Ladygate: Subway Swearing ‘Cigarette Lady’ Goes Viral

Belligerent Korean woman smokes on Seoul subway. koreaBANG has covered the Hot Soup Lady, the Sweary Woman of Line 4 and Bikini Girl. These stories all form part of the latest -녀 [nyeoh] (girl – 女)internet trend. Koreans are now adding the suffix to every single scandal with a hot-tempered female at the centre. In honour of this, koreaBANG now dubs this trend in English as “Ladygate”. Belligerent Korean woman smokes on Seoul subway. This week was no exception. The latest Ladygate –– “담배녀” [tam-bae nyeoh] (Cigarette Lady) –– as the name suggests, is centred around a female passenger on the Seoul Metro who appears to be smoking in a carefree manner, ashing on the floor and occasionally mouthing off to her fellow commuters. Dismayed, a grandfather sitting nearby tells her to stop, takes matters in to his own hands and rips the cigarette out of her mouth. The woman, clearly vexed, calls him a “게새끼” [gae-sae-kki]. Not taking kindly to her tone, the elderly gentleman and our Ladygate warrior proceed to engage in a public and occasionally violent battle. The video, “Cigarette Lady on the Bundang Line” went viral over the weekend on all Korean portals and forums and has attracted comments from Netizens somewhere in the high thousands. Some netizens are quick to criticise our Ladygater for failing to be sensitive to fire safety. Some argue that this is exactly why women should also have to do compulsory military service. Others, experiencing something along the lines of Ladygate fatigue, ponder just what might be the next Ladygate after this one. So do we. Comments from Nate: 홍혁준:

Emergency instructions: There’s a fire!! Spray the ‘cigarette lady’ with the nearest extinguisher. Don’t forget to remove the safety pin.


Ladies! Please look after these brainless girls – what should we do?…..ㅡ.,ㅡ


Because of women like that, it should be made compulsory for them to go to the military too.


If we beat the shit out of those kind of girls, they’d come back to their senses..


Should have pulled out the fire extinguisher from within the carriage and drenched her.


Why are there so many crazy ‘ladies’ nowadays? ‘Swearing woman on line 4’, ‘swearing women on line 9’, ‘crazy woman in taxi’, fuck there’s even ‘Chaesundang violent woman’. It’s like a explosion of apathetic women, no? Would want them to go see what the army’s like.


There are so many crazy bastards out there. But why are there more people with with the suffix ‘-girl/lady/woman’ compared to ‘-man’?


Now now. She’s just disabled and has no brains ……..


Just cos women have established too much authority does not mean they should be the centre of attention in the world


I’m a girl too – why is it that these (brainless) swearing people in universities and the subway are all girls ;;; let’s not call for the Navy to disappear [last week a scandal errupted when a girl nicknamed ‘the Korea University Girl’ said the Navy were pirates]…


Mother: Bundang Line Cigarette Lady – Big sister: Swearing girl on Line 4 – Little sister: Swearing girl on Line 9 – Little sister’s friend: Crazy taxi girl – Aunt: Convenience Store Violent Woman – Niece: Chaesundang pregnant woman [referring to recent Ladygate incidents]


Gender equality means men must assert themselves right? Women are treated too much making them all crazy…………………Continuing to show kindness like that will only make them think they have the right to be like that.


I too am woman and I too wonder why there are so many ridiculous women like that


Isn’t smoking in the subway attempted suicide? ke ke These days, they say there have been many improvements to make it more difficult to smoke in the subway and after the Daegu subway tragedy, anyone doing makes people feel there will be another mass murder…


Personally I don’t think this is a man/woman problem. I’m a girl too and it’s pretty obvious that this is what people are saying, but isn’t it rather a problem of human nature?


Let’s burn off her face with that cigarette


What the hell did she smoke at home


Have you forgotten the Daegu subway tragedy? Bitch


Crazy woman


Nowadays, the size of the crazy-women population has increased dramatically. Let’s teach them how to live in a society and community like in the army.


Because of these women, it is only right to forcibly send them to the army too.


Why on earth are the women of our country like this? Why on earth are the women of our country like this? Why on earth are the women of our country like this? Why on earth are the women of our country like this?


Absolute no-brainers …… as they are produced, the more they are born with this rare disease where they have no brains


Were you [referring to the cigarette lady] envious of those other subway crazies we now see these days? Seriously what the hell


Why don’t netizens search up her personal information and divulge it like they did for other 녀 [‘girls’]


Cunts – Isn’t it about time women also serve in the army? We are the only country where women don’t need to go, and in the meantime they take advantage of their worry free lives. They’re just lazing around while doing this kinda shit. Damn it!


She really looks like she’s caught mad-cow disease


There are also crazy idiots who smoke in the movies theatres.

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  • Godori

    I’ll take the sofa then. Mind if I smoke?

  • Mothrpuckr

    Old men are too testy about ladies. Let them smoke.

    • mr. wiener

      On a train? Bad form where ever you are.
      That said Korea men of a certain generation don’t like seeing women smoking as it makes them look like whores [apparently] They used to feel justified in verbally abusing them or even throwing rocks at them.

      • achan

        yeah, female smokers not particularly kindly looked upon – although two generations ago female smokers were just as common. you see lots of grannies smoking with no inhibition. quite strange how it changed in the last 50 years….? maybe something to do with disposable income before and after the Korean War?

      • achan

        yup, i had that happen on Bundang line a few years ago. A manic guy started smoking and when a woman sitting next to me glared at him, he tried to put out his cig ON her face. I tried to stop and several men from nearby came to rescue, had the guy thrown out the carriage and called the metro poilce. mmmm, that was good.

        actually, only 10 years ago in England people used to smoke everywhere I heard. buses, movie theatres, etc. quite unimaginable now. i watch movies from the 60s sometime and i see people smoking INSIDE the airplane…. different time back then :p

    • Brett Sanbon

      What an idiot

      • feafewafwe

        remove yourself from the gene pool, fuckwit.

  • Brett Sanbon

    I love that old man. I would have done the same thing. No on has to put up with that bullshit. Im wondering why it took the old guy to say something. Only 1 person cared? Really?

    • achan

      isn’t that more or less what is expected? I’ve seen people fight on subways and buses in the States and no one intervened or did anything. Usually people just watched or pretended to sleep or someone just yelled “DRIVERRRRRRR” or moved to the next carriage….. the old men in Korea probably feel more ‘entitled’ to do something cuz they are old but you never know these people, they could be total nut jobs :p

      • Brett Sanbon

        Why ruin the fun and stop two morons from fighting? That old bag was smoking up the whole car so I would have expected to see many more people yelling at her to cut that shit out. Its not like the lady didnt know better. She is Korean, not a foreigner

        • Stories of butts

          Even if she was a foreigner, you must be missing some brain cells to think its okay to smoke in any compact place like a subway.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Unless where you are from smoking anywhere is okay. Ive had numerous experiences of off the boat Chinese smoking in public places like the bathroom at the movies or in the hallway of a school. I had to tell them that in Korea its not okay and they agreed. Ignorance only gets you so far though.

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