Preachers and Drunkards: Seoul Subway Users’ Worst Enemy

Evangelist preachers in Seoul subway

As we have previously discovered, the Seoul subway is home to some of the nation’s most weird, whacky, and drunken behaviour. So it’s therefore of no surprise that Seoulites are fed up of all things deemed to be an ‘inconvenience.’ A recent survey about what the biggest nuisance on the subway was revealed evangelical preachers were what caused most stress, followed closely by lovely drunks.

From Yonhap News:

60% of Seoulites say that preachers and drunkards are their biggest complaint on the subway

A survey reveals that 6 out of 10 Seoul subway users feel most inconvenienced by evangelical preachers and by those under the influence [of alcohol].

The Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, who operate subway lines 5 to 8, revealed on the 19th that according to results from a customer satisfaction survey carried out last month questioning 1969 people (296 men, 1664 women), among disorderly behaviours, 640 people (33%) said the biggest nuisance was ‘religion propagation.’

Preacher on Seoul subway

This was followed by 530 people (27%) answering ‘drunkards.’

The age ratio of those who said that the propagation of religion was their biggest inconvenience was 36% in their 20s, 32% in their 40s, while 34% of teens and 32% of those in their 30s answered that intoxicated people was their biggest complaint.

Breaking down results according to sex, it can be seen that men answered ‘subway salespeople’ (27%) and ‘propagation of religion,’ while women answered ‘propagation of religion’ (34%) and ‘drunkards’ (28%).

Drunkard on Seoul subway

Meanwhile, when asked about the adequacy of the temperature inside the trains, 49% of people replied ‘it’s hot.’

However, among those, 64% said [subway officials] should take part in government energy policies while 36% were of the opinion that the air-conditioning temperature should be lowered.

Aside from that, when asked about whether they knew or not that carriages 4 and 5 in 8 carriage trains had lower-powered air-conditioning, 87% answered ‘knew,’ but 20% of teens answered ‘didn’t know.’

An official said ‘Except for nationwide blackout periods when there are extreme heat warnings and air-conditioning operates at full capacity during peak travel times, air-conditioning should be managed as flexibly as possible.’

Comments from Naver:


I remember this one guy. He said I had received a home delivery, so I stepped out the door, then he said he had come to deliver the Lord’s love.. more like he had come to invade ke ke ke ke ke ke


I wanna send those people who say they will go heaven by attending church TO heaven today


Some time ago, I was sitting absent-mindedly in the subway~ then this drunk ajeossi came and sat in front of me.. a bit later, he asked me something in the lines of ‘does this train go/run on/to oil?’ Was this ajeossi really drunk on alcohol? I adamantly told him that the subway was neither train nor car, so no~ so the ajeossi quickly got off~ so absurd right? ~~ but then shortly after, I heard the announcement ‘the next station is Gireum Station’… I’m so sorry ajeossi! [gireum means oil in Korean]


To those of you who scream out loudly ‘if you don’t believe in God, you will be sent to the fires of hell,’ that’s not missionary work. It’s noise pollution and an act that arouses displeasure. Drunkards are the same, so for the sake of passengers, can’t they be dealt with? hyu~~~~~~


Jesus Corp., Ltd

Comments from Nate:

So embarrassing… In the past when I used to sell things on the subway.. there were few of those people who would say ‘believe in Jesus, or you’ll go to hell’ and it was all in Korean, but now they even have recordings in English.. I’m embarrassed when foreigners see this..


I am a Chrisitan, but those noisy people in the subway just cause harm and displeasure to my ears. I get so embarrassed when I see those preachers.. hate it ! ㅜㅜ


So preachers and drunkards rank the same, eh?.. I think so too..


Those mental patient gaedoks shouldn’t be made to ride on the subway


Just like during the Roman Empire, we should round all those gaedoks together and burn them at the stake or feed them to lions


Please do your preaching around a church… what crusade are you leading? Being made to do missionary work in the subway…


The logic of those Christians around me is usually that, when something bad happens to a non-believer, it’s because they didn’t believe in Jesus. But if something bad happens to a Christian, their troubles will be overcome and they will go to heaven, and it is a sign of God.. And when something good happens, they love Jesus. And if something good happens because of a Christian, then they thank Jesus’s father. Everything is basically thanks to God.. The saying goes ‘it differs with the circumstances’… don’t just simply adjust it to your likings..


Hey ajummas, can you not queue jump, and PLEASE let those leaving the train get off first before getting on.


It would be good if there was a Buddhist chant playback function on smartphone subway apps… When a missionary starts his bout, so would the playback…


I guess there’s nothing I can do when it comes to drunkards……. But as for those who propagate religion, is there really nothing I can do?… No matter where you go, there’s no avoiding them, they’re like mold… tsk tsk


Christianity, just shove off! If it’s so good, then keep it to yourselves, don’t give a hard time to others. Are you really praising Jesus’s teachings? Give it a rest.. Really wanna kill you guys..


Hey you Christian folks, if you wanna believe in Christianity, then keep it to yourself and please don’t think of sucking someone else in..Why do you Christian folk wanna suck other people into your religion? Just like zombies…

Evangelist preachers in Seoul subway

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