Christians Pray for Gaga Concert Cancellation, Netizens Laugh

Lady Gaga arriving in Incheon Airport

Lady Gaga, the aristocratic meat-clad dystopian pop queen [Ed.] is kick starting her world tour in Seoul, South Korea’s bustling capital. However, non-gender specific confusing melanges of household objects and red carpet dresses not being everyones’ cup of tea, some groups are wary of her presence.

Some, but not all, Christian groups in Korea have been praying for her concert to be cancelled for fears of Gaga’s alleged lyrical appreciation of homosexuality and suicide. A lot of the more vocal Christian groups have been gaining a bad name in Korea over the last few years, in some cases giving rise to a more organised atheist movement, as covered by koreaBANG in this article.

The below article has attracted thousands of comments debating the Christian groups’ actions.

From Daum:

Lady Gaga Get Out! [She] “Encourages homosexuality and suicide”

American pop star Lady Gaga (26) is holding a “Hyundai Card Super Concert” on the 27th this month.

Some Protestant churches are protesting against this.

On the 22nd, a church in Shinchon, Seoul was holding a special prayer vigil for “Putting a stop to the Lady Gaga concert in Korea,” arguing that she could encourage homosexuality and suicide because “[S]he had kissed a homosexual person and pretended to commit suicide during a concert”.

On the 21st the group protested in front of the Hyundai Motors building in Yangjae, Seoul, arguing that “Lady Gaga had performed not only in obscene and sexual manner, but also had featured cannibalism, murder, suicide, Satanism, support for homosexuality, causing world-wide controversy. Given the tendency for the masses to imitate famous celebrities, we judged that she not be allowed to lead this society’s culture and trend into that direction.”

They added “We are certain that Lady Gaga’s concert and the media contents derivative of that will rationalise the wonton sexual culture, depression, and suicide in this society and serve to instigate it further.”

Groups have gathered praying for Lady Gaga's Seoul concert to be cancelled

The Citizens network against the Lady Gaga concert plans to start a one-man protest relay in front of the Hyundai Capital headquarter in Yoeedo, Seoul. They wish to cancel the concert on the grounds that it will beautify and support homosexuality, mock and profane Christianity, and depict explicit sexual contents.

Others more critical of this group are worried that this opportunity only serves to consolidate the conservatives with the aim of curtailing on the freedom of expression.

The Cultural Solidarity Group [Munhwa Yondai] hosted a public debate entitled “What is the problem? Lady Gaga’s concert and NC-17 (No children under 17 allowed) rating as a violation of freedom of expression” in which it is argued that conservative Christian ideology is making political impacts.

Comments from Daum:


I am so spooked by all the comments… I am by no means a fan of Lady Gaga… But seeing how the Christians are reacting pathologically scares me…


What should we do about these Christian Talibans…


We Christians ought to get together and pray whenever we can do block the evil spirit from manifesting through Lady Gaga.


Guys, if you marry the church women, that’s how your wives will turn out.


If we get rid of gae-dok in this country, our lives will be better… sigh… gae-dok are eating away this country…


This is what happens when driven into madness by religion… ㅡㅡ;


I am scared that my daughter may turn out like Lady Gaga, but I am more worried that she will turn out to be a gae-dok


Rape, sexual molestation, fraud… Please go pray that your church ministers will live like human beings.


Those nations that lead morally corrupt and lascivious lives have disappeared from the face of this earth. If you equate pornography with ‘freedom of expression’ and swing steel pipe against police in the name of liberal democracy, you will bring about the commie reunification and find yourself working in a North Korean gulag! Awake! Lady Gaga must go!


How is this any different from a cult?


At the top of Satan hierarchy is a minister of gae-dok. You guys really freak me out,,, Schizophrenic, no-common sense, the trash of this society, these gae-dok


These are the types of women who will strip naked shamelessly if asked by a pastor…


All of these would have voted for Lee Myung-bak…


Lady Gaga puts on a sleek show to dupe and lure us under the guise of mass culture. And what is with this calling us gae-dok? Do you deny that we Christians are the ones who modernized this country and developed the regional economy? Young people tend to blindly follow whatever is on media. Would you sit idly by and watch your children being led into the life of homosexuality, wonton sexual behavior and Satan-worship? We are not opposed to art, but this is going too far. The singers on TV wear dresses that are too short and now our students are wearing short dresses! Please know the difference between shit and soy paste! This is frustrating…


The gae-doks’ in Korea are nothing but a cult.


It’s like zombies from horror films… Oh well, since they blindly follow their ministers, they are not different at all.

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  • mr. wiener

    F*ck world peace God!…Please cancel Lady Gaga’s concert. LOL.
    Don’t they realize this is publicity gold?

  • Brett Sanbon

    Does it say anything that the overwhelming majority of attendees were Ajumma? 개독 really do give every Christian a bad name.

    “Given the tendency for the masses to imitate famous celebrities, we judged that she not be allowed to lead this society’s culture and trend into that direction.”

    Yi Hyori is on 처음처럼 bottles. Lee Min Jung endorses 참이슬. Maybe if they weren’t on the bottles, the masses wouldn’t drink so much?

