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South Korea Tops Plastic Surgery Tables Again, Netizens React

When British magazine The Economist reported on global rates of plastic surgery on April 23, South Korea emerged as the most-cosmetically enhanced population in the world. Naturally, when the story was carried by various news outlets around Korea, it set chin implants wagging, with some netizens opening their wide, double-lidded eyes in disbelief while others lamented the demise of natural Korean beauty.

The data used in the report was from a 2010 survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS). While the total number of aesthetic surgical procedures carried out was highest in the US, when the data was adjusted for population size, it was revealed that for every 1000 Koreans, 16 had undergone plastic surgery of some description. However a Chosun Ilbo article commented that almost half of these procedures were non-invasive treatments such as botox and peeling.

Kim Ah Jong Before and After

The Evolution of Actress Kim Ah Joong

Although plastic surgery is relatively common in South Korea, some foreign netizens have pointed out that the data presented in the Economist infographic may not give the full picture, since it does not include all procedures carried out by all surgeons (or by unlicensed practitioners), and also does not appear to have been adjusted for those patients coming into Korea from other countries, most notably China, for medical tourism. Furthermore, although most netizens assume that the majority of the recipients of this surgery are women, the data provided by the chart does not indicate the ratio of male to female patients.

Lee Min Ho and his Nose

He nose we know.

Korean netizens were generally accepting of the fact that plastic surgery is a South Korean socio-cultural phenomenon, but their comments also highlight a backlash to the artificial beauty popularized by the media and picture-perfect celebrities.But what do you think? Are Koreans plastic fantastic? Vote in the koreaBANG poll below.

Emoticon Plastic Surgery

Comments from Naver:


Though for some time preoccupation with appearance has been spreading and plastic surgery is now a very natural thing, I’m just sick of it. So people with natural beauty are all the more beautiful. Do you absolutely have to be attractive? Rather than seeking artificial beauty or having plastic surgery, it seems to me that standard procedure should be for those who really need plastic surgery (like people who’ve had an unfair accident)


Just what you’d expect from the Chosun Ilbo…This article was also translated in the Japanese edition; I guess it’s supplied for people who hate Korea. It’s like a newspaper for national traitors.


Unfortunately, it’s become the norm, so that’s just that, but the fact that the way of thinking has spread that women have plastic surgery for self-development and that they try [to have surgery] really annoys and frustrates me.. Honestly, if you think that way, then don’t hide that you’ve had it, just proudly reveal it. And please, don’t say ridiculous things like you’re doing it for self-fulfilment. I might accept it if there was like an uninhabited island where you went and lived alone, but where is there such a place, honestly..Don’t say stuff like that, if you don’t lie about the reality of plastic surgery, it won’t be seen negatively.


At the height of the 1990s a song called ‘Plastic Beauty’ by a group called Noise had already foreseen this, I guess.


A few days ago there was an article about how we’re an Asian nation who are worse at gender equality than Pakistan, yesterday there was an article ‘Unmarried Korean women want a husband who earns at least twice as much as they do’ and today there’s even an article about how Korea is number one in the world for plastic surgery. What does all this mean? Ultimately the only conclusion is that Korean women’s independence and desire to work is at the lowest level in Asia , and that their way of life is to remodel their appearance and sponge off men.


So one out of five Korean women is a fraudster, are they? When they pop out a few kids, the truth will become clear.


So where are all the kimchi girls hiding who say that there is more plastic surgery in Japan or Brazil than there is in Korea? ke ke ke


From now on, when you look at a woman, look at her body and her capability rather than her face.


Nowadays it seems like even total munters can be made pretty and flawless… Korean surgeons totally have the hands of God.

assa**** :

Ah, now the reality is that you can’t even trust someone’s high school graduation photo ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


But when you have plastic surgery, aren’t there side effects…? For example if your flesh sags and goes wrinkly, the outline of breast and nose implants become visible and stuff.

Comments from Nate:

The way I see it is that the plastic surgeons in our country are good businessmen. And stop putting adverts for plastic surgery on trains, I want to see a real woman instead of an artificial human being.


In the total numbers there are plenty of countries that do more plastic surgery than Korea. But when you determine the ratio of plastic surgery per person, there is no country that exceeds Korea. Honestly, in countries around the world plastic surgery is still seen as a procedure that is not very desirable. When people have plastic surgery overseas, they don’t have extreme faces like a total loser, or strange bodies with breast implants, I guess we have a lot here, though. They don’t all try to all desperately have plastic surgeries on their faces as though they’re crazy. On Korean TV every day they’re like do plastic surgery, and live with confidence~~! There are loads of comments where people flip out, but having plastic surgery in itself is fucking embarrassing. Especially in the East, excluding Korea, if you say you’ve had plastic surgery, for the most part these countries look at it negatively. On Japanese TV, whenever they have a shocking programme about Korea, the regular theme is plastic surgery. While in other countries, they don’t go out and talk about it proudly, they hide it completely, keep it secret, and just live with their own face, so why are these kimchi bitches like this? I don’t know why they are embarrassing Korea and making a fuss. There is so much demand for prostitutes and plastic surgery, and wild personalities are famous, like, they do all kinds of things.


A foreign friend of mine said this…actors noses and eyes are all exactly the same….if you go out looking around Seoul, everyone’s noses are the same -.- ke


Looks like there are also a lot of Korean men getting plastic surgery, frightening ㅡㅡ;


A nation of artificial humans. A nation without self-confidence or self-respect. A nation without a philosophy.


Artificial human robot.


Korean women insist: Korean women are beautiful.
The reality: the countries that have won Miss Universe.
America, 7 times: 1954, 1956, 1960, 1967, 1980, 1995, 1997
Venezuela, 6 times: 1979, 1981, 1986, 1996, 2008, 2009
Puerto Rico, 5 times:1970, 1985, 1993, 2001, 2006
Sweden, 3 times: 1955, 1966, 1984
Mexico, 2 times: 1991, 2010
Japan, 2 times: 1959, 2007
Canada, 2 times: 1982, 2005
Australia, 2 times: 1972, 2004
India, 2 times: 1994, 2000
Trinidad and Tobago, 2 times: 1977, 1998
Thailand, 2 times: 1965, 1988
Finland, 2 times: 1952, 1975
Philippines, 2 times: 1969, 1973
Brazil, 2 times: 1963, 1968
Korea, 0 times.
I wonder why, even when they have plastic surgery and cover their faces in make-up, Korean women can’t win Miss Universe?


