Bizzarre Bridge Designs Come Under Ridicule From Netizens

Some outcomes of the controversial Seoul-Incheon Channel Project are now becoming subject to public ridicule. The photos and comments below originate from an OhMyNews sarcastic article on Nate. The article is long so the following is an abridged (pun very much intended) summary of the article:

The Seoul-Incheon Channel connects the Han River with the shore of Incheon. The waterway was built to reduce flood risks and allow water transport. However, some low-lying areas along its passage have been negatively affected by the channel, as massive bridges had to be built on top of raised riverbanks to allow ships to pass under the bridges. Such bridges – let alone their accordingly high costs – seem to have made it more time- and energy-consuming to cross the road and, in some cases, even life-threateningly dangerous. The proposed functions of the waterway – for shipping cargo and entertainment (such as cruise and parks on the shore) – do not seem to have come true, either. Netizens are reacting with derision and criticism towards the pictures of the impractically tall bridges (some only accessible via lift/elevator) and empty waterway. They are concerned as to whether the Channel was worth all the public funds spent on it; with 2.2 trillion Won already spent on building the channel, further annual costs of maintenance are expected to be around 20 billion Won.

Incheon Waterway Bridge

Cruise Ship on Incheon Waterway

Russian Dancing Aboard a Cruise Ship

Incheon Waterway Bridge

Incheon Waterway Bridge

Incheon Waterway Bridge

Comments from Nate:


There are ‘things to look at’, for a start… Only that they are laughed at… tut tut


The article makes me cringe. What is he [the President] thinking? His problem is that he is way too firm in justifying his beliefs. It’s really scary.


Such a terrific article I haven’t lately seen the likes of.


As a citizen of Gimpo [I say], whether it is the Seoul-Incheon Channel or the 4 Great Rivers, could you really not make a bridge for Ilsan with public funds, while you went around making the 12 bridges with the funds? Did you really have to let the private company build it, forcing the citizens of Gimpo 2,200 Won per return trip for tens of years? Did you really have to do that, huh?


Master of nonsensical acts, Mr Myeong-Bak ‘Useless’ Lee


Ke ke ke ke ke what’s wrong with that bridge… [I can’t believe that] he made such ridiculous bridges having had a 4-year undergraduate degree, with masters and doctoral degrees on top…


MB says: It’s all bullshit, ladies and gentlemen~


Enough is enough, you rat bastard [referring to Lee Myung-bak, using similar rhetoric to this].


One should consider the wartime conditions when building bridges~


Conman Lee Myung-bak


Why is he doing this?


Maybe the bridges were built for car-jumping or quality testing?;;


Don’t blame him. You’ve voted for him. Idiotic people of an idiotic country have stupidly voted for an idiotic conman, producing an idiotic president who started an idiotic business and made the country idiotic. There’s nothing to blame on him. He’s an idiotic Mr President who is just right for the standard of idiotic people in our country.


I give you that, Mr Mental-Block [presumably, = MB], you win! Wow~ this is dumbfounding. Anyways, hope to see you again on TV and papers even after resignation.


Rat the President seems to regard politics as something like Rule the Sky or Tiny Farm [names of social games where you build things].


Why don’t we see those on the 9 o’clock news [major news program in the evening]? He should take responsibility for the faulty construction. It’s a waste of tax money! He’s spent it all for construction, but it was all faulty


Rat shit is piled up nicely all over the country…


Bloody rat…. Every single thing he does makes me frown..


That’s so typical of the President, as someone who worked for Hyundai construction. He knows nothing but digging the ground and building stuff. On the other hand, he also knows where the money leaks through while stuff is getting built. The reason that he digs all around the country is that he is a master of swindling money away while doing so.


How much of the 2.2 trillion Won would have he taken for himself, I wonder. That bastard should be torn limb from limb.


All that money for nothing but shit. He should really be spun and squeezed [to pay the money back] so that he knows what we mean by ‘blood-tax.’ [= tax money that is as dear and precious to the common people as blood]


While the country’s economic growth rate keeps falling, we are sure to have even more debt.


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Even my son is laughing at that bridge!!! [He is] calling it a big slide~~~ Fuck

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