US General Agrees North Korea “Can Turn Seoul Into Sea of Fire”

The current commander of the joint U.S.-R.O.K. Combined Forces, warned members of the U.S. Lower House that North Korean threat to “turn Seoul into a sea of fire” is an increasing possibility.

Several South Korean news outlets have reported that General James D. Thurman, the current commander of the joint U.S.-R.O.K. Combined Forces Command, warned members of the U.S. Lower House at a hearing on March 28 that the old faithful North Korean threat to “turn Seoul into a sea of fire” is an increasing possibility. While some netizens are worried that Korea is not doing enough to protect its citizens should there be an attack, others are sceptical that the report just happens to coincide with the upcoming elections.

General Thurman details the potential NK arsenal of weaponry, and is quoted as saying: “North Korea has various types of traditional artillery, multiple rocket launchers, and ballistic missiles placed in the West of the Korean peninsula, which are a threat to Seoul.” At the Lower House hearing, he went on to note that the current location of the weapons means that they are within range of the South Korean capital if they were to be deployed. He also warned of the possibility of high-explosive bombs and chemical weapons being used by the North without warning. Thurman’s analysis went so far as to predict mass panic, economic instability, and massive numbers of casualties should an attack by the North go ahead.

Dr. Peter R. Lavoy, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs (APSA), also reported to the Lower House that given Kim Il-Sung’s upcoming centenary celebrations on April 15, the North might attempt to provoke the South, and that also they may try to use every opportunity to exert political influence on the April general election and December presidential elections.

But are South Korean netizens concerned about this U.S. intelligence indicating the rise of North Korea’s military? Or do they think that South Korea has enough political problems of its own?

Comments from Nate:


[This comment, left by someone using their mobile phone, was ‘liked’ by over one-thousand netizens] I’m honestly frightened. Even if they say there is no possibility [of attack]…Really, what chance would there be to go back? If there is an attack then Seoul really will become a sea of fire. There would be no shield like in computer games. We couldn’t intercept their artillery. Once there is an attack, both sides will suffer losses. No matter how much we say we can beat the North. Ultimately we are hurting our own citizens. This is why restraint is necessary. Yet there are still people against the construction of military bases? The history of our nation. It’s like they have no patriotism. Our nation is a nation at armistice. Please, bear that in mind. A bit of security-consciousness!


According to publicly available CIA documents, at the outbreak of war between the North and South, there were 20,000 casualties in Seoul within 24 hours. We need a foreign policy that is strongly security-conscious.


It’s red complex, you say??? Just look at the Jin-tong Party manifesto. Withdrawal of the US army/abolition of the FTA/repealing the national security law/ against the Jeju naval base/ abandoning the U.S.-R.O.K alliance Are you kidding?


You guys who left the comment via mobile, no matter how much you pledge your loyalty, Mr. Narat is busy because of the investigation problem, so he can’t write his thoughts…


Why did they do this article though it’s election time…Yes, of course, as the best comments [first three comments here] say, it is really good to establish military bases and strengthen national security. But by doing this, are they [NK] going to say ‘Ooh, scary’ and just be like ‘good game’ and then give up? If things develop on this side, those commies will also release missiles, and the drip will get more and more, and they will go on to advance weapons on their side…And then because of this, when a war does break out, I guess there will be a higher number of our citizens as casualties in a short time. Of course the question here is are those who do not want war commies? Are these people our fellow citizens, who, while they pretend to curse chubby dictators, are actually helping to increase regional conflict so there’ll be a war?


Some people are seriously deluded. If spies have crossed over from north to south and are carrying out their activities, then are they only active in the Democratic Party? They ought to have infiltrated into every nook of both the Saenuri Party and the Democratic Party. I want people to think a bit about this without unconditionally splitting things into two sides. And it is not the answer to strengthen policies against the North or to take a moderate approach. And the words that the commander of the joint command spoke at the lower house, I think he’s just making the details clear in order to increase concern for the area that he administers. These days, now it’s election time, will North Korea increasingly become a crappy country as more articles related to North Korea come out? I don’t know, but the idea that security = Saenuri Party is wrong.


