Anti-Korean Sentiment in Taiwan Blamed on ‘Yellow Journalism’


During the latest WBC (World Baseball Classic) match between Korea and Taiwan, netizens spotted a plethora of anti-Korean banners being waved by Taiwanese baseball fans, and were insensed by a controversy surrounding a Taiwanese commentator who cried after Taiwan’s defeat against Korea, allegedly calling Koreans ‘Kimchi’.

Some social commentators blame irresponsible East Asian media outlets for fueling antagonism between regional neighbours, and the tabloid nature of East Asian online news portals and communities that give disproportionate coverage to otherwise small issues (Korean netizens have been perplexed at increasingly strong anti-Korean sentiment from Taiwan over the last few years.).

In the below article, baseball journalist and blogger Park Dong-hee criticised the ‘yellow journalism’ in East Asian media yet, ironically, he himself was heavily criticised by Korean netizens for the ‘Statiz incident’ (whereby one of his articles allegedly led to the closure of a popular free Korean baseball statistics website, Statiz).

From Naver:

[Park Dong-hee’s WBC Mail Bag] Japanese and Taiwanese Yellow Journalism that tainted the WBC festival

Q. Team Korea failed to advance to the second round of the third World Baseball Classic (WBC). Many baseball fans who expected good results were dissapointed. What’s more hurtful is the incomprehensible attitude of some Taiwanese baseball fans. They were holding banners saying ‘bangda gaoli’. I learned it means ‘beat Koreans with a stick’. In that banner, a Taiwanese player in a tank is running over a Korean player with a napa cabbage face. I was upset and wonder why Taiwanese fans were supporting their team irrationally like that in the WBC, a festival for international baseball fans. I want to know the true reason.


A. There is a saying that ‘a person changes when he wears a military uniform’. It means no matter how decent you are in society, you become a totally different person when you wear a military uniform. I don’t think it disparages the military but just reminds that people behave differently according to the circumstances they are put in.

You can see that in Taiwan. I was deeply impressed many times by their kindness when I visited Taiwan to report on the WBC. Hallyu [the Korean Wave] is popular in Taiwan, and most Taiwanese people can even cite many Korean celebrity names. However, when it comes to baseball, they seem to become totally different people.

As we’ve seen many times in the past, when Taiwanese people enter a baseball stadium and especially if their opponent is Korea, they show strong hostility beyond patriotism. This WBC match was not different. ‘Bangda gaoli’ was just mild. There was even a banner that says ‘kill Koreans’, and some fans brought portraits of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with them.







Taiwan’s ‘anti-Korean’ sentiment is well-known. It seems they have mixed feelings toward Korea because Korea, who they once thought was behind them, achieved rapid economic development and emerged as an Asian economic powerhouse. Above all, it seems they still feel betrayed because Korea abruptly cut off diplomatic ties with Taiwan without notice in 1992 in order to establish diplomatic relations with China, as in a spy movie.

I personally think Taiwan’s below-par media plays an important role in promoting the anti-Korean phenomena in Taiwan. It was a newspaper company who distributed the ‘bangda gaoli’ banners. Some Taiwanese media outlets have poured out malicious reports related to Korea during this WBC period.

One example is the article that claimed the Korean team blamed Taiwan’s food and weather for their poor performance.

Taiwanese reporters kept asking Korean team coach Ryu Jung-il whether the Korean team’s slump was because of Taiwan’s food and weather, which was a leading question. The coach replied, ‘We are eating and sleeping well. The weather here isn’t bad. It’s just regretful that we lost to the Netherlands.’

However, Taiwanese media intentionally ignored Ryu’s comment and for some reason only put out articles that claim ‘Koreans blamed Taiwan’s food and weather for their slump.’ One of Taiwan’s biggest portal sites, Yahoo Kimo, hosted only such articles and mislead readers to believe that the Korean team disparaged Taiwan.

Predictably, Taiwanese baseball fans, who were agitated by the article, showed anger toward the Korean team and their online communities were flooded with Korea-bashing comments. Taiwanese media skillfully used the nature of the internet where many people take rumors that sound plausible at face value.

Japanese media wasn’t different. A Japanese media company NEWS PostSeven directly quoted the Taiwanese article and even advised the Korean team to ‘have at least minimal respect for the opponent team who did their best’.

What’s interesting is that Taiwanese and Japanese media go hand in hand.

On March 8th, Taiwan and Japan had a great WBC round 2 match that went into extra innings in Tokyo Dome. After this match, Taiwanese media happily reported that ‘Japanese baseball circles praised Taiwan’s great performance’.

They were touched even by the fact that some Japanese media called Taiwan ‘Taiwan’. In fact, major Japanese media outlets have used ‘Chinese Taipei’ as the official name of Taiwan. Taiwanese people might as well like the use of ‘Taiwan’.

However, Korean media have always used ‘Taiwan’ in any occasion. That’s a fact. Even after diplomatic relations were severed, Korean media used ‘Taiwan’ which implies independence instead of ‘Chinese Taipei’ that means Taiwan is one region of China. It feels a bit regrettable that they are moved by Japan’s quirky use of ‘Taiwan’ but have not much feelings about Korea’s consistent use of ‘Taiwan’.

Also, the Taiwanese media must be clearly aware of the praises many Korean media sent to Team Taiwan after round 1.

Before the match with Taiwan, some Japanese media put a focus on a netizen’s suggestion that Japanese baseball fans should express gratitude to Taiwanese people visiting the Tokyo Dome for Taiwan’s relief aid effort after the Tohoku earthquake. The situation is straightfoward.

When the Tohoku earthquake happened in 2011, Taiwan ran a nationwide donation campaign to help the disaster areas in Japan. A Japanese netizen recalling it suggested to not use any sign that would agitate the Taiwanese team but instead to express their gratitude. This was brought to attention by some Japanese media.

Upon such reports from Japanese media, Taiwan was once again moved and their major media excitedly commented that ‘this is the true meaning of sports’.

However, as you know, the Korean public as well as corporates also donated for Japan. It’s known that Korea even donated a few times more than Taiwan. [Ed. This is incorrect. Whilst both South Korea and Taiwan collected record amounts of domestic donations for the disaster relief, Taiwan donated more than any other country: (source 1, source 2)] I haven’t heard any Japanese netizens or media recalling it and campaigning to express gratitude for Korea. Anyways.

Sports media should also keep ‘fair play’ and ‘sportsmanship’ in mind to promote friendship and harmony between countries, which is the true meaning of sport events.

Comments from Naver:


As if Korean media has very high standards and there is no yellow press in Korea? I’m talking about YOU, Mr. Writer.


Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke, what about Korean tabloids? ke ke ke ke, they are still delusional and hung up about the whole ‘pool of death’ thing, ke ke ke


Blabbermouth [nickname of Park Dong-hee], if you just keep quiet, you won’t get bashed as least. ㅡㅡ


Pot calling the kettle black. ㅡ,.ㅡ As if our press has high standards, tsk tsk.