    • James

      I personally drink more soju than I should because Lee Hyori is on the bottles.

      • Brett Sanbon

        God, I love her.

      • 소지섭

        i personally drink soju because my life sucks and soju cheers me up!
        lee hyo-ri is bangin’ though!

        • James

          That’s the spirit.

          (see what I did there?)

          • Brett Sanbon

            Lol good one

        • seoulite

          A-da-men… .

  • Bruce Tutty

    These people should learn Christianity…and that they are responsible for their own actions, and have no need to fear the actions of others. This is just human fear finding a way to express itself, and has nothing to do with the religion or spiritial side.

    • Nyancat

      you speak the truth brother, making judgement on religion without knowing about its core values is just ignorant

  • JSakamoto

    These koreans are just nuts, taking moral direction from a western ideology. They’re even more crazy than lady gaga herself. I think other groups should pray that these christian groups to go away.

    • Jytte

      Koreans have their own ideology but is forbidden to practice (Juche) so a foreign ideology will do.

      • Danny

        Juche is a North Korean thing devised by Kim Il Sung (founder of North Korea).

    • Danny

      Just because Christianity isn’t popular in Japan or China doesn’t mean you should call Christianity a ‘western ideology’; it is global, and has roots in the Middle East (i.e. …Asia!).
      Whether you are for or against Christianity, it doesn’t matter; it has brought hope to many Korean people especially during the hard times (Japanese occupation, Korean War etc.), and thus achieved its primary ‘goal’. You may also be able to say that Christianity has somewhat influenced South Korea to become developed as it is today.

  • lonetrey

    *snort* Why is everyone in the picture old Korean ladies?! Ahahaha

    • seoulite

      cuz, these ladies have no job. Until they have the presidential campaign start.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Lol so true. Local campaigns too.

  • Stories of butts

    Praying to end a concert (for whatever reasons) is as proactive as praying to starving children across the world. You may think youre doing something but you just end up looking stupid.

    • James

      I’m kind of hoping it does get cancelled, just to confuse us all a little bit.

      Oh, and on grounds of musical taste! The gym “experience” is now ruined for all thanks to Lady Gaga and her… whatever it is she does. I say bring back minimal techno!

      • Brett Sanbon

        “Christians Gaga Prayers Answered. Even God Fears the Ajumma!”

      • Stories of butts

        If it does end up getting cancelled, Ill pray for a follow up story to see everyone’s reaction.

      • Ruaraidh

        Oh my god, why do gyms always play the most inappropriate music for lifting weights? They play it so loudly that you can’t even block it out with headphones.

        • James

          Exactly! It’s so stressful!

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  • Allan C. Arce

    I believe that Lady Gaga in some ways is possessed by some sort of evil spirit from time to time. I am not kidding. I am dead serious.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Almost got me to believe you… then I read your posting name.

      • Allan C. Arce

        I don’t intend to make you believe. Do not believe me if you want to. I don’t care.

        I know a lot of genuine Christians out there knows I am telling the truth.

  • Jytte

    I Love how the media shows them praying (which is not unusual) to make it look like Christians are insane rather than lady gaga who is the real insane whore.

  • dejune

    Freedom of religion is a must, but when christians try to infringe on other’s freedom, it’s not ok. What’s with these crazy christians?

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  • Mimi

    Don’t they have other things to waste their time on…I mean, to pray for?
    Like, say, World Peace?

  • aaronnzkn

    Um Luke 6:37 you stupid Christians. How come a religion that judges and condemns others cant even follow their own teachings?

  • kumura

    Many people should know that these ‘Christians’ in the article are what the Westboro Baptist Church members are in the west; the ‘bad’ Christians.

  • harp0inseouI

    I am a christian and wish to apologise for many christians who are mocking and profaning Christianity. Sodom & Gommorah is addressing the problem of violence & gang-rape. It has little to do with a monogomous and loving relationship between two individuals that care for one another.
    I hope that the Lady has a wonderful concert; everybody has fun; am happy to call her my friend. Apologies and blessings.
    Mr. Badchild M.Div.

  • not surprised. korea is heavily poisoned by the christ virus.

  • pointOFview

    Just what has been happeneing to the Christians!
    heres the thing people, I am a Christian and I believe that we should show you this point of view. I don’t even have the energy to read the article..
    This is just pathetic what they are doing! Christians should just not be like this :(..
    I can definitely agree to aaronnzkn..
    and I would really like to apologize for these people..

    I am not a fan of lady Gaga and also I don’t believe in most of her ideals but that doesn’t mean that I should judge her and discriminate in such way..
    First of all, Christians should know better of how freewill works.
    No ones ever perfect, though choices changes everything.
    I respect her since you can never ever know a person with “just because”

    Though most Christians do not really believe in her ideals, that doesn’t mean we can do such extravagant and may seem offensive acts..

    This is why Christianity is viewed in the most lowly way possible.. just some sort of crazy “religion” though it is actually not that way..
    Again, shouldn’t respect and love be given above all else??

    I hope such opinion mattered..

  • Blake Hess

    These Korean religions are extreme. What a wacko’s

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