Official politics in our country:Northern provocation > money envelope+Ddos+4 major rivers of Korea+civilian investigations+room salons [karaoke joints where ‘hostesses’ entertain their rich clients]+foot and mouth disease+Lee Sang-deuk+Park Hee-tae [former speaker of house, resigned over charges of bribery]+ Kang Yong-Suk [drunk tweeting politician] +Na Kyung-won+Naegok-dong [district of Seoul where President Lee plans to build his retirement home, amid accusations of irregularities]+corruption+prostitution


Kim Dae Jung, No Mu-Hyeon – can you see from the afterlife? You dole out the money and that’s what you get in return.


When it comes to election time, the North always starts provoking!


Seems that nowadays North Korea’s military strength is the strongest it has ever been in history^^ Thanks so much, those wonderful people in politics who have made it so over the past ten years^^ Fuck ke ke


ke ke ke Will the American army and our army just sit still until Seoul is made into a sea of fire?


Who caused all of this~? Could it all be thanks to the great Nuclear Dae Jung? Even so, on commie Nate they’ll get shielded~


I wonder why this kind of comment left via mobile only crops up when elections come around~ Pain in the ass~


What are these guys who look at Saenuri and say that they are security-conscious? Where the hell’d they see that?


Go on, please do make a sea of fire~ I don’t live in Seoul, so I don’t give a damn ? ke


So North Korea threatens the capital and our country doesn’t have a counter policy?


Don’t unify and just end the war and accept that democracy and communism are like oil and water so there is no need to them…it’s just that we have to unify, for it to be a good unification, advance like China, and go out into the continent. Looks like the sun will be extinguished before that happens…


The Republic of Korea has five seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter, election.


Evidently just another trick from the North..? ke ke ke That’s right, do your best. Ke ke ke Comedy governement. Guess DNA never changes~!


Our own Lee Myung Bak is more dangerous than North Korea. Of course, it’s true, really, that the fact is that North Korea is actually extremely dangerous, but right now, Lee Myung Bak is more dangerous.

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  • Jess

    Only 20,000 casualties in 24 hours? That’s pretty low, considering the population density of Seoul, and its proximity to the North…

    • Godori

      That was last time – less people, less concentrated in cities, and more limited weapons than 2012…

  • Brett Sanbon

    I remember how the media outlets reacted to yeonpyeong island. First actual reports. Then video coverage. And then 2 weeks of nonstop computer animation of NK artillary, ground forces, and air attacks.

    The news is gonna eat this up. One thing i had to make clear to friends was that the news corporations are businesses and the make money when we watch more news.

    Ajumma and her gossip is scarier than that report by US military.

  • Jack

    I’m from India. I follow every countries news in Google News. I find Koreans to be the smartest people on earth when it comes to Geo-politics..Its not easy to fool you guys…You guys can see through the BS.

    Yes. It is propaganda by the US to legitimize their presence and wants to install a puppet government in Korea that toes US line.

    North Korea and South Korea can unify if you kick out the US empire from your border. They just make devil out of anyone.

    • Andrew

      Jack? From India? I can also see through the BS. What PC Bang are you posting from?

      No offense to Koreans, but Jack, how did you come to the conclusion that they are the smartest people on earth with regards to geo-politics?

      Second, the US does not have to install a puppet government. The Korean and US governments are engaged in a very mutually beneficial marriage. Korea gets added security and revenue from the US, and the US gets a nice place to spy on China from. The Korean government does not want the US to leave, and the only time they even hint at that is when they are trying to pander to the public for votes.

      As for North+South reunification. . . NEVER! The South Korean government wants that as much as they want Japan to re-occupy them. The world is still neck deep in the 2008 financial crisis, and the last thing South Korea wants is to have to pay to feed, cloth, and educate a few million of their Northern brothers and sisters. This isn’t Easy and West Germany, this is the Republic of Korea and 25 million brainwashed prisoners. That would bankrupt the south, and that’s no way to get re-elected.

