Ladygate: ‘Soju Girl’ Debuts, Same Girl as ‘Beer Girl’?

Debut of "Soju Girl", seen smoking in a carefree manner while enjoying a bottle of Soju to herself.

In a particularly busy “Ladygate” period, new footage has emerged of what appears to be the same sweary woman as both “Cigarette Girl” and “Beer Girl” smoking and drinking Soju on the Seoul Metro.

Netizens, now armed with enough evidence that she is indeed the same lady, are becoming convinced she is a repeat offender, desperately in need of help.

From YouTube:

Comments from Nate:


I saw her interview, and she surely was a psycho. We must get her family’s consent as soon as possible and send her to the hospital. If there’s a fire in the subway because of smoking, who should we ask to pay for the enormous cost?


Hasn’t she been yet to the psychiatric hospital?? For the love of God, please send her~!!!


It seems like she really has guts and is full of spirit, despite her age. I would like to recommend her to stay and work permanently at the general outpost line.


Let’s just remind ourselves that the suspect from Daegu subway tragedy was a mental patient…


She must be doing that kinda stuff on purpose


Shouldn’t this woman’s private details be made public? If she’s continuously taking the subway, she clearly still has a job…


This woman wants to be broadcast to the world, right? What is Alien Virus [a TV Programme in Korea, introducing ‘extraordinary’ people] doing? They should cast this woman!


What if the ashes fall down on seats??? I know the seats have been changed to nonflammable materials after the Daegu subway tragedy, but I am still worried… what if innocent people suffer damages because of that crazy bitch


I heard that she got insane because she was hugely traumatized by something… she really needs to be hospitalized as soon as possible. We should take some actions before others suffer even more


That is a habitual crime… firstly, it must not be considered as a light offence… if it continues like that, a second Daegu subway tragedy might take place… some urgent actions are needed


Looking back at the Daegu subway tragedy, one could think that smoking on the subway is basically a crime of attempted murder.


The subway is clearly entertainment grounds for adults — it is a disgrace to the whole country… Can anybody dare to take a risk and continue to ride on the subway?


As she keeps speaking to herself, it seems like she is hearing imaginary voices, and therefore it is highly likely that she is suffering from schizophrenia. Even if it was not schizophrenia, she is still smoking (ie., an action that might damage other people’s security), assaulting, and speaking abusive languages to others – therefore can be isolated by the police. How many times has she done this? It is because we’re in Korea. In the USA, policemen are constantly on standby at the subway, and such insane people are instantly isolated and cared by the police and psychiatric and health experts. If she continues to wander around public places like that, she herself can be in danger, but she is also threatening the security of others. She has all three conditions for forced segregation in the US standards (heavy mental disorder, damaging oneself, and damaging the security of others). Just one is enough – yet she has all three and is still wandering around. It clearly shows that the laws of this country are VERY wrong.


Has everyone forgotten the Daegu subway tragedy? So many people were killed and injured just because of one psycho. Take some actions ASAP!


The bitch must love seeing her photos on internet and having the attention of so many people. And she will continue to do that crazy shit as long as we pay attention to her…


Would I be taken to the police if I spray the fire extinguisher all over her – even if I was preventing a fire?


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Geez sis – I think I have a crush on you now


Wow… Such a lunatic is still wondering around streets… the ROK always takes actions belatedly AFTER a huge disaster! What if there’s a fire because of her cigarette? Shouldn’t we really do something about it?


I saw a morning broadcast programme a few days ago, and it seemed like she was simply seeking for some attention… she advertises herself as the cigarette lady… and why isn’t she punished?


Goddamn, isn’t there anyone administering the subway? The chief person in charge of the Bundang line must get sacked… it is like the third time… the person in charge has neglected fire on the subway and the inconvenience of citizens. The woman should be properly sued on a charge of attempted incendiarism at subway……


The problem is, the subway is still moving even though the woman keeps smoking like that. Isn’t there any fire alarm to catch the smoke? The subway police are supposed to be there to stop suspicious people. Why do they exist? Are they in the subway simply to watch passengers? Accidents always happen because of this. At this point, she only has soju and a cigarette, but what if she brings a Molotov Cocktail and a cigarette? This is pathetic.


Are you still living among us?


What’s wrong with drenching her with a fire extinguisher?


What if there’s paint thinner inside the bottle… this is stupid. Are we intending to repeat the same disaster?


This is a country that is most attractive for criminals


She should just be imprisoned — disorderly behavior at public places


I don’t see the point why such people’s faces are hidden. If they infringe upon other people’s rights, surely their own rights shouldn’t be guaranteed!


Have you forgotten about the Daegu subway tragedy?


She really wants to get hit on the head and bashed against the wall.


This is a big deal. She’s a much more of a crazy bitch than I thought.


She looks normal on the outside.. but her actions are just crazy…


Greeeeeeat~~~~ ke ke ke it is not the first or second time, and she keeps doing such shit in public… what are people doing?? What are the police doing?? And what are the law-enforcers doing??? Shouldn’t be they doing something more because she is mentally ill? What has happened to this world?? The citizens have not been neglecting her… the people around her must have ignored her simply because they didn’t want to get harmed by interrupting her… this country declares itself to be democratic, yet why on earth is it innocent people who suffer always ? Such a crazy bitch appears completely normal on the outlook.. fuck


What are the police doing??


Why are the police ignoring her? They should grab her and put her in a bin. I really wanna live in a world where law exists.


Whenever I saw articles on her, I always commented that she must be executed, and people kept criticizing me that I was a psycho. Are those people watching? SHE is the psycho. What are you guys gonna do if she gets drunk and wasted so that she loses her cigarette, and if that leads to a disaster… The government should exercise its power strongly and squash such individuals lacking any sense to death. Let’s go for capital punishment.

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