Taiwan disparaged Korea with malicious reports when Korea was hosting the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Summer Olympics even before diplomatic relations were severed. They should stop using that as an excuse. They have stronger sino-centrism than mainlanders. Their politicians and media have been using Korea as a scapegoat, stirring up anti-Korean sentiments.


A female announcer cried saying the World Cup was ruined because Korea advanced to the semi final in 2002. It was the greatest comedy ever, ke ke ke.


Our media doesn’t sink as low as the Taiwanese media. Japanese media is busy turning their people to the right. If you want to compare the media in these three countries, Taiwanese media hits the rock bottom. They can’t even go any lower. In Japan, the government is distorting history…


I would’ve just nodded if it was an article from Park Dong-hee writing for Sports 2.0 but I’m cynical about articles from Park ‘Pele’ as a Naver power blogger now.


I logged on just to write this comment after several years. The article was good. I agreed with it but then I noticed it was written by Park Dong-hee while reading comments. As soon as I realized it was actually written by him, I couldn’t help but think – ‘Pot calling the kettle black. What are you gonna do about Statiz, you blabbermouth~’


Trash journalists are a problem anywhere…


Now Park Dong-hee is talking about yellow journalism…


Our media isn’t better but it is true that island janggaes and waenoms hit it off. Taiwanese say ‘thank you, master~’ to Japan wagging their tail for colonizing their country and making them well off as a result. Waenoms have good feelings about such Taiwan, the only country friendly to Japan in East Asia.


Tearing and burning the Korean flag was inexcusable, island janggaes.


I don’t feel anything no matter what crazy shit Taiwan does…


There are many *** writing comments brainlessly. Is Korea’s beef with Japan the same as Taiwan’s beef with Korea? When did Korea ever colonise Taiwan, rape their women and call them prostitutes? For severing diplomatic relations? It was Korea who remained loyal until the end. Japan cut their diplomatic ties with Taiwan very early. Taiwan’s mentality is simply trashy. They go apeshit because we are doing better than them and we don’t care about them. The diplomatic reason is just a front. The real reason is their inferiority complex.


What’s the matter? Who cares about island janggaes? Only a backward Japanese colony in South East Asia.


Does anybody know Taiwan’s self-proclaimed name is the ‘Republic of China’? Most people in the world don’t even call them Taiwan, let alone ROC. Many people don’t even know their existence. In the Olympics or Asian Games, their official name is ‘Chinese Taipei’. It is a pitiful place. You have to win after all.


It seems Taiwan does have a weird inferiority complex against Korea. It was Korea who didn’t switch diplomatic relations to China until the last…


Jajang spirit doesn’t go away~ Japanese monkeys and janggaes are poor creatures who should disappear~


Just what I’d expect from island janggaes, ke ke.

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  • 1029384756

    Classic East Asian blind hatred. If they could all just stop hating each other and work together they could truly surpass the West as the ‘cool kids’

    • ddd

      We Asians are just too fucking stupid.

      Hey at least the Taiwanese and Japanese seems close.

      United in hatred

      • Dengyu


    • Korea1Disqus1

      taiwan is not east asia…….. taiwan is southeast asia ………….

  • the other guy

    Yellow Sofa?

  • RaphaeI

    “Is Korea’s beef with Japan the same as Taiwan’s beef with Korea? When did Korea ever colonise Taiwan, rape their women and call them prostitutes? For severing diplomatic relations? It was Korea who remained loyal until the end. Japan cut their diplomatic ties with Taiwan very early. Taiwan’s mentality is simply trashy. They go apeshit because we are doing better than them and we don’t care about them. The diplomatic reason is just a front. The real reason is their inferiority complex.”

    This is an interesting comment. Koreans should realize that Japanese colonization of Taiwan was not as harsh as in Korea, mainly because Taiwan was a new frontier that the Japanese could mold in their image, whereas Korea is an ancient country with an ancient culture that the Japanese had to extinguish before rebuilding. I do understand where the Koreans are coming from, it must be frustrating to see their fellow ‘colony-buddy’ turn on them at the prodding of their former masters.

    • basicx

      “it must be frustrating to see their fellow ‘colony-buddy’ turn on them at the prodding of their former masters.”

      I just want to point out that most Koreans know very little about Taiwan and most likely don’t care that they were a former colony. The reasons why Koreans are frustrated and annoyed is because this Korea hate from Taiwan came out of no where.

      • commander

        To the extent many South Koreans are little knowledgeable about Taiwan, as many Taiwanese remain little ignorant of South Korea.

        Although the two have been praised for their rapid economic growtj after WWII, the mutual indifference among peoples in the two seems to add more fuel to slanders to each other.

    • commander

      Japan appears to appreciate the strategic importance of its relationship with Taiwan in checking a rising China in cooperation with the United States.

      Militarily, Taiwan’s location is often compared to a sword directed at Beijing–a geopolitical trait that the United States also are well aware of.

      For the US Japan alliance, the island also serves to preclude China’s projection of its military sinews into South Chininese Sea inan armed conflict.

  • chucky3176

    Japan broke off their diplomatic relations in 1972. When the French broke off their diplomatic relations, they sent in the riot cops, beat the crap out of Taiwanese diplomats, and kicked them out of France. The US, Britain, Germany, and just about every major nations of the world broke off the diplomatic relations with Taiwan, decades earlier than South Korea.

    Now here’s the beauty of a secret that Taiwanese don’t have a clue because their leaders do not tell them the truth. It wasn’t South Korea that broke off the diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It was Taiwan who broke off the relations with South Korea in 1992.

    In 1992, South Korea was negotiating with the PRC to normalize the ties between the two nations. Taiwan took exception to South Korea negotiating with Taiwan’s enemy, and demanded South Korea stop talking to the PRC. But as you know, just about major nations had recognized the PRC as China, which made South Korea very difficult to ignore when all the world’s businesses were going to China. South Korea got caught in the middle of the China conflict, between Taiwan and PRC. This was due to the fact that both China and PRC had one country policy where both parties refused to recognize each other and each declared themselves as the real China. Taiwan became greatly angered at South Korea because South Korea was talking to China, and Taiwan immediately broke off the relations with South Korea.

    So you see, it was Taiwan who broke off the relations first, not South Korea. Yet after over 20 years, Taiwanese are still using this excuse to hate on South Koreans. Why? Because there isn’t enough excuses to hate on South Korea, other than Taiwanese making things up – whether they be phony accusations that Koreans are teaching that Confucius was a Korean or that Chinese writings were Korean origin, and other steady stream of rumors spread on-line in Japan, Taiwan, and China.

    • ddd

      Fuck the KMT

    • Dont think I wont correct your “mistakes”- south korea wanted to normalize relations with the north, so to mollycoddle their northern brethren SK abandoned anti communist policies, recognized PRC (who helped SK get UN membership by withdrawing their objections),also then president Roh Tae Woo even confiscated property of taiwan’s embassy and transferred it to china. Is it possible for you to understand that such actions would anger anyone-confiscating one’s rightful property ? Please dont try to bend, hammer and chop history to make yourself feel better. Wiki it if you think im lying. Things are as they are, we should accept the truth. Though Taiwanese should not get carried away over a small game -disfiguring another country’s flag means insulting a whole nation – is that how citizens of a developed nation should behave ? I also admire that many naver commentators pointed out Park Dong Hee’s hypocrisy.