This is embarrasing.


They go crazy because they want to meet a rich man.


You’re telling me that out of a thousand Korean women only sixteen of them have had surgery? More like out of a thousand women only sixteen haven’t had it! Korean women make me shudder with anger and I detset them. Their souls are pretentious, their bodies are fake, and their ugly mugs are fake too.

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  • acorn

    we all nose

    • Jack

      Not all …North Koreans don’t Nose…Its only South Koreans….North Koreans have still maintained traditional Korean culture…South Korean have sold out to western propaganda long time back…

      • 404namenotfound

        that made sense

  • Brett Sanbon

    I remember when I first arrived in SK…. I was walking with my fiance and I pointed out: “Wow everyones eyes and nose look different from Haenam.”

    I’d actually like to see the statistics on % of women in Seoul and Gyeonggi who have had surgery, seperately from other areas.

    Also had a friend visit and he saw Girls Generation on tv. He noted they all look the same. Korean friend says “same doctor”.

    • James

      You mean like this picture on our Facebook page?

      Have a look at super-swanky club night photography page The-Elec for more.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Hehe wow I thought that pic on the facebook page was PS’d and the same faces were posted on different bodies.

      • The Enlightened One

        HAHAHAHA… Cloning is coming at ya! Kim-chi style!

  • bigwin80

    The stat does not include the +200,000 foreigners who get surgery in Korea. Foreigners alone make up at least 30% of the procedures in Korea in 2012.

    And seriously, 16 out of 1000 women is a far cry from those ridiculous stats claiming 80% of Korean women get surgery.

    • bigwin80

      16 out 1000 = less then 2%.

    • Brett Sanbon

      How many people in Cheolla province do you think get plastic surgery? Im willing to gamble that your 2% is concentrated to certain places.

    • DigitalSoju

      You either
      A) Don’t live in Korea.
      B) Don’t have have very many Korean friends.
      C) Korean and being really defensive.

      • Anthony


      • bigwin80

        Dude shut the hell up. +200k foreigners getting surgery done in Korea is fact.

        • Flip

          NOT HAPPY ! My wife – BEAUTIFUL YOUNG Vietnamese LADY has suddenly decided her nose needs ‘fixing’ – in South Korea !

  • Beth

    These stats also don’t include procedures carried out by surgeons who aren’t members of the national association of surgeons, apparently. Plus there are plenty of dentists etc doing botox, lipo and even double-eyelid operations…

    • Brett Sanbon

      Nice info Beth. Thanks. My coworker was offered by a new dentist to perform botox discounted. I found it interesting….she got pissed.

  • DigitalSoju

    As someone of Korean descent, it’s an embarrassing thing for Korea. Some netizens of course are still in denial, but look around, plastic surgery ads are every where. Go to Apgujeong station and see if you can walk for more than 20 seconds without seeing a plastic surgery ad.

    And someone said the Korean doctor’s have “the hands of God.” I disagree because a lot of the time it’s obvious when someone has had surgery, their face just looks off.

    If someone has a physical defect on their face, I’m all for plastic surgery. However, a lot of these girls are already pretty and getting surgery that makes them 2% prettier and 50% more unnatural looking.

    • acorn

      good point, now (un)fortunately the South Korean government has decided to turn this international (dis)reputation around by calling it “the cosmetic surgery belt” and advertise it all around the world to attract new customers

      i kid not

    • chucky3176

      That’s Southern Seoul, in Gangnam area, where many of the cosmetic surgery clinics bunch together because that’s where all the money is. You won’t see a similar thing in Mokpo, South Cheolla province, for instance.

      • James

        There are plastic surgery adverts all over Seoul. There are more in Apgujeong, yes, but you never have to look far to find one.

  • slim shady

    koreans are ugly and slanted eye bitches , if i were them id get surgery too , no lie stay fly

    • Great comment. And the inclination of your eyes is…?[photo would be highly appreciated] I take it this is merely a comment whose aim is to deliberately provoke. But thanks for posting!

      • slim shady

        my eyes are also slanted , doesnt mean i cant make fun of other people with slanted eyes, no? of course the comment was meant to provoke

      • Flip

        HA ! Not much of a racist are you ?

    • Brett Sanbon

      While you are busy typing your moniker with only your left hand, how do you keep your right hand occupied?

      • Flip

        Let’s just say it’s something to do with ‘Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters’, shall we ???
        Of course he probably has to. I’m willing to bet this ‘contributor’ is one of the 6% of the worlds population that no amount of plastic surgery could do anything to help to make more attractive – – – even to a feral pig !
        Have a REALLY nice day now. :-)

  • Tom Cruise/Zach Efron

    Why is it so bizarre for people to get cosmetic enhancements to better themselves? Who are we to judge these individuals? Why judge a book by its cover when it’s only human nature to want to better ourselves? Getting surgery to better your appearance is actually showing great humility, because it means that you see a flaw in yourself and you’ve tried to change it. Look beyond the superficial aspect of “cosmetic” surgery and you should have a better understanding about life and the pursuit of perfection. The irony of it is that it goes both ways in that if you don’t look beyond the appearance aspect of cosmetic surgery you’re just as shallow as the person who you’re demoralizing for changing thyself for the better. Let’s not forget the double standard in plastic surgery, because an operation is an operation and naturalness is what was given to you from the minute you were born and if you’ve altered it then it is no longer natural. Naturalness is best, but striving to become the best is no fault and to me is commended!

    • FYIADragoon

      Honestly, plastic surgery is nothing more than an advanced level of makeup, that doesn’t ever disappear. People whining about it are probably just worried about it raising the bar for their own appearance.

    • Ami

      wow rude. I think his view is interesting and insightful.

    • naya
    • naya

      What about the idea that God has made every human in earth beautiful on their way! everybody is beautiful on their way. we all are beautiful.

    • naya

      What about the idea that God has made every human in earth beautiful on their way! everybody is beautiful on their way. we all are beautiful. I think original is better than a fake, isn’t it? love your body the way it is. there is no make up for beauty than happiness. be happy for who you are.

