Japan vs Korea: Netizens React to Korean Soccer Victory

South Korea play Japan in the Olympic Final Four

Relations between Japan and Korea have had a difficult week. On August 10, Lee Myung Bak visited the disputed territory of Dokdo (known in Japanese as Takeshima), causing such outrage in Japan that it resulted in the Japanese ambassador to South Korea being recalled to Tokyo. Then, on the very same day, the Olympic match to decide which nation would take the bronze medal for soccer resulted in a 2-0 defeat for Japan, as South Korea emerged victorious.

While South Korean netizens were ecstatic at gaining a bronze medal, Japanese netizens were lamenting their defeat. Interestingly, the historical tension that characterises the Dokdo/Takeshima debate between the two nations comes to the fore, even in the comments about South Korea’s victory. koreaBANG brings you both South Korean and Japanese netizen reactions to this much-talked about match.

Comments from Nate:

We ask them to play football, and they’ve made such a drama .


Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke It feels SO good! Let’s laugh together Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke




Park Chu-young! Don’t even think about enlisting the army! You’re not going anywhere!


Japanese goal keeper came out from the net ke ke ke ke ke That pink-boy ke ke ke


I’ve got to talk the talk. The Japanese football team has done well during the Olympics only because of their easy matches. Lucky Japanese monkeys
ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Congratulations, Kim Ki-hee! You didn’t have enough playing time though, I’m sure your sweat and effort must be the same as the rest of the team.


Yay!!! We’ve got the first Olympic bronze for football and the whole team is getting military service exemption for victory over Japan!! Kim Sung-yueng’s salary is going up for sure!!


Kim Ki-hee finished the military service in 5 minutes.[meaning he gets military service exemption even though he only played for 5 minutes.]


It’s good that they scored 2 goals, yet it feels even better that they didn’t allow the Japanese a score at all.


Until that day when Mt. Baekdu‘s worn away and the East Sea ‘s waters run dry,God protect and preserve our country. Roses of Sharon and Three thousand Li full of splendid mountains and rivers; Great Koreans, To the Great Korean way, stay always true! [the National anthem of South Korea, Wikipedia translated]


Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke All those British gamblers are so going to meet at the River Thames ke ke ke ke They have been wrong for basically everything ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


In the face of Gwangbokjeol (the Independence Day of Korea), say ‘Long live, Korea’ for three times. I’m fucking proud of this nation.


I haven’t seen such a euphoric face of Hong Myung-bo before Park Chu-young made the first goal. He must have had emotional entanglement of issues around Park Chu-young. Team Korea, fly even higher with help of military service exemption!


It was hilarious when that hot-pink monkey came out ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. And Park Chu-young and
Koo Ja-cheol
’s goals aiming for military service exemption were phenomenal ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Well done! Congratulations!


The Japanese said they’re going to win the gold medal, but they must be suicidal right now ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Who said Japan is going to win? They must feel so embarrassed for their stupid guesses ke ke Team Korea did so well!


Hurray for Koo Ja-cheol’s goal ke ke ke Say ‘Long live, Korea’ three times for the goals against the team Japan ke ke ke ke I admire them!


Hey monkeys, time to go home. Pack your bags ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Hurray for Kim Ki-hee!

South Korea's Koo scores the second goal

South Korea’s Jacheol Koo shoots the ball to score his side’s second goal as Japan’s Daisuke Suzuki tries to block

And how did the Japanese take this? See the reaction of Japanese netizens to their defeat by South Korea below.

Comments from 2ch:

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

Oh well.I guess if we don’t admit defeat there’s no future for us. I wonder if the Japanese Olympic team was a strong one…

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

Ejaculate hard!

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

I fell asleep in the middle of the match. I mean, what were those unmotivated expressions on the Japanese team’s faces? I wonder if they were just holding back at the fucking Koreans? I felt like they didn’t even want to win.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

Japan isn’t weak. Korea is strong. And will be for a looooooooong time to come. It’s just embarrassing now, so let’s give up on that whole ‘Japan sea’ thing.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

But Korea is taking that team to the big meet in Brazil.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

[In Korean] Dokdo is our land!!