      • chucky3176

        Ill Kim, France, when they kicked out the Taiwanese (I mean literally), they confiscated the Taiwan property and gave them to the PRC, which is only natural because the recognition of China is now the PRC. So did all the other countries who recognized the PRC and cut off diplomacy with Taiwan. What are you supposed to do with the buildings when a country is stripped of its international recognition? Why is Korea being singled out for doing something that everyone else did? And South Korea wasn’t the one who cut off the ties, it was TAIWAN. South Korea was the last country standing that still had ties with Taiwan. Actually, Singapore did the same, few months later, but no hatred towards them from Taiwanese that you’ll find anywhere. Unbelievable. And Korea was the only one who tried everything they did to soften Taiwan’s feelings, by giving Taiwanese diplomats in Seoul embassy, several days to pack up and leave. No other country gave the Taiwanese that much time and patience, and apologies to them. Instead, the Taiwanese refused to leave, and ended up desecrating the place. Is this the kind of reason that’s even justified for Taiwan’s hate towards Koreans? I really don’t think so. Did Koreans murder Taiwanese? Did Koreans colonized Taiwan? Did Koreans put Taiwanese in prisons? Did Koreans invaded Taiwan? Did Koreans steal Taiwanese land?

        • No France never “kicked out the Taiwanese” & “confiscated the Taiwan property”. Yes, as you say, they recognised the Prc and cut off relations with taiwan. Actually France refused to accept the PRC’s “one china ” policy-they did have a backbone, they weren’t violent with the taiwanese – if im wrong help me ,cite your source on this point . I agree with you that you cant single out SK for recognizing PRC like everyone else. No mistake of South korea there at all ! SK HAD TO TAKE THAT STEP, when even all the western powers did it long before SK. I also agree with you that my previous point about SK confiscating taiwan’s embassy is moot. But It was you who said that “Taiwan first broke relations with SK” for recognizing PRC, making it seem its all taiwan’s fault. RECOGNIZING PRC IS NOT A ONE STEP PROCESS – THE OTHER STEP IS TO THEN CUT OFF RELATIONS WITH TAIWAN. Those two steps are NOT mutually exclusive. So what can taiwan do if SK officially ignores it ? Anyway its you who claims that somehow taiwan is “angry” with SK for that. I dont believe that- where is the proof that taiwan still has resentment after 20 years ? . Again as you’ve said its more to do with business rivalry-SK and taiwan compete in many many similar fields. BTW Terry Gou said ” Unlike Koreans they (the japs) will not hit you from behind” How did you interpret that as ” Koreans are dirty back stabbers ” Terry Gou -although his statement was regrettable was not talking about the entire populace of SK, he was expressing his frustration at samsung for ratting out his company in front of the European Commission. You are right, “kill taiwan” strategy is not proved at all but samsung & Lg, in a very synchronized manner cancelled all ongoing & future display orders from cheaper taiwanese suppliers. Finally this is just a few kids with raging hormones behaving like lunatics, didnt SK soccer fans behave in a similar manner in a 2002 world cup match against germany with placards of “die nazi players” and “die miroslav klose”. My point is how can you blame a whole country for the misdeeds of a few drunk youngsters ? I dont think taiwan hates koreans-also htc had to close shop and leave SK while samsung and lg merrily sell phones in taiwan. I agree samsung is way superior to htc tech wise, but htc too has its merits-its not such complete trash to be ignored wholesale by koreans. Lastly I thought you’d be rude & antagonistic but you were actually polite & logical, thanks and i know you love your country, that’s not a crime,admirable actually, but remember others love their countries as well & no country is perfectly evil or good & no country is a complete victim, not in today’s world.

  • ddd

    all media in Asia are fucking shit.

  • Oh, Asia, you never fail to entertain me. And journalism to that.

  • The media is to blame

    • chucky3176

      You are right literally. It was a Taiwanese publication company which printed and handed out the “Kill Gaoli Bangzi” printed materials to the fans. Can you imagine what would happen in the West if let’s say, CNN handed out printed blatantly racist materials with slurs describing the Chinese, to the American fans? Here’s a sample of what kind of media story that Taiwan runs daily, on anti Korean wave.

      “Samsung is trying to kill Taiwan”

      Don’t laugh, Taiwanese take these seriously because they seem to believe all the phony made up stories on Koreans. If there are no materials to work with and make Koreans look bad, don’t worry, Taiwanese will make something up.

      • harvz


      • before the year 1992 was the relation between Taiwan and Korea like this? or this anti-Korean sentiment only occur after the break off of the diplomatic relation between this two country? The first time I read about anti-Korean sentiment by Taiwanese was during a sport event where the female athlete were disqualified for wearing more than allowed sensors. I never find an article about anti-Korean by the Taiwanese on the newspaper unless I go online and search for it, meaning its not really a common knowledge to other non-East Asian. I know of the Korea Chinese and Japanese, but Taiwanese also? I cant figure out why because I am ignorant about Taiwan.

        Other than these why the Taiwanese view Korean in this way? is it rivalry? or history and wrong doing (like Japan plundering Korea for an example)? or they are just following the netouyo fashion?

        • chucky3176

          Most Koreans are surprised that Taiwanese have such a feeling toward Koreans and wonder why they are hated. Historically and geographically, Taiwan and S.Korea never interacted with each other, like Taiwan with China, and S.Korea with Japan. So it’s like Romania hating on South Korea, for some reason. This is what puzzles most Koreans who find out they’re hated in Taiwan. So the only explanation that Koreans can come up is it’s because of 1992. Many Koreans who are familiar with Taiwan (there aren’t that many who know the country), or even care, can only offer the 1992 diplomatic break off as the only possible reason. Those Koreans are Taiwan apologists, saying that Korea back stabbed Taiwan by breaking off the relations. But they don’t realize these:

          1) Most major countries already broke off relations with Taiwan and recognized PRC at that time, in some cases, decades earlier than 1992.

          2) It was Taiwan themselves who broke off the relations, not South Korea. For some reason, Taiwanese felt much greater anger towards South Korea than to others who did the same thing. Why? Because traditionally, as part of a greater Chinese cultural sphere, Taiwan always felt that Taiwan was way more superior than South Korea in terms of culture and economy. How dare the poor little Koreans diss us like this, as if we’re nothing? It must have hurt Taiwanese nationalistic pride greatly that a poorer inferior country would treat us like this, in favor of the PRC. For that, the slap on the face was much greater force to Taiwan, than say if a slap came from a much more superior country like Japan. Insults can be taken much more easily from countries clearly more economically advanced than Taiwan, than from countries that Taiwan thought were beneath them, like Korea.