  • What really gets on my implants about the netizen comments on the major news portals is that they only ever mention plastic surgery as something Korean women do because they are “not beautiful” (ie not Western). And though in general more women get surgery than men, there are plenty of men, particularly celebrities, who have had a little work done…

  • chucky3176

    If you look at the graph, you will see that most of it, at least half of the so called plastic surgery are for “Face and Hair”. Meaning, botox, laser treatments, and hair implants. These shouldn’t even be considered plastic surgery. Look at the rest of the graph, and the number of procedures per person is not that much greater than other countries in the graph, considering a significant portions are medical tourist foreigners particularly from China, Japan, and South East Asia, getting procedures done in Korea.

    • “Face and Hair” would surely also refer to nose jobs, jaw re-shaping, eyelid surgery and entire face lifts though wouldn’t it. They’re extremely common in Korea and most definitely can be considered as plastic surgery.

      Now if you’re referring to “Skin and Hair” then that’s potentially different. But there are still twice as many procedures in Korea as there are in, say, Germany for example. And it’s under half according to the stats. Over half of the procedures are still considered “invasive”.

      • chucky3176

        Look at the graph, it says “non invasive, skin and hair”.

        As well as I said, take about 35 to 40% out of the graph, considering so many foreigners are South Korea, so that they can make themselves look like Korean pop stars.

        • James

          Yes but you said “Face and Hair”.

          You’re right to underline that a lot of this is from medical tourism — that’s why we mention it in the article too.

          But we still can’t ignore the fact that there’s a huge culture of plastic surgery in South Korea which, presumably, started long before medical tourism was a driving factor. I don’t think it’s fair to say that, when it comes to cosmetic culture, it’s just the same as any other country once you discount the foreigners.

          • Linette

            The south Koreans believe that you must look good in order to get a better pay job. Majority of the young South Koreans already had some kind of plastic surgery. They start as early as 12 years old. They estimated roughly 8 out of 10 young girl already had surgery(many use unlicensed clinic). The most common surgery are double eyelids to open the eyes, nose, cheek and jaw bones reduction and shaved for an oval face and to reduce the size of the face, skin chemical bleach.

            It is the norm in the Korea society. It’s their society.
            That whole thing about plasty % is so high is because of foreigners going to South Korea to get plasty is a joke. There are foreigners, but doesn’t change the fact majority of the patients are Koreans.

          • chucky3176

            Linette, 30% of the cosmetic surgery patients in Seoul are Chinese.
            New York Times article here.


            The figure is from 2009, but since then, the Chinese have been flocking even more, with throngs of them in Korean clinics.

        • linette


          “estimates that Chinese make up 30 percent of cosmetic surgery patients in Seoul.”

          Yes, I am sure 30 percent are Chinese. I am laughing in tears. This is exactly why the Japanese and Chinese make comments toward the South Koreans. Every time people from other Country say korea has the highest rate, the korea will immediately blame the Japanese and Chinese are the reason why it’s so high.
          Now go walk down in China town and see how many Chinese girl had plastic surgery. Probably not even 1 in 100.

          • sammy

            Even Chinese girls got plastic surgery from head to toes but still look ugly ha ha

      • Linette

        They need to build conveyor platforms on all streets of South Korea for all the plastic humans to ride on down the street because they all look the same with same bone shaved face and plastic nose. IT will look very cute. Since like 80% of young south koreans are manufactured plastic humans. It would be very fitting.

        • chucky3176

          This is very offensive. I hope the mod gives this person a warning or delete this, it will only lead to more baitings.

    • Linette


      Hahaha..So you are saying the koreans don’t consider botox, laser treatments, and hair implants are cosmetic surgery? I know for facts that the koreans don’t consider cutting the edge or the eyes and doing double eyelids to open up the eyes are plastic surgery.

      So in reality actually more than 80% South Koreans had surgery, because those surgery above ARE plastic surgery.

      • chucky3176

        Linette, the most common forms of surgery by far is the double eye lid surgery – like about 80% of the invasive surgery on the face. They are so common because it takes only few minutes and cost little as $400. The rest are too invasive and most of all, too costly to be as common as you claim, like “80%” of the population, which is absolutely ridiculous number you pulled out of your butt. I know that this plastic surgery thing is constantly used by Japanese and Chinese net users to bash on Koreans with, and you sound just like another one of those people.

      • chucky3176

        There is no surgery involved in botox. There is no surgery involved in laser treatments. These are cosmetic procedures that are very common all over the world where affluence exists, and I see nothing wrong with them when they are not invasive. Hair transplants are not common in Korea, like it is in the West. Another form of cosmetic surgery on the face is the dental teeth correction, where they realign the misaligned jaws and fix crooked teeth. Again, they are considered cosmetic surgery, but I see nothing wrong with them since they do more than just improving the looks, but they give off the benefit of dental repairs.

        Koreans are very conscious of their appearance and go to great lengths to take care of their looks and groom themselves accordingly. And cosmetic surgery is one way of achieving this, although I would not go that far personally. On the other hand, I would not condemn anyone who chooses to go that route. The most invasive surgeries are double eye lid surgery and nose jobs. Lipo’s are also common. Lot of people do laser to improve their skin tone, and botox for anti-aging and reducing of facial muscles, but these are not surgeries.

        • choi.j.youngchan

          yeah keep it down, otherwise we are banning your IP

        • linette


          You should listen to the way you try to rationalize why it’s not consider cosmetic surgery this and that. That is so funny. The truth is truth. You can’t change the fact plastic surgery is plastic surgery. 80% of young Koreans already had some form of plastic surgery. eyelids and cutting the corner of the eyes to open the eyes up…

          It is the very truth that 99 % of korean celebrities had plastic surgery. YOu can’t find real natural beauty among the k celebraties. No such thing.
          All the k pop girls have the same face with cheek and jaw bone reduction shaved to reduce 1/3 of their big wide square genetic korean face. All have the same oval face. They all look the same.

          • bigwin80

            Provide actual statistical evidence that 80% of young Koreans had surgery or that 99% of celebrities had surgery.

            Otherwise shut the hell up and grow up.

          • Chucky3176

            This is what inevitably happens when Korean plastic surgery topic comes up and Chinese/Japanese, particularly the Chinese people get involved in the discussion. It becomes a hate fest. I’ve often heard Chinese people saying “there are no Korean beauties, they’re all plastic surgeried”, while the Japanese have tons of special TV shows on Korean plastic surgery power. I don’t know what’s the matter with these people, why they get so offensive.

          • Brett Sanbon


            As Korea’s self-appointed PR rep., you need to work on appearing more polite.

