North Korea Rocket: Disinterested Netizens Show Muted Response

North Korea's rocket launch was a flop, on the internet

While the rest of the world had its eyes focussed on North Korea’s rocket launch, Koreans themselves were more pre-occupied on the latest developments in the Suwon Torso Murder IncidentSaenuri Party’s victory in the parliamentary elections, and just the day before, on the the plumpness of Kim Jong-un’s cheeks, which attracted over 1300 comments within 10 hours on one article alone.

As the 13th day of April drew to an end on the peninsula, not only did the rocket launch fail to enter orbit, it also failed to make the top twenty of the most commented stories on Nate, one of Korea’s biggest portal websites. With a mere 320 comments, netizens shunned the spectacle world media outlet made it out to be – showing complete disinterest.

Reports from western news websites attracted thousands of comments, indicating that foreign netizens were  more vocal that their Korean counterparts. Even the Chinese had a mouthful of things to say, as covered by our sister site chinaSMACK. This might be out of frustration that North Korea is only interested in talking to the US – developing a sense of apathy and indifference, especially with the end of the Sunshine Policy, which was the last South Korean domestic policy to truly engage with the North. April 13th was very much business as usual for South Korea.

That said, the launch did make token headlines of all Korean newspapers and evening news programs. For those who did express interest, many were quick to slate the extraordinary costs involved, questioning the reasons for ever helping their northern neighbors in the first place.

From Daum:

North Korean rocket “disintegrated into several pieces”

The North Korean rocket carrying the Kwangmyung-ho 3 was broken apart soon after the launch, it was confirmed.

The Ministry of Defence spokesperson Kim Min-seok said “the rocket appeared to have broken up to pieces within minutes after the take-off”.

Kim added that intelligence agencies in both South Korea and the United States are evaluating the missile launch as a failure but will present an analysis of whether or not it was successful.

The Ministry earlier made an official announcement about the rocket launch from Dongchang-ri launch site at 7:39 A.M.

According to the official, the long-range rocket appeared to have crashed into the Yellow Sea.

Having failed to reach the second stage, the long-range rocket disintegrated into several pieces near the vicinity of the Gunsan coast.

Immediately after the launch, the aegis vessels deployed in the Yellow Sea tracked the rocket trajectory and are on the way to collect the debris.

The American and South Korean joint intelligence agencies are already analysing the cause for failure and trying to pinpoint the exact crash location as some intelligence suggests it may have fallen into the sea near the Pyungan province.

The South Korean government has issued an evacuation order immediately after the launch to the Baengnyeong Island residents for fear of debris.

North Korea is expected to make an announcement regarding the rocket launch soon.

The expert expects North Korea to exaggerate the success of the mission rather than acknowledge the failure.

Comments from Daum:

그 하늘빛남자:

North Korean rocket fail = Skate having a menboon  ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Sigh, why are all the DAUM comments so rubbish?? Is there anyone but commies and Japanese imperialists suck-ups?? The young and the old are exactly the same~ Why must you turn only left or right.. –;; Let’s try to go straight, straight guys.. what’s the matter with you guys…


I saw this one coming… So SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The result of 10 years of free give-aways


Launch cost, 800 million dollars. Launch site construction 400 million dollars. Rocket construction 300 million dollars. Researchers, over 10 000. That was a great firework guys, morons, hahahahahahaha


Launch failure; those in charge all expect execution?


The pro-North commies must be sad ke ke


The money all wasted… they should have spent that money feeding the starving people, tsk tsk… politicians (?) are problem everywhere!


With Kim Jong-il dead, they can’t even do that right ke ke


The North Korean people may be our nation, but their leadership is our enemy. So, don’t you go on about how their nuclear development and missiles are all fine.


A year worth of the food for people in North Korea all in the air. The pro-North Korean commies, give your dollars away to North Korea, you morons.

새희망 새출발:

What’s up Japan? Thought you guys were trying to shoot it down? So disappointed…

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  • Brett Sanbon

    I was waiting for this story…. It appeared on chinaSMACK first.

    I don’t know if the netizens are apathetic or not. I think they just don’t see anything as a direct threat. Most of my friends told me they didn’t even know about the launch until the following day.

    Does anyone think that Jong Un was behind it, or are the generals running the show?

    • acorn

      i think the military faction and jung-un are most likely having some kind of power-sharing arrangement by now. Jung-un could play the whos-my-favourite game with the factions but it may lead to palace coup and rapid destabilisation through power struggle, which i am sure dying dad jung-il mentioned. he was elevated but i am sure there’s a blame-game going on at the moment. they will try to re-assert the authorita by conducting another nuke test, but it may jeopardise their relationship with the US…. can’t tell, really. they must be furiously calculating game outcome, haha

  • Jack

    North Koreans are as good as South Koreans…They share the same culture, language, food..Its the US which divided the Koreas into two like India Pakistan, China-Taiwan, broke up russia to divide and rule for their Ultimate aim of New World Order.

    South Koreans should act as big brother, kick out US from their territory and embrace North Koreans with open arms saying all is forgiven my little brother.

    First Kick the US out, else everything you do will be nullified, the self appointed global police where it goes causes chaos and misery

    • Tiffany

      do you really think south koreans want to be ruled by a supreme leader and cut off by the rest of the world? I had no idea…

    • Matt

      What the fuck did the US have to do with the partition of Pakistan from India?

      • Jack

        Google Freemasons my friend

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  • unbearable grammar jerk

    I think you’re using “disinterested” incorrectly. Disinterested uses the word “interest” in the way you’d talk about a conflict of interest – “He has business interests in the area” – “disinterested” means objective, and not having any reason to be biased toward one side. A journalist should be disinterested.
    Uninterested uses the word “interest” in the way you’d talk about a movie being interesting, or boring. It means apathetic — not caring about or interested in the topic.

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