‘Swearing Woman’ Slapping Man on Seoul Subway Video Goes Viral

Video of woman slapping a man on line 4 of the Seoul Metro system goes viral

Netizens and news outlets have been up in arms over the latest video of a young woman who berates – and then attempts to beat up – an unsuspecting male passenger after he accidentally kicked her leg while she sat in her seat. Now that the video has gone viral, she must be kicking herself.

The woman has been christened the “Swearing Woman on Line 4” (4호선 막말녀 sahosŏn makmal nyŏ), after her very public display of outrage. The video shows the woman insulting the man and refusing to accept his apology after he apparently hurt her leg as he passed through the aisle of the subway carriage. The man asks her to be quiet and takes her arm, suggesting that she leave the train, but the woman refuses to back down. And before long, the obscenities are flying between the two. The battle culminates in the woman throwing a succession of impressive right hooks as fellow passengers try to restrain her.

The posting of the video, which reached number one in real-time search rankings within hours, has drawn varied comments from discussion forums across the major internet portals:

Comments from Daum:


What is the world coming to?


That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a woman pull a man’s hair. Wow. Scary.

Sad wolf:

There are more whipped men in this world that I thought. They’re ashamed, and like a woman they don’t speak out, right? Keke

Comments from Naver:


Even a woman – if she was an average female – would only have about the strength of a teenage boy. It wouldn’t be enough to knock a man out, but I guess a few could. ;; And maybe in this line number four incident, it seems that both of them only really hurt their pride…Keke.


Right. ㅋㅋ. Honestly though, the netizens in our country really are more frightening than the foreign paparazzi. Keke

Do you think he deserved a beating?

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  • James


    • Wang that!

      LMAO! nice

    • Cool Matt

      Oh man. I’m not even going to try to translate this. (Facepalm)

      • Alpon

        I did translate it -.-

  • Tiffany

    i love how koreans all dress in sexy business clothing. lol they are giving japan a run in the fashion department.

  • Brett Sanbon

    Very common on the subway here. If you search Naver.com you can find tons of subway battles. Men hitting women, women hitting men, old women swearing at young kids. Maybe you’d have to search in Korean though…

  • mbm1ame

    WTF Oh my god, thats abuse right there. I wonder if that his wife or girlfriend? The people on the train just stood there doing. Poor guy. If it was America her ar$e would have been chris bowned

  • mr. wiener

    I see a new olympic medal hopeful here.

  • cyan

    Hahaha, Koreans with their so called modesty, manners etc. Show your true nature as this video already demonstrates

    • James

      It never crosses your mind that the whole reason such a video would go viral is because it’s completely socially unacceptable? Can’t remember the last time a video of people being modest and well-mannered took the internet by storm…

      • cyan

        Like Brett Sanbon said before:

        ”Very common on the subway here. If you search Naver.com you can find tons of subway battles. Men hitting women, women hitting men, old women swearing at young kids. Maybe you’d have to search in Korean though”.

        Don’t start with socially unacceptable. Since they do not accept intimacy but have dirty hourly motels all over Seoul. Just one word to sum that up. Hypocrites!

        • Brett Sanbon

          I meant that filming the argument is common…. Not that fighting is common. “Tons” is exaggerated, unless of course, we can literally weigh the videos themselves.

          Since when were my posts able to be copied, pasted, and used as truth? It’s as if I wrote a scientific journal on Korean subway fights.

          People really love adding context to the words I write. Also, cyan, I don’t think you understand the concept “socially acceptable” compared with “personal interest”.

        • takasar1

          lol. i can find tonnes on any other website portal as well, in any other country too. just type in on youtube “subway fight” or random sh*t like that and you get thousands of videos

    • feafewafwe

      fuck off you idiot

  • Wow

    Agreed with Cyan. LOL. Funny how they try to act all classy and superior….

    • cyan

      Cheers to that!

    • stx53550

      off yourself dolt

  • Tiffany

    In New York you DO NOT make eye contact with other riders or they will cut you ro kick your ass. It’s quite hilarious, actually. Damn tough ass new yorkers.

  • Jenfromhell

    These two losers reminded me of a song, where is the love?
    What’s wrong with the world,mama.. People livin like they ain’t got no mamas.. Shame..

  • paulie

    yeah!!! fight! fight! fight! fight! this sh1t is better than WWE thank you korean lady

  • Angela

    In the UK we’d call this woman a ‘chav’ or an ASBO! menopausal…? bet she’s embarrassed now huh…

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  • ytuque

    I completely understand the woman’s reaction. Korean males step on your feet and cough in your face on the subway. After a few punches in the face, this guy will look where he’s going next time.

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