      • bob

        Most Chinese movie stars are plastic beauties

        • Zappa Frank

          most world movie stars are plastic beauties..

  • Moonlight Girl

    I know that a lot of Kpop stars get plastic surgery. Most of it is just raising the bridge of the nose or getting double eyelids. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or girl, almost all of them do it. I personally don’t give a crap if someone has double eyelids, I like their eyes the natural way.

    • Brett Sanbon

      THANK YOU… my personal opinion is that Korean’s are attractive because they look KOREAN. Same goes for any ethnicity. If everyone in the world had the same eyes and nose, pictures would be boring….just like looking at the girls on line 1 right now is boring. ㅋㅋㅋ

    • Chucky3176

      I would guess majority of Korean celebrities had some form of procedure done, the range could include little as just the eyes, to nose, to the major changes on the entire face. Of course this gives off the ideal to other Asians who are watching Korean TV that this is what everybody in Korea looks like, and that they all go under the knife. The truth is, Koreans on the streets looks nothing like the celebrities. Not everyone has $30,000 to totally remake their face, as the celebrities.

      • linette


        “… the range could include little as just the eyes, to nose, to the major changes on the entire face.”” ….it’s not consider cosmetic surgery.

        hahaha…chucky you are killing me. I am laughing so hard my eyes are tearing. …and I never had surgery. I have natural double eyelids..but of course I am not Korean.

        We are not trying to offend you. We are trying to “OPEN YOUR EYES” and make you and the rest of South Koreans understand…all That ARE CONSIDER PLASTIC SURGERY. We don’t hate your plastic surgery. We just don’t understand why when it’s obviously black you south koreans keep insisting it’s white. And please stop dragging the Chinese and Japanese saying us too go to South Korea for plastic surgery and have the same culture like koreans. We don’t. So stop spreading false rumors.

        • Chucky3176

          First of all, I did not say:

          “… the range could include little as just the eyes, to nose, to the major changes on the entire face.”” ….it’s not consider cosmetic surgery.”

          You are purposely misquoting me, you added the “its not consider cosmetic surgery”, yourself.

          Second, so you are admitting you are Chinese. That figures.

          Third, I’m not the one spreading false rumors, when you’re the one claiming 12 year old South Korean children are getting plastic surgeries as presents. The exact same rumors are going around in China/Taiwan, same as the “Koreans claim Confucius is Korean” and “Chinese Hanzi is Korean” rumors. You are either seriously buy into what you read on your net, or you’re doing this purposely to inflame anti Korean feelings amongst the Chinese netizens.

          • linette

            “Second, so you are admitting you are Chinese. That figures.”
            What does that mean?
            It’s like me saying you are Korean..that figures. They lie and deny all the time. Accusing and blaming the Chinese and Japanese on everything.

            I love to be Chinese. I love my Chinese face…natural double eyelids and big almond shaped eyes. We don’t have square face. The Japanese also many have natural eyelids and more narrow faces. Most don’t need plastic surgery to narrow down their face or to reduce the size.

            The reports and surveys about plastic surgery are all done by Koreans. So they are all lying?

          • collin

            No wonder .I found out you are a Chinese bitch hating Korean because you are so ugly and so jealous Honest to say korean look better than your people 100 times. Ugly… and live dirty

          • Chucky3176

            I love to be Chinese. I love my Chinese face…natural double eyelids and big almond shaped eyes. We don’t have square face. The Japanese also many have natural eyelids and more narrow faces. Most don’t need plastic surgery to narrow down their face or to reduce the size.

            Chinese don’t have big fat round face? And Chinese/Japanese don’t have single eyelids? Chinese and Japanese are not Asians? That’s news to me. True, Chinese/Japanese have more south east asian influence in their genes, so they will have more double eye lids. But is that a superior advantage in genetics in Chinese to have double eye lids? That’s a good one linet!. So who are all those Chinese flooding into Seoul to get surgeries, making up 30 percent of the customers, if Chinese faces are so perfect, why need surgeries? Stop being so insecure and jealous of Koreans for whatever reason, you’re now sounding ridiculous. I can’t possibly take you seriously anymore.

            The reports and surveys about plastic surgery are all done by Koreans. So they are all lying?

          • BOO

            Most my Chinese friends get super ugly and their Chinese Government are gangsters invasion and robbed other countries . Down with Chinese gangs Government

          • Chucky3176

            “The reports and surveys about plastic surgery are all done by Koreans. So they are all lying?”

            I thought you just said Koreans are lying about plastic surgery all the time?

          • linette


            “Chinese/Japanese have more south east asian influence in their genes, so they will have more double eye lids.”

            Now it’s the south east Asian theory. You are killing me. How can people take you seriously?
            I never said double eyelids are superior to mono eyelids. I personally prefer double but it’s just a personal taste. I know for sure it’s easier to apply eye make up and mascara to get that cat eyes look.
            But apparently that is the norm for the south koreas to think double eyelids big eyes can only be considered pretty.

          • vince

            You can’t compare you with Japanese. Japanese on the top and you at the bottom. Dream dream dream hag

          • vince

            My Chinese friend get very tiny eyes look like a line , no double eyelids. when she look at me I though she’s sleeping he he he

        • Chucky3176

          By the way, I do not find double eye lids attractive. That’s just my personal taste. I find out of all Asians, I’m more attracted to Koreans because they tend to have more single eye lids, which is a sign of north eastern Asian migratory people from Siberia. So I really don’t understand why Korean girls go for the double eye folds and end up ruining their natural good looks with single eyelids.

          • gcord375


          • linette


            That estimated 30% of Seoul Korea plastic surgery are Chinese is a joke. Even the south koreans themselves know it’s a lie.

            Of course the ones that are getting surgery are ugly Chinese women. Most of them are older Chinese women going for surgery. They are old and not teenager to begin with, how much prettier can they get? They can’t reverse age.
            The teenagers are all Koreans getting plastic surgery. I am sure you love to lick plastic teenagers. Bammmm the truth hurt.

          • Cox

            Hey, Linette Many Women from around the world come to South Korea to get plastic surgery. Most are young Chinese , Vietnamese, etc.. . Why din’t you mention about them? Why just focus on Korean women only. Are you racist? or you getting serious mental sickness? I think you are stink like shit!

