Election Candidate Stirs up Patriotism, Netizens Skeptical

Saenuri Party Presidential Candidate Park Geun-hye

It’s election season in South Korea and things are hotting up. Billboards are going up all across Seoul reminding you who to vote for, images of the Korean War come back to haunt us to remind you what you were fighting for and presidential candidate for the mainstream conservative Saenuri Party [New Frontier Party] Park Geun-hye is doing her best to stir up patriotic sentiment among Koreans.

Daughter of former president Park Chung-hee (who seized power in a military coup in 1961), drunk-tweeting politician Kang Yong-suk has joked that both she and Kim Jong-un have used their family connections to gain political power in Korea.

From Daum:

Park Geun-hye “We cannot leave [the fate] of the lives of citizens to those that deny the past”

Saenuri Interim party leader Park Geun-hye said “We cannot leave the lives of our citizens to those that deny the past and turn their backs on their promises”.

Speaking in the Congressional Hall for the 2012 April General Election Central Committee inauguration ceremony Park said “If we let those guided by false ideology, who disregard our national interest, those who wish to abolish the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, those who oppose the construction of the Jeju naval base and undermine the US-ROK Alliance, and those who wish to dismember the largest corporations come into power in the National Assembly, what will become of our nation?”

Park emphasized “more than as an individual success or failure, we urge you to engage in this election with patriotic determination to change our politics and save our country”.

“Our electoral promises must be kept, so do not make impossible pledges and make sure to keep the ones you have made”, urging the nominees to “conduct a spotless electoral campaign”.

Comments from Daum:


The return of the military dictatorship administration? That is our past administration! You bird-heads!


Hahahaha…Military dictatorship leftovers… what are they saying???


The fact you are at the center of the past corruption and the present one as well… Every word that comes out of your mouth astounds me.


You miss… the bygone days of Park Chung-hee


Why not focus on yourself, you scumbag daughter of murderer.

Digital Athenes:

I can see why Lee Joonsuk said he is scared. You’ve surpassed Lee Myungbak already~ Already privatized your own party, Lady Lee Myung-bak. Scary!


Coup Princess… You are so thick-skinned


Go get married why don’t you… your face is irritating to look at…
You think you are some kind of patriot? Why not take care of your household first, especially that opium-addicted brother of yours?


Wow, so thick-skinned… and not a single word of apology for the military coup administration…


Who was the one who swore allegiance to the Japanese emperor and hunted down the Korean Independent Army? The original communist himself!

As if that was not enough, usurping by military coup d‘etat, crushed the democratic activists while partying every night with singers and actresses at your daughter’s age and assassinated??
The pro-Japanese, original communist himself!

The daughter of Mao whom Park Junghee accussed of being communist is a farmer, do you know why? Because her father told her to lead a simple life. So she is following her father’s wish. Do you not follow what I am saying?


I hate the fact that she is on about ‘citizen, citizen’ as if she really cares about it. She is no different than Lee Myungbak. I don’t trust a word of her.
To think that just because her father was a famous president, she thinks she can be one as well, that really annoys me. Does she really think that she is a ‘princess’?


Can’t trust my life to Pro-American Pro-Japanese element in this country


President Park always thought he was the one who ‘had to’ do it. The national power structure is supposed to be maintained by ‘checks and balances’, but he opted for that scummy “reformed” constitution and focused all power upon himself.

In order to maintain one-man absolutism, he harshly oppressed the media, union, and the opposition and initiated the period of state barbarism, and thereby beginning the tragic history.

This kind of dictatorial power was followed up by his cronies in the military, such as Jyun Doohwan and now Lee Myungbak is trying to imitate it, badly.

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