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

Well, in Japan and America, soccer is a sport for fucking girls. LOL.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

[Referring to an article posted at the beginning of the thread] Is this supposed to be a news article? It’s pretty low-level

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

Don’t bother coming back, scum that lost to the fucking Koreans.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

The nobodies who lose with their A-team should stop going on about it.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

It was a pity, but we’re on a losing streak. First, we have to start with that.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

Even though we were losing why were they passing behind?

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

It was a miracle we got this far, a medal wasn’t even expected; it’s just that we beat Spain and then the whole country suddenly started getting excited because it was a team made up of third-rate athletes.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

The second goal was because Japan was too aggressive, but the first goal was because they cleanly raced past the three defenders, who’d gone back as far as they could.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

The Japanese Olympic soccer team didn’t understand what they did in the Korean match. They didn’t understand the fact that that shitty game was an insult to Spain/Morrocco/Honduras. I’m embarrassed to be Japanese. Don’t ever come home you shitty bastards!

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

The low level of the ethnicity of the Japanese people, who think that the chance wins up to now were actual skill, is the real reason we lost. The Japanese, who expected too much from a B-level team, will have their stupidity exposed. Both the media and the Japanese people can’t keep on dreaming

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

The only thing that won’t change for a loooooooong time is you bastards’ 9cm…

隣の家のわんこ ◆oJlmXYegxg:

They managed to go as far as the final four on the momentum of beating Spain, but they lost that momentum from a single miss.

(´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

Take back all the Koreans resident in Japan. Please. I understand that even Koreans don’t trust Koreans resident in Japan, but I guess that at this historical victory the unifying forces will have grown stronger.

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  • Herp Derp

    (´・ω・`)(`ハ´  )さん:

    Japan isn’t weak. Korea is strong. And will be for a looooooooong time to come. It’s just embarrassing now, so let’s give up on that whole ‘Japan sea’ thing.

    ^I found that comment ESPECIALLY interesting.

    • Sairang

      One must know how to read 2channel. It varies from board to board with it’s own slang etc. Also Japanese like to be ironical. To read it you must have some experience and throw away all the trash around. This one is ironical one or written by Zainichi Korean I’d say.

  • Pj

    Congrats Mexico!!!!

  • a

    it’s interesting to see japanese netizens. why is there no japanBLAM?

  • Brett Sanbon

    Why cant Korean netizens be good winners? One would expect those comments from the losing team.

  • asdf

    such strong conflict between two american airbases.

  • Hokit

    Even though the sample here would be a small portion of all comments made, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sentiments expressed were representative of a good portion of Koreans. Everybody’s guilty of gloating at some point, but when it comes to anything involving Japan the Koreans can’t seem help themselves and take it to another level. Win or lose, showing graciousness and self-restraint appears to be sorely lacking amongst them. The historical and cultural context behind the sentiments are understandable, but at the end of the day they’re not good excuses for behaving so arrogantly.

  • Sojubang

    I read on BBC that Park Jong-woo has been banned by the IOC from attending the medal ceremony (as well as a seperate investigation by FIFA) because he was photographed holding a banner that said “Dokdo is our land”. The reason he was banned is because political statements from players are not allowed at the Olympics or within football/soccer in general.

    Wonder if that means he’ll be stripped of his medal? or simply just fined or something?

    • somesojuslammer

      Then why are North Korean’s allowed to spew their garbage about Kim Jung Whoever on international TV?

      • Sojubang

        I’m not sure to be honest, IOC rules. I assume that due to their fair play/ its just sport leave everything else out of it ideals praising your own country leader is OK, but if they had played against S.Korea and held up a placard about their various attacks or skirmishes or something, that probably would have caused a ban on the particular player involved.