          3) Koreans who found out for the first time in 2010 (the Taekwondo incident) that they were hated in Taiwan, would be surprised to know that anti-Korean feelings started well before 1992, and going further back to pre-1988, before the Seoul Olympics. At that time, Taiwanese TV and press complained bitterly that South Korea was handed the Olympic games. The Taiwanese press went into overdrive mode, as they were busy running extremely negative stories on S.Korea and asking how can the Olympic committee reward the games to such a fucked up poor country? That goes back to their sense of nationalistic pride that Taiwan is better and the sense of rivalry with South Korea.

          4) Coming to the rivalry now. Taiwanese still refer to the “Four Dragon Economies”, or the “Four Tiger Economies” – referring to the four newly industrialized East Asian countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea) which dominated the economic headlines in the west during the 1980’s and up to mid 1990’s. To Koreans, the “Four Dragon” theme has largely been absent since South Korea went onto an economic upheaval in 1997 to 1999. During the 2000’s, nobody in Korea used the “Four Dragon” term. But in Taiwan, I understand that term is still heavily used. By reading the daily Taiwanese media on South Korea and Taiwan, I get the feeling that Taiwan is going under increasing insecurity that they’re falling further and further behind Korea, just increases their feelings of economic rivalry against Koreans, and pushing the anti Korean feelings even further.

          Today Koreans do not think of Taiwan as a deadly rivalry, nor enemy. Just there is no opinion on Taiwan neither negative or positive period. But lately negative opinions of Taiwanese are creeping up due to the increasing press coverage of Taiwan’s anti Korean feelings in the Korean press. I guess you can say some Koreans are waking up to the noise in Taiwan, and they’re not liking what they’re hearing. Taiwan has only itself to blame. You can push and push and insult so much, without Koreans start getting resentful.

          • I see… thanks for this information.

          • Kind of hard to take that seriously when this article is littered with “짱깨” slurs, not to mention the numerous anti-Chinese remarks you’ve made in the past.

            You can’t be anti-Chinese without offending a culturally and ethnically Chinese country, anymore than you could denounce North Koreans with some Korean-specific cultural/ethnic slur and not expect South Koreans to also take offense.

            “You can push and push and insult so much, without Koreans start getting resentful.”

            My God. That’s practically word-for-word identical to something I said in the past, albeit about you-know-who.

          • chucky3176

            Chinese are far worse when it comes to referring to Koreans as “bangzi”. And it’s no different from Japanese using “chon” words to describes Koreans.

            It’s one thing to use slurs online in anonymously because just about everyone does it, but to really hold up placards and distribute printed materials in public in live person, as the Taiwanese and Japanese?? Yeah right.

          • Sillian

            I think name calling is so common on Asian internet that it’s pointless to argue who’s worse. Those slurs sound kinda cheeky rather than offensive.

          • chucky3176

            Exactly. Attempting to use the slurs which are littered in all East Asian forums, to prove my points are invalid? I guess he can’t dispute my opinion so he has to use the ad hominem attack.

        • mr.wiener

          Japan had 2 kids, one was the golden child who Japan indulged and built a great infastructure for. The other was a red headed stepchild [Korea] who Japan whipped badly everyday whether they deserved it or not.

          • dk2020

            If you’re talking about Taiwan .. yeah, the US and Russia didn’t split up their country and force a civil war where the all of Japan’s infrastructure in Korea was destroyed anyways .. but Taiwan is pro-Japan because they fear the PRC .. if anything South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan should have closer ties to be anti-communist.

          • John Smith

            Laughing at your warped sense of reality, chinks surely are the most interesting creatures. =D

      • wkwrd

        My sincere advice to you (as a native Taiwanese) is, if you really want to make a point by referring to a single news item ever publish by the China Times within the Want Want Group, which is the most pro-china news media on this island, you just lost all the credibility to me.

        • chucky3176

          “single news item”? Does that also include Taiwan media “reporting” on Korean professor at Seoul University who claims Chinese Hanzi writing came from Koreans? What about Terry Guo, president of Hon Hai who claims Koreans are dirty back stabbers? What about the foreign minister of Taiwan who mentioned in 2008, “I want to stab a Korean with a knife and kill them so bad”. What about president of Taiwan in 2011 who claim that Korean are supposedly registering the Chinese Hanzi writing with UNESCO, so Taiwan has to do something quick? What about the Taiwan immigration officer at Taipei who screamed at a Taiwanese wife of a Korean national, telling her she was a whore for marrying him and that Koreans are inferior race? What about scores of Taiwanese press in 2010, fanning the anti Korean flag protests by blaming the Taekwondo loss to Koreans who had nothing to do with the disqualification of the Taiwanese athlete?
          What about all the taxis in Taiwan with “no Koreans” signs in their windows? The list goes on.

          • wkwrd

            and yet I bet you should already know better that of all the news items you just mindlessly threw around, which ones are true events and which else are just freaking rumors to just make Koreans looked bad.
            Hey,I know Google is nice and convenient place to get ancient news that can somehow make your argument seems stronger but you aren’t addressing my question: why would you trust a Chinese news source that even most of us didn’t ever take it seriously?

          • John Smith

            But… do you have a life? Taiwanese like you are just just like those zombies on the movies, never get tired of hating with your INFERIORITY COMPLEX. get over it, son.

          • mr.wiener

            Seriously, there are taxis with “No Koreans” signs in Taiwan? Do you have a link for this?

  • harvz

    Pretty disgraceful that they can show those signs with impunity. I wonder how many more level headed Taiwanese spectators stopped and said ”hey, you’re being dicks.”

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Seems every time I turn my head, another Asian nation is mad at another Asian nation for some reason or other.

    It’s like Europe 70 years ago, but not as violent…yet.

    • Ahee

      I know. It’s like the aftermath of WWII. Ima Korean BTW. We hate the Japanese as much as the French hated the Nazi Germans.

      China – British
      Japan – Nazi Germans
      Korea – French
      Taiwan – Fascist Italians

  • commander

    The inflammatory signs held by some Taiwanese escalate the reaction of South Koreans who think Taiwanese accuasations are groundless.

    The severance of Taiwan’s diplomatic relations with other countries that switched to the recognition of the communist China illustrated Taiwanese diplomatic failure, for which Taiwan had only itself to blame.

  • Isaac

    Stay classy, chinese taipei.

  • Butsu

    Are Taiwanese people forced to write “Chinese Taipei” on their signs as well? As far as I know the majority of them hate that name. Anyway, my Taiwanese friends all said that the newspaper do stuff like this a lot, it’s mostly for pageviews or just to cause controversy. But then again so does every single newspaper latetly. Guess it only stoops to this low level in Asia (as far as I have seen).

    • I know no Taiwanese who would identify as living in “Chinese Taipei”. Makes you wonder if the people sitting in the audience are the same nationalist idiots that want to erect KMT/PRC flags on the Diaoyu (something that I haven’t ever seen anyone support, yet they made headlines).

      It certainly seems so if they really identify themselves with HTC – a Taiwanese, but very pro-China company.

