Ladygate: ‘Poo Girl’ Does Poo on Seoul Metro, Netizens Forgiving

Poo Girl Does a Poo on The Seoul Metro

It’s not been an easy ride on the Seoul Metro’s Bundang line in recent months. Just as the commotion surrounding Cigarette Girl, Soju Girl and Beer Girl (who all turned out to be the same mentally-ill woman) had died down, the Korean internet is a-buzz with rumours of “Poo Girl” who, as her noble Ladygate (a series of Korean girls who are nicknamed by netizens using the suffix  女 [녀 -nyo] or “girl”) title suggests, allegedly defecated in the middle of a train carriage then quickly disappeared.

Netizens are quick to offer restraint and suggest that that woman is most likely mentally ill and there should therefore not be a witch hunt for the poor girl’s identity. Others once again offer dismay at how quick media circles were to offer the girl a Ladygate title.

More recent news suggests police are examining CCTV to piece together what actually happened.

From YouTube:

Comments from Nate:


Witnesses say she seemed to be mentally ill and the minder with her also seemed to not be normal. Let’s not blame her too harshly. She could be mentally ill. To be frank, a normal person never be able to do that on the subway.


She is allegedly a female in her thirties. I doubt she is normal and I wonder if people around her were just looking at her doing it.


;; I feel sorry for the person who’s got to clean it all up……………………….


The characteristics of the Korean people:
1. Emotional and lacking in self-control.
2. Easily influenced by mob psychology.
3. Irrational and keen to instigate witch hunts for opponents.
4. Punish the ‘witch’ to death through vicious comments.
5. After finding out he or she was innocent, leave a message of consolation and pass his own guilt onto those who wrote the vicious comments.
6. On the internet, they themselves are police, prosecutors, and politicians


Damn, it is like a competition of crazy bitches on each line of the subway. What are you guys doing on the subway!? Is this the mainland [referring to China] or the Korean Peninsula?!


Think before you speak. Do you have any idea what mental illness is? You poor bastard, you would never be able to say these fucking things if you had a family member like her. Did you say she should be punished even though she’s mentally ill? Yeah, you did. Who wouldn’t say the right thing? I highly doubt you wouldn’t be able to say so if you go through it by yourself. Thinking that mental illness can be controlled, you’re the one that’s ill. It’s family members and especially parents who have to live with those who are mentally ill for the rest of their lives. I’m sure they will worry about their child till they die and even hardly be able to die in peace, thinking that other siblings might have to shoulder the burden instead of them. It must be sad beyond description and live as if they were guilty, giving birth to a mentally-ill child…If you knew how they really felt, you would never say these crazy things.


Hey let’s think about this rationally. You want to forgive a woman who just does a poo on the subway and disappears for being mentally illl? Very weird and generous of you. Imagine that a man with mental illness gets his penis out and pees on the subway. Girls, would you say ‘oh let’s forgive because he’s mad?’ Every Netizen here writes a comment at the risk of getting blamed [for being insensitive]. They must be all girls who say let’s forgive them for being mentally il. Let’s be rational please.


Just unbelievable people are still sitting there while poop and pee run in the middle of the subway. if i were there, i would have moved to another bench.


Shit happens.


Too early to launch a witch hunt before we figure out if she’s as mentally ill as she seems to be…


I’m not sure if it she deserves such harsh ctiricism considering she was allegedly mentally ill. It is right that her carer should have cleaned it up but i heard that they seemed to not be normal as well… The fact that this happened is in itself is shocking, it doesn’t make any sense. And recently, whatever some bad female does, people downplay it by calling her something something ‘woman’ whilst ‘X’ was not named as something something ‘bastard’ and the guy who snatched cellphones was even called black spiderman or something. It seems that when it comes to women, people make the situation sound much worse.


Seems the Budang line is turning into a bit of a hellgate…


Since we don’t really know what happened, I hope people do not go on a witch hunt unless she is mentally ill, it is impossible to do so… in fact, it’s not too late calling her crazy after the truth is revealed.


We’ll never be able to laugh at china again ke ke ke ke ke ke ke What on EARTH.. ke… I thought it was news from overseas or something


Don’t lie. My girlfriend told me girls don’t do poos.


She might not be mentally… normal… ㅠㅠ

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  • lonetrey

    Wtf. That’s so gross. Walking away from the sofa as fast as possible.

    • Nyancat

      dude watch out! oh too late you stepped in it :(

  • FYIADragoon

    lol things aren’t this bad even in mainland China.

      • James

        Excellent comeback.

      • FYIADragoon

        Streets, not the subway. And he’s doing it to piss of HKers because mainlanders are still butthurt that they aren’t wanted there.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Reading stories or just headlines? This isnt so “bad”. Witnesses say she seemed to suffer some sort of retardation.

      BTW whens the last time you even saw a handicapped (not crazy or crippled) person in China?

  • Dreamdropper

    It’s a predator! Anything could be happening in this video.

  • Jack

    You will see more of such cases in women due to use of Mercury in Shampoo, make up and deadly radiation coming out of mobile towers and mobile phones.

    Those who seek truth know that these things will never come out in main stream media..cos they are owned by the corporation. If you are chemist, please do the test on your own and see how toxic chemicals are used in shampoo to damage your brain cells. This is happening all over the world…look around you..has the world gotten any better?

    Fluoride in toothpaste look it up the same sodium fluoride used by Nazi’s in German Camps. There is an agenda to dump down humanity by the elite…Google Illuminati & freemasons…Please do research to save your family….Korea is sitting on a chemical time bomb

    • Brett Sanbon

      You related to Mr. Arce?

    • James

      From Poo Girl to toothpaste in one, seamless swoop. Sounds like you’ve been brushing your teeth too much.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Don’t forget marine mammals, who now have enough mercury to poison even the most hardy Japanese whalers…talk about karma.

    • Bruce Tutty

      I think you’ll find the the Nazis used a *LOT* more fluoride than is used in water supplies and toothpaste…this has come out in mainstream media, and it’s not at a level that can harm us.

      Do you have any legitimate studies or proof that show anything other than this?

      Drinking a pint of beer is not going to give you alcohol poisoning, which unlike something like mercury, can easily be dealt with my the body.

      Conspiracy enthusiasts really need to get their heads around the fact that we consume stuff daily that could kill us…if we took enough of it.

      • networked

        Yeah, Likewise with the rubbish you post Bruce Tutty. I mean really, get a bloody job mate. I have this funny feeling that out of all of the posters on these blogs, you have the biggest ecological footprint, despite posting comments to the contrary. Let the Japs eat their big fish, like they have done for centuries. You’re probably sitting in front of your Chinese made computer and T.V eating microwave meals and getting blow jobs from asian whores. And if you are, good on you. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

  • 404namenotfound

    “Shit happens” roflmao :D

  • Stories of butts


    • Wang that!


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  • Seanshine

    Ookay?! :-/

  • helsic

    well it happens in China very frequently.

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