          • lilli75

            It’s coz most Koreans believe that having double eyelids makes them look foreign and exotic… At least… That seems to be the general idea…
            But I know I would never go risking my face for double eyelids… or anything else for that matter.. -.-

        • iga ninja

          okinawan and native hokkaido ppl has most double eyes,Especially all ainu ppl has double eyes btw.
          kyusyu ppl has most oriental eyes.because kyusyu ppl are most same DNA with korean.
          but most of japanese think “kyusyu ppl are powerful and beauty.”
          proud to be oriental eyes!

        • tom

          Hey, every country get plastic surgery sevices. Most the women want to look better. So what? What wrong with you? Are you jealous? I rather look at the women fixed something than look at the natural ugly face

  • k

    when i was in korea, it seemed to me that if u went to places like gangnam or hongdae there were a lot of women with obvious surgeries but in other areas not as many. the women with surgery are very obvious anyway cause they do look very unnatural compared with the women who havent had surgery, i mean u can spot nose jobs a mile away and i would often see eyelid scars on women who have had the surgery….the plastic surgery craze in kprean women is just a manifest of their insecurities….korean women were some of the most insecure women ive ever met and some of the most shallow… many of them base their entire self worth on their looks and thinness and really believe that they dont need interesting unique personalities or any self independence because they can marry well off men or have their parents care for them….eh but whatever its a highly male dom society and women get ahead there by pandering to men by their looks…i.e walking to work every morning id see women on their way to work dressed with skirts up their butts and 6 in heels….the only thing that peeves me is when women who have had surgeries act like they naturally look like that and act all superior and arrogant about their looks toward others when truth is they had to buy their pretty from a surgeon. my brother dated a korean women who had a nose and eyelids done who acted ike she was so the most beautiful women in the world and all men wanted her….made me sick at the sheer vanity of her…..i dont think my bro think my bro ever actually knew how shereally looked without surgery and makeup

    • Brett Sanbon

      ughh, the worst is when women are wearing really short skirts and they put their bags behind their butt as if I, or other men, am looking up to see some undies. To the women in miniskirts-
      1. I am not looking at you, as a matter of fact I just want to get in front of you because you walk too slow in your skirt and heels.
      2. If you know you will be walking up the stairs and you don’t want people to see up your skirt, wear longer skirts.
      3. Miniskirts are not for the office, unless your office is in a bar.

      I just realized I am complaining about miniskirts…. Whats wrong with me?

      • Chucky3176

        Someone is actually complaining about Korean women wearing mini skirts.


        I think Korean women are just fine the way they are. They actually have pride in taking care of their looks. Nothing wrong with that.

        • Brett Sanbon


    • gcord375

      fucking waste of space.

    • linette


      The problem is when you have kids with the koreans, your kids will look nothing like the korean parents. Kids come out with wide square face and mono eyelids the eyes are just two lines on the face. If you are not familiar with their korean culture you would the kids are adopted because they don’t look like their parents. I see so many like that. But they are in fact the real biological parents.

      • Chucky3176

        linette, what’s the difference between a Korean who gets plastic surgery versus Chinese who gets plastic surgery?

        Answer: the Korean becomes turns into gorgeous beauty. The Chinese on the other hand… well… it didn’t do any good, she’s still ugly. badam bam bam….

        just a little joke based on a hint of truth.

        • Christina

          … what is wrong with you? why are you attacking linette AND the Chinese ethnicity like that? It doesn’t reflect well on you or the ethnicity you seem to be trying to defend with your petty gibes.

          • Dan


            Reading the thread so far, it seems like Koreans get REALLY DEFENSIVE about plastic surgery…to the point that they have to bash other ethnicities. It really does not reflect well on Koreans. And it certainly does nothing to enhance their credibility.

          • SFGigantes


            You’re late in this game bro, Chucky is a regular poster here while Linette came in late and was found to be a notorious troll. Linette provokes and Chucky retaliates, tat for tat, simple as that. I assume Christina realized it later on based on another thread where Linette goes on more outlandish tirades. Chucky’s tit for tat against that notorious disgusting troll Linette does NOT represent nor reflect on Koreans. It would be ludicrous to say otherwise.

      • are6729

        Chug drano you fucking waste of oxygen.

    • Jennster

      that’s why some natural good looking people wants to bash plastic surgeried ethnics because they act irl like they are better when deep down they have terrible genetics.

  • U.N. Owen

    Because US Soldiers were present since the Korean War, South Korea has been greatly influenced by US advertisements of women who are tall, slim, big eyes, white skin, and “tall” nose. Now, it has created a uniform beauty, in which majority of girls look very similar. Practically majority of men and women dress in one particular fashion. If I meet someone who isn’t, I have more respect for them because they stay true to themselves.

    There is so much pressure on their appearance that plastic surgery has become normal to the point of parents giving their daughters money to get plastic surgery as graduation presents. Moreover, when SKrns apply for jobs, a photo is included. If applicants’ credentials are all equally good, then most likely companies will hire applicants based on their looks. I would even hear middle schoolers talking to their friends that their mom won’t give them money to buy food because she thinks her daughter is fat (when in reality she was quite skinny and healthy). My mom even called me fat in front of all my relatives at my cousin’s wedding when I’m a US size 0/2. My friend told me he was riding the subway when a male adult went up to a lady dressed in sweats and told her to go home and dress in something better. I even had a similar experience when I was on my way to the gym in boy shorts and long t-shirt and a girl and boy snickered at me and said “don’t you look pretty.”

    So with all that pressure, I don’t blame them for turning to plastic surgery but I get scared when it reaches to the point of risking a lot. Like when my cousin wanted slimmer looking calves (like many other girls) and she explained to me that they do some kind of procedure with your calf muscles. I said that’s awful but she assured me it was non-life-threatening until she mentioned the worst possible scenario was losing your ability to walk.

    • Chucky3176

      Cown, shaving off calf bones is not a common procedure, and I don’t think they even offer this anywhere. It was reported in the Korean media a number of years back but by no means is it common. Your cousin is like any other Koreans, very frank about cosmetic surgery and is just repeating what she has read and seen from the media, especially the Korean entertainment industry which do have a high number of celebrities who have undergone major operations and major changes. Look at it in perspective, 0.77 procedures per 1000 people are still not that many procedures considering there are 49 million South Koreans. That’s only about 37,000 to 40,000 procedures per year. By no means, does it represent majority of Koreans had their cheek bones shaved and calf bones shaved, and totally reworked their faces ala Michael Jackson as others are claiming. Come on, that’s ridiculous.