      • Hawkeye4077

        There is a plan for peaceful reunification. “South Korea Plans $50 Billion Fund to Pay for Unification With the North”

        This peaceful reunification will result in Socialism. The ultimate goal of Socialism is Communism. Democracy is just another name for Socialism. Like here in the United States of America, we are a Republic, but people are told again and again that we’re a Democracy and that our soldiers are fighting for Democracy and the Muslim countries are wanting Democracy. Democracy is Socialism, it is not freedom! It’s time people woke up and stop being deceived! We’ve been infiltrated long ago and the desire is a one world, totalitarian Socialist government. If you support the U.N, you better stop because they are behind it too.

        • James

          Umm… are you a moonie?

          • Hawkeye4077

            No I am not. Moonies are a cult. What I said above is the truth and doesn’t make any difference if I’m a Christian or not. But I am and I follow only what Jesus & the apostles taught. :)

          • mr. wiener

            Some christians are a bit of a cult too.

        • Andrew

          That $50 billion plan sounds like the South’s version of a fake olive branch. It’s something they can wave around so they can say, “See, we still want a peaceful reunification of the country, (but not really)”.

          s. Korea is a large economy, and the standard of living is quite high, but they don’t have that kind of money to blow on a plan that would destroy their economy, standard of living, and any chance of re-election if it worked.

          Having to support the North, bring their standard of living up to acceptable, would bankrupt the South. The entire unskilled worker sector in the south would be thrown into chaos as factory and construction bosses would hire Northern workers for a fraction of the cost and put Southern Workers out of a job.

          It’s really a no-win scenario. Stay separate, and you always have the threat of war over your head. Having to throw millions a year into defense. Re-unite and you have a horrible drain on your economy with the voters rioting because all they worked for is being spent to keep their brothers to the north from starving. It’s truly a sad state of affairs.

          • Hawkeye4077

            The reunification is to have socialism which leads to communism. The goal of world leaders is a one world government. That is the New World Order. I highly recommend reading the document, A World 2010: A New Order of Nations. It was put out in 1992 by the Strategic Studies Institute. U.S Army War College. It describes just what’s been happening today and in recent years. You can find it doing a search on google.

            Also, there is a desire for a cashless society. We must return to a gold & silver standard. There is only value in what last. There’s no value in paper. It must be backed by gold or silver.

    • Jon

      You, on the other hand, have a very difficult time seeing through your own…

      • Andrew

        Is this directed to me or Jack? We both mentioned seeing through BS. If me, could you point me to any BS I might be spouting? Don’t want any stuck in my teeth. ;D Thanks.

        • Jon

          Sorry, I meant Jack. I just didn’t feel like taking the time to write a well-thought-out rebuttal at the time; I’m glad someone did :P

  • lonetrey

    sounds realistically possible, but also fearmongering. “Unlikely” is the key point…

  • Bruce Tutty


  • Webstersyourbestfriend

    Whoever Hawkeye4077 is retarded. Democracy isn’t socialism, it’s direct rule by the people of the people. A republic is a form of representative democracy. Socialism and communism are not the same thing. They are often closely related, but not inherently inclusive of one another. Read a damn dictionary before your fingers spew the idiocy you get from fox news on the web.

    As for Jack be dimwitted I totally agree that this is propaganda to bolster the US-Korean relationship however you’re an idiot if you think that the US “empire” (ie one that has a 1.3 : 1 debt to income ratio) is trying to “conquer” south korean militarily. News flash they’ve already won, that’s why koreans are addicted to starcraft. Culturally western anglo-american culture has already won, all over the world. I’d think you’d notice this your country only being about 60 years old but apparently former colonies seem to like to forget their history. North korea a garbage dump. The population is either brainwashed, starving, or a horrid combination of a the two. It would be a horrible drain on the south korean government and economy to try and feed that many people and educate them on how retarded the dynastic government of the Kims has kept them in a blackhole technologically, socially, and economically.

  • KurodaKun

    Why is the U.S. involved again in a matter that does not concern it?

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