      • Brett

        Please look at the 4th picture in the series. It clearly reads “Go Chinese Taipei!” Making the excuse that they are mainlanders is too convenient.

        • Right. My point was only that they don’t seem to be average Taiwanese if they proudly identify as Chinese Taipei. I’m not trying to blame it on mainlanders, but these guys seem to be confused beyond what can be explained with Yellow Journalism :)

      • wkwrd

        Since when is HTC ever been pro-china? Please enlighten me.

        • Sorry, I’ve added a link and explained what I was trying to imply. I’m probably paying too much attention to that CEO’s 中國人的品牌 comment, which has caused some outrage on Facebook around me (and then again when a gov’t politician asked for public support of HTC just shortly after her statement).

          All politics aside, HTC is of course still the best brand Taiwan had in the last time.

          • wkwrd

            lol, she is just playing with the ambiguous defination of “中國人(Chinese)”, when it can be defined by ethical (like, 98% of people here in Taiwan is of descendant from China pre-WW2) or national (PRC, the communist country in China) to please the China people over there.

            We certainly don’t agree with her about that blatant statement, and we don’t oppose we can be referred as Chinese as well, however, more and more people nowadays prefer to use the term ‘Taiwanese’ to describe us :)

      • wkwrd

        Under the China Communist Party’s policy (to ban us from the world) and their influence to the international community, why would you think we don’t like the idea to declare ourselves as a Chinese from ROC? It’s not like we didn’t tried before, and the name “Chinese Taipei” is nothing short of a compromise.

  • TheKorean

    Island Chinese will always be same as Japanese.

    • mr.wiener

      Nah, we could never be that fastidious.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Taiwan is a disgrace to the Chinese people.

    • mr.wiener

      Oh, I think the Chinese people can disgrace themselves very well without Taiwan to help them.
      Seriously though apart from some BS about encouraging people to “Eat Kimchee tonight” during the match I was unaware of any of this. I took it all to be lighthearted oneupsmanship in dubious taste.

  • Sillian

    There will probably be no effective stop to foul media if they are heavily affiliated with politics or just desperate for one more pageview and one more penny. It’s all on individual netizens’ shoulders to smarten themselves up.

  • nqk123

    we can all agree. Chinese hate Japanese and Korean, Japanese hate Chinese and Korean, Korean hate Chinese and Japanese.

    • Max

      Chinese don’t have a problem with Koreans. Not sure about the other way around though.

  • PixelPulse

    Do every Asian country hate each other in some way? This is a bit ridiculous at how far it can go sometimes.

  • ChuckRamone

    What about Taiwanese who have immigrated to America? Do a lot of them hate Koreans too?

  • dk2020

    East Asia has a long way to go in terms of tolerance and racism .. but at least most of this bs doesn’t turn violent .. there really needs to be a anti-racism movement ..

  • dk2020

    Taiwan dominated the little league world series for awhile in the 70’s and 80’s
    so there is a history of nationalism behind baseball ..I’m happy the Dominicans won the WBC ..

  • wkwrd

    Ok…looks like the Taiwanese hate here is getting out of hand with those rumors and there’s something I need to clearfy from my living experience…

    What do Taiwanese hate about S. Korea?
    1. The Korean sport referees, with the possibility of bias to favor a Korean contestant over anyone else.
    2. Samsung. not LG, Hyundai, or other Korean chaebol for this matter but only Samsung , with it’s notoriously bullying practice for competiting on many sectors against companies (not just Taiwanese ones I know, but we hurt the most) and for purchasing components from Taiwanese company (like Microsoft’s Embrace, Extend, Extinguish policy over small companies)
    3. The 1992 diplomacy relationship event between ROC and ROK, but that’s too far-feched even to our generation. So now it’s only the above 2.

    All else reported from the media are simply not true, or are actually the hates from China and are needed to take with a pinch of salt. Even we Taiwanese don’t buy the ‘Korean Origin anything’ anymore.

    So that’s the reason why the Korean hate can go all over the place on the sport field (who doesn’t support their national team and trash the opponent team anyway? We do the same when we’re against Chinese or Japanese, and the slogans can be just as ugly) but that doesn’t mean like there will be a riot aftermatch and that never happened anyway, and we have only God to thank for.

    • Sillian

      I think that’s a reasonable comment from a Taiwanese perspective. Could you briefly shed some light on Taiwanese politics? KMT, DPP, 外省人, 內省人, etc.

      • chucky3176

        I mean, how the hell do you explain this?

        Crying over a baseball game, because they want to beat South Korea so bad?

        This is normal?

        • Sillian

          There is obviously some sort of ‘paranoia’ over there but they are only human… Cut them some slack…

        • wkwrd

          haha…I remember that funny scene. And I believe the reporter’s intention is more to blame ourselves than anything else. The problem is that Taiwanese’s baseball environment have been on a downhill for like a decade or so after the number of Illegal gambling scandels…too bad some people feel the need spin it differently (yes, the Taekwondo hate didn’t fade away yet)

        • Christopher Walker

          HA ya’ll should know there is no crying in baseball!

      • wkwrd

        That’s a fairly big topic…

    • chucky3176

      1. Korean sports authority? The only ones who are influential are world Taekwondo federation. Taekwondo is a very minor sports, and even most Koreans could care less (maybe other than during the Olympics). The 2010 controversy during the East Asian games had nothing to do with a Korean competitor. The one who benefited from Taiwanese female disqualification were the Chinese. Where was the outrage against China?

      2. Samsung has got their hands full trying to compete with Apple, why would they even care about Hon Hai and waste their time to try to kill it? When Terry Guo of Hon Hai says Japanese don’t stab people in the back like the Gaori Bangzi’s, then it’s really difficult not to acknowledge that racial slurs are not just against Samsung. Can you really blame the Koreans for taking it personally?

      3. Farfetched yes, but believe it or not, ask the Taiwanese and you often still hear about 1992. So obviously it’s still a big factor.

      Yes, granted, there’s always a few idiots in the stands that make the entire country look bad. That happens everywhere. But the line is crossed when the Taiwanese media companies encourage the poor behavior by handing out offensive materials full of slurs to the public, and the entire stadium full of people are flying disgusting banners, not just one or two, but everywhere in the stadium. I really don’t believe that the Taiwanese act like that against any other teams. I did not hear any booing when the Japanese national anthem was playing, like I did when the Korean national anthem was playing. I did not see a sea of racist and bigoted placards all over the stadium when Japan was playing Taiwan. Instead it was the complete opposite, there were nothing but love affair banners for Japanese team. And weren’t there kind words going back and forth between Taiwanese and Japanese netizens, while the Taiwanese were barking at Koreans for whatever transgressions they supposedly committed?

      Koreans don’t think of the Taiwanese as a sports rival, nor even an economic rival. It’s only Taiwan who think both countries are some big bad rivals of one another. There are hardly a story on Taiwan in the Korean media. It’s a country largely invisible in South Korea. If Taiwanese want to compete better in the world markets, it’s counterproductive to just continue to fling mud at the country that don’t think of Taiwan as a big rival. It’s not going to help with anything.

