Miss Korea 2013 Contestants Before After Photos Amuse Netizens


The latest reporting on the prevalence of plastic surgery in South Korea came from Reddit, mocking uncanny resemblance of the participants of the Daegu branch of annual beauty pageant Miss Korea, culminating in the below viral image from Imgur:


Known globally for its cosmetic surgery craze, South Korea indeed remains unopposed in the global plastic surgery table, giving the impression that the secret of South Korean beauty lies as much in cosmetic surgery as it does in national genes.

Miss Korea 2012 was dubbed ‘Miss Plastic 2012‘ by netizens for her open use of plastic surgery. Little less known is the growing willingness with which South Korean men go under the knife.

Although many netizens jumped to the cliched conclusion of so-called ‘medically-induced postnatal twinning syndrome’, when the pre-makeup photos (or, as some netizens suggest, pre-photoshop photos) of the participants emerged on Ilbe, the truth was a bit more disappointing.

From Ilbe:

Looking at the True Faces of Miss Korea


I am at loss for words… Ju-jul-muk?

[ju-jul-muk: Meaning ‘I will bow in gratitude for the sexual intercourse for which I am about to have with this girl’]

Comments from Ilbe:


Is this Transforma Korea?




Have you no shame, number 9?


Number 1 not bad


I’m seriously going to murder number 17…


Thinking there’d be at least one pretty woman, but now it’s time wasted. FUCK


Photoshop, fuck… It made them look alike… this is not the plastic surgeon’s work, it’s’shopped.


What kind confidence does the bitch like number 13 have to crawl out and compete?


Number 5, 7, and 9, come and greet your customers you sluts.. Number 14, in you go. If they ask for someone else you are dead.


Real pretty ones are not competing but the fugly ones with plastic surgery


Wow, have they no fucking consciences?


No doubt Chosen [Korea] is backward-nida wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [nida: a Korean equivalent of ‘desu’ which is a copula, often used for mocking effect by Japanese netizens]


Reminded of the overseas prostitutes?


They all look very unique, so proud


I just watched the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show, so these girls look all very much like squid [Squid: A term describing the flat Mongoloid facial features]


5, 1 not bad. But their noses all the same ke ke ke ke ke ke


I heard this is all the rage abroad as well, fuck this is embarrassing you morons


Fuck, everyone with a chalk up their nose [bun-pil: a stick of chalk, referring to their very un-Korean straight, aquiline nose characteristic of white Caucasian] ke ke ke ke ke ke, I am going to puke ke ke ke ke ke ke



Is the point of Miss Korea finding average looker among the fugly ones?


Other than 5, 6, 12 I can’t believe they even considered entering given their fugly faces


13 20 21 9

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  • YUCK! Typical.

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  • arip

    what’s wrong get a beautiful face from plastic surgery ?? if you want to look pretty too, then go do plastic surgery instead of saying that they are ” fugly ” . baka yarro

    • Sure fixing a little is ok, if that help with self esteem, but I guess in Korea, it is a must-do stuff…. I would never make my wife/gf go change herself…Let nature takes its course.

  • dk2020

    watching this video made me realize why there is so much plastic surgery and suicide in korea .. I really can relate to this ..


  • Lovely

    Asian men in every country are extremely shallow to look so unattractive themselves.

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  • JPaul

    What’s funny is that I find all of these women to be more attractive pre-op. Asian women are so beautiful when it’s natural. Not sure why so many want to change.

  • Bucephulous

    #8 is a dude in a wig. Shouldn’t that disqualify him?

  • Quirky Poetess

    Mostly photoshop I think. But given the prevalence of plastic surgery in SK, it hardly comes as a surprise if these ladies did go under the knife to enhance their features. But how much time do they have before the coronation night? If they were to have surgery after being accepted as a contestant, how much time do they need to have the surgery done? 1, 14 and 7 stand out. They look pretty without photoshop (or surgery?). But in the photoshopped image, it appeared as if I was looking at several photos of just 3-5 girls (not 20+ candidates) and sisters at that!

  • Number 5 and 20…. holy shit. lol. Oh well, at least #14 is kinda cute :)

  • icarus

    blame the make-up artists. The make-up makes them look similar. And what the hell is wrong with those guys saying that some of the girls aren’t pretty enough to be in the pageant?? I think all of them are really pretty.

  • kylar

    I still find these women to be beautiful!

  • bultak23

    They look like space aliens… what crazy Apgujeong-dong doctor is ruining pretty girl’s faces? 농담 이겠지

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  • daredemo

    number 6 look like miss a fei… and number 12 is cute~

  • L_Mark

    You all are annoying, you probably dont even know that getting cosmetic surgery in korea is a recurring phenomenon happening due to social and and economic reasons. Although I find it a bit disturbing that 1/5 women have had plastic surgery (fact) theres no reason to say childish, irrelevant things.

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  • DV

    The translations also make the comments sound a lot worse. They do say some profanities, but they’re much more colorful in English than in Korean.

  • Oliver

    Feels surprised. NEver notice about these women. BUt anyway thats pretty and i dont really care with the plastic surgery unless I marry them…… Come on people. Lets RESPECT each other.

  • Leila

    These girls were so beautiful and one of their best traits were the unique, distinctive characterists they had. It’s so sad to see it gone, though i can’t blame them considering the abysmal comments made about their appearances :(

  • Xio Gen

    14, 18, and 17 are actually pretty.

  • KKKorean1PPPeninsula1

    I prefer there normal face. Body bootie that really counts.

  • hana

    They’re so much prettier on the before pictures. In the after pictures they all look the same. Dead eyes and a fake smile.

  • sdfqef

    Korea should issue Pre Surgery Identification Cards (PSIC). Could pose a problem to society if every girl looked the same.


    wooww unbelievable!!!! o.o
    they look like aliens wtf why r u damaging ur natural beauty with plastic surgery
    if u want to c a real korean beauty go to north korea xD

  • tncl

    Don’t know what to think… I understand that they go for surgery if tey feel insecure, i think i’d do it, but in this case where ALL of them look pretty much the same and where most of them have lost their own identity… I mean, i would be conflicted if after surgery i would no longer look like myself, even if i ended up being the most beautiful woman ever.

  • Guest


  • afds


  • Random

    It’s sad that they got plastic surgery because some of them already looked really beautiful! I don’t criticize these women for getting it, I just think that if some of them had more self-esteem they would have thought twice before doing it!

  • blairwalshmyballs

    i dont know why anyone even cares ive long said this, this is why i dont understand kpop fans if you actually go south korea better yet just simply pay attention to the background actresses and you will see MANY MANY girls who look just like your favorite kidols

    the women in korea are no doubt beautiful and i still find them the most attractive period but lets no lie and say they look unique compared to the other women there because they dont in america or next to other non koreans yes they look unique but not in their own country

    the thing i dont understand though is compared to the natural beauties of other asian countries, is why are natural korean women are so ugly?

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