      • Brett Sanbon

        I think you are leaving out that most of the elderly and children havent had surgery (yet). That essentially cuts the population by over 1/3…. maybe 1/2.

        I dont know why you feel like you need to be Korea’s “White Knight” but it is already well known that Koreans like to look good, and many go as far as to physically alter their appearance. You cant undo what millions have already done.

        Your sentiments arent wrong chucky, but your choice to deny deny deny isnt doing anything for Korea’s image.

        • Chucky3176

          deny deny what brett? I didn’t deny there were no plastic surgery. All I said was don’t over blow this thing as if 100% of Koreans are on some kind of conveyor belt where they go in and come out with a totally different face.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Again I understand that you want to defend Korea. You are trying to make excuses and reasons for this and that. Actually Im surprised that you havent come to the conclusion that “new faces” are, for the most part, confined to age and location boundaries. You walk around Cheolla province for a week and you will notice that not many people look exactly the same. You walk around downtown Seoul and more likely than not notice that surgery is more than common~ its life.

          • Chucky3176

            Err. I’m not sure what you mean by age and location boundaries.

            But whatever, point out to me, what excuses I’m making. Excuses means giving out false information in an attempt to defend. What excuses am I making that you have a problem with?

          • Brett Sanbon

            I refuse to ‘pull a Paulie’ and copy and paste and pick apart everything you wrote, so let’s limit it to this one snippet. “these are not surgeries”- Cosmetic surgeons everywhere disagree.

            By age boundaries I mean that most of the surgery that occurs in Korea is on people between the ages of 18 and 60 (over 70% of the population). So we can eliminate almost everyone over 60 and under 18 (15 million people). This does, effectively, reduce the sample size. By reducing the sample size we can then increase the ratio of how many people out of 1000 get cosmetic surgery (much higher than 16:1000). When foreigners meet young Koreans, they see many of them have had some sort of cosmetic procedure.

            By location boundaries I am assuming that an insignificant amount of surgeries in the countryside are added into the statistics. When people think of Korea, they mostly think of Seoul and Gyeonggi, maybe Busan too. So lets limit the areas to Seoul and Gyeonggi. This helps your cause. By showing that most of the surgeries are performed in metropolitan areas, it preserves your argument because the people between 18-60, living outside metropolitan areas, most likely don’t get surgery. When foreigners visit Seoul/Gyeonggi, it appears that everyone in Korea is “plastic” because they take what is immediately in front of them and apply it to the entire country.

            Therefore, using reason to convince others that the phenomenon is limited to mostly Seoul and Gyeonggi, you can save Korea’s face (sorry about the pun).

          • silence

            You forgot to account for those kids under 18, in high school, who were given parental notification and approval, which is legal with the right paperwork and steps, to get surgery due to the type of environment they grew up in. I mean that’s what it all comes down to. If you are brought up to believe that plastic surgery is the social norm then either consciously or unconsciously you are bound to strive for that bit of normalcy even if you lose part of what makes you human to begin with right? Still there are a large amount of people, Koreans included, who regardless opted out of plastic surgery as well. They say numbers can’t lie but they can’t account for 100% of the truth either, there will always be a margin of error.

          • Chucky3176

            Brett, your entire argument falls apart when you take into consideration, South Korea is 90% urbanized. Granted, Seoul Metropolitan area has 40% of the entire country’s population, I guess if you want to say Seoul is the face of Korea, then that’s not entirely wrong either. I didn’t not say, that means only Seoul has plastic surgery clinics. All I said was that more clinics are clustered around in Seoul, especially Gangnam area of southern Seoul, than let’s say, Mokpo, Cheollanamdo. The reason is that there’s more money in Seoul, particularly Gangnam, than Mokpo which is a smaller fishing city in Southern Korea. Now what I said, is that sound so outrageously wrong to you?

            16 procedures out of 1000 people (Korea), is not that much more compared to 11 procedures out of 1000 people (USA). OK, I admit Koreans are more conscious of taking care of their appearance than Americans and put more emphasis on appearance, but are we that much more different that we deserve a reputation as a country of Michael Jackson’s, ridiculed on Japanese and Chinese TV shows? I don’t think so.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Its not “my” argument. I was trying to support you, but telling you to use rationalization to defend Korea. Forget it…

          • Koreanguy in Korea

            Hey Brett,

            and you know all of this, how? LOL

          • Brett Sanbon



          • linette


            I have already told you there are tons of articles about plastic surgery written by koreans. All you have to do is type in Korean plastic surgery. You can deny all you want.

            Just because a nation is rich, doesn’t mean plastic surgery is their culture like plastic surgery is part of the south korean culture. USA, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia…I can go on with my list. Plastic surgery is not part of their culture.
            And plastic surgery is not part of basic needs. Especially for kids.

          • Chucky3176

            I have already told you there are tons of articles about plastic surgery written by koreans. All you have to do is type in Korean plastic surgery. You can deny all you want.

            There are tons of articles in Korea, because Koreans are honest about cosmetic procedures. They don’t hide it like China and Japan, where the subject is taboo. Much like many of the problems in China get swept under the carpet, and out of the limelight. Koreans after they get the procedures, will brag that they got it done. As opposed to Chinese who will lie, they have never ever done anything.

            Just because a nation is rich, doesn’t mean plastic surgery is their culture like plastic surgery is part of the south korean culture. USA, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia…I can go on with my list. Plastic surgery is not part of their culture.
            And plastic surgery is not part of basic needs. Especially for kids.

            Look at the graph again, my friend, the US, UK, Taiwan, Japan are in the top ten. Hong Kong isn’t listed, but I’m sure they’ll be in top ten as well. Don’t tell me “plastic surgery isn’t part of their culture”. Nine to eleven procedures out of 1000, is much more closer to Korea, then to the bottom of the list, especially considering that Chinese tourists represent one of the highest foreign plastic surgery patients in Korea, skewing Korea’s numbers.

            As for your claims of kids routinely having surgeries in Korea, bull [email protected], just like many of your countrymen’s false claims on Korea about stealing Chinese culture and history.

          • linette


            You can go on with your denial. What you said I can’t take you seriously because all one needs to do is to go to South Korea and walk around. Go see it with your own eyes.