    • harvz

      “with it’s notoriously bullying practice for competiting on many sectors against companies”

      That’s called business.

  • OMG

    Oh well, the Koreans hates the Japanese, the Chinese hate the Japanese, the Taiwanese hates the Koreans, we all hate each other, so let’s lock a Chinese guy, a Taiwanese guy, a Korean guy and a Japanese guy in the octagon and let them go at it….

    • That was practiced in China and is called “gu” (蠱) magic…

  • nintendo-nerd

    Taiwanese are so fucking pathetic; they kiss the ass of Americans and Japan, because they are so scared of a Mainland invasion.
    Yet, these Taiwanese are trying to act all “hard and tough” with their anti-Korean shit, get the fuck outta here.

    Funny thing about Taiwanese; they will call themselves “Chinese” when they feel they are being bullied by another country, and then deny being Chinese in front of other foreigners. Make up your fucking mind already.

    Little Taiwan island wouldn’t stand a chance against the Mainland, letalone Korea.
    Now, go back to kissing the ass of USA.

    • mr.wiener

      Pucker up buttercup.

  • chucky3176

    This article, and dozens like it that appears in Taiwan media daily, is symptomatic of what is wrong with Taiwan’s strange fixation on South Korea as their biggest rival.

    It’s like Taiwanese secretly admire some of Korea’s accomplishments, yet at the same time, they don’t have the courage to say anything good about Korea. Why beat yourself on the head for winning 2 medals in the Olympics, compared to 28 won by Korea? If Taiwan wants to compete better with other competitors, then they should stop being fixated with their competitors and start looking at themselves to see what they can do to improve. Showing irrational hatred on the competitor and excessively over blowing them as a big rival, isn’t going to magically improve Taiwan’s position.

  • KCdude

    An ordinary Korean citizen is just a decent person who doesn’t want to do any harm to others. I hope the Taiwanese public could criticize the conservative politicians here who are often inhumane. I want to say this in advance. Everybody around the world has rights to ignore and deny the existence of progressive politicians in this peninsular country. I want to say the world needs more peace by opposing negative emotions.

  • jon776

    At least they censored “fuck samsung”.

  • Eidolon

    Normally I don’t butt into the circle jerk that is chucky and his Korean nationalist friends bashing other countries, but this is a great opportunity to talk about the pyschological neurosis presently affecting East Asia.

    Case study: chucky is the guy who, time and again on the Koreansentry forum on which he is staff, has lashed out against other East Asian countries with supreme condescension and bigotry. Just recently, he posted that –

    ‘The British gave civilization to Hong Kong. No surprise there.

    Japanese gave half a civilization to Taiwan. No surprise there.

    Summary: colonial rule is better for the Chinese, so long as they aren’t ruling themselves.’

    Thereby justifying Japanese colonialism against Taiwan and indicating that the Chinese / Taiwanese are better off being colonized. This is no aberration, as he and his cohorts regularly partake in massive circle jerks about how Chinese / Taiwanese are slaves and ought to be treated as such.

    To which end – is chucky not a Korean? Does he not attempt to represent the Korean view on forums and blogs across the internet? This netizen’s comments make up a huge chunk of the posts under Koreabang and Japancrush. Further, he loves to use the imperious ‘we’ / third person ‘Koreans’ whenever giving his own opinions about other countries. Thus, it is fair to say that he tries, at the very minimum, to be a spokesman for the Korean side.

    In that case, surely he understands that the image he presents directly affects the perception of Koreans, and that as such, just as he was ‘deeply affected’ by the Japanese 2chaners and other neotuyos to hate all Japanese, millions of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese netizens are ‘deeply affected’ by him and his ilk to hate all Koreans. In the end, hatred begets hatred, so why, indeed, is he so surprised?

    It’s not rocket science, chucky. Do onto others what you would they do onto you. Though of course, for those of us familiar with psychology, your issue – that of a person with a victim complex who also happens to be a victimizer – is a very common one. It’s called the ‘cycle of violence’ in literature, which though applied normally to physical violence, goes just as well for verbal and written violence. It is not an easy cycle to escape, and indeed has to be treated by a psychologist / caregiver in the bulk of cases. Unfortunately, I believe that in your case and that of your fellow ultra-nationalists, it is already too late – you’ve already grown too used to it, too addicted to looking up Korea bashers on the internet and then responding in the exact same way but in the opposite direction. You are no longer capable of pulling yourself out of the cycle, nor of escaping its negative feedback loop.

    • To Eidolon

      Chinese Taipei netizen: I have seen this behavior time and again from this wannabe-“country,” and it comes from their anger about being a fake, unrecognized “country” and being diplomatically isolated. So all their frustrations and anger manifests itself in the form of hatred against South Korea for breaking diplomatic relations, because there really are no bad consequences, in their minds, for such behavior. Whereas, if they were to be equally nasty against the US or Japan (which also broke diplomatic relations with Chinese Taipei decades ago, a fact these Chinese Taipei netizens seem to conveniently forget) or even China, in their view, the consequences could be bad. In the US, they have a potential “savior” against perceived aggression from Beijing. In Japan, they have a US ally which is wealthy and could take a potential secondary role if there was ever US military action against China. Some Chinese Taipei citizens actually praise Japan for colonizing them. If they were to act this way against China, well, China is a country that could finally claim your little island as its province, as its possession, with devastating force. They are scared to death of China. At the end of the day, does Chinese Taipei really matter? South Koreans don’t think about them or even consider them relevant. They can continue sucking up to the Japanese, wishing for the glorious days of being Japan’s colony, and wanting to be colonized a second time around. Only this time, it will be P.R. China that will be their master.

      • Eidolon

        No matter how much you wish them to be, Taiwanese are not monolithic. Taiwanese of the DPP pro-independence variant are far nastier to mainland Chinese than they are to Koreans, while at the same time there are plenty of KMT nationalists who are angry and resentful towards the Japanese. In spite of the stereotype among Korean ultra-nationalists that Taiwanese love Imperial Japan, there are few Taiwanese I have personally met who support Japanese colonialism. The bulk of those who do use the Japan card only to score against their opponents, ie the KMT and pro-unificationists, and not because they love being tread underfoot. Korea haters are only one segment of the complex Taiwanese society, and while not all of their beefs against Korea are legitimate, nor is it the case that none of them are. At the end of the day, Korean nationalism is itself virulent and easily produces distaste in others.

        This is lost on people such as yourself, of course, because you are preoccupied with having an enemy against which to perpetuate the cycle of abuse.

        • chucky3176

          “Korea haters are only one segment of the complex Taiwanese society”

          BULL SHIT. The Taiwan opinion polls says otherwise.

          ” At the end of the day, Korean nationalism is itself virulent and easily produces distaste in others.”

          Korean nationalism is virulent, but the disgusting display of unprovoked hate by Taiwanese is “complex”. I see what your nationality is – PRC Chinese from province of Taiwan.

