ROK Army Officer Fights With Drunk Civilian

South Korean soldiers on duty.

From Daum:

ROK Army Division Commander and Civilian Fight; Special Forces Unit Involved

A military commander based in Gangwon-do was seen arguing violently with a group of civilians and then assaulting one. According to the Hwacheon police and the commander’s military unit, on the 29th at around 1:00am, the division commander “A” beat up a civilian, Mr. B (44 years old) in front of the Hwacheon Military Assembly Hall and was subsequently reported to the police.

At the time, Division Commander A was having a meal with some acquaintances and noticed some civilians causing a drunken disturbance and making a scene in front of the Post Exchange (PX). The commander said to them, “Could you be quiet since you are being too noisy?” He then proceeded to quarrel with the civilians and roughly shove Mr. B during the argument. The situation was further complicated when A called in a military police special forces unit.

An official from A’s military unit said, “I believe that the commander directed his aide-de-camp to take necessary actions [against the civilians], who judged that the civilians were a threat and called security.”

The police received an emergency call (112) that Mr. B and the other civilians had been assaulted by the division commander, and investigated the witnesses’ claims and identities of those involved.

A Hwacheon police official said, “We are investigating the witnesses and the incident in accordance with the military police’s policies.”

Comments from Daum:


If civilians were causing a disturbance in a military base, wouldn’t it be natural for them [people in a military base] to try and stop it?


If it was at the PX, isn’t that the jurisdiction of the military police (MPs)?…


If this was during wartime Mr. B would have been shot on the spot -_-


Change the title of the article! The Army commander gave an appropriate response to the disgraceful act by the civilian! South Korean soldiers, do your best!


That civilian and this journalist must be acquaintances.


The reporter needs to correct the title of the article to be fair. He/she wants to attract attention so they created a sensational title. As for the story, the civilians were being noisy so the commander asked them to keep it down, which was his right because it was in his jurisdiction. The civilians were dead drunk, however, and protested violently ~ and you say the two-star general, in a drunken rage, grabbed one of the offender’s throats? This commander is at the forefront of the battle so please do not conduct character assassination against him.


I visited my hometown, Hwacheon, today and heard in a conversation that this division commander is one of the best – he works very well with the local populace. I just wanted to let you know the current condition in the area since some of you may judge [the commander] by only this article.


There are lots of people who are not in military service yet here ke ke ke. Not even Lee Kun-hee has a security team to take care of a situation if he has a dispute with someone ke ke ke. And as for the title of this article, they were military police he called, not special forces or commandos ke ke ke ke


The offender should be punished severely. If you prohibit soldiers from leaving the barracks, the Hwacheon economy will collapse. I was a soldier in Hwacheon and the civilians there consider soldiers as people to be trifled with. If the citizens give you their trust you need to retain it…if there are no soldiers the local economy will suffer. That civilian should be punished because he must know that the commander can’t quarrel with civilians, but the civilian started a quarrel [with the commander].


You just don’t do that. How did a civilian mess around with a division commander?


Drunken people are so annoying…just shoot them.


The author of this article is way off…he doesn’t have the slightest idea of what actually happened.


What stupid bastard wrote this trash…what kind of article is this?


I don’t think what the commander did was wrong. There are people who focus on others’ weaknesses.


If U.S. soldiers had done this outside of their military base, the civilian would be arrested. But when it happens at one of our country’s military bases, the civilian’s story takes precedence…-_-; Something is seriously wrong here.


It was a military facility so if they were causing a scene the offender is lucky he didn’t get shot. Didn’t the officer do well? Writers and articles like this show that there are lots of problems with our media. Do not kill military morale as well!!!!!


The PX is a military facility so what was the commander supposed to do…just remain quiet when he was confronted with a beating??!! Those civilians should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Why didn’t he just shoot them?


He should have just killed the stupid drunk bastard.

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    You know… I think this is the first time I since visiting this site that I have agreed with the majority of the Nutizens… What’s happening to me?

  • chris

    “If U.S. soldiers had done this…” they would be hammered big-time, lol. its funny how koreans take one incident of a new MP mistakenly handcuffing some south koreans and take it to assume the US has imposed martial law. the dude lost what little rank he had and got sent back to the US. a three star general and four star general offered formal apologies for it. when will these 떡볶이-dicked crybabies start accepting that everything bad in their country is their fault (excepting japan’s colonization)? instead of looking at the root cause (the cultural acceptance of excessive alcohol usage, esp. in public), they appeal to nationalism.

    • Brett Sanbon

      It was one comment… hardly an “appeal to nationalism” by anyone’s standards. Judging by 두심’s posting history on Daum, I would say he was joking or posted that to get upvoted, more than he acted out of blind nationalistic tendencies.

    • x1SFG

      It’s okay… With the exception of USSF Det-K and some Korean-American JO’s who want to “get in touch with their roots”, most of the people who get sent to Yongsan like Chris are considered the fuck-ups of the US military… As in “Chris, what did you do to get sent to Korea” or “you must’ve graduated in the lower 25% to get orders there”

  • Paul M

    Having had my fair share of encounters with belligerent drunken ajeoshis Mr. B was most likely asking for it. My only regret is that I wasn’t there to see it.

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    two little girls had a fighty fight.

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