    • Reiss

      KOC said it was unitentional and he just picked up that banner from the pitch, he was elated by the moment and didn’t know what was written on it. They wanted to make him retard to avoid actions from IOC. Unfortunetly for him there’s clear photo evidence that the move was intentional, he knew what he was doing. The players and KOC statement must be provided to IOC until April 16th as the investigation already started. FIFA also started it’s own investigation. Knowing how much both of those organisations fights with anything which isn’t related to sports… his medal might be taken from him (+ military exemption as Soth Korean law says as far as I remember) and he’ll get a nice ban from FIFA.

      • C84

        Just fuck off Reiss.

      • Hokit

        That soccer player deserves some punishment at the very least. He should retain the medal as he did earn it, but doing something that inflame tensions and violate set principles can’t be overlooked. I’m confident the coach and the authorities had emphasised and made clear what expectations were prior to the games. Plus that flimsy excuse – “mistaking” the sign for the national flag “in the heat of the moment” – is almost tantamount to an admission of guilt and represents a desperate attempt in grasping at straws, hoping for some miracle or backroom bribery to turn his fortunes around. Perhaps revoking exemptions to fulfil compulsory armed services would be a good way to send out a clear message that such juvenile behaviour won’t be tolerated.

        • Cal

          “inflame tensions”? Sure? A country which was repressed in the past is finally getting rights. If any Japanese person feels “inflame[d] tensions” from this then I don’t know what to say. Your country stripped another country of rights and freedom whilst taking their land after the Russo-Japanese war ending in 1905 and claim the land to this day, backing up with fabricated claims. The old maps and the writings say the truth, so it’s about time some people stepped down from their high horse please?

          • Hokit

            What did you mean by “finally getting rights”? I thought South Korea had sovereignty for about half a century by now. Or were you referring to the soccer player’s “right” to make a political statement? I don’t disagree with that – however there were principles and rules for him to abide by and violating them will invite consequences.

            I don’t see why so many Koreans are up-in-arms about this. This isn’t about a conspiracy concocted by the Japanese or some unexplained global bias against Koreans. There were conditions that ALL soccer players had to follow in order to be in that stadium and by being there they implicitly AGREED with them. It’s that simple. Therefore in THIS instance, what the soccer player did was wrong.

            By the way I’m not Japanese; how did you come to the conclusion that I was? If it was because I criticised the actions of the soccer player and the overall poor sportsmanship of Korean netizens, then it’s best to stop any further discussion between us because logic won’t be a part of it.

          • Sojubang

            How is holding up a sign at an international sports event getting rights though? Fair enough, protest against Japans claim of Dokdo whenever you want, but just keep it out of sports and events that prohibit any political statement. If Japan had managed to win and made a similar political statement, there would be the same amount of uproar and netizens would probably be urging the IOC to strip their whole team of medals.

    • Sojubang
  • Paul M

    Interesting to see that successful athletes are exempt for National Service. I wonder if this creates resentment and bitterness from the less successful athletes and civilians.

  • Patrick

    Typical reactions from the majority of Korean netizens. As was said earlier, Koreans like to bash after they win and whine after most losses so I usually support the opposition. Nice to see the guy who held up the sign not on the podium. Would be funny if he couldn’t receive his medal and somehow ended up having to serve his military service. He just couldn’t resist. I disagree with the athletes being exempted from military service even though they miss a few years of their career. They’ll make far more money in the end than most who serve. As was mentioned above, a substitute who plays about 5 minutes or not at all in the whole tournament gets a free pass. If I were a regular Korean citizen who had to serve I’d have a real problem with that.

    • C84

      Typical reaction from a Wapanese. Look at the Japanese reactions on 2ch or did you not scroll that far? They’re just as nasty. Typical Japanese behavior.