          • Eidolon

            You mistake address for invitation. I am not interested in participating in the cycle of violence and hypocrisy that you and your fellow nationalists represent, chucky. As I said, to you all of this is a hobby and an addiction, an online battle field on which you vent your wounded pride and frustration at other nationalists, wholly ignorant to your own contributions to the neurosis. It reminds me greatly of an addled cocaine user who returns time and again to the substance of his abuse, hating it with all his might and yet unable to live without it. It would be cliche to say that you are blinded by hate, but the fact is you are unable to take a step back and to see yourself in the meta narrative.

            It is thus that you make elementary errors such as in your equation of nationalist rivalry and antagonism between countries, a phenomenon universal in East Asia due to economic competition and the exact ethos you follow, with ‘hatred’ towards Koreans. It escapes you that, for example, your purported ‘Taiwanese hatred’ has not prevented mainstream Taiwanese society from buying Korean products, working with Korean businesses, and welcoming Korean tourists, and that nationalist displays during sports tournaments are not only expected but standard in rival countries that subscribe to the collectivist ethos.

            But your biggest blind side remains that you are incapable of conceiving your own role in all this. As I said, venting on the internet about others is surely an addiction for you based on the obsessive behavior you have exhibited on this site and others, and I’m sure that in your mind you’re ‘fighting the right fight.’ Yet what you and your fellow nationalists fail to comprehend is that, outside of the personal satisfaction of being keyboard warriors, ultimately your actions are counterproductive, for they do nothing but inflame and incite, and so reinforce the cycle of violence that characterizes the neurosis between East Asian communities. It is one thing to defend country and community when attacked, but because you actively engage in country and ethnic / race bashing, as I have shown, the overall effect is detrimental to both the perception of Koreans and the relationship of Koreans to others. Thus, the ‘hatred’ between East Asians is magnified and perpetuated by none other than … Yourself.

          • chucky3176

            I suggest you look at the topic.

            “Anti-Korean Sentiment in Taiwan Blamed on ‘Yellow Journalism’

            Koreabang posted this article and invited all to make comments on it.
            Why even have this site or this article if you want to shut down the discussion? I’m flattered that you wasted all that writing to make a long complaint about me , but either address my points or stop posting irrelevant posts.

          • Eidolon

            Because you are a two-faced hypocrite, chucky. You show one face to the mods here, and another on Korean nationalist forums and blogs. There is nothing to be had in a discussion with you because you are not genuine. You make arguments, you reason, but deep down you are motivated by hate, not rational thought. You do not want to solve ‘anti-Korean sentiment’. You exacerbate them. By your own actions, you pollute the environment in which such sentiments exist, leading to their perpetuation, and then turn around and complain hypocritically that it’s all due to the bigotry of others when you are every bit as much of a bigot.

            You are also wrong about the purpose of this site. Koreabang, like Chinasmack and like Japancrush, are not discussion forums. They are sites that present topics popular among Korean, Chinese, and Japanese netizens and which exposes their bigotry in the process. This is a comments section, not a forum.

            Finally, I choose not to ‘address your points’ because there is nothing to address. This is a news post about a Korean Yellow Journalist criticizing Yellow Journalism in other countries, which makes it a perfect opportunity to discuss a Korean ultra-nationalist criticizing ultra-nationalism in other countries, especially because I happen to disagree with the thesis that Yellow Journalism is what causes anti-Korean sentiment.

            You want to know the actual source of anti-Korean sentiment, chucky?

            It’s not Yellow Journalism. It’s people such as yourself.

          • chucky3176

            What “face” am I showing here that is any different from anywhere else? I don’t understand what you accuse me of. I am not playing a popularity contest here. If something pisses me off, I say it, and tell you why by laying down my reasons and rational on why I think that way. If I all of a sudden stopped posting today, the anti-Korean hate fests in Taiwan and Japan will still go on, but only unanswered. Don’t try to blame this on me. I’m sorry if that makes your feelings hurt. End of discussion, I had enough of your whining.

          • Eidolon

            Forget so soon? When you first came to this site, you were warned by mods several times to tone down your nationalism / bigotry / insulting tone. You were called out for using racist slurs on other sites. After that, you changed your posting style and kept your extreme feelings and expressions to yourself. Contrast what I quoted from you elsewhere with how you post here. There’s a big difference, and were you to post in that style here, over and over, you know your stay won’t be long.

            As for ‘the anti-Korean hate will go on’, of course it will, because people such as yourself won’t stop perpetuating the cycle. But don’t mistake yourself for the primary target. I’m using you as an example of a larger phenomenon, which is that Korean nationalists, both online and offline, are the single greatest cause for anti-Korean sentiments today. You want to know what provokes anti-Korean sentiments, yet instead of listening to what people tell you, you form preconceived conclusions about it all being a matter of ‘jealousy, bigotry, conspiracy.’ Of course, this is necessary, because otherwise you would have to deal with the irritating fact of your own responsibility in the matter.

            Don’t get me wrong, chucky. I’m not trying to silence you. I’m simply showing how this cycle works to those with the objectivity and the intelligence to see it. To this end, you are my case study, not my opponent. I am not trying to convince you; I am not trying to convert you; I am not trying to defeat you. I am exposing you and your role in the neurotic cycle of abuse between East Asian countries, which not only prevents them from forming any sort of union in the foreseeable future, but, absent external checks and balances, is ultimately going to drag them each down to the abyss of war.

          • chucky3176

            sigh…. So tired of defending against baseless accusations..

            DISCUSSION OVER.

            Have a good day, sir.

            Now back to the Taiwanese and their hate fests…

          • Christopher Walker

            HAHAHAHA Good day to you SIR bwahahahaha you’re ignorant of how foolish you sound!

          • John Smith

            HAHAHAHA Good day to you SIR bwahahahaha you’re ignorant of how foolish you sound!

            Right on there, Chink buddy. Having fun learning more engrish? Get over that trashy inferiority complex, little chink.

          • To eidolon

            Chinese Taipei nationalist – you are doing the EXACT same thing you are accusing chucky of doing – only you’re trying to disguise it as some sort of legitimate criticism. In what way did South Koreans target the Chinese Taipei nationalists and cause the Chinese Taipei nationalists to become anti-Korean? You are the hypocrite that you accuse chucky of being. Don’t cherry pick your facts. You are essentially saying that the South Korean nationalists should shut up, but you conveniently forget to blame the Chinese Taipei nationalists who do the things mention in the article and the Japanese nationalists who do things like post anti-Korean youtube videos. You don’t mention that the Chinese Taipei and Japanese nationalists need to stop as well. If you have to blame the South Koreans, then you have to blame the Taiwanese and Japanese as well, instead of focusing on Chucky or just the Korean nationalists. Because the truth is that even if all the South Korean nationalists suddenly were to disappear online, the anti-SK sentiment would still exist. This Chinese Taipei nationalist’s roundabout “logic” is not even worth mentioning. I have a feeling that its real name is Matt.

