act.

'Pee Man' urinates in subway

The netizen saw Wee Man do his wee then get off at Nowon station and change trains to line 7, then reported the senseless act with a message to Seoul Metro’s customer service centre, along with a picture showing the spot where Wee Man urinated.

Netizens have been up in arms, saying ‘the metro is a public transportation system, not a public toilet’, ‘even if alcohol is the enemy, we should observe a bit of public decency here’, ‘it’s too dirty’ and ‘even kids do their thing in the toilet. You’re disgracing the nation’.

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