            And all you have to do is go to those countries like Japan, Taiwan, Hong kong, China and see it with your own eyes.

            Then you will know which country has the Plastic surgery culture.

          • ben

            Linette, I guess you come from North Korea? No wonder you lied

          • linette


            Don’t even start about the cover up thing. The South Koreans and their government are known for bribery and cover up.
            A Korean politician even wrote a book or article title
            “Korea is a country of liars”

            So don’t even go there with Chinese and Japanese.

          • coco

            You are liar. You created bad story about Korean people make me sick. Go away dumbass. Your brain is smaller than a grape seed

          • Tom Cruise/Zach Efron

            Why is it so bizarre for people to get cosmetic enhancements to better themselves? Who are we to judge these individuals? Why judge a book by its cover when it’s only human nature to want to better ourselves? Getting surgery to better your appearance is actually showing great humility, because it means that you see a flaw in yourself and you’ve tried to change it. Look beyond the superficial aspect of “cosmetic” surgery, and you will have a better understanding about life and the pursuit of perfection. The irony is that it goes both ways. If you don’t look beyond the appearance aspect of cosmetic surgery, you’re just as shallow as the person you’re demoralizing for changing themselves for the better. Let’s not forget the double standard in plastic surgery. An operation is an operation, and naturalness is what was given to you from the minute you were born. If you’ve altered it then it’s no longer natural. Naturalness is best, but striving to become the best is no fault. In fact, I believe it’s to be commended!

        • linette

          Brett Sanbon

          Right now the trend in South korea is kids get plastic surgery for birthday present or any special occasions. They start as young as 12 or 13 years old. For the eyes and so on..They don’t get Toy r us like American kids.

          It is like most young Koreans in South Korea from this generation all get plastic surgery. Not so much the older generation like 58 or 60.

          It’s cheap and the plastic surgeons in South Koreans have so much experience they operate by hundred thousands of Korean patients from minor to major procedures.

          • Brett Sanbon

            The “trend” is very limited to certain areas and people, I am sure. Does not apply to all people starting at age 12 or 13. Hogwash.

          • Chucky3176

            This is the kind of ludicrous unwarranted misinformation and claims that is being perpetuated on the internet that I’m talking about. And it’s done purposely, without any kind of facts to back it up. I’ve heard this exact same things from the Chinese media and their netizens.

          • Koreanguy in Korea

            Are you that dumb? I have never heard of Koreans getting plastic surgery for birthday present, stop making up bullshit lies. Never I have heard that when I am currently living in Jamsil, Seoul.

            As for plastic surgery, it isn’t cheap here, its expansive, but compared to costs of Japan and China, its pretty cheap.

          • linette


            ” I start to get really sad. When I think about the fact that South Korean parents are now encouraging their children, as young as 12 years old, to get plastic surgery to look more beautiful, I start to get angry.”

            These are report and survey done by koreans. I feel sad for them too and the kids.
            That poster so funny
            square face ==> oval face


            Korean surgeon said they came as young as 14, and that was back then. Now reports saying is as young as 12. The mother urge the daughter to get it.

          • Chucky3176

            linette, this doesn’t prove anything other then you know how to use Google.

            Just because some blogger named “Sharon” says “kids as young as 12 year olds” have plastic surgery doesn’t make it a major noticeable trend, and certainly not what you’re trying to claim, that most of 12 year olds in Korea have had already surgeries as gifts from their parents.

            As for your second article linked, that’ the old TIME article on plastic surgery in Asia, dated number of years ago. If you’re going to single out Korea as the unique case, it’s the wrong source to quote, since that article talks extensively on the plastic surgery craze in all of Asia. China doesn’t come off looking anymore flattering than Korea. I wouldn’t be so high and mighty in your attempts to put down Koreans for your own insecurities. The only thing that stops China being on the top of the list is that for the vast majority of Chinese, cosmetic surgery is priced out of their league. If all of them can afford it, you can bet far more Chinese would jump at the chance. Don’t deny the fact that as people get richer and they have satisfied their basic needs, they then move onto improving their self worth, by also wanting to improve their looks.

          • Lallasow

            Hi guys! Can anyone advice me on any feet specialist surgeon in korea? I have 2 of my toes that I need to correct! Plz, thanks

          • Paul

            Never heard of it as a present, but most Korean women I’ve spoken to have discussed it as being a common graduation gift to “help get a job”.

          • BOO

            Shut your asshole mouth, bitch. no parent in Korea let their kid get plastic surgery at 12 year old. You are no brain to said that. shut up! idiot

      • nufio

        you didnt read the chart right. its 17 per 1000. 0.77mil is the aggregate number.. and like brett mentioned of adult female population my approximation would be around 1 in 10.. That is a ridiculous statistic.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    Hard for me to understand why the entire world wanting to look like europeans or white people.

    • Wang that!

      Humans are attracted to symmetry, but unfortunately we have allowed mass media to define what beauty is.

      We are bombarded with images of what advertisers deem as beautiful and that is re-enforced by magazines, TV shows, music and movies…

      If you ever noticed what your grandparents considered attractive is no where near what we do… the key thing that carries over is the symmetry of facial features… That is why you will from time to time run into a female/male that is not “pretty” or “handsome” but draws your attention… their features are not what you are accustomed to but they are symmetrical and you will say… he/she is (not pretty… but…) cute or even exotic… ^__^

      Try to observe this and you will draw a similar conclusion

      • Tippy Long Stocking

        Thanks Wang. That’s exactly what I was getting at, western globalization has redefined what people consider beautiful. People are rejecting their own standards in favor of a foreigner’s definition of what beauty is. They want the unattainable. I’m a westerner, and to my western eyes, Korean people are the more handsomer group of Asians and their features are perfectly lovely as they are. So it boggles the mind that foreign influence could be so potent. Who decides what type of symmetry is right? What appeals? Advertisers and like numb fools the whole world kind of follows along. Some people make the argument that tv and ads don’t influence people. If it didn’t companies wouldn’t spend billions of dollars a year marketing their products. Most of the female models that we see in these ads don’t really reflect what people really look like. How many westerners weigh 105 lbs at 5’9? It’s bull.

        • Wang that!

          105 lbs at 5’9… according to the media its about… 70-90%

          I agree with your thoughts 100%, it is a true shame that the vast majority are numb to this influence and follow like sheep… =(

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            lol whose media says about 70%-90% of western women are 5’9 and 105lbs. If people believe that, it’s worse than I thought. I know in the United States, there are more fat people than skinny people. Americans are big fat slobs.

