Ladygate: ‘Beer Girl’ Smokes on Subway, Pours Beer on Pensioner

As the world’s leaders descend upon Seoul for the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, the Korean internet is buzzing not about North Korean rocket launches but the latest in a series of ‘Ladygate’ incidents. The incidents typically involve a female in a public place doing something completely socially unacceptable. Yesterday, ‘Beer Girl’ emerged: smoking and pouring beer over a disgruntled old man. The incident comes just days after koreaBANG featured ‘Cigarette Lady‘ smoking on the underground and becoming violent when approached.

Some netizens suggest ‘Cigarette Girl’ and ‘Beer Girl’ might be the same lady. Others suggest that the two of them take the subway at the same time and have a party.

"Beer Girl" drenches a disgruntled old man with beer

In the two YouTube video below, an old man tries to remove her cigarette from her mouth using the tip of his umbrella. This provokes an angry response from ‘Beer Girl’ who earns her nickname by violently spraying the old gentlemen with the entire contents of a can of beer. The first video has had nearly 400k views in the last 24 hours and has been embedded on most major Korean portal sites.

From YouTube:

Comments from Nate:


Nobody knows what’s important. I took the train before the one that caught fire in the Daegu subway disaster. The disaster took place because an insane person deliberately set fire to themselves but what’s happening now? People should be really careful with fire on the subway but these women are smoking, what on earth are they thinking? The subway’s changed a lot since that accident, but I still feel terrible whenever I look back on it. These women are not just petty criminals, they’re playing with the lives of many people on the subway, they should be considered as murder suspects.


One can simply bring a fire extinguisher without any word and spray it on her face… and tell her that they thought there was a fire


It’d be amazing if the Bundang Line Cigarette lady and the Line 5 Beer girl got on the metro at the same time! Is the metro becoming some sort of nightlife hub?


It’s the same bitch! It’s ‘Fucking Beer Bitch’ not ‘Beer Girl’. Bundang ‘Fucking Cigarette Bitch’… it’s the same bitch… she’s been taken to the police for doing this crazy shit, she was released without any punishment. I haven’t taken the subway for 14 years but I have to go now to smash her face in if I see her.


We have to publicize her face and fucking embarrass her like we did with Dogshit Girl [origin of the ‘Ladygate’ scandals — took her dog on the subway system and let it defecate everywhere] to make her aware of it.


Is the Ministry of Women looking at this? They should stop shopping on the internet and stop these women instead…


We should bring back Samchung Kyoyookdae [punishment from the 1980s that sent all criminals, mafia, alcoholics etc to boot camp] and put these mad bitches and bastards there so that the country can get back to business.


Look at this, we thought it was trivial and let her go but she comes back again, this time with beer. There are lots of problems with Korean law.


Has this now become a contest as to who is the craziest on the subway?


There are more crazy women than men these days.


Why are these ladies always on the Bundang line?


I just watched the video clip and I may have got it wrong but did that crazy lady spray beer all over that old man and then said ‘sorry, sorry’? Is it only me that heard that? Isn’t she insane…


Wow just like the old saying goes: ‘women and dried fish should be beaten every three days’.


Where has the old man who took down the “Smoking Girl on Line 8” gone? Where have all the old men gone?


Why are so many crazy bitches appearing on the subway these days? Are they doing it because they want to be on the news?


I’m more annoyed with the self-important cow who told the old man not to strangle the Beer Girl. ke ke ke ke if she had been sprayed with beer ke ke she’d have asked the men around her to shoot her! ke ke ke ke


Looks like the same girl ;;


This is why ‘women and dried fish should be beaten every three days’.


This isn’t produced is it? I just cannot understand this as being commonsensical.


These days people seem to be competing with each other to be the most catastrophic woman.


This has gone too far, how can someone spray beer all over an old man like that? Times have really changed, this is not right. People used to be over-polite, I don’t want that but people should at least be well-mannered.


Why on earth are women like this nowadays?


It’d be too-fucking-much to grant basic human rights to these bitches… loads of people use these public facilities… bitches and bastards that do this shit should be beaten.


They’re all the same person – fucking bitch!


I saw the video clip and when the old man got sprayed with beer people just simply shouted but when the old man tried to hit her, some woman told him not to do it… what’s more important?


Honestly, women these days are all like this… whenever I’m commuting in the morning, I see lots of women rushing to use the lifts for disabled and old people. It’s always like this.


Someday there’ll be a ‘wanking woman’ on the subway… fuck.


Girls nowadays are just getting worse — because they are seen as weaklings and are given preferential treatment so they think there’s a queendom for girls who think too much of themselves. Not everyone’s like that but some bitches just don’t have any common sense.


This is the reason ‘Korean women and dried fish should be beaten every three days’.


It’s always women who appear on these video clips and news articles because of their bad behavior. I’m not sure if it’s that there are more crazy bitches these days or if it’s simply just a coincidence, but I put those rude people back in the Samchung Kyoyookdae [punishment from the 1980s that sent all criminals, mafia, alcoholics etc to boot camp].


Oh my… Cigarette Girl and Beer Girl are the same person.


Fucking cunt. She’s been drinking, she needs some nibbles, those nibbles should take the form of PUNCHING.


Why do people from Seoul always stand by and do nothing?? Is this bystander syndrome? If you were to do this anywhere else in the country you’d be lucky not get a slap. Please bin all these Ladygates.


Have they been filming lots of mini-episodes of crazy bitches recently?


What is this bitch? Is she competing?


A few days ago I had been drinking and was on my way home in high spirits when a Korean bitch barged into me and she swore at me so I grabbed her by the hair and knee kicked her in the jaw and then punched her in the stomach so that her womb was lifted up to her waist. Only after that did she say sorry until she was blue in the face. Let’s beat them!!!!!!! [the netizen’s tone suggests he’s probably exaggerating a lot].


We should re-create Samchung Kyoyookdae and detain [these people] until they become human again ke ke. We should use our taxes to deal with these social evils rather than waste them. Fuck.


Why don’t the police have any power? Why don’t they catch them?

UPDATE: This video has made it onto the Chinese internet. See translated Chinese netizen comments on chinaSMACK!

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