    • PK

      Your comment shows a great lack of knowledge and thinking. First off, which country in the world especially in Soccer doesn’t whine after a loss and doesn’t brag a win? Have you seen any Soccer tournaments before? Heck, have you seen ANY sports leagues even within the same country? It’s sports nature for the fans to complain or boast. Secondly, you completely dismiss the reason why Korea have such enmity with Japan. Oh right. Have you had your country invaded, your whole political system destroyed, watched your family being used as slaves and executed without mercy and watched your sisters and mothers raped and tortured to death for over 40 years? Thirdly, Korea takes great pride in their national reps in sports. Therefore, medal winners are exempt because we don’t want the best or possible future bests to waste their talent in the army and lose valuable training time. Most sports peak in the 20’s and a loss of up to 2 years is irreversible. Plus the amount of time and training already sacrificed is enough. They are representing the country. Do you think that kid who played last 3 mins of the game did not train as hard to be part of that 22 member team? It’s not about just money. Would be nice if everyone just got along, but when you put yourself in someone else’s perspective, things are not as simple anymore.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    The present territorial dispute over the islets of Dokdo is attributablr in part to the United States.

    The second world war’s victor failed to resolve colonial remnants of the first atomic bomb-hit country in the Sanfrancisoco treaty that is still a bone of contention in its interpretation regarding ownership of the barely inhabitable islets.

    Adding insult yo injury is Wahsingyton’s pretense of objective guarantor as if all of the territorial disputes are hard to clarify who is the rightful owner–a gesture virtually upholding Japanese position in Koreans’eyes.

    For many westerners, long running hisotical animosity between Seoul and Tokyo–as epitomized in comfort women issues and the Dokdo issue–may be the grist to the gossipy mill.

    Koreans, the sufferers of 36-year colonial exploitation by Japan, for which Tokyo reacted with “it’s a thing of the past, we already paid for it
    or how many more we have to offer an apology”, will see Japan’s psyche in their reaction to Russia’s claim over the Sakkalin islands: weak to the strong and strong to the weak.

    Have cherished the sword over the pen, Japan developed opprotunism in their its culture–meaning buying time by pretending subservient until it grow stronger– an evident trait that is shown in its handling with great powers like the US and Britain both of whom were countries giving arm-twisting to tje island country for the 19th century opening.

    However, Japan feel superior to countries who it once dominated–China and South Korea. To deal with the former’s strong rise, it has opted for the enhancement of the alliance with the US. For the latter, its formerly convenient outpost for realization of it ambitious Asia Coprosperity Sphere, it has never failed to take overbearing stance and make categorial denials.

    South Korea, whose alliance the US is still closer to Japan, find it comfort in victory of the sports games agasint the its fomer colonizer amid its relatively weak miltary and economic power compared to its historical archenemy.

    Ironically enough, the fomer conquistador appear not to care about which team wins matches though victory is of course much more preferable than defeat. But Japan think its superior to the previous colonized country militarily and economically no matter what the outcomes of matches are–a stark constrast with Koreans’ obession with wins in matches against Japan as if they want to find vicarious comforts.

    • Patrick

      So you didn’t watch the game.

    • runningduckyliciousrub

      you idiot its not the “fault of the US”
      its the fault of the politicians from both sides that make this an issue to rally nationalisit fervor get your head out of your ass and stop being all rational

    • Sairang

      lol, US said it doesn’t want anything to do with that.

    • runningduckyliciousrub

      i second that

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    To Runningduck…

    Your nerd-like misunderstanding is as impressive as your vuglar languange.

    Refering the United States to as bearing responsibilty absolutely does not mean all Americans should be liable for its policy mistep or misjudgement.

    I am sure such a fool as having no rudimentary understanding like this and being so imeptutous
    to make unfounded criticism would not be among learned and cultured Americans that I have seen.

    • runningduckyliciousrub

      go suck a dick you old fart

      • Lunsford

        I am reporting this type of language to the webmaster. This is not necessary at all. You need to learn how to respect others.

  • Chucky3176

    I admit it was a classless act to hold up that dokto sign. For this one, the Korean player deserves the punishment and Korea deserves criticism. It was dissappointing and embarrassing to see that happened.