        • Linette

          Tippy Long Stocking,

          Yes white friends, I am sure you love your Koreans and what the Koreans portray themselves on their televisions.

          MUST GET RID OF WIDE SQUARE FACE and shaved down to oval face.

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            Linette, I don’t know what you’re talking about, hon.

          • Linette

            Tippy Long Stocking

            Who’s your hon.

          • jen

            Linette, I guess you are much fuglier than Korean . Fugly inside and out , so much jealousy

        • Stories of butts

          Very true Mr.(Ms?) Tippy, very true. So sad to see so many people hate their features because they are not European-like. I do think it goes deeper into the lines of racism from before where the whole “White is Might” thing has made its effect worldwide and now so many people just try so hard to look like them. Sadly, I think that its been running so deep into society worldwide as whole that it’ll be hard to dig ourselves out of.

        • slim shady

          tippy dont be mad cause your a fatass

  • Stories of butts

    Too bad they dont get surgery for their butts. I remember seeing this somewhat pretty model with obvious face surgery but it was a full profile pic with her body and when I scrolled down BAM! no ass, just back and legs. Made me cry.

  • Regina.

    So does this means Korean women are insecure/unhappy with their Korean features and it’s a societal/psychological thing, or does this mean that Koreans are just ugly?

    • Brett Sanbon

      Do you think Koreans are all ugly?

  • Min-zzang

    This is horrible… Why be so insecure? Seems like plastic is the new trend

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  • maia

    their faces are all the same..just like cloning. its not natural at all.

  • naya

    hey Koreans, check this out

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  • Korean men and women are WAAAAAAAAYYYY more beautiful natural. It’s sickening to see all these korean women celebs and men too who all look the same…carbon-copycat faces, noses, eyes, and there’s no diversity or genuine beauty. But when I see the naturally faced korean girls and guys, I think how beautiful they are wish they knew that instead of this “lie” that makes them wanna have surgeries.

  • halo

    so, the Russians are mostly naturally beautifull..

  • dk2020

    This article is wrong .. ITALY actually ranks 1st in surgeries per capita, Korea is 3rd .. and the USA ranks 1st in total number of cosmetic procedures performed.. Korea is 7th ..

    It’s been almost three years since Drs. Troy and McNamara hung up their scalpels, yet the plastic surgery craze is showing no signs of slowing down.

    According to a recent study conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, nearly 15 million cosmetic procedures were performed across the world in 2011. The third annual report, entitled “Global Study of Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Performed in 2011,” surveyed licensed surgeons from various nations and combined that data with surgeon estimates provided by each country’s surgery board to provide a glimpse into the frequency of such procedures worldwide.

    The results revealed some interesting trends in aesthetic preferences as well as various health issues. For example, the United States unsurprisingly ranked first among countries performing breast augmentations, while three Asian countries — China, Japan, and South Korea — ranked in the top-five countries performing rhinoplasties (nose jobs).

    And while Botox injections remained the top non-surgical procedure performed worldwide — reflecting a universal desire to fight the effects of aging — the top surgical procedure overall was lipoplasty, which is becoming ever-more popular ascountries battle the increasingly dire obesity epidemic.

    Furthermore, the Economist noted that the study’s findings may be somewhat unexpected when taking into account total population. While the U.S. ranked first in total number of cosmetic procedures performed, for example, the country actually ranked fourth in procedures per capita, behind South Korea, Greece, and Italy.

  • bultak23

    beauty begins with a smile. you can’t get plastic surgery for that.

    • Clyde Erwin Barretto

      Now you can…

  • Guest

    I feel increasingly uglier in this country, with my normal small eyes and my non-petite chin, (I am in Seoul at the moment).. not because I am originally an insecure person, heck I’ve never been insecure about looks when I grew up (not in korea) but from living in this country where looks (a extremely SPECIFIC look) seem to be so substantial in judging one’s worth… I think it thrusts many Korean women into becoming part of a ‘competition’.

    This ‘competition’ is NOT… “whose the most successful woman?” or even “who is the most beautiful woman” (if we must do this -_-) it has, instead, become the question of “who has become the most beautiful woman -after surgery-?”

    Let me explain the intensity of this.. I have difficulty.. in remembering faces of my korean acquaintances.. because a lot of them look very.. exactly the same. And for an Asian to say that about another Asian-> that says something o_0;

  • Angie Kwon

    Let me explain the intensity of this.. I have difficulty.. in remembering faces of my korean acquaintances.. because a lot of them look very.. exactly the same. And for an Asian to say that about another Asian-> that says something o_0;

    • dk2020

      If they don’t look Korean .. they look Chinese?

  • fuckcockreans

    Koreans are fugly. Fuck gooks

    • dk2020

      lols, internet balls ..

  • David Otunga

    You entirely go with our expectation and the range of our information.
    nova skincare

  • vale

    those who undergo plastic surgery to become beautiful are insecured and are not intelligent enough to survive….don’t they know that plastic surgery cuts short their precious lives. beauty depends on how you carry yourself…who said that only the high bridged nose are beautiful… everybody can be beautiful!!!! no matter how you look!!! you stupid stereotypist!!!!

  • Garrison Berry

    Hi everyone,I have just read all of the posts and I am in tears! My life for the past 10 yrs has been,I don’t know how to put it, I guess lonely and loveless. I’m 26yrs I ve been with my fiance for 10 yrs and we have 2 sons. Our oldest 7 has AS too and my youngest 3 has autism. I feel so lonely in my family, none of them understand me at all and don’t try. I feel like i ve lost myself. I is much harder to deal with my Fiance then my kids of course, because I shouldn’t have to parent him. I don’t want to parent 3 people, I want love. He doesn’t even feel love I don’t think! I’m very sad thinking that I am putting my self in this position, to never put myself 1st or get anything I need or want it life. My family nor his gets it and they say that because he works and takes care of his family with money I should be happy enough. I wish there were groups where iI live but I haven’t found and yet. I’m very happy to find other people out there dealing with this, because living life like this is very lonely. I would love to start talking with some of you,all things happen because great zalilu was very great to me,after he help me getting back my man every thing have be working fine.Please you can contact he for help so you can be happy in your relationship.Email him at;[email protected]

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