Veneration of Dead Leader Photos Resurface, Netizens Confused

Park Chung-hee Day

After a hotly contested parliamentary election, presidential elections are now becoming widely discussed and the South Korean internet is once again churning out old photos of past events to be re-interpreted by politicised netizens.

Recently, photos have resurfaced on the internet of the 92nd ‘Park Chung-hee day’, which was held on the 14th of November 2009, in memory of the late-dictator. His daughter, Park Geun-hye, head of the Saenuri Party who emerged victorious in April’s parliamentary elections and one of the favorites to win at this year’s Presidential elections, was also present. Many have likened the event with the deification of a cult leader, while also referring to the striking resemblance such a ceremony has with the veneration of the late Kim Jong-il.

This post has been doing the rounds on popular left-wing forum website TodayHumor, koreaBANG hopes to see what right-wing portals may discuss in return.

From TodayHumor:

Have a look at the Great Leader’s Birth Anniversary on this side of the peninsular

Hoel.. Is this North Korea or Gyeongsang-do???

Ah, this is SSANG-do [derogatory term for those from the Gyeongsang region]

The Kim dynasty in North Korea.
The Park dynasty in South Korea.
Ah this feels great!!!

Park Chung-hee Day

Park Chung-hee Day

Park Chung-hee Day

Park Chung-hee Day

Park Chung-hee Day

Park Chung-hee Day

From YouTube:

Comments from Todayhumor:


Hoel… This feels like a religion… scary


Gumi area’s [Park Chung-hee’s birthplace] economy is at rock bottom… and they use budget on this? Mind blown


I want to round them all up and send them to North Korea


I kind of like Park Chung-hee, but this is way out of line…


Not as bad as Kim Dae-jung‘s deification


They bad-mouth North Korea, yet how is this any different than North Korea?


Feels like looking at a cult ㄷㄷㄷ


What are the gae-doks up to now? Chop that statue’s head off for idol-worshipping! [referring to an incident when South Korean Christians beheaded statues of the buddha] If they chop that head off, they should be praised… This is the prime opportunity to turn aroudn the negative publicity!!! Ke ke C’mon, show us the power of gae-dok!


Ke ke ke ke ke, seriously what the hell are they doing. This is far beyond usual stupidity, Christians don’t even worship their own ancestors, ke ke ke ke, no wonder foreigners can’t tell the difference between North and South Korea. Fuckin hell, this is why Geun-hye can still ride on the coat-tail of her daddy


Is this what it would feel like to erect a statues of Gaddafi in Libya? Or celebrating Mubarak’s birthday in Egypt?


The problem is not the birthday anniversary itself but that it is being paid by our TAX


The people who still want to have a king… It is common among the people with slave mentality, the same people who need a master rather than a master of their own destiny. I think the Korean people steeped in Confucian mentality suffers from this… Hopefully the younger generation will not have this kind of attitude.


The worshippers of the church of Park Chung-hee carrying out a religious ceremony Of course everyone has a freedom of religion but this is being paid by tax, FUCK


A form of cult this is… This is disgusting… and they talk trash about Bukanistan

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