          • Christopher Walker

            You really are an annoying person all the time aren’t you?

          • John Smith

            Herro ching chung ding dong Mr. Little China, got some more fried rice? To help easing out your trashy, Chiwan inferiority complex?

          • Sillian

            Eidolon is at least right about the ‘circle of hate’. There are times we need to criticize others. But you gotta do it in a level headed fair way so they can listen to you, communicate and ultimately come to a better understanding. What you usually do is unidirectional ranting. It only promotes resentment.

          • chucky3176

            Please show me anywhere in this thread, where I was ranting.

          • wkwrdness

            I’ve definitely seen worse people out there on this comment section.
            Anyway chunky, I suggest (and invite) you to ask away directly using my gmail address (figure it yourself :)) if you have any question of anything relate to taiwanese general irrational opinion if you care coz I don’t have that much time spending on the net…

        • To eidolon

          Chinese Taipei nationalist, what is lost on people such as yourself, is the ability to recognize the blame on your people as well. Your people are equally responsible for perpetuating the cycle of abuse, and to solely blame one side only (which is what you are doing) is indicative of your lack of maturity and your strong bias towards Chinese Taipei. Remember, immature Chinese Taipei netizen, that it takes TWO sides to have an “internet war,” and both sides feed into it. You’re making it appear as if the South Korean provoke the Chinese Taipei netizens, and the Chinese Taipei netizens only respond to “groundless provocations” and are justified in being equally if not more nasty. You are extremely naive.

          • Eidolon

            Except, of course, I’ve never stooped to the level of bashing Korea as a country, nor Koreans as a people. This is the difference between a participant in the cycle of abuse, and one who observes it and exposes it. Of course the Taiwanese nationalists are also at fault. Of course they are also to blame. That goes without saying, as it is not a cycle without tit for tat.

            But remember how that saying goes?

            “To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.”

          • To eidolon

            Chinese Taipei nationalist – Actually, you are bashing them, although not as directly as some of the others, saying that they’re nationalists and to blame for all the hatred directed at them. You’re trying to be clever and disguise your bashing as some kind of moral lesson from an “observer.” You are extremely naive, you think you have something important to contribute which is why you write your long rambling paragraphs, but you have contributed absolutely nothing of importance. You’ve just revealed your own biases, and you are ***NOT*** an impartial observer. Don’t give me quotes, it makes you look pretentious. Spend your time worrying about China and the fact that you could become a province of China. Don’t spend your time worrying about baseball or South Korea, which doesn’t care or think about you. That is all, I’m not going to waste my energy talking to a Chinese Taipei nationalist.

          • Eidolon

            See, this is the main difference between you and I.

            I think every objective observer is able to see that I’ve targeted my ‘bashing’, insofar as it is even ‘bashing’, to those responsible for perpetuating the cycle of abuse and violence in East Asia. Thus, BEHAVIOR, not nationality / ethnicity, is the primary marker. This is why I opened my observation with an example of behavior.

            You, on the other hand, skips talking about behavior and goes straight to the attack on ethnicity / nationality, which in this case you are wrong about, but nonetheless, you think you’re right. By labeling me as a ‘Chinese Taipei nationalist,’ you think you are fighting a nefarious ‘Them’ who, by virtue of being ‘biased,’ must necessarily be wrong.

            This is precisely the attitude that prevents a solution to the cycle of abuse. When no one is willing to step up and to see that it is BEHAVIOR, not nationality / ethnicity, that is the cause of the hateful sentiments, then logically the behavior that causes it will never be corrected.

            Not being corrected, it is then given that these sentiments shall continue to grow and poison the diplomatic environment in East Asia.

          • John Smith

            More ranting prease, mr. Ping pong, keep bullshitting to make it seem legitimate argument. After all, you are just a little troll, like that 12 years old kid that bitches his mommy for not getting the cool toy, his richer neighbor got for his friend. =)

          • John Smith

            Typical Taiwanese loser, ranting his inferiority complex. sigh, get over it, kid. LOL

        • TheKorean

          Island Chinese should have been conquered by China now, we had enough of Thaiwan excuse. Han Chinese nationalism is the worst of all nationalism in world.

    • chucky3176

      Why don’t you address my points instead of going off on a tiresome rant of ad hominem attacks? Are you going to write a thesis on chucky, or are you going to discuss why the Taiwanese are acting so irrationally? I would like to hear your excuses so that I can rip them to threads.

      • Christopher Walker

        Is grammar not tought through out the rest of the world?

        • John Smith

          ^ typical taiwanese loser?

  • Aileen Tomson

    I’m neither Taiwanese nor Korean, but this reminds me of the time when I heard a group of Taiwanese students at my university, talking behind a Korean student’s back, calling him all kinds of racist names. The racism behind that poor Korean guy’s back… made me feel horrible. The funny thing is they didn’t talk in front of his face like that. The Korean guy didn’t do anything to those Taiwanese. Actually he was quite a cute looking guy and quite nice and polite to those Taiwanese! He had no ideal what was being said about him though. I wondered at that time why such hate out of nowhere, and by reading this topic here has let me know why.

  • y.m.

    the korean fans and the PLAYERS are no better, bringing up political signs and even putting a flag on the pitchers mound.

  • Hong Kong is full of people who hate China and claim they still are a part of the ~*glorious*~ British monarch when they are all frikking Chinese. You dont even know how many people I’ve met who have that mindset. Its frikking
    I don’t know much about Taiwan but I hope its not nearly as ignorant.

    • ChuckRamone

      In my experience, most Taiwanese do not consider themselves Chinese. They think Taiwan should be independent of China, and they think of themselves as different from Chinese.

  • diamond dave

    Korean nationalism and hatred is much stronger than Taiwans, as is Korea’s yellow journalism. I say this as an expat who has lived in both countries.

    • TheKorean

      Yea, do we have “No Japanese allowed” signs? Don’t be a liar.

    • Isaac

      Korean hatred?

      Atleast Koreans don’t go out in baseball stadiums with placards saying “Kill all Japs”.

      Poor taiwanese hate Koreans because of inferiority complex. Sad, isn’t it?

  • apple

    It seems as though every East Asian country has something to pick and hate about another country, sometimes for large concerns and sometimes for very minor reasons. I wish everyone would just calm down. No one is picking “best Asian country”. There is no need for hateful competition against each other. It shows greater character to forgive and work together. I wish everyone would stop judging each other on race.

  • Li Shiming

    hahaha fuck pathetic koreans. We chinese never liked u. Treating chinese people like shit. and calling us janggaes. Well u disgusting bangzi are too arrogant and always claim our chinese history. China should crush your stupid nation.

  • Korea1Disqus1

    I’m really happy South Korea killed Taiwan for Gold Medal Asian Game 2014……. That taiwan pitcher look like ” Rat” with fangs…….

  • Korea1Disqus1

    I heard Taiwan government support Japanese Right Wing movement. All Anti-Korean movement in Japan and Taiwan……. two Island Monkeys…….

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