    As for the responses (from other responses, not just the one translated here) from the Japanese netizens after the game, it looks like they are accepting of their defeat. How can they not? They were convincingly beaten.

    But Japanese responses were totally different before this game, especially after Japan beat Spain, and Korea tied with Mexico, with all their gloatings that Japan is better than Korea. They were making tons of derogatory comments about Koreans, and there were charges that Koreans will play dirty and will try to cheat and bribe the refs, and deliberately injure Japanese players with what they described as “Taekwondo Football”. For instance, this just before the bronze medal match.


    • Markus

      after the 2002 world cup i thought they played dirty but i think the korean football team has moved on from that. besides this is the olympics.

    • Reiss

      lol, you’re reterded most probably. You linked that article but you don’t know what’s written there :D All it says is that Brazil won comforably by three goals margin against South Korea (it was literaly ‘Soth Korea vs Brazil’, not even ‘Brazil vs South Korea) and Japan will play against them for the third place + a follow up of who scored the goals and in what minutes :D

      The history of broken Japanese bones in the games against South Korea or South Korean club teams is pretty long and you can’t deny it (last year Shinji Kagawa, earlier Yuichi Komano or Kengo Nakamura). Korean approach towards football is much more physical and everyone, together with Koreans themselves, admit that. Even last year when Jeonbuk played against Cerezo Osaka in Asian Champions League Korean defender broke Kim Bo Kyung’s (yes, the one who now won the bronze medal with the team) nose and got yellow for that. Kim didn’t play for the rest of the season, returning to training three months later…

      > But Japanese responses were totally different before this game, especially
      > after Japan beat Spain, and Korea tied with Mexico, with all their gloatings
      > that Japan is better than Korea.

      lawl, I don’t remember reading anything about Koreans after the game as Japanese usually mind their own business and especially when they thrown down a major football superpower in a real competition that matters. You could see that even in those comments presented: Koreans were writing about Japan in their comments. Always trying to make comparisions with Japan.

      > and deliberately injure Japanese players with what they described as
      > “Taekwondo Football”.

      Never heard about “Taekwondo Football” :D But yes, there’s “Kung Fu Soccer” (Japanese call it soccer, not football) when it comes to playing against China.

      Try harder next time. At least as hard as Korean gymnastics who want to deprive Japanese gymnastic from the medal as their costumes for the competition resambled the rising sun flag to revange on Japanese after Park Jong Woo’s case, lol. That’s a good raw material for another post I think :D Link to the article: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=003&aid=0004658188

      • Chucky3176

        Reisse, read the Japanese comments, not just the headline. Then come back here and say Japanese are totally innocent. Japanese netizens have been egging on Koreans as well, don’t tell me they are totally innocent on this. Furthermore, what the Korean player did was wrong, but Japanese flying their Imperial Japanese Rising Sun flag is just as bad, and probably that Korean player was responding to those Nazi like Imperial flags.


        PS: Charges that Korean players are killers are just ludicrous. Koreans play hard, but they’re no worse than any other European teams when it comes to fouls. It’s just that Japanese Youtube rabid nationalists spend day and night, uploading picked clips of Korean teams, to upload 24 by 7 to show how Koreans supposedly play.

        • Reiss

          What comments? I translated that article earlier and wrote you what’s inside it. Those were just pure informations. The comments under the articles on Japanese portals are non existent so people usually take it to 2ch or blogs for commenting purpose. And, as Sirang wrote above, you have to learn how to read it normally (just not even trying to concentrate on anything like ‘kuso chon’ or other stupid stuff) as there’s much garbage coming of anonymity of those boards. And yes, they aren’t innocent. In the latest BBC survey the percentage of Japanese who dislike South Korea was, if I remember that well, 11% and that’s probably the real life. If you’d like to compare that to 2ch posts you’d get more than 50% ;) So take 2ch’s ‘wise saying’ with a grain of salt, filter the real content and you’ll there :) That’s also the reason why sites called ‘matome’ which aggregate the meaningful comments and do the filtering are so popular in Japan.

