Hikers Stage Booze Up on Subway, Netizens Worried About Face

Mountain hikers occupy subway carriage to stage drinking party

From Nocut News:

“Is the subway a pub?” The shameful Republic of Korea

Netizens call ‘Gyeongchun Line booze party’ photos uploaded by blogger “shameful”

The embarrassing booze up on the Gyeongchun Line is becoming a hot topic online.

On the 2nd of this month, a blogger posted an article whose title read “mountain climbers hold drinking bout on Gyeongchun Line”, together with photos of the climbers boozing it up on the train.

The photos depict the witnessed scene as it was on the insides of a train bound for central Seoul, at Gangchon station on the Gyeongchun Line.

The blogger began the article stating that “I saw a group of hikers sitting on the floor in a circle, so at first I thought they must have had a tough climb, and didn’t think much of it.”

However, explaining the situation further, he revealed that “soon enough, I could see pitcher-bottles of beer, and seeing the hikers pour drinks into each other’s cups, it became apparent they were staging a boozy picnic.”

Mountain climbers host drinking party on subway floor

He added that “because of this, other passengers could not enter the train, and even though the doors opened, the passengers waiting on the platform could not board the train.”

He continued, lamenting “Is the subway a pub? How on earth can you be allowed to drink on the subway?,” confessing that “arriving at Sangbong station [terminus], a female hiker made a scene crying out in tears – it was a mess, and I thought is was was pitiful, and was truly ashamed of our country’s citizens.”

An outpour of harsh words were written about Korail’s irresponsible attitude.

On the 1st of this month, mentions of the photo were left on Korail’s twitter account, and it wasn’t until after a full day that a formal answer was given.

With regard to the incident, one user, kh8443, lamented that “this is not a reflection of us, but rather of our country’s dignity. If you look back at the time of the Country of Courteous People in the East [name once given to Korea], you cannot find this kind of attitude, where the one with the loudest voice wins, or people whose behavior has no consideration for others.”

User LionerCellion, who uses the Gyeongchun line to commute to school said that “every time I go to school, there have been many instances where [talking about the hikers] instead of putting their rucksacks on the overhead rack, they simply place them in between their legs spread apart, inconveniencing the person sitting in front of them,” also adding that “it is necessary for them to be more thoughtful, albeit a little more, with regard to other passengers inside the same train.”

Comments from Nate:


Those who have worked in the service industry know [what I’m talking about]… Adults always talk about the youths of today who have no manners, but the reality is there are so many adults [without manners]…


wtf I sometimes see those hikers, and because they have too many bags, there are even people who can’t sit down and must stand up, and even the seat in front of [the hiker] is occupied by a bag. They don’t even have a sense of public etiquette, they’re just crazy retards


Hoel I can’t believe my eyes – they look like fucking Chinese – what bastards ke ke ke ke


It’s [already] been a good year [‘harvest’] – even for bullshit


Wow [this time] we’re not insulting China…[we’re just as bad]


Michinnoms!…those mother fuckers wanna be treated like adults but all they do is bullshit ke ke

Comments from Facebook:


I’m scared foreigners see this… ㅡ.ㅡ;


Hikers (travelers) should be educated, starting with moral education. A booze fest in the subway??


If adults intend to be treated like adults, they should start acting like it

Comments from Twitter:


Hikers are usually between 30-40 or even 50-60 years old, so these people are grown-ups, and yet they don’t get to learn fundamental manners as they grow older? Didn’t they nurture their souls?

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  • TomTuttleFromTacoma

    Sitting on the booze sofa.

  • mr. wiener

    What drunken Koreans? , Gosh I’m flabbergasted!!
    Whilst some consideration should be given to others I think this is a bit of a storm in an..*ahem* soju cup. What a terrible lot of wowsers some of these netizins are.

  • Curren$y

    Lol @ Korean comments about Chinese people

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    Scared foreigners see this?

    Well a foreigner did see this… and thought it was cool. What was decidedly crap was all the bullshit comments from koreans bitching about it.

    • 傑利

      +1 XD !

  • Bruce Tutty

    “Hikers (travelers) should be educated, starting with moral education”

    Indeed, these people seem to have broken their social conditioning…back to the camps!

  • mbm1ame

    its quite funny when Korean act all self righteous about their drinking, next to Americans and British people I think they are worse drunks, the stuff I’ve read and heard I don’t why they actin so suprised. Seems to me they’re living up to their reputation.

    • James

      Everybody knows that –– the point isn’t whether or not they’re drunk, it’s WHERE they’re drunk. The subway in Korea is a bit of a no-no for lots of things, including public affection and drinking (for the latter – the case is the same in London, although everybody still does it).

      In a bar, anything goes. In public, Koreans expect each other to act with a bit more dignity –– I think this is why so many netizens were upset about this.

    • cyan

      True to that!

  • Wow

    I am not impressed with the racial comments from the Korean neitizens. They are just as bad as the Koreans drinking on the subway.

  • Mich’insaeki

    @You Yeonduk totally gets it… “I’m scared foreigners see this…”

    Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh… don’t tell anyone… we’re only human.

  • killer

    What the…. I wanna kill them all

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