          So – Japanese aren’t innocent. But don’t get distracted from efforts of those Japnanese ‘netouyo’ (Internet right-wingers) because that’s the sign they’re winning. And you shouldn’t make them feel good.

          I don’t know if that was Japanese waving that flag. It’s still legal around the world as that’s Japanese Naval Ensign. I agree – it’s place is at the stern of Japanese warship rather than on the stadium still. But they’re somewhat attractive for Europeans (don’t know why) as I’ve seen many of those (not necessarily red and white) in Dortmund when Shinji Kagawa played and in Rotterdam when Ryo Miyaichi played for Feyenoord. You’ll see some of those on Old Trafford this year I’m sure. But if they thought about contempting Koreans or Chinese? I doubt that.

          About PS: I’m not writing they’re killers, lol. They just play more physical football (many Japanese fans thinks that their players should also incorporate that to their play) and sometimes they go a little… too hot when playing against Japanese sides. I wouldn’t be surprised if Park Ji Sung would be the most liked Korean in Japan after all. And Ki Sung Yeong the most unliked after his last year’s ‘monkey celebration’ in Asian Cup’s game against Japan. You won’t find a Japanese player doing that on the pitch or waving rising sun flag after the game against South or North Korea.

          And about those youtube videos – you’re absolutely right :D I’m thinking the same on that matter.

          • Chucky3176

            So I see. Korean netizens making stupid comments is racist which reflects on all Koreans, but Japanese netizens making stupid comments is well… it’s excusable. I see the double standards here.

            So what am I reading if these aren’t the actual crap load of comments made by Japanese on Yahoo Japan?


            Furthermore, this stuff is very common than you try to make it out to be.

          • Reiss

            lol, you don’t know Japanese :D I’ll translate few of those top comments with the most ‘I also think like that’ for you :)

            “Oh no. Please, this time let’s play a game in a good mood, in accordance with sportsmanship and clear. When playing against them I’m more concerned about those than the outcome itself.”

            “We have to play against the team I don’t wan’t the most. Is this Japan’s fate???”

            “Brazil is strong. I’d like Japan to win against Korea and come back with bronze medal.”

            “Neymar was too idle… If they had played more seriously they could have scored three more. That’s the extent of their reservers [abilities].”

            “Interview with Japanese team.
            – What’s your secret plan for winning the game for third place against Korea?
            – To pllay wit uttermost effort only.
            Interview with Korean team
            – What’s your secret plan for winning the game for third place against Japan?
            – Anti-Japanese adrenaline.”

            “That’s scary that Kiyotake might be injured. Korea will be playing like furious monkeys so I don’t want to play against them. The real thing monke is there also? [reffering to Ki Sung Yeong I suppose].”

            “Be careful not to injurey yourselves because of rough play.”

            Enough or I should translate more?

          • C84

            What I can’t understand is why a Japanese troll like Reiss would spend so much time worrying about what Koreans think and write these long, rambling incoherent comments about how it thinks that Koreans are such a racist country against Japan. You don’t like Koreans, that’s fine, but spend your time online with your kind – the right wing Japanese nationalists on 2CH or whatever website. Stop making generalizations about what one player did or what the president did and apply them to the whole country. FU.

          • Patrick

            Reiss makes some really good points here. You don’t just post a link to a blog as evidence of something. Chucky should take the time to do some translations and prove his point just like they’ve done on Koreabang. C84 really likes to curse, but is clearly wrong here.

          • Chucky3176

            Reisse and Patrick, Reisse picked out a few favorable posts out, and left out the majority. I will translate the ones Reisse left out deliberately. You’re both very wrong, if you think I can’t read Japanese. Furthermore, there were tons of other threads in Japanese, other then this one which I posted.

          • Reiss

            I picked up the comments with the most “I also think like that” from the top of the first page. Aren’t they representative when the most people clicked on that button? If other threads were so filled with racist remarks towards South Korea then… don’t waste your time.

          • chucky3176

            That’s bull shit Reiss, and you know it. It’s exactly the opposite to what you’re claiming. In typical Japanese netizen fashion, anyone that says anything remotely sympathetic to Korea, they get voted down or they get accused of being a Zainichi Korean, not real Japanese. I’m not saying Korean netizens can be any better, but you attempting to ride the high horse is just simply disgustingly amusing.

        • Shawna

          When people fly that particular Rising Sun Japanese flag, it reminds me of the people in America who like to fly the old Confederate flag.

      • C84

        jdonald62435, actually you GFY you fuckwit.

        • C84

          Sorry I meant that for Reiss.

        • C84

          Sorry jdonald62435 – I mistook your comment for someone else, but I actually meant that comment for reese. Reese fuck off.

        • runningduckyliciousrub

          c84 why are you being discriminative? youre being the asshole why dont you get out

        • C84

          runningduckyliciousrub – now you are being asshole, so you get out.

  • glenn

    We were once colonized by Spain (300 years) , japan and America but we don’t even talk about it now ( except the communist-backed leftist group ) . Koreans really need to move on.

    • PK

      funny.. 300 years ago.. Koreans still have grandparents and parents affected by the Japanese invasion so how about you give a little more time before the MOVE ON phase.

      • Paul M

        I’m assuming glenn is talking about the Philippines which were conquered and brutally occupied by Imperial Japan in 1942 (google Bataan death march). However, I find it hard to believe that there is no resentment towards Japan from Filipinos.

        • Sojubang

          Surprisingly some of the Filipinos I’ve spoke in Manila, actually ironically dislike Koreans more than Japanese, can’t speak across the board though. I think the issues are more on mannerisms and behavior when living here, not mixing in with locals or having illegal businesses etc rather than historical. Although, that’s just the opinions of a select few I have encountered.

    • Stories of butts

      Yeah expect that was 300 hundred years ago and Korea still have people alive during the Japanese occupation so Im guessing they still have some rights to not move on.

  • Jang

    Park, Jong-woo
    Ha ha, you can’t ever play soccer again with FIFA, ha ha ha!!!

  • Chucky3176

    Hey look at this. This is the same guy who’s holding up the banner, holding up his hand to Japanese player Otsu, and helping him up right after the game whistle went. As you can see, he has nothing against the Japanese people, he just wanted to make a political statement.


    • Patrick

      When it isn’t the time or the place.

      • chucky3176

        And that’s what I said. So what is your problem?

    • I don’t think anyone’s accusing him of being a horrible xenophobe Chucky, he’s clearly a nice guy. But “he just wanted to make a political statement” is precisely the point, isn’t it.

      • chucky3176

        James, the whole mood of the comments here in this thread is saying Koreans are horrible xenophobe. My point is Koreans really don’t hate individual Japanese people in person, as it’s often made out to be.

        • I wouldn’t rise to it when people make sweeping generalisations, you’ll only end up doing it yourself.

    • Reiss

      Anyway, Korean Football Associatiation sent a letter to Japanese sying ‘Sorry, we’ll do our best to not let it happen again’. Don’t know why KFA apologised for a single player’s action. That’s weird.

    • Cleo

      sometimes I couldn’t tell the two countries’ players apart but both did the same thing when they knocked the other team’s player down HARD, they acted like doting mothers over a feverish child – I find that fascinating.

    • runningduckyliciousrub

      yeah thats YOUR grand benevolent narrative. how the hell do you know if your interpretation of what happened or the newspapers interpretation is correct anyway.

      what if park jong woo simply helped him up just so that a moping japanese player in defeat wouldnt ruin his happy festive mood. I mean If i was the japanese player I would be like dont fucking touch me.

      nice guy my ass. he seemed like the dirtiest player on the pitch

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